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Leonard Has Everything
Old Timers Won Fights
Just a moment in passing on the
merits of Benny Leonard, lightweight
champion of the world and conqueror
o ftwo of the greatest champions
of his time.
Quoting Mat liinldo, light imprcs
Bario and famous referee:
"Leonard is the greatest lightweight
of all time."
Perhaps Hinkle, who made the
statement at ringsido was overiiupressed
by the New Yorker's work
against Kilbane, but nevertheless tho
statement will stand with thousands
of fans and critics who have seen i
both him and the old timers in ac j
Any lighter who could humble '
Freddie Welsh, tho greatest defeu-!
sive lightweight the game has ever
Known in less man unit; ruuuus mm ]
take the measure of Kilbane, one 01 i
the greatest little lighters of the age.
I, In three rounds is far above the level
of present day lighters and at least
j on the level with such ring masters,
as Erne, Joe Gans and McAulifi'e.
In addition Leonard has proved his
isolation at the top of his class by
defeating the best lightweight challengers,
Richie Mitchell and Joe Welling
by knockouts.
There is no secret to Leonard's success.
He Is one of these natural
fighters who appear now and then in
ring annals, a boy with cleverness ol
instinct, with tremendous bitting
power, with the foresight to outguess
the other fellow and beat him to the
punch and with indomitable lighting
There has been nothing phoney
about any of Leonard's lights. He
has never stalled because he has never
learned to stall. When he climbs
through the ropes there is suro to
be three minutes of solid lighting to
every round with a possible Knockout
II the opportunity presents itself.
The fans of a decade or two ago
who have mourned for the good old
days of Erne, Griffo and fUcAulUIe
now have their wish for had Leonard
lived in those days he would not have
had to doff his chapeau to any of
Baseball at a Glance
Results Yesterday.
Pittaitrg, 5; Brooklyn, 1.
New York, 3; Chicago, 1.
Cincinnati, 6; Philadelphia, 4.
St Louis, 4; Boston, 3.
Eleven innings.
Standing of the Clubs.
W. L. Pet.
New York 54 2S .659
Cincinnati 54 43 .557
St Louis so 4U
Philadelphia 42 39 .519
Chicago 45 47 .4S9
Brooklyn 40 46 .485
Boston 36 49 .424
Pittsburgh 30 59 .337
t Chicago, 9; New York, 5.
Detroit, 11; Philadelphia, 3.
Cleveland, 3; Washington, 2.
Washington, 5; Cleveland, 2.
St Louis, rain; Boston.
Standing of the Clubs.
Chicago 61 33 .649
I Boston 65 35 .611
Cleveland 61 45 .531
Detroit 48 45 ,516
New York 45 45 .500
Washington 38 64 .412
...... ? j r rt nn.
PMiaaeipnia o% oo ?i;u
St Louis 36 58 ,3S3
Games Scheduled Today
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh ((2).
Philadelphia at Cancinnati.
i' New York at Chicago,
P Boston at St Louis.
St Louis at Boston.
Cleveland at Washington,
jt ^Chicago at New York (2), -
V Detroit at Philadelphia,
( ?y/< vwi'V > v. w;. ,
"How did you happen to get into tills
racing game?" some one asked Eddie
Kickenbackei a year or so ago when
Eddie was getting ready tor a ilg
speedway event.
"Why. the excitement of the thing,"
Eddie laughed.
That's tiie reason Sergeant Eddie
Hckenbacker is now doing his bit in
Edaie was the third largest money
vinner on the American speedway,
'radically every race he entered
ueant thousands of dollars to him
md Eddie could still be over here grabSIM
Just as an afterthought why not
send some of our inovie vampires to
the trenches to demoralize the Kritzies.
Someone has asked Jess Willard to
give a boxing exhibition at Plilttsburg.
Jess hasn't answered yet. tie's
probably figuring on the sizo of the
Cincinnati was so unused to being
in second place that the people torgot
even the beer gardens to welcome
the club home.
Jim Corbett has again picked the
Giants to win. Which caused the
bookies to lay bigger odds 011 the
iteds. ,
Uncle Sain is to buy 50,000 motorcycles
(headline). And we've always
had so much respect for Uncle in ihe
i past.
County Dog Tax.
Mayor T. G. t'rice has received a
supply of county dog tags. Uvcryone
owning dogs in Monongah must get
Monongali dog tag from Mayor i'rtce.
Having the county dog tags, Mayor
Price is able to suppo* the people
from the country with tags and thus
save tiiuu a special trip to Fairmont.
Pay Day.
Merchants :irp nrennrinir for a nnnrl
days business today as this is pay
day at all the mines of the Consolidation
Coal Company along the river.
After three o'clock yesterday
statements were given out. Work has
been good and the majority of the
statements shown about town yesterday
evening called tor a good pay.
