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Musical Comedy.
I'-' Hippodrome The Tango Teachers
| Nelson.. The Morals of Maims
| Grand ...Spirit of Romance
I Dtrle Girl In the Checkered Coat
IV Princess The Devil's assisuuu
1} " *T la Cliff Watson, sure enough. It
ll I has been six years since be last was 1
In our midst, at which time he was 1
[|] here with his show at the Hippodrome. <
LJl But that tras only a sort of fly-by-night <
r* visit and the event has slipped from
|/ the memory of most of his host of 1
I friends here. It Is the times of twenty I
and more years ago that furnishes the 1
j~ best and most material for remlnls
I cences. It Is of those times both he '
h end his friends like most to talk <
V about. He admits this burg has grown
eome, and while he Is now boosting for
| Atlanta, Ga., he yet thinks Fairmont is !
r' a great town and Is putting on metro- 1
polltan airs. Cliff has twenty-Beven 1
years In the show business to his credit
and during that time has garnered Irom :
i the field of experience a store house
I i of things the people like and some that '
<. they don't. It is as much a problem '
h to give a popular priced attraction as '
| It ever was, and the question Is not
5 solved by long practice. It's "hokus," 1
g.^that gete 'em. "Plenty of 'hokus, '
A hat's the thing," says Mr. Watson. I'
1/ ^ I have In my repertoire at least 150 j'
I programs," he continued; "some com-1'
plete scripts that are operatic, others '
melodramatic and any number of '
farces and straight-out comedies. But 1
ly for short form programs 1 find the best '
one can do to please the largest num- '
ber of people is the sort of entertain- '
If) Bient I am giving now. I mix up four
f vaudeville acts in a skit with just
enough plot to furnish a vehicle for '
the chorus. This makes a good variety
ana gives lots 01 room lor piemy m
Tiokus.' and 'hokus' is what gets
When Mr. Watson explained to us
that "hokus" was the extras put into I
the work of the "Kentucky Four" liar- t
mony singers we saw the light and discovered
at the same time that we were
a good bit like the majority of earth
I beings and agreed that "hokus" and
not the play, as Shakespeare would
t have it, is the thing.
Margaret Fischer at Princess.
A Pollard Picture play is featured at '
the Princess today in which Margaret
Fischer is cast in tho stellar role. It '
^ is called "The Devil's Assistant." anil '
as a drama is at once thrilling and fas- 1
cinatlng. Another episode of "The
I Neglected Wife" with Ruth Roland as (
the star is also being shown. The title i
|| of today's chapter is "The Crisis." c
Dorothy Phillips Acts Dual Role. I
Dorothy Phillips, in "The (iirl With
the Checkered Coat." at the Dixie, en
acts a dual role with remarkable cleverness.
In the two widely different
characters, although sisters, of Mary ,
Graham and "Flash" Fan?the latter a (
thief?Miss Phillips proves her versa- f
tility moat effectively. The two girls ,
wselfhnv lr?Alr rfrvv ant nlllrn and at timp.a.
UWtliUllt luvn OWl t?vu UOU.V > ? ~v -? , J
j with the exceptional double exposures, ,
. | it Is hard to believe ihey are one and
I the same.
, The bulk ot the work falls on Dor- '
othy Phillips, but she is ably supported
by the others. The settings and pho- f
tography are pleasing and the direction |
particularly satisfactory. f
The linking of the fates of the sis- |
tera, who do not know one another,
through numberless vicissitudes Is
clearly achieved and the story holds
the interest for itself as well as because
of the acting.
A covetous relative seeks to dispose
of Mary by setting her pickpocket sister
against her. A irame-up to ruin
the former is nipped in the bud by a a
J young lawyer who loves Mary. The 1
villains are discovered and all ends f
* happily.
??? t
Vivian Martin In Comedy Drama. r
B aj. "mho Sntrit nf Romance." at the .
Grand today, is a delightful comedy
drama in which the spirit of romance j
I melts the icy heart of an old million- 1
J aire. It is a naively pleasant little
story in which all difficulties are 1
I,' smoothed away as if by magic, the '
only villain reforms in the third reel, (
and everybody lives happily ever after.
