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Mm. D. P. Fitch returned yesterday
from a several weeks visit with
friends In New York, Philadelphia and
Bay Head P. J.
Mrs. Hannah Hill who had been the
guest of her niece, Mrs. Wilbur Brand,
and other relatives has returns dto
her home In Wayncsburg, Pa.
Mrs. Harvey Smith of Clarksburg
was here yesterday for the MitchellFleming
wedding. She was the
guest of Miss Blanche Barnes at
her home on Maple avenue.
Mrs. Margaret Granger Is recovering
from a week's lllnes at her tome1
on Fairmont avenue.
L Mr. and Mn. Arthur B Koontz who
F had been here for several days, guests
at Fairmont Farms. returned to
Charleston last evening.
Mrs. C. A. Sr.e, who is spending the
summer at Terra Alta was here yesterday
for the Mitchell-Fleming wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Phillips and
daughter Miss Ruth, and Miss Ruth
Hamilton left last night for Atlantic
City to spend several weeks.
Miss Flossie Hood has been ill for
several days at her home on Maple
The Misses Martha Swain and Jante|
Shrlvcr of Pt. Marlon, Pa., are the1
guests of Mrs Alfred Swain here
Miss Blance Price has gone to
Pittsburgh and C olumbus to spend
several weeks.
Miss Sara Berry went to Sutton to-.
Iday to spend a few weeks with rela j
Y ' tlves.
A Social Session cf the Lodge.
After the close of the regular session ;
Of Worthlngton Lodge No. 179, L O. U. .
F. on Tuesday eveuing a social session
was held in which the members ol '
Loyal Sisters Kebekah Lodge No. ijn participated.
The event wa3 in honor;'
of those members who have been i ^
drafted In L'ncle Sam's army. They j
are Clyde H. Hay. Ralph B. Douglass j
I and Herschel A. Tetrick. Mr. Hay ?e \ j
longs to the 158 class, the Hrst num- |
ber drawn In the great lottery st i
Washington, D. C. The Itebekahs na" j
charge of the refreshments of which I
there was a bountiful supply ol ice
nfri'1 rr> o T-1 rJ nulr l. IF u'dfl U t'orv Hit ill
able affair.
: i
A Curious Dream. ,
I A young lady of Worthlngton relates i
a peculiar dream she had recently. IlKC i
! this. She dreamed that she was a- i j
gome point in mid ocean and looking |
ahead saw the German Kaiser ap
proaching and looking backward ?.? ;
held the familiar hgure ot Uncle Sam
coming from the other direction and ,
the two met near where she was stai d |
ing. The countenance of Kaiser Ht'l
was sullen but Uncle Sam was in a ,
gay and happy mood and when he oin
the Kaiser met face to faop Uncle Sum |
handed the Kaiser a book he carri-d ]
In hiB hand and commanded him to |
sing. The Kaiser declined with a
scowl and again the command came ;u i
Bingmore emphatic hut the Kaiser was (
still obdurate. The third time 3;id 1
more emphatic the command came ..
sing. The Kaiser then took the bt.nl; 1 s
and Uncle Sam compelled him to sing |
"America" after which he took ami (
by the arm and led him awav towaro ;
the American coast. Like Nebuchadnezzar's
dream there has none bion
found able to Interpret this dream. I:
there should be a Daniel anywhere |
around he will please make hlmsalt c
known and give the Interpretation of
thlB vision.
Motored to the Wheeling Fair. 1
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McDanlel and 1
daughter. Georgia and son. James B . j <
Miss Lorene Thorn and Glenn Sch itte j 1
motored to Wheeling on Tuesday in 11
SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. ",?While
hundreds of fascinating wor/en In every
large American city op</,iy courted
Theo Karle. grand opera tenor, Miss
Nora Chrlstoff merely /at back and
. waited.
,y Her's was the poy'tr of first love
and old memories last the melting
oyes, emotional pi/. :its and scented
mash notes that mme as tribute to
Karle's remark:/ :e voice.
First love
Scores of f/. iitusic patrons throughout
the cour/ : are today nursing heart
affliction : / ho result of Theo Karle's
recently / nounced engagement to nio
first stv/ : heart, a Seattle girl.
Nor."/ with her honey-colored hair,
I Bwajy queenly rule in high school
here w hen Karle started out to win h
- '
What can be more of a wonder than the 3
Ik \ tiny Infant. Its entire being is new and .
m r strange and glorious. 4
1(5> Millions of women have used the splen- .
rV did penetrating preparation, "Mother's .
Friend", before baby 1s born. By its uro 1
tf the muscles relax naturally when baby ,
arrives. Nervousness and tho usual tenI
dency to atretchin* and bearing down <
pains Is avoided, iwrlto to The Bradflcld !
* -
"USe? interned gee
German sailors interned near Fori |
McPherson, Ga., are earning their to
bacco money by casting up toy American,
French and German aoldiers for
the children ol America. A group is
Sere shown with their forge and cast- (
Ing materials, and the finished prod ;
act. They make any nation's soldiers, *
except the British. The Germans say
they'll have nothing to do with things
Mr. HcDaniel's Saxon car. ir > wii! i
ae gone several days. 11
i 1
Personals. 1
Jesse M. Wood and Ills bro.henn- '
lohn, John 'l'omey. of Trinidad, West
Indies, left ou Tuesday morning for '
I'niontown, Fa., to take in the races. '
r'rom there they will go to Pittsburgh
ind thence to Wheeling to visit the j
Mrs. Danie Lowe, of Salem, W. Vi>,
,s visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jesse >1.
