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BfcagLo! the Local Team Did;
Ituurlerol high school won the track
t at Waynesburg yesterday with
mont second and' Morgantown
i. The local team and the team
L New Athens, Ohio, went In auto11
os and part ot each team got lost
tailed to arrive at the meet. Some
[.records were made and the conn
x>Qrd (or the pole vault was brokiy
Conn, o( Point Marlon, who
fd the bamboo at ten (eet.
e summary:
yard dash?Flrot,. G. Hill, Char;
second, Lowsetler, Charlerol;
, Easterday Morgantown. Time
11) J-0 HKUUUD.
Rgfe.. Broad jump ? First, Carson, Char^RSp!5s.jlerol;
second, Knight, Fairmont; third,
'Conn. Point Marlon. Distance, 19 leet,
^I'SLeM mile run ? First, Rivu, Charle.
roi; second, Jones, Charlerol; third,
^^HBfglr'oreman, Morgan town. Time 2:10 1-2.
220-yard dash ? First, Grimes, Cen'tervilie;
second, Hill Cnarlerol;
IHRq? Yhird, Lowsetter, Charlerol. Time, 23
ff?.: Pole vault ? First, K. Conn, Point
pjiMarlon; second, Carson, Cha.'lerol;
| third, M. Conn, Point Morion. Height,
H High jump ? First, F. Hill. Fair,
mont; second, Carson, Charlerol;
third, Grimes, (.entervllle. Height, 6
1 440-yard aasn ? first, rnva, vjuai- j
lerol; second, Lazzelle, Morgantown;
third, Knight, Fairmont. Time, 6b
.One mile run ?First, Jones, Charleroi;
second, Rlva, Charleroi: third.
Mills, New Athens. Time, 6 minutes
| Shot put ? First. Rogers, New Athens;
second,. Black, Waynesburg;
third, Keener, Blacksville. Distance,
' Relay race ? First, Charleroi; sec- r
ond, Morgantown; third, New Athens, j
Time, 3 minutes 48 seconds. .,
. Points by teams ? Cnarierof, 49; ,
Fairmont, 10; Point Marion, 7: Now N
Athens, 7; Centervllle, 5; Morgantown, j
8; Weynesburg, 3; Blacksville, 1. ,
Referee ? H. C. Toothman. of Fair- j
mk. ^
Some of these days Eddie Cicotte Is ^
Miner tr?? flllnw snmp hall rluh five Or I
Isb1x hits. If Eddie was as stingy with
his money as he is with his hits he'd !
have Tom Jones discounted.
^Barbers raise the prices of haircuts
to 50 cents, which should make the Buffalo
Bill style of haircuts popular.
Jim. Callahan sent two of his players
to Toronto. Jim must have a I
' -
A pinch hitter is so named, we presume.
because he usually doesn'v hit
anything but the air in the pinches.
; "We will now see how well Dutch
Leonard gets along without the bean- j,
y It's been raining so much everywhere 1
that it will soon start to rain douoie- '
& .1 .
' Baseball at a Glance. ?
Results Yesterday. 1
looming Games? s
? Chicago, 6; Pittsburgh, 5. t
BHR;SL LOUIS, Z! Uincinnau, s. 0
York, 3; Philadelphia, 2. c
lp^jy|oames Scheduled Tpday. \
;' New York, 6; Philadelphia, 0. I
St Louis-Chicago, rain. j
iV Boston, 8; Washington, 2.
|f. New York, 2; Philadelphia, 0; fifteen
F^i^ui 5fchreiand'1
Kit Standlna of the Club*. 1
|||: fz
Tork V.'.V.V.'.V.V! jo !b?i|j
I Philadelphia 13 28 >361
fomee^Soheduied Today.
I >'Other* not eoheduled.