The crusty old rich man. who believes a
everyone has designs on his money, t
forms a scheme in which he pretends I
to die and leaves all his money to a little
poor girl who is working in an I
antique shop. Instead of dying, how- f
ever, he hides himself in a secret
4 room of his immense mansion from i
which he can watch the behavior of the e
entire household through the eyes of
one of the family portraits. Needless a
|i', ? to say, he is charmed by the unselfish ?
actions of his little heiress and horri- f
tied at the revelation of his hard-heart- i
edness as the various victims of his bitter
dealings are assisted by her. A 1*
masked ball In which the "dead" bene- r
factor comes to life by the simple pro- t
cess of unmasking before the aston- 0
Isbed guests, ends the story in a pret- T
ty tableau. o
?1? J. ??...li_ J.U-LU..1 C
Vivian mtiuui is uqu&uy uuukiiuui ?)as
the little shop girl in the quaint
-Antique shop and as the heiress of tho s
, ' mge and lnxurious household. Her- 8
^ hert Standing pats real humor and a
little pathos into the spectacle of the 1
lonely old millionaire who watches life d
go on after his supposed death through
the peephole of his hiding place. There
* Is no attempt at realism in the story
and the numerous inconsistencies are
easily overlooked for the sake of a
charming and fanciful romance.
Kentucky Four Feature at Hipp.
The only thing about the Hippodrome
last night that didnt absorb the
spirit of newness suggested by the
freshly painted interior was the title
of the bill presented by Cliff Watson's
Bag Time Review Company. "The
Tango Teachers" Is yet fresh In the
" minds of Hippodrome patrons and because
of Its miserable presentation
.,here recently by another company we
1 'J^ciecretly wished in advance that for
\Jf the sake of the psychology of the thing
* some other had been selected. But
after witnessing Its presentation last
night we breathed fresr and haven't
anything to say against It. The spejeJattymunbera
Introduced pleased and
the work at tha Kentucky Foot iu
the biggest hit of the -show. Then is
nothing hackneyed about the style or
material introduced by this quartette
of harmony lingers; rather we ehoold
say that it ma a decidedly novel feature
of the show. Mies Stella Stumpier
won instant popularity in a number of
rollicking character songs and her
part In the quartette was a contributing
factor in sinning several deserved
Nelson's Two Big Features.
Marie Doro, one of the most charm I
ing actresses of the contemporary;
stage is at the Nelson today in the i
Famous Players Film Company's 5
part film adaptation of her foremost
stage success, "The Morals of Mar:ms,"by
William J. Locke, produced
an the stage by Charles Frohman.
Miss Doro's gifted Impersonation of '
'Jarlotta, the refugee from the Turkish
harem, Is the nearest approach
:o hypnotism from the screen that
---?? a Oli a K/\1/l n sVtA ni?
JUC 1-uuiU ouo uuiuo mo bit
Hence spell bound under the wichcry
it her amazing art.
By her grace and personality, and
aided by the fascinating character
she impersonates, she captivates her
audience and Bends thrill after thrill
sneaking down its collective spine.
The entire supporting cast is excep-l
lionally well chosen and in connection
with the elaborate settings contribjteH
to a production that is unique
n its pretentious value as a screen
rfferlng. i
"The Morals of Marcus" as a phoopinv
will not only serve to provide i
i pleasant evening, but will create
he most wholesome memory possible i
o theatre goers. It deserves to rank
with the foremost productions yet re- i
eased by the Famous Players Film
Company, and gives the Paramount
Program under whose banner It Is
-elcased. a new and important significance
as the most dignified progTam i
cf feature films in the world. <
"A Bath House Tangle" with Porter i
\rmstrong heading the cast is also I
showing at the Nelson today. ;
! j
?"The Man Who Made Good" will 1
ie presented at the Princess Thursday 1
inder the auspices of the Eastern Star. 1
?Doug Fleming, accompanied by his
wife, is leaving today for St. Louis,
where the couple will spend three
weeks at the home of Mrs. Fleming's ;
jaronis. Later they will go to Chicago i
111(1 (JUKlll I < 11 ?;u I oillj-, a v auuu* iiiu ooi
for the comiiik season. The Flemings
ire under contract with Pepplo &
3reenwald for an engagement on a
nig vaudeville circuit. Both were
Members of Jack Grant's Musical Com?dy
Company which closed a successtil
season several weeks ago. 1
?H. P. Zarrow has signed Jack
3rant for the coming season to heatl ,
me of his six companies of big musi- .
nl comedies.
