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fx lUI/DUUXgU. V |
Jf PITTSBURGH, Aug. 10.?On the
Pittsburgh Stock Exchange the da;
again was devoted to brisk trading
is copper*, with only 1,900 shares of
the major Industrials and specialties
Mat dealt in. Total sales tor the day
[. were 20,9(5 shares and ot these 27,Jti.
000 were tbe mining issues. A feature
vw was a new high record established by
Caney River Gas, whleb went op 4
' On a 80-shsre sals. La Belle was
40WI 1H and Light and Heat wai
*' ,19 li Ohio ruel Supply was off 14
and Pittsburgh Coal common certlfl,
cates declined IK. Pure Oil advanced
%, but United States Steel was oft
% and Airbrake was off %.
Galea. High. Low.
8100 Cable Con. Mln .. .08 .Ot
60 Caney River Gas."51H em
1900 Diana Mines 60 .55
U La Belle Iron ....117 117
10 Ktn. L. t H. .... 6414 64^4
4400 Mt. Shasta 61 .48
976 Ohio Fnel Supply 60 49 W
4800 Pgh. Consol 18 .12
6700 P.-J. Copper 76 .70
MO Pgh. Coal otta 66V 6684
I f 840 Pgh. OU A Gsa .... 6% 684
I > 10 Pure Oil 24 H 2414
i ' 9100 Rosa B. ft M. .19 .16
h Aav WW ? Ala.a * AO JO
WUO U Of UIMI " 1?
i 10 V. S. Steel 24H' 1244
/ , l- BO W?*t Airbrake ...113.. 1134
^Nit high record.
' s New York
MOW YORK. Aug. lO.-Wall street
took A calmer t1?w today of the
price control situation but professionals
pressing their advantage tentatively,
though rallies of 1 to 3 points
puled at the close.
There were signs of substantial
) support In var Issues and steels during
the occasional Intervals of unsettlment,
but certain equipments and
the motors were again under a cloud.
Depression In the latter group was
emphasised by receivership proceedings
against a concern making auto
If , mobile parts.
| Australia Show,
Fails; U. t
By L. Harper Leech.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Aug. 10.Mrect
price fixing will play little part
In the Hoover food control.
The reason can be summed up In
one word?Australia!
Auatralla, during the war, has tried
out every possible system of artlfical
price regulation and fixing, thus glvI
Ing the world its first authentic in'
t The results show price fixing
by legislative enactment or administrative
boards does not reduce
living cost except in special
i Where both supply and demand are
jfcple and "elastic' price fixing has
produced positive harm.
/ Where there have been' temporary
shortage or monopoly control, price
fixing has succeeded.
The Australian experience la especially
valuable to America. The
I ; social and political habits are similar
tike America, Australia is far from
the firing line. Australia has a dual
state and federal government, und
the problem of interstate commerce.
The Australian states began to reI
gulate prices at the outbreak of the
war, each in its own way. New South
* Wales adopted thorough-going price
fixing and stuck to it. Victoria
made a more moderate attempt and
fM I, became disgusted. Tasmania let na:
tan take her course.
rjv.r At the end of three years, the results
In all are the same. THE COST
And now the states have passed
the buck and the federal government
has assumed control of food prices
i and distribution.
Foo'd regulation in Australia will
likely parallel the United States
course, except that it will be more
far reaching as the Australian governments
have government ownreshlp
of all publle utilities and many industries.
q A summary of the Australian experience
has been publlahed in Melbourne
by H. L. Wilkinson, distinguished
economist, member of the Victoria
price fixing board.
His conclusions will not be
welcomed either by reactionaries
or by enthusiastic believers in
State regulation. They show:
(1) Artificial price fixing is powerless
against the "law of supply and
demand" where the law Is REALLY
(2) But price fixing by government
authority proved a SURE PREVENTIVE
of gouging by speculators.
/Bl Price flxine lowers thA mat
i S ej commodities controlled by trusts,
f ' (4) Germany and Australia haye
,, both proved it useless to fix selling
prices where there Is an actual shortage
(5) Where selling prices are fixed
below foreign prices the government
must purchase and Import, as private
capital leaves the fild.
