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f 1 Pittsburgh |?
iS / PITTSBURGH, Aug. II. ?Although \
the number of shares dealt In during ,
the week Just closed on the Pittsburgh ;
Stock Exchange totaled 191,248, the elx
day* Of trading were generally dull. ]
The total sales were boosted largely '
through the dealings in the latter por- |
Ion ol the week In the copper shares, !
. the sales In those Issues aloue totaling
>| considerably more than 100,000. The 1
B week was one of Irregularities In price
[' movement, the brokers apparently be- I
I log wary of many Issues because of
' ending events at Washington, such as
, . rlce-flxlng, etc.
Summary for Saturday,
Stocks? High. Low.
1 5 A W G MacU.54ft 54ft
1,700 Cable Coneol... .06 .06
16 Coneol Ice 3 3
f . 8,200 Diana Mines... .45 .40
200 Gold Bar Mln... .20 .20
60 Ind Brewing ... 2% 2ft
16 Lone Star Oaa.. 97 B7
810 Mfra L & H.... 65ft 65
1,700 Mt Shasta 51 .50
885 Ohio Fuel Sup.. 50ft 49ft
60 Okla Gas (new) 25ft 25ft
; 100 Pgh Brewing ... 2ft 2%
.1,725 P-J Copper 82 .80
t216 Pgh O ft O .... 6ft 6ft
'/ 21 Union N G C.. 174 173
I 205 US Glass 45 45
300 West Elec 48ft 48ft
* > BONDS.
#1,000 Pgh C deb 5... 99ft 99ft
I ;
Grain and Produce
CHICAGO, Aug. 13.?Sensational
breaks In prices of corn for Immediate
delivery almost monopolised attention
today i nthe grain trade. The
fall In cash values of corn amounted
In some cases to 27 cents a bushel,
u compared with 24 hours beiore.
No bther reason for the setback was
apparent except the fact that the
distillers were at least temporarily
out of the market altogether. Future
deliveries of corn closed nervous
at the same as yesterday's finish to
ffO lower, with December $1.14%?
A i 1.11% and May $1.12%?1.12%.
.Wheat closed 3 cents down but steady
at $2.15 September, and oatB off
,%@%o. Provisions showed advances
of 15?30o.
j Articles Open Close
September S.18 2,15
Decomber 1.15 % 114%
May 1.11% 112%
58% 58
. December 68% 57%
Oil and Gas. |
I Development work In the Eastern
fields at the clOBe of the week showed
no Improvement over the earliest i
pert or the previous week. Fewer ]
j wellB were completed, with only a ,
lew better than the average. Opera-{.
tors are not obtalrlng as much now ,
production as warranted by the
amount ot work under way and com- j
\ pleted from wee k to week. Very few
> operators are securing enough new
piUUUCllUUB liuui luioill. buuiyibtiviio ,
to overcome the decline in the old
Weill. Explorations have tailed to reveal
any new productlng territory and
the old is not capable ot furnishing
gushers, .looked at from any viewpoint
operators seem up against a '
hard proposition. Light wells, the
>igh cost of material and the scarcity
al drillers and tool dressers are Just
a fevy ot the factors that prove a
hlnderance to active development
work .they claim.
,?' * In the list of completions at the
end of the week more gas wells than
oil producers were reported. In all
fL'S** producing areas the gas comJ"panles
are increasing operations and j
will be very active during the remainder
of the year. On Dents Hun,
Mannlngton district, Marion county, i
W. Va., the Eastern Petroleum Com- i
S pany has drilled its No 9 on the Alfred
Kendall farm into the Cambells
Bun sand. A gas pressure was developed
In that formation and the i
well is still drilling. The Blacltshere
Oil and Gas Company's No i! on the i
Warde 11 Satterlield farm hag de- I
dined to 95 barrels a day. The
South Penn Oil Company has drilled
No 4 on the John W Batson farm I
hrnnorh thft Rie Iniun Rand. A light
? Bhow of oil was developed In that formation,
but It is now drilling to the
80-foot sand.
