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I HR CanvafcGl0Ves
B tfado of good 7 oz.
I cloth, 1% Inch self
B\ band fop, S scam
hick, a ten cent Tal(Matn
WmwMm * .a ?"*i "' ^ i;
' f, M ?p , ' '
| me of) 1 ^^
miK^LAxTT' '--Hi
-Tt? Pair
i; |JS
r- U ?^fPv^4^XbF^er8,
. i r^jj iuiq ^PU
^ ^ ^"^g
| I!
I An lnteresting pa
In^men^sluid Mis
* * ; ...The above dti* *fli -cqrtaimy (
I and floor shoe section Saturday.
|j mlssetf]
I ^xrjfiop?l*'tyqy< i
I ^y.iateWdtfr:* *>!
I pkg. 7 A^L> WMi
II -Basement i
' .V J1 J >*
K'- j
.1 , ' - T 'T- I' i
r-? 1 I. J
t *>? r "wn pwp ~ i - ?T"19 v'
1 '- ' ^
Miaiius Are
rive in City Satu
cus wiH be in Fairmont Saturda
n merit, in splendor ^ajotdty,
forts. See the Bi? parade rrtrtn
second and thiol floors which 1
? > j'j ' }[ I
I \ raj5i^^^^^Q?^55555niBl2, >WE
I V I'/ 7rj'Bi HKfl
e Harrisc
All Wool Serge Suits sold at $10.
it's "Chic" $22.50 Suits going at
omen's $1 Value Waisl
rhis announcement cites you to c
lal offerings that will be in store
reliable value giving Emoprium
i of life at. such large savings?.
;er liltb concerns?that you will
mself to a ciKmtfctat, sip a gig
^'elephants peanuts and; still hav
- 1 a f
Good Serviceable Suit
, Cases $1.5,0.
Steel frames, waterproof fibre,
"* abont 7 inches
deep, 24 inches
: long, bfack or
I tan colors, VIenna
brass locks.
Muslht Petticoats 50c.
x . it 'j. >?'
r i Made from snow
'' white muslin pr
cambric solid eypj,
j ltit '" embroidery ygtjljigi
~ ftoirices', '69?' var^sis?all^r
, t ##vr . ^SSSEIP*
r< 'Miffifob < ;
qf*f X if "'W i ' j . it' i.?
'['""i : ' O.'-'i i If.
! Mi^.Di'ess and^'p: ,|
. i Servicei'Shoes' ^OO. - -
* i :!
. Construflted from good quality
'' ..of gunme.tal y
' ; leather gin V
ix.| v ' <>A. sty'
t ?
j CaHf0J#45$j$?> ^ut^ilQUS speck,
beans ; 16oi rlbn 1 ied'beans 15c.lb.
. Sat. aft}?-'t ? '"? ! 'S*K:"*p1y '
j , ' { jB^e'ment
- - 'j " ' T I ,'.| 1 I ) I I i , M
,j! > ( .f-e- ?
leof : /:'S;T'.i97
ises* Oxfdrw'P^iwr
tlr up some e*citfng~a?MHnsr 1a pur secThese
splendid values In' -wdnfens and
latent, tan, gunmetal and rid kid leathes
up to $3.60.
l >"iId i.i ,
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ j " ^ * '
fcwg- wrewy-ow cat ttOaar
(Main Floor)
y for a Mei MtfjsHjQEvin
fun and breath-taking
Harrison's many large
vill be reserved for visit
only $12.50.
:s Offered ai 50c
>nly a few of the many unfor
you Circus Day at this
. You can buy the necessiit
prices so much under
feel encouraged to "blow
iss of red lemonade, feed
e some big change left."
Men's T.nncr Wenr TTnse I
only 10c per pair.
t Black and tan
shades, shaped
seamless heel,
sewed too .ribbed
top, 12c values
(Main Floor)
Women's Muslin Draw- j
ers, 29c.