(6) Unless the government stlmuSAVE
j '
Present three of these coupons
A ? of The West Virginian with 98c cat
? wffh sawed strfiMUL rmrontooH fact
I -
Eealisiai til* nead of every family is
Flu to displsy on patriotic holidays,
f BtuBbar of our roadars at ridiculously
" price of flats bis almost doubled is tl
? to clip ? of the nor# coupons consec
the west Vlnt&M off>;e with 98 ?os
,, * '" "* *" ''' '' TI
in .?
Grain and. Produce |
CHICAGO, Aug. 10.?Notwithstanding
that at first yesterday the final
passage of the food control bill did
not affect grain rallies, weakness developed
later owing largely to a falling
off In demand from distillers upon
who mthe new measure had placed
restrictions forbidding the manufacture
of alchoholic beverages. Corn
although steady at the close, was Tit
to lc net lower at |1.16$4 December,
and 11.13% May. Wheat flnlahed unsettled,
3 cents down with September
<2.22. The outcome in corn ranged
from %c decline to % advance. Provision
wound up unchanged to 25c
Open. Close.
September 2.27% 2.27%
December 1.17% 1.18%
May I. 1.14% L13%
September 69% 59%
December 69% 69% Oil
and Gas.
In the absence of Interesting field
developments operators and producers
are discussing the probable advance
In the crude market. Within
a tew days one grade ot Western oil
has been advanced 20 cents and operators
are hoping that It may Indicate
an advance all along the line
In the near future. Eastern operators
are making no effort to Increase
development work and are not likely
to do so until after the market has
been given a substantial boost. The
cost of drilling Is so much higher
than at any time In the past that
operators chances on a light pumper
or a dry hole. The most favorable
time for active field work" during the
curent year has gone and nothing
but a higher market can Induce oper
ators to resume with any semblance
to activity, it Is said.
The list o? late completions in the
Eastern fields consist of light pumpers
and gas wells. On Jakes Run, Clay
district, Monongalia county, the Hopo
s Price Fixing
?. Tries Control
lates production by minimum prices
or state purchase, the result of maxil- !
mum selling prices is an intensified
shortage after the next prducing
season. 1
(7) Where stocks are held by a
trust or a few large holders, simple
selling price fixation may be
elective. But where held by a
great many such as farmers?the '
government must buy the crop
and sell at fixed prices. Otherwise
the crop will not come on
the market at ail, and animals ;
will eat the grain.
(8) Price fixing, where both supply
and demand are ample as it discourages
production and stimulates monopoly.
In such casese the "fixed max!- 1
mum price" soon becomes the fixed
"minimum price."
Control of middlmen through the ]
license power and the reduction of ;
distribution charges is the prlcipah 1
agency by which Hoover proposes to '
eliinate mononolv costs Tho 1
Han experience shows this Is all price
fixing or slate purchase can do. '
By virtue of a deed of trust executed
by M. C. Lough and Emma Lough,
his wife, to Charles Lively, Trustee,
dated April 4, 1916, and recorded In
the office of the Clerk of the County
Court of Marion County, West Virginia,
in Trust Deed Book No. 41, page
181, to secure Fairmont Building and
Loan Association the payment of the
sum of Twenty-six Hundred Dollars
(82600.00), and certain premiums and
interest thereon and fully men%ioned
and described In said deed of trust,
and default having been made in the
payment thereof and being requested
so to do by said Fairmont Building
and Loan Association, the undersigned
Trustee will, on Saturday, the 11th
day of August, 1917. commencing at
one thirty o'clock p. m., oiler for sale
and sell, at the East front door of the
Court House of said Marlon County,
west Virginia, by way of public auc- (
lion to the highest bidder, the proper '
ty conveyed by said deed of trust, I
said property consisting ot a certain 1
lot together with certain Improve- '
ments, situate In the vicinity of the !
City of Fairmont In what Is known as
Monongahela Industrial Company's (
Addition and being Lot No. 53, In
Block No. "A," of Plat "A," fronting
on Morgantown avenue fifty feet and
extending back, between parallel
lines with an uniform width of fifty
feet, a distance of one hundred and
fifty feet, and being the same real estate
which was conveyed unto the said
M. C. Lough and Emma Lough by Monongahela
Industrial Company, a corporation,
by deed dated July 3, 1909,
and of record In said Clerk's office In
Deed Book No. 161, page 62.