Oil Fickenpaugh Run, Grant disM
. trlct, Wetzel county, the Consolidated
Oil Company drilled No 3 ou the W
T Price farm through the Gordon
sand. It is showing for a 12-barrel
pumper. On North Pork the Hopo>
Natural Gas Company's No 1 on the
E C Snodgrass farm is a gasser in
the fourth sand. The same company
la due in the sand at No 3 on the
J M Allen farm.
On Buckeye Fork, Greenbrier district,
Doddridgo county, the Hope
Company drilled a test on the San<ord
C Sutton farm through all sands,
t Is dry and abandoned. On Fink
, Creek, Freemans Creek district,
Lewis county, the same company got
a fifth-sand gasser at its test on the
T J Fahey farm. On Dry Fork the
Reserve Gas Company has drilled
' No 14 on the S D Camden farm to
a depth ot 4,445 feet. Drilling has [ t
been suspended to strengthen the rig ; t
When it will be drilled deeper.
On Long Drain Run, Church dls-1
trlct, Wetzel county, the Philadelphia t
: f. Present three of these coupons co
A \pt The West Virginian with 98c cash
mm with sewed stripes, guaranteed fast cc
fcv' li I
Realising the need of every family in h
piag to display on patriotic holidays, w
number of our readers at ridiculously be
price of flags has almost doubled In the
to clip 8 ol the above coupons consecut
: the Wast Virginian office with 98 cents
pats extm tor mailing if sat cal&l t?
Uompany has drilled a second lent on s
Ihe J Qrimm f arm and a first teat <
>n the J L Smith farm through the t
land. Both are lauers. The Hope I
Company hae a light show ot oil and t
i fair gas pressure at No 2 on the i
fountain Smith (arm. a
On Little Elk Creek, Eagle district, t
Harrison county, the Pittsburgh and i
West Virginia Oas Company has com- t
plated a test on the M K Baker 1
(arm. It la a fair gasser in the 60- f
foot sand. On the Little Kanawha
River,, Center district. Calhoun county,
the Hope Company has a light i
gasser In the Big Injun sand at a <
test on the Peter Johnson farm. On ,
Lemuels Run, Center district, Mar- \
tin Crawley drilled a test on the P C (
Mitchell farm through the sane for- mation.
The well is located north- t
west of developments and has an ,
estimated capacity of 4,000,000 cubic j
feet a day.
Lincoln county is not furnishing
anything better than light pumpers.
On Buckeye Fork of Cobbs Creek,
Washington district, James Potter &
Co. bive complete! a test on the Caroline
Pauley farm. It is not good for
more than Ave barrels a day In the
Berea grit. The old Turkey Foot
field, Butler dlBtrlct, Hancock county,
Fred A Colbermau baa drilled a test
on his own farm through the Berea
grit, it Is not good for more than
two or three barrels a day.
In Salt Lick district, Braxton
county, the Philadelphia Company
Is rigging up at testa on the J B Berry
and E W Cutllp farms. The same
company has a gasser at Its test on
tho A N Skinner (arm. In Glenville
district, Gilmer county, the Hope
Company is rigging up at a test on
the Heather heirs' farm. In Hackers
Creek district, Lewis county, the
same company is drilling at 4,500
feet at its test on the Smith heirs'
farm. On Sinking Creek the same
company ia due in the sand at a test
on the Gould heirs' farm. In Free- ;
mans Creek district the Reserve Gas !
Company has started to drill on the .
J W Kemper farm.
In Union district, Harrison county,
me bourn renn uu company a i\o > .
011 the J B Coffendaffer larm Is a
five-barrel pumper la the Gordon '
stray land. In Elk district, Kanawha
county, the same company has drilled ,
a test on the A C Godshall farm
through all Bands. It Is dry and 1
abandoned. On Little Creek, Spencer
district, Roane county, the United
Fuel Gas Company Is drilling in the
Berea grit at tests on the C E Hodges j
and Jamea E Hoge farms. On Road '
Fork, New Milton dlstrlot, Doddridge 1
county, the Carter Oil Company drill- I
ed No 15 on the W N Stout farm
through and gave It a shot In the
Gordon sand. It Is showing rery I
light f
New York 1 \
NEW YORK, Aug. 13.?Irregularities <
featured a dull session on the New
York stock market Saturday, with only
179,000 shares being dealt In for the 1
foreuoon. Ralls and specialties were c
the only stocks to display strength, the 1
Industrials, steels, motors and some '
minor Issues being Inclined downward I
all the entire session. The profession- 1
al element hammered several of the is- 1
sues, and forced them downward, However,
when thb shorts began covering '
many ol the stocks rallied to near, or 1
equal to, their former price level. In 1
General Motors the professionals '
found a vulnerable spot In the sarly '
trading, but when they tried to buy 1
beck tbe tock a recovery of some 1
strength resulted, although the Issue 1
closed weald.
