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' '
f InNANCE'011
I 1 - i
PITTSBURGH, Aug. 2.?In Pittsburgh
trading was very dull. Of the
B 11,956 shares, traded In, approximately i
II 9,000 were copper Issues. The Pitts- i
burgh Stock Exchange, however, did ]
haiMiMMtaadaMilth mnrn rrt'r- '
tDUflWesB jrcovotuo/ n.VM ? .
laa than bu been noted In days and 1
ft firmer tone resulted. Nearly all the
Utuee dealt in were stronger and the |.
price level advanced considerably, us- |
pectally in Pittsburgh Plate Glass, I
which rose 3% points. United States \
Glass was up a point and United States
Bteel advanced %. Airbrake advanced j
%, while Ohio Fuel Supply was up 1%. (
tight a d Heat was up a point and ,
American Window Glass Machine pre- ]
(erred was up 1 point. The common advanced
%. In the copper shares Ca- j
ble Consolidated advanced lc, while ;
Pittsburgh-Jerome was off 3c. Mt. ,
Shasta woe np a cent. aL Belle drop- ?
ped % and Ittsburgh Coal common | ,
If certificates were off >' ' I
| pates? ih. Low.
? 320 AW (iiUdtu... 64% 64
X'j n Do preferred.. 104 104 <
? 1,100 Cable Con Mln. .08 .05
? 40 La Belle Iron... 114% 114
460 MXrs L & H.... 64% 63% <
S 800 Mt Shasta 42 .41
20 Ohio Fuel Oil.. 19% 19%
a jfWOO Ohio Fuel Sup,. 60% 48%
ft 20 Oklahoma Gas,. 99 99
"" ' ? 9 I
% loo rgn Brewing o I
2i500 Pgh Consol 1,0 .10
3,000 P-J Copper ... .57 .50 I
36 Pgh Coal ctfs.. 56% 66%
100 Pgh O & G.... 6% 6%
631 Pgh Plate Glass 125% 122% ,
200 Rosg M & M... .14 .14
1,000 Tan Toy 14 .14
26 U S Glass 43% 43% I .
36 V 8 Steel 124% 124% :
20 West Airbrake.. 114% 114% ,
60 West Electric.. 49% 49% .
I U.966
New York
NEW YORKt Aug. 2.?Continuance
of the extreme beat contributed largeSammie
is Best
on Earth; Re<
WASHINGTON, Aug 2,-Uncle i
8am admittedly supplies bis armies
with thA flnpst
rallonB ln th0
biggest and most
BjR&tfl care Is taken that
??? of vegetables, hot
JOT3W* drinks and some-/
thing for the
itveet tooth.
When the soldier does not get beef,
be gets mutton or bacon or corned
beef Or fish. Beans, rice, onions
and tomatoes are staple. Prunes, dried
fruits, and Jam are also supplied.
Fresh fruit is used when not too
bigh. '
Savory soup or various kinds aro
on the menu. Potatoes are served
fried, mashed, baked, creamed oi j
lyopaiie. Beefstakc, roast beef, beef;
loaf, and hamburger are supplied just j
is frequently as in your home.
Some of the Items on the dessert'
list are plum pudding, rice pudding.
,$rown Betty, tapioca pudding, plain
cake, currant buns, apple rolls, lemon
peach, pumpkin and blackberry pies.
According to the season, coffee tea,
ftnd cocoa are supplied.
There Is no bit or miss system.
Each mesa sergeant for each com
patty has to calculate exactly what
weight of food be will need for each
Steal. The weight of each kind of
looa iot eacn soiaier is spcciiiea. me
Company officers not only liava to In feet
and O. K. the menusfi but they
jnust see to it that each man gets
the quantity of food Uncle Sam wants
him to h&ve to keep up his health .
and strength.
Tfhen the new national army of
BOO,000 men Is distributed in the 16 I
Ontonmonts, the quifrtermaster's de- i
partment will be buying more food i
I than any town of a half million con\
eumes. In the army each man fares
/ alike.
On any day when any of the fol- 1
LiiirtifO r
f' *'
>4r !