TERMS OF SALE?All cash on day
ot sale.
7-20-27 #-2-10 Trustee.
consecutively numbered at the office j
h and gat a beautiful Flag 4x6 teat,
colore. '
Fairmont and rlclnlty for an American 1
we have arranged to supply a limited ,
email cost In spite of the fleet that the |l
ie laat few weeks. All you need do la ;
ulively numbered and present them at
ti in cash *nd tlj* Sf$ li youxa. Ten
Ki ^
'I|fi '
Natural Ou Company, baa drilled a
teat on the Elisabeth Moore (arm
through the Bayard sand. It la a
good gasser in that formation On Long
Drain Run in the same district the
J. H. McDermott Oil Company has
drilled a teat on the J. N. Statler
(arm into the Big Injun aand and it
is showing (or a very light pumper.
In McKim district, Pleasants county,
the Cox Farm Oil Company completed
No. 8 on the C. L. and L. S.
M. Cox farm. It is a two-barrel pumper
in the Cow Run sand. In the same
district W. H. Steer is drilling a second
test on the T. J. Bailey (arm. In
Washington district, Noland & Gallaher
are due in the aand at No. 3
on the Aaron Bills (arm. In Clay
district, Ritchie county, the High
Grade Oil Company is drilling a teat
on the Thomas Griffin farm and the
Walnut Run Oil Company has the rig
completed for a second test on the
F. M. Lamp (arm. In Mannigton district,
Marlon county, the Blackehere
Oil and Gas Company's No. 2 on the
Ward M. Satterfield farm is holding
up at 10Z barrels a day. On Lizzies
Roost Run, Clay district, Ritchie
county, the Rldgeway Oil Company Is
drilling on the W. M. Rldgeway farm.
Under authority of decree of the
Circuit Court of Marlon county, West
Virginia, entered on the 18th day of
July, 1917, In the chancery cause of
Brooks S. Hutchinson, Administrator
of the personal estate of A. Bruce
McDonald, deceased, vs. Ann McDonald,
et al? the undersigned Special
Commissioner will on Saturday the
1st day of September at 2:00 P. M.
at the front door of the Court House
of said County, offer for sale at public
auction three certain parcels of
ical estate, described as follows:
First: All that certain lot or parcel
of land situate in the City of Fairmont,
Marlon County, West Virginia,
being a part of Lot No. 71 fronting
82 1-2 feet on Julncy street and runring
back from said atreet between
Lot No. 72 and alley, a distance of 70
feet to that part of lot No. 71 owned
by Peter Fagan, being the same real
estate conveyed unto the said A,
Bruce McDonald by deed bearing date
on the 19th of February, 1890, and of
record in the office of the Clerk of
the County Court of said Marlon
County In Deed Book No. 47, page
Second: All that certain lot or parcel
of land situate in the City o(
Fairmont In said Marion County, and
bounded and described as follows:
Beginning at a stake in line of Pierpont
Avenue, corner to lot of Mabel
P. Shlnn and running with a line of
said avenue N. 83 1-2 E. 48 feet to a
stake corner to lot ol Laura B.
Staggers, thence with her line N. 6 1-2
W. 132 1-2 feet to stake in line of
street corner to lot of said Staggers,
thence with a line of said street
N. 85 1-2 W. 39 7-10 feet to a stake In
line of said street and corner to
alley, thence with line of said alley S.
19 E. 21 feet to a stake corner to lot
of Mabel P. Shinn, thence with her
line S. 6 1-2 E. 120 feet to the place
of beginning, excepting, however, the
coal and mining rights and privileges
underlying the above described pro
perty; being tne same real estate
which was conveyed unto the said A.
Bruce McDonald by J. E, Sands and
wife and W. T. Ravenscroft and wife
by deed dated the 10th day of June,
1902, and recorded in the office of
the Clerk of the County Court of
said Marion County, in Deed Book No.
123, page 451.
Tihrd: An undivided one-fifth interest
in a certain tract or parcel of
land situate in Wlnfield District,
Marion County, West Virginia, lying
on the waters of the Monongahela
liver, adjoining lands of Albert Prickstt
and others and being Lot No.
I in a mutual division of lands as
made by the heirs of Joshua McEIfresh,
deceased, and shown by the
Mat and survey made byL. H. Wll:ox.
