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K} Exfcgfr
itv <M >#pawt friotint ?.nd Puy
I] , iXMK^cf HVRBERT^EdiUii
J; ' A. HAY MAPEL, Adrertifllni
j C. V. REDIC, Circulation Ma
Br'?> - :' r
Publication Offjpe, Monroe
B?jL I hoe una . cm
Ertments reached Clrcula
ornate branch Advertl
Advertising Represents!
unswlck Bldg., New York
MAIL?(Payable In advi
*3.00 j One Mo
l *3.00 | One Wc
CARRIER?(Outside of
i 76c One We
lotions payable In advance,
fax for chango In address
% I Entered at the Postoftlce at Falrmon
| jsecpnB ^Isw matter.
| ' Subscribers on cur carrier rout
K&i Tha Vlrelnlfln anv evenlire a]
If: TERN UNION." state the lact am
I: residence and a messenger will d<
f your doer at once. There is no c
| scriber lor this service. The Wesi
|| to render to its subscribers the be
I: livery service possible and this is
i/~\ N? the best suggestions along
?j V^/ mlsT^atloh on a war footing wh
Hj^tibn of this newspaper is th
H| committee 'of the Chamber of Comm
$ ates which believes that "a definite
eiimeittfpnder the direction of the Pres
?cd to conduct a campaign of consti
th e pepple as to the war and the imp
s .government regarding the war so t
ui derstand in advance the necessity foi
ta ten by the government in behalf of t
*3fteaking at a dinner of the Manli
York City last week Pomeroy Burton
| most a|)lp journalists, said that the grc
by the' Bruish ijpverrijnenl was in its
% ' ipeojje ipto the confidence of the men a
at the beginning of the war. Mr. Bui
i'ant to repeat.inis Diunaer on
i should make the people undi
jvhat we are fighting for, the
nod many other things along t
tak* men understand the impo
:m accomplished is quite anothi
rernment'at Washington are ju
e." They are pcrfectlly willing
iuqh .advice as Mr. Burton gi<
not have the time to devise
of the educational work, whii
utecl .mentally and temperamer
JcWaiy aWrt-of their road to k<
at lit a tjme when the informal
/ are doing personally. They
In-when- they know that whi
iis public's business. Any traini
hat business men in this countr;
i businesses, businesses, too, tha
er mjtlh6cjs, with, a degree o
i credit to a porchclimber pr a
sntlemen of the Chamber of C
i entirely practicable and cmin
round that condition in their |
nment, the sole duty of which
rthtfp<Bplc of what is going on
re the public understand the re
iallr "TTfey are, moreover, on t
the posjtion that to be ctfectiv
:n by a branch of the governm
nt .controlled by the govcrnmt!
Tirpent. .This is in line with
policy of keeping thq people 1
i fike. the present under the ri|
trrr Cti tcit i !
Let's nail those ducks who are trying
to keep others from registering.
gll&Y Everything went lovely but we had
| too whole day spoiled at the singing
mot theStnr??pangleu Banner at Loop
| park last night when several cock|
roaches failed to take off their dirty'
| It takes more-than ordinary rhinocerousps
to march 'as Tar and play as
Lmuchxnusic aa^tho First. Regiment
I If thnt bunch of women that woro
I Red C^ssQ^^iorda^-ljaje town who
1 Might as well prepare to leave the
| city because w>th all thp women la
{Sjjjtown jip thajtfd Cross and ell the
? *rm7 What b"Sln?83 Ca"
lint an? agencies of the ad
P^i^i adopted and puti
ink. 11T.^ retiring J
r?~' t ' " W and trai
! Manager. members of the ?
Dflger. occult?body, high
ntsadenU coujidOed and ai
Street George M. .Ralph
- ~ TtWto.thfctrtdi
Y80LlpATED not V
tion Dept..... 250 responsibilitjesl.whi
sing Dept.... 250 the Common Cpun
?' *o6h" 97 brother he thrbw a
Jvo, ROBERT E. enough lor th^.riuh
. 123 W. Madison Up the civic Wbrk.