ODD, ISN'T rrt
* WASHINGTON?Five hundred -wo?
a haeruanri a lone hathtnh ere In a Ml?
f nrtrea and aweethearta who w*h to he
E WW thea? Ou a woman, take a hath.
f ; '
V T a A
/ *
/ 2^5
To set a new world record for pacli
nares in 1917 and to take the san
acer in 1918 and make her the chai
lion trotting mare of the world is tl
.mhbitlon of S. Fletcher of Indiana
dis, owner of Miss Harris M. (2.01^
vho will not enter the mare in tl
rce-for-all stakes cn the Grand CI
:uit this year, hut will campaign h<
n exhibitions in an effort to break t
lacing records for mares.
nrnuonl i*c/tnrr1 fnn mnroo rtf tl
J UC piVtOGaab iVVUiu ivi w?. uw w. ?
ges is held by Darlel and was mat
in the Memphis track more than a de
ide ago, when Alta McDonald sent In
.round the turns behind a wlndshie
n 2:00 1-4. The record for a mile
he open for mares Is held jointly 1
,ady Maud C and Evelyn W,
iVcsleyan Nine Wins Splei
did Pitching Battle and
State Championship
Shriver, of Wesleyan, won a pitc
ng duel with June, of West Virgin
Jnlvereity, In a ten Inning contest i
lorgantown yesterday. In the teni
nntng Shriver got the best of Jul
nd thereby won the state champio
hip for Wesleyan.
At the end of the ninth inning eac
iltcber had struck out nine men, eu<
tad allowed one double and three si
ies and each had allowed one pus
lut in tne tenth inning Beck, of We
cyan, tapped a soft one to Ilodgers, i
bort, who muffed it permitting Bet
o reach first. Morrison then tappt
ine to first where Maderia took tl
ollection after which Dunn singlt
,nd Beck reached third. Dunn sto
econd and Shriver singled scorir
ioth runners. The score:
feeder, 2b 6 0 1 1 2
dlller, S8 5 0 1 2 3
Crick, lb 3 0 0 14 0
)anlel, m 4 0 0 1 0
/IcCiure, c 4 0 0 10 0
leek, rf 4 1 1 2 0
ibumaker, if 1 0 0 0 0
lorrison, it 2 0 0 0 0
)unn, 3b 3 1 2 0 3
ihriver, p 3 0 1 0 6
Totals 35 2 6 30 14
luffman. If 4 0 0 2 0
,attemer, m 4 0 1 1 1
lodgers, ss 4 0 1 2 0
Minn, 3b 4 0 1 1 2
;arden, 2b 4 0 0 X 1
todelra, lb 3 0 0 9 0
King 1 0 0 0 0
Mddler, c 3 0 0 8 4
Ihenoweth, rf .4 0 1 6 0
une, p ,3 0 1 0 8
Totals 84 0 4 30 11
Batted for Madeira in ninth.
3 iM It ?ir?etlT? In treitu
IM? M 1 nnwtnral dliebargt
KVll lM pnlnlou.non-poliono
Iw V W and will not atrlclm
Bollortiln ltotdij
'?re?l Poillt deilrnd?Prlcell, or8 botUei W
y~\T | T? TTW T
LJ# II A / I I |%||
H B m M W / I ^ I I '^1
?.. ~
2:00 1-2. ,
,g In converting Miss Morris M Into a
trotter for the 1918 season, she will
only be allowed to resume her original i
n" gait, as she was a trotter when first!
le trained. Her pacing records will not
p- effect her standing as a trotter and In j
1) 1918 she will go after the great trot- j
le ting stakes on flie Grand Circuit as
Ir ,t green trotter.
or i Miss Harris M's showing last year j
til I was sensational and it caused a sur-i
, prise in haniess racing circles when
ill | she was not entered in the free-for-all |
le ! class for this year's racing,
c-1 The mare set record for three heats !
er i in a ruue iu,si auuuuci wucn sue nuu <
Id ! the Board of Commerce stake at De-1
in trolt in 2:01 1.-4, 2:01 3-4 and 2:04 1-2,1
>y | In th3 first heat of this race Miss Har-j
in j ris'M got off rather badly and is said I
Wesleyan 000000000 2?2
West Virginia 0000000000?0
Two-base hits, June and Beck; sacrifice
hit, Kricl;; stolen bases, Dunn,
Rodgers, Flinu; left on bases, WesT
leyan 6, West Virginia 5; first base on
errors, Wesleyan 4; double play, Flinn
| to Madeira; struck out, by June 9, by
Shriver 10; bases on balls, off Shriver
1, off June 1; passed balls, McClure 2;
wild pitch, Shricver; time, two hours;
1- umpire, Beggs.
