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.r . 'Jg?
*! ? 1
E hi .
Wttaburgb lock Exchange the nme
ftp* the tie conditions that have been
Mted then lor weeke prevailed again
n?' 7 eater day. 01 14,556 ihares dealt in
Ore then 11,000 were the mining laaaei.
The local tone wae weak and the
^ _ ?<th. ?
B share* flIUZDpOQ in bd^uwuwi -*?j ? |
V K felling off in United Statu Steel of 1 %
K3df pelnU. La Belle was off % and Pittsburgh
Coal common certificates were
down points. Airbrake, Electric,
Independent Brewing common, Oklahoma
On, Ohio Fuel Supply, Ohio Fuei
By Oil, Llfbt and Heat and PituburghKL
Jerome were off, the last named dropped
( cists, while the other shares
Hi were off fractionally. On a sale of
*400 of P. McK. & C. 6s, the bonds
were down 1%.
Salst? High. Low.
lOAWOMach... 64 64
000 Csble Con Mln.. .06 .04
lOOCciQ&E 43% 43%
4,900 Plana Mines... .31 .30
H'- 100 Ind Brewing... 2 2
H 60 Lt Belle Iron... 116 116
H 708 Mfrs L AH.... 66% 66%
H V.900 Mt Shaet.a 45 .45
H * 16 Ohio Fuel Oil.. 19% 19%
Hf V 1.417 Ohio Fuel Sup.. 61% 61
^ 7' 190 Oklahoma Oas.. 29% 29%
610 F|b Coal ctfs.. 64% 64
H *,700 P-J. Copper ... .69 ,GS
M P?h O A S 6% 6%
IX06U8 8U.1 ;....123H 123%
40 Wait Airbrake.. 114 114
78 West Electric... 49 45%
?8,000 PMcK&C 6s.. 100 100
I Grain and Produce
CHICAGO, Aug. 17.?Announcement
that a beginning has been made In the
marketing of the 1917 growth ol corn
gave fresh impetus yeBterday to the
downward swing of com values. The
close was heavy, l%c to l%c net lower,
at |1.13%@1.13%, December, and
81.10%Ol.U May. Wheat finished
steady at 82.00 September, the same
I as 24 houre before. Oats were off 1%
?l%c to 2%c, and provisions uncbangI
ed to 10c higher.
Articles. Open. Close,
i WheatSeptember
12.00 82.00
1.14% 1.18%
May 1,12 1.10%
67% .55%
May 60% .58%
I New York
NEW YORK. Aug. 17.?For no apl
parent reasons other than those Involved
in the new peace negotiations
and the many domestic problems arising
from the--war, yesterday's stock
I market developed heavy tendencies,
depreciation of quoted values being
aided by pressure from professional
Heaviness extended to rails, that
division becoming unsettled on the
weakness of New Haven, which fell
over 2 points to the new low record
of 32V4. with a 2-polnt decline in the
/ Known All Over
Dr. Richard C. Cabot, who is head
#f the Massachusetts General Hospital.
has been writing for the American
Magazine, April and May. on the sublet
of "Better Doctoring for Less MoMy."
He says that "A new era has come
in the practice of medicine, but most
rfrt i\r\t Irnnnr 4f vo? TKU Koua
i begun to emerge from that stage of
medical work in which the doctor
Was a peddler selling goods from
bouse to house, into the more advancId
and sensible era in which the doctor
stays at his place of business, like
tftyone else who has goods to sell,
, . Ud the people who want these goods
4) 'fane to blm. The ehop where he has
his goods to sell Is generally called
a hospital and he has associated with
him there a body of men and women
similar to work people, foremen and
managers of any Industrial plant or
dry gobda store. He has there some
beginnings o fa satisfactory division ,
of labOr and specialization of function.
Therefore, he can give ths public a
much better article for less money.
"The 'article' I refer to la sound
medleal advice and treatment."
Thia la Just what Dr. Pierce has
been doing at the Invalids' Hotel In
Buffalo, New York. Dr. V. M. Pierce
h|t associated with him Dr. Lee H.
