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r< 0H?F/; I ' - ' ?
\ A QmlHy N?wpapw *
r /demand of Mayor Bowen
j That He Enforce the
ifff um HUE
H Every Person Has Eight to
Proper Protection in
^B|fe An Important meeting of the Trades
l( Council web held yesterday for the
'(.^purpose of making arrangements for
) - the big Labor Day celebriatlon In
Hft'' -Fairmont. The following committee
-was appointed to complete plans: Mr.
B Brandon, Glass worker's Union, Mr.
^B:* Schully, Carpenter's Union; Mr. GarI
tow, Cigarmaker's Union; Mr. Findlay,
BB Painter's Union; Mr. Seifrlt, Musi'
clan's Union; Mr. Snider, Stage Em
ployee's Union; and Mr. Clemmens,
M4s> barber's Union. This committee wili
frk in Junction with a representative
in each local to meet Wednesday
ming to draw up the final arrangeoseph
Bewick gave a brief talk in
ich he urged the boosting of the unmovement,
as well as suggesting
i formation of a woman's auxiliary
assist the Trades Council. Mr.
indon read a letter from the Seciry
of the State Federation of La*,
J, L. Pauley, stating that all
ool books used in West Virginia
lid, in the future bear the Union ,
Bl. A number of booklets, contain-,
the names and addresses of mlancturing
firms, where union made
ds could be purchased were dlsilniate
the blot upon the city's
. discussion upon thb beating of
agent in Fairmont from the Frick
e Co. also took place. A vote of
iks was extended Ira Smith for
taction in the case, as well as a
Br of commendation being sent to j
. A resolution was drawn up and
jted. A"2opy of this was mailed
Mayor Bowen this morning. It
Is a,s follows:
i an open meeting of organized
kflrs in mimum" SOT "vicinity, repnting
over 5,000 laborers, held in
Willard Hall, Sunday Juno 10, (
I ' Whereas, we recognize that every
[i> .individual in the U. S. has the ConstiI
, tutional right to travel from one town
r to another without molestation.
Whereas, we recognize that every
[W - person, citizen or otherwise, has a
[ right to proper protection, so long as
[.'! they abide by the law.
' Whereas, an individual understood
' , ' to be an agent of the Frick Coke Co,
'(ume to Fairmont upon legitimate
i ulslneBS and was set upon by two
ruffians, whom we claim are a disgrace
to our fair city and beat up in
a frightful manner without and provocation.
Whereas, wo believe that snch actions
are a reflection upon the executive
lability of our Public^officials.
Therefore, be it Resolved, That we
the organized workers of Fairmont do
hereby register our undeniable protest
against these thuglsh methods of
treating peaceable people, and be it
Resolved, That we make our protest
to the Chief Executive Mayor Bowen
and demand him to immediately take
measures to stop this abomintation and
eliminated the blot upon th ecity's
reputation and give the peaceful citizens
and visitors, the protection they
have a right to expect in our liberty
loving country.
n Wm. H. Rogers, Pres. State Fed.
nt T.ahnr: J. H. Snider. Citizen; Jos.
Bewick, L. U. No. 49, ?. E. Clemens, i
L. U. No. 675, W. Find lay, L. U. No.
Q29, L. A. Patterson, L. U. No. 239, '
"IV. A. GarTow, L. U. No. 510,1. G. Sel
frit, L. U. No. 507, J. R. Phelps, L. U.
HI No. 428.
^H LONDON, June It ? The British
I made additional advance sooth of
Messines according to official stateH
meat issued by the War office today.
LONDON, June 11.?Gen. Pershing
and United States Ambassador Page
^H took luncheon with Kurg George and
Queen Mary at Buckingham palace to
day. The King has invited' the enlist
^H ed men in Gen. Pershing's party-to vie
I It the palace Tuesday.
