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k8^\~ ' ^***1**"**" ' *"*
lw? tone m much better yesterday, j
f - the market being stronger than It has
Men In weeeks. Trading was narrow,
end aside from the tuel transaction*,
f via confined mostly to trading in the
i mining shares. However, Fireproof
& advanced hi, LeBelle was up 2 points,
? Light and Heat rose 1%. Ohio Fuel
y / Supply H and Pittsburg Oil and Gas
; Jr ,H. Window Glass Machine common
was off % and Columbia Gu and
?- Electric was down H- Oklahoma Gas
dropped in the copper group Ml
I . Shasta advanced 2c. In all, there
II ware 17,85 shares traded In. with 6,I#
WC of them being Ohio Fuel Supply
H and 10,200 being the mining shares.
Sale* High Low
W MlWOHscb .... 63ft 63%
10 Col Gas & Else 48 43
6700 Diana Mines .... 80 so
60 Fireproof pfd .... 12% 12%
1000 Gold Bar 20 20
810 La Belle Iron .. *120 118%
10 Lone Star Gee ...< 97 97
1010 llfri Li A H ...... 68 66%
1100 Mt Shasta 46 44
MO Ohio Fuel Oil .... 20% 20
6846 Oblo Fuel Supply 61% 60
86 Oklahoma Q&s .. 29% 29%
4 8400 P J Cooper 72 70
'* 816 P|h. Oil & Gss... 6% 6%
_ T 86 R8 W Oil pfd .... 16 15
ft 16 West Airbrake .. 114% 114%
w. SO West lee trio ..... 48% 48%
New high record.
- - e
I New York
B NEW YORK. Aug. 21.?Ralls were
I the only Important stocks to register
more than neegliglble clpngeg In the
course of yesterday's listless market
Cumulative signs of approaching FedI
eral control over the coal roads re
suited in further depreciation, Reading
making an extreme decline of 3
Delaware and Hudson scored a new
minimum at 102% and New Haven
I repeated its recent low reoord of
*u other transoortatlon shares
|wa> rm .
were under Irregular pressure. New
York Central's setback ot slightly
more than a point to 83%, representIn
fthe lowest quotation In two years.
Grangers and cotton carriers were not
exempt from the general declining
Oil and Gas,
On Kellys Creek, Cabin Creek district,
Kanawha county, West Virginia,
the United Fuel Gas Company has
completed in the Weir sand its No 1
on the Sunday Coal Creek Company's
tract. It is not as large as Indicated
when drilled into the sand and
was estimated to be good for 500 barrels
a day. It is producing 100 barrels
of oil and has a gas pressure with an
estimated capacity of 12,000,000 cubic
feet a day. As an oil producer it
is better than the best previous completion
in that part of the district.
On Cabin Creek the company has
completed No 6 on the Imperial Colliery
Company's tract. It is good for
125 barrels a day in the Berea grit
The company is increasing develop
1 ???1. V?tk ikla and thfl Rllll
I mem, wuik uu uulu mao a?u v??w
Jay Creek Coal Company's tract. The
prospects for new production are better
In Cebln Creek than any other disSPECIAL
County of Marlon,
District of Lincoln, To-wit:
At a regular sesrion of the board ot
education of Lincoln district of Ma[
f rlon county held at the regular place
thereof, on the second Tuesday in AuV-,.
gust, 1917, Present: J. M. Downs,
president of said board of education,
and Clevis Brand and J. J. Leeper. commissioners.
In accordance with Chapter 67, Acts
1916, amending eectlon 21, chapter 27,
Acts 1908, the board ot education proceeded
to make up an estimate of the
amount necessary to be levied for the
current fiscal year, to cover all district
debts and liabilities payable during
iV* nrcKohlfi OYnfln. I
dltures for district purposes, and proper
allowances for delinquent taxes and
contingencies, but deducting the money
In the treasury applicable to said
pureosts during the year doth determifleand
estimate the several amounts
to be levied as follows:
The amount due, and the amount
that will become due and collectible
from every source, except from the
levy of taxes to be made for the current
fiscal year.
AmAiint Hub frrtm ahartff S2fi.fi13.fl7
H . Redemption! (estimated) ... 25.00
Total receipts $28,638.6/
I The debts and demands owed by the
Y district as a whole, and payable out
of the building fund.
