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f roBUfHwi uiibx cautT e
tf tte Fairmont Printing ml PnhliahL
W. 4. WIEGEL, General Marine
. JAM?8 C. HERBERT, Editor.
A. RAY MAPkL, Advertising it
C? V. REDIC, Circulation Manag
h MONROE BOYER. Supertnte;
Publication Office, Monroi St
ELL 1109?110? , C0NS<
I All departments rescued Circulatlor
through private branch I AdverMm
exchange. | Editorial I
Foreign Advertising Representative
WARS, Brunswick llidg., New York,
t toecLCMcago^?
BY MAI UHPayable In advanc
One Year 15.001 Three Mon
BJx Month* 13.00 j One Montf
One Year 17.00 j One Month
BJs Mcutiu ....... 13.60 One Week
BY CARRIER?(OuUlde of Fa
One Month 76c One Week
All subscriptions parable In advance.
.Wkea asking for chant* in address gn
new addreaa.
Sntered at (be Postofflce at Fairmont,
second slaaa matter.
flnhi/^thari nn r.ur rarripr routes
IU The West Virginian any evening ahoi
I TEHN UNION." state the tact and ?
|U residence ?nd a messenger will dellv
|K your doer at once, There is no cbai
HI lOriber for this service. The Vest V
| to render to lta subscribers the best
B livery service possible and this is pa
v ^
> ? 0
THESE hot evenings hundreds lake
affords them much relief from the
of the heat of the day, it enables tl
tad fortifies them against the drain uj
- ivhicb the day to come will make.
A large percentage of the bathers are
who bathe under the utmost difficulty,
dressing, many of them, in dressing rooi
sheets brought from home.
It is altogether probable that thousai
where hundreds do now if the municipali
5 accommodations where, under suitable p
ptople uld change from their street c
suits and back again. At the beginning n
Would be required. Indeed it would be
nodest way and permit the matter to d
line of least resistance until some clear id
(0 just what this city needs in the way <
Many American cities have recognizi
Batter in which the city government is pr
skatM ?? rrronf rlpnl n f
SHU WIIIC VI UKill ofJkiii* u ?t vuk uvu. v?
II) providing bathing facilities, life guar<
ttftctOrs, and even the bathing suits. In tl
right in the middle of the city we have a:
tar that could not be excelled for the pi
thing Ought to be done with it.
Not to very long ago the folks at City
ideas for making the river contribute to t
\-ffflont. They have all been busy with a >
| lot matters this year and the river project
I tad to drop out of sight. A good way
HI- make a modest start at providing a bathin
I; lie dressing places.
II VwX tente allies no longer count upon
material military assistance merel
El laymen have been suspecting for some ti
61 the military operations of the British
K Maurice's opportunileis for knowing exac
I < M are unexcelled, and what he said yeste
HF tentative of the Associated Press was <
' purpose of breaking the news, which is so
nation! lined up against the Central pow
It means that Kerensky with all his fi
and his energy will be lucky if he can pre
the dangers that lurk within, and that h
( time for thought of the foe beyond the boi
1 [ Ruff Stuff]''
The Russian antl suffs never will v
H ?61e to pull that old gag. so popu- t
Kr- Jar in this country, that the girls wont t
M entitled to vote until they are a
i rtady to light lor their country.
Coma to thiols of It the Anti Suffs 11
are rapidly becoming a rather funny
fcttnch of back numbers, any way you
take them. '
11119/ uugut w uigaiuiiu a
idfdet of some kind. T
And take steps to preserve the
fteord of their devotion to things 8
AS they alnt from the carklng tooth t
ot time. > v
Sheriff Glower Is different from the
iftherman who tells about the big *
MS tfeet got awey. t
... . X? hu a grip foil of evidence to >,
ffowe It ^ ^ h
And that counts a whole lot, as the
^eDetw^who oald good money for his n
SffititT .s'f'
10ML" we may all yet!?
k?*oci?t?< t?r??. public Alt the re
UNDAT m4de d
at oorngtan of the huge react
tr, a government for i
l*n??e% But history tea
Sent. / ? that Aey are just
are intended to c
"** well informed ab
period of alteraat
3LIDATB0 necessary in Ais
5 SS:::: %? will not be. gre.
^ooma '*< j mg. but no one c
i. ROBERT E. I acns a own.
123 W. Madison j pletely at sea the
________ to raise a whole a
j ination of the pub
:e only) 0n.e. cann,ot av<
asticaJJy embarks
? ..?? (1wc a little light in th
,nt) raas! psychology
80o twentieth century.
