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|[ Pittsburgh ~ ;
PITTSBURGH, July 28. - On the I
Pittsburgh Stock Exchange there was 1
little trading outside of the copper
Shares. In thli group close to 10,000
shares were dealt In and only some i
600 of the major stocks were traded ]
In. The total sales for the session
amounted to 10,860 and 86,000 of bonds.
Almost stationary prices prevailed,
only small fractional changes taking
' place. The greatest change was In
, the sale of 30 shares of Independent
' Brewing preferred, which dropped a
point. On the sale of 32,000 of Central
* District Telephone bonds at 102 the
price was up Pittsburgh Coal
debenture 5s at 99 >4 were up V*.
Bales. High. Low. *
1,900 Cable Con Mln .06 .06
2,625 Diana Mines .. .28 .28 ]
25 Ind Brew 3 3
100 LaBelle iron .. 112% 112% .
10 Lone Star Gas. 96 96
100 Mfrs L & H .. 63% 63% .
1,300 Mt Shasla 40 .40 ;
136 Ohio Fuel Oil.. 19% 19 '
' ' 2,300 Pgh Consol 11 .11
800 Pgh-Jerome Cop .02 .51
16 Pgh 0 & G .... 5% 6%
1,100 San Toy 16 .14
* 100 U S Glass 41 41
%J20 West Elec 48% %%
$2,000 Cen Dls Tel Co. 102 102
3,000 Pgh Coal deb 5b 69% 99%
$6,000 1
. 1
Grain and Produce
CHICAGO, July 28.?Crop Impair- ,
ment In the Southwest, a result of too.
much dry weather, led to a higher
j average of prices yesterday for corn.
The market ciOBea steaay, vie on to ic
tip, with September $1.63 and Decern
her $1.16%. Wheat gained 3%c to 5c
and oats %c to 114c. A net decline of
8c to 17c was shown In provisions.
Articles. Open. Close.
July $2.50 $2.52
September 2.24 2.25
' CornSeptember
1.63 1.63
December 1.1614 1.16%
77 .77%
September 59 .60
New York |:
NEW YORK, July 28-Coverlng of
shorts in steels and war shares gener-1
ally contributed as much as anything t
to the comparative strength of yesterday's
dull and very restricted stock
market operations. The movement in
most essentials was a replica of recent
week-ends, when the bear faction
seemed to find it expedient to settle
outstanding commitments.
j Oil and Gas, |j
At long intervals the Dig Injun sand j
>, territory on Miracle run, Battelle dis-1
trlct, Monongalia county, West Virginia.
supplies a good producer. The
South Penn Oil company has drilled
In Its No. 4 on the Rebecca Lemley
farm, located 600 feet southwest of Its
No. 2. It Is showing for a 100-barrel
producer. The company is drilling No.>
5 on the Isaac C. Moore farm and the
Monongahela Traction company has
started to drill a test on the John Tennant
farm and Is down 2,465 feet and
fishing at No. 3 on the W. J. >Lemaster's
farm. The Hope Natural Gas
' company Is delayed from the same
cause at Its test on the Henry Gump
In Uuion dlstrjct, Wood county, the
South Penn Oil company has drilled
^ No. 12 on toe isivira mciituusun miui
through the second Cow Hun sand. It
la dry In that formation and will drill
to the Berea grit. In the same district
Richardson & Congdon have started
to drill No. 9 on the J. W. Kelly heirs'
farm. The Parsons & Sweeney Oil
company is down 900 feet and fishing
on the Rebecca Walker farm.
In Jefferson district, Pleasants county,
Noland & Gallaher have drilled No.
3 on the Aaron Bills farm through the
Covy Run sand. It Is a duster. Dinsmoor
& Co. eat one of the same kind
i at No. 11 on the Isaac Bills farm.
) Across the line In Grant district, Ritchie
county, Adams, Hester & Co. drilled
a test on the John' Clark farm through
the Big Injun Band. It Is not good
* for more than one barrel a day.
In Grant district, Cabell county, the
Barshburger Oil and Gas company is
down 1,600 test at a test on the M.
, , WASHINGTON, D. C., July 28?A
i tooth brushes a year, according to 11
partment, which has contracted for 5
regular, national guard and selected
to buy tbeir own toilet articles.
The same number of combs la prov
company barber shops are provided t<
i Every squad of men has one "hous
buttons, a total of 127,636 kits, for ir
At the base of an army sure immen
get full value out of worn clothing.
