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p Manager McAteer Will Take
on a County Team If
He Can,
Altar untiring efforts in this section
of the state. In Maryland and in
Pennsylvania. Manager McAteer of
the Consolidation Coal Company baseball
club has been unable to secure
E>- ; a game for his team.
3 Because of Traction Park being
quarantined, the team cannot schedule
any games at home. Manager McAteer
I has just returned from a trip in Penn
sylvania and Maryland trying to ar
range a trip but has been unsucccss
iul. He states that be could se
core all the games he wanted at home
but because of financial difficulties
could not arrange any out of town
The management is now trying to
schedule with some of the county
teams for a game Sunday but has not
as yet reached any agreement.
Good Game Tonight
On East Park Ground
Hopewell and the First M. P. team
will clash on the East Park diamond
at 6:15 this evening, and although the
game Is between the league leaders
and the rear guard the latter have
strengthened their team considerably
since their last game and this contest
ts expected to prove interesting. Hopewell
bas been going strong while the
First M' P. team has been strengthened
recently and Is prepared now to
"come back."
Rneohall at a Mnnrp I
Result* Yesterday
New York. 7; Pittsburgh, 3.
Brooklyn, 6; Cincinnati, 2.
Philadelphia, 6; St. Louis 0.
Chicago, 6; Boston, 4.
Boston, 4; Chicago, 3.
Ten Innings.
Standing of the Clubs.
W. L. Ptc.
New York 59 30 .663
Philadelphia 48 40 .545
s Bt. Louis 62 45 .536]
Cincinnati 54 49 .524!
Brooklyn 46 46 .500
Chicago 49 50 .495
Boston 39 53 .421
Pittsburgh 31 65 .323
Games Today.
Boston at Pittsburgh.
New York at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at Chicago.
Brooklyn at St. Louis.
Results Yesterday,
Chicago, 7; Boston, 1.
St. Louis 3; New York. 0. ?
New York 3; St. L'ouis 1.
Phlladelnhia. 5: Ctevplnnd 3
Washington, 4; Detroit. 2.
B* Standing of the Clubs.
Chicago 63 .37 .620
Boston 59 37 .615
Cleveland 54 48 .525
Detroit 52 47 .525
New York 50 48 .521
Washington 42 66 .429
Philadelphia 35 58 .378
St. Louis 37 63 .370 ;
Games Today. ' ;
Cleveland at Boston.
St. Louis at Washington.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Detroit at New oYrk.
Painting Work Finished.
The J. D. Ahern Company, who
have the contract for the painting of
all the houses In this section oSvned
bv the Consolidation Coal ComDany
have completed their work in Monongah,
After ahout six weeks work
tysre they have painted the majority j
Cjf'the Monongah houses. From here
'the painters managed by J. D. Jopkins
will go to Chiefton, where they
1 , will paint the houses in that community.
Camping Trip.
A party composed of Mrs. Frances
EBketh, Mrs. Rome Lawson, Madge
Lawson, and Pauline Davis are planning
to leave today for Valley Falls,
where they will camp for several
weeks. Early next week they will
he Joined by several other local peo
? i
Purchased a Packard.
George Koon of near Monongah has
purchased a Packard automobile. His
ouu xiuwhiu la xcoiuiug iu uiiciaic tuc
, George F. Hall motored to Fairmont
yesterday evening where he had
some repair work done on his Ford.
Carrol Carrey was among the lo
cal out of town business callers dur
ing the week.
Junior Orr was among the Mon on
gah social visitors to Fairmont dur
fag the week.
Miss Lorena Tiprn of. Worthlngton
iras In Monongah yesterday evening <
calling on local friends.
Morris Silverman was In Fairmont
yesterday evening attending to business.
I Mrs, William Leonard was In Mon- I
'ongah during the week enroute to ,
( Fairmont on business.
Mike Martin motored to Fairmont ,
yesterday evening as a social caller. |
Thomas Weeks who has been 111
fnr thft nn?t rpvpm! wpp'rfs is rr?prwpr. i
- 4 lng. .