1 ? < i
David Campbell, of 13th street, 1
Wheeling did not know until this '
morning that he was blind in one eye. *
He presented himself to Wheeling '
draft board for ezamination today
and found out Campbell had a piece
of steel strike him In the eye about 1
10 years ago. His oye never trou- '
bles him and he never tried to look <
out of one eye and close the other <
one. When he was being put thru i
the eye test this nuiruing he found !
out that he was practically blind in I
.he one oye. He was disqualified. c
The Spirit of Jefferson, printed at 1
Charles Town last wcok contained the
following: "Miss Mildred Bush, <
laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. t
Bush was badly sturg on the neck (
and arm by two hontly bees last Fri- |
lay morning while fassing through ,
the yard to the gai|.en for vegeta- ,
oles. She soon becui ie numb and In ?
. fn w mfmitflK hnr: kna unnnnsrlotiR *
which lasted several hours, and hail
It not been tor the I .nely aid of Dr.
\. 0. Alliln, lite wou; 1 have been extinct.
Miss Bush is not yet abie to
je out of bed."
Lisle Van Valey, ollest son of G.
!t. Van Valey of tbo it. & O. station
it St. Marys, Is in cu\p at Fort Bonlamin
Harrison, ami has recently
jeen promoted to tlii office of corjoral.
Corporal Van Valey Is show,
itie novs out tn ;re some fair
specimens of West rirginla tnarksnanship.
In a late p lictlce shoot at
t distance of 600 yai s he hit the
mil's eye elx times t id made four
1's, giving him 46 poln i out of a possible
60. He has tin distinction of
lelng the best shot in the company.
Captain John Stew: t, engineer ot
he officers' reserve v jps of the UnlCOUPON
????i I -
104 , J,Sg :
nsocutlvely numbered it the office
and get a beautiful ag 4x6 feet, J
>lors. a
> "airmont
and vicinity Iran American 1
e have arranged to jpply a limited a
jail cost In spite of i li fact that the 4
last few weeks. A1 Kou need do Is e
lvely numbered and lesent them at
In cash and the fli- [is yours. Ten
i ... 6
ed Statei army, arrived In Pariceraiurg
the other day according to the
?arkeraburg Sentinel and began an
nvestlgatlon ot local river condition*,
rith the view to improving them and
[raving into service all private plants
ivallable in order to relieve traffic
iondltlona. Next month, when the
roop movementi begin, it li, antlcirated
that the railroads will be taxed
0 tbelr full capacity, and it will be
leceteary to press into use all avallible
river craft of whatever descripJon.
in addition to the troop move
sent to the training camps, there
vlll be eupllea and equipment to haul,
n addition to the normal business
knd crop movements of the country.
The construction company which
ias the contract to build the cut-off
>n connecting line between the B.
St 0. It. It., above Hampton on the
3uckbannon river, to a point on the
2oal St Coke Ry., close to Adrian, has
1 large force of men at work cutting
he tunnel thru the hill at the point
where the new line diverges from
:he B. & 0., says the Buckhannon
Delta. When completed, practically
ill of the thru freight from the Richwood
and Cowen section will be
jrouglit over thie Jlne, owing to the
splendid grade to Grafton. Thie lmrrovement
will mean much to Adrian,
is more trackago will have to be
auilt there, besides giving the town
lrst-clacs freight and jiassengeer service.
Just now it looks like Adrian
s getting more than her share of tbe
hlngs required to make a good town,
out oa there is nothing too good for
.he enterprising citizens of that part
of the country, no objections can be
WASHINGTON, D. C., Aug. 13.?