Every man la allowed three face t<
The war department is In the marke
For winter In northern France two
vlded and a like number of heavy a
To warm the tents and dugouts 1!
with 11,900,000 gallons of crude' oil,
Woolen gloves to the number of
In one year's time the men will slee
874 coib, eacti proviaea wicn a Deaau
soldiers themselves. To keep off the
I now contracted for.
4- At base camps there will be 147,851
i < of holding a dozen men. For field w
W .ery two soldiers, carried as part tJl
4 A Each soldier Is allowed two hats a
K | pairs' of socks. He must do his owi
I To keep the men In pdhts, 4,582,211
I cotton trousers are being made. To
I quire '40,000,000 yards ot the olive J
iV . _-? ' -.,'v ' i' ': '
Nicholas {arm. This is the only well
now drilling In C&bell county. In Carroll
district, Lincoln county, the Huntington
Development and Oai company
li due In the tend at another test on
the Albert Rice farm. In Walton district,
Roane county, the South Penn
Oil company la drilling a test on the A.
B. Heraman (arm. The Carter Oil
jompany is drilling a test on the J.
M Moore farm.
(Continued from page nine.)
4?United States destroyers arrive
in British waters.
{?Allied war council held in Pails.
11?Russian Socialists call internanaees
liuuai VVU4V. wuvv.
15?Oen. Petaln succeeds Gen. Nevelle
In supreme command of
French armies.
L7?A. F. Kerensky, Socialist leader,
becomes minister of war In Russia.
18?Wilson signs sel :t service bill.
!6?Zeppelin raid on Folkestone kills
76; Injures 174; three raiders
brought down.
7?British smash German salient
south of Ypiree.
8?Gen. Pershing arrives in London.
12?King Constantino of Greece abdicates
in faW?w of second son, Alex
15?Liberty loan oversubscribed by
19?Russian republic calls for offen?!??
nn oast
(11 T U UU VUU? (<? <
!2?United States mission arrives in
!7?Former premier Venlzelos forms
new Greek cabinet.
!8?First American force arrives in
France; Brazil revokes neutrality.
1?War minister Kerensky leads
Russians in t<-rific offensive in Gallcia;
Chinese republic overtln/wn,
Hsuan Tung, boy emperor, restored
to throne.
1?Russian women's legion goes to i
front, first in present war.
3?Wilson calls entire national!
guard into service; orders embargo
of war supplies .
12?Russians take Halicz, key to
Lemberg; OSancellor Bethmann- j
Hollweg of Germany resigns.
14?Georg Mlchaells becomes German
chancellor; Chinese republic
!0?Drafting of select service army i
takes place In Washington.
21?M. Lovoff resigns and Kerensky
becomes Premier of Russia. <
23?Kerensky becomes dictator.
24?Russian retreat in East Gallcia
degenerates into a rout.
2o?AustroGermans take Buczacz.
27?Conference at Paris decided Allies
will fight on until their object is
The following dates of the declaration
of hostilities show the
spread of th? world war:
28?Austria declares war on Serbia.
1?Germany on Russia.
3?Germany on France and Belgium.
4?Great Britain on Germany.
5?Montenegro on Austria.
6?Austria on Russia.
9?Serbia on Germany.
11?Montenegro on Germany;
France on Austria.
12?Great Britain on Austria.
23?Japan on Germany.
25?Austria on Japan.
20?Austria on Belgium.
30?Russia on Turkey.
5?Great Britain on Turkey.
22?Italy on Austria.
2?San Marino on Germany.
14?Bulgaria on Serbia.
15?Great Britain on Bulgaria,
lfi?Franco on Bulgaria.
19?Russia and Italy on Bulgaria.
8?Germany on Portugal.
27?Rumania on Austria; Germany
on Rumania.
6?United States declares war on
? T
aoldier ought not to use over two
hole Sam's quarter matter's de1,291,100
(or the 1,018,270 men in the
army. The 48,000 officers will hnve
Wed but no hairbrushes, at 19,626
) keep Sammy cropped and shaved.
9wl(e kit" ot needles, threads and '
itnor tears and scratches,
se tailor and renovating ahops to
iwels & year?on* every four months
t far 3,054,818 towels.
> wool coats per man have been prormy
98,348 tent stoves will be heated
carried to France-In tankers.
2,291,100 will fee used during the
ip under 4,078,080 blankets on 3,081,ig
sack stuffed with straw by the
mosquitoes there are 2,081,974 barg
) of the big pyramid tents capable
ork there la one "dog" tent to ev'
Maenhfiin nnn\r
I' U1D uiaibwuig
year, 12 pairs of dmwers, and II
i washing.