City Hall Notes
I " ' _"L"
m I The Board of Affairs of the city of
H?jiirmont met in.aesaian.ihi8 morning
' end transacted naught butrontliKrmat
I ten. The ordinance which -was to
have been submitted today and which
I regards gpsoline tank?-on the.streets
J was not handed in. a
wife city commissioners, Qte-mayor, 4,
AVr clerk, city treasurer and all their
^assistants were busy Saturday-getting
I a compilation of the-naraes of the men r
I irfio registered here last Tuesday. The 2
^^ ^t was made np and turned oyer to (
TOe county clerk. t
loam I
' - ? ? " T i 7
(An i
SOME confusion has arisen rel
scribers for one $50 bond or <
at once, with the assurance o
delivery of an interim certificate at
It should be clearly understood
quirement The subscriber for on
avail himself of this privilege of fu
upon application and the balance
18 per cent on June 28, 20 per c
gust 15 and 30 per cent on Augus
The subscriber, therefore for a
assured certainty of obtaining a bo
or the payment in the stated installc
will have to await the allotment \
may not obtain the full amount of I
Any bank or trust company am
scription on these terms.
In encouraging the people ot A
Liberty Loan bonds are going to ]
national life. The small denomim
practical for the ordinary wage ea
of a few months, and the banks ol
vide for the purchase of these boi
By devoting each week or eac
Loan bond such little sums of reai
for useless things one can not onl
the very best securities in the histo
time feel that a patriotic duty has
Of course the ultimate result of
ica, but what the effects of the wai
people is unknown. When such
dence demands that contingencies I
is a time to be provided for. No
invested in a Liberty Loan bond rr
And your savings not only will
stantly bringing in interest?an i
and absolutely certain.
There are other possibilities?t
ties?and one is that the Liberty
money now in active industrial use
bring a handsome premium.
The Liberty Loan bonds offer
ments, absolutely safe security, a
probable handsome profit.
1 ? viaii
Stuff Found Had Beei
Thrown Away by the
Federal Mine.
Sam Hoffman last spring was paii
o haul away Borne dynamite?no, i
vas not dynamite, but blasting puvf
Icr that Federal mine couldn't us<
md bad to have it hauled it way. San
uuitd It from the mine i.-> varlna
Icsolated spots along the Baltiwor
mo Ohio between Federal and Fat:
mont. Some gumshoe black muf
:asche was carrying his magnifyiui
?lass along that section lately am
lappened. to see what seemed to u
lynamite! and along the Baltimore am
Jhio?zowie?they were going to blov
:he railroad off the map and resor
;o the use of tanks but their plan
vould be frustrated.
Gyp the Sherlock immediacy go
n touch with the Prosecuting A'.to;
ley's offlco here, sought out from ur
ier a railroad tie a Baltimore and 01)ii
letective and then compiled a lis
)f all Germans having trod that wa:
vithln the past 81 years. Putuig rwi
ind six together they solved tho prob
cm. It was war time, the budge
vould be blown up, tho mine3 furnish
ug coal, to the Spaniards w.ur.il b'
wrecked, the town of Fairmon1. wa
going to he sent skyward in ordc
;o teach the youth of the city haw ti
'i,ht in case they joined the avis
.ion corps.
When all this was printed official
fiom Federal mine hurried to th<
Prosecuting Attorney's office, exp'.a'i
so that the powder would only explodi
: some one built a nitro-glycerlne bo:
iround it and then of course the cop1
lulled the rains on their spy hounus
s * ^
tat of the .Travelers' Protective as
ocferfJon, at their annual conventloi
a Savannah, Ga.
Mra-OKatMa Mlehsnx,?f Point Ma
fou. Pa, whO' had been, the guest ol
uer danghtsr, Mrs. E. Stassart, or
Jostomavenne, retnraed to her home
Virginian Contro
& I Wls
WWV: vrv ^
' Northern i
ative to the privilege granted to aubme
$100 bond to pay the full amount
f an immediate allotment in fall and
the earliest possible moment
that this is a privilege and not a to*
Un/l m> ma ilOd hnnrl mav
w yyv uvuu wi wuw w w??_ ?
II payment, or he may pay 2 per cent
as provided for other bonds; that is,
*nt on July 30, 30 per cent on Aut
$30 bond or a $100 bond has die
nd either by the cash payment in full
nents. Subscribers for larger amounts
vhen all the subscriptions are in ?nd
sonds subscribed for. v
J Hartley's store will take your subjnerica
to save it is believed that the
perform an important function in our
ition of some of the bonds renders it
mer to purchase one with the savings
? the country have undertaken to proids
in small weekly or monthly payh
month to the purchase of Liberty
Jy money as are often frittered away
y acquire property that ranks among
ry of the world, but can at the same
been performed and a habit of saving
this war will be a victory for Amerwill
be upon America and American
an unknown future confronts us pruDe
provided for. An uncertain future
one knows how great a help savings
lay be a few years hence,
be absolutely secure but will be conncome
absolutely free from taxation
hey might better be called probabiliLoan
bonds, when peace comes and
will be seeking quiet investment, may
every incentive to saving?easy payservice
done to the country, and a
! MiIUqw TM^/toooUv IT! villain*
I I XUlIlbCl J Xivwoomj )
Government at Rome
in Dispatch.
