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i Marina's Rescue.
11 < - WILLIAMS.
(Copyright, 1917, by the McClcrre
Newspaper Syndicate.)
|-v USK fell before sunset because
I J of the thickening mists. They
blew np from the lowlands
where flood waters lapped laaily about
the patient trees?back waters
domed by the swifter current of the
river. May though it was, there was
more than a wintry tang to the penetrating
Therefore Marina was out gathering
bark and chips. The winter wood
^jpile exhausted, but Granny's feebleness
demanded a fire. So the girl
went out of bounds, into the woods
beyond the ragged pasture. Men had
^ worked there in winter cutting the
timber; she knew they must have
left behind what would be treasure
trove to her. In the dusk sne couia
( not Instantly mark the spot, there'
\ fore she went zigzag, feeling with a
(V yttle, badly shod foot for what she
/ sought. Presently she found It and
f began eagerly to gather arms (auid
t apronful of it. but stopped with a
little startled cry as she ran plump
, against a human figure.
A man indeed! He was clearly no
f less startled than she. A whiff ol
smoke told her that he had a fire
close at hand?his coat was beaded
all over with moisture, making it plain
he had been out a long while. She
looked up at him?he was tall?the
smother of mist all but masked him,
yet she noted that he was clean shav'
en and that his eyes were deep-sot
t that she could not mark shape or color.
"What brings you here?" he asked
tensly. She touched her half-filled
if apron significantly, saying only:"Need
"Is It great enough to make you risk
' something?" he asked eagerly. Siflgu,
. larly fear had fallen away from her
* " Sn citnL'a Qho rir#?W A
tj ao auuu an uv ujrunui wuv ? ~ - ?
deep breath, answering, "My need is
immediate?warmth of nld age But
t if the risk is not a wicked one, I do
not mind."
"Judge!" he asked thickly. "I am
hunted?lost?unless i get word to a
friend. Yet I am not a criminal?I
swear it before your inocence. The
charge is murder?my pursurers will
hang me first and prove me guilty
afterward. So far I have baffled them
but when you have been tramping,
running, failing, getting Op, for twelve
hours, you can't go much farther.
Resting a little while, I grew chiled.
Thanks to the mist I dare have fire.
Now?will you brlijg me food?and
take or send a messagt? You shall
have yor reward?"
"I want none," Marina said, almost
haughtily. "But I shall help you?I
would even if I thought you guiuy.
"That makes me believe there Is a
^ God, after all," the man said huskily.
"But you must be quick?they have
/ set bloodhounds on my trail."
Marina let fall her burden, untied
her apron, stripped off her skirt, and
said hushedly, as she spread them be"
. ?
Tomorrow, little book, Dick and 1
start on what he calls our second honeymoon.
What a long time it seems
since that first one. I wonder ii
every woman, after she ha? heen
married a few years, feels she has
always been married.
The few years I spent at school
. teaching are like a dream to me. And
to think how confidently I faced married
life, sure that I could solve evt
ery difficulty that would come to me.
At Sometimes I think, little book, school
jk'"' teachers know as little about real
' life as do ministers.
You can't learn from books. Even
you, dear little confident, wonld mean
I perhaps only an entertaining story to
I anyone to whom you opened your
" pages unreservedly.
1 wonder If I really know my own
self?my own character, any better
than anyone elsp knows it. Have I
heen absolutely bones t in what I
have said to yon or have I been trying
to delude you and myself intc
thinking I am better than 1 am?
I don't want to be serious, little
book. 1 want to langh. to dance, to
sing, to play and I want to give to
others the same liberty I take my
self. I went to be the captain 01 my
own soul, but oh, 1 don't want to be
? one of those prunes and prisms people
who think only what they do is
all right and what the olher fellow
does Is all wrong.
This afternoon Dr. 'Virot called as
he had heard we were going away
i for some months. He did not say
much about Dick and I noticed he
was looking at him pretty steadily.
**I feel, Mrs. Waveriy," he said,
"you are one of my greatest successes.
I don't mind telling you now
.there were times when I dispaired of
^jyour recovery and I think I would
have given np a number of times il
!* It bad not been lor my oia ineno
Malcolm Start"
Dick looked up inquiringly and ]
held my breath for the next sentence.
"Ton see, Mr. Warmly." the good
doctor went on all on conscious of pit*
falls, "Stuart and I made a sort ol
wager about Mrs. Warerly."
Dick frowned and I asked quickly,
"How was thin?"