A Quiet Memorial Dav I
j,. Memorial Day was very, quiet ill
Worthington. The business houses
kept open all day. Several persons
it went to Fairmont to participate in tho
th proceedings there. Several others went
le to Enterprise to decorate the graves
n- of relatives and friends In the I. 0.
0. F. cemetery at that place.
:h Physician Changes Location
n- Dr. W. W. Orr who has been locals'
ed In Worthington has accepted the
s- position of company physician for the
at Four States Coal company at the new
dt plant at Downs and will be located at
sd that place after June 1. We are sori0
ry to.lose the doctor from Worthington
to and our best wishes for his success go
le with him to his new location.
Real Estate Changes Hands
Howard Shaver has sold his property
" near the Annabelle stop at the mouth
jj of Teverbaugh to Wesley R. Talking
l ?the home
0 Besides its popularity at drug i
0 restaurants, Bevo has found a. 1
a home. A family beverage?a gi
0 drink that goes perfectly with a1
0 As a suggestion for Sunday au
0 green peppers stuffed with
0 chopped nuts or olives, serve
0 French dressing. Cold meat.
1 Bevo for everyone. Abevera)
0 other soft drink. Pure, wholeso
- Bevo?the ?ll-yesr-'roi
4 Sold in bottlss only and bottl
. s ,
RD (
W^fKKBKk w
Bk * /.;&$?&
to have been timed separately in 2:00
(or the mile.
It would be a sensation in racing circlea
if the mare who won the rich
Board of Commerce stakes in record
time would come back two years later
and win the M. and M. trotting classic
in the same city.
There are several precedents for
changing Miss Harris M's gait, one of
the best known being The Abbe (2:04)
winner of the Chamber of Commerce
Btakes in 1310. Four years previously
as a three-year-old he had been campaigned
as a trotter and took a mark
of 2:10 1-2, a remarkable record for his
age at that time.
A natural trotter is converted into
a sidewheeler by weighing the inside
of the hoof. The natural gait is restored
by removing these weights.
ton. The price received was $1425.
Mrs. George K. Haworth was shopping
in Fairmont on Tuesday.
Mcsdames Arlie Barbe and garl
Bryan were visitors at Enterprise on
George W. Mlllan, of Carolina, was
a business visitor in Worthington on
Lawrence G. Sandy, of the First
National bank was a business visitor
in Fairmont on Tuesday.
James 1. Michaels was a business
visitor in Clarksburg on Tuesday afternoon.
Ellsha Brumage who has been seriously
ill for several days is reported
to bo considerably improved at this
Golden Rule for Telephone.
There Is no hope of teaching the elements
of courtesy to a telephone, but
the application of the Golden Rule by
those who have to use the dumb things
might soften some of their Irrepressible
and Irritating Idiosyncrasies.?Minneapolis
* . - - 1-aiJ ^v..w
SOT.n ?tt .
" II
; drink
stores, fountains and
welcome place in tha
nest offering?a table
II food.
ipper?Sweet rad or
cream oheeae and
<r1 nn ImHitrm 1mmvm
Toasted cracker*
je that tastes like do
me and nutritious
_ //i\ y&v.**6?*
l\if * *
1 i m. . t i 1
ionsoi. iearn iiosi
To Clarksburgers
The team from here, representing
he West Virginia Division of the Conolldation
Coal company, was defeatd
at Clarksburg yesterday by the
'larksburg nine In a listless and una
teres ting game, the score being 3-1
Trader, of the local crew, pitched a
ood game but wad not supported and
hree times Fairmont had the bases full
ut was unable to score.
The score? R. H.E.