E Men's, women's and children's footwear
at greatly reduced prices at
BhurtleH & JVeltoa's. =-Adv,,
>: :
.M ' y.....
Left to
SAN' FRANCISCO. Cal., Aug. 3.? '
She?: grit and love of life Is nowhere
morecppareut than In those who overcome
physical Impediment and gain
the pleasures which the more physically
fortunate enjoy.
Three of the best swimmers and
divers on the Pacific coast lack, among
? . ;
F'om Buckh-annon.
Miss Maud Lewis of Buckliannon:
is a guest at the home of Mr. and j
Mrs. Jay Hough In Maryland avenue.
Miss Lewis was accompanied hare by
little Miss Flo Ann Hough who has
beer visiting there since early In
June. Miss Lewis will go to New
York from here.
Home From Newport News.
Lewis Lange, one of the U. S. Navy:
boys stationed at Newport News is
spending a few days at his home in
Morgnntown avenue.
Miss Hill Gives Party.
Miss Grace Hill was hostess to a
large number of her friends last evening
at her home near the city. The
house was beautifully deoorated in
the national colors and Japanese lanterns
lighted the lawn. About fifty!
guests wore In attendance. Various
games were indulged in and delirious
refreshments were served. Small!
(lags were given as favors.
Mrs. Kenton Kyle and children have
returned to their home in Clarksburg
after spending several weeks here
with relatives.
Miss Naomi Reeves of Morgantown :
avenue Is home from Mt. Lake Park.
and Lonaconing where she had been :
visiting for sc\ em! days.
Miss Lena Rlttennur of Pt. Pleasant '
Pa., Is visiting Mrs. Ashby in Market i
Clyde Travis of Market street who
hoa houn nnito stck the nast several
days la hetter.
Mrs. Kimball and daughter of Lit- j
tleton are guests ot Mr. and Mrs. F.!
A. Baker in Wiley street.
Miss Mary Deane of Ohio is a visitor
at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lynn Little in State street.
Mrs. John McKinncy and Mrs. Emmett
Poe are both ill at their homes j
in Market street.
Mrs. William Klnkead was called to
Littleton today by illness in the family
of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest who reside
there. Mrs. Ernest Is a sister of Mrs.
Miss Pearl Vangilder has returned
front a two weeks visit to Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Vangilder at Pleasant
Mrs. H. B. Meredith returned yesterday
from a few days stay in Pittsburgh,
ELIZABETH, W Va.." Aug. 3.-The
family of N. D. Madden, near here,
is a patriotic one. Mr. Madden is
a veteran of the Civil War. His great
grandfather served in the Revolution
ary War, 'his grandfather in the War
of 1812 and his older brother. In the
Mexican War. Another brother
fought in the Civil War and a younger
brother fought 1 nthe Spanish Ameri
can War. Two of his sons are In the
present war and four other sons are
awaiting the call.
"War Economy" shoe sale at Shurtleff
ft Welton's for 10 days.?Adv.
Bamstead's Worm Syrup
A if* and *nr* Bmnsdy for Worm*.
Stood,UM-tMt for CO yaax*. IT IlVlil
PATTjg. so chlllr?n it la an *sf*l of
ncfumiA wo ramo mm om
boCRt baa killed 139 worm*. All SrOf(latt
1*0 Otttan, or by mall-Mo a-bot.
i 1 :
- \-rj . *. f >>
? : .. . (.
in . '> ... ... : < ; }.. |V|'
right:. Lincoln Johnso n, C. Roper and )
them, four legs. Two of these young.
men have hut one leg ; the third has
both legs amputated above the ankles.
They are Lincoln Johnson, of the
San Francisco Olympic club: Arthur
Kidder, of the University of California,
and C. Roper, who lost both legs
in a railroad accident.
Johnson is known wherever swim- i
Detrot police commissioner stopped
betting on the Grand Circuit races. He
probably had never heard this was considered
the "sport of kings" or else he
didn't care a whoop what the kings
said about it.
Contrary to general opin'on Benny
Leonard holds two titles. He's champion
lightweight and champion alibler
when It comes to telling why he
doesn't enlist.