i (By Associated Press)
t WASHINGTON, June 11. ?Occupa
- tlor. of Janina In northwest Greeci
a near the Albanian frontier by Italiai
3 troops was a "military necessity," ac
0 cording to official dispatches receive)
.. here from the Italian government.
i. The occupation was necessitated
g the dispatches say, to guarantee thi
.1 stability of conditions in the occupiei
3 territory of Albania and to establisl
1 shorter and safer route for Italiai
v transports and supply ships across thi
t Adriatic.
s "It has become necessary for Italy ti
poBEess entire freedom of military ac
t tion in this territory, largely becausi
of the conflicting aims In Greece of thi
' government of the Vonlzelos and Kin)
Conf.tantine," the dispatch says.
1 "The continuous strife between thesi
I' opposing forces has so fatigued thi
3 people of Epirus that they gladly wel
" come any chango which will result ii
3 eliminating former uncertainties am
assure them a period of peace am
? tranquility such as has been enjoyei
' by people of Southern Albania sinci
occupation of the country by Italiai
: UtliUKAIt liHAVtS
' Two Memorial Addresses
Were Made in First Ward
The East Side ot the city was thi
scene ot several memorial celebra
tlons yesterday when various lodgei
visited Maple Grove cemetery and dec
orated the graves of departed mem
bers after listening to addresses de
Uvered to them.
Dr. Clarence D. MitcheH, pastor o:
ffcea I**Antral nhriaHaii *hnrf?Yi ripltrftr
ed an address in the afternoon at the
Diamond street M. EL church to thi
fallowing organizations: Mariot
Lodge No. 27 Knigljts 'of Pythias
Setting Snn Tribe No. 16 Improved
Order of Bed Men and council No. 6
Degree of Pocahontas.
This service was held at two o'clocl
and lmmedately afterward , commit
tees visited Maple Grove and othei
cemeteries and decorated the gravel
of members of the organizations.
Palptine Lodge No. 84 L 0. O. F
. met at their hail and marched In t
i body to Maple Grove cemetery where
they listened to an address delivered
by Rev. W. D. Reed of the Diamond
- street M. H. dmrch after which the
r graves of the deceased members were
i strewn with flowers. Tnere was <
i large turnout of the lodge member!
atthw service.
Is Its Own Policy
Letter to Senator Contains
Matter From Confidential
Head of Navy Declares Man
Who Made Them Should
be Found.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, June 11?Either s
spy or a traitor has been divulging
confidential information of the bureat
- " 1 O >
ul oruiinuves aouiciai; uauioio luu
the Senate naval affairs committee to
When the committee today resnm
ed investigation of the Mongol!:
shell incident Senator Prelinghuyser
produced some letters which Secre
tary Daniels said contained informs
tion which only could have been ob
taincd from the confidential files oi
the ordnance bureau. He asked t<
have them turned over to the secrei
Senator Frelinghuysen said he hat
no desire to shield any one, that h?
had atempted to find out somethin;
.about the author and could not.
Secretary Daniels said it was ab
solutely necessary to run down the
traitor or spies in navy department
and that persons who furnish the in
formation was one or the other. H:
urged the committee to uncover the
" author of the letter and make him dis
close everything. Mr. Daniels contend
ed that charges of incompetency were
mrade in the letter against inspectore
and contained grave reflection on the
. basic defense of the country.
One of the letters was postmarked
' Detroit, Mich.
