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.V'':: .
PAfiJ! |
... "*"
I twimw flwni
Ivaiiiijv VN"
I Our "Final I
Girls' Colored Z2Q/>
Tub Dresses .. OI7L
Made to retail up to
Jftj $2. Some are slightly
jfiP Girls Colored Tub
Up to $1.50 Lin- nqA
geries Waists v wU
fk Up to $4 Silk Crepe O AO ^
De Chine Waists . '
R- $1.00 and $1.25 WO- :
Im|' ' or cmbrol*i5ry trim- '
' KV?liV med; not every size .
Bag' ' In every style, but
ffi'ti'o'.I'A mo8"v a" sizos ,n 1
El' ^'I> to $6.00 plain '
K: white or striped
voile streot dresses
R1 J \ 5U. 2.74;
; , Kill OIL MAN!
I {2nd Came at His Fairmont! \
Avenue Home After . ;
IJpj| Brief Illness. J
Ifj;..' J.-X. Miller, a prominent citizen of 1
S " the cuy and well known throughout ,
the state as a successful oil operator, i
died on Sunday morning at 8 o'clock i
at his home on Fairmont avenue at
tor ten days serious illness. t
. Mr. Miller had been suffering from ;
on!at!a rViailmattom o rwl OAmnltootlnno i
Wtauw a uvuuiAVisnt nuu vvmyitvitbiuua j
for some time and two v.-eeks ago was :
preparing to go to Mt. Clemens, Mich. ]
However, a short *me before he was
to have started for tbo depot he was .
!:i; Stricken with paralysis, For several ,
days his condition was very critical, 1
but he had rallied to a considerable 1
extent and strong hopes for his recov- j
ery were entertained. Saturday night, i
however, he was taken worse and continued
to grow worse until the end
Members of his family, including
two daughters, Mrs. Floyd Holtgel,
of Norfolk, Va., and Mrs. Frederick
Blome, of Baltimore, and a sister,
Mrs. Sam Cochran, of Robinson, Illarrived
here on Friday and Saturday
^nd were with him when he passed
Mr. Miller was aged 58 years. He
^P"HERE is an oocaa
| m&dt by every <
'ofi.twre of sucli ^rong n
Our service observation
spite of numerous cam
wrong connections, incli
H&K ?V- *? it-- --iw
tuts iouit ul Luc camilj
Very few people do <heu
| j|| pereenteje of efficiency.
fjill TELEPH
p W
irtunities in
Ircak" Sale
Middy Blouses and
Smocks Grow
Amazingly Pretty
\a the season goes on, the Smocks
jf white galatea are gay with coljred
collars, cuffs and touches
ibout the pockets which usually
natch the smocking; then there are
(mocks of rose, leaf green, yellow
md dolft blue with white trimnings.
'rices for Middles ...50c to $1.50
'rices for Smocks ...$1.SO to $2.98
Women's Cool Slip- AOOver
"Nighties"... *OC
Df nainsook, trimmed in lace and j
smhroidery and ribbons; values to
m r.n
bum ia Clarion, l'a., and was a
ion of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ilobt.
Miller. He was prominently known
throughout the state and in Western
Pennsylvania as an oil operator. For
the past twenty yeare with the exception
.. a ew years when he resided
in Parltersburg, Mr. Miller had been
\ resident of this city, He was interested
in a number of business enterprises
and owned considerable proparty,
among which property Is the
Urand opera house which he conducted
for a season. He also was proprietor
of the James Specialty company.
Mr. Miller Is survived by his wife,
who was formerly Miss Anna O'Neil,
jf Clarion, Pa., and of the eight children
born to the union seven survive.
