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K : 1W' ' W
Vacation Middy Blowee, 50a?
Constructed from extra fcood
I quality ot enow white middy
I jeam, trimmed In daihing conI
traeting colore. (Main Floor)
^Hj Hie Trip Up
Th* Monongahela
I>s *111 toon be on< of our pleasure*.
To see new sights and
hear new sounds does everybody
good. The man standihg
on the bridge is just askttog
a question ot the man
- hext to him as he gazes at
the smoke stacks of a river
; steamer from Pittsburgh
steaming up to the landing.
K "Why does that boat float?"
f:' 1* his question. The man
next to him does not know,
but the man passing hy overheard
the question and Bays,
| "I will tell you," and this is
what he says:
1 "It la n. nrtnrinle of nature
I that lighter things are held
op by stronger things underi.
neath. No boat could stay
on top of the water, except
by sufficient Water bolng be
neath It to be displaced by
the weight of the boat."
This store?your store? Is
the biggest question box in
Fairmont. It answers hundreds
of proper and practical
questions every day.
Some Sidelights Upon Life
the Preparati
' : WASHINGTON, D. C.. June 25.
A&y member of Congress will test!
that getting a Spanish-American w
IE-;. vewmti en the pension roil is next
dUttadltp to getting a deserter's nai
v:\cleared on the War department n
?vr ortlB. It must be conclusively shot
that he suffered wounds or contra
' ed hit disabilities while in active ?
. dierly service. Once in a while,
member of Congress with a rac
than usual pull and good luck c
slly a special pension bill through 1
a survivor of the war of 1898 whc
case wouldn't have any standi
' " Whatever In the Pension Bureau.
This is what happened In one pi
Ucular case from West Virgii
which last week has come up for ci
spicuous attention, and which has i
$ forded no little merriment to the r<
rheentntlve responsible for It and ol
' ers familiar with It. This member i
a special act passed for one of I
constituents, who, from letters a
Hj|-' KANSA S CITY, Mo., June 20.?S
j&'dtute of aviation and sciences icvoh
gfela It, believe Mies Minnie Smith,
living wonder, may have dlecovei
' tile secret of flying and that as a res
' if her work a man-power airplane no
'Mm Smith Is believed to be near
Hh lo a ical bird girl of any person allv
Bm ' She has found the secret of contri
tag ber motions while unsupported
. She can more through the air
' . The aerial tricks of this pretty i
Cool, washable, tub suits fop bi
age 2 to 9 yeara, good coiors s
aplendid styles, broken Iota repreic
ing valuea up to $1.
Up to $2.50 Tr7i
Wash Suits ? '
Real Boy styled tub sulta In ?l
up to 9 years, lot embraces values
to $2.50, choice 77c.
?Second Fl<
at the National Capital Durii
? * a
on ior tne war in
affidavits, had contracted abi
_ everything going In the war w
Ity Spain except a fatal gun wound t
ar the Zoamboago itch. It wasn't
In large pension granted, for Spani
ne American pensions are kept down
bc* & minimum. But it was something
*n a pension all right?enough to m
Bt- the monthly bill for the "making
ol- But our hero will not get it i
a more. His name has been erased fr
ire the rolls, and he is sore and kick
an about it. He has written compla
'or ingly to his congressman and sau<
ise to his government. But it is no ti
ng It's all off with him. And the real
for it is that he has enlisted in
ir- regular army, and will be sent
da France. He was eagerly accepted
>n- the recruiting officer as first rate I
if- terial, because be had had milit
ip- experience and was able to pasi
;h- physical examination 100 per cent
;ot ficient. It never occurred to him
lis is evident, that this would auton
iMiir rovnlrp his nension. The ji
"T-?# :
r'" \
M.ss Minnie omun going u
girl dive. Curved line shows cou
her body takes after leap from div
have got grave scientists all puzz
and wondering what their books
good for when a bit of a girl upe
all their teachings.
Laws of gravity mean nothing
this girl's young life. She laughs
tnem. Scientific calculations
strangers to her.
