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ma picture funny.
BSSSSIV V V Hft"rK_r\.
lr^T\w< * / *kow
^^BSSim 11 \' *
i Cutout'the-plcture 011 all four sides.
| ^Then carefully fold dotted tine 1 Its
^Srore length. Then dotted line 2,
$ : end so on. Fold, each section underi
necth accurately. When completed
frjuirii aver sua yoa u una &~BurpriBUJ6
iSSumTM; precipitation! .04.
?;?Wf?ufc?Church league ball game,
financial campaign comllR^-IMJi-cJiurch-Isabella
fv|?bfedoir park?Aurora club dance.
Fellows hall?Mountain City en g
. -fed Men's. .hall-Waneta council, D.
Modern. Woodmen hall?White camp.
| Maccabee-hall?Showalter tent; Dent
ipPollce Court?Paul Petty, colored,
t was fined $2 this morning for running .
j1 a truck hauling coal through the
RSroets with the cut out on the car open,
'paid. J. F. Nuzum, drunk and dlslYoraerly
on Maple avenue, was fined $5
by*Mayor Bowen. James Taylor, col|
hired, was fined 15, drunk.
^Ki^ v^stofe s 8tretcher ? William Conavt^y,
charged with stealing a stretcher
from Roblnson mine, was fined ?25
and costs yesterday hy Justice of the
E&vjp|clce M. R. Musgrove. In default of
g? jffyment he went to the county jail.
?Government Boat nerc?me sicamSwan
visited the city last evening
i_an inspection trip and left early
Is morning. This Is the regular
lit the boat makes after each seaa
of heavy rains and floods. The
^er here Is about normal though.'
t as clear as usual.
Mtf" Folks' Day?Sunday will be ob*ed
at the William's Memorial M.
church. South, aB "Old Folks' Day."
110:45 a. m. an appropriate sermon
1 be delivered' and the old fashion
nns will be sung. The day will
devoted to making these older ones
llzwthe love and respect of a host
Iblenda. The entire mongregatlon
uld'be-present. Autos will be used.
re mature Knock-out?Andy Maea&
an ItaHan coming Into Fairmont
the*seven o'clock Falrmont-Clarksg
intertrrban car this morning en
tw to Point Marlon was knocked
luscious for a few moments when
ittempted to dismount from the car
towards, at the corner of) Main
(let and Cleveland avenue. Aiier a
'.moments he regained his consciness-and
continued down Cleveland
one lor the B. & 0. Btatlon.
by Scoots'Meet?1Troop No,4-of the
rmont Boy Scouts held a meting
ier Denbam store yesterday even...
Several suggestions were offertnd
discussed concerning the sumencampment
of the troops. It Is
table that the boys will this yoar
we' a camp along the Potomac
irdens For Idamay Boys?Eighteen
ten plots have been set aside at
my for the use of the boys of
community, who are very enthus0
over the work, and all of the
ens Trill probably be cultivated by
boys and young men. This is a
ire of the work which the Employ1
Relationship department of the
olidatlon Coal company Is underlg
and X F. Wolfe, the snperln?*
hno Slrort. ph?Tjr? of the
I 'iffDUOUfc vuuju, wxu
H work -while W. H.-Boyd, assistant agri>!?
cultural agent for this county, will de?
vote one-.day.oach week to aasistingthe
vltations to the graduating exercises
^^^Hffpook Hospital Training school have
I Men issued. The~exerclses will take
pbce- at the hospital on the evening of
H Bfednesday,. June 20. at eight o'clock.
wna^chuB to graduateJs known as the
^^H&ntoac6>Taylor class. The address of
H (So evening will be delivered by Dr.
MHtoney M. Ram age and the diplomas
|;m be presented by Miss Eunah. TayH
loghead nurse at Cook hospital. Two
H&; women will be given diplomas
Bgpfof; occasion. Miss Nelle Thomas,, of
Bowlesburg, and Miss Orva Winter, of
MjOerlous FsfJ?French Barnes, who
^HBIar'near Farmlngton, Is a patient
^HHnlnnonbHospital.8ufering from ln.sustained
several days ago in
^^Hta^ j^admitted, to .the-hospital
Booms'from Marietta?Mrs. Jesse
Maxwell, of 718 Gaston avenue, who
Hntapanied her sister, Mrs. John D.
