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^ TeT K*
i 1 -1' "
J Oi IV/JA I U I \Sl\ 1 |
Hp;. Putting One Over on Mary.
(Copyright, 1917, by the McCIure
Newspaper Syndicate)
lw' n jjAJIY looked up with' surprise at
[\/l the young man who now occui;
* " * pldd the high office stool of old
' ( Leslie Curtis. -He was 'strangely out
j; ' of keeping with the old-fashioned furHb
lilshings In the shabby old place. Mr.
sjf.V Curtis with his bent shoulders and
shh# old serge suit harmonized 6p
&'. welKwJth hla 'time-worn surroundings
K , '^heh he was present that the sight
Hm oftltd stringer's brand-new black pnd
' white. checked suit and azure blue tie
I* ? lts^laplfi-luzull pin jarrod tliagp"
bWttfcrfUy .bn SIftry's nem.
'"i'd'yo^ceme to pey Aunt Myra's flrfc
imwranfie/'i s?id Mary. .
HfEtL--' ? *TiA;*ffKr .?nhkfiH throuorh thfc '
(VtTeTtottlOe with Its stingy little archway'
fnfcndcd for the transaction of
business.-ilVbat ho saw'caused filfc'tb
slM4> down <iu'slfly off his stool,
straighten 'his ftte 'automatically with
oBe'lnrnd ?nd iHlclc-:ba?k his shining
noWef 'front'hair-with the ptfipr.1 Mary i
noticed, thai hij hapd wai aleo emb'eHlflRdwr
a-sfbiie' of near InzIIt to'thatch
?a!4 'Jim"aloud 'reachiiaa
tor a .ay town. Lite is h?plwiig
jrv:.^rljli.,-i)tujj>isr, vH.he ia." &#d he
ewtayi idew scrutiny., with
s^psfcrtlohknown only to the confuted
juaVS" wlu,,','e'Df: a product.of a
metropolis and coming to a small town,
the ohfTfTnopulatlon'S consoll-"
i|nfl& arimftirmn fifdefy bfganifeed-'for i
bis awicaHifm>fit % t i v? i.
< "What if t>? inajrte. p!eaie?il >.asHfld
.rim, +tmdcrln,?df auntfe and, niece
tiiHbt htoCttlletf alike. r, ,r.- -j
j TJdle# ylyra.Grant," said Maffy. ' ' ?
I fhetoBiaio Jiarnt jlfdrjipOoilo page ,
midTOoWn"aj>otlter -in, a.vain .'.atqpdpt '
Bt/fhfding.Uie lutrab. |
^Nothing doing.'' said Jitnmy. '"1
doa't sfcm to be. able to find; it. How
<M?*C SPC'1 ft?" .' i .?
'ter-a-n-t,". spoiled Mary. jJTOwy
f irgot M?(:|V*
Bf'Jtti, l flctfa flunk BO.naV Mar*. "Is.
* [jrl'Cu^g- sic!:?". ,- <
: '|No-isona away for a Ihree' weekcV
re#. Ilm "Ijoldln;; iIbwh the -job t(Hf J
? ' he;tom#4?o<rt!."
: 'lit yotr'tl-plcaso gtvo me(a yrcnipt ?
? fori it wait.; f know. thro amount '
St ' ?it's lour iicllars' anti thirty cents.
X- I'm in a "good hit of a. lrutry." f
' "All right,", said Jimmy obliging- i
ly,!wondering what ho might do to re- '
\f . Uitusuch ap;.ittractivo patron p mo- %
mtjnt longer.." Maiy in 'her dark bide
Jf'.-- sergp suit, white-collar itml black hat,
m' wat ds Jimmy said, very stunning > J
look at. - . . r
D But try as he wdrtld he could think r
; . Of nothing, which showodihat .be Was
vory much disturbed. Thoro 'was some- 1
thing unusually wrong when Jimmy '
' codld think of nothing to say. .*
1 Mery. folded, the receipt and put It 1
I into hfer bag. Then she opened the 1
door to go. out, but before.she c;16?<?d
i ' she said sweetly, "If you look in '
tSXa largo ledger with the mottled cov- '
or I think you'll find It. You were look* -s
lng in the school directory, you see.",
K. ' "i ~
"The next morning when I arrived s
at the office, Margie," said Paula, "1
found Congressman Smith with a smile s
holding a letter -whieh he evidently
had been reading. It was the first
smilo I had seon on his face in a long
while and consequently I grinned from 1
oar to ear. <;
" 'You look very happy, Miss New- [j
tdn,' he raid to me.
