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! -fflitOcdflir.
^ | ' THE paper that qoes
gj a I j f M tfce Fairmont Printing and Publlit
W:'' ' ? r W> * WIKQEL, General Uu>|
|fjaf 4AM IS C. HERBERT, Editor.
E Wpr RAV MAPUL Advartlelnr
H W* V. REDIC, circulation Mana
? ' r y. MONROE BOYER, Bnperint
; Publication Office, Monro* I
SELL 1106?1106 CONS
AU departments reached Clreulatlo
through private branch Advertiali
exchange. Editorial
?;/ foreign Advertising' Hepreaentatlv
k1'- WARD. Brunswick 131dg., New York.
Street. Chicago.
B' BY MAIL?(Pa/able In advan
I; . * One Year IS.uo i Three Mo;
K,C.' Six Months .. . 13.00 j One Monl
1 One Year $7,001 One Mont
K" Six Months 13.60 One Weel
I" ? BY CARRIER?(Outside of F
One Month 76c One Woel
wt.?uo?cripuon? payable In advance.
wMa asking fflr ch/iru-o in address tl
aiw addr^.i
L'i,.. _"|| i"1*' " 1 * 1 ?=-^~- . .
Entered at the postoftlce at Palmm.
stcona class matter.
n 'Subscribers on cur carrior routes
|| The V/eat Virginian any evening she
| TERM UNION." etate the tact and
H residence and a messenger will dell
fl your doer at once. There Is no ch:
scrlber tor this service. The West
| to render to its Subscribers the beet
Livery service possible and this Is t
'TpHROUGHOUT yesterday Unite
; : , J, talked to empty benches about the
v. mit a prohibition amendment to I
ji'j (>thi states, and the same thing is probabl
| . If any one can tell what good purpose
fortoance serves he can explain the who
k grtssional delays at the same time.
The Senators know how they are goi
Better ust as they knew the other da
going to vote on the Rivers and Harbors I
off the actual voting until some of the dt
whole body had spouted for hours to em
During the preposterous Rivers and h
$>:" only speech that attracted any attention
about the matter under discussion but al
tirely different.
"T"' HE member of the Russian embas
JL who promptly branded the latest
Central powers as an effort to mal
Hew Russian democracy performed a sei
of liberty which we hope will some time
But the plot was also aimed at this
at England, where a small peace pari
Otake trouble with a demand for a decla
I - upon which peace will be made. Public
it in a fluid state. Strictly speaking I
opinion. If that were not the case the
would be hopeless at the outset. In the
England there is a namby pamby, peace
which is always willing to embarrass the
demands for impossible things in the h
ultimately be bullied into throwing up tl
letting the war end right where it is.
always hurt when they are told, what
they are bordering upon treason with the
It is to this class both here and in E
German peace plot has been directed,
were as fully developed as their so callr
would see that the peace terms of the
ill Our allies are set forth in sufficient det
and that if Germany wants peace it is si
lomt concrete propositions that approxirn
tires of the Entente nations. First a
must be voluntary or forced political re
man empire which will put the govemi
of die people and out of the hands of
apd there must not be a suggestion of a
I! in the form of a customs league. Fins
indemnities for the violation of the po
Belgium, Serbia and Rumania, and real
future inviolability of all the little people
These things are very well understood
at long as there is a party in each of th
able enemy countries which does not und
a whole population at home which some
|| Ruff stuff f
That bootleg that killed two miners ,
Mar Clarksburg must have been
It takes an artist to turn out a good 1
E>'Jet) of that kind?end even then It Is
sot safes ^ |
I; . With the azamlnations going on at
tha. Red Cross headquarters first aid ,
E ought to ha available quickly if any
of the boys develop a tevere case
of eold feet. '
That guy who chased boys who had ,
I; . bOttbirded him with rotten ^eggs and 1
? then bad them arrested must have
p* aagse of humor.
;. ^ -? " vT'";' 'i'
# inwt be kept up I
iiHttlt? .net to.be wonder
make uie of the ait
HOME." United Stem in th
A?ooi?ud prSSp- net hive much ini
bukdat J army bu been the
in? comparer, yj*. 0f the enemy wagi
;er. :-j . "j ii probably known
itrMt* , Tf T
- chasers, w
OLIDATED ' "d^Pwecedi
n Dept..... 28d one of the most t
ig Dept.... 260 history of the coun
Room* 27 elusion.
e. ROBERT E. 8tart. WM
i23 W. Madison special election dei
of the movement si
J ject clear down to
. sold at a handsoi
f*. ?n .. SQ to the financial cr
HtuS !'? fl?wv I i
h ...".T.J ?0c going became a b
legal technicalities
60c had no right to bo
c .*.*.'*" ' *."7/ 15q Several ways c
ITS. " ~~ investigated, amor
airmont) lature to amend t!
