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BWASHINGTON, D. C., June 12.?
HBUaa Woodysrd arrived here yeeterI
day morning from bis borne st SpenI
oar and reported under orders at the
HStilaMet?fc*?*a.m?lirniMl tn rlntir
^yggjim uimgrnrwHuwwpwwp
ij He is a ion of Congreiiman Harry c.
Toodyard, and has boon comnliilonM
ed a flrit lieutenant in the army, and
rahas been temporarily assigned to the
H small arms department of the ordnwiance
department, where be will serve
gghls vovitiate. What assignments may
SHotae later, he, of course, doesn't know.
reVBut Ms commission is such that he
limay; be sent to any station his superSpars
may designate, at home or abroad.
It is to be said to the credit and
R#$atrlotlsm of Lientenant Woodyard
[ that he is not obligated to his influI
"ential father in any way for his comp
mission, and the elder Woodyard is
as proud, if not mors so, of that fact
f'l SS hie son Is. It was a step which,
| It may be said, that the young man
f .took on his own initiative, and successfully
worked it out without finding
gp|F-necessary to bother his paternal
l&garent with it And his commission
^ - " .
11b the culmination or several munuis
a of hard, keen work upon his part, In
<'& which his own knowledge of the workings
of the governmental machinery,
and his acquaintance with a number of
amy officials, gained from long resi%
dence here, worked to bring about his
|f-atBbltlon to do his bit.
fe* CoL W. C. Langfltt, who Is organlzK
. lng one of the nine regiments of army
^/engineers to be sent as soon as they
can be to France, is a native of West
I? .'.Virginian, his paternal home being in
the vicinity of Wellsburg, W. Va. He
Is an engineer of recognized and proven
ability, and holds a high place In
the esteem of officials In that lmport\
ant branch of the service.
. When Secretary of War Baker told
, a visiting West Virginia delegation
that there are to be two camps for
' the Ohio and West Virginia rookies,
.! he not only told them something new,
Pj - but It was news for everybody. It
./" served to revive a hope In the hearts
Of the West Virginia boosters for a
% camp site In their state, which the of'
tidal announcement of the designa:
tion of ChllUcothe, 0., had all bnt
killed off. Now they think West Vfrj
ginia has. a chance, and a good one;
and the Martlnsburg contingent firmly
they believe that they have the Inside
track, because they just as plainly
believe that the Secretary of War,
who was born and grew up In that
town, favors the location of the camp
J there. The hope that the other West '
- Virginians have, those who am for
other sites as against Martlnsburg, is
that Martinshnrg will not bo rocom'
mended hy the army officers. It isn't
a very strong hope, since they know
how Secretary1. Baker feels toward
rMartlnsburg, but it is a hope, just
the same. And pending the final decision
that, they consider, is vorth
:. something In a spirited contest such
, . as has been on between a dozen or
more places In West Virginia for this
fnpposed boon of being chosen as a
cantonment site. The statement of the
|p; ' Secretary, too, tnawif^ouTcRBnF
I4;: MBteie with tie-report of the army of-nor-seek
to change their recommendatkms,
should his native town
S^V* 1?-iwt favored by them, was still another
heartening factor to the repreSgl'v
'fratattrerof Parkersburg, Charleston,
"gmrtlngton, Elkins, Clarksburg, Pairmoot,
Manirlngton and other likely
t competing mnnlcipalities.
jK The-visltlng'delegation was to boost
Tflsot Virginia, and not to ping for
ear particular proposed site. Governor*Ccnrwell
- spoke for the state. So
!' dkWrfhsrs.lmt.eactuof them had aprefareuce,
which, according to prear;K$.:
nagemant, he-did not state. The home
f "ttmnsofcjlenator Sutherland, Roprejg
j seotatlve lowers, Neely, Reed and
t jUtQepagesare - candidates. Home ties
wre. quite naturally, regarded as
kStrong^tles. Hut some* of the repre-aautatlwas'hase-moro^han
iir-?fhelr district, and Senator
Eij;,;JBofhorlandt-iBpresents' the*state. The
1 I ! - Men's. $1.50 Pa- 1 f ft
i|: | vjamas, Coupon (V)
M? , Come In all sizes for men, made
{ from good quality of soft finish per
J?!-:';' eale in solid shades only?cream,
i hello and blue?coUarless, pocket,
Bp :o 4 silk frogs to coat; pants have
J/.. draw strings In the'back.