\ Siaza Is preparing 10 usad nwa 11
,,. tfP# of fioldieri of which Siam, the la
}?JjL:' a A:tJ&t.? '. -J ..iri .. .Jmt
. .
y to the farther curtailment of itock
narket trading yesterday, dealing! faltng
to 265,000 eharei, the smallest toal
since tbe early months of the year.
The extraordinary exhibit of the
[Jnited States Steel Corporation for
he second quarter with Its slgnlB:ant
appropriation for war taxes and
profits, was almost the one topic In
linancial quarters and acted as a
irake upon bearish activity.
Grain and Produce f
CHICAGO, Aug. 2.?Welcome rains
Kansas and other big states where <
.he size of the corn crop Is a matter
>f vital Importance broke prices aharpy
yesterday In the corn market here.
Via. - sulnk ma nnrvnilfl 154 tO V>k net
I IJO liuiau r, uu - - - - ?
lower at 115% to 115% December, and
113% to 114 May. Wheat gained lc
ind closed unsettled with September
J18. Oata declined % cents to l%c
net. The outcome In provisions ranged
from 5c loss to a like advance.
Articles? Open, ClOBe. .
September 12.17% 12.18
December 1.16% 1.15%
May 1.15 1.13%
Dats? v i
September 53% .58%
December 59% .69%
Oil and Gas,, |
On Dents run. Mannlngton district, ;
Marlon county, the Blackshere Oil
and Gas company's second test on the
Ward Satterfield farm produced 72 barrels
for the 24 hours ended at 7 o'clock
yesterday morning . The showing this
well Is making has caused a number
of new locations to be made In that
vicinity. The Manufacturers Light
and Heat company has the rig completed
for a test on the Newton and
Maria Hibbs farm. The Prospective
Oil and Gas company Is still fishing
for casing at a depth of 2,340 feet on
the No. 5 Israel Wise farm. The Hope
Natural Gas company Is due to get the
sand in a few days at No. 2 on the Ella
Klnsey (arm.
Fed Soldier
+ -m M
ad Lamp Menu
lowing are on the menu tor 500,000
"Sammies" those are the quantities
in pounds that have to be purchased:
Beef, 650,000; bacon, 375,000; corned
beef, 500,000; canned fish, 500,000;'
dried fish, 435,000; pickled fish, 560.000;
hard bread, 500,000; soft bread,
560,000; beans, 75,000; rice, 50,000;
hominy, 60,000; potatoes, 65 0,000;
onions, 125,000; tomatoes, 125,000;
prunes or dried fruits, 40,000; blackberry
jam, 25,000; coffee, 25,000; tea,
10,000; sugar, 10,00(1; evaporated
milk, 15,000; butter, 15,000.
Here's the kind of meals the
"Sammies" will get In the cantonments.
These meals will vary
from day to day:
Breat'.fast?Corn flakes and
milk, plan omelet, creamed potatoes,
bread, coffee.
Dinner?Soup. beefstake, and
onions, mashed potatoes, crem
peas, bread and butter, sliced
tomatoes, tapioca, pudding, coffee.
Supper?Beef stew (made of
beef, onions, carrots, turnips, |
cabbage and potatoes), baked po- i
tatoes, lettuce salad, rolls, apple j
pie, iced tea.
CLAIIKSBURG, W. Va., Aug 2.?
News dispatches from Charleston,
having announced his appointment to
till a vacancy on the city military
exemption board, Charles B. Johnson,
an attorney, assumed the Job
and was elected secretary of the
board, but today tho Govenor's commission
was received by Charles D.
Johnson, a retired hotelman, who declares
he Is the appointee intended.
The board lias refused to recognize
:he latter, however, and a contest Impends
on the ground that the board
Is not legally constituted.
20 per cent to 50 per cent off on
all summer footwear at Shurtleff &
(Velton's. ?Adv.
' T ...- '* , *.< ''
; - V:* -V
J.* 'r< & ' >T*>\ v j
i::e uiese to H2!p t:.e aiues 1:1 t;.e wai
.test nation to declare war against (j?
l ^ i.. v / i-'t'f ;
Once upon a tine the letters "S.
