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1 j Footwear
I Women
; -,l Oirls' all whits canvas Baby Doll
I pomps, constructed from a splenI
did quality o 1 white canvas, flI
bra soles, sizes 8% to 11, exI
Same style and qualRy as above
I White canvass pumps with a
, pleasing canvas covered French
P heel, sizes 2% to 7, exactly as
sketched above, aa rA
I Women's white canvas pump3
as sketched above, hand turned,
aft leather sole, Louis heel, in
p". $150
81 Women's wlfte canvas oxfords,
I prettily trimmed wkh white kid,
I. style 'exactly as pictured above,
I robber sole, low aa aa
, !. heel, sizes 2% \7 UU
J^priced at
C.' ; Misses white shoes In' button
only, constructed from an unusually
good quality ot white can?
ras, white enamel buttons, style
pictured above sizes aj gap
8% to 11, priced ^|B4w
?-Largeii sizes In the above miss g
es boo t^ from 11% jq
' i
y,;' ^
p A patriotic service will feature the
, regular evening service of the Presbyterian
Congregation at the Y. M. 0.
|X A Auditorium on Sunday evening, fonr
p ten minute addresses to take the place
Hut the regular sermon. The addresses
j will be made by County Agricultural
I Agent H. L. Smith, Attorney Kemble
-White and Hugh F. Smith, represent!.
jag the Liberty Bond propaganda, and
S a representative from the Red Cross
E, (Society who will tell of the work of
HP mganliatlon. Special music wlH
Kjfeature the services which will beR.
i ' - ? *
jjpThe annual meeting of the West
WWtttlnla Funeral Directors' assocla m
will be held this year on July 19,
HI and It at Morgan town. At a meet $?.#
the executive committee of the
Bwgnntsstlon and a local committee
StM yesterday at Morgantown a pro
Bjf-W' was arranged for the sessions
Ksd the program will be announced
H 1000
WASHINGTON, D. C., June 1.?
That Alexander Kerensky, Russia's
sianl NapoliMm and^lead her disorganized
fannies} to Victory under el dicta.
toralop\like{that which Bonapaijte created
ln\Fraaceill8 years ago, [is the
growing conviction of students Of Bussian
affairs la Washington who are
^ M.tnrg
Conviction thlt Kerens ky will be the
Russian Napoleon Is no fanciful surmise,
but the reasoned conclusion o?
scholars who belfove the development
of leaders is shaped by the Inescapable
current of great events.
They tela in Russia precisely the condition^
that existed in France following
the revolution And reason, its outcome
must be at least similar.
In 1799: the French directory, which
occupied a position ianalagous to the
Russian provisional government, had
lost the power which dt-once possessed
over the French people.
France was surrounded by enemies.
The French treasury had,run dry. Tho
army was starving and disorganized.
Like the Russian army it had thrown
off the old discipline and soldiers were
deserting by thousands.'
Peace agitation filled the air. Weary
with long struggle and feeling its independence
otae safely guarded by the
Rhine and the Alps, the nation! longed
for peace.
The directory knew peace would be
suicidal but was powerless to continue
aggressive warfare until as a last rcanr-t
Nnnnlnrvn wan nlaopd in rhftrfi-A
of the armies of France Just as Kerenshy
was last week named to-command
the armies of Russia.
So much for similarity of national
conditions. Let us look now at the
Like Kerensky, Napoleon had been
one of the most ardent of revolutionists
and strong; anti-monarchist.
A follower of Rousseau, his pro-republican
essays were written in the
same temper and with as great earn
cstness as the flrey speeches of Kerenf
ky in the duma.
When Napoleon took charge of tho
armies to save France he had no more
idea of becoming emperor than Keren,
sky has.
Kerensky's great speech announcing
re-e^abilshment of iron discipline in
the Russian army sounds almost like
an echo of Napoleon's speeches to the
French armies of 1799.
Even in features there is a marked
Expression Students
Will Give Recital
The Senior class of the department
of expression of the Fairmont State
Normal school under the direction of
Miss Beatrice Fitzwater head of the
department, will give a recital on Saturday
evening of this week at the
school auditorium. The Seniors are
Misses Estele Horner, Ruth Phillips
I and Pauline Talkington. The program
for the evening is as follows:
My Disreputable Friend, Mr. Raegan
Richard Harding Davis
Pauline Talkington
Editha's Burglar...