?Yes. the incumbent of the Hipp |
)ox office is the same cheery ticket (
salesman," with the perpetual smile
ind the irrepressible "Thank you." and
"It's a good show." (
?It wasn't so hot, was it? The I
;rowd at the Hippodrome last night <
'otind the ventilating arrangements
latisfactory and sat through the show 1
vithout experiencing the slightest dis- '
:omfort. The actors, however, had a 1
varm time of it,
?Sol Burka. Is among the first five 1
lundred in the draft list. -I
?Cliff Watson says that when he
md Bob Fisher worked at the old skatng
rink, where the Kenyon Hotel now
itands. the Watson Hotel site was a
luge sand bank. j
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Cunningham
md children returned yesterday from
vuuviiup, miviv i-ne.v nuu ueeu me ^
;uests of relatives for ten days.
Miss Bertha Ileaty who had been c
he guest of Miss Iva Merrifield has
eturncd to her home in Mannington. ,
Miss Grace Cobun has returned from (
Charleston where she had been the t
piest of the Miss Maude Davis for a f
ouple of weeks.
Mrs. P<*arl Heed Wise and s|>ns
Pom and Charlie spent yesterday
vith Mrs. E. W. Howard at Wildwooil J
Camp on the Valley river.
Miss Ethel Vaughn returned from
in extended visit with friends in Balimore,
Donaconing and Cumberland,
rid. s
Mrs. Rusell I.lnn and Mrs. Edna s
^inn are damping with a party of t
riends near Morgantown.
Mrs. Cora Toothman is a patient i
n the Mayo brother hospital in Ro- f
hester, Minn. s
Mrs. Rollo Conley and sons Joseph t
ind Fritz have gone to Catonsville, 1
dd? where they are the guests of the t
ormer's sister Miss Mame Hall at
3d en Terrace.
W. E. Wad del] who had spent the
ast several years in the city left last
light for Washington. D. C., en route
? r\/\ into In Tnen^nre/, > A 1-1
u puiuwj <11 i ouucdocc ouil Aiikiiitiiiii
n a business trip. Mrs. Waddell will
emain for several weeks at the home
if her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. J. |
Itone on Qutncy street
Miss Pearl Arnott of Rymer is the
nest of her father W. F. Arnett for
, week.
Miss Edna Jones and Miss Zelia
.amhiotte were calling In Clarksburg
luring the week.
Dr. Jas. E. Dowden and daughter,
diss Florence, have gone to Pittsmrgh
to spend a^ew days.
Silas Steinhauser, editor of the Belaire,
Ohio daily was in the city yeserday.
The Misses Hose and Margaret
Meredith SL Bell 284 J.
Cut flowers, funeral designs.
Potted Plants.
Missionary Program.
Invitations have been Issued to
members of the Woman's Foreign
Missionary society of the First M. E.
church for a mite box opening to be
held this evening at the borne of Mrs.
O. J. Fleming, 412 Jefferson street.
The meeting Is held one week on advance
of schedule on account of the
school of mission which opens on
July 29th at ML Lake Park, Md. The
program for the meeting tonight is
as follows: Devotions?Led by Mrs.
Jennie Engie. Scripture Lesson?
The Widow's Mite. Song?Something
for Jesus. Vocal Solo?Mrs. A. B.
Smith. Talk?"Why Not Ycrar Boy
or Mine for the Mission Field?"?Mrs.
J. M. Altman. "The Pink Girl ana
Her Mite Box"?Mrs. Howard J.
Roes. Vocal Duet?Mrs. Pearl Reed
Wise and Mrs. Hal Hall. Story?A
"Might" Box?Mrs. Harvey Shain.
Opening of the Mite Boxes, by the
Treasurer, Mrs Lee Hail. Song?
"America!" Benediction.
? *
Guest at Gypsy.
Dr. and Mrs. Herman A. Rosenthal
are entertaining at their home at
Gypsy Mrs Glen Reams, wife of Dr.
Reams, of Nashville, Tenn,, whose
marriage was solemnized in June at
te home of the bride at Bowling
Green, Ky. Dr. Reams will join his
wife here later and they will go on
to Washington where the former has
qualified for service on the medical
-orps and will probably go to France.
Mrs. Reams is the daughter of Kliza
Calvert Reams, author of "Aunt Jane
from Kentucky."
Raised Flag at Eden Springs.