Bui she has learned to do someth
that nobody else ever did so far as i
be learned?and what she has foi
may open the door to another wo:
wonder?Individual wings that i
make every person a bird of the sk
free to fly at will. Miss Smith d
this: *
Leaps from a high diving board i
sails through the air straightaway 1:
waving, or undulating motion, rls
In the air in a beautiful curve, aj
gravity had no force and she wen
real bird; then dropB to her great ti
of water In graceful, zig-zag curt
again laughing at gravity and gutd
her body as If sho were an airplane
a bird.
Then she strikes the water and I
J nil ever
"How do I do It? I don't know
just do it?and that's all." That's
explanation the bird-girl has for
t, feat.
"I got the Idea I could do It. T1
I practiced hard and now I can do
60 I didn't see any reason why I coult
a be as graceful In the air as an
'e'l plane. I've always loved to wa
ult them. Maybe I got the Idea from wal
ay ing them. 1 don't know for sure.
never gave any thought to where 1
est the Idea It just came?and here 11
e. It seems easy to me. bat folks won
ill- how I do it. So do 1."
In And now, perhaps, the aviators i
Inventors working on what this i
In has found, may be able to mako indi
ual 'planes?wings for everyone, t
,1ri| will make all people birds of the a
- * - -
- Oil the "lata" in our BaMment '
a --Tot that picnic you'll And
I many suggestions for sandwichE
es, salads and desserts at largel
ly reduced and underprlccs in
) our basement.
4 ;
A Few Lighter Weight
Suits for Summer Trips ;
Every one of them has been j
considerably more, too. They
-? """" nrasn a flH j
re VI rm?/4 Wf(?i.r ! >? > .
Chinese gold?wool poplin serg*'
es and black and white check
materials. All sizes, though, o*
course, not In eaoh style.
?Third Floor
These are Travel Days
and Here are Travel
- Luggage and Travel
Comforts of all Manoys
;nntd $2 Suit Cases $1.50
24 and 26 inch black or brown
fibre suit cases, steel corners, e
brass catches and lock, leather
f* handle.
$2.00 Bags $1.50
imitatlnn hlaek neal afld
up walrus bags, waterproof, cloth- I I
lined, one pocket, strongly con- I
>or. structed, leather handle.
seems to be on him. his congressman, J.
the government and everybody else .
concerned. But even at that, if he JJgets
back from France he still has j
O another chance at the pension roll. jy
Russel Durst and Alfred Sonne-1 jV
born, two Wheeling boys with an am- "
bition to beat the Ohio county con- J"
scription board to it, came to Wash?
Ington a day or two ago to see for jj
themselves if and how it might be "
' done. They want to see the real J?
: thing in the way of service and they r.
i wanted to get into that branch of th9
service for which they deemed them- Jy
selves best fitted, and which would 1
?ut get them to the front at the earliest r
" h possible time. They talked the matind
ter over with Senator Howard Suth- jy
a erland, who took a deep interest in
8b- the young West Virginians, and it iB
was finaly decided to try for the hos- j"
>? pital section as ambulance drivers or b'
??t stretcher bearers. Senator Suther- Ia
:8'" land, busy man as he is, accompanied 111
??y them to the highest officer in com- al
?m mand of that branch, whose office is "
'ng at the War Department, and gave m
in-Uham holn nf his Influence Derson
:Ily ally exerted. It is more than proba'se.
ble that these two young men will _
son "land" what they came here for.
to Practical railroad men in West!
by Virginia who would like to try to
na" j make the regiments which are rapidary
j ly being formed to be sent to France
' a|and Russia to build and operate railef~j
roads (there arc a large number of
't I them who have their applications in D
iat" already) can save time by writing di- w
Jhe rect to their nearest recruiting offi.?
cer in charge of this line of work,
v who is Lieut. Col. Edgar Jadwin, lr
k.1 111-205 In the Farmers Bank Build- R
L' ing at Pittsburgh. S. M. Felton, n
* People's Gas Building, Chicago, has n
charge of the recruiting and organiz- tl
atlon of these particular regiments, t<
but Col. Jadwin at Pittsburgh is the tt
man whom West Virginia railroaders v
Interested should address their letters
of inquiry or application to. This
information was given out today by
Congressman George M. Bowers, who
has a number of constituents who are w
railroad men who have applied to en- u
list in this Important service, and
who had Just come from a conference K
| with Gen. W. M. Black, chief of en- e
' "'"floeo at tho War Dpnnrtmpnl. This ^
glUCVlOi ?*v mv .. ? r~. ?