? such a connection 1
"?6 / Naturally his ft
inoe only) also occasion jno si
onthe ?1.50 cussed'the unjusual
nth 600 conclusion that;''oi
mont) will be veiy niany
ith 60c the Cigar Store In
s* "* -tgacsfci
Fairmont) callous enough to
ek 18c trying to celebrate
2NTS- It would be afraid
give old as well as incidentally, is the
Cnmmnn (rmriril i
t, Wei', Virginia, an on the back of a i
the Board 01 rtffa
-g? Wliy any one sh
APER CALL I a wraith of a body
M." II of the time of our
as failing to get I
hould call "WBS- AN
i give name and [N filling the pos
silver a paper to III I j. d j l\
targe to the sub- f^e Board of P
t Virginian plans have been take
lit newspaper de- J very much can be
part of the plan. I year for expenses.
? ?W Properly filled I
i to the people of \
7 31, 1917. Charleston, v^lio h
. request of the boa
bilities of the, pos
doubt that the nes
suaded to give him
and an adequate si
iWe do not ;kno'
need of all kinds
At the same time v
labor has greater
.! '
t commerce, mis ? [J
tiling is possible fo
The man who ci
kind needed in sucl
to this state and h
resources and .our
. \ invaluable- It is n
are not many men
. Popp "sizes up" I
; the line of putting ^ newspaper all
ich has come to the gquare deal and th
at of the Executive Legislature. I
erce of the United one 0f the first
branch of the gov- once so some
ident should be ere- wjlat he has to offe
uctive education of
ortant operations of yesterday's Mei
hat the people may a success In ever:
r the various actions patriotism ot the
he people. mlttee which wort
attan cl?ub ln.N^ Suffrage forces
i, one of England s brgach over the p
..atest blunder made NatlQnal -woman i
failure to takc t plcketlng as unpa
t head of affairs ^ but u ,g. ab,
rton said that if we m reBponBlble fo.
th.svside of the At- frage harm t
:rstand why we are ig ^ plty they can
kind of an enemy ^ becauge pf tl
hese lines. merely make the:
eeds and almost as under Are.
rtance of them, but <
er thing- The men Reports of youi
ist like business men 0ther schemes to
to agree to the wis- opposition, to it, 1
ires, but the best of times is the slown
methods for doing ]ara, the marines ?
le most of them are need .men. W-tnoi
itally that they will fieriously handles]
:ep the public lrom There is ntJ decline
[ion would do good have got out of 1
' Persist.is. r?''" months of actual
it they are looking spirit disappear.
:d organization will
f carry on perfectly The Epienilld we
t would-be bettered SoUdation Coal cor
f secretiveness that ioah bonds-shows
counterfeiter. d0 j(S Bharc in th<
iomrnerce have sug"- taken to them. T1
ently wise plan for
oroposed branch of T,le parade of t
would be not only ?Pte o? the morninf
, but in such a way erans, of the Civi
ason and the neces- feebler, but while
he right track' when' Ealn iti the venerai
e the work must be ?
lent, backed^by the Tho Board of He
nt Snd financed by every one to boil
President Wilson's 01' so- 11 will be v
ully iiTfotmsd. and - J?10 tel1 wjjijtule"
ght kin4 of a man of disease.
a poor Liberty Bond salesman do.
? * <
O- -vJ
Boll your drinking water, In the
terrible'rush of water a microbe or two
might have sneaked into the city's
If he does he'll die of 'Ingrown
* * * , i
The band at Loop park played "The
End of n Perfect Dav." lust before
"The Star Spangled Baunpr" Jgflt'
* * (0i
Thero was never a lovller day.
* *
Wc ballevo now that praying for
good weather has some effect because
everybody prayed. 1
? v ....
The prayer of the masculine pa- '
rudors was "Hope it don't rain."
