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' Daily Average A. Of
July 19.11 . . T, 7V
I A Quality Newapaper for tfta
? jioi
, Fifteen Men Dead
I A o Pacnlf nt Jin
X\0 iltSJUiii vi ui>
Outbreak at
} Houston
8 _ i
Secretary Baker Says Inci-1
dent Will Not Change
Department Plans.
B1 i
I (By Associated Press)
| HOUSTON, Texas. Aug. 24.?As a
I result of a mutiny of negro soldiers
I of the Twenty-fourth U. S. infantry !
| last night the entlro city of Houston
and environs are under martial law
today. Gen. John A. Hullon is in comou
nrnvnst: marshal. A revised
J uiauu no j/? V. . w_
list shows 15 men dead. Orders have
been given soldiers to watch all intoming
trains' and not to permit armed
men to enter the ctly.
A report shortly after midnight
. said armed men wore likely to duck
into Houston from some adjoining
counties, ft was decided that this
ifc would not--be -permitted.?'Wlwa-UiaJ
S00 or more regulars arrive^ from
Galveston some were detailed to go!
to Camp Logan. Others were assigned
to duty in the city. Two soldiers
were detailed to each street car in
the city an dtwo more were detailed
to each street corner in the down
town sections. Orders were given to
prevent the assemblylng of citizens
on the street.
T; City and county officers are cooperating
with and following the instructions
of the miltary officers and
It is officially stated that the situation
is so well under control that
unless crowds are permitted to as-i
eemble there will he no further trou-l
'Among the dead is a negro sergeant,
Vida Henry, believed to have
Bi the ring leader in the uprising.
Vy's body, riddled with buck shot
found a quarter of a mile from
p limits. Horaco Moody, one of
wounded police officers who sufd
an amputation of the leg died
he hospital this morning.
J. Meinekee another officers is
fifteenth victim reported found,
le following ordors and warnings
i issued today:
11 citizens will remain in their
ss or usual places of business at ,
. No citizens, not an dfficer will
ar on the streets with arms. Parwill
not assemble on the streets,
aloffns will not be permitted to
laces of business where arms and
?? v a
ammunition are soiu, Kepi ur mvnu
will remain closed."
The killing of Capt. Jos. W. Mattes,
of the Illinois Second field artillery,
was accompanied by extreme cruelty,
according to early reports. Wounded
r by a rifle bullet Captain Mattes was
t'' surrounded by the riotous soldiers, ridI
died with buck shot and his body hackV
ed and stabbed repeatedly with bayoP
sets. The body was almost unrecogI
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. ? Senator
II Sheppard, of Texas, after a conference
| with Secretary Baker today announced
that the negro troops concerned in the
bglotlng at Houston would bo withdrawn
Him Texas immediately.
HH^Later Secretary Baker after reading
the first official reports announced
I that he could take no action of any
kind until the affair had been fully inI
I The Secretary also saidv that the
Houston affair did not effect the policy
I of training negro troops in the south.
It is within the jurisdiction of the
B commander of the Southern departB
sent to move the troops to any other
B point in his territory without orders
B. from Washington.
Leading Germans To
Hold a Conference
B LONDON, Aug. 24.?A Berlin disB^jpatch
says it is understood Dr. Mich Mlls,
the German imperial chancellor
rt various parties in the Reichstag,
negotiating with a view to sum
Bmonlng leading representatives for a
conference for the consideration of
important questions.
pi Even When t
Mrs. John Astor j
Latent photograph of the beautltul
Mtb. Ava Willing Astor, first wife of i
the late Jchn Jacob Astor, who has
been living in London for several
years. She Is now devoting her life
to war relief work. She Is one of the
most Industrious workers among the
society women and nobility In London.
- mm m.
Reinforcing Material Was
Hauled To Coal Run.
Ravine Today.
The first shipment of steel for the
construction of the now South side
bridge arrived in Fairmont early this
morning. The steel was purchased
several weeks ago from the Jones and
Laughlin Company or I'ittsuurg, ra.