nffifi; 29c Gingham Apronsflft.
|M| with Coupon (V) .. ?*v
Band aprons, 33 lndhes long, finished,
check gingham material bine
and white and black land white
V;. checks, one pocket, long hemmed
Bp.-.; strings, full yard wide,
E US mi y?p?TT|\r 'IMJJf* inijiuiMuui
|&| Men's 25c Host Sup-47|h|
porters, coupon (V) J iv
M Men's regular 25c Brighton garters,
pt . moire pad cloth, Interlining nick^
?- am ?Vtu,.
IT fliou DnieB UlUUgB, 1UUM1 LUBU1UU
loops, rubber poit buttons, % Inch
elastic at long stretch quality leg
(Main Floor)
$1 Summer Portiers 75
with coupon (V) ...""0
Summer Poitiers or curtains, Dnteh
j style, cross stripe, ecru ground with
stripes of dark green, blue, old rose
and brown, size of each curtain
22x76 Inches, ball fringe, heeded
for rod.
(Main Floor)
/I^ INfciVf m ||
y QHAum mooKtmim| If
iltaatlon has called forth all the reKrarces
of congressional finesse, tact
md diplomacy. The limelight, so
ivldly songht usually, has been stadl)usly
shunned. A situation has bten
iresented here which has served aaa
most effective wit-sharpener. Lealt
jothered of all It Congressman EoV
ward Cooper. Bluefleld some time
ago threw up the sponge, which left
him free to throw the weight of his
Influence to a candidate nearest to
his district Woodyard has Parkers
burg and Honungioa un u<uiu, ?iu
Neely, Fairmont and Mannlngton, both
red-hot contenders. In addition to
his own home town, Congressman Bowers
has Elklns' persistent and meritorous
claims to reflect upon. Heed and
Llttlepage thank the gods that they
have but one ambitious community
each to serve in this matter. The en
tire delegation will heave up great
sighs of relief when the fatal decree
settling this contention la handed
down by the War department, and will
rejoice the farther behind them the
ticklish affair Is put by passing time.
Until then, they will never be quite
happy again.
Congressman Stuart F. Reed has
recommended the following named persons
for commissions in the officers'
reserve corps:
Bernard L. Brannon, of Glenvllle.
John T. Arnett, of Addison, who Is
at present serving in the West Virginia
National guard.
J. D. Jones, of Qlenvllle.
t mj
reunions nave ueou yi womcu w iuo
House by Mr. Reed. Petition signed
by numerous members of the Presbyterian
church at Lost Creek, W. Va?
favoring nation-wide prohibition as a
war measure to conserve cereals.
By Mr. Woodyard.?A petitioning letter
from P. 8. Tarbox, of St. Marys,
and a petition from the First Presbyterian
church and Sunday school, favoring
nation-wide prohibition as a war
measure to conserve cereals.
Pension business?Bills introduced
to grant an Increased pension to Andrew
J. Jones, by Congressman Littlepage;
a bill to the same puport in
behalf of Margaret B. Kinney, and a
bill for the relief of Thos. W. Wade,
both of Congressman Neely.
An application for a pension, naming
J. P. Sheperd, of Elizabeth, as
guardian of Elolse Copen, minor child
of Geo. W. Copen, was filed with the
Pension commission by Congressman
? With the same official, Senator
Sutherland filed documents in support
of the pending claims of Rosa Ann
Whltehair, of Lost Creek, and Lena
Cleavenger, of Huntington.
Postmasters have been appointed:
ames E. Garten at Backus, Fayette
county, succeeding N. E. Garwood, resigned;
CbarleB M. Elsmon at Minmora,
Calhoun county, to take the
place made vacant by the resignation
of 0. H. Groves; Charles Gore at
Mount Gay, Logan county, succeeding
L. H. Thompson, resigned; Morgan
W. Lemasters at Wonnanj Wetze
county, a new office; William M.