A flag raising was an event yesteriav
at Eden Springs, the summer
camping grounds of Charles W. Robnson
of this city. Attending the festivities
were campers at Minnehaha
ind Comfort Cottages and from Wildwood,
the camp adjoining Eden
Springs. As the flag was wised the
spectators sang the Star Spangled
Banner and across the river the crew
and passengers of train No. 41 which
passeu ai timi ume juiueu wim eiihusiasm
in ihc waving of handkerchiefs.
? ? *
Flag Raising at Rose Hill.
Miss Rose, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. George Thomas Watson, celebrated
her eleventh birthday anniversary
yesterday with a flag raising
and patriotic program at the Rose
Hill Farm. The guests who look part
in the patriotic program were the
Mints and cousins of the family and
the out of towii guests were Miss
Stella Buffing and her mother, of
'incinnati, and Mr. Belknap Bat.cn, of
Boston, Mass. As the flag was unfurled
the hillside echoed to the
strains of the Star Spangled Banner
uid America.
3yrne of High street left yesterday
or Altoona, Pa., whefe thev will
spend two weeks with relatives.
Mrs. J. Perry Thompson, of Parkirsburg,
is the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Dickerson, in this
:ity. .
Mrs. A. Brooks Fleming, Jr., who
inderwent aa operation a few days
igo at Cook hospital, is recovering
licelv from the operation.
i *.? .
Mrs. Watson Heads
Woman's Loan Board
WASHINGTON. D. C.. July 24.?
drs. C. W. Watson, of Fairmont, was ,
imcng the slate chairmen named in a
tartial reorganization of the Woman's
National Liberty Loan committee pretaratory
to the flotation of the second
ssue of Liberty bonds this fall. Mrs.
iVatson will supervise plans for"bringng
home to every woman the financial
idvantages and patriotic duty of inresttnent
in government bonds" in so
ar as West Virginia women are con:erned.
Mrs. Fred A, Scott, of Richmond, Va?
vas named to succeed Mrs. John Skelon
Williams, resigned, as chairman of I
he woman's loan work in the fifth
federal service district.
American Steamer
Sink Big Submarine
PARIS, July 24. ? An American j
itearoer recently sank a large German ,
mbmarine, according to a dispatch to j
he Temps from Havre.
While on a voyage from the United !
States, the steamer was attacked by a
mbmarine, and replying to its fire,
lent thirty-five shells at the under waer
boat, which assumed a perpondicuar
position and disappeared beneath
he water.
Children Cry
H. .nL,1tL
Had William J. Locke written hii
Marie Doro in the leading part, h
the character of Carlotta to the ti
calls for the greatest of artistic a
of which Miss Doro lacks. The i
of the most delightful stories the
predominant element is comedy b
the story suggesting that all wisdo
minated in trials and sufferings.
A Hoyt comedy of the highest 01
author was in fine humor, and the i
cos* of the story the more pronoun
1 -
Flag Raiting.
MfM Rose Watson the young daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas
Watson, celebrated her eleventh
birthday anniversary yesterday at the
home of her parents at Rose HilL A
flag raising marked the festivities of
the afternoon and as the flag was unfurled
and was wafted on the breeze
the guests Joined in singing "The
Star Spangled Banner." The guests
included relatives of the young hostess.
Returned from Coogle Camp.
Mrs. C B. Nay and daughter. Miss
Olive and son George and Mrs. S. E.
W Burnside and children, have returned
from the Coogle Camp near
Smlthtown where tbey had spent two
weeks camping. Miss butie Cunningham
was a guest at the camp for several
days and a number of other
guesis were also entertained. Mrs.
Burnside and children are here from
their home in Pittsburg spending the
? t
Dance at The Fairmont.
A committee of young men composed
of Dr. Ernest Yost, Lindsay
! Frame, Victor Shaw and Earl Fox isI
sued invitations today for a dance to
j be hold on Thursday evening at The
' Fairmont hotel. The guest list in!
eluded a number of out of town guests
| at present in the city.
Clmrleston, W. V'n.?"f used 'Golden
Medical "Discovery' and Favorite Prescription"
both at the same time. I
used litem as a blood purifier. 1 was
run down and had tliroal trouble, and
these remedies built me up and pur
| me on my feet i have always been
I clad 1 used tthem and most cheerfully
| recommend them."?J1 as. Mart Kisk.