Other shipments of the steel are expected
within the next few days.
Immediately upon the arrival of the
first shipment of steel, teamsters
were on the job with wagons ready
to transport it to the site of the new
Apparatus from Milwaukee. Mich.,
where tho John F. Casey Companyhas
Just completed a big bridge contract
is expected In Fairmont at any
Alpha Company Acquires
500 Acres From the Initial
*v*wa ?
Alex. R. Watson, ot the Initial Fuel
company, of this city, has completed
a coal deal whereby he has sold five
hundred acres of Pittsburgh coal to
the Alpha Portland Cement company
of Kaston, Pa.
The five hundred acres of coal is located
at Reynoldsville, In Harrison
county. The transaction was completed
Getting Ready To
Test River Bottom
Work was started this morning by
Mr. Hughes of thq Pennsylvania
Drilling Company of Pittsburg on
testing the foundations for the piers
of the new bridge to be built across
the Monongahela river. . The drilling
morfilno whtoli hoo Kaon hnlillnff TT.n.
gineer S. B. Miller and Mr. Hughes
back in their work for the past several
days arrived in the cty yesterday.
Today arrangements are being carried
out by Mr. Miller for the use of
a boat from which the drilling will
be dose. The rock in the bottom of
the river will be tested first while the
water is low. Today the drilling machine
was operating on the west bank
of the river.
he Trains Are on Til
Br * <vv?
'v' '
Mid-West Box Company, One
Box Making Concerns, C
Build Foui
New Enterprise Will Be Built
- Owens Bottle Machine
Begin A
Late yesterday afternoon the Mid-at
West Box company, of Anderson, Ind., <
through Its president, W. H. Fairchild,
and L. f?. |Devore, of Toledo, 0., com- i
plcted negotiations with the Fairmont i
Chamber of Commerce and W. J. j
Wiegel, secretary of the Greater Fairmont
Investment company for the loca- i
tion in this city of a large box factory.
The plant will go up on a plot of :
ground near the Owens Bottle Machine i
company's big establishment on the ;
East hide.
The factory when complete will cost i
not less than $100,000 and will employ i
in the neighborhood of 150 people, it
will be located directly opposite the J
Owens Bottle Machine company be- i
tween the Speedway and the Industrial i
line of the railway. The factory will i
be a Bteel frame brick building entire- i
ly fireproof. It will be 380 feet in i
length and 80 feet wide, covering over i
30,000 square feet of land. i
The preliminary survey for the fac- i
tory was made yesterday. Construe- i
tlou will be started Just as soon as
possible and by April 1, 1918 will in I
all probabilities be complete and the <
plant in operation. The construction of
the building, sb well aB the archltec- <
tural work will be under the supervi- I
sion of the Devore-McGormley com- <
pan v of Toledo, Ohio. I
- -The- proviaet-t>r the 'ptgnf'vfjirt?* 1
sist of various kinds'of fibre boxes, i
corrugated bottle packing, and kindred t
0111 MIS'
Unusual rsumDer Maae
During First Half of
This Month.
A good Indication of the growth of
Fairmont is the enormous increase
in the number ot water and sewer
taps made by the ci^y during the past
Water Commissioner Smith reports
from the first of last month until
August 15, a total of 42 new water
taps and 21 sewer taps had been
made, which Is an unusually largo a
number for this short length of a
time. o
What few wells and springs that c
are now in use within the city are 1
under suspicion. Being easily con- 8
taminated. they always contain wa- '
ter well infected with bacteria coli. '
Commissioner Smith has made a 5
careful comparison of the city water
and the water in the local springs. _
The water that flows in the Mo- f
nongahela river even before being
treated with chlorine has never been
found to contain more than 15 bacteria
to the cubic centimeter. The
best spring water found within the
city has never contained less than
100 bacteria to the cubic centimeter. .
