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Hippodrome Soldier's Sweetheart
Selfish Woman
Grand .. * Heart ana duui
fe" " "! Dlil# The Saints' Adventure I
Princess .... The Haunted Pajamas
R/. rj-i WO more of 0. Henry's admirable
tales have been transcribed to
KSlI the screen lor General Film.
They are "The Discounters, of
Money" and "The Furnished Room"
E and both are stories which are sa',
urated with the atmosphere of New
York?or Bagdad-on the Subway, as
K-,v' the genius loved to call It. This com'
pletes twenty O. Henry tales done Into
R. :f, 2-reel screen form, and the series is
presently to be followed with tho 0.
K&S-'.V Henry stories elaborate enough to
K- . permit of presentation in 4-reel
jp'' / length. These Include "A Municipal
K;, -' Report" and "The Defeat of the City."
?|'.for both of which many requests have
^ been made. It is estimated that a
score of 0. Henry stories are adaptable
to feature length production. Anil''
other series of two-reel 0. Henry stories
Is also planned, the purpose in
F- each production being to give the plot
watrjf: what It Is worth in film footage. This
' """/ nasfllllv follOWPd
R. rule nae DBCll P
k, la filming 0. Henry stories for pr" '
serving ' ' ,
*' All bear w.
K'.v Wallace Reid and Cleo Kidgloy,
fe\ the brilliant young Lasky stars, will
be seen at the Nelson today in "The
jjf Selfish Woman," a gripping drama
K produced under the direction of the
. ' Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Com'
K ' ; The co-starring of Mr. field and
f:\ V Miss Ridgley on the Paramount Program
has proved to be one of the
I; most happy of the many successful
E combinations of the I,asky Company.
E In "The Selfish Woman," Hector
l|; ' Turnbull has provided them with the ,
!* greatest opportunities to show their
wonderful ability. The story has to
do with the adventures of a young
if* civil engineer, the son of a wealthy
b", and unscrupulous banker, and the
beautiful daughter of a money-mad
society woman. How the girl, while
?' marrying the engineer for bis money,
only to have him disowned by the
ftv. father to wreck his son's career, and
H- how they eventually renew their old
p love. Is presented In a series of unE
usual scenes and gripping situations.
E Many of the scenes w.ere taken In
F a railroad construction camp In the
K . heart of the mountains, but the scenes
5. In the eastern drawing rooms give
P Miss Ridgley and,the other feminine
ft' members of the company opportun&'
lty to display some of the latest fashpk'.y
Ions In evening gowns,
I The two stars are supported by a
? -ii mat including such
(IjELBKy BU-OMti ~ ,
distinguished artistB as Edythe Chap-1
man, Mrs. James Nelll, Horace B.
Carpenter, Jane Wolff. William El-1
mer, and Josenh
Special bong i. .... ?.
Three specially written songs, st.
to appropriate music, Is one of the
features of "A Soldier's Sweetheart"
which will be put on at the Hippodrome
today by Gracey's Colonial
Maids. There will be new stage settings
and an elaborate wardrobe specially
designed for this production.
Last night's performance of "The
Isle of Smiles" was accorded a hearty
reception and the unusual quality
Df all the musical numbers were fullyappreciated.
In the new bill there
will be a splendid array of specialties
and the comedy element is said to be
stronger than in the previous bills.
The martial aspect of the production
will make a strong appeal to the boys
in Khaki, and the new songs to be
rendered are expected to make a big
hit, not only with tho soldier boys,
but with everyone who will be present
to heas them.
A Saint in Sinner's Clothing.