i .....j, 18o eral courts, in sucl
ITS. dinance. This w
proper legislative
ve old ae woB aa gjfr ?U -
. will some d
? ' *1] of the part they ]
PER CALL c improvement proje
woods even yet, fc
falling to get mittee on engrosse
uld call "WBS- more lhan 20 me
jSVSJr* Among
trge to the sub- ally it was realize
Virginian plana cality to an absurc
newspaper da- to become laws in
art of the plan. TTie attorneys v
the bonds would
valid claims until
H S A 1 Sf at.hit.M m?s<n J
01, cuuaiuuituii piv/viM
meantime while al
was being drawn
war. Finally we
we got a glimpse
when some road b
and brought no be
the second letting (
bidder, so much er
Liberty loan camp
fore. There bega
which finally was
ited citizens who v
From the time c
of the bonds there
It is not a very i
, _ ? angle, but now ths
f TE- have ordered the v
d States Senators zens who have sto
resolution to sub- they fought each
he constitution to support and begin
y going on today, which they had hi
that sort of a per- time, from a new
le mystery of con- Perhaps the res
the'effort that was
ng to vote on this
y how they were Dr. Noe, the yi
bill, when they put of the children's I
illest talkers in the making life as pie
pty benches. under his care,
larbors debate the a long way towar
anywhere was not separation from t
rout something en
Food la cheapi
strike was settler
dealers in food n<
sy at Washington of their wares.
peace plot of the
te a breach in the Some one has b
rvice for the cause should be taken i
be suitably recog- benches put upon
rest. Every one h
country and even use thoaa benches
ty is beginning to appearance the gi
ration of the terms would be a shame
opinion in Russia of Coal run ravin
here is no public city could be tur
task of Kerensky Let the court hou
United States and
at-any-price party An American at
governments with of commission a
ope that they can troopa. This Is so
leir bands and let- been able to do, a
These people are gation Is in some
is the truth, that A number of yeari
ir agitations. bricks rammed a
Ingland that every cruiser in New Yi
If their intellects
id sympathies they The dispatches
United States and cate that the thre<
ail for the present, knocked out. Th
be that must make this change fo the
ate the known de- I me peopie who v
nd foremost there food control war,
forms in the Ger- f'me has been lot
nent in the hands tune to be on the
the General Staff, were on, while the
Mitteleuropa even of the other side.
illy there must be
litical integrity of The draft macht
guaranties for the the country and ei
i of Europe. training, When 1
d in Berlin. But say that the war h
ree of the formid- on'y knew It the
erstand them, and depend upon bring
how or the other 'ast stage Is reach
Couldn't he see that the boys only
Intended to play a joke on him?
That court martial now sitting at
the camp may change plans some
>t the boys made for what they would
to when they got to Camp Sheridan.
Sure It's hot but we have noticed
that It Is always hot about this time
)t the year.
So why worry?
Think how you'll (eel alosg about
the middle of January If the gas Is
still short.
e e
Sam Bardo says there Is too much
iteaux in his head.
Not every looney guy knows what
i the matter with himself,
* e e
It's lack of steam to ttsJies*, frob
lxlrj WiiSl vixWjiJNiAr*
L? ' -y
o the pitch of supporting the war. it it
ed at tlut the German officials try to
nation prior to die actual entrance of die
e war. The namfcy pamby element will
luence after e section of the American
recipient of some of die polite attentions
ing war on a scientific basis. This also
in Berlin.
month the municipal bonds authorized
ber actually are turned over to the purho
have already agreed to talce them,
saw* flawAtiuJ to ill* #>varlif rtl ill* /?tfv
cats uupvouvu iv mv vivuiv v> ><tv w<t/|
roublous improvement campaigns in the
try will be brought to a triumphant conauspicious
enough, for the vote at the
monstrated that public opinion was back
rongly. Good fortune clung to the proi
the letting of the bonds, for they were
ne premium which^B quite flattering
edit of the city. Sut at this point the
it rough. It was discovered that a few
had been overlooked,, and that the city
now money with which to build bridges.
iut of the dilemma were suggested and
ig them a proposition to ask the Legisre
new charter, which is still in the fedh
a way as to make it almost a new orient
so far that the bills providing the
rem?" - "I'tally prepared. But
? miawiui oown to Mil validate
.1 had been approved at tne polls,
opposed by Fairmont citizens who it is
ay have the grace to be heartily ashamed
olayed. But as fate would have it the
ct was not actually out of the legislative
>r in the rush to adjourn the House comd
bills neglected to make a report and
asures were for a time in an equivocal
them was the Fairmont validator. Find
that this would be carrying a techni1
length --J 't"> hi'ls were permitted
the regular .
