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Town Talk
Cut out tue picture ot?.. ?cu. oidee.
Then carefully fold dotted line 1 Its
\ entire length. Then dotted line 2, and
so on. Fold each Bectlon underneath
accurately. When completed turn
WTOi *i*U JVIA At Alttiu m
Save the pictures.
11,1 West Virginia?
^ N'' Fair tonight, warm"
* IE) er 'n ea8t* Tuesday
rf\ fair and continued
^ Temperature at
l '' 8 a' m' today'
f Yesterday's weatbM|Hur
er, clear; temperate--'
ture, maximum, 92;
wMWjIt minimum. 69; precipitation,
Armory?Informal farewell dance by
First Regiment enlisted men.
East park?Ball game. F. M. M. vs.
Odd Fellows hall?Daughters of Rebekah.
Red Men hall?Monongahela camp.
K. of P. hall?W. 0. W.; Maple Grove
No. 10, Woodman circle.
' Modern Woodmen hall ? Sunshine
lodge A. 0. U. W. D. of H.
Maccabee hall?P. H. C.
Advisory Council Meeting? The
regular meeting of the advisory council
of the Young Women's department
of the Y. M. C. A. will be held
Tuesday evening, July 31st, at 7:30
at the Y. M. C. A. It Is very important
that all members attend.
W. C. T. U. Ouh'ing?Miss Ella
Cheuvrout of Clarksburg will be the
instructor at an instute to be held by
the Marlon county Woman's Christian
Temperance Union at Loop Park
tomorrow. A basket dinner will be
served at noon and members from
the various unions throughout the
county will be in attendance. Several
will be here from Farmlngton, Mannington,
Downs and other places
thoroughout the county.
Immertsed?Yesterday Rev. Mr. Perkins,
of the Methodist Episcopal
church, conducted baptismal services
in the river at Colfax. Three young
people were '<aptlzed.
New BiacKsnere wen? .tne aiacKshere
Oil and Gas company has struck
oil on the Ward Satterlleld farm, about
a mile below the Dartlett field on
Dent's run. The drill went two feet in
the Gordon sand and the well is making
100 barrels a day, according to latest
At Lodge Meeting ? Charles Williams,
the Madison street barber, left
last night for Huntington where he will
attend the sessions of the srand lodge
of the colored Knights of Pythias.
Scouts to Camp ? Today the members
of the Denham Scouts left for Bea
ver Hole on the Cheat river where the."
will go Into c-amp for two weeks. Scoutmaster
C. C. Denham accompanied
Barnes Reunion?The reunion of the
Barnes family of West Virginia will
be held at Pleasant Valley Grove, Au- 1
gust 28. The gathering this year will
take the character of a birthday cele-!
bration m honor of the historian of the
family, Rev. 1. A. Barnes, whose birth
day anniversary falls on that date.
Capt. Mason Gets Orders ? Captain
John W. Mason, Jr., of the West Vlrginla
National Guar', has received orders
to report to state military headquaners
where he will oe assigned for
Federal duty. Capt. E. C. Charnock, of
Pittsburgh, has received similar instructions.
Just where Captains Ma^
son and Charnock will be assigned to
dutv is not known at thla time.
Today's Legal Tranafera?J. C. Repler
and wife, to Carolina Belle Coal
Company, 16 acres near Worthington,
$1 and other considerations. Robin
A. Hood to the Fairmont and Clereland
Coal Company a parcel of land
In Hood's Addition to Rlvesville, consideration
$225. Fairmont Land Company
to Raymond and Charles Wolf,
a parcel of land In the Monongaheln
jnuuBuiiu Vyuuiymiy b A'lauion ioi
Fairmont, consideration $600. Laura
h. We6t to Lawrence S. Thomas, two
parcels of land In Winfleld district,!
consideration $500. W. J. Nntter to
J. C. Kepler, a parcel of land near
Worthlngton, consideration $800.
