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MjjfelUhad IBM. M?mb<
fc Of ttevFobmont Printing and Publi
11 W.*J. WIEGEL General Man.
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
I C-?V. REDIC, Circulation Mai
Bv Publication Office, Monro#
"?! cmJAUPO
IB fcufcr iiwimw
BELL -1106?1106 COW
' AlMepwtments-reached Clrculat
i t-through private branch Advertii
I exchange. Edltorla
' 'Foreign Advertising Repreaentat
<1 WARD, Brunswick Bldg, Mew York.
| ^Street. Chicago.
BY MAIL?(Payable In advs
l-One Year 15.001 Three M
' Six Months 13.001 One Moi
One Year 17.00 I One Mon
Six Months 13.60 I One Wei
BY CARRIER?(Outside of I
One Month 76c One Wei
All subscription!! payable In advance.
; When asking (or change In address i
new address.
: Entered at the Postofflco at Falrmon
; '.second class matter.
II Subscribers on cur carrier route
(I The-West Virginian any evening sh
TERN UNION." state the (act and
residence and a messenger will de
your doer at once. There Is no ct
scriber for this service. The West
to render to its subscribers the bet
livery service possible and this (s
' g=T== =
' v.
HlwftLV' \\o uk
Sf^'% -o
fe - lT is plain to be seen that President X
pii,'X statesmanship during an apprentice:
locution office. No attorney talking
. his case more 'directly than did Mr.
Day/speech at the Washington monu
this was not a diplomatic note, but ever;
p-; J' of (he United States has to say these c
j'communication, just as is every remark
) or Premier Ribot makes. These gei
full Well and everything they say is wri
I- ipreciadon of its effect upon internationa
fci. ' It has been reported that the Germ:
j? mitted Mr. Wilson's address to the 1
j to be printed in the German newspape
| - the same course with this Flag Day spe<
^H|r| that they are surer of the docility of
than the world has been led to believe tl
i The German people will not be very
? - why the United States is in the war.
'/ expect a people bound round with a ri
ftO care very much what indignities th
I posed upon us or how many liberties ha
a remote thing like international law.
that they are preoccupied with their o'
add to the impression created by Mr.
about the purpose and scope of the Po
and his statement of our own policy wil
| "For us there is but one choice. \
That means as plainly as language can
ka means to smash Prussianism and P
;"make the world safe for democracy.'
want to go on supporting their govemr
warning, their blood is upon their own I
__ 0
" A S a financial achievement Great
loan which involved a refunding
the Empire's entire war financ;
Itendons than our Liberty loan, which
with such brilliant success, but it may I
is m all history anything to equal it a
popular support of die government.
~'r In order to take a correct estimate of
Liberty loan's success it must be remei
the nation scarcely knows it is at war.
way; we are fully conscious of it in ou
papers are constantly reminding us of il
nAArncr of it with our own eves a
? die country or go about the streets of th
1 we have not felt the hot breath of the
S as the French have, nor seen the evide
} train load after train load of maimed ai
ggj - Hi
soldiers seem to be having lots
| , loflmitn tho city.
? Onepoliceman said: "The police can
Kilaadle the-traflc of antes easily it the I
8g;nuipor woold only fine the men
Bjptkiatein for speeding."
S^Bteadded: "We've arreatetKrae-man
Waid to?be the most reckless driver In
Ktowh^boat ten times and bnt once did
Rhegetftnted, and that was $1 for paas%
lag* Street car unloading passengers."
i Bst^eonttnned. the cop, the man has1
i tnostey; tons of it.
I One-hundred, million people in Amer Sea
supposed to bay $2,000,000,000
Rworth-ol bonds. Look Fairmont's flgfceMrsr
ant see that u per popnlak
3 - <- These -things h
? HOME." three yean. Th?
e AwoctaUd Pr??. the newspapers fr<
HtTNBAY tude of the pubfi
!Wc* CompM7- mightily withthe,
i*er* how bad things a
u.mm it woulchfce much
to theuafons. 1
itesdent, cent-becanse "they
Street. themselves. Witf
?? and that , makes t}
Ion Dept.... 250 There-will'have
ling Dept.... 2S0 coramg. The res
I Rooms..... 97 Liberty loan tran
Ive, EOBERT E. called for we W2
123-W. Madison and our minds wil
- ?L 1. el
mg on uie scaic u
^ loan may be largi
nee only) cessfuI]y ne80tJa,{
ontha ...... 11.50 ?> much anxiety
ith ........ 60c finances or the g
T10ntj now know that th
^ go0 and that'the-Ame
3k .......... 15e how much it cost!