I Outstanding orders
on June 20,1917...$ 6,207.00
I Current accounts
due and payable
, on June SO, 1917
' High school 19,675.00
Plumbing and heating
Salaries of district
officer* and em
ployes $ 3,875.00
Other expensesInstitute
attendance 450.00
New building!..... 10,000.00
School furniture .. 3,000.00
\ Blackboards 200.00
Repairs 600.00
. ' Supplies 1.000.00
I-, rest-books 250.00
nr lAAftA
rlelty 25.00
Qg 200.00
ng 160.00
bona 9.00
aonay 20.00
portation.... 400.0#
. V.. ; A, , K A ...... 'l>
trlcti la tha Eastern field*, It la
In McClellan district Doddridge
county, the Manufacturer*' Light and
Heat Company has drilled It* test on
the H B Darls farm through all sands.
It Is a duster. On Dents Run, Mannlngton
district Marion county, the
Blackshere Oil and Gas Company's
No 2 on the Ward Satterflejd farm has
declined to 75 barrels a day.
On Jakes Run, Clay district, Monongalia
county, the Philadelphia Company's
test on the Maria Price farm
It a gasser In th? Maxon sand. On
Stewarts Run the Hope Natural Gas
Company's test on the J H Dordray
farm is a fair gasser in the fourth
, On Little Creek, Greene district
Wetzel county, the Larimer Oil Company
completed its second teet on the
Friend Steele farm. Nothing was
found In the Gordon sand. A light
show of oil wae developed In the Big
Injun sand and will be tested. On.
Rock Run, Harper district, Roane
county, the Sidney Oil and Gas Company
completed a test on the Mary A
Harper farm. It Is dry and will he
On Right Fork of Steel Creek,
Birch district, Braxton county, the
Mill Creek Oil and GaB Company
drilled No 5 on the C R Bourne farm
Into the salt sand. It Is a gasser with
a capacity of 2,000,000 cubic feet a
day. On Middle Island Creek, Ellsworth
district, Tyler county, D A
Sanders & Co completed a test on the
Archer Bryon farm. It shows a little
oil In the Maxon sand.
The United Fuel Gas Company la
due In the sand at a test on the J L
Starcher farm, located on Elk Fork,
Washington district, Jackson county.
On Tug Fork, In the same district,
the same company has started to drill
on the J L Young farm. The United
Fuel Gas Company Is building the rig
for a te3t on the Exchange Land Company's
tract This company Is drilling
and starting about 20 wells In
Jackson county. On Big Elk Creek,
Sardls district, Harrison county,
Hutchinson & Co are drilling a deep
test on the W E Hull farm. On Fallen
Timber Bun, New Milton district,
Doddridge county, the Carnegie Natural
Gas Company has made the location
for a test on the A P White
farm. On Buffalo Calf Run, Greenbrier
district the Wayland Oil and
Gas Company Is due in the Gordon
sand at a test on the Alpha Saddler
farm. On Plckenpaugh Run, Grant
district, Wetzel county, the Consolidated
Oil Company has started to drill
a test on the J L Stephens farm.
|s4S efiSe >
Grain and Produce
CHICAGO, Aug. 21.?Corn prices
pursued an uneven course yesterday
liquidation which sent prices down
Unl.n U.. jA^nn/1
vaiiy UUU15 lunuweu uv uciuauu nuiu
shorts which moved the figures above
Saturday's closing prices. The close
was strong %@l%c higher, with December
at 1.0814 to 1.08% and May'
at 1.07 to 1.07%. IVheat finished at
2.05, an advance of ?, cents. Oats advanced
% to l%c. In provisions final
figures showed an advance of from
3 to 15c.
Articles Open Close
September 205
106% 108%
Mav 104% 107
B2% 54%
May 56% 67%
Miscellaneous 100.00
Total disbursement $$20,379.00
Amount to be raised by levy $20,502.00
The amount due, and the amount
Vet will y,anr\mt> Hit A ntld COlleCtihlft I
luaii nut uuvwi?iw ? ? ? ?
from every source, except from the
levy of taxes to he made for the current
fiscal year.
Balance due fund from sheriff
$ 7,714.17
Redemptions (estimated)... 60.00
Due from genoral school
fund (enumeration) 2,364.00
Total receipts $10,138.17
The debts and demands owed by the
district as a whole, and payable out
of the teachers' fund.