Marriage Licenses?A marriage license
was Issued at the County Clerk's
office today to Lerris Moran, age 34,
and Mary John, a widow, age 36, both
of Monongab.
LOST?The party who found the fountain
pen on postofflce desk Saturday,
ican place It In the owner's hand by
Ill- T3-11 1 nC7D AW KQO.D
i/ttiuug jjcii yuuuo *wurm wi ?/?/*-**,
FOR SALE?Store lixtareR consisting
of 2 floor show cases, cash register,
cake can rack, oyster container, display
case, Ice box, etc. Inquire McCougars
Central store, East Side.
^ 7-20-tf-JOU
Enlisted Men of First Regi- !
ment Haying Farewell
Dance Tonight u...
It wu officially announced at the
First Regiment Camp that Company l
C will In all probability leave tbe <
camp with a day or so and will pre- 1
ceed the remainder of t^e troops to ]
Charleston In preparation for the |
J?Par??p% Q^orHlan A lohomd 1
juuiucy us viiuiy uuuiuiiw)
This la the first official Information
that has been given out as to
the breaking of the local"camp and
It Is expected that the entire regiment
will aoon be on Its way to the capltol
city. They will remain there for
about a week after which they will
entrain for the southern training
The troops that are out In different
parts of the ?tate on guard duty
will not be returned here but will
proceed directly to Charleston. The
First Regiment will mobilize with
the Second Regiment of West Virginia
before going southward.
The exact date of the 6rders to
break camp at the local ground could
not be learned but it is generally
understood that sometime between
now and August 8, the camp bere
W?r4l1 Vu* a thlncr r?f thft flQjt.
IT lit WW to vuiuq v? . r?..
As a farewell reception to their
friends who have, been together with
them for the past three or four
months, the enlisted men of the Regiment
will hold an Informal dance at
the Armory this evening. The dancing
will begin at 8:30 and will continue
until 2.30. The affair was arranged
on very short notice Inasmuch
as orders to break camp might be
given at any time and the men have
therefore been unable to send out
invitations. However all friends of
the enlisted men are cordially invited
and a good time Is promised.
Through the generosity of Tom
Deveny, Skinner's Orchestra will
furnish music for the occasion. The
committee in charge of the dance is
as follows: I. L. Dunnlogton, H.
0. Ross, J. E. Gasklll, G. S. Martin,
N. 0. Heintzleman, Joe Hartley,
W. R. Ice and Harry Jacobs.
The Coffee Shop
Is Open Today
The Coffee Ship sign was hung up
early this morning and this new department
of the Fairmont was officially
opened to the public.
Many people were not expecting
hte Coffee Shop to be ready this
morning and consequently there were
few out for breakfast. Dinner today
was the big meal. The shop
liavine all the work it could do. Tak
ing a squint into the Coffee Shop at
noon today It looked like an eating
house that had an established business.
No Red Cross Work
Three Days This Week
There will be no Red Cross work
done in the quarters o the local or- (
ganlzation In the city building Wednesday.
Thursday and Friday of this ,
week for the reason that the rooms
will be in use by the Fairmont exemption
board for the examination
of the men drafted for army service.
Considerable space is needed so that
the men can be put through various
physicial tests and the only rooms i
that will suit the purpose are the 1
ones the Red Cross are occpuying.
House C
Owing to the continual a
kinds of shoes, and the coi
of capital required to keep
dead stock. So commencinj
we will give 20 per cent
Small lot ladies' low shoes
Small lot Queen Quality Iot
Small lot Queen Quality loi
Small lot Stetson Button 0
Small lot Stetson Oxfords
Small lot Barry Oxfords
Small lot Stetson Shoes
A 11 -.L nti/VArt (?1 AH r\AM '
All Willi*; diivco ipx.uu yci j
one-half price.
- . . - J
Senator Watson Sent Them
a Victrola With Outfit I
of Records.
