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ft People remeber the qnali;
I frcjttieyVe forgotten the price.
^Kpanxfjinioiis popularity of th
E I MffliMnflCfiw P
jftffinErperience lhas proven that qoall
mIEep -Respite the special reduc/
. Pram in price. Bve^y coupon ar- |
$"ttele*wlll please yon now and
* so long a* It lasts. j
20? Mixed 1Cn I
I Tea IW ]
"Hotel Aster" brand 1-4 lb. size
cans ot tea producing a delicate ,
aroma and a rich mellow delicious j
1 flavor. With coupon, can 15c (V) c
125c Roasted OAa j
Coffee, lb *vC ,
, Daanemiller "Crown" high grade
roasted- coffee put up In one pound t
paper cartoons with coupon, lb., <
, 50c Salad QE. t
Dishes 00C
10 Inch large size Imported china l
handsomely decorated, gold band i
salad dishes with coupon 35c. (V) j
$1.00 Boys' CQrt j
Made of good quality fast color <
striped pcrcalo trimmed with stlk |
1 braided button hole loops, sizes |
,S to 16 Wltli coupon 69c. (V) j
50c Girls' 1
I Parasols
Made of solid color blue, pink or
tan pongee, flowered border, on 7 1
rib frame for girls, ages 6 to 14. !
With coupon 39c. (V) i
85c Night CQ.
Shirts wU .
Men's good quality muslin collarloss
night shirts, V neck, trimmed J
with red, white or blue feather
stitched braid, sizes IS to 20. With *
'coupon S9c. (V) |
60c Wool and J <1*
Fibre Rugs W#
22x56 wool yaru and fibre rugs ,
orients! and floral patterns with ,
conpon 43c. (V) |
25c Swiss Ribbed nr. I
HI Vests, 2 for ?DC 1
I' .J Ladies' bleached fine ribbed knit 1
gauze vests, V neck, full tape trim- '
med regular or extra slzes.With
f '' coupon 2 for 35c. (V)
2c Doz. Clothes Pins E.
4 dozen for ... <
Badger brand smooth polished 4 j
| r Inch clothes pins. With coupon, 4 :
- dozen for 5c. (V) i
25c Misses' 1Q. I
Union Suits
, Pure bleached, nice quality yarn, I.
fine elastic knit, deep V-neck, silk
tape trimmed, sleeveless and knee i
length, lace bottom, drop seat. With i
coupon, 18c. (V) ]
' | flH
BITS OF ill;
I To assist In tke iigiat to erlermlMlU '
intoxicating liquors from West Vir,
tin Is and beyond reach of the National
Ooardsmen a young lady of Salem (
gaye her only earthly possession?a
'gold watch. Rev. 0. M. Pollen, one of '
the West Virginia Anti-Saloon league
workers, was holding a meeting in'
Salem a few days ago when at the!
close of the meeting a young lady i
stepped to the front and told the story
of her brother,one of the guards encamped
with the First regiment, who
became intoxicated while ou duty and
was confined to the "chicken coop,"
U one youngster characterized thej
guard house with its barbed wire bar-1
brothers . II
In the National Guard In this state and |
elsewhere," the woman Bald, "and I
want to help clean the state of the
Staff which made me suffer. This gold
i WStCh 14 the only thing that 1 can give, i
' < please take it." Rev. Pollen hesitated ]
to-take the watch saying that he could '
\ pot well use It in the work, but the '
young lady insisted and since that time 1
the watch has proven a valuable asset
hi the campaign for-fnnds to carry on
the work, having brought much more
then its value already. At almost every
kbieeilnt ill which Rev. Pollen presides
and the -watch sold at auci:
'' Hon to the highest, bidder. after which
- IttaTStnrned to Rev. Pollen to continue
|v . ttMcood.-vork.
Coal operatorsdnthe-Kanawha, New
River and other coaLflelds of that retoomnay
resort-to motion pictures to
hUMuMo.thegauUiodtieB and. tha^car,
.v.-'-.v. ... *
- 1
f of the goods long af4r
That* flie reason for the
jiipon Sales
7 1b nerer 'gscrlfleed In a coupon
iOc Children's QC.
lathing Suits Oww
Children's one piece bine jersey,
fhlte jersey trimmed bathing suits,
ood -weight, sizes 26 to 30, with
onpon 35c. (V)
10c Breakfast IE.