. iso ?
rs. 5
irmont) v \Y/EDNESD'
Xa"~^ I W gave out tl
charge of
e old ai n? u Pershing's comma
=====?_;_. porU were attacki
We*', Virginia, us j at least one of the
I Thus the matte
i_u pf the operation t
"ER CALL !l t0 the Navy dej
ing than the repo
falling to get Publication in the
lid call "vVBS- Papers it will be r
;ive name and *ion.
1 ..
er a pBper n> 1 u ? wll("" "
ge to tie sab- vindication of Cr
'irglnian plana If he had the ho
newspaper de- have, or if he had
rt of the plan. ht would have ki
be to give the re)
. to "elaborate" it,
3, 1917. mission.
===== Jhe official re
mation that might
been deleted, wot
whtreas the Creel
general outlines, b
k Senate and in the
been embarrassing
So far as Is hi
night's abrupt co
One of the alg
newspapers conti
: destroyed as of st
Tr/re Some queer th
, t. result of the wor
to the river. tWj gtate> ?or ln
gruelling effects hjve bgen reject(
rem to woo sleep wh)le QUt ln chll
Don their vitality wer0 examined ye
... to be fit?but all
women and girls ^ Pittsburgh th
undressing and
V,?? all the
ns improvised of ? - >
almost entirely t
ids would bathe 'a"?n- These th
ty provided some but thej' wlii be
io|ice supervision, draft is beinS ct
lothes to bathing tlere is not muc'
io expensive plant '?
best to start in a General Kornil
evelop along the sian armies, had
ea is obtained as ?' the biographic
of public bathing time he began t
had it that he vi
:d that this is a cstlng. There vrt
operly interested, almost essential
money each year country. And it
Is, swimming in- at that.
ie pool which lies
n expanse of wa- Judging by dl
irpose and some- bands are satisfli
| Flanders. Well,
hall were full of j ?r68B the fight
he fame of Fair- j Germans do not I
variety of impori- ' accomplished the
has been permit- '
to revive it is to j There is one t
a beach and Dub- I 111611 who do not
sical fitness. It I
who married to e
on that the En- SH(
Russia for any
y confirms what , Loneiy farms!
a.j*., trouble alter th
me. As director waftted."?Clarki
i empire General
:tly what is going "Senators Begl
rday to the repre- th? Huntington j
! 8an that a l?ns i
obviously for the kersburg sentine
unwelcome to the i
ers, to the world. ; German advai
re, his magnetism | Sorokikrogouletz,
serve Russia from ; Charleiton Leadc
le will have little 1 Biny Sunday's
:der. It is a pity, I pavilion?news I
ividence probably would be willing
O a limit,
The man who shipped a barrel oi
ard cider to Ctatwaba when a hog
ras ordered will learn something to
da advantage it he will just let the
hirst? public know ahis postotfice
"Russians out of It. says Gen. Maur:e"?Headline.
Probably getting ready to do their
Ightlng at home.
Pershing does not know his job as
rell as he should.
< i
As a soup sampler he gets by. but
ipparently he forgot yesterday to
weak the ears ot soma of the prlates.
That's what Napolson always did
."hen he wanted to make dope for
he campaign biography writers.
Speaking of benches on the court
iouss lira, one point in their favor
as not been mentioned.
They might induce the loafers to
love in off the streets so the people
. ",v; ' "t'ii-'s..J ! ,
to face a war which may list a long time
lepublic to exert itself to the utmost, but
am to accept tbe view of The New Revolution
in Runsa b to date die "biggest
uring the war. Certainly the wiping out
ionary structure which took the place of
the Russians is a tremendous advance for
iches that revolutions come slowly, andj
as slow in accomplishing the work they!
lo. Many people who were reasonably!
out the affairs of Russia hoped that a
ing anarchy and despotism might be unrising
of the people, and perhaps there
t deal of blood letting and human sufferin
tell how long it will be before condiJust
how unsettled things are; how corngovernment
is, the report that a project
rmy of women has seized upon the imaglic
i r i* .1 . f t\ :
lid a reeling mat a people v.mcn eiiuiusiupon
a project like that are more than
tir heads. It savors of transplanting the
of the crusade period to this prosaic
AY night Secretary of the Navy Daniels
le report of Admiral Gleaves who was in
the naval convoy which escorted General
nd to France. It shows that the transid
by at least four submarines, and that
German boats apparently was sunk,
r of fact report of the Admiral in charge
o his immediate superior, who forwarded
rartment, turns out to be even more thrillrt
which Censor George Creel wrote for
newspapers of July 4. By many newsegarded
as a vindication of the Creel verctent
this is true, but it certainly is not a
sel. Rather it damns him all the more,
rse sense a man in his position ought to
had the right kind of newspaper training,
rown that the proper thing to do would
port itself to the public and not attempt
which is what he did by his own adport
from which all the military inforhave
been of use to the foe could have .