Bielth. who Is vice president and head
aurglcal director and operator, and
tbere art a dozen other physicians
apd specialists, as well at four chemists,
and the poor and the very rich <
alt the heat medical attention As
I Sr. Cabot bat properly said. "When
It yiu go to a doctor'* office you may
complain of nothing more abstruse
than a headache or a stomach-ache,
yet Per the solution of the problem
raMaaented by your suffering there
miy needed an X-ray examination,
chemical teats auoh a* rery few ex- 1
pert* are capable of malting, the eon- i
[ ' inltatlon of expert! in dlaeeaea of the i
I ere, tip ear and the throat, and the J;
< j
rails reacted sympathetically, New
York Central tailing 1H at Its extreme
and Delaware and Hudson 2ft. Pacifies
and coalers were disposed to improve,
but fell away later on the general
Oil and Gas, |
The greatest hindrance to a revival
of development work at this time ie the
scarcity of materiel. Operatora say
they would be willing to pay the high
prices i( it was procurable.
Gas wells are figuring 10 a cuusiuor- |
able extent In the list of late completion*
in the West Virginia fields. On
Warriors fork, Mannington district.
Marion county, the United Oil and Gas
company and Law have drilled No. 5
on the John Campbell farm Into the
Dunkard sand. A good gas pressure
was developed In that formation. On
Dents run the South Penn Oil company
has drilled Its test on the E. V, Green
farm through all sands. Nothing was
found in any formation except a fair
gas pressure in the Gordon sand. This
location is one-half mile east ot J. J.
Allen & Co.'s test on the L. W. Hlgginbothsm
farm. The Blackshere Oil
and Gas company's No. 2 on the Ward
M. Satterfleld farm Is holding up at
90 barrels a day.
In Union district, Clay county, the
Rozer Oil. Company has started to
drill No, 3 on the Reed-Davenport lot.
In the same locality the Goshorn Oil
company is drilling No. 12 on the
Goshorn tract. In Washington district,
Pleasant county, DInssmoor &
Co. have completed their to. 9 on the
E. M. Cole farm. It Is showing for a
six-barrel pumper In the Cow Run
In Sardls district, Harrison county,
the Hope Natural GaB company has
drilled a second test on the T."P.
Whiteman farm through the 60-foot
DctUll IV lo a ion 5000C1 <u vuui. ?uiui"?tlon.
In the Beech Bottom pool, Buffalo
district, Brooke county, the Miller
Oil and Gas company drilled No. 4 on
the G. H. Agnew farm through the
Berea grit. It la a light gasser with a
small show of oil.
In Greenbrier district, Doddridge
county and Troy district, Gilmore
county, there Is considerable test
work under way and starting. The
Philadelphia company Is due In the
sand at a test on the Gilbert Simons
farm and has started to drill on the
H. E. Hurst farm. 'The Hope company
hai rigs completed for tests on
the Frances Schulte and Thomcs
Burkhammer farms. The Oklahoma
and West Virginia Oil company is
starting a test on the C. R. Nlsely
farm. In the same locality the South
Penn company is rigging up at a
second test on the P. Brannon farm
and the Carter Oil company has the
rig completed for a test on the
George IV. Albers farm.
On Bartholomew run, Mannington
district, Marion county, F. W. Bartlett
is due In the sand at a test on
the John Huey farm. The Philadelphia
company Is drilling tests on the
. S. Shriver and S. S. Shrader farms.
In Greenbrier district, Doddridge county,
the Wayland Oil and Gas company
Is still fishing at a test on the A. Sadler
farm. In McClellan district the Manufacturers
Light and Heat company is
due in the sand at No. I on the 11. B.
Davis farm. In Clay district. Ritchie
county, the Oprnegie Natural Gas company
has started to drill a test on the
the United States
study of the Improvement or aggravation
of symptoms at different times of
day and under different diets and temperatures.
This study demands the
conditions found in just such a hospital,
and nowhere else to be had
without expenses." It Is also true that
the "family doctor does the best that
he knows how, and considering the
difficulties under which he works,
makes a wonderfully good estimate of
the nature of the patient's disease and
the treatment to be administered."