Cocoa, 2 for
"Hershey's" the well known
irand cocoa, 1-5 lb. size cans, with
:oupon, 2 cans tor 15c. (V)
10c Toilet *iC||
Tissue, 2 rolls for .. J'?
"Peacock" pure toilet tissue
arge 8 oz. rolls. With coupon, 2
oils tor 15c. (V)
15c Sateen
Bloomers ?wG
Children's good quality black
iateen bloomers wide sateen waist
jand. Sizes 4 to 12, with coupon
lair 23c. (V)
59c Boy's jI7a
Wash Suits
Made of chambray or linene of
blue, tan or white combination
joys wash suits, 3 different styles.
Sizes 2 1-2 to 7. With coupon 47c
15c Bleached "fOl/ a
Muslin, yd ?*72?
V r% lilno nVi e\A TYi iial In cnu.
i at u n juo 1/iwv.ituu uauw*iu, u^u
:ial soft finish, present market
?alue ISc yard. With coupon, yard
12 l-2c. (V)
88? Set Mixing ECBowls
.. . w"?
Yellow glazed clay mixing bowls
with, black striped border, 5 sizes
)ne to 4 qts. with coupon, per set
>t 5 S5c. (V)
$1.25 Alu. Lipped ACSauce
Pans, set vvv
1 1-2, 2 and 3 qt. pure aluminum
lipped satice pans, riveted handles.
With coupon, set of 3, 95c. (V)
39c Silk Fibre ?lflu
Half Hose, pair
Men's silk fibre half hose, light
weight, very fine guage, full fashioned
foot, double sole, extra high
spliced heel, long close-fittfhg top,
in all staple shades with coupon,
aalr 29c. (V)
15c Cambric 01/?
Embroidery, yd. /2?
Good quality cambric edge, very
showy designs, novelty scalloped
edge, 4 to 8 inches wide, with coupon,
yard 8 l-2c (V)
ion the actual conditions and handicaps
under which they are operating,
n an effort to better the conditions,
rhe operators are laboring to meet
ho national and Internatioual demand
or fuel but are handicapped by the
shortage of care and the scarcity of
A number of cases in which owners
if two or more cars were attempting
Present three of these conpons <
of The West Virginian with 38c casl
with sewed stripes, guaranteed fast <
Realizing the need of every family in
Flag to display on patriotic holidays,
lumber of our readers at ridiculously
)Jlce of flags has almost doubled in tt
o clip 3 of the above coupons conseci
The West Virginian o?ico with 9S cen
:ents ertpa for mailing It not called to
J i Hope
... i
j&jT. J.,., .'v:J
"" 1 " i ,
to b??t tha state oat of Its jut tax on
antos, by buying a pair of automobile
tags of identical number and using one
tag on Sax!t car, have come to the attention
of the state road commlaelan
and a determined fight will be made
to break up the practice. Slate Tax
Commissioner Hallanan has been asked
to have hie deputies be on the lookout
for snch Violations and a notice
will be forwarded shortly to justices
of the peace, sheriffs and other officials
requesting them to report all snch
cases that come under their attention.
Considerable curiosity bas been
aroused in the downtown streets of
Charleston by the appearance of a religious
sect known as the Israelites.
The garb of these people Is such that
they Instantly attract attention wherever
they appear. It consists ol canvas
trousers, shirt and shepherd's cape,
patterned after the styles worn In the
days when the Israelites were passing
*?-v, 'titn the r.anrf nf Canaan.