vho had discovered the original flaw in
not concede, however, that they were
the regular 90 day period which the
es must intervene had passed. In the
1 this was going on the United States
, closer and closer to the vortex of
went over the edge. Here in Fairmont
of what that meant in ^he bond market
tonds were offered by the County court
Iter than par. When the time came for
>f the city's bonds there was not a single
(grossed was the investment world in the
laign which was casting its shadows bem
a quiet effort to place the securities
ended through the efforts of public spirrere
aiding the board,
if the election to the actual turning over
will be a span of about seven months,
creditable record, considered from one
it the members of the Board of Affairs
rork to be started the public spirited citiod
behind them and urged them on as
new obstruction will continue to lend
to figure the municipal advancement,
oped would be well under way by this
ultant benefits will be in proportion to
required to secure them.
sung but capable specialist in charge
lospltal at Traction park, la bent upon
asant as possible for the little charges
His solicitude in this respect will go
d reconciling parents to the enforced
heir children.
>r In Chicago since the switchmen's
1, according to the dispatches. The
sver miss a chance to boost the prices
een telling The Times that the coping
away from the court house lawn and
it so that people could go there and
mows what kind ot tired people would
and what a nice peanut shell littered
* ' ' - -1- A- UM_ TA
asB wouia nave in a biiuil mine, xt i
to treat this lawn that way when all
e running right into the heart of the
ned into a real park in short order,
se lawn alone.
earner yesterday rammed and put out
n American transport loaded with
mething that the U-boats have not yet
md It illustrates how dangerous naviof
the ports on the Atlantic seaboard,
s ago a Hudson river scow loaded with
nd all but sunk a first class Italian
ork harbor.
from Washington this morning IndU
3 man board for food control has been
ere is a disposition to give credit for
) President, but the truth is that it is
orced it. In all this long drawn out j
during which two months or precious :
it, Mr. Wilson has had the good forsame
side the groat American people
obstructionists in Congress have beery
Inery is running at full speed all over
oon we will have an army all but the
t gets the training it will be safe to
as entered upon its last stage. I( they
best interests ot the Central powers
ting the contest to an end before that
ably that makes loafers of some.
Wonder which class is entitled to
the greatest amount of sympathy?
* i
Speaking of the fellow who dielike
to work, the duck who started to put
the jay lines on the main street of
the village must belong in this class.
- - - 1
Nothing doing tlnce he turnto out
the masterly job it Jetferson street.
? ?
Meanwhile the crowd that turns
out each night at Doc Crane's corner
grows larger and harder to get
Wonder Doc doss not follow a certain
distinguished example at the
other end of the lane and close up
for a time.
No one without a football training1
9/ aq experienced bargain sale tadMHt
' ' * ' V - v
(BY C<
JluHAT'S THt rOe/4, MRS. TR*.
| you BACK6D up this case
U ' '? W i
can get Into his store.
? ?
By the way. what has become of
the members of the Bootleggers' Amalgamated
union who used to hold a
convention on that corner each evening?
* * ,
One thing is certain, not many of
them have gone to work in spite of
the 36 hour law.
To Teach Here.
Miss Beatrice Hall, of Brookdale,
who has been a student in the West
Virginia University for the past three
years, will this year be a member of
the Thoburn High school faculty. Miss
Hall will take the place left vacant by
Miss Elizabeth Davis, of Fairmont.
Mrs. Claud McBee, who taught at the
school last year will return. A princt
pal for the school has not yet been
Additional Rooms.
Thomas Koon, residing in the
suburbs of Monongah, along the Worthington
road, is adding a new addition
to his residence. Several new rooms i
are being provided for.
At Westchester. ; |
The regular meeting of the Acme j
Society was held yesterday evening |
at the home of Howard Wadsworth of
Westchester. Several from Fairmont
and other points attended as well as
the usual crowd from Monongah. The
reading of the Poca Dona News was ,
the feature of the program. The next ,
meeting of the society will be held at
the home of Miss Davinna Watiiins on ,
Main street.
With Local Friends.
Oliver Glover, a well known resident
of Thoburn, who has been in Pittsburgh
for the past several weeks in
the employment of the National Biscuit
company, spent the week end with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac mover. I
He left yesterday morning for Pitts-1
burgh where he will resume his position.
? Personals.
Howard Glover was among the FairGENERAL
/< *.