"There hu bees no new cases ot
oollomyelltls developed In Monongab ,
over Sunday. At present there are ;
,'onrteen cases in the emergency hospital
at Traction park and Dr. Noe re-1 i I
afij all Hninp well He I i
,101*18 luat Iuo/ o*v??? ?~?c
.b pleated with the Monongah situation .
iitu.tion as It now stands and while
;here may be a few more cases break
)ut here and there, he believes that
the large part of the fight is over and'
that the epidemic is about checked.
Saturday Dr. Noe announced through
the West Virginian that his hospital
equipment would not be complete without
a Victrola. Senator C. W. Watson
yesterday had a large Victrola taken ,
to the hospital together with a complete
outfit of records. The Victrola is very
popular at the hospital and doubtless
has a good effect on the children.
Yesterday being Sunday many of the
parents and other sear relative! took
advantage of the opportunity to visit
their children at the hospital. The
children were more than glad to see
father and mother and natural!]' were
anxious to return home with them.
Besides the parents there were several
physicians from over the state at
the hospital. The establishment at
Traction park is a good example of an
emergency hospital and before it is
torn down will be visited by many physicians.
une Dig auumua iuai> ad uuue nuu^u
today Is a new residence quarters being
erected tor the six nurses. This
will be a three roomed building and
will be given over entirely to the
nuries. Previous to this time the
nurses have been sleeping In tents.
The new building should be completed
by tomorrow ready to be occupied by
the nurses.
Dr. Noe was called to the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Gregory on Saturday
evening where It was thought that
another case of infantile paralysis had
developed. The case was thorouhgly
investigated and found out not to be
Want Minor Son
Released from Guard
The first proceedings for the release
of a soldier In the National
Guard to he made in the northern district
of West Virginia were instituted
last week when proceedings were
started" for the discharge of Lyndon
V. Hall. Young Hall Is not of the
age of twenty one and his parents
are trying to have his release from
service on these grounds.
The writ of habeas corpus was
sworn out before Judge Alston G.
Dayton in the United States court
of the northern district of West Virginia
against Colonel R. h. Osborn.
commanding the First Regiment.
West Virginia Infantry. stationed
The summons was served on Colonel
Osborn by United States Marshal
C. E. Smith. The Colonel will go
to Phillip! with Hall on Wednesday to
attend the proceedings.
Your wife Is very ingenious,
I should say so. It seems to me
she finds a new place to hide my
aress shirt every time.?Detroit Free
idvance in the price of all
itinual increasing amount j
up stock, we must sell all
off all ladies' low shoes
50c a pair
r shoes $1.00 a pair
v shoes $2.00 a pair
fxfords $2.50 a pair
? $3.00 a pair
$2.50 a pair
, $5.00 a pair
pair. All odds and ends at
IVk V I Villa |
iQt W&
Popular M. Y- T. Employe
Crushed in Collision
Near Enterprise. Si
John 0. McElfrest, aged 49, a flagman
In the employ of the Monongahela
Valley Traction company, waa killed
and Clyde Darrah, a lineman In the
employ of the same eompany, wai painfully
Injured Saturday afternoon when
a freight car on the lines of the Traction
company near Enterprise collided
with a "line" car on which the men
were riding.
The collision occirred In a eurre
neither motonnen seeing he approaching
car until they were within a few
feet of one another. That both the
motormen escaped isjury Is considered
almost a miracle.
When the accident occurred the
"line" car was backing to the rear
with Mr. McElfrest itandfng within a
coil of wire rope. When the crash
came he was pinioned against the cab
and horribly mashed. It took some
time to extricate him from the debris
but ai soon as possible he was rushed
to Fairmont Hospital No. 3 where it
was found necessary to amputate one
of hie legs. He did not rally and died
within a short time after entering the
Clyde Darrah, who'was also on the
car, sustained a badly wrenched back,
and was also taken to the hospital but
later was removed to his home on Mt.
Vernon avenue where he is resting
well and it is thought he will rapidly
The "line" car was en route from
Viropa siding to Bingamon and stopped
to leave some workmen. When the
car started something fell from the
car ami it was backed in order to recover
the object. As it wag running
south the express car rounded the
curve and crashed Into the car which
was literally mashed to pieces.
