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j? . Ail Hibecrfpttoni payable la advance.
6 \ VftJto Mms lur cmffike in a'oareiS si
It now uddrm,
Entered at the Foetofllcu at Talrinont,
I aecond mass matter.
ffl Subscribers on our carrier routes
I The West Virginian sny evening sbo
I TBBN UNION," state the lact and
mldeocs and a meeienger will dell
n your door at ouce. There Is no che
H scrlber lor this service. The West
in to render to Us subscribers the bent
I livery service possible and this ia p
. L
vR m
\vl IL *
A S this heat wave continues the deat
effects mount iq numbers rapidly,
the things about a visitation of ho
whs man and woman btfgins to take
after, say, the second day. If one is i
day or so of hot weather docs not mal
difference, but the accumulated effect o
get the best if they are not careful.
Keep out of the sun as much as possil
dwdy side of the street. Carry an umb;
are in the direct rays of the sun. Do
your temper. Get as much rest as you
to bed early even if you think you canw
ful of what you eat and do not drink t
or other cool drinks.
In iron mills and other places where i
drink water that is merely chilled and
Sprinkle of oatmeal. That picvcnls the
of water from turning the stomach.
There to be established at Porl
Pacific Coast Linen Mills, capita!
for the purpose of manufacturing
fish sets, etc., linen crash and toweling,
the company will turn out 5,000 to 6,0
I and toweling daily during its first year c
entrepreneur is the president a.id gencr;
& Flaxen Fibre Down Co., of North lo
Ev who hai recently had a request lor an
upon the entire output of his New Yorl
period at least two years in advance.
That indicates one of the opportunitic
affording. Just at present it is impossi1
of linen goods to keep up with the dem;
facturers are sure of good profits during
war. at least, and perhaps for a littli
while readjustment is in progress. If
period now familiarly styled "the \va
when every country in Europe and Jap;
> be playing the old tricks and many new
foreign markets. Then is the time that
i Linen Mill}, and every other linen mai
Band e return to the Republican polic
American industries. And the farmer
tell the mills their flax stiu-.v ". ill be n<
the welfare of their purchaser:,
v The linen goods industry received a o
t)ie )emocrats when the tariff law of I
If Ruff ^ti iff
|, |j
The line physical condition ot the
gjt tint fifty also looks good to the fellow
farther down the list.
f. iBsfe '
K tied to be considered quite witty
te advise people who light to Join
the army.
one one ought to explain that Joke
IB Orant Town.
The High school lassies who did
Bit tern up for the canning school
jeobebly will plead the hot weathci
M aa excuse.
Bat mother never lays off on ac- >
eount of the heat during the canning
I - ^ stBee/m
IS (be did the family qight have
to go on short rations during the low
gM pressure season.
The kuy who rani the water all
tight la winter to Ifeep it from freeing
end ail day during the summer
go keep it from getting hot probably
will pot the family on a small alJbweaee
Of'it when Ira gets the meters
("i >>"i ""
I Eveey article in the
llH'ljU-l whole acbedule was
^ "5? ;} BMfcaBMw tat3
HOIML" " i) number entering into
Ti inn i JH'IHT' cakd Ae more wot
IjgJSIi gill netting. *. *
3? CotMMk than 5 lea or numb
- "w and 20 per cent; fc
' a poond and 20 pa
SL"0IV manb? Ya cento pt
SSL*. 3 framtri of the preso
- era] ad valorem rate
? degrees fineness. T
sage of that bill. (
^ 19*14, the percentag
?? sStN1*' S> wdc: this group wai
? Part of the outp
=af^3rsnr comes under this gro
ae*wf%**i ^
*. - tercets, and it is nott
1 JL"" for-revenue-only De
? - which stands for *'/
ee entr)
h Wo H? plttsbur^
ent) J[ Democratic in
? fjff heat by the ll
ITS."*""" of the United States
' by the present one
u. the personnel of the
' ... ! ? Ti_ . 1 J
ITS. 1 hat indeed is a
constituted today is I
vi oM h ill u sanship, parochialisn
. , ?i? ought to be filled w
Wen" vtrstita, m manship and wide sy
If the objectionab
pie in order to make
PER CALL that, in the ordinaiy
" ganization in Novel
> failing to got men than any Congr
uld call "WB6- And most of the
give name and the peculiar ideas c
ver a paper to ;
_? jl. oiiK_ &rc now prominent i
irge to tno aut>- , rf? . n
Virginian plazis *-'c'
newspaper da- ning the government
art of the plan. those who are runi.ir
, , better off than Russi
Of course there ai
5T 2 1917. whom it is impossib
' Democrats are in lh<
branch of the goven
S|g^ sibility.