Fairmont) CI
sk 18c A T a conferee
>NTS. 9 jf\ and defens<
rive old a? well u ,?* theram
America, said ye
i, West Virginia, as tha! there is dang;
ed next fall that I
^ also asserted that
. the war because
^ . confronts them an
. are "afraid to ala
It will do no
lonld call WHS- 4I , ># ,
i give name and anum tne pcop
liver a paper to pie, and in this <
large to the sub- alarmist stuff thai
Virginian plans to Jo ;t my< (
iSTSTjZ there is dmiger thi
ish and rrench i
~=f Have the Welsh
15 1017 the Tampieo oil 1
' Tell us the fa,
need extraordinar;
will be forthcomii
are facts.
^ Throughout th
j enforce the vagr
^ , June 19. In mo
plied at first to
safe place befori
will likely be ad
cellent opportun
hibltion of four 1
Fairmont did
best thing about
it a large numbei
ERMANISAT. who are going t<
Wilson did not learn can "get behind I
ship in the circum- sood citizenship.
[ to a jury ever put
Wilson in his Flag Judging by th>
ment. To be sure re8'nient camp t
K thing the President bootlegging. Sel
' '' 1 I nratfv fiprinn.q ol
lays is a aipiomauc ? ? -Mr.
Lloyd George be made to app
itlemen realize this who have been di
tten with a full ap
I affairs. That joint Y.
an government per- already attractini
Russian government favorable to its s
rs. If they pursue .
ech it will be a sign Among the wh
the German people of last week by f
ley have any reason empted. It was
men. Is this an
much interested in fonder of a fight
It would be idle to
im of steel and fire We are strong
eir government im- make the beau
ive been taken with youth, fire, sple
But the very fact Moreover he wou
vn affairs ought to man. Also a coi
Wilson's remarks the politics of th
tsdam world policy Democrat. Whai
h regard to it. ..
Ve have made it" SH(
i put it that Ameran-Germanisra
and T^e reP?r^ f^?'
7f exceed the expec
If the Germans great number of
nent after that fair returns from old
heads. and justifies all
4N. The weaklings
Britain's Victory Include the weali
; and readjustment wan,
in? wa' morc. Pre' when things go i
i has been floated an(j wben they g
je doubted if there West Virginia Ne
a an expression of It is to be hopi
, c the ground that
the meaning of the oub the general f<
nbered that as yet ius.
We know it in a
i .1 Germany has i
r minds; the news- w)th the Dnlted
and we see some edging a state of
s we travel through Wheeling Registe
e large cities. But
r l A story from
beast in our faces, Qf tl)e baEeban s
nee of its effect in 0f the developmi
id wrecked soldiers hand grenades.?
tion Fairmont took double tlje amount
The London Chronicle says: "America
is, too, proud to fight"
We've often wondered where Company
S of Martinsburg that The Times
speaks of ranks in tbe First Regiment
The Liberty Loan will knock the
Kaiser's lower lip six inches down.
Can yon imagine this?
"We must protect the good name of
Fairmont by seolng that every man
complies with this law."
And it was written by Sam an thy,
who Instead of-arresting the Boldiers
that smashed some civilians, arrested
the girls over whom they fonght
We thought we had seen Reno at his
best two years ago but guess we were
And that Eccengric Dance of Bob
Ave been commonplace! in Europe for
y scarcely cause any comment now, if
nn the other side correctly reflect the attic
toward them.- Nevertheless they help
government financing. The public knows
re, and it does not have to be told that
worse if the sinews of war were denied
"hey support the government to their last
realize that they are thereby protecting
1 us this is aD entirely academic as yet,
le grant of this huge sum to the governlinary.