Hfcge as4^chUdrw,;to her home ti
M iiiii
V _
K^^HHmqSL j|"W ???d
Top, left to right, Joseph B., .
Left side, William G. McAdoo, Jr., ;
Cnter figure, Frank K. Lane, Jr. I
(below) H. D. Red field.
s WASHINGTON, June 14. ?Elgh
sons of cabinet members are serviii;
Uncle Sam in uniform. They are som
of Secretaries Daniels, Lane, Houston
McAdoo, Wilson and Redfield. Th
other cabinet members have no sons
so the cabinet has produced a 10 pe
cent, quota. Secretary Wilson ha
three sons in the service.
W. B. Wilson, Jr.. is a field artil
lery private; J. K. Wilson is a mem
ber of Troop A. National guard. Dis
trict of Columbia; Joseph B. Wilsoi
is at Fort Myer, Va., officers' trainin;
Marietta, Ohio, has returned home
She spent several days the guest of hei
sister and parents.
Material Arriving For Good Road Worl
We presume from present indica
tions work will soon be commence;
on the Improved roads of Lincoln dis
trict. Several car loads of materia
have arrived for the contractors.
A Box Supper
Troop No. 1 of Worthington Bo;
Scouts of America will have a bo:
supper on Saturday ovening, June 16
to raise funds to purchase some mucl
needed equipment.
Purchased a Tractor
Charles P. Hamilton received o:
Tuesday one of the celebrated Inter
national tractors known aB the S-J'
type which he will use for heavy haul
Mrs. George W. Mlllan, of Carolina
was shopping in Worthington on Wed
Mrs. George Levy, of Monongah, wai
visiting friends hero on Wednesday
Claude L. Davis was a business visi
tor in Farmington on Thursday.
Mrs. Charles R. Harrison, of Clarks
burg, was visiting her parents, Mr
and Mrs. T. F. Morgan, here on Wed
nacrlQv on/1 Tlinrsrinv
HWUUVtJ U"<> *
Among the recent visitors here weri
Mrs. and Mrs. James W. Davis o
John F. Ward Is confined to his roon
at present with indications of typholi
CLARKSBURG. W. Va., June 15.Anscn
Dearing Parr, prominent citl
sen, clubman and business man, whi
was noted for his fine blooded raci
horses, died today at home here, age(
59 years.
LONDON, June 15.?Some of th<
morning papeTS say that Lord Rother
mere, brother of Lord NorthclifTe, hai
refused the food controlership. Lon
Ro therm ere was the fourth person U
be offered this difficult and thanklesi
FT880HI Uirw-vi uioot7 wupwuts
of The West Virginian with 98c cs
with sewed strlpea^guaranteed fasl
Realizing the need of every family!
Flag to display on patriotic holidays
number of our readers at. ridiculously
price of flags has almost doubled-In
to clip 3 of the above-coupons conBe
The West Virginian -office with 98 ?
cents-extqs for tnttfflngtf rn^/nJlari J
^ ' ' - 'x ' yV'|
jyBflRIja ' - JE9
9l 1
James H. and William B. Wilson, Jr.
ind (below,) David Franklin Houston.
=light side, Josephus Daniels, Jr., and
t camp reserve.
3 William G. McAdoo, Jr., enlisted as
* a private seaman.
Frank K. Lane, Jr., shown in the
picture in the new regulation pilot's
e uniform, will be graduated with the
i, next class of armv aviators at Norr
folk. Va.
s David Franklin Houston. Jr., enlisted
as a seaman, is a student at the
I- naval training station at Newport,
i- R. I.
i- H. D. Redfield is a naval officer,
i Josephus Daniels, Jr., is a private, i
; U. S. Marine corps. t
'rnriinn tninriiu rn i
mm HH II
. KEH.niG
i American Officers Begin
Study of French Transportation
(By Associated Press)
1 PARIS, June 15.?The French academy
has resolved that its officers
shall wait on General Pershing with
1 a greeting from the Academy and invite
him to attend a public reception j
. June 28.