Delinquent taxes $ 300.00
Exonerations (estimated) ... 200.00 I
Supt. salary $135.00 15 mo... 2,025.00 j
2 High school Prin., $130 2 860.00 i
5 teachers at $95, 9 mo 5,225.00 |
1 grade Prin., $110 9 mo 990.00 j
8 grade Prin., $80, 9 mo 6,760.00 :
For 40 teachers holding No.
one certificates 23,400.00
For 65 teachers holding No.
two certificates
Total expenditures $41,670.00
Amount to be raised by levy $31,431.00
It appearing to the board of educar
tlon that the total valuation of all taxable
property In this dlstric, according
to the last assessment thereof, is $13,668,099;
being real estate to the value
of $6,668,140; personal property to the
value of $1,424,210, and railroad and
other property assessed by the board
of public works to the value of $5,556,749,
as certified to this board by the
ofTlcer whose duty it Is to make such
report, and It appearing from the foregoing
estimate sthat It is necessary to
raise by levy, after deducting all credits,
$20,502 for building purposes and
$31,431 for teachers' purposes; therefore
it Is determined that a levy on
eacn une Hundred Dollars valuation
of twenty-three cents (23c) for building
and fifteen cents (15c) for teachers'
purposes will be necessary to produce
the estimated amount as aforesaid
for the ensuing fiscal year.
County of Marlon,
District of Lincoln, To-wlt:
I, P. G. Brand, secretary of the board
of education In and for Lincoln district
of said county and state, do hereby
certify that the foregoing la a true
copy from the records of an order made
and entered by said board on the 14th
day of August, 1917.
Given under my hand this 18th day
of August, 1917.
P. 0. BRAND,
Secretary Board of Education, Lincoln
district, Marion County, West Vlr_glni?,
it*. \-*^M-r
^|HHr TFjr
i Pm|^HH/S
> ji^nX
u^" uuu?
Those Sammies are ready for su
"port somewhere on the French coast,
quarters. They haye Jolted over roads
home at last?In the concentration can
against the Boches. They are ready fi
As directed by an order entered by
the Board of Affairs, August 20, 1917,
notice is hereby given of an auction
sale of two valuable houses, to-wit:
FIRST HOUSE: Situate on Locust
avenue, near the E. E. Mercer property;
contains about eight rooms; in
good condition. Being part ot the property
acquired by the City o? Fairmont
by deed from Harry Shaw, Special
Commissioner, and known as the H.
Glenn Fleming property. The real estate
on which said house is situate is
to be used for the purpose ot extending
Lowell street from Short avenue
to Locust avenue. This house can be
easily moved.
SECOND HOUSE: Situate on Columbia
street, First ward, between
Market street and Newton street, near
the residence ot Prof. \V. A. Hustead,
the Christian church, and the First
ward school house. Contains four
rooms in fair condition. The real estate
on which this bouse is situate is
to be used for the purpose of erecting
a fire station thereon.
Saie ot the first house will be had
by auction beginning at or about 1.30
o'clock p. m. at the location of the
house; salo of the second house will
1? L.J u.. o . nil
Uc UttU Uj aukuuii at ui auuut o.uv
o'clock p. m., at the location of the
house. Both sales will be had on Saturday,
September first. If for any reason
sale be not made of these respective
houses at the time appointed, the
came will be continued from time to
time until sold. Sealed bids may be
filea with the undersigned at any time
prior to the above date, and will be
opened and read at the above respective
places before sale begins. The
city reserves the right to reject any or
all bids, oral or written or otherwise.
TERMS: Cash. Purchasers will be
required to move the houses off the
lands of this city without delay and
within a period of thirty days from the
date of sale.
8-21-2S City Clerk.
The Board of Education having ascertained
that Lincoln district will
require the sum of J13.66S, to maintain
a nigh school in Lincoln district,
and the board desiring to maintain
said high school, as provided in sixth
proviso, chapter 57, of the Acts of the
legislature of 1915, amending se\lon
21, chapter 27, Acts 1908, it Is tlicVsfore
ordered that ten cents (10c) he,
and the same is hereby levied on each
one hundred dollars of the valuation
of all property taxable in said district,
according to the 'last assessment
thereof, for the purpose of applying
same to the maintenance of said high
school *
p n nRAvn
Concerning Y
Telephone empi<
the idea of brinj
those Vhe are capable <
in the service of the pnl
They are thoroughly tra:
rnirlr Th?i* Mrrfditv
dene* of this training.
