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I Evening Chat
Two squares from the county court
house and along a greatly traveled
thoroughfare a colour of song hlrdi
of various varieties and species are
spending a most delightful summer.
Their summer quarters which are the
combined properties of J. M. Hartley
and A. J. Stone located on Qulncy
street at the head ot Jackson, comprises
some four acres much of which
Is thickly wooded with trees and
shrubbery and entirely grasB grown.
Most of the birds have spent the entire
season there some of which, Including
a pair of cardinals, have been
on the premises since last fall,
i. At present the cardinal family Is
taking precedence lii the point of Interest.
The mother bird in at present
setting on her nest which she built In
a tree close to the porch of one of the
rftsfitanren and where she can be eas
illy observed, while the male bird la still
caring for a family of two youngBters,
which have grown to be as large as
the parents but who are still persistant
In their demand for constant feeding.
In addition to his care for the
youngsters, the male frequently visits
_ - the nest of hia mate and carries with
him the beBt trophies of his day's
hunt for food. Each day the male bird
takes the two youngsters away for a
flight, being absent ior several hours
at a time. Toward evening his song
,/ will be heard in the distance, and the
)(? mate rising from her nest will answer
him. The music comes nearer with
a pause in a near by clump of trees
where the youngsters are settled for
the night; then a brief visit to the nest
Df his mate and the tired parent himself
rtiswtnrr ?lin loci DOi-nrnl mnntlm t >in
UUl lllfS 11,0 "'"l OVTtllll IIIWIIWl" ? ?''
male bird has acted as a barometer,
which seldom failed in its calculations.
If the night appeared to be stormy or
In many Instances when there was
not a cloud in the ohv, the male cardinal
roosted for the night under the
aves of the porch, apparently unmindful
of the human occupants. Many
nights when the ?k; was cloudless it
was thought that Sir Cardinal had
failed in his prognostications but before
morning, the rain was sure to deBcend.
One night Sir Cardinal perBuaded
his mate to occupy these comfortable
quarters with him The next
night before he had reached his roosting
place, the femste bird, who evidently
had thought rne quarte p etty
fair heibHif, appeared and quietly
elltubed to the perch which her mate
usually occupied. This was not In
keeping with Sir Cardinal's ideas of
the fitness of things Hut he did not
attempt to oust her by force rathi r he I
[lew to a near hv tree unit hnean in rim
most alluring tones to attrsct her from
the perch. From one tree to another
he flew telling in the most enthusiastic
notes that he had found the most delightful
plage Imaginable. But the female
bird remained obdurate and after
i half hour had elapsed a sadder and
wiser Sir Cardinal climbed to another
perch under (be eves and settled himself
for the night The next evening;
scarcely had the sun set before ho re
lurned and took up his quarters in his
favorite perch.
During the summer a pair of Baltimore
orioles built their nest or rather
hung their nest (o a slender limb of a
poplar tree, so slender indeed that
great apprehension was felt lest the
winds would bring i. tn the ground.!
But the birds had calculated bettei
than their friends and while the wind
storms raged the nest gayty swung to
and fro but never did it loosen its hold
on the slender branch. A family of
orioles was raised in the nest. The j
cat birds have also raised families
here and robins have raised innumerable
In the last few weeks famlies of
wood thrushes and chipping sparrows
and flickers have taken up their quarters
there but if they are nesting the
p>ace it is not known. Little attempt
is made to locate nests of the birds
for tear of frightening them awav.
They have met with -he warmest reception
on the part of the residents,
swinging feeding boards having been
suspended from trees as a precau-j
tlon against cats and the boards are i
I- kept supplied with atain and crumbs ;
P Bathing pans and drinking cups have)
also been provided, each day being ]
filled with fresh water. The use that i
the birds of all k'* d? make of these
conveniences shows plainly their appreciation,
and the pleasure ihey give
fully justifies any eff"rt made to doll.estlcate
Among the buds which have been
seen ai. the placo U Is summer some
ol which were in large numbers are
Cardinals, flickers, wood 'hrurh, scar
ioi. louBKBr, vBery. nven Dlrd, cat bird,
robin. Baltimore dole, yellow warblers.
several varlet'ts ot gnat catchers.
red headed v.or-dpecker, southern
downy wood peckers, white throated
sparrow, chipping sparrow, brown
thrasher, purple grnrkle, purple martin,
black billed cuckoo, song sparrow,
Juncos, Indigo bunting, flickers, house
wren, song sparrow, goldfinch, slate
colored juneo, red breasted nuthatch,
black capped chickadee, brown creeper.