Senator Howard Sutherland Introduced
today in the upper House of Congress
a bin granting permission to the Gilmer-Fittsburgh
Coal company to construct
a bridge over the Little Kanawha
river at a point known as Qllmer
Mary A. Anker, of Spring Hill, W.
Va., has been granted a pension of 313
a month.
Walter R. Moore, of Clothier, W. Va.,
who has been training in the officers'
camp at Fort Benjamin Harrison, baa
oeeu commissioned a second lieutenant
n tbe quartermaster's corps of the national
Mrs. C. C. Wentz and two children,
Vlllton and Mardell, are guests of Congressman
and Mrs. Stuart F. Reed.
Urs. Wentz la a sister of the former
ind her home is now In San Antonio,
Texas. The Wentz family formerly
ived in West Virginia and Mr. Wentz
was a well known business man in the
:entral part of the state.
Albert K. Walker, of Sutton, has
ieec recommended for a lieutenant's
lommisslon in the aviation branch of
he signal corps by Senator Sutherand,
who also has recommended the
iromotlon of Major Monroo C. Kirk,
low of the regular army, who Is a naive
of West Virginia.
Commissions as postmaster have
ieen issued to Fielding L. Dorsey, of
?enwlck; Jesse E. Hanlln, of Greenand,
and Carl D. Hopkins, of Rockoottom.
Star route mall service has
oeen established from French Creek |
;o Adrian, Charles H. Rohrbough, of
3uckhannon, contractor, and from
lock Cave to Frenchton with Dana H.
rifleman of the former place aa con:ractor.
Rockbottom is a newly estabishtd
postoffice In Boone county.
Slight changes have been made In the
*- ? Va?UA.. 4 A
liar route buueuuiua ttvui mnnc/ iu
lullan, and from Marigold to Branchand.
Senator Sutherland had up with the
Pension Commissioner today the
ilalms of Olive V. Duckworth, of Piednont,
and Rosa A. Wlittehalr, of Baling
A party of West Virginians were Incited
to his studio by Carl Baudexler,
>ne of the best known and most gentrally
patronized portrait painters in
;he Capital to see his painting of Con{ressmau
Stuart F. Reed before it is
soxed up and sent to Charleston to be
rung upon the walls with the portraits
>f the predecessors of Mr. Reed in the
jffice of Secretary ol State for West
The West Virginians, without an ex:eptlon,
approved the work of the ar.1st
cs exceptionally fine and undoubtidly
a "speaking likeness" of the disitnguished
Clarksburger, who, upon his
way to his present high position ss a
uem'oer of the National Congress, I
spout, eight yea 5n the office of 8ec-1
etary of State, where he made a most |
iiiviablo record.
The portrait by Mr. Baudexler was j
painted from life, Mr. Reed giving the j
trtUt a number of sittings to facilitate
lis work, which was a contract he had
lecureu from the state. The result is
i portrait which is satisfactory to both
he artist and his subject, and meets
vith the appioval of the West Virginans
who have viewed it. The best
ividence that It is a first rate work of
irt as well as a truthful likeness is
hat Mrs. Reed has placed the stamp
>f her approval upon It, and prolounces
it good enough to hang In the
lulls of the State Capitol for coming
generations of visitors to that edifice
o gaze upon.
The picture is 25 by 80 Inches, endosed
iu a shadow boy and gold
rame. Underneath is a brass piste
ipoc which is the following lnBcripion:
"Hon. Stuart F. Reed, of Clarks>urg,
W. Va., Stato Senator, 1894-1898.
Secretary of State, 1909-1917. Memler
65th Congress, U. S., 1917." The
lortralt was shipped to Charleston tolay.
- tnatlffftHnn ftf
VWI< VUUUOVUI Ob ?MW 1UU??0""UU ???.
;0c an hour; steady employment enured;
day work only; trom efficient
nen In the labor gang our operators
,re picked; they earn trom 37tfc to
5c per hour. Transportation refundid
after 90 days steady work. Apply
A employment offices, Aetna Cheml
Evening Chat
My Uncle Sam my dear
I am willing to light (or yon,
Tbo fighting you know li here
And this Is more than true.