When aa emergency; i
prompt and efleothe wo
ajf.wt farad wanting.
wKB pi
>per. They have bounded over the "b
" They have rolled over the railroad
whoso shell craters have been only pa
tonment which will be their .only hom
ir their meal In'a French camp?and
Pursuant to a decree ot the Circuit
Court ot Taylor County, West Virginia,
made and entered on tho 5th
day of March, 1914, In the chancery
cnuse of Crawford Thorn apainst
John B. WatBon et al? wo will on
Tuesday, the 11th day of September.!
1917, at the front door of the Court
House of Taylor County, West Virginia,
at one o'clock P. M. of that
day, offer for sale to me nicest Diader,
the following described real
estate: All that certain tract or parcel
of real estate situated in Fetterman
District, Taylor County, West
Virginia, containing about four hundred
and seventy-three acres, more or less,
which was conveyed to the said John
B, Watson py two separate conveyances,
tho first of which was by John
Hallway's Executor by deed bearing
date on the 22nd day of May, 1880,
and recorded in said county in Deed
Book No. 16. page 192, and the second
by Martha East and others by
deed bearing date on tho 22nd day of
July, 1892, and recorded in said county
In Deed Book No. 2G, page 143, to
which roferenco Is made for a more
complete description of said land. The
coal thereunder has heretofore been
sold and will be reserved.
Also we will on Monday, the 10th
day of September, 1917, at the front
door of the Court Houso of Marlon
County, West Virginia, at 10 o'clock
A. M. Of that day, offer for sale to
the highest bidder the following described
real estate: All that certain
tract or parcel of real estate situated
in IVinfield District, Marion County,
West Virginia, containing about one
hundred acres, more or less, and
which was inherited by the said John
B. Watson and James W. Watson
from their father, Wilson Watson,
the said John M. Watson having purchased
the Interest of the said James
W, Watson, by deed of record in said
county, to which reference is hereby
made for a more complete description
of said land; which is underlaid with
a valuable vein of coal; first the coal
is to be offered for sale, then the surface,
then as a whole, coal and surface,
and 60ld which ever way brings
the largest price.
TERMS OF SALE: One-third cash1
in hand on day of sale, one-third in
one year and one-third in two years,
taking from the purchaser interest
beariyng notes with approved inteerst
retaining title to said properties until
the deferred paymentso are fully paid.
Given under our hands this 4th day
of August, 1917.
JllyUtl WAltUEiJV,
Special Commissioners.
Bond and Security has been given
in above mentioned suit, by the said
Special Commissioners as required
by the decree entered therein.
A . J. MASON, Clerk.
8-7-14-21 28.
By virtue of a Deed of Trust dated
December 28, 1916, recorded in the
our Telephone
jyeeB are selected with
fing into the business
of doing the best work
ined and skilled in their
and accuracy are evia
nises which oalls for
rk, telephone employees
S14 Monro* 8t, PtTrWWt, W, V*.
. . ^
i ^
-nai I
ounding main" from America to a
(rom the seacoast to the Held headrtly
filled In. And now they are at f
) until they make their first charge
for whatever comes after It.
- ?
office of the Clerk of the County Court
of Marlon County, West Vir- *
ginia, in Trust Deed Book No. 42, at
page 28:;, executed by S. H. Kuhn n
and Goldie A. Kuhn, his wife, to =
Michael Powell, Trustee, to secure to
J. I.ee Bice, the payment of a certain debt
therein described, the undersign- \
cd Michael Powell will sell at public
auction to tho highest and best bid- 1
dor, at the front door of tho Court =
House in Marlon County, West Virginia,
OF AUGUST, 1917, commencing t
at 2:00 o'clock in tho afternoon, tho
following described parcel of land r
with tho improvements thereon, situ- .