\ daughter, Miss Ruby Miller, was
drowned several years ago in the Motongahela
river. Tho surviving chilIren
are Ernest Miller, Mrs. Floyd
iioltgel, of Norfolk, Va., Mrs. Frederck
Blome, of Baltimore, the Misses
Vlyrle and Garnett Miller, Wyilam
ind Thompson Miller. Ernest Miller
s now a patient at Cook hospital
where ho underwent an operation last
week, and William Miller is also ill at
:he family residence. Mr. Miller is
ilso survived by his slBter, Mrs. Coch-an,
and three brothers, William, of
-alein. \V. Va., John, of Clarenden,
Pa., and Peter, of Hermosa, Cal.
The deceased was a member of the
Osiris Temple of Shriners of Wheelng
and of the Clarksburg Masonic
odge. He was also past grand master
of the Ancient Order of United
Funeral services over the body are
announced to be held on Tuesday afternoon
at 3 o'clock from the residence.
Interment will be made In
Woodlawa cemete ry by the local
lodge A. F. and A. M? Undertaker
Musgrave and Son In charge.
laundered by the American Laundry.
Satisfaction guaranteed.?Advt.
ional wrong connection
>perator, but the perumbers
is not Isrge.
l figures show that in
ses, there are only 19
uding those which art
1_ ? - 6
% party, oui 01 every
work with such a high
214 Monroe St., Fairmont W. Vk
(hi mud i
has 68 ken and
13 open m
Another Call Will Likely Go
Out For More Men
Comparatively Small Number
of Men Rejected for
Physical Disability.
The local draft board No. 2 which
has bad Its headquarters on the third
floor of the First National Bank building
at iMannington, practically completed
its work of summarizing the first
call for the new army on Saturday
when it considered 117 cases. Of this
number 35 were called for service, ten
were rejected because of physical disabilities,
sixty-eight were exempted
and four cases were hold open fi#'further
consideration. Another call will
go out probably tomorrow.
The summary of the complete list
that has been called before the board
on the first call shows that 229 cases
were considered, 13 cares are still
open for investigatlou, 25 were dismissed
because of physical disability, 125
were exempted because of dependents,
08 were recommended for service and
18 failed to appear for the examlna**"
-u nn In tho
Hons, me "Worn Wtt? uaaieu VM .?
fastest manner possible at the same
time respecting the seriousness of the
work and the great amount of care exercised
In deciding on each individual
The complete classification of all
the men examined Saturday is as follows:
lied to Colors.
Ml.? Serial Order
1 Norman Stout 332 183
2 C. H. Satteriield 1322 132
3 Alex Kaminsky 487 103
4 C. C. Williams 606 138
6 Pasquale Lora 1707 100
6 Angclo Llano 2390 168
7 B. W. Boydoh* 1673 196
8 M. J. Killeen* 343 21*
9 Clyde Haugh* 2595 193
10 John Ash 1574 281
11 H. C. Tennant 2360 271
12 Joe Vistim 905 223
13 E. E. White 2467 220
14 E. W. Parrish 56 286
15 E. D. Johnson 183 285
16 Frank Miller 452 232
17 James Gray 530 235
18 Fay Cunningham 550 249
19 O. D. Clelland 554 251
20 ca-ios Stilner 620 247
An Authe
I ** ** * w*
] (Jail and nxamu
This Sumptuous
Illustrated Volun
How to Get It
Through an exceedingly advanta
geous arrangement we are enable!
to supply this remarkable book t(
[ our readers on special discoun
terms whicli will enable every fam
i.y in thi: city to secure a copy.
The Regular $1
o.;.? ?i n.i. C
[ i ime vi in*
Book is^
Elsewhere In this newppape;
there is printed a CASH DIS
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pay the full regular price of IS.
I OUT OP TOWN readers can
cure the book on the same termi
es tnose residing m mu mj, u.
mailing the Cash Discount Vouch
er and Including the parcels pos
charges named In the dlaooun
Clip and
II W, 0. Fleming <75 MS
IS Stscer Jones 74* 172
IS Claude Rice 7S0 284
14 Rosea Pryor . 981 159,
26 Claries Moon 1148 207
36 L. C. starker 1288 231
17 ROJ Anderson 1609 277
18 L E. Wilson 1611 250
29 Annas Bartholow 1817 265
30 R. H. Hunaaker 1906 2111
81 R. R.White 2034 282
32 C. J. Carter 2185 244
S3 S.T. Lough 2558 209
34 Oiorge Wink 536 40
S3 Art ParaUnca 602 156
Claim disallowed.