"But as an accurate diagnosis simply
cannot be made in a considerable
number of cases without the co-operation
of a number of men, each expert
in his own field we ask the family
doctor to he is an 'all-around' specialist.
This he attempts, but one cannot
truthfully say that he succeeds, for
the attempt Is obviously an Impossible
one. Medicine 1? today far too
large and complicated & field tor any
one man, no matter how wise and experienced,
to cover."
We have not the space to speak Individually
of the professional men
composing the faculty of this old,
world-famed institution, but will say
that among them are msDy whose long
connection with the Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical Institute has rendered
them experts In their several specialties.
Advantage of Specialties.
By thorough organization and subdividing
the practice ot medicine and
surgery la this institution, every invalid
Is treated by a specialist?one
who devotes his undivided attention
to the particular class ot diseases to
which the case belongs. The advantage
ot this arrangement la obvious.
Medical science covers a field so vast
that no physician can, within the limits
of a lifetime, achieve the highest
legree ot success in the treatment
>f every malady incidental to humanb
m WES* yjRGtNIAN-?Fi
W. 1L Ireland ttra and has rigs up
tor te<U on the reel Cox. 0. Dodd end
H. Lsmm farms. Across the line In
Doddridge county Trainer Bros, are
drilling a test on the John A. Smith
Hat Springs Leak.
PERRY VT.?Mrs. Richard Jenkins
Is under a doctor's care as the
rewll of an ec-!.1 v.? vrlih a pn'cnt
I.ci cur iiUiinaa Invented. me uat
contained a cooling chamber ot wa
ter nixed witn a volatile gas. me
chamber broke and the mixture, acting
upon Mrs. Jenkins' (ace powder,
produced i a poisonous irritant which
threatens ber sight. Jenkins saps the
hat is ail right, hut that women who
wear powder take their own chances.
The best conserration slogan to
date Is: "Don't stuff your husband,
but husband your stuff."?Boston
On Saturday, August 25th, 1917,
at 2 o'clock p. m? the following properties
will be sold at public auction
at the front door of the Court,House
ot Marlon County:
First. Lot No. 23 in Block No. 37,
fronting on Walnut avenue 50 feet
and extending back 120 feet, ana
on which lot is -erected a two
story framo double residence, and
bearing street numbers 722 and 724.
Second. Lots Nos. 6 and 7 and 15
feet of Lot No. 8 In Block No. 37,
fi anting on Fairmont avenue and extending
back 120 feet. Said Lots
Nos. 6 and 7 front 25 feet each on
Fairmont avenue and situate thereon
is the dwelling fstreet No. 727) of
the late W. Howard Kelley, deceased,
and the 15 feet of Lot No. 8 adjoins
said Lot No. 7, together making a total
frontage on Fairmont avenue of 65
feet. Said LotB 6 and 7 will be offered
together with said 15 feet of Lot
8 and also separately and will be sold
whichever way the same will bring
the highest price.
The undersigned has authority to
sell said properties at private sale;
and offers will be considered on said
pro: -rttes at any time before the day
of sale; and, If a reasonable price Is
offered, private sale will -be made.
Terms of Sale?One-third, or as
much more as purchaser may elect to
pay, cash, and balance in one and two
years with interest.
Executor of W. Howard Kelley, Deceased.
Aug. 13-17-22
Bumstea?s Worm Syrup
A &*? and iur? Bemedy for
Stood the teat for BO yeari. IT WEVEB
t*a 7T.fi. To children it ia an angel of
bottle has hilled 132 wormi. All drag-firiata
and dealera, or by mail?25c a bot.
v-t. C. A. VOOBHXES, M. D., Phil*., Pa
To Get this Si
Hall I
obmont, he^ay even:
i ? ' i I, i <
Under authority of decree of the
Circuit Court of Marlon county, West
Virginia, entered on the 18th day of
July,' 1917, in the chancery cause of
Brook* S. Hutchinson, Administrator
of the personal estate of A, Brucs
McDonald, deceaied, vs. Ann McDonald,
et a!., the undersigned 'Special
Commissioner *111 on Saturday the
1st day of September at 2:00 P. M.
at the front door of the Court House
of said County, offer for sale at public
auction three certain parcels of
ical estate, described as follows:
First: All that certain lot or parcel
of land situate in the City of Fairmont,
Marion County, Wen Virginia,
botng a part of Lot No. 71 fronting
82 1-2 feet on Julncy street and runring
back from eald street between
Lot No. 72 and alley, a distance of 70
feet to that part of lot No. 71 owned
by Peter Fagan, being the same real
estate conveyed unto the said A.