It is needless to say that cats are
not welcome In the bird paradise but
Instead are rruted from the place at
first Intimation of their presence. Just
how many of the feathered friends
, they destroy during a season is hard
? ( to estimate onH t?<>? ???
_ jMx.v ai\jw wiien gar*
* den and field crops are of great concern
on the part of the nation at large,
the part that these Insect destroyers
bear In the preservation of crops, is
not to be under estimated. Keep your
cats In the house at nights If you must
have one ahout.
CUMBERLAND. Md.. July 28.John
B. Metzer, city clerk of Frostburg,
while motoring below Romney,
W. Va., with his niece. Miss Van Meter,
ditched his car to avoid running
down a flock of turkeys. The girl's
hip was dislocated. She Is in a hospital.
Metzer's shoulder was badly
tiui ana nig ngnt tnumb fractured.
Precept and Practice
Minister's Daughter (archly)?
Now, Cousin George, you must come
to church this evening. Father Is
"v preaching from the text "Love ye one
iP" another,"
Cousin George?Really, Mabel. But
can't we stop at home and practice [
while he preaches??San Francisco
Chrondla. \ I
U " *
I .
NEW YORK. July 18.?Is Ruth
Armstrong, missing in Havana since
July 16, victim of the international
white slave syndicate revealed by
Consuclo La Rue in the Ruth Crugcr i
Possibly working on that theory
American and Cuban secret service
forces have Joined hands in one of the i
most remarkable cases ever record
Miss Armstrong went to Havana
July 9 to serve as governess for a
wealthy family. Seven days later she
disappeared. She was last seen leap-j i
Ing from an automobile as though try- I
Bible Class Program.
Tomorrow evening beginning at
seven o'clock the Philathea Bible class
of the First M. E. church will give the
following program at the church:
Song No. 131, it Pays to Serve
Jesus. Song No. IOC, Wonderful Words
of Life. Lord's Prayer repeated, led by
Ruth Bonifield. Male quartette. Piano j
duet, Catherine Cooglc and Aileen
Dnl inrr Vwttmla rnonrd "I k'nnu'
That My Dream Will Come True.". Vic
trola record; "Jesus Remembered You," !
Rhodeheaver," Victrola record, "Jesus !
Blessed Jesus," by Rhodeheaver. |
League subject announced by Ruth i
Feather. References reaif by Lillie j
Spring, Zech. 3:5; Ailecn Poling, 1 [
Cor. 10:31; Catherine Coogle, 1 Cor.
0:22-25; Elizabeth Posten, Rom. 12:21.
Commented on by Claire Beeler, Edna
Harden, Carrie Hawkins, Violet Stutler.
Male quartette, or other special
music. Address by Miss I.ena Parks,
(ten minute talk). Male quartette. Address
by Mr. Levi B. Harr (5 minute
talk). Instrumental trio. Miss Coogles.
Philathea class song. Victrola record,
"If Your Heart Keeps Right." Victro'a
record, "Unclouded Day." Victrola
record, "How Sweet Is His Love." i
Victrola record, "An Evening Prayer.' j
Dismissed, s:ut) p. m. snake hands, \
Methodist fashion. Collection re
ceived at door by the Uvn "Ruths"?
Ruth Bonfield from the men, and Ruth 1
Feather from the ladies. Good night. [
To Sing at First M. E. Church. j
Mrs. George T. Jacobs, of Bedford, j
Pa., will sing at the First M. E. church
Plates, 58 guaranteed 10 years.
Crowns, 55 guaranteed 10 years
Fillings 50c. f
Teeth cleaned 75c.
Teeth extracted 25c, ?
Our examinations and estimates ar
erate with the least possible pain, u
methods known to dentistry. Open
IJday, t
IjOffice on Main St., opposite
lug to escape captors.
It is believed the international
...i.u. ..I 11 ? rAllA?iln?.
Willie mavt: fviiuieaie, luuunui^ mg |
Ruth Cruger case, may have trans-!
(erred headquarters to Havana to es-;
cape police operations and may have ;
taken Miss Armstrong by force while
the young woman was walking.
Miss Armstrong is unusually beau-1
tiful. Her father, Leroy Armstrong, i
was former Chicago newspaper man.