3 Conditions in Macedona Arc
i Assuming Important
The wiping out of the German sa9
llenl at Messines npepars in the light
1 of later developments to be merely the
1 prelude to a projected battle of a fat
J mightier description. After a German
9 reaction of a surprising feeble character
the British have resumed trench
5 raids over a front reaching lrom nojth
of Ypres to as far south as Epeby, a
9 district of about 7" miles as the crow
9 flies but far more than that along the
? Lortuous windings of ihe battle front
The official announcement from
9 north of Ypres is of special interest in
9 view of the recent frequently reported
heavy artillery fire on the Belgian
JI front Some weeks ago the Germans
j | made a voluntary retirement from in
! front of the Belgian line, a fact little
1 noted at the time in the pressure of
9 greater events. From Ypres, the allied
1 fronts curves sharply to the sea and
an advance here would threaten the
German hold on tlijeir great submarine
bases on the Belgian coast, Ostend and
In the meantime there are indications
that General Sarrail is preparing
to resume the ofenslve in Macedonia,
I the Bulgarian official announcement
I reporting a great increase in the vio|
lenco of the allied artillery fire on this
front. Conslderabto fighting has been
going on in Macedonia for a month or
more bat the meagreness of the otfl3
cial reports and surpassing interests in
the advance in Franve have combined
to obscure the situation.
Another gleam of light has pierced
the darfc cloud hanging over Russia.
The Cossacks have again voiced their
s determination to support the provisional
government and there are lndi
3 catlcnB they will receive strong backing
from peasants This cheering news
comes on the heeis of the publication
. of President WJlsor's message to Russia,
which is hailed by the British press
[ as not only a great state document but
. powerful reinforcement to the men who
3 are striving for law and order in the
, infant republic.
L Berlin's official bulletins today
points further to '.he probability that
1 the British are preparing for new at,
tacks on the Belgian front. A considerable
Increase hi artillery activity is
c reported there, notably In the sector of
. the Dunnes near the coast in the vK
f cinlty of Nieuport and east of Tpres
j where the recent Biltlsh advance was
carried out. In this last sector, indeed
. General Plummer's troops made anew
i local thrust last n'.gbt and advanced a
i line slightly south of Measures.
I On the French front, the artillery
1 on both sides has displayed somewhat
? unusual activity north of the Somme,
i and in the region *i Cerny along the
t Cbemin-des-DameSfOn the Aisne front.
) A German -attempt- to carry oat a surprise
attack near - Cernywaacatepped,
All the Time. It Is
rSrJvm W^W
paper <^7
ENING, JUNE 11,1917. 1
Ann Twist Can IJ
" " II
Supply an Army ((
ThatlsonPaper li
?" If
Mh? Blanch TcUnaM, Th? West Vir- II
I ginlan's expert stenographer, threw us ||
a salute as we passed.
"I'm mobilized, boss!" said She.
"Whadday&mean, mobilized?" said
I we cleverly. J)j
"Pipe this row of ands," said she.
&&&&&&&&& '
We piped.
"Now look!" said Miss TchlnskI,
"look carefully. I strike a row of oh's, r|
now, thusly." ; r|
"Yes-yesss, go on!" we gasped. Si'
"And now I drop the paper a bit and
make a row of period."
"Now listen, young lady, said we;
t "I am entirely too busy to be kidded; ?
; if you are desirious of displaying your re6
i stenographic skill you can try it on
1 the sporting editor, and " "Ul
"And then," said she, "I add a row wh
of diagonal dashes, just like this:" ! net
: UMU&& E
"Uuh-huh!" said we. wa
"Next 1 slide the paper up a trifle pre
lland stammer a bunch of W's, after h
) | which " ,
J mmm ?
1 wwwwwwwf
, "I am beginning to believe there is pic
1 something in your head," said we. nol
, "Some double quotes at the bottom. j abt
for feet, complete the regiment," said I'll
she. 1
"What do you call 'em?" thi
"You can name 'em after any type- hm
writer company that advertises." pe(
** ' gru
All Factions in thi
i, Irish Convention $
(By Associated Press) lij
T A\.r?A\T T.,?? 11
UUilU XX. Iiuuu llCUIUUUUi
nationalist leader, will be invited to
I nominate five members of the Irish
! convention. Premier Lloyd George announced
in House of Commons today. 1
Sir John Lonsdale will be invited also soi
to nominate five members the premier inj
added and William O'Brien two mem- exl
bers. clo
There would be 10 Irish representa- noi
tive peers, five members of-Irish un- sul
i ipnist alliance, five Sinn Feiners and nai
, 15 members nominated by the govern a s
ment. its
The premier said the government am
would prefer that convention nomin- am
ale its own chairman but was prepared Mr
to nominate a chairman and submit ter
' his name to the king. Mrs. Lloyd ivc
George said Irish convention would bal
be composed of 101 representatives. j
Beautiful Residence Section
to be Constructed on
Speedway. * dei
Twenty-seven, modern, well planned
and attractive dwelling bouses are to on
be built on the Speedway near the J
Owens Bottlfc plant by the Greater Fair- ""j1
mor.t Investment company. The plans
have all been completed, the contract
let and the work will be begun within %
a short time by Contractor A. 0. Evans. rtpr
There will be sixteen four room th)~
buildings two Btories in height, seven Jet
five room buildings, also two stories In an(i
height and In addition to these there gb|
will be four One story buildings. Each j0j
house will contain a large living room,
dining room, kitchen, ,-mc or two bed t\
rooms and bath. The basements of all JJI
of the buildings are large and roomy
and will be equipped with tubs and all
modern machinery for home laundries.