While the city water has not been tested
this .week, local authorities be- j
lieve it to be pure. Last week when
it was found to be unsafe, it contained
many less bacteria than the best '
spring water usually contains. *
Home From Church
Meeting at Hagens [
ntha Pnntra 1 Phrls.
ncyicDciuauvco ui wuhb? H
tiaa churches have returned from a g
two-day meeting at Hagena at which
matters of inerest to the members of
the congregations In this district were {
discussed. Among those who attended ^
the gathering were Rev. Mr. Jarrett, oi
Morganown; Samuel Davis, of Shlnnston;
Prof. Howell, state Sunday school
superintendent, of Parkersburg; Rev.
0. O. White, the state evangelist; A.
P. Jones and Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Anna j
Kubn and Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Mc- j
Intlre, of this city. Rev. Dr. Mitchell, c
pastor of the Central church who Is s
housed up at the parsonage with an In- o
Jured knee, was not able to attend. h
me The West Virgini
"eit Virginia's Gnatpt News}
giiMi |
of the Country's Strongest
lomes To This City To
Ih Plant.
On Plot of Ground Near the
Plant?Construction To
t Once.
ticlcs. The Owens Bottle Machine
company will use much of the factory's
products. The output will be marketed
largely in Pittsburgh, Balimore,
districts of West Virginia and other!
points in the east.
The Mid-West Box company is one of'
the large factory organizations of the!
weBt. The Fairmont factory will make |
four box factories that the company
now lias in" operation. The other fac-1
tories are In Kokomo, Ind., Anderson.
Ind., and Cleveland, O. The main of-1
lice is located In the Conway building
sf Chicago, 111.
Walter H. Fairchlld, of Anderson,!
Ind.. who Is president and general manager
of the Mld-Weet company, will
spend a large part of his time in Fairmont
until the factory Is put in operation.
Together with L. N. Devore, of
the Devore- McGormley company, the
architects and engineers for the new
lactcry, Mr. Fairchlld left yesterday
lfternoon for Toledo, O., after spending
the fore part of the week here.
The Mid-West company located the
factory in Fairmont in preference to
pther cities In the state where sites
were ready to be occupied. Much
:redit for the establishment of the box
acicry in r airmoni is uue una two iu:al
organiaztiona; the Fairmont Chamjer
of Commerce and the Greater Fairwhom:
the rMfeottations were carried
Fairmont Appeals To Come
Up Some Time Next
William M. Rogers, a member of
he district draft appeal board which
las been in session at Clarksburg,
eturned to Fairmont yesterday eveling.
The board has been at work at
ts headquarters in Clarksburg since
Puesday morning, but convened yeserday
to meet again at 10:30 o'clock
ruosday morning of next week.
As yet none of the Fairmont cases
lave come up, with the exception of
>ne or two alien cases. The Fairmont
>oard has been one of the lirst to
omplete its work and it is very prob
.ble that the Fairmont cases win oe
mong the first to be considered. All
it the reports from the first and secind
calls are now in the hands of
he district board awaiting considerition.
"It 'is probable that the disrict
board will get to the Fairmont
cork by the last of next week," said
Ir. Rogers this morning.
Musical Asso. To
Meet On Sunday
Arrangements have been completed
or the session of the Secondi district
lusical Association which will be held
lunday at Curtis chapel. The program
or the occasion will be as follows:
Morning session?10, congressional
ong, led by W. S. Asher; devotional,
'. M. Malcolm; report of secretary;
eport of classes; class singing; adress
of welcome, W. E. Gump; dinner.
Afternoon session: l:3tt?uongreslonnl
singing, led by J. A. Hamilton;
eport o 1 committees; class singing;
Might session: 8:00?Congressional
inglng, led by Jesse Parrlsh; class
ln^ln?; adjournment.