They don't take half way measures i
in St. Louis. While every city on the !
National league circuit has been bom-j
barding Umpire Lord Byron with cpi-1
thets, St. Louis used pop bottles.
We would like to have Jeff Willard [
as a bodyguard to slrafe all the guys
who ask, "Is it hot enough for you?"
Swimming has become more popular
in Chicago *.ha:i ever before. That's
because they allow them to wear Annette
Kellermans there.
Shurtleff & Welton's "War Econ
oiny" sale now going on.?Adv.
and a "cold s
How does this sound as a suggest
day during this hot weather? Colt
salad, rye bread, and ice-cold Bevc
Bevo was made with meals and
mind. It's an all-'round soft dr
refreshing all by itself and of just t
- ' __ -1J 1
any iooa?not or cuiu?tutu lu u
Bevo?the all-year-'roun
Sold in bottle* only and bottled
ifflJ5gg% w
UM Stt
MB i AND;l
fJm Septeml
,-4t Mr* <
Agricultural, Live Stock, Me
44. ^ Races,^Horea; Show,1! H
' Amusement Devices*D<
'hk^H *
/f A
' 'S::
* * Ji
y!SBHy / t
miMm; ^fflM*^'i^?--, I
- i 4(?? - ..;- |
^ ^ " ' j
Arthur Kidder.
mers congregate. His trapeze diving
Is remarkable. Kidder recently represented
the University in competition
against the Los Angeles Athletic club.
He made a fine showing. Roper, who
sells papers for a living, possesses a remarkably
fine physique and is a familiar
figure at San Francisco bay water
A dcnl In oil picperty in the lowrr
part of the state of great magnitude is
in negotiation, says the I'arkersburg
News, anil it is quite likely that the
deal will be concluded within a short
time. The negotiations are between
the South Fenn O.t company, a subsidiary
of the Standard Oil company.
and the Big creek ueveiopraent company
which has extensive oil and gas
holdings in Lincoln and adjacent counties.
It is claimed that the deal which
has been practically closed will result
in the early taking over ot' the property
of the B:g Cieek Development
company by the South Penn at a figure
which is said to be close to $3,000,000.
The field has been under development
by the Big Creek Development company
for about twelve years, having
produced tremendously in the past,
and is saiu to be still very rich. The
remaining total is estimated at from
four to five hundred producing oil
wells, besides a number of producing
gas wells, although the company has
not turned its attention to the development
of the gas territory included in
its holdings.
Dr. Frank B. Trotter, president of
ion for a meal some
1 boiled ham, potato
"between meals" in
ink. Enjoyable and
he flavor to go with
rake it taste better.
iw?jnrTW"v;in ivn
rcantile and Other Exhibits
ippodroxne,- Vaudeville,
ancing^ Bands, Singing
the Weit Virginia University, baa Just
recently returned from Fort Benjamin
Harrison where be attended "Governor's
Day" at ?he camp last Hon-,
day. President Trotter, says the Mor- j
gantown Poat Chronicle, was especial-,
ly well pleased with the showing made
by the university men who are taking I
training there. At the luncheon given
by General Glenn, commandant of the
fort, the general took occasion to eay
ihaf ?hn tvpjif virelnia bovs are mak- j
Ing good, that the university boyi are
an exceptionally good lot of men and
that the state and university should
be proud of them. Dr. Trotter says
that five or six university men have
been made second lieutenants la the
regular army.
A mysterious communication written
on a postal card and signed "Yours
truly, Blaclc Cross." was received by
the editor of the Parkersburg State
Journal recently. The writer requested
that the communication be published
as It would be of Invaluable assistance
to blm and, although it la customary
to refuse to publish all annonymous
articles, an exception was made
In this case and the following message
was published:
"My mission will be to right wrongs
in this city.
"My methods will bo legal and physical
force In protecting the young
womanhood and young manhood of
this city. I will not apply the Whltechapel
method, but the reverse. My
disguise will be that of a Lady, a Citizen,
a Soldier. My principal task to
wipe out streetwalkers. My identity
will not bo known."