Bruce McDonald by deed bearing date
on the 19th of February, 1890, and of
record In the office of the Clerk of
the County Court of said Marion
County in Deed Book No. 47, page
Second: A1J that certain lot or parcel
of land situate In the City of
Fairmont in said Marlon County, and
bounded and described as follows:
Beginning at a Btake In line of Pierpont
Avenue, corner to lot of Mabel
P. Shinn and running with a line of
eald avenue N. 83 1-2 E. 48 feet to a
ntako corner to lot of Laura B.
Staggers, thence with her line N. 6 1-2
W. 132 1-2 feet to stake in line of
street corner to lot of said Staggers,
thence with a line of said street
N. 85 1-2 W. 39 7-10 feet to a stake in
line of said street and corner to
alley, thence with line of said alley S.
19 E. 21 feet to a stake cornor to lot
of Mabel P. Shtnn, thence with her
lae S. 6 1-2 E. 120 feet to the place
of beginning, excepting, however, the
coal and mining rights and privileges
underlying the above described property;
being the same real estate
which was conveyed unto the said A.
Bruce McDonald by J. E. Sands and
wife and W. T. Ravonstroft and wife
by deed dated the 10th day of June.
1902, and recorded in the office of
the Clerk of the County Court of
said Marlon County, In Deed Book No.
123, page 451.
Tihrd: An undivided one-fifth interest
tn a certain tract or parcel of
land situate. In Wlnfleld District,
Marlon County, West Virginia, lying
on the waters o( the Monongahela
River, adjoining lands of Albert Prickett
and others and being Lot Xo.
1 In a mutual division of landB as
made by the heirs of Joshua McElfresh,
deceased, and shown by the
plat and survey made by L. H, Wilcox,
County Surveyor of Marion County,
and bounded ae follows: Beginning
at the corner of Lot No. 2, thence S.
21 E. 18 poles to a stone, thence N.
60 E. 32 poles to a stone, and corner
to Albert Prickett, thence N. 21 1-2
W. 67 1-4 poles to a stone, thence S.
60 1-2 W. 32 3-5 pole to the beginning,
containing 14 1-2 acres, being
the same land conveyed unto A. B.
McDonald, Clara McDonald, John O.
McDonald, William Prickett anil Nellie
Snider by Thomas T. McElfresh
" " J n V,*r A nr\i\ V\ n r ? n rr rlnfn r?n
uuu umcio uj uctu ucauiif, v..
the 12th day of November, 1306, and of
record In the office of the Clerk of the
County Court of said Marion County,
x-Quart $1.60
-EVER" ]
| fME\ you present the coupo
p laOTB name, address and da
jjj(j ^ ^ ^ ^
in Deed Book No. 158, pace 397.
One third of the purchase money,
or ta much more aa the purchaser or
purchaaera may elect to phy, cash In
hand on the day of sale, and the balance
in equal Installments of six
months and one year, said deferred
payments to be evidenced by the notes
of the purchaser, bearing Interest
from date at the rate of six per cent
per annum. A vendor's Uen Is to be
retained on the property ao sold to
further secure the payment of said
defered purchase money.
Given under my hand thla 1st day
of August, 1917,
Special Commissioner.
I, W. S. Black, Clerk of the Circuit
Court of Marlon county. West Virginla,
hereby certify that the above
gamed E. M. Sbowalter, Special Commlesloner,
has executed bond condl
[ tioned for the faithful performance
! of his duties as such Commissioner
I in the sum of Three Thousand Dol
lars, with security approved by me as
sufficient, and si required in the
abore mentioned decree of sale.