Name. Reason.
1 E. E. Masters, 1441. wife and three
tbree children.
I D. L. Michael. 1456, wife and one
3 J. L. Malcomb, 2319, wife and one
4 Marry McNeal, 513, wife and two
6 J. V. Owens, 1540, wife and three
* ? B *"? ? 1<le?anitnn2 TStfft
7 0. L. Osborne, 1628, wife and one
S Joeph Powell, 1806, wife end one
8 F. A. Rymer, 1010, dependent wife.
10 Joe Parrlsh, 601, wife and two.cblldren.
11 C. H. Phillips, 1146, wife and one
12 F. A. Sharer, 1710, wife aad religion.
13 Joe Perltell, 1818, wife and three
1 Frank Robinson, 2011, condition of
wife, aged parents.
15 J. A. Shrader, 1476, wife and two
16 \V. P. Santee, 1685, wife and two
17 French Shakelford, 1651, wife and
two children.
18 L, W. Shafer, 1419, wife and three
IB C. L. Valentine, 2247, wife and
two children.
20 D.. Vinik, 739, alien.
21 J. II. Vlngle, 280, wife and one
22 Andy Zakrimesgy, 2238, wife and
one child.
23 Nlcsla Spano, 2675, alien.
24 Alex Slami, 182, alien. ,
25 Mike Kakasie, 2665, alien.
26 Nicola Denevasl, 2868, alien.
27 Homer Wood, 140, wife and one
child and condition of wife.
28 Benjamin Walker, 2397, condition
of wife.
29 George Anstlchskl, 2884, alien.
30 Julius BarneB, 2119, * dependent
31 C. V. Cunningham, 1354, wife ana
three children.
32 Roy Carpenter, 2850, wife and four
33 Arthur DavlB, 15, condition of
r? i r n m.Ut OA AO i.KnJl4fnn
oi J. r. neujug, tvuo, vuimuiuu uwife.
34 R. H. Donaldson, 8009, wife and
two children.
36 A. F. Floyd. 1570, wife and one
37 G. P. Freeland, 1114, wife and two
38 L. H. Gump, 1417, wife and three
39 C. W. Hartley, 2768, dependent
40 W. H. Hanes, 2679, dependent
ntic Histoi
I I Realizing the
Iv I newspapers of j
J I volume, written
I This newspap
[ Greatly reduced llluatritlor
Inches. Printed on tine enam
art vellum) tevert etamped wl
41 L> B. Jett, 31, wife and en* child.
13 Vt. E. Jone*. 1211, wife and one
43 L. F. Jone*, 1470, wife and two
children. .
44 A. F. Sandy, SUS. wife and child.
45 Oltmchlk Luslg, 3453, alien.
46 Toney Llaek, 218, alien.
47 Elmer Washington. 22(9, condition
' of wife.
43 Will lam Murphy, 2309, wits and
three children.
49 Ctrmlno Monzo, 432, wife and one
50 K. L. Moore, 2592, wife and two
51 W. N. Michael, 2707, wit* and
three children.
52 F. Fugliese, 355, alien.
53 Paul Clivens, 1848, alien.
54 John Ranarlch, 653, alien.
55 Earl Shea, 1432, wife and two children.
56 Jesae Weaver, 2662, wife and three
57 H,. Sanders, 2740, preacher.
68 Claude Satterfleld. 2331, wife and
two children.
69 Virgil Snodgrais, 1334, wit* and
two children.