In 1917. They stand for Submarine ]
Kaiser's U-boats Iron cutting too ma r
These new boats compare with what
tleshlp of a decade ago.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Burns, of
Wheeling were weok end guests of
1. H. Burns at the National House.
Mr. and Mrs. Friden Parker who
have been visiting relatives here
have returned to their home in Ohio.
Mrs. Guy Smith of Fairmont was
visiting her mother, Mrs. Mathels
Clauds Jarvls was a business visitor !
at Fairmont Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvls ColUns of Ak- j
ron, Ohio, were week end guests of j
Mr. and Mrs. James Powell.
Mrs. Anne Mulvhill of Farmington,
was a week end guests of her brother
J. H. Burns at the National House.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnston, of
Fairmont motored here Tuesday evening.
Guy Pathtal, of the Fairmont P. 0.,
is visiting relatives on R. D. No. 2.
Oliver Shurtleff of Morgantown was
a business visitor here Tuesday.
Miss Nellie Coffman and gue3t
Miss Ruby Jackson of Clendenin
were at Fairmont shopping Monday.
Mrs. Anderson Varner and Miss
Aedine Miller who have been visiting
Mrs. A. H. Perkins atRichwood have
returned home. ,
James Burns of Fairmont was visiting
his brother, J. H. Burns Sun
(lay. ,
Mrs. Glenn Hawkins and children
of Brownsville ere week end guests
of her parents Mr. and Mrs. P. L.
Mrs. Maude Amos and daughter
Ruth and son, Master Robert, of
Fairmont, were Sunday visitors here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Storey, Mr. ana
Mrs. Hafry Storey, visited friends at
Bootbsville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wisterman of 111. are
visiting the latter's parents Mr. and
Mrs. L. L. Morris.
Miss Lahev of Hundred Is visiting
Mrs. Wm. ICnode In the L. and M.
bank building.
Wm. Knode was a business visitor
at Cameron Monday.
Mrs. Araett of Fairmont was a
week end guest of Miss Mallssa
Mrs. Martha Toothman died at her
home on High street, Wednesday. She
had been sick for several years of
Miss Grace Hopkins and Miss
Eleanor Broolts of Youngstown, Ohio,
are visiting the former's sister Mrs.
C. F. Polbamous.
Festus Morgan of Fairmont was
visiting his brother A. E. Morgan,
Mrs. Charlotte Pennlcker, who
has been visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. L. L. Morris has returned
to Ohio, where she Is working.
Russell Rice has returned from
Okla., where he was working in the
oil field.
. ?
HENRY, Mo.?Will Buck, of Trenton,
went out into the country in his
machine to get fre9h eggs for his wife
to put down for the yrlnter. He says
some of them he can't swear by, but
one he knows is fresh. Arriving home,
he found a wayside hen, flying Into
his machiue unnoticed to escape the
wheels, had made a nest out of bis
coat, and laid an egg. The engine
drowned the cackle.
"War Economy" shoe sale at Shurtleff
& Welton's for 10 days.?Adv,
Children Cry
: .
' Co-tasv Oortuauy. They ate the
rmojjy, hag 80,004
'. ..:^-vlit. " ',. ...?j>yi'.
P." were known everywhere as standi
Patrol and your Uncle Sam Is building
ly capers. Here's one of them, the "6 5,"
is known as the "(Standard type" as the d
Capitol Building ,,
Charleston, W. Va.
Case No. 620.
WHEREAS application has this day
been filed by the Pittsburgh and West
j Virginia Gas Company to change its
gas rates in Harrison, Doddridge,
' Lewis, Marion, Monongalia, Taylor,
| Tyler and Wetzel counties, it is hereby
ordered that leave be granted any
person Interested to file objection j
thereto before the Commission at any |
time on or before the 1st day of Sep-1
tember, 1917, and this matter be set i
down for hearing at a meeting of the
Commission to be held at its offices
in the Capitol building in the City of
Charleston on the said 1st day of |
September, 1917, at ten o'clock A. M.,,
at which time any person may appear \
and make such objection as may be
deemed proper.