Clerk, Circuit Court ot
Marion County, West Va.
8 J-10 18-24.
State of West Virginia,
County of Marlon To-wlt:
At a regular session Of the board
of Education of Mannington district,
Marlon county, held at the regular
meeting place thereof on the liih day
of August, 1917. Present George W.
Bowers president of said board of education
and A. J. Hess and L J McMillon,
. The board of education having ascertained
that Mannington District
will require the sum of $17661.S9 to
maintain high school in Mannington
district, and the board desiring, to
maintain said high school in Mannington
district, and the board deslr,
ing to maintain said high school, as
provided in sixth proviso, chapter 57,
of the acst of the legislature of 1915,
amending ksection 21, chapter 27, Acts
1908, it is ordered that ten cents (10ck
be and the same Ib hereby levied on
each one hundred dollars of all property
taxable in said district, according
to tho last assessment thereof, for the
purpose of applying same to tho raaintalnanco
of said high school
Outstanding orders ........ $.91
Salaries 16 teaches $14,852.93
Exonerations 230.00
Delinquents 570.00
Miscellaneous; including
fuel, light, water, Janitor
service, etc 2000.00
Total $17,661.89
State of West Virginia.
County of Marlon, To-wit:
I, A. L. Thomas, secretary of the
board of education in and for Mannington
district of said county and
stnto rtn herphv rprtifv that the fore
going is a true copy from tho records
of an order made and entered
bv said board on the 14th day of August,
Given under my hand tills 15th day
of August, 1917.
Secretary Board of Education.
Mannlngton District,
k Marlon county, W. Va.
Manningtn, IV. Va. P. O.
Size Genuine
coupon and 88c In payer"
atx quart Preserving
ularly at 81.60, provided Jigsaw
n in person at store on AfflsfflHI
18, writlngjbereon your I ji|j|J|l
Fairmont, W. Va. (?mb)
e Co.
FOK SALE?(-room house with bath.
Big lot Apply 325 Jefferson street.
4-20-tf No 2235
FOR RENT?Sleeping room, one suite
light housekeeping rooms with
range and sink in kitchen. 301 Qulncj
street . S16-3t-2709
FOR RENT ?Furnished rooms. Gen.
tlemen preferred. Apply Bell 737
or 1145. g-15-3t-2705
FOR RENT?Two rooms furnished for
"-L* * TTon f\t imnor I
Ilgni iiuusvivevjmig. vaw v. wb,yW
porrli and butb. Call 827 Coleman
Ave., or Bell phone 571-J. 8-16-26t-2710
Section. Come down right
away, crop, line pasture grazing 2
and > bead to aero and grass getting
ahead. Lime lands, the hind that
puta on the scales. Plenty (or sale
if20 to 66 an acre,3 Or 4 automobiles,
but notify us ahead. Write lor full
Information and photographs. Read
it and then como down. Your It. It.
fare refunded bolh ways if you find
anything misrepresented. Ticket free.
Healthy country, elevated. C. C.
Clay Alfalfa Land Co.. Demopolis,
Ala. 8-13-tit. 2t>74
WANTED?To rent, a 5-room cottage
and bath. Bell phone 570-W.
WANTED ? A 5-room cottage with
bath. Address P. O. Box 52, Fairmont,
W. Ya. 8-17-31-2713
To Whom it May Concern:
Tito undersigned, Harry C. Connor,
who resides in Fairmont, Marion county,
West Virginia, and who is Special
Pnttro officer for the Mononcahela
Railway Company, will apply to the
Circuit Court of Marlon county, West
Virginia, at the Court House of said
county, on Monday, the 20th day of
August, 1917, for license to carry a
revolver during the ensuing year,
Given under my hand this 9th day
of August, 1917.
Notice is hereby given that the
County Court of Marion County proposes
to make certain changes and
alterations in the County Roads located
in Lincoln, I'nw Paw and Grant
Districts of said County now being
improved under the late bond Issues
voted by said respective District, and
plans and profiles are now on file
in the Engineers offices of said respective
District showing the changes
and alterations proposed to be made.