60 W. S. Sypult, 1848, wife and four
61 Davie Rice, 3861, wife and one
62 Joe Harcho, 646, alien.
63 Tony Ugllk, 726, alien.
64 J. L. West, 2817, wife and two
65 P. H. Tatterson, 2783, wife and one
66 D. R. Hawkins, 2787, dependent
67 F. Swyeozkowskl, 437, alien.
68 Paul Mendlevlch, 2494, alien.
Name Serial Order
Lennie Carpenter 1727 255
Claudo Fox 2607 240
G. C. Gump 1300 194
Benjamin Hill 770 267
A. C. Hanes 2577 266
Homer Knight 2047 256
P. J. Rush 2414 216
Joe Vieg 933 224
F. L. Yost 2622 245
T. F. Lake 2489 16
Cases Still Open,
Name Serial Order
William Smith 966 179
John Christian 882 268
W.W.Hawkins 525 2,9
John Mannard 2017 212
Failed to Appear.
Name erlal Order
Frank Fisher, Grant Town 2522 2
Harry Bennett, Wntson... 1894 7
John Tllnecy, Farmlngton 676 27
Jacob Gildbach, Barrackvllle
2936 7
Robert Ball, Watson 1891 60
Joe Aregustlve, Monongah 1682 70
Mark Toma, Worthlngton 927 125
Louis Tevrea, Grant Town 2497 137
George Williams, Worthlngton
117 170
W. R. Rice, Smith field.... 1292 1.4
John Palato, Worthlngton 972 176
Mike lloblek. Montana
Mines 2132 204
Thomas Harden, Montana
Mines 21 218
D. W. Jones, Mannlngton. 1531 227
Charles Perrett, Worth
lng 218 246
Anthony Morris, Grant
Town 2434 283
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Crowl attended
the Smith reunion which was held at
Bridgeport ye ste rday.
ry of the'
great and popular need and desk? (or a
America have cpmblned in a gigantic uni
without fear or favor of any nationality
ier has been selected to distribute to the
of the $3 volume. Size 8x1054
eled art piper, bound In rleh blue
th coiti #f arm* of the warring
the Cash
on Page I
r J '
". **Jr.tV""-j.-.,;* -' ' '! "' ' ' *?!-. ' -"*v f
:x.-v'- / ,.-v :'>XU1
Interesting Ceremony at Mt
Zion Church by White
Oak Camp.
At ML Zlon Sunday Whit* Oak
Camp, Woodmen of the World held me
mortal and unveiling ceremony. At
11 a. m. Rev. D. H. Perkins preached
a very Inspiring sermon In memory of
the deceased members of the order
who number about 30. Taking for hia
text "Am I my brother's keeper?" The
sermon was very appropriate and was
much appreciated by the very large
audience which came from far and
The Ml Zlon choir led by Mr. Esra i
Morgan eang some very delightful selections.
At 2:30 o'clock the grove was almost
full of woodmen from Fairmont and
from ail over that section of the country.
Afeo members of the fiamlly of Leslie
Vangllder and hli wife and friends
and neighbors.
The bugle call was sounded by Earl
Smedley of the uniform rank promptly
at 2:30. The crowd assembled and
marched to the grav6. After & song
by the Mt. Zlon choir entitled "Baautlful
Flowers of June Time," the un"FORGD
Writes Drinking
"Will you forgive me," writes thtsp
happy mother. "I mislaid your letter <
asking about my eon and so forgot It Let
me say I am thankful I called on '
you that day. The results are splen- i
did. My son hasn't touched a drop 1
since he took the N'eal Treatment and i
looks tine. I am grateful to the Neal I
Treatment and to you all personally." i
Just another one of those msny let- i
tera that we receive every dsy from
mothers and wives and sisters, returning
thanks to the Meal Treatment foi ,
the restoration of a loved one. If only
we could give you a sheaf of thsse let- i
ters in your home, and let you read
them yourself, no further word of ours
would be necessary.