I'll be first to rslBe my hand
For the sake of our liberty.
They are fighting In my own land
In the land where 1 ought to be.
But I don't waut to go there tnd fight
To defend my own country,
I know It won't be right
For America Is feeding me.
In America I make my living
For America I am willing to die.
For Sunny Italy I am grieving,
But fight (or America, why?
Ben Urso, Italian.
HUNTINGTON, W. Va., Aug. itRecruiting
(or the Regular Army
throughout Went Virginia his been
booming during the first 10 days 01
August, according to the trl-monthly
official reporft Issued by State recruiting
headquarters here. One hundred
and thirty-five recruits enlisted
during the 10-day period. Ot this
number 32 were enlisted at Huntington,
32 from Wheeling, 28 from Charleston,
6 front Parkersburg, 2 from
Keyser and 1 from Ronceverte,
Senator Sutherland, examined Charles
C. Hagenbuch, of Clarksburg, himself,
and passed him as an applicant for admission
to the second officers' training
camp. Mr. Haneubuch was examined
at Fairmont and refused because
of a trivial defect easily corrected. Col.
Johnon wired Major Wallace at
Charleston to discard the report on the
Fairmont examination and accept his
own report made on the applicant.
Mr. Hagenbuch is a well known and
highly valued employe of the Consolidation
Coal company.
West Virginia newspaper publishers
I think that they should be paid for
advertising the forthcoming bond isj
sue, and are writing to Senator Suther-_
land about it. They refer to the fact"
that tbey gave their space free to the
government to help float the Liberty
Loan, but in view of the high cost of
paper, materials, etc., and Increased
taxation upon them personally and
upon their business, they think it only
fair that they be given an advertising
contact this time. The letters are,
for the moat part, from publishers of
weekly papers who, as all West Virginia
know and concedes, have a hard
time keeping their business going, SenHaveyou
*? bw^^hb
Now that prices ai
than ever important that y<
ation to the roof you are
can save real money and g
, . Rooi
ihru "quality and sheer m
Certain-teed is now bi
able type of roofing for
hotels, stores, warehouses,
etc., where durability is n
It is economical to buy, ini
practically nothing to mail
light weight, clean, sanita
is guaranteed for 5, 10 01
thickness (1. 2 or 3 dIv).
There^are many roll roofings
CERTAIN-TEED. It pays to
to lay a CERTAIN-TEED ro
roof, but there is a vast different
the quality of a roofing by looks o
label. Be sure that it is CER'
attain of quality and guaranteed s
Certain-teed Slate-Snrf
an supplanting trood and tlate thing
an Just aa good looking, wear better,
are firt-retardant, end do not have to I
Certain-teed Pain
ji aifM The name CERTr
O ]Hj can of paint or n
guarantee of quality
HPJ3m| u on a roll of roof
BjPjSKI ahrngka. Made for
Hew ToskJOUmco. PhOadelphU, 8t Louli
BaffiSriK ?lioo, C
J. L Hall Ha
FENING, AUGUST 18, 1917.1
tor Sutherland will, within the next
dor or two. call upon Secretary MeAdoo
and find out. It possible, what
the Treasury department'* policy will
be with reference to thi* matter.
Seventy per cent ot the men tn the
District of Colombia had claimed exemption,
or were doing so when called
up (or examination, bo Provost Marshal
General Crowder told the local papers
that he believed that a list of the exemption
clalmers with their excuses
would make good reading, and the papers
thought so too. So they published
the entire list. General Crowder'a
publicly stated reason for allowing this
was that the claiming of exemption by
any man affects the time of calling of
many others, and la. therefore of public
interest. While that may ha, there
baa been a rash to withdraw exemptions,
and an inclination not to make
them. Some ot the reason* given for
trying to evade service are ei ridiculous
as the one given by the stage
comedian to the effect that he had a
Ford depending on him tor its support.
' 1 1 . . !
Washington has two big bathing
hMchna ithfiv are reallv hasins) on the
Monument grounds, and opened the
third to the public at the new Central
High school, said to be the finest high
school In the world, this week. This
pool is larger and better equipped than
either of the other two, and they are
large and fine pools. Thousands of
men, women and children swim In these
public pools from early in the morning
till they close late at night. There is
a program of hours arranged for men,
for women and for the children, and
several hours set apart each week for
both Bexes, mixed bathing. The government
of the pools is by strict rules.