Bruce, Jr., at Forst Branch, vice E. D.
Wells, resigned; Francis M. Junkln,
Kyle, McDowell county, in the place
of A. L. Moses, resigned; and Miss
Mabel M. Hunt at Mattie, Roane county.
Ward Schoonover at Montrose
and Linda Fetty at Valley have been
designated acting postmasters. Commissions
have been sent to CharleB A.
Bolt as postmaster at Needmore, and
William F. Roberts at Nobe.
A new rural mote starting from
Sherman, Jackson county, to be numbered
2, is to be put In operation
August L 1917, Information of the
Issuance of such an order having beet}
forwarded to Congressman Woodyard,
-who had the project In charge for
people who Trill he served witn man
JbhnJBassen, .cfWestoii, a ^member
18cPIHow Cases witliO JJ^
' Conpon <Y> 2 for ...
Size 42x36 Inches, evenly bleached,
made from good quality of soft finished
bleached muslin, neatly made,
' exceptional values.
(Main Floor)
If This I
18 Wanted
50c Boys' Blue StripcQQ*
Overals, Coupon (V)WwU
Boys' -good weight blue with white
pencil stripe denim overalls in
sizes-fram 3 to 14 years, bib, reinforced-seams
(Second Floor (
It lin't too late to try cooperative
gardening now If you are among those
who have no back-yard and can't find
A vacant lot handy. Get several of
your friends, rent or borrow some vacanc
land near the city and get to work
at once.
Saturday afternoons, an hour or so
evenings and parts of Sunday can be
n til lied. Every member of the garden
clnb should do his share, the boss gardener
keeping track of the number of
hours each man puts in, and after ihe
expenses have been paid, the produce
harvested In the fall for storage is divided
accorlng to time put in.
wwviA*. - t smnian
w nil a mrgo wvjioiauio
which can be plowed all at once, and
cultivated with a one-hone or wheel n
plow a garden club can grow many
bushels of beans and potatoes, not to 0
mention smaller crops. 8I
And don't forget that beans and po- o
tatoes are going to be In great demand tl
of the West Virginia House of Dele- #
gates, Is here from his home at Wes- I
ton, Mr. Bassell attracted more than
local attention In West Virginia by run- ?
riing on a platform to repudiate the
Virginia debt Judgment and thereby
getting himself elected. For the same
reason, West Virginians in the Capital
have been interested in making
his acquaintance. They find him a
very agreeable person with independent
and unhackneyed .opinions on men 1
and event which are are outspoken.
Mrs. Cornwell, who had been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Ailes, accompanied
Governor Cornwell back to
Charleston at the close of the U. C.
V. reunion.
A Delightful Entertainment. s
The Children's Day entertainmont a
by the Sunday school of the Christian f,
church on Sunday evening was very
interesting. The program consisted of h
' ocal music, recitations, dialogues, r(
drills, etc. Notwithstanding the very t(
threatening weather the house was j
packed and many could net gain admitfar.ee.
The proceeds are for the sup- y
port of missionaries in the foreign e
field. c
v li
Purchased a Truck. t
Q H. Martin has purchased a large b
auto truck which he will use instead of e
horses in his businoss of hauling, be- j
1'eving it to be cheaper than the old g
method especially when the paved r
roads are completed. o
Preaching at the Baptist Church.
Ilev. A. M. Ritenour preached at the t
Baptist church on Saturday afternoon o
and Sunday'niorning but suspended the a
Sunday evening services on account of t
tiie Children's Day exercises at tne r
Christian church. o
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Martin, of Oak- J
land, Md? arrived here on Saturday for 1
a visit with relatives.
J. C. Turner, of Clarksburg, was a
business visitor here on Friday and
Isaac Mclntire was transacting busl- ,
neHs in Mannington on Friday. t
Austin . Davis, or unariesiuu, jeuoison
county, was calling on friends here 1
on Saturday. t
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Caldwell, Of t
Hutchinson, were shopping In town on.