Made from soft fin'lsh
muslin or cambrie,
hemstitched ruffle,
cluster tuck
Main Floor
Girl's Baby Dolt Ox
fords $1.39.
%Come In sizes j
8 to 11, patent
leather, patent
leather ankle
straps, silk.
Second Floor
jBoy'fe ''Wfcar'
; Resisting /JkT .
Knee Pants,
In close and- m6ilium
stripes' or &SM
Boild colors. Arm-.
1y woren, sizes 6 IjWnW '
o 16 years, very |jEra flgsB
Bt^u^lJ tailored, ^fflr W',
wil/.j jtfye. excep- '
\ ' - .1.,
!?et Your Mirror Teli' [
Ithe Story. Thompson's
Glove ;
pitting!Op r? jfjm
Corsets' t'' t
Neither words '
nor plcturoS Hi\
can 'express i ,;,' .
the beauty of line,
poise and * .
<?ntor? to- * f'f 1 t;;?:
Tho mp So n ' ' ft }|r,V,/
glove1 fitting ,J "f f jp JT '
corset. These .. .1 fg,",,",
are our regu- ' >W fjl
lar J1 grades UH? \j y\ } '"
and this offer
holds good for
the one day on- tiionsqjts,
ly Saturday.
. .it e"
First qikllty t?T
,i t, fe ; jj. .'.!
We oU cloth in
very desirable
, . Wtv'
w *!r f1 i '' J
n rfjST? JwMFr rr '
^ ^ i^L
) i Fotibir 'Prescient T?ft%>?ere sh
j /. J' ^ '
j Plenty of Concerts for the
} Entertainmnt of the
' ' Public.
I .. ' ri J
|| ! Falrmpnt has always becu notea j
' among Wfest Virginia cities tor its ex- j
! colleur musical organizations and . on
| Memorial Day once more gave evidence
of its high standing in this parf;
ticular us well as .figuring in a showing
; for Marion county which was Very
creditable, for outside of Fairmont two j
-j band.i were in -the parade which sorvea ]
| to bring distinction upon the county,1
Mannington sending a crackerjack j
march hand of the ili Henry variety
jlilld- Monongah providing an Italian J
, baud, which called attention to the)
friendly relations existing between the
I two countries at this time.
There is nothing so important to the
. success of n his day as good music.
! It requires the stirring martial music
: of tho days of 'CI to arouse the old veterans,
the jinging ring of "The Stars
i and Stripes Forever"- to -enthuse the
j marcher aud the concert selections
, heard at different times during the day
| yesterday to please' lovers of a better
grade of music. The Memorial Day
concert-programs or the different bands
-? viotwhiHo tnnaib ami
B|! ran lixigviy u? iuuu 4u???v;
I while on march medleys and national
N; airs were frequently played stimulating
S|! the crowds on the sidewalk to another
M round of applause. The Mannington
O! hand repeated "The Star Spangled
Hi Banner" half a dozen times on its lino
j of march and had the lilks bareheaded
n I n*:eh of the time with citizens on the
Eg : sidewalks also uncovered in reeogniP
i ion of what is generally considered the
K national air.
w i The First Regiment hand gave a conw
j cert at Loop I'ark last night which
fi! was highly enjoyed by a larger crowd
1 than generally assembles for evening
jffl I concerts and the program rendered
ffi I was worthy of praise not only on acfflj
count of the character of the music
III but for its splendid presentation. HarBt
j hey Gregory is leader of the organiza@
i tion.
Sj The Greater Fairmont band gave a
|! concert at the hall park yesterday aft|
emoon proceeding the speaking and
3 the march "Stars and Stripes Forever"
jj and the overture, "A Night in Jur""
|| were applauded with unusual enthu[bell-ans
? L ' 1 -i D AT7A0 i
I! HDSOiHteiy - ftcmuYco
Indigestion. One package
proves it. 25c at all druggists.