'The pAyit'brthii free rides and free <
dinners sex was "I can't go if it i
liven Providence wanted to see the i
tf-v -fTfr uri|Ki-\Ilf nnu /Jfilav
raw UilUU rrilUVUI OliJ UUUJI 1 ?
gttfwhen Bo or* Wa?* lobkiBg thit .hy
Ot^y.Ae Common Council, held a,meet-'
iiactedP wW. doubtless seemed to the
eluded?or*'" ?fmnS tfmnted.lb aayi
ily important business; to-wit, it received,
xepted" thfc resignation of Councilman
itipns of the ordar.Mr. Ralphsnyderdid
ranted to be relieved frojh the onerous
ch he probably believes*! membership in
oil entails. Ratfcerjike a true and good
bout his action a^veil-of mystery. It is
lie to know that he has decide^ "to give
" How queer "wo<k" appeap used in
\ i * A
:lIow members expresed regret. It will
orprise that die members when they disincident
among themselves came to the
vingio the importance of, the post there
applicants for the vacandy." Some of
diafis on that board think anything they
important?even the Commosj Council,
brutally frank public doubtless will be
ask what Councilman Ralpfisnyder is
:. The Common Council never meets,
to do anything if it did meet, and that,
reason why meetings never occur. The
joes not even have the utility of a wart:
nan's neck. It is so utterly trifling thatirs
cannot make a good goat of it
ould take the trouble to resign from such
' is a problem that ought to occupy a lot
best puzzle solvers.
t-of State Commissioner of Immigration
ublic Works has taken a step that should
n long ago, but it may be doubted that
done on an appropriation of $1,500 a
his is a post of considerable importance
Vest Virginia, and if Charles Popp, of
as agreed to look after the work at the
rd, shows that he knows what the pos-jition
are, we do not.have the slightest
;t session of the Legislature can be pera
salary commensurate with his abilities
jm to meet the expenses,
w any state in the union that is more in
of labor just now than West Virginia.
re are sure that ehere is no state in which
oportunities. In agriculture, industry,
Tactically virgin territory. Almost anyr
brains plus energy and health in West
m make these facts known to men of the
i a way that it will induce them to come
lelp in the development of our immense
abundant opportunities will be almost;
ot an easy job at the beginning. There
who could fill it acceptably. If Charles
le can count upon the hearty support of
lithe time and especially in getting a
e right kind of financial assistance from
f he cannot make good, we hope he will
to realize it, and that he will resign at
other man may get a chance to show
norial day celebration In this city waSj
r particular, a line testimonial to the:
community and a credit to the comced
so hard to make it what it was.
at Washington have come to an open (
icketing at the White house, ^.nd.Jhe i
Suffrage Association lias branded the 1
triotic. Ot course it is not as bad as !
lurd and stupid and the women who' ]
r it are doing tne cause ot equal suihan
all the straightout Opposition.' It j
not be made to see this, for fighting |
lelr foolishness in all probability 'Will i
m stubborn. No one likes to quit
ig men slipping into Canada and of
avoid the draft explain some of.the
jut the most significant sign of tho
ess of the volunteering for the reguind
the guard regiments, all of which
Jt the draft we .would have been most
pped in our preparations for war.
3 of patriotism in the country, but we ^
touch with the government. A few
war will make this let-George-do-it
o ;!i ;
ty in which the employes of the Con
npariy are subscribing for the Liberty j
that the public is perfectly willing to j
e war financing if the proposition is j
lere is a hint in this for the banks. c
? o 1
he afternoon was th? larger, but the J
; was the more impressive, jj The vet1
war are fast growing fewer and f
they lose in military bearing they <1
tion of the public. |
O ?r. J . }
alth has lssipad- % warning requesting r
the city water for'the.next ten days |
veil to heed this precaution,. No one .
oods have brought down to us in the J
graves of the dead soldiers decorated.
Elbert Kincaid Is .no? a First Lieutenant.
' " " u
George Whitmore Is a Captain. .
' Germany's ruined.
" lij ft
Whepyou figure thereto not* ehaifce
In the world for Unole Sam you need c
inspiration. Just look at the top of
Pajattne Knob. i "
'f* r?
. Don't forget that you're wanted at
the polls Junej 5 to say whether or
not^yairanngolpg to war.- ~
st^ouVft'^^idedjTegistef1.'If You've
gbt one' leg, register.' If you've po
stttf, register. Yoh wdtl'l 'hive to, go
tfU#M4uiUfl"w yoa're soiM gpod and
n'^ie|pei\?*d crippffcfl exempt.