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Estle Horner
The Mistake?from Old Creole Days
Geo. W. Cable
Ruth Phillips
Monologue?'Unexpected Guests...
Magaret Cameron
Miss Talkington
Grandfather...James Whitcomb Riley
Miss Horner
Aux Itallens Owen Meredith
Mlss< Phillips
Pantpmlnes Original
"Actions \speak louder than words"
? Duonflrti*. Malroa "
a i - ? - ,
Scene?Living room of Doollttle
Doollttle Estle Horner
Maybelle, her\big sister. Ruth Phillips
Reginald St. Clair. .Paulino Talkington
(b) When the\?at's Away.
Scene?Mlss\van Drossler's room.
MisB Van Dressier Ruth Phillips
Suzanne her maid. Pauline Talkington
Nora, the cook Estle Horner
A Set of Turqouise
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Setting: Italy, the 17th Century.
The Count of Lara Ruth Phillips
Beatrice, his wife..Pauline Talkington
Miriam, her maid, disguised as a page
Estle Horner
Scene 1?A balcony overlooking a
garden. Night.
Scene 2?The garden. A montH later.
Scene 3?The balcony, the night following
scene 2.
Statute Poses. 1 Orlef; 2 Mischief;
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
resemblance between the two.
It 'Is true Kerensky lacks military
training, but today victofy retuilres organization
and consolidation oi entire
nations, not mere groups of soldiers.
This is a task for a statesman, not
for a soldier. It was Lloyd George,
not a member of the British military
stair, Who reorganized Great Britain
for victory. For this task the training
of Kerensky admirably fits him.
And above all Le has caught the imagination
and captured the confidence
of the Russian soldiers and peasants to
the same degree as the Little Corporal
held the French people and its army
enthralled by his courage and daring. '
Out of the volcanic upheaval of 1
ovorv revolution soma loader of over c
whelming greatness has appeared.
Is it not reasonable to expect that
the Russian revolution will ran triie
to form and develop Its Napoleon or it? 1
Cromwell, in the person of some such ?
genius as Kerensky, who today holds
in his hands the fate of Russia and per- 0
haps the fate of the entire world?
3 The Sentence; 4 The Regard; 5 t
Story Hour. I
The Star Spangled Banner ?
Sound the Tocsin [
Potato Bug's Here
Garden stuffs are shooting right up 1
out of the ground, the recent rains ?
having given growing the very impe- i
tus desired at this time. The floods 1
which followed the rains destroyed j
a few gardens along the river but the ?
damage was comparatively small and
it looks now like the wide planting in !!
this section of the country would be
richly rewarded. The Fairmont gardens
received much attention (ist J
evening, -the man or woman of every I
family so blessed being out with the
hoe. Kenna Palmer found the first
potato bug of the season yesterday
and incidentally it was on the finest
patch of potatoes in that part of Fairmont.
How She Was Cured. Had
Headaches, Dizzy Spells,
Awful Pains, Could i
... Not Work.
Pittsburgh, Pa.?"I am an orphan girl, h
and when only seventeen years old had g
n iimiiMtm irl 40 8UPP?rt niyself, r
luMflhlil hut 1 would have
such sick spells a
every month that I g
R^SJ would have to stay b
B1.1 at home from work,
and I could not af- ,
Pint ham' Vegetable
Compound bad helped her, bo I 11
began taking it The result is I am "
now in good health and never lose a day
from my work, and you may publish 41
my letter to show other Jgirla the ri
good Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable 11
Compound will do." ? Miss Marie {l
Schmeltz, 84 Gardner St, Troy Hill,
N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. a
This good old root and herb remedy d
has proved unequalled for periodical b
suffering of voung women; it contains It
what is needed to restoro healthful con- a;
ditions. yi
Write the Lydia E- Pinkham Medicine d
Co. (confidential), Lvnn, Mass., for free C
advice if you need it am B
> W26 wm GOOD
' 15^^ I
ybstebwjts (
m/tomobiwe pome ^
ajttvtstksd bv ~
sh*. awwcta, (a
iihiituu/n r nil it\
luiiiiii iiwn i mil i % *
]oal Operator Well Known
Here Has Sold His
TT 1
C. M,-Moderwell, a Chicago coal man
veil known In Fairmont who reprelenta
Illinois and InOfaha on the Naional
Commission an the control of
ioal and fuel, of which Francis S. Pealody
Is the head, has sold all his boldngs
and retired from the coal bustless.
