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Mrs. H. F. Stuckrad of Kent, Ohio, i
li visiting her daughter, Mra. Creed :
Mftlone, of Benonl avenue.
Richard Bentel Is 111 with tyhold 1
fever at the home of hie parents on i
Benonl avenue.
' Mr. and Mrs. John A. Clark and Mlee :
Maria Haymond have returned rrom a
motoring trip to Douglas, W. Va., <
where they were guests for a few day*
of Mrs. Clark's sister, Mrs. Jas. Dobble. '
Mrs. Jas. F. Watson, who bad been '
the gueBt of Mrs. H. C. Posted on Lo- '
cust avenue, has returned to her home .
' at Masontown, W. Va.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Stemple and chit- .
? t. dren are spending a few weeks at ]
Tt ' Camp Altawah on the Valley river. (
Mrs. E. T. Hartman, of Boston, who (
had been the guest of her cousin, Miss i
^ j Cora Wheeler, has gone to Terra Alta
r ! to spend a few weeks. Sunday Miss
Wheeler and MrB. Hartman were the
guests of relatives at McWhorter, W.
Mrs. D. M. Osgood and children have
returned from Webster Springs wnere
they had spent Beveral weeks.
The Misses Katharyn Kincald and
Mary DeBussey have returned from
the latter's home near Parkersburg
where they had spent several weeks.
Miss Nelle Manley is the guest of j
relatives in Parkersburg.
Mrs. R. L. Osborne, wife of Col. Os.
| borne, of the First W. Va. Infantry, is j
recovering from a week's illness.
4 Born, on Monday to Mr. and Mrs. (
Frank Davis at their home at West
End, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Moore are spend- <
* log several weeks at Lima, Ohio. j
E. M. Taylor Is spending several j
days at his homo at Bridgeport. <
Mrs. 0. G. Rcxrodo and children,
Betty and Robert, and the former's siss*
ter, Miss Elizabeth Kinkead, who had
beea guests at ibe home of Mr. and i
Mrs. J. H. Kinkead, for a week, left I
this morning for t'.oir home in Charleston.
Dr. U. v. iviiicuuii uus iciuriiuu iruiu
Mannington where t>e had spent a day
wi'h Dr. arid IPs. Jus. Klippelt, of .
Lebanon, Mo. wio aro tho guests of
relatives there. Dr. Mitchell and Dr.
Klippelt are old triends.
Mrs. W. F. Cobun and daughter.
Miss Grace, and son, Clyde, have returned
from Morgantown where tbey
attended the funeral of Fay Scott, who
was killed In an automobile accident
last week. ]
Mrs. Jennie Gramtn and Miss Lillian ]
t Greenberg, who had been guests at the 'f
home of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Osgood, on ,
Ogden avenue, have gone to Pitts- ;
burgh to visit relatives en route to t
their home in New York. Miss Green- |
t berg has recovered from injuries re- <
celvod In an automobile accident occur- t
g ring during her visit here. t
News has been received here of the
birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. 0 W.
Johnson at their home in Jackson,
Miss., which occurred on July 27. Mr. (
Johnson was formerly employed here ;
with the E. C. Jones store as decora- s
Fred DeMoss, a member of ( onipany (
L at tho Mobilization camp, who has t
been 111 from tonsilitis at his home on i
Morgantown avenue is recovering
and will return toennip in tlie near tu- ;
ture. Mr. DeMoss was taken 111 at c
Morgantown and was granted leave of c
absence. I
J, John Edward Barker, son of Mr. and v
Mrs. !-eter Harner, who has been ill of t
typhoid fever for r"rae time at his 1
home near the city, continues very ill. 1
Senator C. W. Watson and C. E.
Smith, left Chicago last night for the
' j Pacific coast where they will spend
some time fishing. Senator Watson
arrived in Chicago from New York
and was Joined there by Mr. Smith,
who left here the day before.
The Misses Virginia Wolfe and Sue
Wamsley of Elklns, are guests at
the home of Mrs. J, H. Beckman. Miss
Wamsley's brother, William Wamsley,
Is at the mobilization camp. His
father, J. F. Wamsley, of Elkins.
was also here on Sunday to see him.