From almost every city and town
and crossroads village, men come to
the Neal Institutes In Cleveland, Co- |
lumbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and ,
Detroit for treatment for the drink <
- unKlnsar) <afnt*V f\t fhtt trret)
II aUBUlUlCAJ uuuiwuuu HOW./ ?. ?
lertaking to put into the home of all tl
engaged In the greatest war the world
people ofthls city and vicinity it* shar
of "THE NATIONS AT WAR," ? tin
ly covering all Important happening
from its Inception to the decision of
Germany. No expense has been spare
and profusely illustrated history evei
the well known author of books on 1
as editor In chief, assisted by an exp
tlsts and photographers, who have gre
every Important event exactly as it o<
The public generally will welcome
i ume, free from the many contradict!
news as it has been thus far publishi
Every person regardless of nation
NEWEST history of the great conflli
hand, free from prejudice.
First Distribution I
This beautiful big volume will .be
nlng Wednesday morning, and the dli
the allotment acquired by this paper 1
Colored Illustr
Hundreds of P
Nothing like It has ever before bee
story of the war contains the largest
gotten together. The many full page
original photographs by the four t
form of color reproduction. Mere v
the surpassing baauty of this wonder
ea and more than 600 photographic
tone, charts and map*. ?
Every Man, Women
Read this Book.
Everybody Should 1
Be Among the First
Discount '
5 Today
' .
veiling ceremony wu carried out to
letter by enTaillng officer* of the camp
J. C. Philip*, Brace Morgan, W. G .
Dougherty, Ruaiell Philip* and C. O.
Bwwn. i
The oration which was riven by Hot* ;
B. F. Ramage of Fairmont wu a master
piece, dwelling on the line ot traternaliam
and the Woodmen biasing .
the (orast tor pure lire* and happier 1
home*. The talk was very much appreciated
by the members ol the order
and the many friends ot Mr. Ramage.
The beautiful poem -entitled "Oh, why
ihonld the aplrlt ot the mogtal be
K>ud?" was read by H. T. Jone* ot
The day was In all a very enjoyable
1' ?
Strike of Drivers
Closes Up Mines
(By Associated Press),
SPRINGFIELD, III., Aug. 1J.?Thirty-two
ot the 40 coal mlnee In SpringHeld
district, representing a dally out- *
put of 40,000 tons, ere shut down today
aa a result of strike among driver* and
n%ntnrmmn find 10.000 tUcePffl &f6 ill
enforced Idleness. Indication* are
that not a single mine In the district
would be In operation tomorrow.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package ,
proves it 25cat all druggists.
fE_ME" " '{
Man's Mother
habit and go homo relieved of the curM
of drink, spreading about the tidings of
wheat the Neal haa done for them.
The? know what It Is to suffer ihat uncontrollable
craving for drink. They
know that the Neal changes this to an
intense dislike for anything olcohollo
by cleaning their system of the poison
of alcohol. That'a why theee former j
patients of ours and In 75 per cent of
Ihe New Patients received at the Neal
Only three daya of easy, harmless,
safe treatment under Ideal condition*.
Are you going to hesitate and put It
off again or are you going to look into
the N'eal Treatment now and save
yourself years of unhappinesa and loit
opportunities for business success and
personal health?
The Institute la open day and night
Come In any time and we'll gladly talk
It over with you. Or phone Avon 4020
and get more information. Neal Institute,
601 Maple Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati.
it European conflict, the leading
linking people an CP TO DATS
has ever known. .
e of the first stupendous edition
aely illustrated volume complete;s
of thla epoch-making struggle XI
America to join the allis against
d to make this the most elaborate
: publishea. WILLIS J. ABBOT,
ntern&tlonal subjects was cboien
erieucea bian 01 odib writers, ?r.phlcally
and accurately portrayed
this authentic end nnhiaeed volons
end distortions ot the weird
Bd. .
ality or descent, must have this
:t?a referenoe volume always at
n attempted. Thli UP TO DATS "
number of fceautitul pictures ever
> color plates are reproduced trom
olor process, the most approved
rorde cannot adequately describe
ful book, -which contains 428 pagrreproductlons
In color and mono- ,
i and Child Should
r r ?.
to Get Your Copy. |
Voucher 11

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