He will hereafter be in a position
o devote all his time'to the'service
if the government in an effort to conrol
the present alarming Increase in
he price of coal at the mine' mouth.
Mr. Moderwull has been an extensive
operator In the Illinois fields. Reurnlng
to Chicago this week after a
onsultatfon with the national authorlies
Mr. Moderwell had Important conerences
in Chicago with United States
District Attorney Kline, of which local
:oal men have keen advised.
It is probable that there" will shorty
be a voluntary reduction in price of
:onl by mine owpcrs of Illinois and Inllana
to a point considerably below
be present figure of $2.75 a ton, which
las been the prevailing quotation at
uost mines.
Extremely powerful influences are
it work in Illinois and Indiana to cut
>if at least a portion of the war profits
md an early conference of coal mint*
where of those states is likely.
Goal mine owners out that way rathr
anticipate that the government will
iresently fix prices for their product
nd Mr Moderwell's action is taken to
rapkasizo that bejief. The coal ownrs
do "not object to government pricelxing
lit it is done in a way and by a
lody" which is not likely to keep in
octroi after the war.
Conservation of the dwindling supply
if timber in Payette county is receivhg
attention here. Even the cutting
if bepnholes, hitherto considered of
10 importance, has been placed under
he ban insofar as it may remove sapIngs
that would develop into pit timter.
In order to provide for mine ttmler
in future years 'he American Man;anese
company at Dunbar is planting
2,000 rapid growers on the Courtney
arm near here. It is estimated that
n 10 years the trees will be large
inough for mine props.
WHEELING, W. Va? June 1.?Maj.
3. A. Stuart, in charge of West Virrinia
army recruiting, announced tolay
that 450,meii had been enlisted durr.g
the month. Three hundred men
eft the state for training at Fort Benamin
Harrison, he announced.
Charleston leads this month with 150
nnnppAT MII
* mm day
'veryone Knows That Unless You Get
A Good Night's Rest It Is Impossible
to Put Across a Good Day?S. E.
Flowers Finds Kar-Nak a Valuable
Help In Getting the Much Needed
Read his very convincing statement:
lad tried numerous remedies in an
(tort to find relief but was unsuccessul
until 1 tried Kar-Nak. Had Butered
from stomach trouble and Indlestlon
for about 4 years and could
ardly eat anything without suffering
reat distress. Could get very.little
est at nights.
Have taken two bottles of Kar-Nak
nd have been entirely relieved. My
toinach trouble and indigestion have
een entirely relieved. Am able to
et a good night's reBt and get up feellg
fine. Can cheerfully recommend
Fairmont, W. Va.
Kar-Nak is a modern tonic for old
nd young.
ARE YOU nervous, weak, poor appeite,
poor circulation, bad liver, pains
i your back?
If you have any of these symptoms,
tke Kar-Nak and note the elegant
ssults that you will obtain. Kar-Nak
i good for children as well as old
Kar-Nak is sold on a positive guarntee
to produce good results or your
ollar will be handed back. Take a
ottle home today, and run no risk, it
; falls to relieve your case, return it
nd get your money. No matter what
ou have tried before, try Kar-Nak toay.
Get it at Mountain City Drug
o., opposite Court House, or the Hall
irug Co., Merchant street?Advt
fKwooibNT CAKE ?W0
. rM
poi'xvis to*** u*.
g r^VERY inch of materi
S I-' Wash Skirts, even tt
S> made.
? This means that when;
g your right size, one that i
^ ways remain the same,
g You can wash it in boilin
ffi and it will still hold its sh:
Prices $2.50 $3.00, $3.5
Also, many other white
| Priced a
Provost Marshal General E. H.
Crowder, at Washington, emphasizes
failure to register on June 5 for select
service makes a man between his
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known A8
Snake Oil
Will Limber You Up?A New Creation
Pain Killer and Antiseptic Combined
For rheumatism, neuralgia, lumbago,
stiff and swollen Joints, corns, bunions,
or whatever the pain may bo, it is
said to be without an equal. For
cuts, burns, bruises, sore throat,
croup, diphtheria and tonsilitis it has
been found most effective. Accept
no substitute. This great oil is golden
red color only. There is nothing
liek it. Every bottle guaranteed. 25c
and 50 cents, or money refunded by
leading druggists. Crane's drug store.