The Misses Kathryn Miller and
' ? Opal Radford have returned from
?'/ Clarksburg, where they had been the j
V I guests of friends. t
U N. B. Cobun, of Locust avenue Is ]
K ' taking a two weeks vacation which ]
W he Is sending in Preston county. i
I 1 winmvTnwF.nmiifr '
? I J.JL/V/ I ? X V f T xx w
If-'./ aFjm3fifcKa^Bil)%|MBS^S^>'J i
ms. iv,- , * i
Hulip ^sr A
Mrs. Van Vaikenburgh, Known as
the $10,000,00 widow, noted American
,.> beauty, -will make the Duke of Oporto,
brother to the late lag Carlos of Portui
,\ gal, her third husband. The Austrian
Prince Wolff Metternich also souht
\' 1 her hand, but lost. William Hays
\ 1 fbapman, her first husband, left her
A I a fortune on his death in 1907. 8he
\ 1 was divorced from her second bus\
band in 191*
TOLEDO, 0., Aug. 7.?Married and
divorced as a man, wearing nan's
attire, doing his work adhering to
nan's customs and activities lor the
last 24 years, only to be unmasked
by death, was the mysterious secret
of Dr. Samuel Ackerman. optician,
whose body wag found In the Maumee
river here?the body of a woman.
Knowing she could not establish
ber age, having been born In Russia,
Dr. Ackerman feared she would be
called for selective service examination,
and her secret would be discovered.
That, neighbors say, combined
with financial difficulties and ill
health, led her to suicide.
Police say, also, Dr. Ackerman
adopted man's atlrle to keep a child,
oelleved to be hers, In New York and
IroflHoH thft rthvalfAl ti?Rt hecailSA dig
jovery of her sex would disqualify her
from supporting the child.
Dr. Aokerman's "wife* piever
knew her "husband" was a wo
man until told by the police. The
optician's closest friends, phylslclans
who had examined "him"
for signs of tuberculosis, members
of the synagogue which "he'
frequented, even girls to whom
"he" Is said to have made lovewere
astounded to hear Dr. Ackerman
had deceived them.
Pop 24 vara sinre she came from
Russia, the girl succeeded In growing
up from "boyhood1 to "manhood"?
without creating suspicion!
Her real name no ose knows. Even
her divorced "wife' who Is now Mrs.
William Wise, does not know whence
she came or who she really Is.
"I don't know where 'he' came
from. I don't know any relatives
he' might have had. I married 'him'
In New York. I don't know anyone
n New York who might know 'him.'"
she declared.
Neighbors knew Dr. Ackerman as
a quiet, palo-faced "man" who
would rather spend the evenings
reading or sitting on the porch, than
frequenting cafes. Dr. O. M. Main,
friend of Ackerman, said he often
walked to work with "him", but never
suspected "he" was a woman.
Friends still find it difficult to exLOCAL
Michael Family Reunion.
The fourth annual reunion of the
llichael family will be held Saturday,
August 11, in the E. H. Musgrave
;rovo near Georgetown. Addresses
.in i,i> ma/io hv Rev. odell. Rev. Zoalc
md others. A choir from Morganown
will furnish mosic and a brass
land will also be present. A basket
linner at noon will be a feature of
:be day. The public is invited to
ie present.
? ?
Clarksburg Happenings.
Mrs. James W. Williams, Mrs. Lu-1
dus lloge and Mrs. Dudley D. Britt
ire guests of Mrs. John L. Ituhl in her
iummor home at M t. Lake Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Horner and chilIre
nare occupying the J. Hornor Davis
mmmer home near Bridgeport for the
non'h of August.
Misses pdna Boring. Mary Tinglar,
s'elle Wilcox and Mrs. Thresse Paugh,.
if California; Mr. and Mrs. John Wil ox
and Allen Bumble motored to
'iiitinni Sunday. While there they f
rlsitod Mrs. Emma iValker and daugfier,
Anna. Th3 rarty ate lunch on
'King's Knob" nnd took dinner with
Mrs. V,'inker.?Clarksburg Telegram.
? ?
Marriage Announced.