She taught school in Salt Lake City, |
Youngstown, 0?and Los Angeles, Cal?:
before going to Cuba.
Washington authorities have order-!
nil every effort made to find and free !
in this city on Sunday morning. Mrs.
Jacobs is a guest at the home of Dr.
and Mrs. A. 11. Smith, having come
here from Chatanooga, where she had
jast filled an engagement to accompany
her daughter, Katharyn lo Bedford,
the latter having been Mrs.
Smith's guests during iier mother's
absence from home. Other guests at
the Smith home are Mrs. Smith's sistor,
Mrs. H. E. Kessler, and (laughter,
Jllss Katharyn, of New York city.
? * * *
Returned from Houae Partv.
Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Broomfleld and |
theii* guests. Miss Beulah Harbison,
of Columbus, and Dr. James Clinton, of
Philadelphia, returned last night from
a visit to Dr. Hroomlield's old home on
the Cheat river. Dr. Broomlickl will
occupy his pulpit at the M. P. Temple
tomorrow morning.
4 * * *
Returned from Gypsy Trip,
Mr. and Mrs. Ilarry Williamson arrived
home last night from a gypsy
camping trip through the mountains of
northern West Virginia. They were
accompanied on the trip by Dr. and
Mrs. W. J. Boydston who continued
their journey.
? ?
Birthday Anniversary Celebrated.
Mrs. Elizabeth Arnett celebrated her
seventy-first birthday anniversary on
Thursday at the home of her daughter.
Mrs. 0. P. Lough, on Carleton
street. The guests included a number
of relatives from in the city and near
by. points. They were Mrs. Eusebia
b free. We op- Without teeth t
sing the latest ^Uhout chewii
Without digest!
all day Satur- Without nourist
i Court House. Over 5 and 1
T. Loach, of Parmlngton; Mr. and Mrs.
Lee Swlshfr, of filresrllle, the former
being a brother of Mn. Arnett; Mrs.
Ella Mockler and daughter, Margaret,
of Mannlngton; Mrs, Elizabeth Arnett,
of Morgantown; Mrs. Belle Fiord, of
Grant Town, a (later of the host ess;
Mn. James Michael, Grant Town; Mrs.
Elvira Straight, Mrs. Ashby Hawkins,
Mra. C. E. McCray, Mr. and Mra. Ray
Arnett and son, Master Elbert Lee;
Mies Caroline Dudley, Mrs. Clara Stev-1
ens, Mrs. P. L. Dempsey, Mrs. W. R. |
Clayton, Mrs. Alice Lamberton, Miss |
Leonora Lough.
A Wiener P.oast.
A party of young men who are camping
at Comfort Cottage, Eden Springs,
composed of Mel Jacobs. John Jones,
Raymond Fisher and Charley Hoult, |
entertained members of several other j
parties at a wiener roast at the camp 1
last night.
I A Buffet Luncheon.
Mrs. Morgan cnainDers enienamau
at an attractively appointed buffet
luncheon yesterday afternoon at her
home on Benonl avenue. The guests
included several visitors in the'city.
For Bride Elect.
JIlss Maria Boggess Haymond whose
engagement to Kenna Clark was announced
recently, was the honor guest
yesterday at an attractively appointed
one o'clock bridge luncheon at The
Fairmont at which Mrs. William S.
Black was hostess. The guests Included
members of the younger set and
several guests from out of the city.
Entertained Friends.
The Misses Opal Curry and Madge
| Swiger entertained a number of friends
last evening at the home of the latter
at the corner of Third street and Gaston
avenue. Games and music were
diversions of the evening and refreshments
were served.
Jllss Inez Jacobs leaves in the morning
for Terra Alia where she will be
the guest for several days of her sister,
Mrs. L. L. Ughtner. Rev. and
Mrs. Lightner will move to Newcomer,
Ohio, within a few weeks where Rev.
Llghtener has accepted the pastorate
of the Baptist church. He recently resigned
from the pastorate of the Terra
tit.. -1 ?I-. Kink Vtn/1 uneiiar! fr\y
/Villi lllliuil ?liIVII lie I1UU ovavvu 4W1 I
several years.
Guy Kuhn, of near Mannlngton, a
graduate of the 1917 class of the Fairmont
Normal, was in Fairmont yesterday
calling on friends. He left today
to visit L. C. Fur bee, a graduate of the
same class at his home in Ohio.