\ Last month's inci
Bte culatlon of The We
m fytng because of t
tendency during th
stead of upward. T
| 4,900 ana u win w
post. And that wll
cent newspaper put
less than 50,000 pc
the draft for the coi
?? Captain White ej
bers on the exemp
hs attributed to its when he says the e
That is one of were summoned ft
t weather that the gratifying. We alt
into consideration ed If it had turned
n normal health a
:e any appreciable Secretary Lawsot
f a hot wave will district had almost
out the entire moi
ale. Walk on the contended the rallr
rella whenever you enough were right.
not hurry. Keep
possibly can. Go A hangman's noc
)t sleep. Be care- to settle labor trou
oo much ice water wilt have to admit
who publicly damns
t really is hot men uniform at a time 1
which contains a about what Frank
frequent draughts of profound peace tl
spective of the met
into trouble that w;
land, Oregon, the 11 18 a fact of co
ized at $230,000 the Senators who v
twines suitable for nient yesterday be!
It is expected that 8Pective parties.
00 yards of 'rash
if operation, The J, I'luvius will hi
il manager of the ! been a neutral thro
nawanda, N. V., battle of the Somm
immediate option last )'<?ar, from bei
k plant covering a now bo is doing hti
in Flanders.
s which the war is
ble for the supply ^ast night there
ind, so that manu- fading report upoi
; the period of the 'Palities of tho stat
J while afterward c'C", Bluefield, has j
len will come the ot the tests made
r after the war," unsafe water, while
in and China will traction per cent u
ones to command c"'es have there bei
the Pacific Coast SUPP>>'. Although s
lufactory will de- j not dangerous the
y of protection to bacilli and let it gc
s of Oregon who I that a totally errom
a less interested in j water that is supp!
spread broadcast,
ad walloping from stat8 laboratories,
913 was framed. H*?? ought to be co
all working, v
There ought to be a rua]i for those
Red Cross truck driving Jobs.
That Is about the safest war work |]
there is. .
"Water department hunting leaks"
If It Is successful It ought to be '
put to work cm the city Jafl. E
Being physical director to a bunch ;
that spends the day digging trenches !
looks like a sinecure. }
* * * &
West Virginia man has been named ?
publicity director of the next Liberty t
loan. 5
a a a s
If he does not do hotter tnaa me ?
first guy we'll disown him and turn
his picture to the wall.
If the car supply Is as good through
the summer as it was in July the coal
miners will he able to take the next 3
loan off the government's hands with- c
out any fuss. S
* * g
That report on the water reads m S
if the state chemists wero trying to 5
drum up business for the bootleggers, c
Hundreds died of heat in America ]
;r l?
chedule was reduced in duly, and the 1
bandied with blacksmith's took For.