Herbert-Rawlinijon and Neva Gert
, The virtues of the production that s
in whltlj the Interest Is1 never allot
t leading jiarts with'a good auypojrtfii
i,-p , ;,-a4
Bpfcprs, carlopn In which. com
I' ! PM., .. '. . '>;. i
j, :.l.UNIVERg&
1 "?i.AveTl*w ofjint ores ting eventa, io
1 -HBufaJo MirionAls.ranch.. & ;etc
11ga'.m. t g'I.'ji1?i 'i"
VAUIAIIT The Mystery of B
i.[ H
JJL ?? '.? fifth ^Tf it.' - 1
Qutality ys;
To safcrjfice.our quality would n
quality. 'When you consider our hi
cost us fifty thousand dollars 'ttf.pl
; '"that1 we would 66* foolish "to frifoW' A
[ 'teHfcre With'ifhtS'quality of our1 Ice'
j -'aaWtfa ask -yoitf'fiealdPftt!' *Jiif loin:
' -raP.'S.?Mairtdri dee crtafh'hia no i
.oeuau...q win.. ?i
Mirioa lm erwwH h? no t
7 Jflfepv
wjjj t
? -0 ??
1 ' '?? ?
own talking things oyer with hia son,
reserve corpj! irf,(raining at- Fort Myer,
fir's request
sfasm. Earlier in the day the band
made a splendid impression while
heading the parade to Woodlawn cemetery,
the first street display 01 the
celebration. The Greater Fairmont
band is practically new though the
name has long been identified! with
fiefick musical organizations in thjs city
!add many of the players saw service in
ithe First Regiment b'and when it wa?
located here. Adolph Swain, baritone,
might be singled out for special mention
for he is a very capable player.
Claud Vincent, the new leader, 1b a fine
cdrnetist and a capable director.' !
The Garlow band, of the First ward,
gave a morning concert in front of the
court bouse which was greatly appre- !
c&ted. Starting off with "Grand Recon
dilation" medley of airs or notn ine
blue and gray and "The Warrior's
March," a medley of wartime marches,
the program later contained several
;lieavy overtures. A large crowd was
attracted which greatly appreciated the
music and evidenced that fact by hearty
The Mannington Elks band, only organization
of its kind in the state, came
here to head the parade of Elks from
both Fairmont and Manington lodges,
arriving on the 1:10 train. The band
proceeded to the upper Main street ann
gave a concert in front of the Elks'
club, giving evidence of splendid con(Continued
on page 10)
- - ------,
! | I
|f Always welcome
| where good coffee
I is appreciated.
Is Bona j
Coffee |
ij may be found in the
i home of banker or
f mechanic, lawyer or
; I laborer. It suffers no
j distinction of class.
: Its wholesome prop- S
erties please all alike. 1
Ij frolL 30clb.
O. W. Peirce Company
Coffee Roasters i
| lafaeette, /rut.
ier are featured in this great drama,
taind out are the closely woven plot,
vod to drag, capable players In the
g ;cast. . ?
edyt.;is apt?terffcfrem beginning to
i ' . m* - '
L'WEEKliY"1 '
nej ot wWch Is the late
I '
Ixt L- . ,
oom 13, drama; Won In the Stretch,
ice track; It Can't Be Done, monkey
'.j; w- .. or. -w i ii ^ ' ' ie
.. " tI
iean to sacrifice oj#: (reputation tor
and -i:
*ur? f J , ,(1.,). ,,
R.E-A'M.'W,, '
* jprfj?:! 1
^ft.snMll .www 1 i v
cream,, tWo^e^e.ip^t that "Ott r i
liS?<tt ?'U" >
" J?1, -.wrr.soU J? *bMa eA' 11
KBPitore for WomenPr^
' I* H ii
P " :rN?W Vtolle ^ 7^
8 **? Georgette 7\MPW
I ws? 'jpg
| Tomorrow is theJast da;
j Whether or not you need
^ miss this authentic'style t
Sn ? <1 A* ft
1 La Camilli
I With
I Ventil<
| :?i i
: t , i , *.?