W' ' .vC ^- > : ^suppm
New and unpublished photograph J
General John J. Perching, commander-]
France. The picture was specially po si
two stars on his shoulders being the In si
jg T-| I r know it.
brlnc.f it over
. heree/ ' tm^t's
w for ne. yoo'cu
tf*e> rest-i
J} OH, eveRSTT J Vve.'
ICKLT /}N?> "Mice IT OFFi
mont callers In Monongah yesterday
Mrs. George Fleming was In Fairmont
yesterday evening attending to
Thomas Everett was among the Monongah
business transactors In Fairmont
yesterday evening.
Mlsg Hallie Orr and Eugene Orr attended
the meeting of the Acme Literary
Society at Westchester yesterday
S. A. Judy was among the local business
callers in Fairmont yesterday
Miss Etta Suckow was in Fairmont
yesterday afternoon attending to shopping.
James Price was among the out of
town callers in Westchester yesterday
William Cornell motored to Fairmont
yesterday evening to attend a
meeting of the team track loaders in
the office rooms of Attorney Trevey
Perry D. Burton was among the Monongah
business callers out of town.
Dern.il Shaver was a social caller to
Fairmont yesterday evening.
Leo Salvati was calling out of town
yesterday evening.
Birthday Party.
Master Raymond Devault son ot Mr.
and Mrs. Mort Devault of Reeves
street was given a surprise birthday
party yesterday afternon in honor
Df his seventh birthday. The hours
were very pleasantly spent in various
games and other amusements and a
delicious refreshments were served
by Mrs. Devault. There were twenty
three guests in attendance. Master
Raymond received some very pretty
remembrances from his little friends.
All Day Quilting.
There will be an all day quilting at
the Diamond street II. E. church tomorrow.
All the ladies of the church
re invited to bring their lunch and
stay all way and assist with the work
C. W. B, M.
A number of persons from the East
Side will attend the C. TV. B. M. pic>ERSHING
'.i.'.'."' " ********
Ik. i
* 5fe
K ' . %-' <-}f\ !
mm :::
Uh ':
Mil H
/- i
JHHV :: ';
A ,. - ?M
< -,? ,
PT*^ -
list arrived from abroad ot Major
n-chief of the American forcea in
id and clearly indicates his rank, the
gnia ot Major General, U. 6. A. |
r""t ?i
ale which will be hsldat the home of
Mrs. Mary Smith at Barrtckvfll# next
Thurtday. This annual event Is look
ed forward to with much pleasure by
those who have been In the habit of
attending. A short business session
will be held after which the tine will
be spent In haying a good social time
Called to Moundavllle.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Garlow and
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Garlow of
the East Side were called to Moundsvllle
today by the death of their cousin
Robert Garlow who wtas killed by
the Pittsburgh train yesterday morning.
Vacation Trip
Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Baltiger and
sons Wayne and Glenn left early yesterday
morning for a trip through
Ohio. They will also be guests ot'
roloeivcc ot Ponnaont T.alrA Kofnro rax.1
iViBkllGB ? k VVUUVUUV ISl-IVIU Vturning.
Mrs. Cora Morrow and son Floyd j
spent the week end with relatives at
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Carpenter have
returned from a short stay at Colfax.
Rev. O. D. King of Parkersburg was
the guest of Rev. \V. D. Reed and
family yesterday.
Mrs. J E. Travis spent the day yesterday
with B. F. Gasklns and family
at their farm near Hopewell.
Mrs. Dorsey Pople will spend Wednesday
with her mother Mrs. Thornton
Malone at Grafton.
Charles Malone of Grafton is visiting
his brother Lamar Malone in
Cochran street.
Clockwork Precision of It j
All Impresses the Vis. I
itor. I
FRANCE. July 15.? fCorresnond
ence.?What makes an indelible impression
on the newcomer to the battlefront
is the tremendous organization
back of the actual fighting line,
the miles of roadways dotted with
transport of war-food for men and
horses, shells for the guns, ammunition
for rifles and machine-guns and
comforts for the wounded.
The final and most interesting link
in this vast organization Is the operation
of getting the food right up
to the men in the trenches. It usual- i
ly takes place under cover of dark- i
ness when the enemy Is unable to Im- t
pede Its progress as efficintly as with i
the aid of daylight. Night after night i
this goes on. After one recovers from \
surprise at the quietness with which
it is done he is bound to marvel at i
the clock-like precision of the whole ]
operation?dll of which testifies to i
the efficient organization necessary t
In a war like this. t
The first intimation that tlje trans- j
port is preparing to move out to- s
ward the front line is a clattering of f
horse shoes on the cobbles of a f
French farmyard. Then voices call j
out orders, watercarts are filled;
horses are harnessed to the wagons ^
and a few minutes later the whole c
column is standing ready, silent, the r
*-YA An mountnrl /llTQrlCF
liauopuit lUCU UiUUUlCU) iuv I{uauvi- 2
master, transport officer and a iser- (
geant on foot. In another instant a ,
whistle sounds, there is a cracking
?? 1
A modern safe, all steel way
for filing correspondence, official
papers, contracts and the
accounts of corporations, firmi
and individuals.