I to be more loans, but they will be forthources
of the country have not felt this
saction. By the time the next loan is
II understand better what war really is,
- - * - 1 r
I be better accustomed to national nnanclat
modem warfare demands. The next
sr than the one which has just been suc:d,
but it will not be the cause of near
on the part of those in charge of the
ovemraent and patriots generally. We
e great heart of the nation is in this war,
rican people will see it through no matter
ice of the National committee of patriotic
: societies Raymond B. Price, chairman
mittee of invention of the Aero club of
sterday that fuel is becoming so scarce
sr that the British fleet will be so restricthe
German fleet can escape. Mr. Price
the United States is facing disaster in
the people are blind to the danger that
d because the officials of the government
,rm the people."
good and it may do a lot of harm to
le. What is needed is to inform the peo?nnection
it is pertinent to say that the
: men like Price let loose is not the way
or instance, is fuel becoming so short that
it there will be a scarcity of it in the Britnavies
next fall, or at any other time?!
coal deposits become exhausted? Has
ield ceased to produce?
,-ts, and if the nation and its allies really
y efforts upon the part of the people they
ig promptly. But make it clear that they
e state preparations are being made to!
ancy law which will become effective
st places a gentle pressure will be apglve
the loafers a chance to get In a
j the screws are applied. This policy
opted here. It will afford such an exIty
to give another star spangled exlushing.
very well by the Liberty loan, and the
the local showing Is that there are In
of small subscriptions made by people
n deny themselves things so that they
the government." It is fine training in
e behavior of the boys from the First
his week, some one is doing a lot of
lling-Hquor to soldiers in uniform is a
Tense, and some sincere effort should
rehend the thoroughgoing scoundrels
Ding it In Fairmont.
M. C. A. and Red Cross campaign is
g a lot of attention, which is an augury
Ite young men who registered Tuesday
ar the greater number asked to be exjust
the other way with the colored
Indication that the colored brother is
for a brigadiership for Neely. He would
ideal leader of a brigade. He has
ndid vitality, brains and magnetism,
id take care of his men like a Frenchmm'ssion
for him would remove from
;<j First district a darned troublesome
t more could we ask?
- M-rinnroll enimtv nn the registration
ited 6,500 by several thousand. The
fighting units there reminds one of the
McDowell for the Republican ticket,
the majorities that have come from
g Herald.
to be eliminated by the draft will not
:-kneed.?Connellsville Courier.
t to criticise, but It seems to us that
ip the grocer is the first to hear of it,
o down he iB the last to hear of it.?
?d that no employers reduce wages on
the employes are eating less to help
ood supply.?Uniontown Evening Gen
icknowledged a state of war existing
States, and next she will be acknowlterror
because of the United States.?
the western front about the opening
eason behind the lines is a reminder
;nt of pitchers from the throwing of
Bluefleld Telegraph.
Well, there's some few things a fellow
has to laugh at whether he's got a
busted Jaw or not.
Let's nil tunnel under Minnesota and
St Louis and blow both places back to
If the Socialists don't want to fight
what makes thetn always argue?
Too cold this morning to go to war
The Boy Scouts helped some.
Crouch Is Chosen Commissioner
CLARKSBURG, June 15.-r- Lee
Crouch, president of the Elklns Nation
bank at Elklns, has been chosen
a member of the Randolph County
court to succeed Abel Hart, who recently
died. The appointment was
made by the remaining members of
the body, William Flint and*F. P. Marshall.
When Mr. Crouch was sworn
In the court reorganized by erecting
Mr. mint as president.
feARs ocD/ SfNGae, AND/
ON You. ARe YOO r?i
\narriNa To be ?J
e i?- l?8?v L
=| that (-won't ought
to bothsr you
you've liveo this (
with a woodsn h?
WASHINGTON, D. C., June 15.?