liUUl ?? ? ? _ The
men go unshaven and allow their
hair to grow In order to comply with
nature's laws as nearly as possible. No
shoes are worn except when absolutely
necessary. They are migratory birds,
wintering in Florida and returning
north with warm weather. All of their
travel is done on foot as in the days
when their forefathers made regular
pilgrimages to the Mecca,
The work of scouring the huge reservoir
at Wheeling was begun last Sunday
under the supervision of Superintendent
Scroggins of the city water
works. About sixty-fire or seventy
men were employed in the task and the
services of two of the city's fire engines
were required to pump water to
wash the mud, which was about five
feet thick, from the bottom of the res|
ervoir. The reservoir is divided into
two sections and only on% of these was
cleaned In order that the water supply
for the city should not be shut off. The
other section will be cleaned next
West Virginia has the honor of being
the first state to attempt to stim
ulate public interest in the war and
our share in the prosecution of it
through a dramatic presentation or
pageant. A war pageant called "The
Drawing of the Sword" has been
brought to this state by the State Council
of Defense and will be shown in
a number of the leading cities of the
state, including Wheeling, Huntington,
Parkersburg, Charleston and
Clarksburg. The pageant is said to
be a very vivid presentation of a thrilling
motiff and is expected to do much
towards increasing the recruiting
throughout the state. The State Council
of Defense is not commercially interested
in the affair, except to the extent
that it has guaranteed expenses,
and everything over expenses will go
to the Red Cross or some other worthy
Reports made to the state compensation
commission for the past week
show another week of heavy fatalities
and accidents I nthe industries of the
state. Up to noon last Saturday five
hundred and seventy-five accidents and
fifteen fatalities had been reported,
most of them in the mines. The weli
fare and safety-first departments ot
the various industries are increasing
their efforts in behalf of the employes
and it is hoped soon to greatly decrease
the number of accidents. The
unusually large and steadily growing
lists are tliougth to be due to the fact
that industries are laboring under a
greatly increased demand for products
and in their efforts to meet these demands
are becoming hasty and forgetting
that not only safety first but
safety always is one goal towards
which they should strive.
A movement to affect the removal of
the Morris Harvey College to Charleston
was inaugurated at the banquet
held recently at the Ruffner hotel in
Charleston in honor of Bishop James
H. McCoy, of Birmingham. Senator
William E. Chilton acted as toastmaster
and furnished encouragement for
Charleston backers of the movement
by advocating the change.
west Virginia s great xruit crop nas
begun to move and from now on the
flow of luscious fruit will be steady.
The first car load of apples, "Yellow
Transparents." was recently shipped
out of Berkeley county and sold for
$5.25 a barrel net at shipping stations.
Shipments of peaches were expected
to begin this week and great quantities
of this fruit have already been contracted
for. The entire crop ot early
i apples, the "Dutchess," of the Ridge|
way Orchard company, has been sold
to a Pittsburgh concern at five dollars
a barrel and the company has a force
of twenty men in the orchards picking
the fruit and preparing it for shipment.
Relic of General Wolfe.
A new and valued addition has just
been made to the museum of the
Chateau de Hamezay. It consists of
& cabinet containing a portion of the
garnet silk sash worn by Gen. James
Wolfe on the day he became the "victor
of Quebec" In 1759. In addition
to the sash are the original letters
that prove unmistakably the aothen*
tidty of the relic. ?
!R 87
tonsecutively numbered at the office
h and get a beautiful Flag 4x6 feet,
Fairmont and vicinity for en American
we have arranged to supply a limited
small cost in spite of the fhct that the
i9 last few weeks. All you need do lis
atlvely numbered and present them at
is in cash and the flag is yours. Ten
WST Tb-DAY! ih
/ >
Met With an Accident.
A telegram -was received here on
Saturday moring stating that Leo A.
Parrieb of this place who li at work
on bridge erection work for the McClintic-ManhaU
Conetrnctlon Co.,
near Hagerstown, MdL had met with
an accident While at work a heavy
board fell some distance and striking 1
him broke his left leg above the knee ;
Joint The accident occurred on Friday
morning last and be was taken
to the Washington Co., MiL, hospital
for treatment
Worthinoton's Quota in the Draft
Five names from Worth lagton appear
in the list of those drawn last ]
Friday for service in Uncle Sam's j
army. Clyde H. Hay is a blacksmith .
in the employ of the Consolidation ,
Coal Co, working at Hutchinson. He
was but recently married. Ralph B. 1
Douglas Is a rig builder and single. '
B. H. Shiner is the B. & 0. agent at '
this placfe and is married. Homer
Payne Caldwell has been a mine 1
worker at Hutchinson for several ]
years and is single. John E. Gillingham
was formerly an oil well driller 1
and is married having a wife and two <
children. There are sevoral others <
in this voting precinct.