The car which was south bound was
operated by Motorman Davis and Conductor
Rhodabaugh. Herbert Hall was
operating the "line" car with McElfresh
as his flagman.
Mr. McElfresh la survived by six
children. Mrs. Joseph Harvey, of Eldora;
Okey, Russell, Bessie and Lawrence,
all residing at Hoult. His parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore T. McElfresh,
also survive him as do six brothers
and four sisters.
The body was prepared for burial
at the Musgrave undertaking parlors
and yesterday morning was taken to
Hoult to the home of his parents. The
funeral will take place Tuesday afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock from the Meadowdale
M. E. church.
Miss Fad?-Have you decided to do
your hit?
Miss Fit?I'm going in for farming.
I think it will be perfectly grand just
to vegetate.?The Lamb.
Rockers bought in Januj
now so late we have priced
S1A f UU l y
Swing $10.00 1
Others in 4 foot u
lengths from $2.25
"Furniture Won
Masonic Temple
**Lsssr. .1 MOT t>06!' .
Mrs. Harvey Boice of East!
Side Stepped into Hole ,
at Green Gables.
The flrat drwmtng to t*he piece'
for corns time at any of the river
campi which dot the Tyfarte Vdtey
occurred yeeterday evening when Mre.
Kerrey Botce, n well known reettett
of the Beet Side of the river beha.
dftnth wtilte swtaSSlac
? -~r~
near Green Gable*, the msraer e*mp
of Sam r. ifcuium, awl before Mq
could reach her waa drowsed.
Mr?. Boice with bet hasband and
three ctrllHren and several otfer
frtends went up the river yeeSefc&vy
to enjoy the day fii the open, fhe
fromen of the party were eSVnaring
while Mr. Bo'lce looked after the children
who .were In the water near the
shore. Mrs. Bolce not knowing the
river any too well stepped into a
hole and In trying to regain her feet
grabbed one of the women members
of the party and twice pulled her under
the water. Her companion
finally succeeded In lessening herself
from the grasp of the drowning woman
and when pulled from the water
by two men who swam from the other
side of the river she was in a half
drowned condition herself but was
resusclated. Mr. Boice rushed to
his wile's assistance as soon as be
could get the children from the water
hut she had drowned before be
could reach her and much difficulty
was experienced In getting her body
from tbs hole.
A hurry call sent to the police station
brought Chief Watklne of the
fire department with the city lungmotor.
Efforst to resuscitate the
woman by thi smeans failed.
Coroner Frank A. Lloyd was called
to the scene following which the body
was removed to the Musgrave undertaking
parlors where it was prewired
for burial.
Mrs. Boice is survived by hor husband
and three children. The family
resides on Barns street on the East
Side of the river.
No funeral arrangements have been
made nt tnis unie.
225 People at
Big Moran Party
It is estimated that 225 people were
in attendance Saturday at the birthday
celebration of Elbert Moran which was
held at his uome in Winfield district,
honoring his 96th birthday anniversary.
On their arrival the guests were told
that a bridge which they had crossed
to roach the Moran home had been
supported that morning with extra
timbers which had been felled by Mr.
Moran and his so- in the wee small
hours of the morning.
During the afternoon prominent
guests made talks chief among the addresses
being one made by the honor
guest himself. A dinner was served at
nor .
iry for spring trade. It is
" j-1 t...u
in em so iney anuuiu muve
Rocker $7.75
|j Chair $7-50
Cushions extra. A
If very good cushion for
$1.25 each. The above,
is of special value now
onrl will Tint, lasf Inner.
Other designs at relaA
tively reasonable pric
th Living With."
'Jefferson Street
_> I / - VJMAT,CC
fHAnai P|f|a am
Q6afl weep
<fe?norhnents re
ties hcM put, these bargain
rat9 they're going. This c
Iraefdtoarjr money-saving
mean anything to you?