" 'I am smiling mereiy to keep you
company,' I answered. ? .jj
V'That brought him back to the letter. Ly
"Can you tell me just what 1 have done' t
for this man, .Miss Newton?" ho asked.
"1 read the letter which came from
an old soldier out west somewhere. 'X
shall always include you in my '
prayers,' It road. 'You have kept me '!
from being a tax on my home coramun
ity in my old age. You have enabled
me to look Into the future without en- jj
countering the hungry eyes of starva- Jj
Uon. You have made one old soldier }|
happy" for his few remaining days.'
' ? Kin
' "'You lnirouucca una yoimiyu ui?, c
Honorable'?1 called him Honorable I'ii
sometimes, Margio? J
\\ " 'When did I do It? I don't rcmem- 1
^ ijej* it,*
.'"Well, It Is not supposed that you '
would, Honorable,' I answered. 'as all
you had to do with it was to place K '
folded in the basket. I myself?and I
lropppd him a little curtsey?framed T
:he bill most carefully.1 . B
"Congressman Smith's worried and
weary'eyes lighted up. 'I think I must
have the best little secretary in the r
House,' he said. ? ---?
" 'But, my dear boss, that is one of
I; my regular .duties,' I answered. Just
then one of the other congressmen, a
man I nevor liked, came in and gruffly
laid: 'I want to seo you, Smith.'
" 'Woll, you are looking at me, aren't
I 4i you, Brown?' said the boss with a
imile, I noticed, had a tightening of the
lips and a narrowing of the eyes.
H " "Well, you know 1 can't talk before
Hlr a woman,' was the somewhat aggrosIs'
jivo declaration of Congressman '
" 'You will have to talk before this
9ne,' answered Mr. Smith. * "
" 'I'm not a woman, I'm a secretary.'
V- t interrupted in a low voice to the boss.
Ife4" " 'Well, I don't approve of these women
secretaries anyway.' said Brown
Bafl is he lighted a long black cigar'and
H, Mew the smoko directly in my face.
' "I went behind the screen trad beK
tan to work at my typewriter. I had
I Dot become very proficient at it as yet
|i>- }ut I was doing better every day and
BfefWas much encouraged.
g' " 'You can hav eanything you want
JS, in this world/ I kept saying to myself,
Kn Margio, 'If you want It badly enough.'
I could not help smiling at FfuflV-P?
the said this. ''Why are ypu amll?
- >g?" she asked.
> jk
f #1 a |j|
" ' " "i" 5 " i Si ?
r , - * : Jf riftt
; y : :? i.-;; mi on*
<3-lQV&S r^g|
iJ ,aoj .Sm? i * if. :: n;ov 1
: f.i~l . *Jif ,1/ >??! In. IfU&Jj) -i
y ? * WKPy'^^xMSBM
TR-t M H(/\U> *7 ' ?fe
:5-3i.' naflt-y
s.wr r-n . -J&-- . -rr v 'fas^r
:ra4&^Mr "**<11 .
3 * if. 'V *
' I ' 1
? > <! t'. , < "V .. r ^
"* . ? >*r. %*?
* '-"* ?-*"?V ~ 7 _ jw? m vr tci
?.i. *"fi ,r^ * soy .f auui?i
A^vy' VQRK, /Mttyi'jl'?The most
i>nvl?ciflg. klfti of fashions-are those
mapped rnt j Itaj'tjj .society function.
Soreo -shows mod -Yjrce. traekd aro fanou^
jIa(*tctot;j?)thl6Rl6riirot absontely'correct
J . i
At tho Bolntbnt pari:! race*, Mrs. An;ia
B,.t)ukC, one of "New 'York's ,bpst
Iressed young women.waa snapped In
be sjmpleBt of frOcks, The costume
She . was tone!Anil Jimmy with
i curious mixture of shame and rage
urablcd'hWkyVardly" for a cigarette to
elieve hCs liarrowo'rt feelings.
<"Smarty!" ho said two or. three
tab's." "Smariy? Think' you're veal
:pte, don't you?" And then finding
h<r"thOtUBd. cover," US' credited Aunt
dyras money and took the rest of the
norning. fOf reflection.
He reifectod that ho was much too
mportant a person to he made a fool
if by t green little village maiden
ind that he "wouldn't stand for.lt,"
"I jknpw her .kind," he declared.
o often," I answered.
"Well, haven't you found I am right?"'
he asked briskly.
"I don't know, dear-Paula. I have
ften missed the best things in life?
hings I thought that I wanted badly
uough, and I inveighed against fate
lecauae I did not get them."
"Look back on thorn now, Margie,"
aid Paula,'"and I am sure you will
ind that however much you thought
ou Wanted them, you wanted somehing
else more.