John Camden Gall, who was born In r
Barbour county and was known to Dem c
ocratlc politicians in the Second Con- o
gresslonal district, lSeing an active party
worker in campaigns, died at the
home of his father, D. W. Gall, in y
thiR citv. and his body was interred t
in a local cemetery. The deceased c
came to Washington with his parents f
in 1893 and has resided here ever since c
holding various government positions i;
at various times. His father was at v
one time a member of the West Vlr- S
ginia Senate. i
James T. McCreary and his son-in- h
law, William H. Sawyers, the latter v
a well known lawyer, journalist and
one of the dependable and influential
state leaders of the Democratic party, 1
were here from their home at Hinton r
for several days, guests of Mr. and n
Mrs. Ben Perkins. Mrs. Perkins is t
a daughter of Mr. McCreary. The lat- I
ter 1b a brother of the late former a
State Senator John McCreary, of Beck- ?
ley, who died recently, and is one of J
West Virginia's little heard of multi- v
millionaires. He recently disposed of I
a timber tract located in the southern f
part of the state for almost 1,000,0$00. s
Congressman George M. Bowers was r
a caller on the United States Pension t
Commissioner today for the purpose o
of getting action taken on several E
pension cases in which he is interested
and which have been pending
for several months. These are the t
claims of Margaret Barnard Parkef, of \
Thomas; Louisa Everts, of Morgan-1
town, and Anna F. Arnold, 01 worm
Mountain. i:
Charles Shanaman, of Clarksburg, t
has been in the city for several days
looking up evidence which will enable
him to secure an intarest in a family a
estate in Penneylvania. Upon the i
suggestion and with the assistance c
of Congressman Stuart F. Reed, the u
evidence was dug out of the records n
at the census office, and it is of such o
a highly important character that Mr. 1
Shanaman feels assured that he will h
now be able to legally establish his a
claim. t
Ralph Clayton Varner, of Pennsboro, a
has been recommended for a commis- n
sion in the officers' reserve corps by s<
Congressman Reed. , E
Upon a visit to the Pension bureau tl
today Congressman Woodyard called t<
up and went over with the officials the tl
cases of Mrs. Emma Reddehase, of Jc
Parkersburg; Mrs. Samuel K. Harris, la
of Elizabeth, and Mrs. Delatus Kent, of fj
Cottageville. Decisions in these cases p
were promised soon.
A pension of $20 a month from Oc- tober,
1916, has been allowed Mary .
E. Hall, widow of John G. Heldreth, |j
itrhnea, hnmn ta of RHrifffinort. W. VR. 111
" UUUU UWUiU A U WV c ~ r ...
This was a claim which Senator Sutherland
was looking alter. Other cases
which the Senator had up with the Pen.
slon bureau today were those of Mary
A. Jarvins, of Foster; L. T. Scuthall, ot
Lynn; Jonathan Pickens, of Duffy,
and Melllssa Jane Gribble, of Berea.
The letter's Is a newly filed application.
S. J. Qaitlard, Jr? of Wheeling, has
been recommended my Senator-Sutherland
for a commission In the ordnance
department of the army.
\ !
EVENING, JUNE 15,1917.
??? i. i i , ra
^ rrnPTT Tni vr 11 ?
IV HJVCjI i irvvci
*DO.> LJ hi
VM NOT GOIN? TlCt I ~\ be
4AVfe TO. I 3KHMT UK? is
woaDfcM cee ths Resr
OF MY tIFC. p. ;
/ =?i th
I . go
_ON? 1 in
'^^2sk I
^UUm [
; . *
1 ! se
Dr. L. M. Lawson, of Williamson, ?
vas today recommended by Congress- Bti
an Edward Cooper for a commission th,
ls a dental surgeon in the army. qu
Congressman and Mrs. H. C. Woodard
have taken a larger apartment at ev
he Rochambeau, already furnished, jg
in Connecticut avenue and removed (e.
rom tne Arlington aparcmeuus. me m;
ihange was made necessary by com- on
ng of their three sons, Henry from Da- ,
is and Elkins college; "Ted" from the Ju
State university, and William to take . .
ip the duties of a lieutenant in the
,rmy who, temporarily, is stationed
icre, while he is familiarizing himself ?
,-ith his duties.