t man knows dial the finer tba 1m ott
die yarn of which an article ii fibril
Ic is required in its composition. Flaxi,
under the Republican law, not finerer,
naid a duty of 10 cents a pound*
ler man 5 lea or number, 12% cents
cent, and for each additional lea or
r pound. This was too much for theit
law to grasp, so they slapped a genof
25 per cent on the ten or a dozen i
he twelve months following the pasOctober
3, 1913, to September 36,
t increase in pounds of goods imported
ut of the Pacific Coast Linen MiHs,
tip today. It is a pretty safe bet that
i which party will look after its inhe
free-trade Democracy, or the ta nomocracy,
but die Republican party
unerica First"
Post, which is uncompromisingly
rv\lih/<( k rht?#?rs?rJ At/An in llttt lrillincr
lought that before the next Congress
takes up the war burdens laid down
numerous opportunities for change in
body will be afforded,
heartening thought. Congress as it is
lull of sectionalism, greed, blind partin
and just plain ignorane^, when it
ith pure patriotism, enlightened statesmpathies.
le qualities are kicked out by the peoroom
for the good ones the Congress
course of events, would meet for ornber,
1919, will contain more new
ess in a generation.
Democrats who, through seniority and
if leadership which that party holds,
n the affairs of the nation will be left
mocrats in Congress actually were run,
instead of making matters hard for
ig it, right now we would not be much
a is.
e some Republicans in Congress about j
le to say a respectful word, but the;
; majority, and in full charge of every !
iment, and theirs must be the respon
reaso of 64 In the average daily clrst
Virginian was all the more gratlhe
fact that the usual circulation
e summer months is downward inhe
average daily figure Is now above
3t be long before it turns the 5,000
I be a great achievement for a three
dished in a county that has a little
. . .
ipulation, if the figures upon which
rnty was made are to be accepted.
jeaks not only for his fellow memtion
board ,but for the whole city
bowing made by the local boys who
ir examination yesterday was most
would have been genuinely surprisout
i's report that the coal mines In this
a normal number of cars throughlth
of July proves that those who
oads cuuld do it if they tried hard
ise is not the instrument with which
bles, but every candid minded man
that an agitator with a bad record
i the government and slurs the army
ike the present electioneers for just
Little got at Butte. Even at a time
hat is a dangerous thing to do. Jrre its
of his cause, the man who gets
ly is not a martyr; he is a surly fool.
o- - ?
nsiderable significance that most of
oted against the prohibition amendong
to the Old Guard of their re
rve a hard time proving that he has
ughout tills war. He prevented the
e, which was going on at this time
ing a complete British success and
i best to save the German situation
was sent out Irom Charleston a mls1
the water supplied by tho munlce
in which it was said that but one
jure water. According to the report
in Fairmont 22 per cent Indicated
Parkersburg tests showed 31 and a
nsafe. Yet in neither o? these two
:n any typhoid due to the city water
ill organic matter found in water is
state bacteriologists merely counted
) at that. The resuit of the test is
,'ous impression of the quality of the
lied to West Virginia cities will be
Better uss ought to be made of the
We should have water tests, but
But up to the hour of going to press
he Kaiser had not yet taken a promaent
enough place in the sun to be
roubled by this particular hot wave.
For 10 days all summer footwear
rom 20 per cent to 50 per cent at
Ihurtleff & Welton's.?Adv.
| Success to Oi
It has been and Is the poller of '
cers to manifest a friendly person
We do more than merely wish fi
! we work for their success, becausi
I the bank are closely bound up wit
To this policy we attribute a lar
; you to give us an opportunity to i
On ths Corner Nej
B ' m. r m. ? w'v Tf
Mir Number*.
A copy of Tie Wsit Virginian gfrise
Ike order numbers or ?U local
noopie and when they are to appear
for wmihtnatlon at Mjanningten has
been posted at tbe police sution.
New Interior,
besides Juat having a new coat of
iBatpt on tbe outside the local poet
'office has been thoroughly painted cn
ths ltrtjsrtor. The work was llnlshed
yesterday by Howard Meredith.
New Equipment
Among the new equipment that has
M added to the local play grounds
djirlng'tfie last woek is a twelve pound
hammer, a twelve pound ehot put. a
vaulting pole, and a disuse. Last
evening some of the husky lads tried
tbemseires out with the wets tits.