knowledge ,Mr. Bowers believes, is of
sufficient importance to the railroad
men of West Virginia to be given the
widest publicity In the state,
irri- P
irM Landsmen possessed of good phy'"9
slques are needed by the Navy for 6
enlistment as quartermasters and ma- u
. . chinists in the aviation service, it was t>
officially announced today. To enlist 8
as a quartermaster a man need not c
1613 know how to fiy. Those desiring to n
enlist as machinists' mates must have
,n some knowledge of gas engines or be
at experienced machinists. The former
are pay of an enlisted man with a rating tj
of aviator was $100 a month. The n
Ing increased pay is considerably more. ,
ran Amateur radio electricalns from 17 ..
md to 25 years of age are also in great
rid- demand for enlistment In the navy. ?
* 111 No more general electricians will be
Jes enlisted.
oes According to military authorities
here there Is no necessity for such
ind legislation as is proposed by Senator
n a Sheppard and embodied in a bill relng
cently introduced in the Senate and
i if referred to a committee. This bill
b a consists of the folowing brief text:
ink "That the President is hereby authorres,
lzed to appoint for the army such
log number of chaplains of the Jewish
or faith, and assign them in such manner
as he may deem advisable." The
t jg President now has thla authority, and
the fact that no chaplains of this
1 faith have been appointed is not due
the to any interference with such action
len |BSS?i3BBBB3B52jl
S I ^ I
?*! it & MfcSTER n
s |^p^Nd5|
Show . me tYte way tc
Montrea. 7nof\e cJi?min pool
Mor>*lray m#a luh sham an'.
? - '
Have-^uja iletlev*
^ve2 -vpvSi Vne \ Iet
Avay.j.voo un l*t
K .A
,Givd~nie~<a fivelc
> ,p% r . &
Dormezimoi unitir
i ? ' ^ JDunay.vi73wa
urr t>ai
G vs&^me ;'5ome' <
* . ^ **
3)on ne:z. - "moi; d.e ^ la
^.Dunay ^.rnwa duh)
In there lessons the English phrase
tjuivalent In the second line, and the pr
!?In the pronuncijtio
A and U denote the loi
curved lines over tbesi
I 89 'n "cAt" and "bUt;"
somewhat similar to tl
may approach by try Ini
i ^^PpipH] the same time.
The third lesson w
stamps, "change," etc."
t virtue of existing law. No man o
ndertakes to say why there are no a
swish chaplains. At various times
te project of their appointment has
sen under consideration. No objecon
has ever been introduced on the a
art pf the military authorities to ri
(presentation of the Jewish faith in 0
le list of chaplains, but it has been
le subject of occasional agitations,
jveral petitions asking for it are on e'
le from Jewish congregations in a
'est Virginia. Senator Sheppard v
is several times before brought up
le subject. He contemplated, it is b
(called, legislation that would re- W
aire the appointment of Jewish d
laplalns, but he was dissuaded from t
lis purpose since any mandatory Ieglation
pertaining to religion in the a
ilitary-naval establishment would y
} deplored. The number of chapins
of any denomination or sect is a
ateer of departmental regulation E
id is conscientiously ooserved by
le relation of population to the nu- S
icrical strength of the various de- "
M tl
_ e
Rev. Webb Talked. j ?
The annual memorial services of the ;
egrce of Pocahontas and Red Men I tl
ere held jointly at the Baptist church ! ti
esterday evening. The services were I ^
t charge of the lodges with the Rev. t(
. T. Webb, of Fairmont, delivering the
tentorial address. The two lodges D
tet at their castle halls previous to a
te exercises and marched in a body
> the church. There was a good at- t
tndance of both members and other
isitors. t
Mononjah Well Represented.