The buildings will be finished artis- .
tieally with hard wood floors, cabinet ,, J
mantels and attractive lighting fixtures gh
and will not only be finished In a manner
to please the eye of the most artls- cee
tic and fastidious June bride who de- teri
mands that her nest be beautiful, but Go,
will also be equipped to satisfy the 80n
most practical housekeeper. There ter
will be modern gas ranges, water heat- j,
ere, complete laundry equipment, am- "op
pie closetB In each room and every con- ere
venience which the housewife could ten
desire. to
Trees wfll be planted about the mis
buildings, which are to he situatedjjn
the hillside In an Ideal location. Tie
creation of an attractive and beautiful I
littleresldeneeseettoo is (be aim of the sad
builders. The prices at which these bee
Tjtrildlngs will be solo has cot yet been She
.(announced. , left
t a Real Newspaper
j Prot
in iniu
ick Carter, Arrested in
Kansas, Charged with the
)ringfield, Mo., Home of
Baby's Parents Put in
Hectic Sunday.
(By Associated Press)
3PRINGFIELL. Mo., June 11.?As a
ult of the Investigation of the ab-;
:tion and murder of baby Lloyd Keel!
ose body was found in an old well I
ir Springfield Saturday, a charge'
first degree murder was preferred
a justice's court here Saturday night
t'.nst Dick Carter, of Soringfield, it
s said today, by Paul O'Day, county
isecutor. Caiter was said to have
in arrested at Hutchinson, Kansas.
Renditions in this city were practtly
normal today alter 36 hours 01
ense excitement due to the finding
the body and the announced Inten
n of the populace to take the lives "
six prisoners, one a woman, held in
mection with various abduction
ts unearthed here. The prisoners, ]
t connected officially by the author!s
with the kidnaping and death of i
! Kept child, sen of J. H. Keet, bankthat
had so aroused the populace,
my were thought tc be safe in jails
other counties, four, Mr. and Mrs.
ytcr Adams, Maxie Adams and Sam
Ginnis, at Stockton and the wherenits
of the remaining two- Claude 1
rsol and Cletus Adams, unknown.
The funeral of the boy was set for
s afternoon irom ihe Keet family
lie and thousands of people were exited
to follow the little body to the
fosterday a mob took Plersol from
i sheriff and threatened to lynch
a. but there were doubts about his i
ilt and he was returned to justody
? ?
loldburst Sweeps
Lower Monon Valley
'lTTSBURGH, Jr.nc 11?Two peris
are missing, nearly a score were
ured and property damaged to the
ant of'thousands of dollars by a
uflburst late yesterday in the Moagahela
valley near Braddock, a
>urb. More than 30 persons had
row escaps from drowning when
mall creek in the valley overflowed
banks. Mrs. Anne Ivon, aged 32.
1 Mary Buzo, aged 9, are missing
1 believed to have been drowned. ,
s. Ivon and her one-year-old daugb- i
were swept from the porch of the ]
in home by the rush of water. The
)y was rescued, bur may die. i
Jamage to property and gardens was
tsiderable in McKeesport Duquesne, I
meville and East Pittsburgh, all surhs.
A landslide on the tracks of
i Pennsylvania railroad near Du-!
ssne delayed all traffic for several
trs. Many of the principal streets
McKeesport were made impassable
is. Lott's Body to
Arrive in Morning
"he body of Mrs. Fred B. Lott whose
ith occurred on Saturday at her
ne In Philadelphia, will arrive here
the morning and will be taken to
i home of Mrs. Frances E. Nichols
Fairmont avenue.
romorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
ef funeral services will be conductfrom
the residence and interment
1 be made in Woodlawn cemetery
Undertaker R. C. Jones.