It Is further ordered that the applicant
publish a copy of this order
once each week for four successive
weeks in two newspapers of opposite
politics and of general circulation, if
such there be, in the Counties of Harrison,
Doddridge, Lewis, Marion. Mo
nongana, laymr, ijicr ouu weum,
and that a copy of this order and
said proposed rates be posted for public
Inspection at some conspicuous
place in the cities or towns affected
by the proposed change in rates for
four successive weeks prior to September
1, 1917, and that due return
thereof be made to this commission.
July 30, 1917.
By virtue of a Deed of Trust dated
Decerabor 28, 1916, recorded in the
office of the Clerk of the County
Court of Marion County, West Virginia,
in Trust Deed Book No. 42, at
page 2S1, executed by S. H. Ktthn
and Goldie A. Kuhn, his wife, to
-Michael Powell, Trustee, to secure to
J. Lee Bice, the payment of a certain
debt therein described, the undersigned
Michael Powell will sell at public
auction to the highest and best bidder,
at the front door of the Court
House in Marion County, West Virginia,
DAY OP AUGUST, 1917, commencing
at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the i
following described parcel of land J
wilh the improvements thereon, situ- j
in tVm Mpw Sernnrt Ward of the !
City of Fairmont, in Union Independent
District, Marion County, West
Virginia, in what is known as the Monongahela
Industrial Company Addition,
anil bounded and described
more particularly as follows: to wit:
Beginning at a stako in the northerly
lino of the Speedway and corner
to lot of John W. Reeves; thence
at right angles to Speedway N. 29
degrees 51' W. about 110 feet to a
stake in Right of Way of I-Iickman
Run Branch of Falruiont, Morgantown
& Pittsburgh R. R. Co.; thence
with line of same in a Southwesterly
direction GO feet to a stake; thence
5. 29 degrees 51' E about 110 feet to
a stake in northerly line of Speedway,
thence along the northerly lino of
Speedway N. 60 degrees 09' E. GO feet
to the place of beginning, containing
6,GOO square feet, more or less. Being
the same real estato that was conveyed
to S. H. Kuhn by Harry
Shaw, Spl. Coip'r., by deed dated July
22, 1915, and of record in said Clerk's
office in Deed Book No. 212 at page
All the purchase money cash In
hand on day of sale.
Given under my hand this 30th day
of July, 1917.
7-31-8-7-14 21.
J .
j . . _
Pursuant to a decroo of the Intermediate
Court of Marion county, West:
Virginia, made and entered on the 6th
day of June, 1917, In the chancery
cause therein pending, wherein May ;
"C. Radelift is plaintiff and Ezra W. i
Baker and others are defendants, the
undersigned special commissioner ap-1
pointed by said decree will offer for!
sfcfe.at ptlhltc auction at the front door |
of .tfcfe cbtirt house of Marion county,
Weil .Virginia, on SATURDAY, THE
l'Sfh>DAY OF AUGUST, 1917, at two
olglock p. m. of that day, to the highest
and best bidder, all that certain
tract or parcel of land, situate on
Teverb'augh creek, in Lincoln district,
Marion county, West Virginia, hounded
anil UL'aCUUUU aa *^?vnu, vwmv.
Beginning at a stone corner to county
roa'd ?nd running In a northerly direction
85 feet to a stake in Cochran's
Jirie; thence in a southerly direction
with said Cochran heirs' line 525 feet
to,a^post; thence in a northwesterly
direction 20 feet to a^stone in the.edtge, J
of-^county .road; thence with county
i?ad 52?;feet to the^place of beginning;'
^cep.tlng'arid reseiwing'the cwtl with-,
An:and underlyiing the above'descrlbed
* * V
JU-1 ' 1 1 l .11. '
: > " ;
In - J ? V
^ r? jPW8w^?j
flggBbgy^ * v? gfo&'c'<
ng for Southern Pacific. Not so
hundreds of then to keep the
on duty along tfc'e AtfenHc coast
read naught compares with "the bat **j
- - i ?? -- ji
tract or parcel or iana, rogetner ?u
the mining rights and privileges then
unto belonging, the same having beri
tofore been conveyed away.