There are life .savers, who are also
teachers of swimming in attendance at
all times. Only one piece bathing suits
aro allowed, and women and girls must wear
stockings. Every precaution la
taken to keep the water clean and
healthy. The pools are drained fre- '
quently, and fresh water is kept flowing
in all the time, overflow pipes taking
off the excess. In the meantime
they are cleaned up with a chemical
process, and a sample bottle of water .
Is taken from each pool every hour to 1
he analyzed. The pools are just as
much frequented by the best classes i
of the people as by the lower strata. .
The government of these pools is as :
near perfect as could be. Before entering
a pool, each person must take i
a shower, eoap up and have his body as j
clean as his one-piece bathing suit.
There Is nothing in Washington co
popular with the people as these public
bathing beaches, and nothing does
eo much good, gives so much pleasure (
and wholesome fun to more people at t
smaller costs, than they do. Every 1
village, town and city should have 1
them, ?.,' > ... t
M - E
For Infants and ^Children t
In Use For Over 30 Years '
Signature of .
ibuildmg i
re high it is more
du give careful conaderi
going to put on. You
;et a better roof by using
lent as a roofing material
sing used as the prefer
sky-scrapers, factories,
garages, farm buildings
sxpensive to lay and costs
itain. It is weather-tight,
iry and fire-retardant. It
: 15 years, according to
mm ?Va mnrtro# lutf unit* AHA
UU Ui6 UUUAWfc) UUk U1U/ www
get the best. It costs no more
of than it does to lay a poor
:e in the wear. You can't tell
rfeeL Your only safety is the
TAIN-TEED?then you are
atisfaction.. !
aced Asphalt Shingles
;lea for residence*. They cost lest,
won't fall off, buckle or ipUt._They
x painted or ttained.
ts and .Varnishes
UN-TEEO on 'r-fflas '
raiih it the Hue ? ,
1 and satisfaction it
in* or a bundle of
all uxaiad in all fm
i.BoBtoo.CtoTeland, PI ttaburrti, Detroit,
etoo, Ooiaab, London. Brass?, Batu
rdware Co.
FOR SALE?(-room bouie with bath.
Big lot. Apply 325 Jefferson street
4-20-tt No 2235
FOR SALE?A tract ot land containing
150 acres, lying and being situated
in Union district. Marlon county,
West Virginia, 114 miles from the corporatto-g
lines ot Fairmont Three
dwelling bouses with out buildings.
Some trult and some Pittsburgh coal.
Charles A. Gallahue, Fairmont, W. Vs.,
Rt. No. 8. M-ft-2678
WANTED?To buy a truck iarm wltu
improvements, (rom 20 to (0 acres.
Jesse Anderson, R. F. D. 4, Box 70,
Monongah, W. Va. 87-61-2682
Bell 669-J. 811-3t-2692
housesfoTreni """"
FOR RENT?Two small housei. Third
street and Albert Court, and nice
garage, Locust Ave. Inquire F. P.
Kelley, Bell phone 266-R. 8-10-tt-2699
B. Rice & Co., Cortland, Ohio, or
Wairen, Ohio. 8-10-26t-267S
To Whom It May Concern;
The undersigned, Harry C. Connor,
who resides in Fairmont, Marion couuty,
West Virginia, and who Is Special
Police Officer (or the Monongahola
Railway Company, will apply to the
Circuit Court of Marion county, West
Virginia, at the Court House o( said
county, on Monday, the 20th day of
August, 1917, for license to carry a
revolver during tlio ensuing year.
Given under my hand this 9th day
Df August, 1917.
Sealed bids will be received until
>ne o'clock p. m. August 20, 1917, by
he undersigned commission of finance
lor all or a part of the general Improvement
and refunding bonds of
he city of Fairmont, 4^'s, annual,
lerlal. Dated January 1, 1917. Inercst
and principal payable In Fairnont
or New York, amount $760,000, I
ir $410,000 thereof, of average maturlles.