Announcement is made o? the mar iage
of Miss Bessie Thomas to Patrick
H. Morgan, of Piedmont, which
jveni was solemnized yesterday at the
Catholic tectory, Rev Father Boutlou,
ifficioting. Tne bride has been emiloynd
at the Princess theatre for some
ime ati'l the groom is a member of
he Hospital corns at the Mobilization
? ?
Guests of Miss Jamison.
Miss Pauline Jamison has as her
;uests at her home on Morgantbwn
iveuue two school mates, the Misses
Madeline and Margaret Naehaus, of
Houston, Texas. The Misses Jamison
ind Naehaus were school mates last
rear at Miss Marshall's school, Oakane,
? ?
Entertained at The Fairmont.
Lieut. Smeltzer entertained at dinler
at The Fairmont last evening his
;uesta Including several members of
:he officers staff of the First W. Va.
Infantry. Covers were laid for Col.
R. L. Osborne, Capt. Claude H. Laynan.
Capt. Williams, Capt. Burke,
Capt. Whitemore, Lieut. Ringer and
:he host.
Bee Inspection to
Be Started Soon
(By Associate! Press}
CHARLESTON, W.Va., Aug. 8?The
work of protecting the interests of bee
:here are said to be 60,000. has begun
jnder the direction of State Apiarist
Charles A. Rooso.
This position was created by a law
lassed by the last legislature. It prorides
also for six bee inspectors?one
'or each congressional district of the
state?who have already been appoint;d
by officials of the state depatment
)f agriculture. The apiary bureau Is
i part of the agricultural department.
It is the duty of these inspectors to
nakethorough examination of all apiirios
in West Virginia, detect any dls
*ci?K lllilt maj e-vi-n ttuiuii& iuo ucca,
ind. where possible, give treatment
to as (o conserve the atate's honeymaking
industry. The owner of an
ipiary Is prohibited, tinder law, from
telling a colony of diseased bees. Colinies
in which disease exists to a mark
;d degree are to be burned by inspects.
It Is believed the work of the "bee
lureau" will be completed within two I
months, !
WHEELING, W. Va? Aug. 8.?A remion
of the remaining remnant of
Company D of the Twelfth West Virginia
regiment will be held at Blayley's
Grove, near here, August 14. At
aat year's meeting, there were sixteen
nemb'ers in attendance. The company
vas organized within a week in reiponse
to President Lincoln's call in
VtM ii ^ -V
plain tho woman's apparent delight In
making love to her own sex. They
recited numerous occasions when she
made love to other girls.
?1 . =*'
Visiting Parents.
Basil Pollitt, a member of the Marine
Corps, stationed at Fuantico, Va?
and his sister, bliss Daisy Pollitt. who
holds a stenographic position at Adamson,
W. Va., are here on a visit to thcii
parents, Rev. and Mrs. F. S. Pollitt, at
713 Walnut avenue. Miss Mima Radford,
of Cincinnati. 0., is also a guest
at the l'ollitt home. Rev. and Mrs.
Pollitt and daughter, Miss Ruth, have
recently returned from a visit with
Mrs. E. G. Smith in Clarksburg.
Girl Patriots Sew Kerchiefs
for "Sammies"
15 Ti
J '/$*' -'ft
m jfi
f mi
Ijg v *>/; \ v'
City, Utah, In that city girls from
seven to 14 years have organized a
society to sew handkerchiefs for our
'iCnmmloc' in TTVntinn Thoir nntroit.
uaiuuttbu IU * ?
ic work Is under direction of the
Salt Lake branch of the Red Cross.
Several hundred little girls have enlisted
in this acceptable service for
the fighting men. Besides the handkerchiefs
the girl make other cloths
for use in hospitals.
Have your Palm Beach suits laundered
by the American Laundry. Satisfaction
Baltimore & Ohio
August 17 and 31.
September 14 and 28,
October 12,1917.
Consult Ticket Agent for FuU
I %^V :
This is Am
In the Face
Piece of
The Things You Will
Find at Reduced
Prices in the
August Sale
Asbestos Table Mats
Bedroom Suites
Beds and Beddings
I T-t /?_ 1 _
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Foot Stools
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Window Flower Boxes
Aer Goodl Day
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Furniture in This I
;d at a Good Reduci
Q Timvlrmon
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now engaged in Munition:
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