Terms of Sale.
1227.34 with interest from date c
said decree and the costs of said sul
and sale, or as much more of the pu:
chase price as the purchaser ma
elect to pay, cash in band on the da
of sale, and the residue In four equt
installments, payable respectively, o
February IB, 191S, February 15, 1911
February 15, 1920, and July 15, 192i
each bearing interest from the clay c
sale, talcing the purchaser's notes wit
good personal security, to be approve
by said commissioner, for the paymer
of the deferred installments of the pu
chase money, and reserving a vendor
Hen on said real estate as an add
tional security for the payment of tb
Special Commissioner.
County of Marion, To-wit:
I, W. S. Black, Clerk of the Interim
dlate Court of Marion county. West VI
glnia, do certify that bond with secu
ity approved by me as sufficient, an
In the penalty provided in said decre
of sale, has been given by said Specii
W. S. BLACK, Clerk.
Pursuant to a decree of flia CIrcu
Court of Marlon county, West Virgi
ia, entered on tbe 4th day of jun
1917, In the chancery cause of E. V
Howard and L. D. Howard, practisli
medicine as Doctors E. W. and L. !
Howard, wbo sue on behalf of the;
selves and all other lien creditors
J. E. Shuttles worth, plaintiffs again
Joshua E. Shuttlesworth and other
Defendants, therein pending, the u
dersigned Special Commissioner w:
on Saturday, the 4th day of Augui
1917, at two o'clock, P. M., offer f
sale, and sell at public auction to tl
highest bidder, or bidders, at the Fro
Door of the Court House of Marii
County, West Virginia, all of the fi
lowing described real estate, situa
in the City of Fairmont, In the Cou
ly 01 marion, ana araie 01 west v
ginia, that is to say: Lot No. 15,
Block No. 17, fronting on Buffalo Av
nue 40 feet, and extending back J
feet to an alley in .he Beltvie
Heights addition to said city of Fa
mont, excepting therefrom all the cc
and mining right in and under sa
property, and being the same propi
ty tvhlch was conveyed unto the sa
defendant, Joshua i3. Shnttlesworl
by the Beilview impro/emeiit Co:
paiiy. a torporatton. ty deed hearn
date February 18, 1910, and of rcco
in the Office of the Clerk of the Cou
tt Court of Marion county, West t
g.'nia, in Deed Book rio. 158, at I'a,
u V
Terms of Sale.
Ore-third part there )f, or as ran
more as the purchaocr may elect
{.ay, cash in hand on day of sale, ni
lh ) residue in two oiuol instalmeni
payable in one and two years respi
tively from the date of sale, with I
terest thereon from said date, the pt
chaser executing his own certain c
ligations therefor, each bearing da
of sale, and payable in one and tr
yearg after date respectively, with i
terest from date and with good pi
sonal security thereon, to bo apprc
ed by the undersigned Commissione
and as a further security, the sa
Special Commissioner will retain
Vendor's Lien upon the property sc
to secure the payment of said defe;
ed instalments of the purchase monc
Given under my hand this 11th di
of July, 1917.
Special Commissioner.
I, W. S. Black, Clerk ot the Circi
Court of Marion County, West Virgl
ia, do hereby certify that the abo
named Special Commissioner has e
ecuted bond in the sum of Two Thot
and Five Hundred Dollars, with i
curity approved as sufficient by n
conditioned by the faithful perfori
ance of his duties under said decrc
and otherwise conditioned accordii
to law.
Clerk of Said Court
The undersigned, administrate
of the estate of J*ohn Veach. de
ceased, will sell at public auctron ai
the late residence of the said de
ceased, near Upton, W. Va., on
Thursday, August 9, lSfJ
At 10 o'clock A. M.
Four Head of Horses!
Including one gray mare, one baj
mare and colt, one yearling colt.