Crushed Foot
Ifitliaan Joijei has been suffering
for Beveral days from a crusticH foot,
whloh injury was sustained while
vjorktMiin the mfnee. Although the
mjJOTjfHI keep hi mdway from
wirk for several days his foot Is
showing much Improvement
John Talbott of BHddletown was
in Monongah yesterday afternoon.
Oeorge Lelving was among the
Monongah social callers In FSfffebnt
Miss L. RIggleman of Fairmont
was in Monongah yesterday evening
calling on local friends.
Russell Bailey was among the lo- j
cal callers out of town yesterday [
Dick Talbott was in Fairmont dur- |
ing the week as a social caller.
F. Loss was In Fairmont this
morning attending to business,
?; ?
Horns for Vacation.
Allen Rager ot Detroit, Mich, a
graduate from the machinists school
In connection with the automobile
factory in that city is spending his
vacation here with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert Rager in Diamond
From Webster Springs,
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Hutchinson
and children Doris and Robert have
returned from a ten days stay at
Webster Springs.
Returned From Ellenboro,
McClaskey for burial last week, Re
from Ellenboro where he conveyed
the remains of his wife, MrB. Ida
McClaskey for burial lase week. He
was accompanied home by his sister,
Mrs. Daisy Rogers of Columbus O.,
who will remain a week with him.
Aged Man Very lilt.
George Adams, one of the oldest
and most highly esteemed residents
of the East Side is still very ill at
his home In State street. His
daughter, Mrs. Ida Newman of Jacksonville,
Fla., and grand-daughter,
Mrs. Bessie McDonougli of Hazlewood.
Pa., are here having been called
here by his serious illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rich have returned
from Morgantown where they
visited relatives for several days,
Clayton Morgan, son of Henry Morgan,
of Market street, who lins been
in bad heatlh for some time is worse
the nnst few davs.
Mrs. Herbert Fletcher, of the South
Sldo spent the day yesterday with
Mrs. Elza Morris In Jacobs street.
Nellie and John, children ot John
Brant of Marfket street have typhoid
Men's, women's and children's footwear
at greatly reduced prices at
Shurtleff & Welton's. ?Adv.
is on sale in
Every Day by
Phillip Chesler, Almanac
American News Co.,
Don't be without
your home paper
while away.
ir Depositors J
The Peoples National for the ofll- g
i&l Interest in the welfare of do- o
at the success of our depositors; o
3 we realize that the Interests ol 31
h the welfare of Its customers. <->;
ge part of our growth. We urge g 1
Bene you. g!
ir the Poi*ofllce.
5200,90t/\00 I ,
I (tk?y<AB EC
I Now Comes Ou
I Summer Clearav
\ And, in the spirit of the times, we
For these days call for the wisest e
} does not mean stinting, hoarding b
| of opportunities.
Considered as a means of wise "W
\ in this great sale are so radical, so s
j | will surely be here early tomorrow ri
I Every pair of summer shoes, oxfor
children are included in this sale and
Reductions of 20% to ?
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fords and shoes?a big T?
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ft Shurtleff&W
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onomy^_^/ j: I
r Greatest Midway
of Footwear
call it our "War Economy" Sate,
conomy in every direction. And' tjhat
ut careful buying, taking advantage
ar Economy", the rwfodjons offeired
weeping, so irapoi"t?jrtM?hat crowds !
ght at the start. j.
ds, and pumps for inesi, women and
wiH be sold at
i0% off Regular Prices
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ins?footwear for the entire family.
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mm 1
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/ /M season's best stytew?*
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r.-.-.. _r_-_r_---ur ruir.rifu. j u JxruLU
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we. ' S . "f
ide Now $3.90
Is' Footwear
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*1 3? 8
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--RID AY AUG 3 *
r 1. >? Walk Over ?& wf
etton s Boot shop ifU

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