S pairs of the regular ollie drab
make the service uniform will rerab
cloth. The khaki for the sheli.
Death of a Former Well Known citizen.
Tho news was received by friendj
here on Thursday of tho death of
Jos. L. Buckley, familiarly known
"Lage," a former well known business
man of this place, which occurred
at tho homo of his daughter, Mrs.
floraco M. Patton at Portland. Ore.
Ho was a veteran of tho Civil war
and after the close of hostilities he
came to Worthington and entered the
mercantile business with his father
under the firm name of H. W. Buckley
& Son which they carried on successfully
for several years, later selling
out to Bruno & Martin. After retiring
from mercantile pursuits, he
engaged in farming for several years,
llicn selling his farm he removed to
i'arkdrsburg where lie again engaged
In mercantile pursuits. While a rcsi-1
dent of Parkcrsburg he was elected
sheriff of Wood county on the Be (
publican ticket by a largo majority
over his Democratic competitor. For
the last several years he lias resided
In Portland, Ore. Funeral services
were held at Parkersburg on Wednesday
of this week, Rev. C. 11. King, of
the First M. E. church officiating. Interment
was made in Rivervicw cernolery,
Andrew Mather Post G. A. It.,
of which he was a member having
Precautionary Measures Against Poliomyelitis.
As a precautionary measure against
the spread of infantile paralysis a
quarantine haq been declared against
residents of llonongah under sixteen
years of age. Also the assemblage
of persons under that age at moving I
picture theaters and other publicplaces
in the town ft prohibited. Per- j
sons under that age will not be per-1
mitted on the streets after 8 p. m.
Will Enforce the New Dog Law.
Arrangements are being made by
the authorities to strictly enforce the j
new dog law which became effective
on Thursday. Worthington can verywell
spare fifteen or twenty worth-'
less canines. Tills would go along]
way in conserving the food supply.
W. B. Mallernee, of Monongah, was
calling on friends here on Thursday.
Festus Parrlsh, of Teverbaugh. was
transacting business in town on Friday.
Lawrence G. Stanley assistant
f-oHhisr of tin First National Bank
has spent the laBt few days In the
harvest field as a recreation.
Fred W. Taggart, of Clarksburg.
is on sale in
Every Day by
Phillip Chesler, Alman
ac ner.
American News Co.,
Don't be without
your home paper
while away.
"'V ^ *, ^
was calling on friends here on Thursday
Mrs. T. F. Smith was visiting
frlonds at Annabello on Thursday.
Will Woolard, of Hutchinson, was
a visitor in Worthlngton on Thursday
The funeral of Miss Hannah Nuzum
whose death occurred on Thursday at (
the county home, took pie.ee this afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock trom the Metho-!
dlst church at Colfaj and interment
was made in the Collax cemetery by
Undertaker Fred Jenkins. Miss Nuzum
was a daughter o( the late Jantes
Nuzum of Colfax. She is survived by
ttvo brothers, Jobe and Zadoc Nuzum,
both of Colfax.
I Tn T Anrlr finirlpr. who HUGS on behalf
of himself and all other lien creditors
of R. Wynne Hall and Vashta M.
Hall, plaintiff, and It. Wynne Hall;
Vashta M. Hall, A. C. Cunningham
and It. C. Cunningham, partners as
A. C. Cunningham and Son; 0. K.
Kelley; Guy H. Fleming and T. J.
Titherington, partners as Auto Tire
Repair company; Home Savings
Bank of Fairmont, a corporation; '
i First National Bank of Fairmont, a
[ corporation; Peoples National Bank
of Fairmont, a corporation, defend[
In the Intermediate Court of Marlon
county. West Virginia.?In chancery.
You and each of you will take notice
that in pursuance of a decree of
the Intermediate Court of Marion
county, West Virginia, entered on the
26th day of May, 1917, in the Chancery J
Cause therein pending wherein you!
I are the parties complainant and de-;
I fondant, I have fixed upon the 14th
day of August, 1917, at my law office j
in the city of Fairmont, Marion county,
West Virginia, as the time and !
place for beginning the discharge by |
my duties under said decree, an abstract
of which is as follows:
"It is therefore adjudged, ordered
mljj c-j o-st
| Steady1
, , Reveals tl
( Behind
' \ The National Bank of
I work and worked Its pla
muahroom-like over night.
, ) Some businesses stake (
no thought for the next
f \
iThe Diea policy ot nann
this bank stable and gtea
of the future.