The American general and staff |
wore the guests of Marshal Joffre at ;
lunch today at the Military club. I
While the American general is beInn
lnn.ln.1 tnUti finnnpfl in Darlo Vita
lug 1UOUCU WlkU UVUVliJ 1 UI lo, uio ,
j subordinates are already at work. A
delegation of American officers accompanied
by a French staff officer
has begun a tour of the principle railroad
centers with the object of fa.
miliarizing themselves with French
transport organizations. They will in- .
vestigate both the principal railroad '
j systems and the special supply lines
f at the front.
John Boord Dies; !
Was Pioneer Resident
John Board, aged seventy-five years,
j died at his home In Bartholomew ves3
terday and will be b'iried at Itymer to- 1
' morrow afternoon, the funeral services
to be conducted by Rev. J. Malcolm.
Mr. Board was one of the old pioneer |
i residents of this section and his pass -
ing is mourned by a host of friends and
3 acquaintances. Mr. Board is survived
I by one daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Snod
> grass, the only child of his union with
3 Barsh Michael in 1866. and by three, ,
brothers, George, Jacob and Sam.
ER 56
consecutively numbered at the office
ish and .get a beautiful Flag 4x6 feet,
; colors.
n Fairmont and vicinity for an American
, we have arranged to supply a limited
' small cost In aptte?rtthe feet that the
the past few days. All you need do la <
ccutively-numberedwnd'present them at 1
tnts in cash and tbo-flag hryours. Ten 1
for. i
DV0O ?e> I c-ww, ?'n.
Highest Valw
For men's high grade fine
all-woolbhie serge suits,
belted or conservative
styles, $16.50 values.
For boys' suits of washable
beach cloth, made in
pinch-back Norfolk style,
worth $2.00.
2.79 I 4?
For men's genuine Pan- For men's !
ama hats. The newest suits In wh
styles. Full $4.00 val- ?first quali
U68. ues.
For boys' Rah II
Rah Hats of cloth I II V
or straw?dozens 8| V
nillFFIflfl MAVPR il
E. E. Carter, Rich Coal Op- '
erator, Was Shot by
Young Girl.
BLUEFIELD, W. Va? June 15.?
Mayor E. E. Carter, who was shot anil <
norlally wounded by Bessie Young, a ?
17-year-old girl. Wednesday night, died f
it St. Luke's hospital this morning at
12:05 o'clock. It is understood he ,
uade a statement exonerating the girl. .
Miss Young in her cell here declared
she shot the mayor in defense of her
nother and self, whom she says Carter
ittempted to kill because Carter was 1
jealous of her mother. Carter's name J
md that of Mrs. Young have been con- 1
nected for several years, and -this is <
thought by some to have caused the '
shooting. Carter is a wealthy coal 1
>perator, banker and real estate own- 1
?r, has a family and is one of south 1
srn West Virginia's leading politic- '
ans. (
Of AO/1 tr ftolnci SSliATTrn l<
ByM. V, T, Company
BALTIMORE, June 15?The Monongahela
Valley Traction company continues
to report steady gains in its
gross and net earnings. The reports
tor May and for the five months to
May 31 are as follows:
May, 1917 May, 1916
Oross earnings.$232,375.58 $121,586.90
Operating expenses,
taxes and
insurance ... 112.19C.C0 57,934.20
Net earnings.$120,179.58 $ 63,652.70
fixed charges.. 32,533.33 25,000.00
Net surplus ..$ 87,646.25 $ 38,652.70
Period Jan. to May
1917 1916
Jross earnings$l,002.057.71 534.84
Operating expenses,
and insurance
464,351.- . J10.84
Net earnings$ 538,606.63 $331,185.00
fixed charges. 152,622.24 122,013.89
Net surplus.! 385,984.39 $209,171.11
,, , V
~ " 1
Thief Left, Money But
Took Postage Stamps
The grocery store of A. Hood on
Maple avenue was entered last night
through the front transom and the
:ash registered rifled. Nothing was
:aken hut $1.50 worth of stamps. Less
htm a dollar In change In the drawer
vat not taken.
Tony Fontl on Madison street claims
some one entered his store by breaking
a side window and stole several
boxes of cigarettes. Nothing else
vas missing. The police are working
on the case.