Monongah's interest in good baseball '
as manifested at Traction Park Sat- 6
rday afternoon when the Cotisolida- r
on baseball team defeated the Mcieesport
nine. A large crowd attehd- '
d the aame, ninety per cent, of whlct c
'ere from Monongah.
Birthday Party.
Many friends attended a surprise )
arty given by Mrs. Harry Layne in t
onor of her husband's twenty-first ?
irthday, at their home In Thoburn Satrday
evening. A good program of
ernes was carried out after which a a
eneral social hour intervened. At the .
lose of the festivities, dainty refresh- ~
lents were served. |
Ladles' Aid Society.
The Ladles' Aid Society of the Bap- (
st church will meet Thursday after- j
oon at the home of Mrs. Lawrenca
little who resides in Fairmont. The ,
>cal members will leave here at 1:30
4 /%-DAY
3l 1 MT?s Wildwood, Anglen
w I W alon, Stone Harboi
T City, Md.
tieJMr Pi
A I t Ocean Grove, Belt
t " Beach, Point Pleai
Tickets at above fare
Tickets good in Parlor or Sleeping Ct
lar Pullman charge.
Tickets good for passage on Specia
burgh 2:44 A. M? 7:05 A. M.. 4:55 P. B
only) 8:50 P. M., (sleeping cars only)
and their connections.
? ^
3,ihe' 1?u? cScribe-.
- allei- i.la rue Scribe..
?r ally' 4 lab rti screcb.
for rr> e 1
ir^ "pour,* rc)oi *
t?r.' poor ynwa"?
enb-crfsarnp. ,
^v . -v
nbre.de cinq <sovs.
o'br'.duh cSan^cToo:hantJe;i,
* 0 N~
roon e'.
- ? ? /
appeal a in the first line, the French
enunciation in the third line,
n key, straight lines over the letters
lg sound, as in "hAte" and "dUde;"
3 letters indicate the short sound,
two dots over the U indicate a sound
te German "ue," which Americans
5 to pronounce long U and long E at
ill deal with requests for postage
'clock. All who are planning to atten
1*0 romipntsd to catch this car.
Miss Dona Miller has returned afte
several days' visit with friends an
slatives In Newburg, Reedsville an
ther points.
Mr. and Mrs. George Murphy mo to'
d to Fairmont yesterday afternoon t
ttend the exercises at Camp Con
Mr. and Mrs. William Lee, who hav
een visiting friends and relatives i
lonongah and vicinity for severs
ays, have returned to their home 1
nfontown. Pa.
Harvey Morris, of Fairmont, wa
mong the out of town social callers 1
lonongah yesterday afternoon.
Chester Pyles was among the Monoi
ah callers In Fairmont yesterday.
George King attended the baseba
ame in Grant Town yesterday afte;
oo n.
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Vance returned t
leir home in Clarksburg yesterda
venlug. Mrs. vance nas ueen id an
ongah for several days visiting he
lother, Mrs. Elizabeth Morris, wh
as been ill. Mrs. Morris has now ri
Jamec Mike was among the Monoi
ah calle-s in Fairmont yesterday af
James Oean, of Fairmont, was amon
lie out of town social callers here yei
erday evening.
Roy Neely, of Edgemont, was a ca
er in Monongah for a short while yei
erday etening.
C. Cox and Mr. Brannon, of Fal
lont, wore in Monongah yesterda
ftenioon calling on friends.
Mr. and Mrs. San Thomas were cal
ng out of town yesterday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cost were amon
he Monongah callers In Everson ye
erday evening.
Harold Peppers, of Salem, motors
o Monongah yesterday afternoon wit
everal other boys from the same towi
eturning early in the evening.
Mrs. Frances Esketh and Miss Pai
Ine Kavls were among the Monon'ga
allers in Fairmont yesterday evenini
John Abbercromble, a member of th
first Regiment band, spent the wee
nd with relatives In Monongah.