Miss Minnie Arnett, of Buckhaunon,
has been the guest for several days of
her aunt. Mrs. I. N. Hough, on Qulncy
Miss Margaret Staggers will return
tonight from Parsons and ElkinB where
she had been the guest of relatives.
Mrs. Frank Parker and children, of
Martin's Ferry, 0., are the guests of
relatives here. They will visit the
former's parents at Kingmont.
Miss Mabel Griffith, who had been the
guests of relatives in Morgantown,
has returned home.
Miss Edna Jenkins has returned
from Pittsburgh where she had been
the guest of relatives. j
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Grimes, of Ma
pie avenue, have been called to McMechan
by the death of their cousin, t
Mrs. Frank Stockman. ,
The Misses Loretta and Ursula
Small, of San Antonio, Texas, and Miss ?
Josephine Devison, of Grant Town,
have been the guests for several days <
of Mr. and Mrs. James McKenna and j
family on Walnut avenue. The Misses
Small will go on to Connellsville and s
Buffalo to visit relatives.
Miss Jane Montgomery has returned i
from Deer Park, Md., where she had j
spent several weeks. She leaves Monday
for New York to spend two weeks, j
Mrs. H. G. Stoetzor, Mrs. Frank l
Ritchie, the Misses Ella Hunt and Irene 1
Barnes returned last night from Terra ;
Alta where they had attended the meeting
of the Presbterian Missionary so- \
eielles. c
Miss Florence Cavender has return.
ed from Catawba where she had spent ^
several weeks at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Warren Watson. I
machinist electrocuted. (
CLARKSBUIIG, \V. Va.. July 28.? 1
Becoming entangled in the w'ires of
a mining machine, Harry Coffman, a ?
machinist, 29 years old, was killed by a
electricity in the Dawson coal mine j
near here. ,
Uncle Sam demands i
that you have ' good i
whv? ri <
icewi. TTUA *
here cannot be chewing. M
ig there cannot be digestion. 11 3
on toere cannot do nounsnment, j
iment there cannot be health anl j
nsTS I
Oc Store., Bell Phone ^1J j
I <3Please
That the
has been going on for some time t
and assortments are narrowing dc
dally. There Is still good cboos
but each day makes it harder to !
the style you want In the Bize
need, so do not delay if you want
share in these splendid savings.
Oxfords, Ties, Strap Pumps and
lonial Pumps, In white, dull and pat
black leather and a few colors. t
! some white high shoes are in this f
at $2.90 a pair.
First Floor
Men's White Di
Palm Beach Clc
fords Special $1.
Black Velve
? ? w ?
Newest wr
It Is a smart contrast?hats of
crowns of lustrous black velvet v
are all-white satin and crepe hats
small and large shapes.
There are just such hats as w
early fall wear and are quite mod
Mrs. Rebecca Richardson and son,
larrett, of Indiana, are visiting J. L.
rennant and family.
Miss Dilema Holbert, of Mannlngon,
was visiting Miss Josephine Tentant
A. L, B. Dudley, of Fairmont, was !
i business visitor here Thursday.
Dr. J, W. P. Jarvis entertained his
5unday school class Thursday by glvng
a picnic at Pentress.
Mrs. J. L. Tennant was at Fairmont
ihopping Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Lucy Jackson, of Clendennin,
s visiting Miss Nelle Coffman at the
Patriotic rally given under the auslices
of Lincoln Temple No. 13, j
{nights of Pythias, held at the St. Paul j
laptist church Sunday, July 29, 1917, i
it 2:30 p. m. Everybody is invited.
Mrs. Ward Brennen of Fairmont was
isitlng Mrs. Josephine Yost Thurs-,
Miss Naomi Streight of Fairmont j
? 1 tnitAM Uaha ^htirc/lov !
vas & DUSHiCMS ?1D11U1 iiCIC lliuiauu;
James Toothman of Gilbora was a
)usiness visitor here Wednesday,
Mrs, Andy Varncr and Miss Alline
Miller are visiting Rev. A. H.j
Perkins and family at Richwood,
Misses Margaret and Agnes Greas- >
>r of Wheeling Business College arei
veek end guests of their parents Mr. i
ind Mrs. Jacob Greaser. j
Miss Olivene Perkins who has been
| We're
I To th
c| On August 1st,
take care of <
| Before
we are determin<
& Pia
| You I
8 It means that prices wi
5 two hundred dollars. Ei
S ular price and the Rem
3 its up to you.