Britain to Release
Irish Prisoners
LONDON, June IS.?it was announc
3d in the House of Commons today ?
dtat the government had decided to re- ]
ease all prisoners taken in the Irish
ebeliion of Easter Sunday a year ago.
^ _ su-u-Vuete
s Bargain Spec
)c 1.98
Mesh Union For men's dress pants,
ite or ecru neat patterns in greys,
ty, 65c val- blues and mixtures.
Values up to $3.00.
Three Act Light Opera Will
Be One of the Features.
Evidently this city's 1917 Chautau-'
]ua will be on a larger scale than at
iny time In the past. C. T. Colt, who
las just arrived to aid the advertisng
campaign is authority for the state-;
nent that the program to be given;
lere from June 21 to 27, Is by all odds
he best balanced and most uniformly
:xcellent program ever enjoyed here.
That the Chautauqua is on an even
irmer basis at this time than in times
>f peace is shown by reports which
lave been received from circuits in
iperations in all parts of the country
n recent weeks. From down south
vhere the Chautiauquas began almost
it the outset of the war, come some
eports of fine attendance and unusual
nterest. The same is true of Chautauiuas
in the middle and far west. While
President Wilson and bis associates
n Washington are bending every efort
to the mobilisation of the physical
'esources of the nation, an army of
:rained platformists in the hundreds
ind thousands of Chautauqua tents all
iver the country are doing their best
n mobilizing the mind of America.
With the annual program only one
week distant the local committee is
ictive in the ticket campaign and will
nake a strenuous effort to pack the
jig tent at every performance. With
;he large number of headline attractions
announced there seems little
loubt that the public will be quick to
lupport the program.
One of the big musical events of the
veek will be the light opera "Dorthy"
presented In three acts by a company
)f twenty-five people. J. K. Murray,
Dlare Lane, Helen Guentner, tiowarai
Pascal and others of note are Includ3d
in the cast. The costuming and
itage setting will be elaborate.
Another headline attraction is Ralph
Dunbar's company of famous White
rluasars. Albert C. Sweet is the di.ecor
of this nationally i<amed singing
jand. The men appear brilliantly uniorined
and in their programs, afterloon
and evening, patriotic music will
je a feature.
Other features of the week Include
he Ipllarney Girls; Edwin M. Whitley
in an Interpretation of "Turn to
he Right"; Mrs Ida C. Bailey Allen,
lome econlmlcs expert; the Regnlera,
n music and impersonations; Dr. N.
Poon Chew, "the Chinese Mark Twain"
;he Montague Singers: Ople Read,
lovelist and entertainer; Dr Cbas. E.
Darker, the Health man; Metropolitan
Artists; Dr. E. T. Halerman, lecturer;
he Christine Giles Company; Ralph
Bingham, famed at home and abroad
lor his spontaneous humor.
The children's department of the
Dhautaaqua will be an Important feaure
this year, climax being a pageant,
'Circus time In Fairland" on the closng
nighja. Morning hour lectures will
>e given as in the past
LONDON, June 15.?The Blnking of
leveral more Norwegian vessels with
:onsiderable loss of life is reported by
VnrarAirifln TTnrflifrn nfffrA ns emoted
n a CentrafNewB dispatch from Co>enhagen.
Nntum Bids, The Ahem Co.
If R "v OP 6161
' '' ' ' i '*
SMQCLD appeal *
1.39 9fi
For eirls' white em- For ladies' or
broldered dresses, well Parasols In s
made; sizes'-up to 14; combination
values up to $2.00. <1.50 values.
'* *1 vivuiie
Mrs. DeBolt to Attend Important
Meeting at
Mrs. George DeBolt will go to Par- ,
kersburg next Wednesday where she
""I a WOflt i n CT rtf tho Wfimfln'S 1
ITitl UUCUll a- uiwvuuo ?" ?? * ?
Defense League which is an auxiliary
to the National Defense League which
has been called to meet there by the
chairman of the women's committee,
Mrs. J. G. Cochran. The purpose of
the meeting is to formulate plans for
the co-ordinating of the various women's
organizations of the state for
effective work during the war period.