93c I 4i
For . Men'e KMI For six
bleaohed B
utartl.26 value#. regular 6S
1 ,
Your Wages Look Bigger
Italian Injured Some Time
Ago Has Developed
Sam Barba. ail Italian, who has been
living at New England for a few
weeks and working In the mine there,
was brought before the lunacy commission
today and after a lengthy examination
he was pronounced insane
and consigned to the state hospital at
"Weston for treatment.
He lived in one of the company
houses at New England but has lately
been sleeping under an old barn and
* * * 4 1 ? PrynmnA Vw IBrt nOA. I
IS sail! 10 nave ueeu icmcu uj mb i?v? .
pie of the community, although he Is
not thought to be dangerous.
Recently he has been going at night
to the shaft mine of the Consolidation
Coal company where he has been pulling
coke Indiscriminately. The superintendent
at that place testified that
the man has ruined quantities of le
coke by pulling it before it was done
and he has ordered him oft the place
a numbe rof times. The Italian, however,
is heavily built and the superinYOU
AT 01
ova or rncrllf
JLTJ.CH nx w nuiuuig
store room in the Nuzum J
ready for us. So there an
which you can take, advan
gains we are offering. Wi
in our present store. We
pianos to the new rooms,
aiios and we don't want to:
of these instruments have
players. They have been
expert mechanicians and tl
new pianos on the markef
Don't Thi
Used Jacob Doll Piano
Used Schubert Piano ..
New Denniston Player .
Kohler & Campbell, use
A number of other piano* on whi
Act at once. Sopeone else may
be bashful about asking for our ter
day, and our friends appreciate It
Jacobs Bldg. Frank M. SI
>ONTfcY IS <*
EVENING, JULY 30,1917,
Clearing Sale
still good and the quanti- /j
s can't last very long at the
learance sale presents ex- j|
opportunities. Does thi^ J
)c I 39c '
i 72x9C For lidlea new wal*t
>ed Sheet* up to one dollar valle
value*. ue. ,
When You Buy Your
g Here.
tendent didn't care to uae phyelcr '. .
force, so today he notified Dode Watt <
a Consolidated tpeclal officer, who at
retted the man on a warrant chargln
Sam Barba was Injured seven. ,
years ago by a fall of ooal Is a mis'
where he was working and It ! though
the Injury Is reiponslble for bis prei
ent condition. When questioned in rt
gard to his condition he replied, "Mgot
lots steam here," displaying hi:
well muscled arms, and then pattin
bit bead, "Too much steam."
Auto Crash_Victims
Are All .Recovering
Complete recovery Is now eipecte 11
by the physicians who are treat&a
Martin Blumberg of Baltimore wt)
was Injured In an automobile wrec ,
last Friday evening. Young Blun
borg was unconscious until restart)*
when he regained consciousness.
has been resting easy ever since an. 1
It Is expected that he will be able .
leave the hospital In about two weeki
Tho Misses Funt and Greenberi
the other occupants of the vreeke,
machine, and who reveived minor /'
juries were able to leave the hospitt
today and were taken to their horn*
M. M. Blumberg, formerly of th
city, together with hia brother Hem
Illumberg. of Baltimore arrived her
Saturday to see their Injured brothe
They left yesterday and etpresse?
their belief that young Blumber
would soon be able to leave the bo i
pltal. |
; and day to get our new J
Building, 119 Adams streetJ|
?only a few hours more
tage of the wonderful bar- J
i expect to sell every pjano 1
will not take one of these J
It costs money to move pi- '
move these but once. Some !;
been taken in exchange for jj
put ra good condition by a
ley will outlast many of the |
; today.
jse rtxes
Good \ I
v $150^ i
\$395'- |1
d four months $395 * J
ch you can aave from $60 to $100. . I
get the very piano yon want. *41
mi. We sell pianos that way efery J
" 1
iarpe, Mgr. Monroe Street \
lone 981.
' '
i '

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