ated In tho New Second Ward of the \
fltv of Fairmont, in Union Independ
ent District, Marion County, West
Virginia, in what is known as the Mon- =
ongahela Industrial Company Addl- ,
tion, and bounded and described ;
more particularly as follows: to wit: ^
Beginning at a stake in the northerly
line of the Speedway and cor- j
ner to lot of John W. Reeves; thenco ,
at right angles to Speedway N. HO
degrees 51' IV. about 110 feet to a :
stake In Right of Way of Hickman
Run Branch of Fairmont, Morgan- town
& Pittsburgh R. R. Co.; thenco
with line of same in a Southwesterly t
direction GO foet to a stake; thence
S. 29 degrees 51' E about 110 feet to
a stake in northerly line-of Speedway,
thence along the northerly line of
Speedway N. 60 degrees 08' E. 60 feet
to the place of beginning, containing
6,600 square feet, more or less. Being
tho same real estate that was conveyed
to S. H. Kubn by Harry
Shaw, Spi. Com'r., by deed dated July i
22, 1915. and of record in said Clerk's i
office in Deed Book No. 212 at page
All the purchase money cash in j
hand on day o( sale.
Given under ray hand this 30th day
of July. 1917.
7-31-8-7-14 21.
I - J
Now is the
Time to Think
ot your summer clothing needs,
and have them cleaned and
freshened by our superior methods.
Footer's service Is always
safest and best for Ladies' and
gentlemen's garments.
Felt or other hats, slippers,
shoes, sweaters, light wraps.
Just now we are preparing to
render better and more efficient
service than ever before.
Dye Works
Cumberland, Maryland.
Fairmont and Vicinity.
Carrying the Future on
the Young Shoulders of i
the Present. fi
' in order to sareguaru our- 4
selves against other than fu- 1
i ture Independence what pro- I
! vision can we make now? 3
llj Have you thought o? It?
j;i It you would carry the fu- ;jf
1 ture on the young shoulders jJ
; ot the present, the humble
savings account with Its op- j 1
portunltles ot salting money i I
|| away continuously on 1
j| standard interest Is worthy !]
ot serious consideration.
Particularly are you wel- jf
Li come o employ the Savings I
J Department ot the National I
In Bank ot Fairmont. 1
LOOM AND BOARD?12 or 15 men. j
57.00 per week. 611 Washington St.
tell phone 614-J. 8-lS-St-272t
Section. Come down right
.way, erop, fine pasture graifng 2
nd 3 heed to acre and grass getting
lieed. Lime lands, the kind that
mts on the scales. Plenty for sale
20' to' 65 an acre,3 or 4 automobiles.
?t notily us ahead. Write for full
formation and photographs. Read
t and then come down. Your R. II.
are refunded both ways If you find
nythlng misrepresented. Ticket tree,
dealthy country, elevated. C. C.
May Alfalfa Land Co.. Demopolis,
Lla. 8-13-61. 2674
LN INVESTMENT of $25.00 has the
capacity to make you $135.00 per
aonth. Land Investment. General
warranty deed. No work on your
iart. Inquire M. F. Christian. Kenon
Hotel. 8-lS-6t-2719
'OH SALE?6-room house with bath.
Big lot Apply S25 Jefferson street
t-HO-tf No 223'
'OR SALE?Five-room cottage with
bath. Also corner lot on Sixth and
Valnut. Apply 525 Coleman Ave
'OK SALE?Rooming house. Must
sell on account of ill health. 110 Fairaont
Ave. S-2X-3t-2727
VANTED?Experienced dining room
girl Apply in person, Tucker
louse. 8-20-3t. 2724
VANTED ? A 5-room cottage with
bath. Address P. 0. Box 52. Fairaont.
\V. Va. S-17-3t-2713 I
VANTED?To rent, a 5roo:u cottngo
and bath. Bell phone 670-W.
VANTED?Man to travel with manager.
Salary or commission. Call
! to 8 p. m. 0. C. Lehman. 500 Ogden
Lve. # S-20-3t. 2725
Valuable Timber, Coal and
Farm Land, Located In
Georges Creek Coal
Near Lonaconning, Md.
340-aere tract; 250 acres tine hardvood
timber, red oak, white oak and
ock oak.
ESTIMATED, 2,500,000 FEET.
1,300 tons tanbark, 30,000 mine
srops, 2 1-2 miles from railroad. All
inderlald with good coal.
Address Claud Pulliam,
Care Y. M. C. A. Wheeling. W. Va.
Or H. S. Pulliman,
Keyser, W. Va. 8-20-6.
FOR SALE?Fresh jersey cow. Geo.