"Well, Start knew how I longed
for money to cany on my surgery
and research. He said he knew Mrs
Waverly's case was a hard one and
If I coold cure her he would feel
many others might die or drag out
a miserable existence unless I was
allowed money and a free hand to do
what I would. I told him I would
11 cure Mrs. Warerly and then he would
see that others must hare the same
3B. chance.
K JL * Afterward, whenewr I got disJ
~ couraged, h?-would say, "Buck up, VIX'
rot, think of the others.' andTd try
from a now angle-to get at the seat
of the trouble."
Dick's face was the color.-of chalk.
I knew be was thinking hh<3Bd mis
J 1 ' '. " .
Bank your surplus and Ieft-ove?
fooda In the soup kettle!
The wartime cook can pat away
extra potatoes carrots .tomatoes and
other vegetables, also the essence ot
bones and meat scraps by turning
them into soup, meanwhile having as
much fun as the child who drops pennies
in\j a toy bank.
Jy preparing a can of soup at a
| time, her cupboard shelves win look
j as precious to her next winter as the
safety vault ot a nans.
But canning soup is still so much
of a novelty to the average cook that
she shuns the experiment Thus she
is like a soldier who disobeys orders.
"Save everything' is Uncle Sam's
command Which means "Don't rely
only on old ways of saving but try
all of the new.
So here is how to use your soup
kettle as a saving bank.
Make any goojl soup after your favorite
recipe turn it into hot sterilized
i glass lars. screw down covers loose.
ly, set the Jars into a water-bath, and
sterilize 90 minutes. 3m1 and cool
. gradually.
it Is a good plan to cook down the
, soup to a thicker consistency than 1b
desirable for serving, and to add mora
water jwben a can is opened. This
saves containers, which are now high
' priced.
The vegetable portion of the soup
i may he canned alone, and the stock
' or broth added when required. Good
soup mixtures like good salads, are
often made by putting together the
things one htytpens to have on hand.
A sample mixture wmcu win matiu
| a delicious soup when meat slock Is
^dded consists of one part onions, 3
| parts celery (leaves and stalks.) <1,
parts okra. 4 parts dried peas, 4 j
' parts parsely. 6 parts turnips, 6 parts !
lima beans, 6 parts cabbage, and 16
parts carrots. Soak the lima beans j
and peas over night and boil one-hall j
hour. Blanch the other vegetables]
by plunging in boiling water for 3 ]
minutes and then into cold water.
Cut the celery and onions fine, and
chop the other vegetables into cubes.
Mix thoroughly and season to taste.]
Pack in hot sterilized glass Jars and
fill with boiling water. Partially seal
the jars, set. in a water bath and ster-|
fore him, "Take these, run fifty yards' 1
from the fire, spread them down, walk ] 1
on them, take them up, spread them
again, come back to me and follow t
me, still keeping the things under
your feet." i <
"Where will you take me?" the man i
asked. j i
"Home," she said. "Be quick?and i
be glad that as a child I learned to IJ
play the Indian game of breaking trail. ,
How sucesfully Is was broken was .
proved within two hours. The do?s <
were utterly at fault after leaving the j
j fire. Lanterns showed neither hoof]
! marks nor tool prims?as 10 ouiei ,
scent the hounds toqk no note of it. ,
j So in the thick dark they could do no '
' more than to wait for daylight. The
i woods were wide and open, having j
I been cut over, therefore full of de- ,
j vious trails. The best chance was to
I guard their exits. The fugitivo must !
S OF A WIFE <-: [
judged Malcolm Stuart. I could almost
see the thought that was In his
mind. It was, Malcolm Stuart was a |
good man?he was doing for all humanity.
What I was doing was only
for me and mine.
And yet I knew that whatever Malcolm
Stuart was thinking of doing
for others, his great and only thought
at the time was for my recovery. If
I Bhould tell this to Dick it might set
his mind at rest about his part in the
affair, hut I am afraid it would create
another set of doubts.
You see, little book, both Dick and ,
1 have got to pay. There will come
many times when a chance sentence I
like that of Dr. Virot or a situation |
will bring up all tbe old pain. But j
really 1 think it is better to be left j
juat as it is.