*: fv " >" * '
feltl $orean/of the; DaaUSJde. Kire
department lias been 26.'<* Jirtgetrs .
old all along but on June 6 he Is going
to J>e over 31.
"Sftl ttofild look lots oloer if he would '
stop eating so much young; chicken. ^ ?
|j OU i BUK51b
HAHT peopte ATTRlBOr
iTNc R64C <Muae or Mis
' PSY'
' AN_A
To the People
The Government of the Unite
States and the people, acting throug
their regularly constituted local o
ficers, will on Tuesday next, June
1917, mobilize the men of mobilize th
men of military age, or at least tak
the first great step towa.rd that em
That is essential for the* national di
fense, but of equal importance and c
more immediate need is the mobilize
tion of the country's money suupl;
We are aiding England and Franc
in their fight against Germany, uc
alone for the freedom of the seas, t
preserve opr commerce and to protet
the lives of our people engaged i
peaceful trades; nor are we fightin
Germany alone to preserve free Goi
eminent and prevent its perishing z
the hands of Prussian autocracy, bu
most important of all, we are figh
ing Germany as a matter of self pri
tection, for had we remained netitra
iihti|-.T3pglan;4 and France were ovei
whelmed we would have been compel
rwi ? pukfi cJnorlir ond olnno Wp par
not actually fight until we have cr<
ited an army. That will require quit
a, long time, but we can aid our allie
ibroad immediately by loaning then
money With which to purchase ammu
altlon tamd supp ies. A dollar loanei
meani saving drops of American blood
Patriotism Is sending men Into th
lrniyt and' navy to fight and die. Ari
the people willing to give their son
but desirous, at the- same time, o
withholding their dollars?
The Government' ddes not ask yoi
u'.' ^ * . - - . Will
Hold Public Ceremon)
On Old Normal Lawn
. June 14.
j FairtficmV Eodge Benevolent- and
troteaWe Order' of 'Elks will observe
iUagpay on June 14,'holding a puMic
:eremony that evening on tne grounds
n^front of the old Normal school, li
be weather Is nice and Inside thai
mildlDgJjD.the event of rain.
The committee on the "Big Brother"
hovement of tbat lodge was given adlitlonal
members this week when Exiltcd
tyulag Ml IJ^Asbcraft added Sam
I. Nuztim;' Clarence D. Robinson and
V. W. Ferguson to- the original comntyjwe
qpnsj,stbig of.A..ft Rjurtin, H.
V. Scott and Bert Leopold.
New members initiated ipto the Elks
t th'o Tdesdav .-light"pieeting were:
ohn W. Mason, Jr., W. C. Donaldson,
1. T. Watson, W. D. North, W. S. Watop,Jt.
0. Ben{eJrCh.arJes R. Hoult and
t. SrMonroe.''
Frank E. Nixon arid Paul Gothorn,
f Frosflmrg lodge, were among visitng
Elks at that meeting in military
niform. - .
Clarksburg Elks held a social Tnesay
night following the' regular meetng
and ParkerBburg "Elks had a big
icnic on MemortaLday.
John Holshuhbjy^iifcat present loafed
at. Fairvlew^haa.lis.roBistratlon
" "rnti&ZMci A
the 'Jf? *
Family 4%
? V ; LL
fc ABO^r -THAT, i n
__ L?????
of West Virginia
d to give your money?merely to
b It...
This state must do its part,
not doing it yet. We must wake
grasp the situation and do our "
e The banks have formed an orga
e tion. with a central committee
1. Charleston, to solicit and handle
2- scriptions. Every bank in the i
if should and will receive orders ?01
i- bonds which can be obtained in
J. nominations as low as $50 each. T
e is scarcely a person of mature y
it who can not buy one of these 1
o "Liberty Bonds," and it is the dul
:t every person to do so?to buy as
n a bond as possible,
g Juno 5 is a State Holiday.