M. Lloyd, Ice's Run. S-20-3L2723
FOR SALE?High top desk, cheap. Inquire
Cantor Tailoring Co. 102 Main
street. 8-21-3t-2729
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dollar deposited in this
bank is YOURS until
withdrawn. PLUS 4
I per cent Interest ? tl
which do you prefer? Rs
Our Savings Depart Rj
ment will welcome P'
your dollar deposits, I
keep them safely, and I
add the 4 per cent In- j '
terest. I i
R Directly acroee the M
K ( rtreet from our former Kj
jt ^ locz'tlcn.
?-a*u with ORDER II
'i \m
LOST?Alligator bag between (too*
watering trough at Bootharille and
Fairmont Motor Car Garage. Finder
please communicate with Oil Wall
Supply Co., at Clarksburg and receive :jas
8-17-St IT1I.
LOST at Loop Park Sunday, small
pocketbook. Return to M. S. Union
News Co, tor identification and reward.
1 t Vi
WANTED?Salesman: Young man j
with high school training proierrea. .
to rcprcseut the largest machine specialty
company In this country, la One
West Virginia territory. Previous ! ';
Experience not necessary. Men
having railroad, general store, or office
training should Investigate this
opening which will pay a live wire, iyW
liberal compensation, with opportunity
for advancement. L. A. Hullman,
1013 Union Nat Bank Bid*., I
Clarksburg, W. Va. 7-SO-tt |
B. Rice & Co., Cortland, Ohio, or
warren, Ohio. 8-10-26t-267*
A WEST VA. FARM. 179 acres, eltuatod
in heart of fruit belt, 1% mUw
from R. R. station; 1,000 fruit trees,
half in timber. C. H. Schano, (167
Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
W" OWN 20,000 acres In Duval, Neesau
and Palm Beach counties; price
$6 to $20 an acre; all good cultivating
lands lor cotton, corn, cane, Irish potatoes,
all kinds of vegetables, citrus / 3
fruits; terms can be arranged to suit
purchaser; land in Duval and Nassau
counties will grow 150 bushels Irish
potatoes from February until May, and
150 bushels of sweet potatoes from
June until November. This product
will sell at an average of |l a bushel.
S. J. Mclson Co.. 435 West Adams St..
Jacksonville, Fla. 8-lS-26t-2718
FOR. SALE?A 24-acre farm in Spring*
hill township, on road from Fair*
chance (o Morgantown. Five room
house, good barn and other outbuildings
; plenty of good water. B. F. Darby,
Falrcliance, Pa. 8-16-12t-27U
DON'T BUY A FARM until you sea
this 125 acre dairy and general :
farm. 2 dwellings. Spring water to
buildings by gravity. Rich valley land,
Mile to manufacturing town. Sacrifice
$6,500. Illustrated catalogue
describing this and 200 other Montgomery-Bucks-Chester
county ban
gains surrounding Philadelphia on r? <-3
finest. H. C. Reese and Son, 6 Eaat
Airy street, Morristown, Pa.
8 22-25-S7S8.
FOR SALE?100 acres on Improved
road, good buildings, large dairy
barn .alfalfa, fruit, line farm worth
$10,000 for $8000 quick sale, $5000 remainder
mortgage. Conneaut, O. St, J
3, Box 111. 8-20-61. 2726
FOR SALE ? Following Ford cart:
1917 Roadster A-l condition; 1915
Roadster fine condition; 1913 RoadeUr,
cheap; 1917 touring car fine shape;
1015 touring car, good condition; 1916
touring car, good condition, be# u.
Powell. 8-18-3t-2717 .
FOR RENT?Sleeping room, one inltt
light housekeeping rooms with
range and sink In kitchen. 304 Qulncy
street. 8-16-3t270>
FOR RENT?Furnished rooms. Oeo> 5$
tlemen preferred. Apply Bell 78?
or 1145. 8-15-8t-270?
FOR RENT?Two rooms furnished tn
light housekeeping. Use of upper
porch and bath. Call 827 Coleman
Ave., or Bell phone 571-J. 816-28W710 ? $
Professional Car da J
4BH59CT Optometrist and ?
SaW Optician. ' 7 m
28 years praetloal s
experience Glasses furnished to
one hour. With n'-ftiaj.
A. B. Scott & Company, j'
cessasaaaBaacaaaaaamyqgDCfaa ' I
| MRS. W. A. TUCKER ? ?
o Representing Nubone Corset#. |
c Bell 487 i 826 Honro# St 5
Glasses ot all kinds correct)# g
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Hall Block 07?r Martin's Drag

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