Dr. Virot told us he has 300 chil
dren on the hospital beat and in the
hospital. "And out of tbe 300 I
think I can count on at least 250 being
restored to perfect health," he
"And what, will you do with the
other poor little mortals?" asked
"Send them home to their parents
if their parents can take care of
them. If they cannot, I shall try to
take care of them myself. You see,
Mr. Waverly, my friend Stuart's fortune
was much larger than I supposed
and I have almost unlimited
means at my command. Truly the
world is better because Malcolm Stuart
lived," he said,
i "And died," I whispered under by
WfljErb ,M wocnost
iS Tuts tsTtte A>
'!'W } ?3 I tfr-riw DR
'J 1 -n?r to>
/ *-"> IK the &
wse a??TVrr
/ Voo tfWMSOUVlA? - I
L ~
:?' ? - -Si4
. ' >"'*' " _ _
'OR W<
<H?*? on miniitp? Anv nf thp VPPP I
tables may be omitted.
Tomato Pulp for Soup.
Place the tomatoes in a wire basket
or a piece of cheesecloth and
plunge into boiling water (or 2 min
ute8. Then plunge into cold water,
and remove skins and stein core.
Turn tomatoes into porcelain preserving
kettle and boil half an hour.
Press the pulp through a sieve and
pack in glass jars while hoi, adding
a level teaspoonful of salt to each
quart. Set the partially sealed jars
he hidden somewhere within, unless!
ho had escaped by aeroplane.
Instead he lay snug in the loft of
Cranny's lumber house. Marina had
been too wise, too regardful of her
lear charge to risk hiding hint in the
cottage. So when in a wan, cheerless |
morning, as unlike May as might be,
men came- there asking the white-haired
gentlewoman if she had seen or
oeard of their quarry, she answered j,
them with a sincerity so manifest, so l
gently dignified, it was convincing
enough to make them ashamed. Searh
f thcv chose?she had nothing to fear.'
Every place?she would semi Marina 1
to unlock doors for them, being her-j
self unable to walk briskly. They j
shook their heads, contented them
with regardingintently sundry secure-i
ly locked doors, tried in vain to "lay |
vt>" fhrt rlr?fra nnrl finrlinir nil Inpo r\f i
JI1 UIU ""B"' "? "-YV
scent, went away more than ever puzzled.
For Marina had been wise enough
to mask trail even in climbing the
ladder to the loft. Then she had incontinently
burned her apron, skirt
and outer petticoat, wondering a little
how she would replace tliem?or
manage without them next winter.
Before Granny waked she hail carried
food and water to her prisoner?a
day's supply, it would be risky to go
near him again until the pursuit was
off. Still she would not waste twentyfour
hours. After the would-be lynchers
had left she harnessed up Gray
Billy and insisted upon taking Granny
to see her gossip. Sister Joy. From
the Joy honse she drove on?to the
villiage five miles off. she reported
to neighbors on coming hack. True
enough she had been there?bnt midWJ-'-fJ-'g
- - - Hi Five
Marion ice cream was considered
tured scientifically and on a large
margin of profit, it is really the c.h
buy today. This is because we ha
ed product right in our own plant,
who have to make a profit.
Insist on
doings ofti
HtoMwaiy uMM/SlmaL'. ^
Jaz fifAryfS' Sa.nl{^
into a water bath and sterilize 45
minutes. Can be used for tomato
rarebit, tomatoes on toast, and meat
sauces as well as for cream soups.
Chicken Gumbo.
Cut 2 pounds of ham into small
cubes and boll 30 minutes. Mince 3
pounds of chicken and 1-2 pound of
onions fine. Make a smooth paste
of 1 14 pounds of Ttour. Mix with 3
gallons of soup stock. Season with
salt and boil 20 minutes. Turn into
hot sterilized glass Jars and process
in water bath for 90 minutes. Dilute
with hot water for serving.
way she had turned from the main
road to the Galton house and talked
there briefly with young Francis, the t
son of the family, who started at what j
he heard?but not quite so much as at i
the bearer of the news.
After that things all but arranged j 1
themselves Upon the third night |
Marina made a clean breast of things
to Granny?and got her blessing upon
the closing errand, which was to take
the accused man, William Benlon by
name, out back to the farther turnpike,
where Francis Galton awaited 1
them with his swift car. She had
hardly slept since the beginning of
her adventure. After this happy ending
of it she nooded so heavify" that
Gray Billy nad things all his own way.
Being a wise beast, withal kindly, he
took his young mistress safe home.
There she slept the clock round, with
Granny purring gently over her.
Granny had been a lady of spirit in '
her youth?it pleased her mightly to;
find in her son's daughter all the old >
intrepid energy that was a hallmark!
of the blood.