The following recommendations
lave been made by Congressman r
iecly: Emil Gaschler and Eric P. Hell- ^
ier, of Morgantown, for positions with
he United States Shipping Board;
s'athan G. Combs, of Mt. Claire, for W
ppointment as rural mail carrier, and Pa
Idw. Morton for a similar position at
lannington; E. H. Yost, New Martlnsille,
Chas. Morris, Kingwood, Wm. C. sti
Jerry and T. C. Freeland, Fairmont, ioi
or commissions In the officers' re- ja
erve corps. Mr. Neely introduced a cu
111 in the House to correct the military ,jii
ecord of Thos. W. Wade, of Little- jol
on, and filed an application for an gtj
riginal pension for Thos. Siburt, of co]
tosby's Rock. Ev
A commission as postmaster has
een issued to Rexie Cox, of Eva, u"
V. Va. ?
Among the West Virginians in Wash- ?
ngton today are W. H. Somers, of
terkeley Springs, and J. M. Broadwa- I
er and E. J. Irwin, of Clarksburg. i
The United States Supreme Court !
djourned for the summer without tak- i
ng an action in the Virginia debt ?
:ase. The court does not reconvene ,
.ntil next October, and action on the ?
notion of Virginia for a mandamus, J
t course, cannot be taken until then. 2
'here is no guaranty that action will <
10 taken then. There is an opinion |
mong those familiar with the prac- 2
ices of this court, that this case is j
f such great importance no further ,
ction may be taken in It while the
ational and state governments are \
0 abnormally disturbed by the war. 2
luring the term of the court Just S
losed 637 cases were disposed of, 33
le largest number in the court's his- ?
Dry. There are 532 cases still on ?
he docket, 10 more than when ad- 12
mrnment for the summer was taken I
i?t vp?r. nhout 100 more havine been I
lied during the past term than the
revlous one.
Every member of the House of RepSee
Our Bathing
Cap Dftrolay
Now teadv favour ad*t#i
*> nr\ iYiw\o/ri'n^h TVio II II
finest displty of beauti- I
fully colored, stylishly I I
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You'll see styles here I
that are not shown else- I I
where. Step in when
you pass and see the
newest models now on I
Priced 25c to $1.00.
Drug Store II
cording to Ms means. The wealthy U
ambers here bought big. Represents- U
re AMn T. Puller, of Massachusetts, hi
bought $1,000,000 worth of the In
nds. He Is the largest buyer. It Is tl
ported that a West Virginia mem- i<;
m fie* H*tna4tt H7SIMIA wnrth which ft
}7S,000 more than the government "
this state purchased. u
The United States shipping board ?!
lergency fleet corporation has con- ?
acted sp to date, for 104 ships and
lis. a total of tS contracts-executed. J
: these, 18 are complete steel ships, :5
are composite ships, of steel and u
md, and 30 are complete wooden
ips, or a total of 80 complete ships, J
d 24 wooden trails.
, 01
The Secretaries of War and 5>*avy tc
ve agreed to prefer women employes ai
nceforth in appointments in the cler- gi
il forces under them, thus releasg
men for military service, accord- Ti
% to letters received by Mrs. Carrie i'
lapman Catt, of the Woman's Snffge
association. Mrs. Catt is now
aking a fight for men's scale of
tges for women employed.
Congressman Cooper paid a visit to j1'
e Pension Commissioner today in an lr
fort to secure an early decision in e'
e case of Hiram Marshall, of Min- CI
county, which case has been pend- 111
g In the Bureau for some time. It U|
a meritorious one and Mr. Cooper f|
Interested in getting action on it. C
' ' tr
Editorial Comment l"
on current jupjccisjj
om the Charleston Leader. ul
Here are two headlines that will 0,
are the loafer In West Virginia: n,
"Law on Idleness to Be Enforced by _
e Local Police; Instructions to De- j ?
rtment Issued Yesterday by Mayor j a
then; New Law Effective June 19; It
spendents of Idlers to Get Half of L
hat They Earn at Public Work."? 11
untlngtoii Herald-Dispatch.