Building Station.
Work is progresisng rapidly on the
new pump station that is being built
just behind the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad station. .Most of the brick
work lias been completed. When llnished
the pump station will pump
water from the Valley river to the
Monongah reservoir on the Shaver
Selling Out.
David Levy who lias been In the
contectionary business on Bridge
street inr vears and vears is selling
bis entire conlectionery stock. Mr.
Levy will not leave Mouongab but
will immediately start a first class
Miss Massie Strickler was among
the Monongah business callers in
Fairmont this morning.
George llurphy motored to Fairmont
yesterday evening to attend to
Lester Fleming of Tucker Station
was in Monongah yesterday evening
calling on friends.
Miss Marguerite Jordan, of F)nirmont
head of the Employment lie
j lationsnip ror tne uonsonaauon umi
Company was In Monongah yesterday
J. S. At ha of Mill Run was among
the out of town business callers in
Monongah this morning.
Russell Bailey, superintendent of
the local play grounds Is suffering
from a severely sore eye. The injury
was sustained when he was hit
in the eye with a baseball.
Dr. Hlllas, of Annabelle, was In
Monongah yesterday visiting the lo?<?1
tai yi'jOIC4MUUI .
I Dili ft Ultt Uuju.
I If ho wanted to. but "the excitement ol
the thing" sent him to France In the
first contingent of "Sammies" that
went over.
In France Eddie is Gen. Pershlng'e
personal chauffeur and "Black Jack"
does not need to fear that he will not
get anywhere he wants to go.
Rickenbacker, who flirted with death
every time ho raced In America isn't
worrying much about when German
hiillptu nrn Ulrnlv tn rin fn hfm
"The sooner I get to the front .the
better," lie laughed ? Eddie always
laughs. "It's the excitement of the
thing, 1 want."
Last Night's Game Was a
Most Remarkable
Three pitchers were put in the box
by the First M. P. team last night
in an effort to stem tho tide of dofeat
but the offerings of each one
were received joyfully by the Baptists
and smeared all over the field,
Brown, Smith and Gardener each took
turns at twirling but the Baptists
walked away with the game by a
score of 20-3. The score:
First M. P.? Alt. R. H. P. A. E.
Cutlip, 2b XI 1 2 1 1
Davis, 3b-lf 3 0 0 1 0 3
Smith, cf-p 1 0 0 0 1 0
Brown, pcf 2 0 0 1 1 1
Cumpston, lb .... X 0 1 3 1 1
Wilfong lf-c X 0 0 1 0 0
Clelland, c 2 0 0 10 0 0
Garner, ss p X 1 2 0 1 1
Hawkins, r;'-ss .... X 1 2 0 10
Baptists- AB. R. II. P.A. E.
Adams, cf a 1 1 0 1 0
Boggess, lbXb .... 5 3 1 4 0 0
Knight, ss-lb 5 2 3 2 0 3
H. AIcDougal. c 4 3 3 8 2 0
Primm, 2b a 2 3 1 0 01
Boston, rt a 1 0 1 0 0
Stump, If 4 3 3 1 1 0
Crawford, p-3b .... 2 2 1 0 0 0
Aloran, 3b p 4 3 2 1 0 0
Totals 39 20 17 IS 4 3
Palatine Baptists 060 581?20
Plrxf MP 000 030? 3
Two base hits?Garner, Hawkins,
Adams, Stump (2), Moran (2).
Three base hits?Boggess, McDougal.
Stolen bases?Smith (2), Brown,
Hawkins (3), Adams, Boggess, McDuugal,
I'rimm (4), Moran.
Hit by pitcher?My Moran (Smith).
Left on bases?First M. P. 6; Palatine
Baptists 3.
First base on errors?First M. P.
1; Palatine Baptists 5.
First on balls?Off Garner 2.
The undersigned, administrator
of the estate of John Veach, deceased,
will sell at public auction at
the late residence of the said deceased,
near Upton, W. Va., on
Thursday, August 9, 1917
At 10 o'clock A. M.
Four Head of Horses!
including one gray mare, one bay
mare and colt, one yearling colt.
14 Head of Cattle!
Including 6 Milch Cows, two of
which are full blood Aberdeen Angus;
one two-year-old Durham heifer.
three threet year old steers, one
yearling bull, Aberdeen Angus; 4
calves, one of which is Aberdeen
Augus, and the other three Jersey
and Aberdeen Angus; brood sow,
male hog and 7 shoats about 4
months, lot chickens,
Farming implements, household
and kitchen furniture, and other
things too tedious to mention.
TERMS made known on day of /
W. 8. PITZER, Admlnletrator. 1
At Grafton.