Murder will out. Less than a month
after Marina's rescue, the real crim-|
inal discovered himself. He was a |
poor lost soul in the grip of recur-1
rent congenital insanity. Then the j
countryside shuddered in thankfull-j
ness over what it had escaped. But!
before that young Francis Galton had
said things of Marina that made Gran
ny's checks lush and glow as in your.
He had come to them bearing gifts?
registered gold bonds for $50,000.
William Benton had sent them, not in
payment, but in gratitude. Francis
had to make that very very plain before
proud Granny would even considars
Ago 1
a luxury Now that It Is manufacscale,
and sold on a very small
e^pest, honest food that money can
ndle it from the raw to the finishtherefore
we are the only people
t A <TERyiAM 0 m*
r them. Also he made It plain that i
hink again of his gift and that he I
would be sadly hurt by its rejection.'
Jranny began to consider. Francis'
whispering apart with Marina, tarninddenly
upon a radiant (ice. crying
'We .don't cane what you do with the
noney, Granny. I bare enough my
>wn.self for bread and cheese and'
Carina' has promised to furnish the
"If she is going to marry yon. as I
ake it she must be. she must have a
iowry," Granny said, twinkling. "So'
rou can tell Mr. Benton we are duly
grateful; pity he can't come to the
He did came after all, to be acJatmed
by his contemners. As for
Marina, her husband could have had
iny gift in the power of his fellow
:itizens to reward her for saving them
from blood guiltiness.
There may be an increase in the j
disease known as pellagra on account j
of the rise in the cost of foodstuffs[
is the fear expressed by the U. S.
? ?? .
The war has restored the kitchen |
to its pioneer importance as the center
of the household. .A woman is j
rich or [Poor. now-a-days. according;
to her kitchen economies; a patriot;
or a slacker according to her kitchen
For a generation, woman has been ;
endeavoring to escape from all kitch- ;
en connections. She has refused to |
think, except under compulsion, about ;
cooking and baking and canning and
dishwashing, Cosequently, whenevet ;
the Job was thrust upon her. she has '
gone about it in the longest and most |
tiresome way.
"I love to make salads, but I simply j
hate dishwashing." says many a
housewife with a little air which she j
mistakes for proper pride.
Now come war's necessities, to ele- j
vate all kitchen work, including con-1
scientious dishwashing, to the dignity
of patriotic duty, to make the woman
who shirks as great a menace to her |
country as the soldier who neglects
to take care of his arms.
But man accepts discipline much;
more readily than woman. He may |
not like it any better, but he sees the;
sense of doing the reasonable thing.1
And he shortens disagreeable drudgery
by putting his mind on it and
pushing it through.
But woman, while she washes dishes,
plans a shopping tour or reviews
last night's movies, meanwhile making
many an extra step between the j
cupboard and the sink, or forgetting!
her recipe and spoiling her cake, 01
slopping over the dishwater and then j
wiping up the floor.
The woman who flatters herself
that she can carry on a kitchen without
thinking literally makes herself |
And the girl who scorns dishwash-,
Do You Own
Has Made It
These flags are splenc
long, double stitched stri
if you have not already
and get one of these fla
coupons and 98c gets yc
public health ferric*. t
By government research it was
found pellagra is produced by an insufficient,
poorly-balanced diet and;
can be prevented and cured by the;
uso of food containing elements in;
the proportion "required by the body. I
As a result of this knowledge the!
number of cases of pellagra was |
greatly reduced last year. This reduction
is believed by government ex '
perts to have been* due to improved
economic conditions which enabled
wage earners to provide themselves |
with a better and more varied diet,
and to a wider spread of the knowledge
of how the diseaae may be prevented.
It is feared, however, pellagra may
increase this year by reason of increases
in food cost out of proportion
to the prosperity now enjoyed by this
The great rise in the cost of forage.
particularly cotton see<V meal
and buns, is causing rne peupin m
many localities to sell their cows and
thus there is danger they will rie
prive themselves of milk, one of the
most valuable pellagra preventing
The high-cost of living has further
served to bring about a reduction in
ing is hardly qualified to appreciate
the courage of the boy who is going
away to be a soldier. A mighty good
way to express her patriotism is to
undertake to carry on the ordinary
duties of daily life with the same
courage and persistence which she admires
in military men.
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O IT N0\
imeT] I
many families In the amount of matt,
eggs, beans and peaa oonsunad. til
of which are pellagra prereuUtlm.
While there Is need of economy end :
catting down of waste housewives
should remember the lmporttatt ot
a properly balanced diet and refrain , ! H
from excluding if possible tucfc *+ m
oable disease preventing foods. x H
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