ild have inspired confidence at the start,
rewrite, while substantially correct in its
red distrust and has been under fire in the
newspapers to an extent which must have
to the President.
lown the corn was not nipped by last
Id wave. ]
niflcant signs of the tlmen Is thaf the
lin almost as many reports of U-boats j
dps destroyed by U-boats these days. j
o I
Ings are cropping to the surface as the 1
k of the draft boards. In Charleston, J
stance, seven out of every eight men ,
>d because of physical disqualification, j
sago in a district where 60 registrants
sterday all but five of them were found '
but.seven of the 55 asked exemption. '
e large number of exemptions which
i boards to call additional men are due
0 the presence of a large alien popuings
make trouble for the time being)
worked out equitably in the end. The
inducted in the full light of day and
1 chance for injustice to be done.
off, the new generalissimo of the Rusa
very humble origin, and at least one
s of him printed in this country at the
o attract attention outside of Russia
as born in a log cabin. That is interis
a time when birth In a log cabin was
to the attainment of greatness in this
was long after log cabins were common
ispatches from Paris and Berlin all
ed with the progress of the battle in
both sides were satisfied with the pro:
at Verdun up until the end, but the
ake a great deal of pride In what they
re now.
hing about the surprising number of
come up to the army standard of phys
bound to result in sweeping the lads
vade military service into the net
v?r*i a -arr* A TIT1V
;m A?JU si'NArn. ,
bothered with tramps have no further
ejt hang out a sign, "harvest handB
sburg Exponent.
n Trial of Liquor," says a headline in
Advertiser. A good many of them be:lme
ago, and are still trying it.?Par1.
ice in Galicia reported stopped at
Now, wouldn't that stop you??
New York tabernacle to be a dance j
tem. The devil.?Wheeling Register.
could use them occasslonally without
having to hit the line hard.
Most any evening the only thing
that could negotiate the Jay lane with
ease would be a road roller.
? ?
Wonder It the cops were never told
what the lines are for?
Looks like it. . If
I Success to Ou
It bag been and la the policy o( T
cere to manliest a friendly pertoni
We do more than merely wish to
we work for their tuccess, because
a the bank are closely bound up wltl
? To this policy we Attribute a lari
& you to giro us an opportunity to s
? On tha Corner Nei
< -tltWjailiAri
' ' (BY CO
MIT Tin- l <?eT
MY'HAT AND I totu. C.e> "fi?
cirn.6 vilcags tx mWM
coRfcecr You luiu. Ih|
rueeti a cirr<-e fail
SOpeRVlSlOM . XJ /
Km: ^/A;<
Editorial Comment
on Current Subjects
Prom the Baltimore Sun.
A special dlspat h to the New York
Times from Washington lopi rts that ,
Mr. Crsel. chairman of the so-called
committee on Pud'.Ic Infatuation, has
lecommendedto President Wilson that
the effort to conduct a voluntary press
censorship te abandonee, leaving to
the newspapers and presi associations
the responsibility of determining \vha!
war news they should or should net
print. t
While The Sun did not consider en- j
tlrely wise the drastic provisions for
egal censorship contained In the bill '
which was defeated in Congress, it J
would be a grave mistake, it seems to
is, to abandon voluntary censorship, j
jr to leave the question of what con- .
ititutes safe or unsafe war matter to j
he discretion of individual newspapers
.Such a system, or lack of sys- ,,
:em, would handicap patriotic and con- ,
- - * 1A . v.rtwv
scientlous papers, ana wuuiu vuu
a the publication of newest a disad- ,
vantage with unscrupulous competl- f
:ors. c
The conflicts of authority in Wash- j
ngton betwem Mr. Creel's bureau and j
:rher gi\ eminent agc.'Hes and the
incertaimles to which differences of j
ppinioj rn rmrent events have given t
ise seeui itrang.y to suggest that thi3 \
s an opportune time, not to give up (
'ensorflilp, but to inaugurate a bet- t
er, mere intelligent and more workible
system. \\ e do rot believe we t
vould get satis-factory results by put- c
ing censorship in the hands of a boaru c
)f military and naval marline's:. That f
night do in Oirmany, but it does not 1
?uit the .emper and spirit of the Amer- c
can peopse. .Such a board would be ?