! 211 Hruok St
Iteldor, Rockingham Co, Va.?"I
was a great sufferer from indigestion
and hemorrhage of the stomach. Tried
j different doctors but they did me no
j good?till pronounced It Ihe Maine, and
I said tliere was no cure for me. T
wrote lo yon for your advice and you
advised me to use 'Golden Medical Discovery.'
I found I was getting better,
and after using it. I gained in weight
and tun sound and well of hemorrhage
of the stomach."?Mns. ti. M. Shif.-i.ktt.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis,-overt
helps the stomach digest the food
and manufacture nourishing blood. It
has a toniu effect and soon enables the
stomach ami heart to perform their
functions in n natural, healthy manner,
without any outside aid.
Contains neither alcohol nor parrot
its. Its ingredients are made pnblie
and printed on wrapper. It's a pure
alterative extract made with glycerine
! from native roots and herbs.
Sold by medicine dealers in liquid
or tablet form, or send fid cents to Dr.
Pierces Invalids' Hotel, buffalo, Jf. X.
for a trial box of tablets.
Qiintion.i of Scxt?Are fully and
pronerly answered in The People's
Coin moil Sense Medical Adviser, by
R. V. Pierce, M. D. All the knowledge
a young man or woman, wife or daughter
should have, in contained in this
J big Home Doctor Book, containing 3008
pages with engravings and color plates,
ana bound in cloth. By mail, prepaid
~-on receipt of dimes or stamps.
A Place of Clean Amusement J
for the Whole Family.
! If It's at the Hippodrome It !
Must be Good,
Cliff Watson's
Rag-time Review
Featuring These Fairmont
The Girl from Kentucky
Character Singer.
Nifty Girl Sister Team. ? j
The Boy With Parodies
Harmony Singers and j
Comedians. j
Change of Bill Tomorrow
Matinees at 3:00
Night at 7:45 and 9:00
Prices?Night 15c and 25e. j
Matinee 15c.
s famous novel to be produced with
e could not have better adapted
dented film favorite. The portrayal
bility and personal charm, neither
development of the plot unfolds one
stage has produced in years. The
ut there are moments of pathos in
m Is folly, save that which has ger* |
rder. The title suggests that the
lelectlon o( the cast makes the sueced.
Jne Rider" one of the American
Daughter ol' the Southland" a drawer,
and "Mugsy in Bad" a Ray
A ^ Cool Snmr
ITheHarvesfc of the I
Qw *M a
^-5^ Lowe
?... ur t nn/^ Vflnpflf oV,l oc qvo fn -\G
TilU ii UHS CXllKA ? Ugc-iawiv-c wit vw ?yv
Realizing that this year will find g
we have provided all kinds of equip
AluminumPreserving Kettles
SS ,-ffEt .Si
4-Quart Aluminum Preserving Kettles 80c
5-Quart Aluminum Preserving Kettles 90c
6-Quart Aluminum Preserving Kettles $1.00
8-Quart Aluminum Preserving Kettles $1.40
10-Quart Aluminum Prserving Kettles $1.50
12-Quart Aluminum Preserving Kettles $1.75
Mason Jars
?the good old reliable kind with "Ball Brothers"
patent feature at prices likely lower than elrcwhere.
1 pint Mason Jars t)5c a dozen
1 quart Mason Jars 75c a dozen
2 quart Mason Jars 90c a dozen
Boyd Jar Caps 30c a dozen
Extra heavy gum fruit jar rings. 10c a dozen; or :l
dozens for 25c.
Swat the Fly
It's time we all join the
army of "fly swatters" and 9
exterminate these dangerous j
pests. The Hartley Store has
the ammunition in the form JF
of good sure-shot fly swatters /(Ov <V> \
made of wire netting with / V-r\ \
wooden handles, 5c each, or I J \ "-fx i
fi for 25c. I { [J
Those of oval or square \H "u*
wire netting bound with corduroy
to protect the furniture
are 10c or 3 for 25c. V
New Ginghams
have just come In and they are just the right
sort of patterns for summer dresses and separate
skirts; large plaids and stripes, 32 inches
wide, 22c and 25c a yard.
(Third Floor Annex)
Victrola IV $15
"HggP" traorainary oner
BUY this genuine Victrola, use it at home, at
camp, or anywhere you please, for three
months, then exchange it if you like, at full
price?$15.00?for a larger Victrola. Op, if you already
own a largo Victrola. use this small Victrola
during the summer and then exchange it at full price
for records of your own choice. All Victrolas are
sold on payments to suit your convenience.