J. W. Orr, daughters, Alma and Ha
le, ana son, junior, moioreu 10 ura
on yesterday afternoon in the latter
Trinket Coffee. A popular coffi
t a popular price.?Advt.
c?? a ???
y 0 yeft known u Best, SUest, Always ReliaMi
July 5 and 19
Aiiowst 2. Ifi anil SO
City, Cape Hay
ia, Ooaan City, Saa Isle City, Av',
N. J, Rehoboth, Cel., and Ocean
it, long Hi
nar, Spring Lake, Sea Girt, Deal
tant and Bay Head.
b good only In coaches.
irs $2.00 extra In addition to regu1
Train or on trains leaving Pitts1.,
7:10 P. M., 8:30 P. M? (coaches
, 10:40 P. M? (sleeping cars only)
| rn.ru
| The New Sumr
^ For Women ar
T- *\1nin nVtanU on/1
XII pwiiij aau agui vu
/n ted Swiss Dresses. Dainty D
? ing deep tucks, many with
dresses are all white and m:
^ green, pink, corn, maise, blu<
S Ui'imv i nxiu.
^ The Guaranteed "Nevrsrii
I ^2 white Bedford Cord, satin
a 0 Gabardine, Belted models,
t. ^ patch pockets, etc.
: I $2.50 To
a k Other stylish white wash i
n ^ dine, Pique and Linene, pric
? * $1.75 and $2.00.
To Reside Here the
George Ryan of Gerritt street, Easter^
announces the marriage of Ms wl"
0 daughter, Miss Ella It. Ryan, to Harry Pa~
y i J. Parton, of Monongahela City, Pa., 7?
' which took place In the Flftjt Pres- fn
byterian church. Sixth avenue. Thurs-. la
0 tiny, June 21. Immediately after the C
? ceremony they left for a trip to Wheellug,
W. Va., to visit the ttride's niece,
i- Mrs. G. C. Smythe, of the Rogers hot;
tel. Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Parton will Jfl
leave for a trip with Mr. and Mrs.
g Smythe, of Fairr.cbnt, W. Va., where pit
South Side A
VVUI UllllgbUI
| Saturday, Ji
'? Commencing at 1 c
k Size 50x120
* 75 Fine Lots will be sold t<
> These lots are on the Mel
, river from and within five mi
i ness section of Worthington.
i ty for the home seeker and in
" Railway and Mining develop
brought about by the Wester
more & Ohio Railways and t
furnished by the Monongaheli
pany together with the good
I be built means that Worthing
that an investment in these lo
Iment of merit
1 to some lady attendi
i to some gentleman at
1 to some purchaser of
Colonel Presley Brent Swearin
Terms one-third cash. Be
Saturday, June 30,1917. Co
F. W. and Seymoui
tere Fashion Reigns" w Jfl
Ij Waists at fl H
Si I
ner Dresses | I
voiles, also white dot- gj
resses, the skirts hav
cirlo nrwlrota TTlflTlV Si I
any trimmed in rose, ?j
Priced At 11
$7.50 $8.50 I I
(10.50 $12.50 p I
Also stylish sport |
Suit Dresses made of M
fancy stripe voile and N fl
plain tailored dress- ^
ss and sport suits, ? fl
made of colored lin- ? I
ens prioed from k M
$10.00 Up ||
To $18.00 11
ik" kind, skirts of If I
finish Poolin. Piaues, (ft
pearl buttons, long \
$7.50 |
skirts made of Gabar- j
ed at 89c, $1.25, $1.48, ? i
latter will take up their residence
a few weeks. After July 1 they
be at home In Monongahela City, ,
-PltlahurRh Press.
bsolutely Removes
digestion. One package
ivesit 25cat all druggists.
ddition to
. Iff II
n, n. va. 1
m 30th
>'clock P. M.
:tion i
) the highest bidder
[ntire farm across the
nutes walk of the busiA
splendid opportuniVestor.
The various
ments being made and
n Maryland and Balti;he
Traction facilities
a Valley Traction Comroads
that are soon to
ton is sure to grow and
its will prove an invest'
lending the sale,
one or more lots.
igen Will Cry The Sale ||
ilance in one and two'
mmeitcing at 1 P. M.
* Mclntire, et al Jj

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