"The Saint's Adventure" is an t
fying story of the good Influence o.
a saint even when masquerading in |
rlnthlne. Although the hero |
Is not wholly a saint but something
* of a pugilist besides, he is all the
more human for that. i
The hero is a young clergyman who
has wearied of his fashionable, heartless
parish and who seeks relaxation
in the woods. While there, his clothes
are stolen by a ruffian from the city
slums who happens to be the clergyman's
exact double. When the thug
Is killed in the woods, his dead body
Is supposed to be that of the celrgyman
and the real parson reads in a
j; ' newspaper of his own burial with due
ceremony. He returns to the ctiy
and takes up his position as the derefr.-'
i IhippodboneI
7:45 & 9:00
Colonial Maids
The Big Military and
Patriotic Production
rti oai mrn>n I
I "A mm 5 :
They are Unexcelled.
MATINEE 15; NIGHT 15 & 25c
Dance fans! These pictures were
gfnlan by Dorothy Dickson and Carl h
the steps that society will dance this f
VORK, Aug. 17?Society thla
. alk. This is the prediction of Carl H y
now aro the favorite exhibition dance
They come from Chicago, and are
"Fo.'lies," as well as at the Cascades
nut Grove.
"Personality is more important th a
says. "There is a distinct dancing pe r
matter how mechanically proficient, ca
lict of the slums where he cleans up
a ring of corrupt politicians, reforms
his own neighborhood and falls in
love with the wife of the dead man
whom ho marries when his real identity
as a minister has been revealed.
Henry Walthall plays the part ot
the disguised clergyman with his us- '
ual sympathy and skill and resists the
the temptation of making the role
sanctimonious. An excellent bit of
child acting was done by a little boy
in the role of his mother's protector.
Harold Lockwood in Princes* Play.
In the Metro-Yorke production of
"The Haunted Pajamas," in which
Harold Lockwood Is tile star, a Chinaman
"doubles" for the leading man;
the leading woman doubles for the
Juvenile, and the heavy-weight comedian
does the same for the principal
charalter man. It all happens when
the haunted pajamas are sent to Richard
Hudson from China.
According to the story, Paul Willis
as Francis Billings a carefree college
youth, goes to spend the night at
Richard Hudson's apartments.
Through the agency of the haunted ,
garment!, he Is changed Into tne nice- ,
"pa of the captivating Frances Kirk '
i ! - ***-? Myers.
Theda Bara is tlie central figure in
the William Fox production featured i
at the Grand for today and tomorrow.
The title of the play, "Heart and 1
Soul," la befitting the sort of acting i
Miss Bara does in this interest-corn- I
pelting play. She puts into it all the
inimitable Bara qualities and aside
from a rather thrilling plot her act- |
ing is the outstanding feature.
?The Connellsvillo Courier says a
few nice things about the orchestra
at the Soisson theatre in that city.
This sentence appealed to us: "Prof.
Hopkirk at the piano is a true artist, i
No artist has any kick on his accompaniments."
The "prof" referred to
is none other than our own "Hoppy," :
ho has been absent from our midst !
- Inn? tuMla Tho onrihft vhn !
1 tho compliment made no mis?Zarrow's
American Girl Company ;
which is the Hippodrome booking for
The Favorite Co-Stars o
II mmmm m
Wallace tu
Reid oi
and Cri
Cleo ^
Ridgely W(
An Intense melodrama of domestic
men and women. Wallace Reld, wh<
her great productions, in his best ri
Chance" and "The Love Mask" in a
should Bee.
. "Where's My Nigl
' ' "V. i , -. .-' .;.'
?? ^ "ulm
Vail; Wng;
posed #speelally fop The Weit Vlr- (
lyson. famous dancers, to illustrate
all. Study them carefully for grace
fall will be stepping the military !
son and Dorothy Dickson, who just
rs here.
dancing In "Oh Boy" and Ziegfeld's
(on the Biltmore roof) and the Cocoa,n
the steps In dancing," Mis? Dickson
sonallty, without which no one, no
n be a good dancer."
next week Is getting a lot of fine
newspaper publicity In Connellsville
where the company Is playing to big
business this week.
?In response to Jackie Saunders'
call for a story which she hopes to
get through a contest by ottering 50UU
for the best five reel feature submitted,
an Ohio man writes: "What do
you mean by scenario? What is it?