Saturday. 1
Milton Gandy, of Clarksburg, was p
visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. c
P. Gandy, here on Friday. 8
John N. Hess, of BIngamon, was a <
business visitor here on Saturday. j
R. 0. Toms, superintendent of bridgo ti
construction, spent Sunday at his home 1
near Burnsvllle, W. Va. e
$L50 Traveling 1 1C
Bags, Coupon (V) . *?
Imitation black walrus grain leather,
water proof enameled cloth, Japanned
frame, 14x16 Inches sizes,
brassed trimmings, cloth lined with
(Second Floor)
Sri Don't Rl
I, First Qualil
DAY jfi
5c Laundry Soap f C A
C'n (V),4pkgs.for. JwC
Famous "Lenox" brand of laundry
soap, lathers freely, harmless to
the hands, regular 6c size cake, for
hard, soft or cold water.
L lip?. ?>??1 ' I I
ext winter. ]
Oet some of the men in your shop S
r office interested in this, caH np K
jme real estate agent and get a line Q
a a nice piece of land for a co-opera- I
ve garden club. ^
Jniversity's First Graduate ?
in Civil Enerineerine is Si
? w ^
Among Them.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., June 12.? *
tate Road CommisslonerB A. Dennis j
Williams and T. S. Scanlon last n'cht J
iade known their appointments of as- f
Istant engineers who will be called to t
ervice in their respective district:., as I
allows: \
P. J. Walsh, of Kanawha county, who (
as charge of construction of hard J
oads in Kanawha county; C. E. Graf- ^
on, of Hancock county, who was the J
Irst civil engineer graduate of West ^
Virginia university; Burdette Wood- t
ard, Parkersburg, former county road j
nglneer; W. S. Downs, of Berkeley J
ounty, formerly engaged in topograph- *
cal work In Bolivia, and graduate of S
he university; Cleo Sweeker, of Bar- j
our county, county engineer connect- S
d with development engineering pro- J
ects In Northwest Virginia; Edwin ^
it. Clair, of Piedmont, district engi- i
leer to two counties; Blake Taylor, !
if Mingo county, recently connected
vith the state road bureau.
commissioner wmiums huh. mm
he application blanks which owners _
f automobiles must use ftfr making pplication
for automobile licenses for.
he ensuing liccose years, would be j
eady'for distribution the latter part
f the present week.
Lad's Leg Crushed
Had to be Amputated ;
Fay Heston, aged twelve years, emiloyed
at a local glass factory, had
ho misfortune to have his leg so bad- ,
y injured last evening when he at- c
empted to Jump on a moving train,
hat amputation was necessary.
The young man was returning to his
lome and when approaching the up- i
ier railroad yards attempted to Jump ,
into a train with the result that he
lipped and fell beneath the wheels. 1
> was taken to Faipmont Hospital f
Jo. 3 where It was found necessary i
o amputate the leg. Today he is rest- i
ng well with good chances for an i
arly recovery. (
???a I
$1.25 White Skirts OOa
with Coupon (V) .000
White pique, white gabardine and
white Beach cloth materials, also
white llnene, novety patch pockets,
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ring You, Yi
|ty Specials
m m li re
$1.25 Aluminum Ber-AEA
lin Kettle, Cou'n (V) vUB
4-Quart size, seamless Berlin kettles,
pure aluminum ware, high polish
outside, satin finish inside,
bright as silver, light in weight
E "The Store for Women
I Store opens at 8 A. M.
I "NevrSrink"
| Guaranteed
1 Wash Skirts
| Prices $2.50,1
% =
| Millinery
^ Your choice of any spr
S hat in our store.
j| See some of the st;
Special prices on all ou
abest styles and quality.
Ambulance Drivers
And Nurses in France
(By Associated Press)
BOULOGNE, June 12,?Another initallment
of the vanguard of the Atnarcan
army has arrived In France In the
onn of 150 ambulance drivers and 75
turses. Preceded by a British military
land they marched through the streets
o charters amid enthusiastic cheers
if the population.
CLARKSBURG, W. Va? June 12 ?
tuthorlties are investigating the myserlous
shooting of Miss Lillian Crumnitt
of Union Heights, late yesterday
it that place, sne is in a nospuai mui
i bullet In the chest and Ross Silcott
s in the county jail charged with tryng
to murder her, although he deilares
the shooting was accidental.