Second Fire Starts
InOity of Saloniki
(By' Associated Press)
ATHENS, Aug. 24.?A second Are
a burning in Salonlkl where great
amage was done last Saturday by a
onflagration which destroyed a coniderable
part of the city making 60,00
homeless. Thus tar 100 houses
aye been destoryed.
an Is the Only Even
,""AUGUST 24, 1917.
The Italian
i w
{ -[ Clj^ifr- P?LO^
U -.' ! I/?1fTH.li-l
'^r-^%B-1iwrry WBtid'?r?rW)?-Wfc78. I
codrse of the new Italian offensive, ln<
1 x 1 /I /_?_ t ..ItakWM Ihfi t
area ana ine uareu irum, wuciq mo i
line Is the Italian front to Tolmino, wli?
All the Men On the List
Should Prepare to Leave
Because of the delay In getting the
official list of those certified for service.
it is probable that those who will |
make up the first one-third to leave j
Fairmont on September 4 may not receive
their orders for mobilization un
til 48 hours before the time tbey are
to leave, according 10 unormauuu s"
en out this morning. It is lor this reason
very important that e.'l who are certified
should dispone of a'l private matters,
being able to respond on a short
Leonldas B. Linger, serial number
1623 and order number 1510.6, was registered
at the office of the local board
this morning. As persona register
from time to time not registered on
June 5th, they will be assigned serial
numbers by Major Wallace. After I
given a draft number their order of
priority is then determined by the
master key. In the maBter key serial
number 1G23 is between 1444 and 5364
which requires the .5 number.
The local board has not received the
official list of those selected for service
from the district board and can
do nothing further until this list is received.
The board has received a supply of
purple and green cards to be used innotifying
those that are selected. T- e
green cards will be used in Informing
them tnat tney are seiegiea, wnue iuu
pink cards will be sent informing them
of date of mobilization. From the date
that the pink card is mailed the person
selected will be in service of the government.
Interesting mobilization orders were
received at tbe office of the local boarc
this morning which read as follows:
Out of each party of men who will
leave during the next month for the
training camp, you will select the man
who appears most fitted to command
and place him in charge of the party.
You will fill out the notice of appointment
(naorflncr the names of the next
two most yxely looking men as assistants
in command and hand It to the
man selected bb commander to be carried
as his authority. Have him read
(Continued on page two)
ing Paper You Can
in f
, 'yr.j
n i
Battle Line
5WI0VAKI f \ V i
I j|^
Ml?" Illlliiw^2?
o th# set ftltowt approximately tlieiludlng
the Julian front, the Gorlala
lattle ! now centring. The dotted
ire there is little activity.
Battle On the Isonzo Front
Continues With Unabated
(By Associated Press)
ROME, Aug. 24?The war office re- 1
reports that the battle on the Isonzo r
front continues and about 60 guns t
have been captured.
Gen. Cadorna announces that the
Italian; yesterday stprmed new Auh- 1
trlan positions, broke up violent counter
attacks made by the enemy, and |
took a large number of Austro-Hungarian
prisoners. More than 20,000
prisoners, the war office statement
says, have been removed from the Austro-Italian
front by the Italians.
flrfiat Air Navv Is i
Entirely Feasible
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Auk. 24.?Tests ot
the first of the standardized United
States aeroplane motors designed and l
built under the direction ot the Air- c
craft Production board make It prac- f
tlcally certain that American-made j
fighting machines will he available (i
for service in France early next year. v
The results of several tests have t
been highly satisfactory it is learned, t
although details of design and per- ?
formance of engines withheld. a
M o
City Hall Notes t
At the regular meeting of the Board
of Affairs Monday City Clerk Kern ,,
will submit the provisions of the 1
lease whereby the city will rent the
Carr property on South Cleveland
avenue fo rstorage connected with the r
South side bridge.
Water Commissioner Ira h. Smith
has completed the plans and specifications
for the 1,200 water meters
that will be installed wtihin the city
and will present them to the Board
of Affairs for approval on Monday.