I c
^ >
3 Open Evenings
p a*?&&&&**&**&&&&
' tliC* ><(nm 'W
^member u
Sale of Low
>.90 PA
find r] I I I | I I I I ]/ //
>0U Y // /h
ick and Whit
>th Ox- a*>
pv , Thoroughly pro
Ml 1 f^Jir ardine, pique- and
attractive belts a
t Crowns On
lite Millinery
fine white ?atln or silk crepe with
i'i?h vorv litfln trimmintr. Now. too.
i and the all-black hats of satin In
omen will like for late summer and
erately priced.
id Floor)
visiting here for a few weeks has returned
to her home at Richwood.
Mrs. Amos Smith nnd Mrs. Claude
Parker wore at Fairmont shopping
'on the 14th of July W. M. Hunter,
who is an old time class leader of the
St. Johns M. E. Church was taken on
surprise by a number o( his neighbors
and classmates who came to his
home to celebrate his 74th birthday.
After a social hour refreshments were
served by the visiting ladies, then
followed the presentation of the birthday
presents by his pastor Rev. R. D.
Hall. Words of appreciation were returned
by Mr. Hunter who enjoyed the
occasion finely. The hour was spent
pleasantly and was enjoyed by all
present. The persons present were
G. S. asnctt, Enoch Tennant and wife,
R. C. Hall and wife, rs. James Hunter
and daughter. Frank Hunter, L. J.
Lough. J. E. Michael, A. J. Haught,
Gladys Walls, Pauline Swagcr, Oliver
Kinsley, Catharine Hunter, James
Hall, Paul Hall, Earl Tennant, Rev.
R. D. Hall and wife.
Two Wives
My wife Is like George Washington;
I don't believe sho could tell
a He to save her soul.
Vmi't-o lnntrv* Mine call foil a lie
the minute I get It out of my mouth.
?Boston Transcript.
i Going to
10 I\lii7iim Rill
?. 119 Main Str<
where we will be in
>ur constantly incre<
i We Move Hoi
- / -1
3d to dispose or tn
nos and Player Pia:
Cnow What That IV
11 be cut to a point where yo
rery piano is today being m
oval Sale price. Come in, s<
Jacobs Building, Fairmont.
maaame n
Shoes at I
e Wash Skirts J
Special Price
shrunken dress sltlrts of white gab- ;|j
corduline with large pockets and \ ?
t $2.95 and $3.95. Ihj ;;
Second Floor
Most Women Need
New Hosiery
This Time of Year
Black, white, taupe and green
mercerized silk stockings, all
sizes, 50c a pair.
Full-fashioned white, green gold
and black silk stockings, reinforced
feet and garter tope,
$1.50 a pair.
(First Floor)
The Coolest of Corsets .'
Are .None loo Cool
when the thermometer start* to 3
climb toward the 90 mark. For
4nra aitOCTAef
lilt? fcHJULCOL tUUIiVt li nu sugDvui> ,
Uossard and American Lady net
corsets, open mesh and lightly ,-l
boned. Women say that they
hardly know they have a corset ;'jn
on when wearing these. Prices
$1.00 and $2.00.
(First Floor)
HARRISBURG, Pa., July 28.?Gov
ernor Brumbaugh yesterday appoint- J
ed the following persons to be mem- _j
bers of the Lake Erie and Ohio Rlrer
Canal Board: A. E. Adams, i
Youngstown, 0.; Tom P. Sloan, Char- ;W
loroi; H. C. Okden, Wheeling, W. Va.j 'iW
John E. Shaw. Pittsburg; W. U. Fol- ,1
lansbee, Pittsburg; William H. Stev '*j
enson, PittBburg, and Frederick N, : >1
IJeegle. Beaver Falls.
Children Or^
Loch Lynn Hotel for J|
Your Vacation :'l|
Overlooks Mountain Lake I
Park and gives magnificent j
view reaching three states. Pool :a
rooms, bowling alleys, swimming
pools, a fine dancing pa- ;
vlllion, tennis courts and golf ;1
links furnish ample amusement. . 19
Our menu makes an Inttanta- i
neous hit.
Write for descriptive booklet. || .$1
L. B. C, LIST, Proprietor. |j
Move Jj I
U? J; I
ilding I I
i better shape to I j ^
.wing business || 1
is entire stock of j |
leans ':jj
u will save from one {of \. |
arked showing the Reg- ; \ ;)
;e them, hear them?then j j
Bell Phone 981, :j ::|J

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