ikely to ir.aks the same errors thai 1
vere made i:i Great Britain in the 11
arlier pari of the war, because it jvould
naturally look at everything '
rom the proieseional and not from the
popular standpoint. In a democratic
:ountry the government must depend j
lor its strength upon popular approval, r
ind in censoishlp, as in other things, [
we must look through the people's j
pyes as well as through military spec- t
tacles. j
The solution of the difficulty, it oc- ,
:urs to us, la to be found In organizing j
i publicity bureau through the news- ,
papers themselves. Let them be represented
in Washington through a lead- t
Ing journalist of their own selection, (
is members of the Council of National c
Defense, and let the man so chosen I
keep In close toucn with the President j
ind military and naval authorities, and !!
pe empowered, aftm consultation with 1
lepartment heads, lo determine what i
houid be suppressed and what should
ie published . All the leading newspapers
would feci tlemselves in honor I
Pound to respect such an agreement, .
ind there would bo little disposition .o
criticize regulations prescribed by
in acknowledged and sympathetic
luthority in newspaper work. A man
)f 1 road menlsl gauge, long experience
ind familiarity witr, conditions abroad,
is well as In this country, ie required
or the work, and if the l'rcrioent will
ook for him we think he cm be found.
"War Economy" snue duic at i
Jhurtleff & Welton's. Adv.
ir Depositors f
'hn Peonies National for the Offi
il Interest in the welfare of de- p
r the success of our depositors; p :
we realize tbat the Interests of ? ,
> the welfare of Its customers.
ie part of our growth. We urge ?
erve you. 8
ir the Postoffloe.
!200,OUv.OO |
rT?-C Ulfit LK INTO
fwe P^ACC.
laps in Manchuria Do Not
Want to Play
MUKDEN, Manchuria, Aug. 3.?
(Correspondence)?Informal negotiaIons
concerning what is known as the
'opper case are understood to be gong
on between the United States and
The case which involves j. e. ropier.
an American engineer, had its
irigin 011 August 30, 191G. when Mr.
'cpper wro was in the employ of the
.iiinese provincial government Is
aid to have been assaulted by Japnese
coolies in the international set
lenient. The American contention is
bat Mr. Popper observing that sev
ual of the Chinese linesmen in the
mploy of the Mukden Electric Works,
f which he has charge, were molested
ly Japanese coolies. requested the
apaneso to desist.
The Japanese turned upon Mr. Pop
ler it is asserted, and clubbed and
leat him almost to insensibility. He
vas rescued by the American Viceionsul,
who was hurriedly called to
he scene.
It is claimed that the Japanese
Jonsul-General volunteered an apoligy
for the incident but as it was not
lade, the codeuI was aBked to try the
aee in the Japanese consular court.
Ifter some difficulty Mr. Popper s9ured
the services of a Japanese law
er to represent him. After a hearing
t was announced that the lawyer
ind informed the court that Mr. Pop
isr had withdrawn his complaint,
hough Mr. Popper declares he gave
10 such authority.
The American consulate requested
hat the case be reopened, bti? The
apanese consul replied that this was
lot possible as the affair was closed,
finally, after further conference, the
apanese informed the Americans that
he period in which Mr. Topper could
lave appealed had elapsed and thai,
lothlng further could be done. The
imericans Interested claim that there
vas no trial whatever.
It is understood that the authorities
it Washington have become Interestid
in the case and hava asked for
:omplete report.
Miss Rose OasVfll has roinrr.e'l to
ler home at 431 Jefferson street from
httsburgh, Fa., where aa operation
ras performed on her foot.
"War Economy" shoe sale at Shurteff
& Welton's for 10 days?Adv.
Mrs. Price's Canning
Cflvou mnnflv. time. labor.
worry and insures tlie best results.
May be used In canning
all kinds of fruit, and is especially
valuable for corn, beans,
peas, asparagus, tomatoes, etc.,
also in making catsup, sweet
pickles or anything liable to ferment.
Receipt book for instructions
on canning and pickling
with each package.
Price 10c a package, sufficient
for four quarts.
Drug Store I
Great British Writer Urges
That America Help
Along That Line.