County Surveyor of Marion Couny,
and bounded as follows: Beginning
it the corner of Lot No. 2, thence S.
II E. 18 poles to a stone, thence N.
50 E. 32 poles to a stone, and corner
:o Albert Prlckett, thence N. 21 1-2
(V. 67 1-4 poles to a stone, thence S.
iO 1-2 W. 32 3-5 pole to the beglnling,
containing 14 1-2 acres, being
he same land conveyed unto A. B.
McDonald, Clara McDonald, John 0.
McDonald, William Prlckatt and Nolle
Snider by Thomas T. McElfresh
ind others by deed bearing date on
he 12th day of November, 1906, and of
ecord in the office of the Clerk of the
bounty Court of said Marlon County,
n Deed Book No. 158, page 397.
One third of the purchase money,
?r as much more as the purchaser or
lurchasers nay elect to pay, cash in
land on the day of sale, and the balince
in equal Installments of six
nonths and one year, said deferred
layments to be evidenced by the notes
>f the purchaser, bearing interest
rom date at the rate of six per cent
>er annum. A vendor's lien is to be
-etalned on the property so sold to
urther secure the payment of said
lefered purchase money.
Given under my hand this lit toy
it August, 1917.
Special Commissioner.
I. W. S. Black, Clerk of the Circuit
lourt of Marlon county. West Virgina,
hereby certify that the above
lamed E. M. Bhowalter, Special Comnlssioner,
baa executed bond condt
.loned for the faithful performance
)f his dutlei as such Commissioner
a the sum ot Three Thousand Dol
ars, with security approved by me as
mfflcient, and as required in the
ibove mentioned decree ot sale.
Clerk, Circuit Court of
Marlon County, West Va.
8 3-1018-24.
Wonderful Remedy for
UNt UOat uunvim.co
nd other reliable druggists. Crane's
hug Store, Holt Drug Co, Prescript
Ion Pharmacy, Mannlngton.
? lsaffsctlrttatnatug
M Vnnittorii dlftbarmi;
11 1 1 . > J' f * . . ! **
toBk: ' vHfj
Alejandro Alvarei, a Chilean, and
South America's formost authority on
International law, will help the Chilean
embassy defend hire. De Saullei,
when she 1b tried for killing her husband.
As an authority on Chilean
civil law, Alvarez says, Mrs. De Saulles
is still a subject o( that country
and entitled to its protection.
Known All Over
Dr. Richard C. Cabot, who la head
of the Massachusetts General Hospital,
has been writing for the American
Magazine, April and May, on the subject
of "Better Doctoring for Less Money."
He says that "A new era has come
In the practice of medicine, but most
people do not know it yet. We have
begun to emerge from that stage ol
medical work in which the doctor
was a peddler selling goods from
house to house, into the more advanced
and sensible era in which the doctor
stays at his place of business, like
anyone else who has goods to sell,
and the people who want these goods
come to him. The shop where he has
his goods to sell is generally called
a hospital and he has associated with
him there a body of men and women
similar to work people, foremen and
managers oE any industrial plant or
dry goods store. He has there some
beginnings o fa satisfactory division
of labor and specialization of function.
Therefore, he can give the public a
much better article for less money.
"The 'article' I refer to is sound
medical advice and treatment."
This is just what Dr. Pierce has
' J-1 Tnvrnlldo' In
Detn UUU't hi. me in *ouuo iiuict iu
Buffalo, New York. Dr. V. M. Pierce
has associated with him Dr. Lee H.
Smith, who is vice president and head
surgical director and operator, and
there are a dozen other physicians
and specialists, as well as four chemists,
and the poor and the very rich
get the best medical attention. As
Dr. Cabot has profierly said, "When
you go to a doctor's office you may
complain of nothing more abstruse
than a headache or a stomach-ache,
yet for the solution of the problem
represented by your Buffering there
may be needed an X-ray examination,
chemical tests such as very few experts
are capable of making, the consultation
of experts in diseases of the
eye, the ear and the throat, and the
Concerning Y
IN all kinds of weather
to serve yon.
During the hot weathi
phone more freely thai
ing fofoe handles the ir
under the most trying
The telephone compan
Bible to make their vi
young women, and we
for them, too.