White Sapphire
Mounted in exclusive
mountings in white,
green, and English gold.
They make a lasting M
(Graduation gift. $3.00 |
to $12.00,
ij ObtIII 9 |
S f Vou D0NT6OT
J ww
Two aeu. vwti
COBCS.THEHb N*N6$?V" (\?
. i . ? IjftMfc: ' :/ ??& ?-;
JHK43I35:S "?"fl
4eH\ T^Jr ^avor ?*
,JkTj IVY5*'! ever;befc
fl/H fi |\ for sport
'II 1 G Aud th
I I 1 X Pocketboi
1/ I 4 rate
If'/ I you a fa
If / I ^ su13^ exI
ill JJ (, Si Sep
Ufjy $ We're:
I / (X 103 I meet you
\J/r I ^an evei
[ skirt tak<
al used in the making of '
le waist-band is thoroughly s
you buy a Nevrsrink" Wash S
its you perfectly, with absolut
"Nevrsrink" Guaranteed was
g water, wear it out in the rai
ape until it is worn out.
iO, $4.00, $4.50 $5.00, $6.50 an<
wash skirts, made of choice r
t 89c 1.25 1.50 i
twenty-first and thirty-first birthdays
liable to one year's imprisonment and
service after that.
Keep your bloo
wait until you
purities in the
all the organs,;
quicker. Do a
the best of all
Take it now;
Ask strength, health
Grandfather?* SW1FT s
He'll C C C U
TeB YonGenuine
The best possible values is our a!
is the assurance of being able to i
newest styles. Whether it be for i
you to .buy at Kline's Shoe Store.
Women's Low Shoes I
Several pairs of women's low
shoes, small sizes, regular $4.00
Women's White Boots
Built over belautiful lasts,
high or low heels, all sizes.
$2.50 to $4.50
Children's Hi and Low
White canvas patent or dull
leather, button or lace staled.
$1 to $3
mtUr Vfl
DOG / \ 1
?"Wf 1, , , r-AB
y^SwirEPi' C^Hb^J
? ?
J _T
?r Women?Where Feshlon Relgna
tor* Opens 8:00 A. M?
tore Clotee 8:00 P. M.
MADAM, you're right*.
lion is more strongly in ss I
the Separate Skirt than ^S
w the most popular guS K
wear on all occasions? &
street and dress. &i|il
is is good news for your ?
ok, madam. A few sepa-s
3 and a few waists give |
shionable wardrobe at a s
)ense. ' fit
rateSkiit$6.75to$18.50 i I
more completely ready to S
r separate skirt needs &
' before?and the wash
js a prominent part in the |
'Nevrsrink" Guaranteed i
hrunk before the skirt is |
kirt you can select one in |
e assurance that it will al- S
h skirts will not shrink, i
in, hang it out on the line, \
1 $7.50. | .
lew wash fabrics.
and 1.75 ^ .
"The fact that one Is not entitled I
to vote," says Crowder, "does not ex
cuse him from registration,"
Want To Be I
Dtig And Well
d pure; that's the only way. Dont I
feel badly, but begin NOW. Imblood
put unnecessary work upon
making weakness and old age coma
s Grandfather did; take S. S. S,
blood tonics, proven for 60 years. ,1
take it often, and you will have
and happiness. At your druggist's, H
fill Strengthen Yon
\ ?
lioe Values
lm at all times. Coupled with that
nake your selection from the very
oen, women or children it will pay
Men's Fine Shoes
All styles, and leathers, every
pair worth {1.00 to {2.00 a
pair more than we ask.
$2.50 to $6
Men's Work Shoes
A* good strong shoe with heavy
soles, black or tan, $3.25 value.
$2.45 '
Women's Low Shoes
White canvas, patent or dull'
leather, all sices.
$1.50 to $4
0Q 320 Mail
0^ Fairmont
' . .'I
1 1 fWT,"S 31
' . J?
? 3
fig "
iflfn , 11 \"*y^Ct^__ .

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