Not building only for toi
aim of the National Bank i
Apply Its policies to an
that account's steady grow
- > - _
and decreed that this cause be, and
the same hereby Is, referred to A. L. 1
Lehman, one of the Commissioners In i
Chancery of this Court, who Is direct- 1
ed to make report to this Court as follows:
"First, All the real estate owned
by the defendants R. Wynne Hall and
Vaslna M. Hall, where situate, Its description
and quantity.
"Second. The liens upon said real
estate, by whom held, their respective
amounts and priorities.
Whnthnr flflM rAftl PKtfttG
X II II U. ?? ?vtuv> -
will in five years rent for a sufficient
sum to pay oft and discharge said
Hens, and the costs of this suit.
"Fourth. Any such other matters
as any party In Interest may require,
the same being pertinent, or such other
matter as said Commissioner may himself
deem pertinent, whether so required
or not."
At which time and place you are required
to be present.
Given under my hand this 12th day
of July, 1917.
Commissioner in ChanceryHARRY
Attorney for Plaintiff,
To all persons holding liens by judgment
or otherwise on the real estate,
or any part thereof, of R,
Wynne Hall and Vashta M. Hall:
In pursuance of a decree of the Intermediate
Court of Marlon county,
West Virginia, made in a cause therein
pending to subject the real estate
of said R. Wynne Hall and Vashta M.j
t_i?n 4? iho anticf?pfinn nf Hens I
J iai; iu iiiu UUv>.'.v.v..vU ? .
thereon, you are hereby required to
present all claimB held by you ana
each of you against the said R. Wynne
Hall and Vashta M. Hall, which are
liens on their real estate or any part
thereof for adjudication to me, at my
office in the City of Fairmont, in said
Marlon county, on or before the 14th
day of August, 1917.
Given under my hand this 12th day
of July, 1917T"
Commissioner in Chancery.
r~{?n ?Pj
Growth I j
le r usii r?
a Bank 1 j
Fairmont has planned its '
n. It has not sprung up '
ill on a single rear?with '
g a plan o{ work has made ' ]
dr. It takes deep thought
lay but for all time Is the
of Fairmont. * *
account here?then watch
th. L
LOST?Last Tuesday between corner
of ^erry and Diamond and Jenkins
hotel lady's watch and chain. Initial,
EL E. J. on watch. Reward If returned
to box 2624, West Virginian.
7-23-3t 2624
FOR SALE?Four room ut-ee dilh
batb. For information call or address
A. C. Kendall, Mining Machine
office. 8-lS-tt No. 2027
FOR SALE?6-room bousa with bath.
Big lot Apply 325 Jaflerson street
4-20-tt No 223.1
FOR SALE?Nine room house E.
Park on paved street and atroei
car line. Modern conveniences. Will
sell right (or cash. InQUire West
Virginian, Box 2624. 7-27-2t 2634
... i .1 e .I 1 ' ?
FOR SALE-Oood Ohio larma. H. H.
Weber, Atwater, Ohio. 6>25-26t-2506
FOR RENT ? Two three-room flats.
??I- nr.it.. c_ trt.ae ?e
allot at u/ibuui rusii dmwv i
and Fairmont avenue. 7-17-tf-2527
FOR RENT ? Light housekeeping
roomB, 205H Walnut Ave.7-12-6t-25?I
FOR RENT?Two unfurnished rooms,
gas and water in return for housework.
Address Box 2626, West Virginian.
7-21- 2t 2626
FOR SALE?Fine Jersey cow In milk,
also a yearling heifer. Address Box
2621, West Virginia. 7-21-6t 2621
To Whom This May Concern:
I, the undersigned Antonio Scalise,
>f the city of Fairmont, Alarlon couny,
West Virginia, trading as Columbia
Glass Company, hereby notify all
persons that 1 will not be responsible
for any debts, contracts, agreements,
promises, purchasers* or oriers,
made by, with, or to any person
)r persons claiming to represent me
is agent, employee, partner or otherwise,
unless such person or persons
ilaiming to represent me In any such
capacity or authority signed by me or
my agent thereunto authorized.
Given under my hand this 21st
day of July, 1917.
Trading as Columbia Glass Co.
NOTICE?I find my wife Mary Yoder
has left my home and 1 will not be
responsible for any debt ehe contracts.
7-21-3t-2616 W. S. Yoder.
All persons Indebted to the estate of
Samuel W. Barnes, deceased, are hereby
notified- to settle at once, and all
persons holding claims against said
estate are notified to present said
claims to the undersigned for settlement.