14 Head of Cattle I
Including 6 Milch Cows, two ol
which ^atfsjfiull. blood Aberdeen An
gu's; orfodwp-y'.ear-oM ;T)urham helf
er. three'thVet year old steera, out
yMrlingjbuil, Aberdeen Angus; 4
calves, one 'of which'.is.Aberdeer
,^gus,i||ipfie;otter.tfir^o Jersey
m"onUis"ri?it c^lc,keng,V
Farming impJompnM, hwasedipld
and kitchen furnKuri, and other
' things too tedious to mention.
TERMS made known en d?y el
W. S. PIT2ER, Administrator.
WA<NfraD-W?tac room gtrl Orii
houses BO* SA^B '
Fttft 3*'4?pour ideas' Si^si Sta
hatA. mlaranatfon cadi or. adf
A. e: H^mS7iM|ng mchiue
sa.c.n-6-roeBB h?We v*#h mfa.
; lot Apply 325 JeJersSn street
4-JO-tf No 2233
FOR RENT ? Two three-room flats.
Apply Walter & Hylapd. First street
and Fairmont avenue. '?^7-17-tf-2597
- SEWING done reasonable. Apply 249
b Grant street. 44X Conaol. S-2-3t-2657 i
FOR SALE?Fine Jersey cow In milk,
. also a yearling heifer. Address Hoi
J 2621. West Virginia. 7-21-fit 2621
r. FOR SALE?Store fixtures consisting:
y of 2 floor show cases, cash register, I
? cake can rack, oytter container, dls!l
play case, ice box, etc. Inquire Mc
n Douga's Central more, Last ome.
,r FARM FOK SALE?160 acres Harrii
son county, 8 miles west of darks''
burg on north western turnipko and
" B. & 0. Two miles off street car stop,
f' will be on car line when extended to
a Salem. 30 acres timber, 20 acres liili
' meadow. No stock on place this sea
8 son. Plenty of grass; no buildings,
sorao fruit. Offered at the very low
price of $17.."i0 per acre, small cash
payments. Balance easy payments,
timber will almost pay tho bill. Farm
must be sold. Stout & Alexander
s- Real Eestate Co., Inc., 701 Goff Bldg.,
r. Clarksburg, W. Va. Bell phone 453,
r- Consol. phone 356. 7-28-Gt 2637
I] ' .
FOR RENT?Furnished room. Apply
215 Mapel Ave. Bell phone 466-W.
7-2S-6L 263!)
E F&R RENT?Two or three rooms for
housekeeping. Newly papered. Kit*
chen with sink, porch and range. Apply
553 Plerpont avenue.
7*31-3t 2C49.
J FOR RENT?Half of uniurnished cob
0 tago, Merchant street. 303 E. Park
n: Ave. Consol oSS-W. 8-2*3t-2655
of j FOR RENT?Two desirable furnished
st rooms for light housekeeping on
s, Gaston avenue B.ell phono 275-J. No
n- children. S-2-2-2C58
FOR RENT?Two furnished rooms
'> for light housekeeping. All con3r
veniences. No children. 135 1-2 Fon"
roe street, 8-7-3t-2664
5l- AUTOMOBILES, accessories
FOR SALE?Ford touring car, A-l
condition. Address Box 46, Enterlr
prise, W. Va. S-l-3t-2653.
jn FOR SALE?Three passenger Studebaker
car, 1916 model, 4 cylinder,
, new tires, lu excellent condition. A
-W, "? - ' ?
siicnxice ai iuw puuu. wi unumm,
tion call Tlio West Virginian.
id ==============^=====,
FOR RENT ? Very desirable housec
m' ?nd flats close in South Side. In
quire F. 1'. Kelley, Bell phone 25G-U.
''d 6-26-tf No. 2390
Ir ^^AEejOR^EgOHAN^E^^
i"0 WANTED?To sell or exchange, three
lots, good house, good well water.
. Will take auto as part payment, bal1
ance monthly payments to B. and L.
"} AddresB Bovers Restaurant.
u 8-2-3t 26G5.