"Congressman Smith thought he
ranted political honors, but the thing
le wanted most was the love ot that
lorrld little bit of selfishness he called
rife. I soon found from the words
hat were passing between those two
ueu that day that Congressman Smith
lad already bartered his honor that ho
night, minister to the vauity of tlpt
tttlo vampire.
" 'But you've got to vote against it,
Smith?you've got to speak against it.
f that bill goes through it means that
he entire district goes dry.'
" 'I know it,' said the boss, ' and I
hlnk it a good thing'
" 'What about those whiskey bonds
sofd you the other day at thirty?'
"'Take them back, Brown. 1 don't
rent ib'ent?I'll not vote against the
" 'Then fll ruin you,' shouted Brown.
" 'You can't do that. I'm ruined
iow,' said the bosr. with a sigh."
. OH MX HAT, *
f _DBES$, MX <
? ? -st kwug:
sou -sorb ux?k SttQ
patriotic, ouvia! ||"t|
tyrv>4'i j
: 'fK& WEST momiAN
\ji\ ;an
! riftq f:'' -= 1 'J. fj
jBtko; iui'.iuc i: iiiu -J--jw'
?1 ;?j
I < ." tot&Toa io ?atas ij
* g
B. DUKE.! 0
' CI
; is perfect at every point from the a
' byoad poke brim to the slender pumps si
J with the new "square throat." b
I . The loose wristed gloves, enormous d
pleated neck frill, small melon-shaped ri
! bag, scalloped button flags and. band
| dross trimming are separate features f]
i of an ensemble which is sure to be a
i studied by any girl or woman having c
a taste for what is really artistic in
i dress. o
"Small town belie Got all the fellows fj'
hero qifeered. Thinks I'm another ^
clmp crazy to fall in line. I'll show
her that she can't fool with a real
man of the world." And he stuck out '
hist chest importantly. "Humph: 1 B1
s'pose all "Ufese folks here-think I'm a
carzy to break in. fan you beat.It? jj
They dott't- pqe'd to think that I want
to go to their spoony old dances and
cat raspberry, water, ice and cocoa,"
Considering that Jimmy's disposl- ~
lion was thought to bo good and that j
I no ? aa uui uijuftiiy auiAiymi;, uuo ifiuy *
readily understand that Mary's little
joke had cut much more deeply than
it was intended to do. Forx Jimmy
really had planned a campaign 01
conquoot among the charmers of Glencoe.
To this end had been purchased,
the checks and effects in blue.
However, Jlmmv changed his mind; f
that is, aBout everybody except Mary. ^
For he went to parties and dances
and had a generally'pretty good time.
It was balm to his hurt soul to discover
that his being from New York ^
did "cut sonio tee" with the others.
Hut Mary refused to be .impressed and
Jimmy consoled hljqself that, she was a]
furious hechps'd'"he vyouidn't dance w
with her. He" Avtif ftghtj about, her ac
being the Town-,,belle.,t" Slie seemed ai
to have every one iniine ecexpt hint! w
In .vain lie_ racked his, brain tor
some' wffit: th.i"malte her pit up and tb
take notice," as he put it. What kipd so
of grandstaud play,?wpuld nbrjBg her O
to?" Jimmy was nuzzled. "
Then he found it? Five-towns were
getting togeth?r.J2,hdvo a concert?, ?j>
n real onc^-with oper.y qingors-.ln it. tn
Glencoo, "bolek tW ceninp, was chosen 'I
as the plg,ce jj'ft#*Jr. .,{ v- W
So Jimmy-decided that'to be on
terms ofippjalfUitartylfh flome of these OT
bringht lights would . establish- him "j
forover in the eyes of Mary. bj
He decided on Gerrone. He had fit
heard that this, famous soprano was ee
young, pre?ty~and"thefefore most probably
approachable. - Besfflssr He" hjn'. ?
a friend who had a friend Who Knew d(
her and he'wrote. for a leter of intro- di
duetlon. th
The day of the eoncert arrived warm th
and beautiful. It was late spring and l1!
the air was heavy with roses. Jimmy, ()
despising the garden varieties, sent a
week's board to New York for a bunch ;
of hothouse ones, and armed with
lW. PARAt50U,m MS PlCtVPf
;u?ves, UAMDR^J :
i I J^y
?'r~ft *- _x
less, bis card be started tor the boJ.
'JEJe tOld.eydry one where be was
ilna and whom be was to see. "Real
'Jimmy.'" they. would exclaim. "Gerpne!
, You don't mean it! Well,
fit's What ft Is to be fromtlew York
ad to know all the celebrities!"