! Would it not bo well to hold pa
it tic meetings in every city, town
t, hamlet, on that day, discuss this '
t- ertv Loan" ancf other ways and mi
) of aiding the Government In
i crisis? Appoint committees to sc
> subscriptions for those "Liberty Be
I- and turn the subscriptions over to
i- banks. ,
i- The people of West Virginia I
0 not be slackers. The prosperlt;
s the people is greater than cver'bei
a Wages are higher. True the cos
i: living is high, but a little extra (
1 or a little economy, and every da;
t. borer can buy a "Liberty Bond'''
0 an investment equivalent to 5
a cent, on the average, and render a
s trlotic service.
t Are we patriots or shirkers? a .
1 May 26, 1917. Gover
card made out and sont it to iii? h<
at Cheboggan Falls, VVis. He is pit
tain where ho wRJ. go, when ho let
Fairview next week but had his c
ro turned there and-will leave -ins(
I (ion* to have it forwarded. The char
I are that his next stop after Falrv
| will be Cumberland. .
rrr- s-1'
Funeral services over the bodj
Mrs. Frank Schlager whose death
curred on Monday In the State hosp
In Weston, were held this afternooi
2 o'clock from the family residenci
Johntown and Interement was madi
Maple Grove cemetery By Underta
, Musgrave and Son. Rev. W. J. ^E
of the First Baptist church, conduc
1 the funeral service.
i Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Morgan, of
Locust avenue, announce the blrtt
a daughter.
J i"1: . : v u-j
h -4fj ..nr..
White Sapphire
M. V|/HU
Sardonyx:- w
Mounted; in exclave
mounting# in white!
green, and English gold.
1 They majce .- .a lasting
. Gradual gift. $3.00
to $12
.. ktsjHxl t-mir.---.
ifcj} ( :
" ii Tiiii ifTif mir* ill * n
4 II imiii i iiiil hi ii I
nrni i-4 nr in iIhII
R ^ , "M I j|
; Many From Southern States qo
Seek Registration Cards g
; \ \Here.
& . \ '
The-eoonty clerk's office was closed tui
' yesterday and the work of providing pel
ntelstniuon cards fur young men be- foi
nrson 21 and 30 who areTiway from At
Weir honfes wan delayed for twentyfour
hours. The total number of cards re)
Issued pasped the 100 mark before noon ,
Tuesday and (he total at this time is
something like 125.
,The registration jaw provides for ?'
covering -Institutions such as county W
jails and'tlm registration of prisoners Ai
In the Marlon county Jail has already ?
been completed. There were twenty
one Inmates. One of them Is a negro T|
who claims his home In North Caro- I
Una. Up to this time no colored men I
have sought registration cards from
. County Clerk Martin.
The registration cards being Issued
to men of military age who reside elsewhere
have made it plain that there
are many young man working In Fairmont
who come from the southern
states. The percentage has been largo
-enough-to awaken the Interest of those
. ,who thought the major part of the out|
aiders halted from-Ohio or Pennsylval
nia. The number of regfsfraflon cards
. jnade iUlLXor North-or South Carolina Pi
or Tennessee has handed a surprise to
those who are watching the matter.
''iee .>" of' '.y
..?' of
Weston Man Wants to Send w?
West Virginia Avia- v"i
tors to France. {"?
; wit
CHARLESTON, May 31.?If Louis Wc
Bennett. Jr.. of Weston, can raise suf- fou
flclent funds by private subscription cd
l0ftn to equip and maintain a West Virginia we
aviation company, the Executive Coun- hot
" cil of Defense will contribute $10,000 \ft
1 u1; to assist him in preparing an eBca- sto
,t- drille for work on the Western Front, sir
n Bennett was advised today of this ac- hot
' . tton. He has been seeking to interest iii
state state authorities in his proposition wa
I I3 for several weeks. He proposes to C
1 train and send a company of young nut
here West vir8'nla aviators to France to of i
aid the Allies in achieving mastery
baby of th0 aij- y
of * : ?
arge rf'" 1
this por All Ages.
mis't Guaranteed ' perfect ru{
the truss fitting by experts. Jon
oust Trusss of every class
[0rgj| and description?steel, ?so
it ot leather and steel com- ^
^ae binedwith hard pads, the
get soft pads or water pads. ^
par Trusses for every form m?