gg Throngh ol delighted wome
? have inspected the exhibit of "Li
(ft . Camilie" models ,( and cxprcsse
Xa their djlftfnf 'wittf;Bie line mate:
J& ials, ajid'careful workmanship, tli
self-evident quality, but most ei
SN peclally with' the patented
| Ventilo Back
M the exclusive "La Camllle" featur
dd which eltmlinates all harmful prei
jSjk sure upon the spine and makes pot
m sible perfect fit and stylish corsei
!S5 'us without discomfort. The Ver
I tilo Front Shield prevent- -y?rv-,
of the flesh.
Tomorrow is the last o]
P ?to have your corset fittf
j HARPOLE, a corsetiere
^ Try on the model and size
S? It will make you look at y
"La Camille" corsets of
g money. Thqir superior-v
^ able in these days of high
|Price Rang*
... :_L
!? You Suffer I
don't make the fatal mistake of regarding
it as a trifling matter. Authorities
agree that Catarrh is an infection
of the blood. Consequently,
sprays, salves and lotions can afford
only temporary relief, because
they do not reach the source of the
disease,?the blood. When you depend
on these temporary remedies alone
your case is likely to grow steadily
worse until it becomes chronic and
possibly affects the lungs.
But even if the infection does not
go this far, the continuous dripping
jf mucous in the throat, the constant
|\ Unbeatable E>
^ of Rats.Mice
Used the World Over?U?
It CAN'T Fall?It's
Stop Fattening Ra
On Yonr Food?On Catch-Penny Rcady-to-Uae Sa
Why trap Rats and Mice one hy one i
tnd them all ta-nlghi with a 2So
Tur orrnr.MivFn standard at r
> -Tr ci if.
.' o it! ) it
Colors: Blacl
. \? - ft J
Sizes: 8|xl 1
; ? e i r *" . - ? < J
s*'f ) C
For more imp
"MultiKopy" las
more ieoonomicai
.? 'a* V ? ! io -J
?? Mt s?" orfuf.bb.-- T't' " l
_* iV5'1 1
.bjuIjiv, . "
vu1^ jui ^5
?? EH2L V A
OS' 1
^j||wk Nerrsrlnk "si i
O-.-jfcj w**h Skirtli^ aP
BQQQP $2.50 lo $m
y of^Camine^'W^'
a corset right now, don't ^ I
e Corsets I
. r.?I, I I
pportunity?don't miss it g
_j? . J ?) > *.
ox national pi uiiuiieiice. ?
designed for your figure, as ;
our best. ?
Fer you the most for your ;gj >7;
alue is even, more notice-- ^
i material cost.' ul
5 $2 to $25l :
from Catarirh J
spitting and hawking and evil odol
of the breath will not only canal
misery to you. but will make yoiir
presence obnoxious to others. S. S. S.?
which has been the standard blood
medicine for .fifty years, will relievi
your catarrh, because it will purify /
your blood and relieve it of the ao<
cumulated poisons. S. S. S. contain*
no mineral or habit-forming drugs.
S. S. S. is on sale at all druggists arid
the' advice cf our medical' department
is at your disposal, free of charge,
Swift Specific Co., 802 Swift Building
Atlanta, Ga,
' . "? ' I
and Bugs |
led by. U. S. Government
ALL Exterminator
Is, Mice and Bugs 1
ibslltadef. whose bulk Is Inert flour and urease
ivhilc those ancanght rapidly increase.
. or SOc. bpx of Rough On Rata
13 . i
t raoer II
lit, Hard Finish 1
i and Purple. |
i and 8ixl3 ,fl
roeeinne' AiamrmA "i
ivoonitio uvuittiiu 3?|
teller afld is II
II ^
^Jljp Virginian LI

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