-To date Chief Harr reports the T
massacre of 29 dogs, while City Clerk v
Kern's dockets show that 249 dogs v
have been tagged. c
Here of late many prominent Fntr- n
monters have been appearing at the v
city hall protesting against the en- II
forcement of the dog law. One even t
went so far as to say that he would o
shoot the first person that c/ptured s
hla dog. , b
Get Before 10 o'Cloct
tonight and Saturday. CocUr. f
*" ' .
win 1
nurn nur mir 1
UftHOK Mill i
Have All the Territory TKey
Held When Crown Prince
111 MB Mil I
Explanation Is That a Wea> , |
Garrison Was Left
In a brilliant attack this morning :
>n Verdun front the French carried ,
3111 304 one of the most bitterly diss
puted positions In the war In thd
struggle for which thousands havj| i
ost their lives. ."44
The French advanced to an average 1
depth of fourteen and one-fonrtt( ' {. miles
over the sector between AvtH . 1
court wood and Dead Man's hill, PaJ .. ;1
rls announces officially and In addty 9
Jon to H1U 304, stormed the fortified
works between Haucourt and Bethncourt.
The new French assault made leal
than a week after the beginning of
be new offensive was delivered west) 3
>f tho Meuee on a somewhat shorted
'ront than Monday's opening attacks' .<?
which was on both Bides of the rlvsr.
At the first shock the French! -1
ilthough highly successful did notj vs
cbtaln all their objectives and to- 'M
lay's attack was doubtless Intended tsa
|g complete the attainments of the . CcsS
snds Immediately In view. .
The French are noyy master! of all
the Important points on the VerdujJ H
front which they held before the be<
fining of the. great German sttacH m v
On the British front the bitter Sgh( ' 'o
rtlie possession of Lens was cot}' ^3
inued during the night. The official \.d
3ritish statement announces that the
British now hold German trenches^
mmediately south of the Creen Crass .->*
tier to the south of Lens and that specially
heavy losses have been Ins .$
licted on the Germans.
Portugese troops which are holdlnf :j!
i sector in northern France repulsed %
3erman raids in the vicinify of La \fi
3assee. Heavy artillery fighting eons
inued around Ypr'os where the Brits . ,;a
sh have improved their position and
successfully withstood countef ats |
BERLIN, Aug. 24.?The evacnatfot* M
>y the Germans of hill 304, the las
nous stronghold on the Verdun fronts J
s announced by the war office. It 1|
laid a weak garrison was left there^
rn nun rinrium Im
iu mrnntntu i
Will Be Held At
Chamber of Commerc*
This Evening. -1
, i.
This evening at seven-thirty o'clock :3
n the office rooms of the Fairmont 'hamber
of Commerce on the second'
loor of the Watson building a moeC > 3
ng will be held for the purpose ot
:ccldlng upon some definite plane
vhereby Fairmont may say farewell; ' S
o the T6 young soldiers that will go
o Petersburg, Va., next month to" "3
sake up Fairmont's quota of ttfe draft *a
rmy. The.meeting this evening Is
pen to all who are Interested in the
A meeting was held yesterday af- .
ernoon with Mayor Bowen and ler- '
ral members of the Chamber, of
lojnmerce attending. Many excel-.' :.>nt
plans were suggested after Which- ^
ie meeting scheduled for tonight waf
ailed. ^
'he Tanker Navajo , i
Sank a Submarine J||H
(By Associated Press) /
i,? ai^,i...i "ti .utimMs Na. ffi
TTO u vuimui a?tm? ? .1 ?. i ii ?y--. n
a jo destroyed by fire at sea Aug. lg '
hile homeward bound bad an
ounter on her trip oyer with a sub
inrino and sank the enemy veuel :;
1th her puna after a four hour bate.
according to members of crew of wenty-seven
who arrived here today
n an American steamer. The de- :
tructlon of the Navajo was cawed
y an explosion of a fuel pipe. ft

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