If you'll tell me what it is I'll try to
get one for you as I'm a pretty handy
man at anything."
?Max Asher .formerly well-known
& a Universal Joker comedian, has
returned to Universal City to play in
single reel comedies. He was enthusiastically
welcomed back by William
Franey, Milburn Morantl, Gale i
Henry and Allen Curtis, with whom
he formerly played.
Cards have been received here announcing
the birth of a son to Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Mendors at their home
in Akron, Ohio. He was horn on Aug.
II and has been named Jack W. Meadows,
Jr. Mrs. Meadows was formerly
Miss Rowena Yost of this city.
Miss Nell Hosb who is spending the
summer at her home at Rivesville was
in the city today. Miss Hess leaves
Monday for New York and Pittsburgh
after which she will resume her work
in a millinery store in Canton. Ohio.
E. M. Taylor lias returned from j
Bridge port, Harrison county where
he had spent a week at his home. j
Miss Fanny Olllger has returned |
from Baltimore where she had spent,
i week.
Miss Nina Scranage of McGee, Harrison
county spent the day here with
her sister Mrs. Leigh Hustead.
Born last night to Mr. anil Mrs.
Herbert Ash at Fairmont Farms a
daughter. Mr. Ash is chauffeur for
Senator C. W. Watson.
John Dillon of Masontown, Pa., died
yesterday at his home after a several
days Illness. His nieces the Misses
McKenna of Walnut avenue and the
Misses Small, the latter two of San
Antonio, Texas were called there by
hsi death.
A daughter was born on August 16
) A Y
f llifl Dlm+Anlou Wnflrl
jl uii; x nuivpiuj f f uiiu
itrife with a background of real
) supported Geraldine Farrar In
lie. The co-stars of "The Golden
l photoplay every husband and wife j
***3 ';Am
'B-Rlie'/: OP
LDonoiAy' Picfeon
to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilson at their
home on View avenue. Mrs. Wilson!
was formerly Miss Ocie Downs.
Miss Frances Lynch who has been
the guest of her aunt Mrs. J. M. McDonnell
and friends in the city leaves
tomorrow for her home in Pittsburgh.
Mrs. C. W. M'addell and daughters;
Jean and Mary have returned from I
Mt. Lake Park. Md., where they hadj
been the guests for a week of Mrs. j
rr..f.L C J.U V.cttmrtiAM r.nttn no I
nu&u OUlllU Bl "tl OU UiUibt VVHO50.
Mrs. D. M. Osgood left last night
for New York where she has Joined
Mr. Osgood on a buying trip for the
Osgood store.
Mrs. George Goodwin and daughter
West Vi
To Its Rea
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568 Photographs
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graphic ?reproductior
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The Plan
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NG, AUGUST 17,191*.
Carl Hyson)' I
Miss Mabel ot Morgantown will spend t_
the week end here with Mrs. Wilbur '
Brand at her home on Ogden avenue.
Miss Mary Deveny who had been:
Iho guest of relatives In Grafton has;
returned home. She accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Turner here in their
automobile. \
Miss Gertrude Waters has returned;
from Kingwood where sha bad been ,
the guest of relatives.
Alius Helen Judge of Grafton was I'
here yesterday en route home from vj
Morgantown where she attended the V
W. V. U. summer school. l
Aliss Mary Muligan has returned 0
from Parker3burg where she had been jr
the guest of friendB for a week.
iders on Uni
The Nation
itic work to come from any aul
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is, together with maps, charts,
m its inception up to America's
vncmij neuuwtg hiuohr?*~iwiu
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1 w- ,
' <>? ':*<
IIiii II
ifi Walk
Tlio Barrackville Baptist church
ill hold an ice cream social and fesval
in Icq's prove, Barrackville. Friay
evening, August 17. 8-16-3t-270S
- jSP^k IscSocilvo
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Milk Dealer,
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