It is the plan of the Defense league
to have every woman who is a member
of an organization, social, fraternal,
literary, religious, etc., enrolled
in this defense league, and the enrollment
card will show in what branch
of the government work the woman
signing the card could do the most
effective work in case the country
needs her assistance.
Mrs. James E. Sutton and children j
aro the week end guests of Mr. and j
Mrs. M. J. Lynch at Clarksburg.
Mrs. Wm. Lynett was shopping at i
Fairmont Wednesday. j
Wm. Knode, Jr., has returned from i
the Morgantown university where he I
has been attending school this year.
Mrs. Eugene Sampson was at Fair- i
mont shopping Thursday afternoon. i
Rev. C. N. Coffman Is a visitor at 1
Mrs. Harry Storey and Mrs. Loma I
Jamison weer at Fairmont shopping t
Thursday afternoon. i
A. L. B. Dudley, of Fairmont, was a
business visitor here Thursday.
Mrs. Rosa B. Eakln was at Fairmont I
shopping Thursday. i
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Burns are vIb- i
iting Mr. and Mrs. Win. Burns at <
Wheeling. i
W. H. Coontz and J. L. Tennant at- ]
tended the bankers' meeting at Fair- ]
mont Thursday afternoon. I
Mrs. Josephine Haymond, of Fair- i
mont, will teach a class of vocal music I
1*50 in Gi
A fine chance f or/Dulo g
gold piece absolutely flee,
but go to your grober Ind i
turers of DAY STAJLFI
away Fifty Dollars im Ctol
or to those who will tiw opt
?every good grocer s^Jb 1
it right now before you f
for a few days.
The Stevensi
Fairmont D
iOIWMWV,? ^ fosTSW
UN6 eitL ?--> /% CBADLE
*0F, oSr^'" V6\Tuem MAW
. B *
& Saturday H
2.98 I
'or ladies' and misses' I
ew sport dresses, attrac
Ively tailored, values up
'or ladies' new washable
ilk waists, in all the want- H
d shades and stripes $2.50
r mm w
misses' For ladles high out
o]id or white canvas lace boots
colors, ?high or low heels? ;
' $2.50 values.
I For ladies' white il
gabardine skirts (J
?in several popI
I ular styles. $1.25
4 '
. .
tere every Monday and Thursday afternoon
of each week.
Mrs. G. E. Salisbury was visiting
elatives at Barrackville Wednesday.
Miss Pear IFox, of Cross Roads, Is j
spending a few weeks with her unela,
Mr. Reason Fox.
-n >!
Work of wiring the old residence adloining
the Trust Company Bank,
which Is being remodeled and will be
occupied by E. C. Jones' store, bis
been begun by the Fairmont Electric
Sendee company. The Service oompany
will supply all of the electrical
Sxtures, which are to be of the most
attractive and artistic type obtain- _ jj
able, the show window will be lighted
by a number of globes arranged in such
a manner as to be concealed and elim- |
inate tbe glare, which is such a dieagreeable
feature in many display winlows
and indirect lighting will be
used throughout. The Service compar.y
is also supplying the fixtures for ^
the new hotel and this work will be begun
next week.
the fact that the National
Biscuit products have advanced In
price considerably during the past few
months the sales of the local agency
show a marked increase for the past
mob'th over those for the same month
last year. The local agency made the
best showing of the group of which It
Is one and few of the other agencies
can report an increase In sales since
the raise in prices. A large silk flag
was purchased for the local agency
some time ago but has not been dls
plajied as yet owing to the (act that
the net work of wires over the sidewalk
and street in front of the bonding
make it very difficult to hang the
Hag in such a way that it will make
in effective display.
Grading for the foundation of the
tiew grain elevator, which is being
:onstructed for the Fleming grain and
,'eed company, and for the side track,
which is to be extended from the B.
md O. up Roal run to the building, 1a
progressing rapidly and it is hoped to
have the side track completed within
i short time so that materials may be
leltvered to the site and the construction
of the building begun at once.
ild Free
;et a bright new ten-dollar
We can not explain here,
tsk him how the manufacjOUR
are going to give
d to users of their flour,
i sack of this famous flour
orget This offer is only
sn Company
1 v vv^mb

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