According to the West Virginia Department
of Agriculture Bulletin, the
census of the peach crop for this year
shows a crop of the popular fruit In
this state that in size, color and richness
of flavor is second to none In the
United tate3 . The apple crop is good
also, especially in the Eastern Panhandle,
whtre Berkeley county boasted
a 51.000.000 crop last year, and the
other fruit nops are good . Letters
were sent recently by the National Agricultural
department at Washington
to ail of tea editors of the state, and
t about twenty-three other states where
excessive crops have been reported,
asking their co-operation In promoting
rhe campn'gn for ihe preservation of
fruit and other food stuffs and tbelr
response to tnis appeal naa neipea
considerably To prevent loss to the
growers through Inability to find a
market (or their products an arrangement
has been maae whereby It Is possible
for purchasers to get f. o. b. shipments
by communicating -with W. H.
j Somers, Special Agent o( the Departj
ment o( Agriculture, Berkeley Springs,
W. Vd
When the board of Equalization and
Review of Wheeling, completed the
changing of the assessment books,
about fifty acres had been added to the
holdings of the Elm Grove Coal company
as recorded in the book Some
of the property ordered rut off the assessors'
hooks In 1867 was replaced
after back taxes from that date bad
been paid by the company, with Interest
at the rate of six per cent
The past week is reported to have
been the greatest accidert week among
This Is one of a of
ored is America at the p
The modern methc
employed in our shoj
Each tailor perform
production of the wh
attaining the highest
efficiency in thai pa
When the garment it
the handiwork of a
tract tn the old me
U WWJ --- ?
In addiHon to the tui
class garments the c
materially reduced.
Another very strong
tailored in America
106 Ma
Men's \f r
Y5c to $5. ^
To Make1
Every Man
We hire tropioal weight clothes
in Beta Beach, mercerized
poplin sad Breeze Weave suits.
Those suits are well tnilored
and very atydehly made, and
you part with none ot your dignity
i? wearing them. I* 68 U
Men's Straw Hats
at Half Price
MiUi, Senate and Split straw
hats in sailor and soft straw
shapes, all in 1017 atylca and
in good condition.
Men's Leghorn, Panama and Ba
for seashore or country wepr?all
Cool Spc
Some are open at the neck with
turn down collars and soft cuH of <
trusting color. Prices are |1 to ft
West Virginia Industries for this year,
the number of accidents with claims
of compensation reported to the state
compensation department being sixtytwo.
The quickest apple depl of the season
was made when D. Gold Miller, of
Gerrardslown, sold his crop of Yellow
Transparents. He has a two-acre orchard
of these and as a result of the
carefu attention Le has given them
he got an excellent crop of the fruit i
which netted htm 92.250
* *
All summer footwear and odd lota,
20 per cent to 50 per cent off at the:
"War Economy" sale at Shurtleff and !
reasons why UNITFIt
the best clothes UiU
d of teamwork is
3 a small part in tha
lole garment thereby
1 degree of skill and
rt of the work.
5 completed it shows
set of artists in conthod
of "one man"
"ning out of higher
:ost of production is
reason why UNITED
'S are the best clothes j
at the price,
? *
in Street
4 Men's
\tllVx Wash
25c and 50c
agkofc Hati?no better ean M Mi
marked at a fourth less.
Floor) ^
>rt Shirts I
flat, low collars; othera come wtth
one color, and the bodies of a con- I
2. (First Floor) |
These are the wblte duck and I
Palm Heaeb clotb osfordi with (1
leather or rubber soles; all this H
season's styled and all sizes, II
t $1.80 pair.
J (First Floor)
Iran, Woodworking and CtatneW MsbUmiT <
Newtnd eecood nena meiiinnwm uum
Machinery, Gm ud Guc!::.( engine*. Puagu
electric Motors, Engine*. Bdler*. Planer*. Baedbswb,
etc. Sew-ralll ootflti. Belting rullpv
Shifting. Contractor? equipment. Conerit*
mixer*. 00 up. Ererythlng In machinery ua
eappllo*. SpecialPrice*. -?> *
EAIP.D MACHINERY CO.. Plttabnrgh. Pv
^toaste^ J

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