LONDON, Aug. 8.?(Correspond- in
ence or TI19 Associated Press))?Vis- tic
count Bryce. former British Atnbu- a?
sailor to the United States, has writ- in
ten a letter to E. C.. Carter, aecre- th
tary for France and Ehgland of the ou
Young Men'* Christian Association, ep
commending the work of that organ- of
isatloa among the soldiers of the Entente
Allies and suggesting that the pe
American association wiu aom iu
render the greatest poaible service
to the American expeditionary forces.
Arrangements for the work of the p
American organization are well under \J
way both in Prance and in England,
but definite and positive plans will not
bo completed until more Is known of
the etrength of the American forces,
where they wi!l be located and whoa
they will arive. Meanwhile, the cn
Young Men's Christian Association 13 J"
doing everything possigle to provide ta
for comfort and entertainment ot w'
those American sailors and soldiers w
who aldeady are in Europe.
I "I can truly say,' Viscount Bryee 156
writes in his letter, "that I have
heard from every quarter, including ,n
many naval and military authorities,
the warmest acknowledgment of the n0
excellent work done by the Young
Men's Christian Association during J?(
these three terrible years of war, for Jsl
the British, Casadlnn and Australian 'fc
soldiers both in camp here and at I
home and among the troops on tho th
various fighting fronts. Many plans J?
havo been devised, many methods }'
successfully employed, to provide for ^r<
their benefit comforts, recreation, ,n!
literature o fthe right sorts and many JJ."
other wholesome Influences. 1"
"I believe that the American As- !
sociation, which will have the advan
tage of our experience, which will Ije 01
worked with true American energy,
and which ms.v command even larger J'1
funds than wo had, my render the
greatest possible services in France
March! March!!
The "War Ecc
Started with a
Whole companies, battallions,
mer shoes at radically reduced
Smart folks need no second c
Welton Annual Clearance Sale
this year when "War Economy"
ual?but the entire nation as w<
choice of our entire sur
en's and Children's.
Now 20
Some Lots
Special Lots
Broken lines shoes and ox:
Now $
Hundreds of pairs high and 1
Now $
Broken lines of Hanan ?
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Several hundred pairs 3
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A great lot of shoes and lov
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Sale For 19
Shurtleff 6
tbcsi AmortCM wtoBrtt
a and nasc* rtjoice to wolcoms u j
elr allies lit this fight tor freedom HI
,a right"
Fslrmont, W. Bi.
AujUit 1. 1917.
Editor The West Virginian?As s
rectlon to an ariic'.o tppoarlryj in
recent issue cr your p :r, pcr.ttug
to the local carpenters organimin
taking rart In racsll proceedings
ainst tho Mavcr of our city, 1 am
structed by the organ.iarion to ?ay.
at the alleged statement la tar from
r mission. Further, vo are not re H
onrlbie 'or the individual oplnoni -H
cur membership.
Local No. 42R Brotherhood ot Car I
titers & Joiners..
Recording Secretary,
oflee Strongest ' I
U. S. Navy Drink
RITISH WATERS. Aug. 3.?Black
ffeo is the popular drink with the
en over bore In t'nclo Sam's teeto1
navy. Steaming hot coffee li al
lys on tap on board tbe dcstroyeri
ben they are out looking for sub- H
arines. The men aay it not only
'Gps them awake but serves also
a stimulant and portector against
e rigorous climatic conditions un- f H
r which they labor. They have H
it yel carried on board ship tho atrnton
tea habit which they have
nil-d aehore and found eucli ft satactory
substitute for the use Of alholic
The vast majority of the men say
ey do not miss tho absenco oi>iticating
drink on board their flaps,
lose who want it can got it ashore
im midday until eight In the eveni
hut for the vast majority the IIor
saloons have very ItttJft charm.
io record of tho men as a whole la
1 ? ?o "ff/vAPa hAft
is rt'spcui, sny muu uiiivcto) *? >
en one of the gratifying features
their may here.
The patrols, therefore, have very
tie to do but walk up and Udwn
t main street of the village In
arrh of the trouble that seldom
1 e
Double Quick!' I
>nomy Sale" I
Bang Today I
regiments of stylish sumprices.
tailing when a Shurtleff &
is announced. Especially
not only helps the indlvid*
nraer stock?Men's, Wolth
^ Off I
50% O 1
) for Men I
fords $3 .to $4 grade,
2.40 9
low shoes $4 to $6 grade
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Shoes and Oxfordi
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