>aul and Robert Lott, sons of the
leased, will accompany the body to
s city. Miss Minnie B. Lott, of
ikins, Ky., arrived here yesterday
1 will remain until after the funeral,
g is a guest at the home of Mrs.
in Gordon Smyth.
scision Important
For Organized Labor
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, June 11.?Injunci
against labor unions under the
irman anti-trust law, the Supremo t
rt decided today in dismissing pro- 1
rifnern RffftinRt Wprar Vnrlr Cnrnpn- c
f union, can be secured only by the |
rernment and not by private per- .
b. Justices McKenna, Vandeven- ,
and Brandels dissented,
a junction proceedings brought by 1
en shop" wood work manufactur- '
to restrain the I^ew York Carpen- i
?' union and others from refusing =
work on their products were dls- 1
sed by the court
pONDON, June II.?The American
Ing vessel, Magnna Manson, has
n sunk by a Germoj. submarine.
) was sent down after the crew had
. her. * _
and Prints ALL \
'm '
ililsi 1
tiTnii/rnn niTTirMJ
ainuum DM lit, a
11 BIB I
Emergency Men Fired when ?
Strikers Pelted Them f i
With Stones. I
Trouble Occurred at Hand*
kerchief Factory in
(By Associated Press) |
SOUTH RIVKJl, N. J., Jure Hi?T1K ,:>g|
strikers were killed and ten vooaM !
in a fight between id'o employee .of
the Hermann Aukam Handkerchief fifr
lory and guards protecting strike y,
breakers brought here today. ' '''
The guards are alleged to have fired ; r|j
into a crowd of several .iundred etrflters
after the iaitor had attacked theriSjS
with stones an 1 bottles
Strikers selzid the body of a man
killed and refused to surronder it to |
Members of South River heme
guards, organized as a war emergency,;
force were called out armed and directed
to prevent further trouble. .
The men kllle dor wounded were tor- 3
refuge In the factor}- wi-l'h In half an
hour after was surrounded l-y an arsry \\wlj
Pour of the wounded were removed
to a New Burhswick hospital, one may 1
die. County sherik on his arrival /%*
ordered several guards arrested and
taken to the Now Brunswick Jail.
IHimM 1
Great British Editor Is Not |
in Diplomatic Ser- Jm
_ \
(By Associated rrew)
cliffe on an errand to America to eo- -.la
ordinate British activities here as a i |
commercial representative of the Brit- ,
ish government arrived in the United
stales today on an American steam?
er. As virtual head of the British
war mission in this conntry Lord
Northcllffe, owner of the London
rimes and other English newspapers, ' <
comes, it is understood, not as a dip- r
lomatic representative but to work v
ilong industrial and economic lines '
n the furtherence of his Government's-;,r;';|
interests in America.
In this connection he Is expected to
cooperate with Captain Andre ffittjjgH
dieu, French high commissioner ia
HT/iwrt IVTnn 13 no mi cxA
From Mine at Butte||9
(By Associated Press) *'I1S
BUTTE, Mon., June ll.1?The reseat
if 25 men yesterday who were thought ||h^H
to be among the dead in the Specula- Jaj
tors' shaft of the North Butte Minfwg
company where more than 200 were' :m
entombed Saturday, gave rise to renewed
hope today that some of the -82 ||h|^H
men still believed in the mine would
ne taken out alive.
The latest figures made public by
the Coroner for 63 known dead, The I
total dead the coroner said Is 146.
There are still thought to be 82 mea
In the mine. '
M ? '
Sanderson & Porter MB
(By Associated Press) -'^fa
for the construction of 16 wooden ships 3
vere let today by Major General Geo. \
iV. Goethals, general manager of the 'j
ibipplng boara emergency fleet eoriora
lion. Ten went to Sanderson knd g
'oner and six to the Maryland Ship. ; >
}uilding company of Baltimore.
Husky Is the name by which' EngMt
lettlers along the Labrador coast lapg
mew the Eskimos who live there or |
ipend tlie greater part of the jeer . ;'
here fishing and catching seal The
tame has been transferred from
!o the dog and today It Is the comnW&iB
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white and the red men or the tar |
Northland. ^ISmI
Important Announcement
Concerning newspaper distribo- j,
tion In Fairmont, see our ad en |J
Page 10 for particulars,
A. G. Martin & Co.
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