Improving His Residence. t
E. L. KUlingslea is making several 1
improvements in the house recently i
purchased, from C. E. Hlnerman. He
is building an adltlon to it and also |
placing a new porch in front besides j
several other improvements which i
adds very much to its appearance. 11
Mrs. Arlie Barbe and children Maxine
and Ularcus are visiting Mrs. ,
Barbe's parents, Mp and Mrs. M. V.
Millan near Downs this week.
* Salvatore Evangelists moved into
the property recently purchased from
W. E. Shaver on Monday.
Uk, donwfl Tnlhort nf
JU. anu ?iii o. utuitiu ,
Reedy, Roane county, are visiting
Harley Smith and other relatives hero
this week.
Mrs. Geo. R. Haworth was shopping ,
in Fairmont on Saturday.
Mrs, Jas, M, McVickerj
Dies This Morning I
Mrs. James McVicker, aged 34
years, died this morning at an early
hour at her home on Prickett's creek j
at the mouth of Grassy Run after an
illness from tuberculosis. For several
months her condition had been critical
and her death was anticipated. I
Mrs. McVicker was formerly Miss
Mary Elizeabeth Heck, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Zebulon Heck of Prickett's-Creek.
She is survived by her|
husband and four children, her parents
andtwo brothers, William C. and Lee
V. Heck. A sister is deceased.
Funeral services will he held on
Wednesday at 2 o'clock at Mt. Zion
church. Interment will be made in
the Mt. Zion cemetery by Undertaker
Musgrave and Son:
Appeal Exemption
Boards Will Meet
CHARLESTON, W. V., July 24.?
Governor Cornwell, through the state
military census and enrollment bureau,
has called meetings of the two district
appeal exemption boards for next Monday
at 10 a. m. The board for t^hb
Northern district of West Virginia consisting
of Dr. W. J. Davidson, J. B.
Huyett, Arch W. Paull, Ira E. Robinson
and W. M. Rodgers, will meet in
the federal building in Wheeling.
The Southern district board, oonslsting
of A. H. Land. Wm. Gordon Mathews,
Warren Miller, C. J. Schweickert
and Dr. L. T. Vinson) will meet in the
federal building at Charleston.
A number of changes will have to be
made in the county and city district
boards of West Virginia, it was announced,
because of a ruling of Provost
Marshal General Crowder that men between
the ages of 21 and 31, the draft
| age, are ineligible to serve.
g I msssagingC
1 ^ ^ Lr? CHA.ULIE?
me wi 11 cwrj
? j
Bad Been on Guard Duty j
in Pitsburgh for a Long \
Headed by Captain Robinson, Com- J
?any L of the First Regiment, which j
las been oat on guard duty at Pitts- I
3 nigh, returned to this city last night j
rhe arrival of the troops waa entire- J
y unexpected to everyone except I
those who have access to the inside J
movement of the troops.
Company L was the first company j
to be sent oat on guard daty and j
they are the first to return to camp, j
rhetr return is looked upon as one ot J
he logical steps before the movement j
jf the entire regiment to Montgom- \
iry, Ala.
The trie back from Pittsburgh was \
accomplished without any mishaps i
and the boys were glad to detrain at J
N'orth Fairmont because the day was j
very hot tad traveling disagreeable J
The companies that are still ont on \
tnard dnty are: A and D at Wheel- j
ng, G and H at Grafton and K and M J
it Parkersburg. It is expected that j
orders for the return of these troopa J
will be issued within the next day or I
Peaches Beginning j
to be Plentiful \
? \
A visit to local frnlt dealers this i
morning disclosed the fact that the j
raspberry season for this section is J
rapidly drawing to a close if It Is not ij
ilroay closed. A search throughh the I
city markets today revealed the fact a
that no berries of any consequence j
had been received In the city. To ?
take tbe place of the raspberries J
Quantities of lucious peaches have I
beea received which are selling for f
the free stones from forty to sixty jj
cents per pasket and the clings j
bring 25 to 35 cents. Indications are )
that the peach crop will be plentiful. I
Roports from the country brought in. I
to town say blackberries are plentiful |
in all sections of the state and will j
be soon on the market fn'quantities. j
Set of Teeth $8 i
Crown and bridge worK, 55.01).
Tooth filltngs, 50c and up.
Examination! uid estimates
Dental method! have totally
changed In the last few years
and to get the best of dentistry,
consult a dentist who Is practising
the late methods.