,c. FOR SALE?Or exchange, two lots on
Market street. Auto taken as
jr. part payment. Apply Eoyers Rest,1).
aurant. 8-2-3t-2660.
te vol
? ^ The Man Out of J'
is often out of funds.
lit If you are a salaried
in- 1 man provide against un ]_
ve e? expected dismissal by Kj
ix- having a bank account KN
is. ?N) to fall back upon. Rvj
ie- ai C'
ie r"T At our Savln88 D?partment
four per cent ,
,e works every day you
3g work and Sundays too.
Begin depositing tolay.
-. M tmSBCT S
1 ?? invtfi n
Directly aoroat the
( itreet from our former c~>
?*?V location. f?1
m _ n.
J -=^"r
p1 ..' .''1 ' *?l
K/^Wfiii^ - A7 SJIlVV\?jB j j
, . ^CAtW WITH PROW jj
V- v. .-- ? . ?. , I {
ww?H>-ar two youw nu, /':'-"'H
Sr?K&&?3S& ,i|
eil: phone l?. Gratiot}, VC? \fi. '>&?
WANTED?Smrall sife. Call "Bell 1$lM
phone 981. 7-31-4t 2648. it-Jj
W.\NTED?Tohwr hoasi sbout seven
rooms and bath. Address P. 0. Box - :' f]
524. 8-2-6V2656
WANTED?Tailor at the Woolen Mills
Tailoring Co.. Mannington, W. Vs. ?
WANTED?Youbr single man to i: 'ij
learn shoo business. Experience
preferred. Apply at once. Shurtleff .f]
& Wellon. 7-30-gx. J|
WANTED ? Laborers. Good wages - : !
WiUcts Clay Co. i-31-12t-2645 11
WANTED?Good boy about 16 or 17
years of age. one willing to make H
himself useful. Kline's Shoe Store, .0
320 Main street. 8-1-17-2650.
WANTED?Man capable of taking ' fpM
charge of 6mall mine in Harrison fl
'county. Will pay good salary to right J
party. Address P. A. 6acci, P. 0
Box 100. Clt. S-l-3t 2654.
40 MEN WANTED at once to open
new coal mine in Nob Hill district. |fl
Steady work and good wages. Greater
Fairmont Investment Company, 122
Main St. S-2-3t-2686 -.-bij
I WANTED?Salesman?To represent .
us in your county, for a producing
oil company, commission basis. H. H.
Hoffman & Co., 308 Mages Building,
Pittsburgh, Pn.
WANTED?Salesman: Young man }1
with high school training preferred,
to represent Ihe largest machine spec- .
ialty company in this country, in fine JB
West Virginia territory. Previous H
Experience not necessary. Men
liaving railroad, general store, or Of- '''I
fice training should investigate this
opening which will pay a live wire,
liberal compensation, with opportuni- tfl
ty for advancement. L. A. Huffman,
1013 Union Nat. Bank Bldg.,
Clarksburg. W. Va. 7-30-tf.
WANTED?To rent furnished house .||
of 5 or 6 rooms. Apply J. S. Lynch, *'?
caro Greater Fairmont Investment
Co., Bell phone 619. 7-20-^S. a
Professional Cards 1
O IT," 9
25 years practical 1
experience. Glasses furnished In yS
one hour. With
A. B. Scott & Company,
ct Represeatlng Nubone Corsets. |
q Bell 487 J 826 Monroe St |
Glasses of ail Kinds correctly i m
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Hall Block over Martin's Drug
I Store. V j&iH
Persistence, Not Plung- 1
ing, Counts Now
I' The time for wild jpecuia* M . ;^E
Why allow large fortune* II
made in a day to blind yon ||
to the splendid opportunities M 1
; the saving of small amounts II
Steady elTort applied to sav |ffl
t lng money now at four per IH .
cent will place any one in a nil
position to meet conditions Ml
and take advantage of them, ffl 'T:'i
fu Save regularly with the fH
J 'i National Bank of Fairmont. IW
FAIRMOMrfl^ '1
WEST v|||

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