"Mayor to Enforce the Idler Act;
10a Effective." ? Parkersburg State
We want to see headlines like these
every newspaper in West Virginia,
e want to see every city and maglsrial
district in the state enforce the
w to the letter?justly and impartialThe
idler has not taken the new law g,
riously enough. He has taken It. for
joke. Especially is this true with
gard to the gilded youth of the state
the idle sons of the well-to-do. We
and for an enforcement of the law
at will make it effective In every
arter alike and that will make the H
n-worker work or get out. cf
This is a time when the hands of 'u
ery man must be busy. The nation fe
at war, Whether the leisurely gen3l
is aware of the fact or not. The ll?
ixliaum of production is demanded? sl
the farm, in the shop, and every- r
lere. This maximum cannot be proced
while some one of able body st
Is at big tare. hf
Suitable penalties have been provld- ee
. in
. Ki
Miller'* Antiseptic Oil Known A*
make Oil;:
III Lhryier You Up?A New Creation >n
iln KU^sc and Antiseptic Combined. (
Fortheutoatlsm, neuralgia, lumbago, re
ff and^tfflllen joints, corns, bun- js
is, or wbayver the pain may be. It
said to bp without an equal. For
ts, burng^rulses, sore throat, croup, d
>hth?rir and tonsllitis it has been bQ
ind most effective. Accept no sub- lt
tute. .This great oil is golden red an
lor only. There is nothing like it. y0
cry bottle guaranteed. 25 and 50 da
its, or money refunded by leading cc
t rrnrlafo P.ronO'fl HmC fit/irA Its
i*66,uvu' -o .? *->k
Possession of a
la the mark of a regtesBlve busli
adds dignity to your transactions am
lng a record ot them am a receipt fc
Checks are preferable to cash in r
no mlue except to the person In wht
Be progressive. Open a checking
today. N
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style wanted.
Walk-Overs $4.00 -to $7.50
Nettleton's $&50 to $10.00
widstrange of styles'both light am
u urged these authorities to get buy I
i advance and spot the idler?end; I
ten, when the time cornea, set Mr/fl
ller to work, If need be, under dlreodl
on oi the county or city autnoriues.
"If we get diligently at work," tart
le state'B executive, "the law can b?
lforced without Injustice and with re,
tits that will be far beyond ordinary,
iticlpatlons. I trust that all con.
treed will cooperate to the fullest ex- int.
tot the Idler know In advance '
tat the law will be strictly enforoed,
id there will be few of his kind by
to time It becomes operative."
There is only one way to avoid liallity
to the penalties of Idleness?Get
i work!?and this was never so true
lywbere as it is now true in West Vlrnia.
tfust Have Tag for y
Each Oar Owned |
CHARLESTON, June IB. ?Automo
ile license tags cannot legally be '
ansferred from one par to another,
ren though the owner of the licensed v
ir owns another of exactly the same
iake, size and horsepow?j_which ha %
ied only as a substitute when the
rst one breaks down, the State Road :
ontmisslon ruled yesterday.
The law does not provide for th*
ansfer of any license tags except ih
le case of dealers In automobiles, j
id Buch tags then to be used only pon
cars operated for sale and used
ir demonstration purposes.
An automobile license secured by
citizen of West Virginia wbilS
lending the winter in another stall
id which is good in the other statl
itil Oeloher 1. 1917. will not be Teh
;nized here by the State Road Com
ission, according to its ruling.
veryone Knows That Unless You CM
A Good Night's Rest It Is Impossible
to Put^cross a Good Day?8. B.
Flowerjfftnds Kar-Nak a Valuable
Hefc tft ratting the Much Needsd
Iljad his Jery convincing statement!
ad triedAiumerous remedies in ail
fort to (Mi relief but was unsuccess1
.. ? All A l-l.J TT_ _ \'-1. TT. J ...I
i uiiui a iricu mti-ixaiL nau our
red froK stomach trouble and indijstlon
for nbout 4 years and could,
irdly eat anything without suffering
eat- distress. Could get very littll
st at nights.
Have taken two bottles of Kar-Nah
id have been entirely relieved. My
omach trouble and indigestion have
sen entirely relieved. Am able tdy.
it a good night's rest and get up feej^
g fine. Can cheerfully recommenQH
Fairmont. W. V*.
Kar-Nak is a modern tonic for old
id young.
ARE YOU nervous, weak, poor app?
,e, poor circulation, bad llvor, palnj
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