We guarantee our work.
Office on Main street opposite
Court House, over 5 and 10 Cent
1 din Dentists
Bell Phone 921 J. j
Stop I
The heat of the sun dries
w scalp. DandruS increases
X. not onfy unpleasant bat eri
Stop dm itctbgjiow Yoa-caa
Sprinkle, only trice a. meek, a Stile
onjmar scalp. Bab it in the Pen
cried' in . booldet.enclosed in era
CSI Ox rOauptiaa 'flXvA ropipai
is the "nawag*" ttea. It af*8*.*?
at, not tneret*A"totfc. Jbo . K^xnd $
rrift>ing)-of AfcscaJpwafceo MEN'S-of
the hairrt? tw Efc. a treat me
gicg also opcas tifcpares ref unshod
> totbe-wowtefeftr tttm- P
?? in Poutpciac H?ER HAIR Vs
temdmff goes. Yonr hah and refc
e -and atayTtealtby, Tigor- MASSAG
One Bottle Shows Ac
j5\ 1m:I fcH No.iEl
I T??
' : "I-'-- " ''
r"The Specialty Store?1
? ?78
P 8:00 A. M.
| The Final
| Offers Mai
_ -
| tionai ]
? $35.00 Suits, only a few le
g $40.00 and $45 Suits, only
& $50.00 Silk Shantung Ponj
jS One Lot of Stylish Wash ]
? Voiles, $7.50 to $10.00 1
New and Pretty White V
ft the newest styles, $7.50,
\ values,
$3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 Fan
S Waists at
^ $7.50 Silk Taffeta Dress S
^ $7.50 White Wash Satin SI
^ <P*1A Afl CJiltr rVvACG !
egg tpJL\J*\J\J kJU.IV JLCtlAWtv JUXVUU i
| Many great Bargains
| Wonderfully &
w Parasols all marked at
I White Wash Skirts, Gaba
K Novelty "Nevrsrink" Wa:
g Values, Redm
i Midsummet
8 New arrivals have br
| variety in hats for sti
gj sport wear. Hats for ?
| $2.00 up to $10.00.
$10.?? i T|
Good In Coaches only. II
$12.00 U I I
Good In Pullman Cap* 111"
with' Pullman ticket.
July 26, August 9 ar
Secure illustrated booklet glvinfc lull d
& Ohio Railroad.
tNow! /
out the natural oils of the Mi
Scalp itching becomes / f
en dangarous. J J
, -with wyEttk. trouble! I /j
Pompeian HAIR Massage J
ipeiaa way (carefully ae- / V J\
y package) and soon your L |
Massage p
ia HftlR Matragei* a. cfca I \ 9
tdd (not a cram). Not oily. I \ ^
r- Very pleasant to ose. 25c, V \
t bottles, at the. store. \ \ 1
Have your terber give-yon \ \ 1
Biond proTeto yonrselfbow \ \ |
your .scalp feds by one apaeshate
to ate Pompeian
issage. If isanade-bythe old
Sle maker* of Pompeian
E Cream tad Pompeian
hial Results
|'T MY Aw I " -TUEKi
wEUV?(# *> n WOUL'
* & a m "
i B
lungs Women Wear" ^ I
BBSjr 5:00 P. M. ^
Clearance |J
ny Excep- |J
Values |
:ft, marked ...... $15.00 X 1
a few left at... $19.75 |
;ee only 3 suits at $22?0 ? I
Frocks, made of fancy ?j I
Values, reduced to $3.95 m m
oile Dresses, made up in ^
, $8.50, $10.50 and $12.50^^
$6.38, $7.75 and $9.38 K ^
2y Qplored Voile A
kirts, reduced to ...$5.63 S|
arts very stylish at $5.75 1
Qlrirfa fnnr>v strips Sfi.fi7 VI
in Trimmed Hats at / S
tduced Prices I
Half Price and Less s
rdine, $1.50 value at 98c a
sh Skirts, $6.75 to $7.50 ? ^
ced to $3.75. ^
Millinery |
ought such interesting j
reet, semi-dress and
ill types. Prices from
? \
E & OHIO I "i
T, W. VA, TO
id 23, September 6.
RNING 16 DAY#. \v
etaUa from ticket agent* Baltimore
H i
y I
d"BE >< .

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