O. Ui unjiwiuwi
Administrators of the estate of Samuel
W. Barnes, dec'd.
7 21-28; 8 4-11-18-25.
WANTED?To hire a three-ton truck.
Steady work If satisfactory. Address
P. A. Sacci, Post Office Box
100, city. 7-25-4t 2630
FOR RENT ? Very desirable housec
and flats close in South Side. In
qutre F. P. Kelley, Bell phone 256-R.
6-26-tf No. 2390
for the wage earner?
to start a Sayings Account
at our Savings
r>?nnd rtnf A.
nuepartuicui. B^I, *
per cent interest is II
0 wise. ra
KN Adopt the savings ac- g3
Est count plan today, in- M
1 - 1 crease your deposits
whenever possible and
you'll always have
money to use for any
fairmont i
i trust i
| company!
^ Directly scroti the N
> street from our former ??
s'o^"- n
1 % I
WANTED ? Stenographer and offlca
woman. Bell phone HI. 7-2V6t4617
WANTED?Younr or middle KM woman
for housework. Only two In
family. Good home. No. <17 Locust
WANTED?Good reliable girl for genoral
housework. Apply Sit Fair mont
Ave. 7-78-81 2619
WANTED ? Qlri for general houaework.
Bell phone 704-J or 700 Cole- ;' S
nan Ave. 7-2MM6S3
WANTED?Laborers on road work at
Riveavllle, W. Va. Apply on work.
Ridge Bros.. Contractors. 7-l<-10t-8689
WANTED ? Shoe repairman, Ameri *
can; steady employment for aober
nan. Salary or commission. Apply
at once to B. P. Chichester, IK Ml
Greene street. Marietta, 0. 7-24<t-9fl>5
WANTED ? Young man with some
knowledge of shorthand for position
as clefk. Apply after 7 p. m. B. A 0.
R. R. superrlsor'a office, Fairmont 8tatlon.
WANTED?Tailor at the Woolen Mills
Tailoring Co., Mannlngton, W. Va.
WANTED?Four warehouse min. Good
wages. Stevenson Co. 7-27St-t686 '9
SALESMEN?For largest hlghgrade
custom tailoring concern In New
York, to sell made to measure suits
nd overcoats, direct from factory to
wearer, to retail at $16.50, $19.80,
122.50. Satisfaction guaranteed or
monoy refunded. Only experienced
clothing men with real selling ability
nA0/V nnnlv 1 Inn Pnalnn Tlllnptnv
,,vvu '<ivu vitatuui taiiwiuig
Co., 61 E. 11th street, Now York, N.
Y. 7-28-lt 2836
(VAN TED ? Salesman?To represent
ua in your county, (or a producing
oil company, cofflmisalon bails. H. H.
Hoffman & Co., 308 Magee Building,
Pittsburgh, Fa.
Professional Carda I
""igmri * R a T*
jKSki Optometrlit and
MTOB Optician.
nH? 85 year* practical
experience. Olaasea (urnlihtd la
one hour. With
A. B. Scott & Company.
| MRS. W. A. TUCKER f , I
? Representing Nubone Corieta. ?
? Bell 48Y J 826 Monroe 8L |
Glasses ot all Kinds correctly
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed. . \
Hall Block over Martin's Drag
Ice Plant For Sale . ; Jfi
2 175 Ton York Refrigerating
macninco. f,vV-..a^_
In best of order, one run tour
yearB and the other brand new , 'HM
1 Westlnghouee Air Compre*80
r. ;'*? * t.r J
2 3 plunger Water Pumpi,
2 Sturtevsnt Generator*, volt*
115; amperei 130.
1 Rollins Engine, 12x30. V
1 Brand New Ingeraoll Rand 19
Air Compreisor 10x18.
4 Ammonia accumulator tanks
2 Liquid Receiver*, 24x1!.
All In best ot order. Formerly
the property of The Pure Water
Ice Co. Call or write 110 ML
"Vernon St., Dorchester Diet,
^??1 v.: ~5g^B
1 11 9j
Bell 1105 Con. 25a
In answering blind ad* in
The West Virginian classified
- ?..i.i
columns, fleafcft oU 1141 Bill! W . ^
use the precise address given In
the adv. Write the address
plainly. Letters brought to The ;C?
West Virginian office do not require
stamji. Always Inclose
your answers In sealed enrslopes.
Advertisers or others lbuulring
about a claeelfied ad.
iaust designate the ad. number
at the end ol the ad., as we hare
oo other means ot referring

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