(Fourth Floor)
Women's Cool Cotton
Dresses, Special at
$4.50 to $21.15
Pretty little dresses of voiles, lawns and linens, in
white and ir. colors?just such dresses women buy
two and three of at a time so as to have plenty of
changes in the hot weather.
Afternoon Dresses
Lovely frocks of net and organdy In white and
delicate tones among which are some of the prettiest
creations of the season. Prices about a third
less?J11.25 to $20.75.
Women's White Wash
Skirts Special
n**a.eViriinlrnn ura_?ih olrtrfc nlmia
iuuiuu^ui,' l'?w V"' w? o?-' VU \?? )>IVJUV|
gabardine and iinene, showing attractive pockets and
belts. Special prices 95c. $2.95 and $3.95,
(Second Floor)
Women's Sweaters
A splendid assortment of fibre silk and Shetland
wool sweat ere in rose, green, blue, purple and corn
colors, $7,50 to $16.50. (Second Floor)
New Wash Waists
I A fresh, clean waist every day makes a big difference
in one's appearance. With these pretty, Inexpensive
walste we offer at $1 to 32. every woman
should have an ample supply on hand.
(Second Floor)
\ ,
W o P o TI ' I
iloosewste is Keady I
/; 'jmft
ving Season is Here
e -4' vfi
as Igffl fllT 1
st Prices at Hartley's
preserved for the winter months ahead,
reater attention given to home canning, ,
mer t for eonsen, inq- an amnle food
Enameled Preserving Kettles / |
Mad? of double and triple-coated granite enamel , .?i
ware nl low prices 1
fi-Quart Enamel Preserving Kettles 50c
S-Quart Enamel Preserving Kettles 65c m|
10-Quart Enamel Preserving Kettles 75c ?
12-Quart Enamel Preserving Kettles $1.00
lS-Qttart Enamel Preserving Kettles $1.50 J
(Basement) f
Fruit Preserving Steamer
A large enameled kettle with an inner rack to hold /
seven quart jars for Bteaming fruits. The bottom ,?1
of the preserving rack is detachable and is used with i|
the large kettle for boiling hauiR. Price of covered /
boiler with double rack inside, $3.75 complete.
Other Basement Specials ,
Worth Coming to See / I
(Basement) * J j r|$
Folding Sewing Baskets, cretonne top, 50c. '/ '
7-pieco Silver Deposit Glass Water Set, $1.75, c'
oiivor Deposit uiass ware pieces, lac ana zsc. J
lcc Tea Glasses, thin blown, beautiful cut, bttQ
shape ;op and silver spoon with each, 60c.
Cut Glass Bowls, very pretty, 8-inch size, $1.15, 'w
Glass Bud Vases, fancy covered baseB, 35c,
Pantry Sets, pieces to set, 50c.
Silver-plated Teaspoons, a doten $1.00.
Serving Trays, very pretty, 50c and lot, 1
Garden Hose Reels
Good size, made of all iron, mounted on wheels. /' '?
Such a reel will prolong the lifeof your hose almost f H
double. Price $1.50. (Basement) j
To Travel Safely |
you peed trunks, hags and M 'rjjjL
snitcases of dependable
quality. The better kinds
of luggage are sold at
Dress Trunks, ,well bound,
Wardrobe Trunks for men
and women, $20 to r jlggr*
Suit oases of fibre, $1 to
Suit Cases of all leather, * rTnlP ? >
, A6i?.to fTfrnriM
sZi Ji f
(Basement) Millinery
New Late Summer Hats y f
Match your sic eater with one of these bean
tifnl new felt hats which come in a rainbow of ! ccolors
and are quite inexpensive at $3 to $6.
There are also new hats of satin and silk
crepe in delicate shades and the only trimming |
visible Is a band of ribbon which gives a stamp
or originality to each style, large and small. vjrj'
(Second Floor)
fj The New '|
'Royal Society* HI
?j Package Outfit
t J Is Here i
2 ?F
I / if&l Everything rewry J?|
M I to start embroidery ^
|i work for the Fall ^
| _ seeson. There ire
~~j\ new designs of
soarfs, center pieces . .' .'/i
. yjgi "Hja Pillows, begs, neks. J g
\ table covers, waists, '
undermos- ..
i f n s, children's x .
^|j clothes and so on,

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