LNG, AUuUoI 10? X817r
To Whom It May Concern:
The undersigned, Harry C. Connor,
who reside* In Fairmont, Marlon connty.
West Virginia, and who Is Special
Police Officer tor the Monongahela
Railway Company, will apply to the
Circuit Court of Marlon county, West
Virginia, at the Court House of said
county, on Monday, the 20th day of
August, 1917, for license to cany a
revolver during the ensuing year.
Given under my hand this 9th day
of August, 1917.
Notice 1s hereby" given that the
County Court of Marlon County proposes
to make certain changes and
alterations In the County Roads located
In Lincoln, Paw Paw and Grant
Districts of said County now being
Improved under the late bond issues
voted by said respective District, and
plans and profiles are now on file
in the Engineers offices of said respecltlve
District showing the changes
and alterations proposed to be made.
Dated this 7th day of Augusts 1917.
Published once a week for two
weeks. 8-10-17.
the United States
study of the improvement or aggravation
of symptoms at different times of
day and under different diets and temperatures.
This study demands the
conditions found in just such a hospital,
and nowhere else to be had
without expenses." It is also true that
the "family doctor does the best that
he knows how, and considering the
difficulties under which he works,
makes a wonderfully good estimate of
the nature of the patient's disease and
the treatment to be administered."
"But as an accurate diagnosis simply
cannot be made in a considerable
number of cases without the co-operation
of a number of men, each expert
in his own field we ask the family
doctor to be is an 'all-around' specialist.
This he attempts, but one cannot
truthfully say that he succeeds, for
the attempt is obviously an impossible
one. Medicine Is today far too
large and complicated a field for any
one man, no matter how wise and experienced,
to cover."
tVe have not the space to speak individually
of the professional meu
composing the faculty of this old,
world-famed institution, but will say
that among them are many whose long
connection with the Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical Institute has rendered
them experts in their soveral specialties.
Advantage of Specialties.
By thorough organization and subdividing
the practice of medicine and
surgery in this institution, every invalid
is treated by a specialist?one
who devotes his undivided attention
to the particular class of diseases to
which the case belongs, The advantage
of this arrangement is obviouj,
Medical science covers a field so vast
that no physician can, within the limits
of a lifetime, achieve the highest
degree of success in the rreatment
of every malady incidental to humanity.
? M / ^1 A S\ Mft M
uu j i zitynunc
' your operator Is ready
ir people use the tele1
usual and our operaticreased
number of calls
weather conditions.
v Aruin flvorvthinir nos
ork pleasant for these
ask your consideration
>14 Monro* St, Fairmont, W. Vi,
'vV- ' !
LOST?Auto license plate, D78. 1917.
Finder return to Box 26SS. West
Virginian. 8-10-2t-26SS.
FOTi SALE?6-room house with baih.
Big lot. Apply 325 Jefferson street.
4-29 tf No 22^
j FOR SALE?Hot air furnace suitable I
for six-room bouse. A. E. Jackson. {
A. lUUlUtl^ W~* 1
FOR SALE?A tract of land containing
150 acres, lying and being situated
in Union district. Marion county.
West Virginia, 1>4 miles from the corporation
lines of Fairmont. Three
dwelling bouses with out buildings.
Some fruit and some Pittsburgh coat.
Charles A. Galiahuq, Fairmont, W. Va..
Rt. No. 8. S-7-St-2S7S
WANTED?To buy a truck farm with
improvements, from .30 to 50 acres.
Jesse Anderson. R. F. D. 4, Box 70,
Monongah, W. Va. 8-7-6t-2682
FOR RENT?August tenth. 517 Gaston
Ave., eight rooms. Apply Geo J
H. Brobst, Watson Bldg.
FOR RENT?Two small houses. Third
street and Albert Court, and nice
garage, Locust Ave. Inquire F. 1'.
Keliey, Bell phone 25GK. S-10-tf-2692
WANTED-At Coffee House, cook.
Good wages to right party. Apply in
person. b-s-sa-2?s4.