"alrmont 000 010000?1 6 3
llarksburg 001200 00*?3 S 1
Batteries: Trader and Wright; John
on and Powell.
A Common Nuisance.
We cannot all own everything neceeiary
for our work, but we need not
>ecome a common nuisance by being a
:ommon borrower.
The 15
Is arranging for the
6/ Parkershurg, W.
a mil linn rlnllars u
employes, I humbly J
"WE kt
Now, in arranging f
versary? hawing a cl
including valuable b
half million dollars;
employes, I wish io 1
1 started this businei
of production and di
made clothes could b
than was charged by
Although I had impi
the.enterprise, I mu.
my fondest hopes.
In all these years of
obstacles to. overcomi
adopting names and,
tendency to deceive, <
the people, thereby
our reputation.
Many times have I b\
materials and workn
ing larger profits,
gaining the confidez
ation of conducting
responsible concern <
May 1 not be paraom
in establishing so gr
In appreciation of th
customers, which ha
announce a gift to th
Hoping to mertt the
patronage, I am.
Trm Jlwrm
jjU., Mllf; IV/ XVI. X XJ
' sMl A TDUE A boys NAME/*#
/\rw^r inn o l
111 U Ij h* VI
H K fl ' H . H ^^^1 I
Grouch Gulp*.
Women buy shoes for looks, men
for comfort and mileage,
Some glaciers move at the speed 01 a
an Inch In four months. Which isn't so v
bad for a glacier considering some of n
our street cars. v
A heavy war tax on all necessaries, [
including box-office men. f
th A nnv
7?e "Urn
e 14,%(19
opening of my first lit
Va., on June 14, 1902 w
>orth of nerve and ex\
beaded my first advertis.
or the celebration of o
lain of twenty large i
usiness real estate, ag?
with over three hundred
vpvcXL mat sai uiauvu?
3S on the theory that und
'stribution, high class
5 honestly produced at a
the old "Jour" tailor.
icit confidence in the
st con/ess 'that it has de
trials and tribulations
i but none as perplexing
trademarks so similar i
1 U I ^ I _ L _
ina, pea a ling uieir ant
throwing us into disre,
ten tempted, either to rt
lanship or charge extn
I have steadfastly res.
ice of the people and
the only real single p.
of its kind in America,
3d for feeling proud of i
and an institution?
e liberal patronage and
ve made my success pot
3m in celebration of this
continuation of your 'val
7 oars traiv. <
? ? , ? ? ^ m
v Wmm 1
rnirw Tpirrtt tn
r yT^rv '
~ " ",?'""
ff I
If the war puts a crimp on baseball
ext year, cant figure out whatduties fg
ertain large city mayors will hare
ince there won't be any opening day JS
r first ball pitched.
Vhere do they get that stufff "Wakl
p the west and middle west" About
me^for the east to roll over and get
Haven't read any movie press agsnt
tuff lately about movie stars offering
aeir services to Uncle Sam. He takes
to heart and la refusing nobody, |^H
Christening a Nation.
Anxious to enlarge the Umltfi voabnlary
of the children, * teeAer p
sked what name was given to 8MB 5
fho ate other human beings. *ls?v;'sj
gas" and "maneaters" were the sslg
cords most of them could give. At ength
the eagerness of a bright-eyed
toy Indicated that he thought he lad .
i better word. It was "Manchus r
'tea I
tie store in (he city
ith just $70C cash,
yerience and five * n
ur fifteenth armfstores,
and assets, ||
negating close to a
loyal and efficient
/ ^ -"J
'ermodern methodi '
individual tailor
i much lower price #1
ultimate success of
veloped far beyond
I have had many
f as that of pirates
to ours as to have a
ap wares cheating
pute and injuring
' U
xluce the quality of
i prices, thus reapisted
this, thereby
the enviable reput
rice, and the most
ny accomplishment
good -will of my old
tsible, I am about to ' f H
; anniversary.
ued confidence and
>' ' U ' 'tjiiZfnI
Presufatt . 1
Wills Ca jj
^8 I

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