Women's 39c Lisle OA.
Union Suits (V) ..
Bleached sott finish lisle, gauze
weight, V cut neck, knee length,
full taped, trimmed, lace balloon
bottom, extra and regular sizes;
also Included In lot will be found
low round neck effects.
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Mi're Out (
For Wednes
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il 1 buying public?t
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out right njw as
handy tor an as
15c Evaporated Milk4EA
Coupon (Y) 2 cans .
Carnation brand evaporated milk
In large 15o cans, sterilized, la pure
cow's milk reduced to the consistency
ot cream by evaporation by
y' y" . . |
^ New Sumn
Many Dainty New Sty
k These frocks are exc
fact that will be apprei
who know how difficul
dresses of genuine styk
lower than are usually i
it. Made of fine sumn
xi ? ?il ft,/
LIUXi Ul Will be auu au uui
\ |7 en and misses' wear for
M Prices $7.50. $1
-ir Linen dresses in tail
W sport coat dresses of
bflme models.
UL PRICES $10.01
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large shipment of White Wasl
srink" kind. Every inch of n
ing of "Nevrsrink" guarantee
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made. Made of the newest w
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fles in our windows
r suits and coats in wool or si
Mrs. Emma Harper, who has been
i canvassing this community for sev[eral
weks, has returned to Fairmont.
Mrs. Elmer Crone, of Fairmont, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Rilla Sine.
Several of our young people are ill
of measles at this writing.
. Miss Etta Page was shopping in
Fairmont Saturday.
F. M. Daugherty, of Fairmont, was
visiting at William Hayhurst's Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Margaret Grubb, who has
been spending a fe wdays with her
aunt, Mrs. Isaac Moran, of Colfax,
has returned home.
Joseph VanGilder, who has been
spending a few weeks at his home
here, has gone to Fairmont to work, i
Mrs. Playford Grubb was visiting
at the home of William Hayhurst?on
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Atha VanGilder and daughrasHrasni"
Women's $1 Night 7 On
Gowns, Coupon (V)
Poplin slip over style assorted designs,
made of standard count muslin,
cambric and some nainsooks,
embroidery trimmed, cut full and
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>f Town!
day's Busy
more welcome to you folks-?the
han this announcement daring ,
recedent high prices. We invite
rr innnl mfirehnnr. and ask him bl8
gr ?wv~. ??
ime quality good*. Clip this ad
id bang It on a book so It will be
rly start Wednesday morning.
15c Evaporated AEa
Peaches, (V) 2 lbs..
Large size evaporated peaches,
clean, fresh stock, dried In halves,
the same quality would be considered
very reasonable at the regular
price of 16c a pound.
V 11
er Dresses |4
les at Attractive Prices. ?
eptional in their style, a 3
nated readily by womep jg I
1 ' ? MB
t It 13 to secure waoii ? n
i and "character." Prices Uj
irices for dresses of raer- s fl
ler Voiles in a combina- S M
i wanted colors for worn- ^ 9
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linen, stylish street and In I
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Ik. And all are the very S
sm/m/smmm M
ber. Miss Edith, who have been Vtelt- H
Ing relatives in Fairmont (or the past AH
few days, returned home Saturdayfw^AH
Carl McCray and Dayton Grubb, ot f fl
Camp Cornwell, spent Sunday at 41
their homes here. ./j
Sylvia Rumble, of Monongalia |
county, was visiting her grandmoth- . fc
or, Mrs. Downey, one day last week! t
Carl Hayhurst, while hewing ties |
one day last week, cut a deep gash f
In his ankle which is proving very |
for U rout the etandard rex .r tot all dtln .
dlieaau. A liquid urcd externally, Iiutant
rtlieftrom Itch. J5c,Mcantl tl.OO. Your money
berk if the Srat bottle doee not bring fit
relief. Alk also about 0. D. D. Soap.,
Mountain City Drug Co,
Hall Drug Co.
10c Rolled Oats withi
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Regular 10c size package of Pawnee
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look like new, for woodwork, |mH
ntture, automobiles, bicycle and
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face food.
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