/1 or hernia or rupture in ^
Ui aliases- tg
itor. priced from $1.50 up. wn
: usei
rue- - fror
35 Drug Store S
;i " K
iltal !?.
mnmmi, P
H X T -)1 j rijr Xw *
| ^ ^ Shoes for AH th
. li.ri 11 in 'in i;<j j i ijj ,ii n 11 1 .I.
i Frwant day banking ii not for the t
, | the people. , ,
i Not many years ago the hanker ac
i | solJ{it^t|wp.
r' I Today id conducts his bank like anj
, i frankly solicits both-large and Bmall t
I longer the service he needs.
'[ The Peoples National Bank Is amt
'; | business large' or small and offer* you
II OH the b'ornsr Near th
d coUecSi^j,,; jjptfy &^wSarfoi||
Djlata isd imfiiHitW Bi Ditlre. j
man generally are feadMnm anq , I
a wott?gtia4*aa> \y j 1
Arab* Not Maoti Changed,
fhe Arab I* physically and lat*Bac> I
Uly as tfrtla a* he erer was, hot an* H
CficUUy he U unrecognisable'as hi*
Siff id/. In the early days of tha ' M
IW caliphate, not, only was
Ab Vbrld prosperous, bqt we bfifp
:orda 'of an dahqratihi 'ht'njWfp w ]
mt and a complexity of admlfi8|tra^ ??tfhlch?wguldL
astonish those *W -gaBB
a only acquainted with the^MM^^H I
d political condltlona under jwch a
aba lire today. -v.j ,, |H
DJII/FI FD'Q wr-ili
wmi* 1
"ominent Knight of the 1
Grip Went Out of His ^ I
Way to Report It.
The traveling man referred to t?
. A. Lynn, of Greenwood Ave* Co- - -'9
nbus, 0., who for 17 years has been 9
the road for the Adams Bag'Co., of 9
velnnd. What lie reported was the
uderful work done for. bis diges- H
11 by Nerv-Worth, and he went out
his 'way to tell the good news by |9
king a special-trip to the Nervirth
office at ZanesviUe, 0., for the ,, fl
rpose. He said:
s'erv-Worth Company: At my home
Columbus 1 had doctored for some {
le for indigestion, weakness, etc., .hout
getting relict While in Cam , jjfl
dge, Ohio, I bought a bottle of Nervirth
and put it to the test and soon 9
nd it was helping nie. found decid- -9
relief after tlic first bottlo. Two "i39
eks later at Clarksburg, W. Va? I ' yM
ight another bottlo of Neiv-Worth. /MB
.er taking that I felt still better? ' \iVS9
mnch mucli improved, mord
ongth, vfm and vigor. 1 used four ' J9
ties of Nerv-Worth and AM EN- '9
.IELY WELL. Can,eat anytliing I 9
nt without distress. A. LYNN.
Irane's drug store tolls Nerv-Worth ' 9
I Hands your dollar uaci; 11 una oe?i
family tonics docs not benefit VOX',
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known A* t fl
make Oil J
Accomplishing Md:;t "wBXJeffaJ
want to tliaak youjpr your vthn-.'cr
oil, states Mr. J. C. Gibson/ ot 9
icsboro. Ark. My litt'.fc rytrl "Wru; very
with diphtheria; 1 had giyon her
) doses of medicine v.hlch Cost me 9
, with 110 results. 1 bought a /3c
tie of your oil and one application
cved her. Now she is'well.1 It io
greatest rcmody 1 ever saw'.' Mr.
son made- this statement befors
idreds of people. Mrs; Florence
lger, 234 Whitney street,'Hartford, jB
in., writes: 1 have used your Aritttic
Oil'for neuralgia with goodef
s. Only thing I have ever tried that
ipod the pain immediately: Mrs.
liams, Gadsden, Ila., writes: I have fl
d your pain Oil for rheuni'atism, stiff fll
its. also for sore throat, and I want SB
my that it is the greatest remedy I
r tried. I recommend it to all aufirs.
Many cures reported dally
n thousands of grateful users of ffl
wonderful oil. Every bottle guarsed.
Mailed to any address, pre1,
on receipt of 50c. At Crane's drug
foday, Merely a jj
Case of Picking i j , I
four Particular j
Shoe! | " H
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