Bonds ready for delivery at |
lme of sale. Bidding forms and Inormatlon
on request. Right reserv- i
id to reject any or all bids.
1 nr AT TITO tlAT)MT?Q 1
Comr. of Finance.
Notice is herby given that the partlerahlp
heretofore existing between !
3. M. Chalfant, Ellliu Yost, J. C. Yost,
IV. D. Yost of Fairvlew under the firm |
lame of Chalfant, Yost & Sons 1b this
Ith day of August, 1917 dissolved by
mutual consent. The business will be
continued by E. L. Yost and SonB who
are authorized to settle the affairs of
L'hnlfant. Y'ost & Sons.
August 6-13 20-27. '
I It Is Said !
, thtat "Ninety per cent
of all business is done
by check"?la such a
case, the MAJORITY
i of business men must
i find it to their AD- L
VANTAGE to have a ra
N Checking Account. KN
Are you one of the O
This bank cordially
Invites your account.
si "ww JNI
f company!.
s >
s, Directly acrosa the >
O itreet from our former ?&
looc'tlcn. ' ? j?I
WANTED?Driver for 8% ton track. :"M
Must bs experienced and capable of
taking care of truck. No amateur*
need apply. Nuzum Waihed Sand *3j
Supply Co, 1X7 Main St S-lO-3t-26?X |
LABORERS vented. Wtgli $1.75.
a day. Apply Jaa. Wright k 80 na, j-fe
Fleming Greenhouse, Locust avenue,
Fairmont. S-ll-6t MM
WANTED?A-l ault salesman lor oat
Fairmont store. McWhortar Tailoring
Co. g-lML 8698 : jWM
WANTED?Laborers and linemen. Apply
Cbesapeaka and Patomac Telephono
Co. Bell Telephone building, *
Fairmont, W. Va, S1S-3H700
WANTED?Reliable men. Apply City
Ice Co. Manley Bldg. S13-3t-870l
WANTED?Salesman: Young man
with high school training preferred,
to represent tho largest machlho specialty
company Id this country, in fine
Wost Virginia territory. Previous
Experience not necessary. Men
having railroad, general store, or OtWen
roJnlia?? cHoii lH tnVAhHMii ihtk
11VU li uuvu>u tu I wuuoui* *H ?
opening which will pay a live wire,
liberal compensation, with opportunity
for advancement. L. A. Huffman,
1013 Union Nat. Bank Bldg.,
Clarksburg, W. Vs. 7-30-tt.
FOR SALE?Three passenger Stud4>
baker car, 1916 model, 4 cylinder,
new tires, in excellent condition. A
sacrifice at low price. For Inform*Hon
call The Wcat Virginian.
polls Section. Come down right
away, crop, fine pasturo grating 3
and 3 head to aero and grass petting
ahead. Lime lands, the kind that
puts on the scales. Plenty for sal*
$20 to G5 an acrc,3 or 4 automobiles,
but notify us ahead. Write for lull
information and photographs. Read
it and then come down. Your R. XL
fare refunded both ways if you lind
anything misrepresented. Ticket tree.
Healthy country, elevated. C. C.
Clay Alfalfa Land Co., Demopolls,
Ala. 8-lS-6t. 1474
FOR RENT?Furnished room. Call
Bell phone 1241-J. 8-lStf t69d
Professional Cards
Optometrist and
f Optician.
13 years practical
experience. Olsasea furnished la
one hour. With
A. B. Scott & Company,
JEWELERS, . -jfl
\ II
Representing Nubona Corsets,
Bell 487 J 126 Uonroa 81
?. . .1 i HiHWW?W^
Glasses ot all Kinds correctly
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Hall Block over Martin's Drill
Release Your Ambitions and Lit
Them Have Full Sway In Bring.
Ing Your Success
I Nothing else gives & man
the courage ol his conviction jfM
: 1 and the will to do. like
: ' elal backing.
Why not obtain It? Out of
the many waya there Is but ifl
one sure way-hoarding. ;M
Systematic hoarding I, to
sure a way that it requires
but two or threo years to give
yourself that financial back- ?a|
i lng which will let ambitions
have full sway in bringing

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