Jimmy kept on'his way, and his way
m past Sfary's. Mary was In the
ifdpa clipping rosea. She called blm.
wNi'as so'dhmbTotinded at the sweet
Kjablesess. of hpc.tbne that he alost^fppped
-tUfT box-he carried. Then
e^fpfeo'verefl, TSe 'grand opera busigjs
"Was doih^ Its-work. His fame
id, spread. J
?(5bod' morning, Miss Mary!" His
Wb was 'thb I8a? bit patronizing.
zxtjitt yotr 'corne-in?" she- invited.
Jlrfrav thawed. "Why, perhaps I
in; a'%ffiii6i.';T,have-sme?Kagemeiit
rfd/dkh't'wtay long, though."
"I won't keep yog. I Just thought
'e.'d sit 'on.'the porch a minute and
ave a nice little chat.- I've ''someling
to tell yon."
Hp, was curious.,* "All right I have
qtinhte,"/ 'guess." :
SiXddonly J Mary gave '.'him an odd
lok and held ont her'hand Impulsiver.
"Simmy, you're- a de&r. 'ahd I can't
o ft?I Inst1 can't. We all like you,
Iranly, font we'd planned a joke on
ou and it's too mean. You wanted to
ut me in my place and every one re nted
it so. 1?I'm Gerrone, Jimmy,
on't you see? Yob, I really am. 1
as born and raised here and came
ome to rest when the season was
vet. I've worked so hard for years,
o 1 look bo unsophisticated?"
But Jimmy was speechless.' Mary
aned forward wistfully. "Jimmy,
on't you like me?" she pleaded.
"I?I was Just thinking," he stamlered,
"that I'm afraid I've fallen In
ive with' you."HEALTH
Tuberculosis, kills .more people than
oy other dlseaaa?. While# large numtr
are grown up when they die, many
octors believe that tfyoae who are
illed by tuberculosis caught the distse
when they were children.Well
people get the tuberculosis
ernm in their lungs from, the sick,
ften a person who to sick with tuber-,
ulosis-'does not cover his mouth with
handkerchief " when coughing or
ueeniuB and some one near him
reathe>: In- the germs with the little
rops oi moisture in the air. or carles
them on* his hand to1 Ills mouth.
Oftep '.ttife fconsumjjHve bpits on the
oor or sidewalk itnd'then the gerjns
re cArrled in the dust, but files ahd in
ther ways, to people.
So small are the germs that hundreds
f thepi may ride on one little speck of
usf or qn a fly's foot.
. Tuberculosis germs grow best in
ark, close and dirty places. The
right sunlight easily kills them.
There is one big general rule that
' followed v/Jll keep tuberculosis from
ettlng a hold upon you.. It is: Keep
trong. If you keCp your body strong
nd well it will fight ofTthe germs even
Other rules for prevention are: alays
breathe' fresh air, eat nourishing
Joctofs Stand Arm
of Bon-Opto to J
iu&ranteedto Strengthen Ey
^ In One W
Free Prescription You Can Hare
Filled'and Use at Home
Philadelphia, Pa- .Vjctipu of eye strain
id other eye-weaknesses,-and those who
ear glasses, will be glad to know that
cording to fir Lq^ja there js real hope
id- help Bri- tljom./'niaijy' Whose eyes
ere faiiing.sity they have had their eves
stored by .this remarkable prescription
id many WhO^gAce WW'S'- glasses say
ey have throw-p. them jtjijjjL One man
ys, after using it: "Xwas almost blind.
?pld not see to.read ot-all... Now I can
ad everything .without my glasses and
y eyes Bo'not hurt any more. At night
ey wpuld paln dreadfully. Now they
pj fine.oil the time. -It was like a
irncleta'thh.** A lady-who-used it saye:
['ho- atrifaphiere' seemed hazy with or
ithout m&asee, but after using this preripUon-Tur
15 days everything eecms
ejri'';i;wn rrnd cvon fine print withit)
glusSej:" Another, who used it says:
; Wag-bettered with eyo strain caused
I overworked, tired eyes which induced
iree hcadnehns. I have worn glasses for
vornl years both for distance and work,
id without', then.' I- obuld not read my
rn naintf^Pn TUO envelope ,pr the typefitinr-on-rihe
maehiny utifure met' I can
> both now and have'filecorded my long;
stance .glasses "altogether. I can count
e fluttering laayes an the trees across |
e.street,now, ,?yncb' 1% spverai years
tve looked like a dta'froen blur to me.
cannot express my joy-at what-it has
ina for me. ,
It Ih hollered that thousands who wear
asses can now discard them In a reasonTo.Takz\
7 >:c V If
i IN THIS - ' ' . I
m outfit i |?|<snr THIS-WAV-11
Jil M15S COtUMBW-- I
r- ?= "n+e r ,
f ' *-' -f - 1
Lr- "i - r^r*
, - .< > . t\- ' . r?- .
a Tirv *
A r/
ia | s
| food, drink plenty of water, make an
that eTerything yon put in yoiur mou
Is clean, exercise every day in t!
open air. keep your shoulders straig
and take ten deep breaths every da
K. H. G.?"Have two lumps the si:
of peas back of my ears. What la tl
cause and cure?"