Mrs. D. W. Toothman and guest,
Miss Edna Holland, spent Wednesday
at Grafton. They went up to see
Mrs. Toothman's son Lawrence, who
is one of the soldiers In the company
stationed there.
Gone to New York.
Forest Springer left Thusday eyen- i
ing for New York. He will also spend i
some time at Atlantic City before his !
Party. i
Albert Boggess gave a party to a '
number of his young friends last eve
nlng at his home in Guffey street. 1
Fifty Maxwell i
sengers each, in fi:
towns, ran an avei
gallon of gasoline e
An average of 2
total of 892 Maxwi
of gasoline each.
These were the 1
the Maxwell Dealei
test which took plat
Canada on Wednes
In all the runs, pr
In this great ec
Maxwell owners en
one of them exceec
the 892 Maxwells.
Here arc
A.G. Heck, 32.2
S. H. Satterfield,
0. C. Hill, 29.5 ir
F. B. Barthlow, 5
If You W
Roadster $650, Touring
Temporary Location
,00? ??
o 2 [email protected] TUE Ht
3. ...
Music and games furnished amusement
for the guests and the event
was an enjoyable one to all present.
Here for Funeral.
George and Daniel Orr, oi Preston
county, were here yesterday for the
funeral of Morgan D. Orr. The gentlemen
are relatives of the deceased.
Mrs. Charles Watson, of Morgantown
avenue, went to Charleston today
to spend some time with relatives.
Mrs. William Shaffer has returned
from Tunnelton, where sho visitea
elatives for some time.
Mrs. Lute Brown, of Diamond
street, went to Shtnnston yesterday
:o spend some time with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott.
Miss Edna Holland, who has been
:he guest of Mrs. D. W. Toothman
)n Reeves street for the past week
vent to Litle Falls yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nichols, of
^olt'ai, were ia the city last night
yell Proves
notor carrying four pasfty
different cities and
;age of 39,67 miles on one
7.47 miles was made by a
ells running on one gallon
rig, outstanding results of
:s' Gasoline Economy Conre
in the United States and
day, May 23rd.
ivately owned Maxwells in
irion County
ts Economy I
:onomy contest four local
itered their cars and every
led the average mileage of
; the Records
miles on one gallon,
29.6 miles on one gallon,
liles on one gallon.
18.2 miles on one gallon.
' V * 1 1 T\
ant to noia uown
Car $665, Cabriolet $865, To
including electric stai
all Gara
General Distributors and
Washington Street,
e \NA6OM vjeteMS WE!
" * . . . -"f , ^ 3
City Clerks Issue Them in
the Incorporated Towns ;
of the County.
People from outside of Fairmont
have been coming daily to the city
hall and applying for their dog licenses.
Fairmont people have also been placing
their applications at the county
clerk's office.
It should be understood by all people
witnin the city of Fairmont that they
/31 ft
y&t i
jr y\if
Economy i
lal Contest
actual daily use by purchas
In each car were three o
MiilKin nflPiniolc AT
per men, puiui^ umviuiu, ui
Chambers of Commerce or .
These observers made af
results of the runs they wat
The Maxwell Motor Com
certified contest figures as i
regarding the Maxwell's ecc
So much for what the Ms
a general way.
Records Pro\
-fere at Home
These records, were mac
Loan contest which closed Ji
> " TTII1 1
tional contest, u. u mil arov
miles on one gallon of gas
greater mileage than any otl
These records were mad?
all over Marion county, ar
West Virginia roads, under ]
Gasoline Bills Buy a .
wn Car $915, Sedan $985;
ter and light. All prices f. o. b.
ge tomp
Dealers for Marion County.
L THE o. "
VFFI !* ?' .
" IJULlt
are to get their tags from City Clerk
Albert Kern at the city hall. People
living in incorporated towns such as
Menongah, Fairvlew and Mannlngton
v.Ji get their taga from the city clerk
of the town. Those living In unlncor*
porated communities and In the coontr
districts will get their tags from
the county clerk's office in the court
At present when so many applications
are being handed in for dog tags.
It will be of much convenience to both
the clerks and those applying for the
dog tags, to go to the proper place to
make the applications.
IMiU m IU4 ?od U.ld metallic\I#J
Mtitd vttb BJue Rlbboo.AJf
1Y| T&1 Take no olkir. Bor frw ?
ft known u Dot.SitetAlwtin IHIUbH
?k vgA
in an
;ers were employbservers,
newspa- (
officials of local
A.ulomobile Clubs,
fidavits as to the
ched. 1
pany offers these
>roof of its claims
ixwell is doing in
le in the Liberty
ilylO. In the Nae
his Maxwell 34.5
soline, getting a
her West Virginia
by people known
id were made on
practically normal
... - ?v
completely equipped
.any |
: v
Bell Phone 485.
ICE'*: ' fc ! ;
-& *
.. J .1

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