WANTED?Dining room girl. Call
Bell 1092-J. 8-9-3t-26S7
Release Your Ambitions and Let
Them Have Full Sway In Bringing
Your Success
if# i
if '
Nothing else gives a man i|
j the courage o? his conviction j
and the will to do, like finan- | :
l| cial backing. ||
Why not obtain It? Out of 1
tlie many ways there is but ,
j,j one sure way?hoarding. r; ,
Systematic hoarding is so
|!i sure a way that it requires !
but two or three years to give
yourself that financial backing
which will let ambitions J
have full sway in bringing
I ; success j
ls* i
national 1|i;
bank of ;
west va.
J The Best * ^ I
of this bank, are Its oldest
depositors?ask any
of them you know
I about their dealings fc
?3 with us, and we think RS
you'll start an account RS
CnS here. Q
i - 1 We are ready to serve
faithfully and safely,
< many more individuals.
Arms and corporations.
Our capital and surplufl
JSOO,000.00 .
! TRUST i 1
\ Directly ?cro?? the W
,C3/ itreet from our former r?
WANTED ? Laborers. Good ?KM
Wllleti Clay Co. 7-3MJMM5 .' ,fj
WANTED?Laborers Apply to plpo *
coverer, basement, Fairmont Hotel.
8-9-3t No. 2t? - W
WANTED?Driver for 3% ton truck.
Must be experienced and capable of
taking care of truck. No amateon
need apply. Nuzum Washed Sand. .. ?2
Supply Co., 1X7 Main St. 8-10-StdWl
SEWING done reasonable. Apply 149 ^
Grant street. 44X Consol. S-2-3t-3657
WANTED ? Salesman?To represent
us In your county, tor a producing 4
oil company, commission bail*. H. H.
Hodman & Co.. 308 Magee Building,
Pittsburgh. Pa.
WANTED?Salesman: Young man
with high school training preferred,
to represent the largest machine ipec- ,
laity company in this country. In tine
West Virginia territory. Previous
Experience not necessary. Ilea 'jS
having ruilroad, general store, or of- a
flee training should investigate this -.1
opening which will pay a live wire, vy?
liberal compensation, with opportunity
for advancement. L. A. Hurt- :"-;l
man. 1013 Union Nat. Bank Bldg., -:'Q
Clarksburg, W. Va. 7-30-tf.
FOR RENT?Furnished room. Ill* '
Fairmont avenue, Bell 71-R,
S-9-3X-268S. . -yiM
WANTED?To rent rurnlshed house - ~"i$m
of 5 or 6 rooms. Apply J. 8. Lynch,
care Greater Fairmont Investment i| v-iw
Co., Bell phone 619. 7-30-2X.
FOR SALE?Three passenger Stude- .
baker car, 1916 model. 4 cylinder, . v'jjl
now tires, In excellent condition. A 1
sacrifice at iow price. For information
call The West Virginian. - \
FOR SALE?Cadillac roadBter la
good running order. Will demon- "J
etrate. Bargain if taken at once. Apply
Gouldis Bakery, Madison' street. ' <$?
8-10-2t-2690. |
polls Section. Come down right.
away, crop, fine pasture graying S ,J|
and 3 bead to acre and grass getting $
ahead. Lime lands, the hind that j
puts on the scales. Plenty for talc
to 65 an acre,3 or 4 automobiles,
but notify us ahead. Write for lull . >>?
Information and photographs. Real
It and then come down. Your R. R, ]'M
faro refunded both ways If you find _,'a
anything misrepresented. Ticket free.
Healthy country, elevated. 2874.
B. Rice & Co., Cortland, Ohio,- oi
Wairen, Ohio. 8-10-2flt-287#
DAIRY FARM with fine buildings.
1 will throw In all growing crops,
horses and machinery worth |6,000.00(
and sell this farm for 480.00 per aerg
and accept 25,000 down, balance can re>
main as long as desired at 5ft par
cent. We will give possession. Will*
Franklin Peebles, 847 W. Pearl street, '
Columbus, Ohio. 8-7-8t-2679
Professional Carda)* %
^H^a. B. scow/ S
Optometrist and 3H
eBgBfiWt Optlelia. 'M
26 years practical
experience. Glasses fnrnlshed In,
one hour. With
A. B. Scott & Company, 11
S Representing Nubone Coreets. 8, ;l
0 Bell 481 J 828 Monroe St || Ji
DR. A. B. SMITH, fi i
Glasses of all Kinds correcttr 1
fitted, Satisfaction guaranteed, 8
Hall Block orer Martln'e Drag I
IL l

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