Probably cau?ed by enlarged lymj
glands, the result of an infection
your external ear or In the scaip. Cu:
tbe seat of the Infection and you wl
do away with the germs that cam
the lumps.
Mushrooms Go to Waste.
Mushrooms are allowed to. go
waste in enormous quantities) evtr
year, but in part thflfTftm account <
the grave rtslpH$v$wM:Q| the lisle
tion of edlbli Varieties from amoi
the poisonous hinds that grewftn worn
and fields. If averyone W?r6 aMe
discriminate yrith certainty dud pr
clslon between the safe and tmsa
mushrooms that nature sews prflfus
ly about the country uncounted tho
anils of tens of gOod food-might .1
added .to .the. supplies already pc
sessed. '
Do-we fealfre.&e tremendous >ne
tralklflg po^er of even our habitu
1 JBSTR in
I iUWUfflWIjWyjjl *** ,
1 like tie'sleeve of a careless schoolbi
at lils copybook; he smears and bio
with his ara wlwtJM>tlt#|r fair wt
his hand. It Is the smeared pase,#i
the world looks: at and Judges, as b
and not the care and pains ^rtth tfhit
we mny originally bare tried to repr
duce In our lives the precepts of tl
Gosijri ?Donald Sage Mackay.
" ^ 9 v, . '
Children Cry
: < ... * u-i?
Is RiiettDdfi For Sale
i Native Rhododendron and
Laurel, dug with- batl ot earth
and buriappbd, nice specimen,
can furnish -until?October 1st,
except July Immediate shipment
will. Blfe'thls years btoomrf
Prices. 51.00 each 6 "for $4.00 or
12 for $6.40," * 1 Delivered and
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Also. Hardy mountain ferns,
beautiful specimen, 12 for $2.50,
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y tTtrat nlnaa WnnrlR anil, the
Ijft richest of rich mountain soil,
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azed at Power
Wake Weak Eyes
rding to Dr. Lewi
esight 50%
eek's Time in Many Instance
able time (ind multitudes more will 1
able to strengthen their eyes so as to J
spared the trouble and expense of ovi
getting glasses. Eye troubles of mar
descriptions may be wonderfully benefit!
by the use of this prescription. Go to ar
active-drug store and get n bottle of Bo:
Opto, iabjetj. Drop one Uoo-Onto tabl
in a'fourth pf n glass (if-water'and 1:
It dissolve. With this liquid bathe tl
eyes two to four times daily. You shou
notice your eyes clear up perceptibly rigl
from the start and inflammation and rei
pess will quickly disappear. If your eyi
bother you even a little it is your duty i
take steps to save them now before
is too late. Many hopelessly blind mlgl
have saved their sight if they had can
for their eyes in time.
Notes Another prominent Physlclsn to who
the above article was submitted. said: "Y<
the Bon-Opto prescription is truly a wonderl
eye remedy, lta constituent ingredients are w<
known to eminent eye specialists and wide
prescribed by them, t have used It very so
oessfolly in my own practice on patients who
eyes were strained through overwork or mis
-glasses. I can highly recommend It in case
weak, watery, aching, smarting, itphing. bur
Ing eyes, red lids, blurred vision or for eyes 1
flamed from exposure to smoke, sun, dust
wind. It Is one- of the'ver? few 'preparation!
feci should-be kept on hand far regular use
almost every famijy." Bon-Opto, referred
above, is not a patent medicine or a seer
remedy. It la an ethical .preparation. th? f<
mnla being printed on th? package. The ma
nfacturen guarantee -.it to strengthen eyealgl
SO percent in on? week's time in many Instanc
or relund the money. It can be obtained fro
any rood druggist and is sold In this city I
the Mountain City Pros Co. and ai
other prominent druggists.
yiw wij i r , ^iw? 4 m
thiwft ouvia- i r
i-cornci* ftftsr j?1
. Jr. ,'^r'"', f
I A * I I
n j n
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shoes habit
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