Dated this 7th day of August, 1917.
Published once a week for two
weeks. 8-10-17.
B. Rice & Co., Cortland, Ohio, or
Wairen, Ohio. 8-10-261-B673
A WEST VA. FARM. 179 acres, situated
in heart of fruit belt, lbi miles
from R. R. station; 4,000 fruit trees,
half In timber. C. H. Schano, 5167
Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
1 It Is Said ^
that "Ninety per cent
of all business is done
by check"?in. such a
case, the MAJORITY
of business men must
i- find it to their AD-Ci
En VANTAGE to have a tvj
cvl Checking Account. N3
0 Are you one of the " '
This bank cordially
Invites your account
^ Directly across the f\j
V ' .a.ma* iMm amm tAamar t i
HrCBb II Will WMI IWHIIWI I"?jr?31
oceilen. r-T
|'r 1
LOST?Alligator bag between atone
watering trough at BoothrrlUd and ' ;
Fairmont Motor Car Garage. Finder
please communicate with Oil Well
Supply Co.. at Clarksburg and receive jtS
8-17-St 8718. *||
LOST at Loop Park Sunday, am ell
pocketbook. Return to M. S. Union
Nows Co., for Identification and rv $9
ward. S-17-3t-2718 ftffl
LOST?Bunch of keys. Reward If returned
to Box 1703, West Virginian.
8-14-St. 2708
LABORERS wanted. Wages 12.76.
a day. Apply Jaa. Wright & Bona, |j
Fleming Greenhouse, Locust avenua, V
s-n-et sgflft '' M
WANTED?A-l suit salesman for out
Fairmont store. McWhorter Tailoring
Co. ji-13-31. 2698
WANTED?Laborers and linemen. Apply
Chesapeake and Patomac Tele-.
phone Co. Boll Telephone bulldinf,
Fairmont, W. Va. S13-3M70O.
WANTED?ilcTiable men. Apply City,
Ice Co. Manloy Bldg.' 8-13-8t-l701
WANTED?Salesman: Young man I
with high echool training preferred,
to represent tho largest machine speolaity
company in this country, In fine =$3
West Virginia territory. Previous ; %
Experience not necessary. Men H
having railroad, general store, or of- I
fice training should investigate this .*31
opening which will pay a live wire, '
liberal compensation, with opportnnl
ty for advancement. L. A. Huff- ,'a?
man, 1013 Union Nat Bank Bldg., ' U
Clarksburg, W. Va. 7-30-tf. ?9
- hi
WANTED?Girl tor general houie -/M
work. Bell pbone 6S4-J.
8-16-St. 1707
ROOM AND BOARD wanted by young T
man in private family with congen- -.-1
ial young people, Must be close In. . a8|
Address Box 2706, West Virginian.
8-15-3t 2807.
FOR SALE?A Si-acre farm in Snrlnr. 9H
bill township, on road from Fair*
chance to Morgantown. Five room ..::m
houae, good ham and other outbuild* .^-3
lugs; plenty of good water. B. F. Dar* " 5
by, Fairchance, Fa. 8-16'UU711
Professional Cards | 391
| experience. Glasses furnished la J
ono hour. With .
A. B. Scott & Company, f I
JEWELERS. jf v>a
w Itopresentlng Nubone Corteta.
| Bell 487 J 326 Monro* St
Glasees of all tUnda correctly "'3
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Hall Block over Martin's Drug
ing an Interest in the H :'||H
ff*^Clerks who save usually do 8:
figure on owning an interest Of
In the business and It they IB . ?|
j tail to acquire It, they start H
a business ol their own.
It they have saved at the II
National Bank of Fairmont; H
' It la only reasonable to sup* II
;J pose that we would stand M
back ot then In the matter | , $
nf oread if And financial advlea. lM'
I ( You too might be a clerk" Jjjl. '' ;|1
[, I who saves.
I|li Decide right now to act? fm
' J this matter which Is so to- ||1 j
|j| portant to your future. IB'. vp
_ li'^H

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