Richly finished In oak, mahogany
or olive green. Non burning
fire resisting, dust proof.
Ask for catalog.
230 Main St. Coniol. Phone 649.
Success to Ou
2 It has been and i< the policy of T
5 cers to manifest a friendly person*
i positors.
We do more than merely with fo;
? we work for their succeis, because
i the bank are cloeely bound up with
To this policy we attribute, a lari
you to fire us an opportunity to ?'
I On the Corner Neai
111 I ""
or whip, thou another clatter os tha
cobblestones and the ramble ot hear- ,
lly laden wagons as the whole column
moves out toward the trenches. ,
A few miles ahead the ftrst starshells
shoot up and little sudden
pricks ot flame come from the enemy's
guns, then there is soft burs:
of shrapnel followed by the deep
boom of the heavy guns.
The roar Is narrow but wlda
enough for the limbers of other regiments,
cookers, ambulances, army
tervlce corps lorries laden with tools
and trench stores, orderlies on bicycles
and wounded men to pass on
their way further hack of tha liner.
But not a word is heard ss the two
columns pass each other along this
As the column "going in" with the
rations moves up closer to the linos J
the star shells and boom of the big *1
guns becomes more distinct. Suddenly
the column halts?shells have
hurst In the road'nr on either side ^
of it a little way ahead. When this
ceases probably for only a few minutes
the word is given to move on
again. The column continues to crawl I
along until it reaches a battered old
building beside the road and within
a stone's throw of the support tronches,.
Here are left the supplies
brought up by this column.
The next sight is a streapi of men
with picks and shovels and immunltion;
a sergeant to see that the rations
for the different companies are
placed in different piles: a post-corporal
hurrying hither and thither la
search of D company's lettovs, which
have been mislaid: and the transport (
officer and quartermaster nuporirla- ' ! (
ing and controlling <iv*rytbing-t-&I"
ways in the most impentrable i
ness, save when a star-sholl lightsTrp
the white faces, the sweating horses J
and the roads.
The transport officer gives tho I
word, and the empty wagons jolt 1
out onto tne road again to join in i
the stream that Sows back towards 1
billets and s.eep.
It Gives Restful Sleep, Aids
Digestion, Tones Up the .
Vital Organs, Calms/ |
the Nerves, Builds Jl,
Up the Strength; < y
A tonic that does this when midsummer
heat lays It heavy burdens
ipon humanity is worth ten times the
:ost. That Nerv-Worth lifts these
burdens is proven by a mass of signed
statements printed In these colimns
anil still on file.
If the reader fg skeptical he can
rerify Nerv-Worth claims without
unnnlng a cent of risk. The NerviVorth
dealer will refUna his dollar if
he benefits promised do not follow a
rial according to directions. This of.
er goes in every single Nerv-WMh
idvertisement. Could anything W
:ald better calculated to prove tt>i
alth In Nerv-Worth which Its makers
Nerv-Worth is a family tonic which
loes good and good only. Composed
if vegetable ingredients It confers f
1ch benefits upon the system and
eaves not a trace of harm behind. It
s truly a family tonic, blessing alike
he nervous child, the worn-out vetf>
n and men and women of all ages.
Thousands have been made over by
s'erv-Worth, which goes straight to
he seat of the nervous Ills aat overomes
them at their source.
Crane's Drug Store still NervWorth
In Fairmont and Jofcntbn's
'harmacy sells Nerv-Worth In Shinnson.
Set of Teeth $8 ^
Crown and bridge wont, $6.00.
Tooth fillings, 60c and up.
Examinations lad estimates
free: . 7y i
acSl tojget the best ofrdentlsirr,
consult a dentist who Is prac- (j
tisihg the late methods.
We guarantee our work. H
St^e. 'H J
1 Union Ms
BeH Phone 92-1 J.
Depositors j
he People* National (or the offt> i
tl Interest In the welfare of de- j
r the success ot our depositors; j I
we reallte that the interests of
i the welfare of Its cuatomers. I
;e part ot our growth. We urge i fr
erve you. S ?tf
lTIONAL bank
the Poetofflce. 200,000.00

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