IVood, this week. .
Will W. Lewis, of Brisco, was trans
icting business here on Wednesday, j
A. L. Mason has purchased an auto i .
mobile from G. C. Martin, of Claras- .
Howard Smith, the painter, is taking ,
n the Wheeling fair this week.
(.'has. \V. Itobmson, ot Fairmont. lt: :
lilling Mr. McDaniel's place at the;'
r'lrst National bank while the cashier | 1
s absent.
Will Woollard, who represented }
Evergreen Lodge No. 14, K. of P. at the 1
Irand Lodge session at Bluefleld. re | j
urned home on Friday.
Ahong those attending the State tap-' 1
it Wheeling this week we note the tol- j 1
owing: Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Mo' '
tan. Mr. and Mrs J. Lane Parrish. ivl. j
dcDougall. Paul K. Tetrlck, Claude (.
Mr. and Mrs. I. Mclntire and J. C. !
1'oung. who motored to Pittsburgh
ast week, returned here on Wednec- 1
ley afternoon. ^
For Drafted Men.
The Poe Class of the Palatine Bap-1
in y school wd lentertain at a|
iocial at the church tonight In honor' j
jf several of the members of the class (
vho have been called to colors in the j j
National army. j;
' i".
lame as an operatic tenor. She couM
nlav th? niann U'nn u-iltv. erftfiotlR And
popular. All the husky school heroes,
and some that weren't exactly In the
hero class, sighed for her. Karle'was
among them.
A few years ago he left for New
York. Success came quickly, masters
raved over his voice. Producers fought
to sign him. Beautiful women plied nim
with flattering attention. Life was n
tenor song.
But he didn't run true to the usual
fiction story program by breaking the
heart of the girl he left behind him.
A few days ago Karle came home
for a vacation?and announced his engagement
to Nora of the honey-tinted
He will have a new accompanist on
lis next grand tour.
Regulator Co.. Dept. Jr. S00 Lamar BIdg..
Atlanta, Ga. They will send you a valuable
book, "Motherhood and the Baby",
free. It is not only very Interesting, but
It will make you helpful to others.
By no chance fall to get "Mother's
FYlenti" from your druggist. It ia In*
tiiepensahlo to expectant mothers and
is absolutely and entirely safe.
Birthday Party.
Mrs. J. C. Deitz entertained a num-j
ber of friends last evening at her
tome honoring the blthdav anniver-j
sary of her husband. The guests in-1
luded members of the Rev. \V. J.
liddy's Bible elass or the First Bap
1st Sunday school of which Mr. Deitz
is a member. Mr. Deitz was presented
with a handsome Bible by members
of the class. Refreshments
were served during the evening. I
Home From Camp.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilomer Hall and fam
lyand Mr. and Mrs. John Kisnerj
ind family who have been camping at!
heir bungalow on the Valley river for
several months will return home tolay.
Returned From Camp Dawson
A party of Fairmont and Colfax
teople who had been camping at Camp
Dawson on Cheat river returned homej
esterday. The party was composed |
>f Mr. and Mrs Floyd Hawkins and
ion Basil. Mr. and Mrs. Gletin 1'arrish |
ind daughter Aretta. of Fairmont. Mr.
ind Mrs. Willis Irons Miss Grace
Jarnes and Russell Nichols of i
'ax, and Miss Anna Satterfield. of
Leave for School.
The Misses Florence and Laura Lee
I4ntr>hincnn Ion to nn IsiinHav Conlam.
ier 1C. for Philadelphia, where they
vill re enter Notre Dame school. Miss
rene Hutchinson will enter the sch *>l
ater to take an art course.
Will Return to Fairmont.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H&ymond and
araily who have been residents of
Fleming, Kv., for the last several
oars expect to return to this city to
eside. Mrs. Haymond has .been here
or several weeks at the home of heri
sister-in-law. Mrs. M V. Hill and herj
araily will join her within a few
veeks and they will occupy their for-!
nor residence on Jackson street.
Guests of Mother.
Mrs Raymond Floyd Crumm, forncrlv
Miss Florence Dean whose mar iaRO
was an event of the summer, is
lert on a visit to her mother. Mrs. S ;
V. Dean on Fairmont avenue. Miss'
Virginia MiConaughey of Cameron
vho had been a guest at the Dean
iome has returned to her home.
* * * *
Miss Eileen Burdette aBtson, of
Pruntytown, and I.ee Earl Bennett, of
jratton, and a deputy sheriff of Tavor
county, were married ii) this ciiv
tt noon today. The ceremony, which
* yy yvi
The Right Medicii
Does Better th
Knife. Tribute
ham's Vegetable
Doctor Said Operation or I
^^jj| soon 'commrncc^
Another Opei
Richmond, Ind.?"For two yi
female troubles that when going
with my hands on the steps, then
doctor said he thought I should 1
thought I would not live to move
asked me to try Lydia E. PinkhaT
taken it with good results. I di
gained in strength, moved into ou
work, and raised hundreds of el
enough in praise of Lydia E. Pinkl
JL O. Johnston, Route D, Box 19
Of course there are ma
surgical operation will relic
this, but the above letters,
amply prove that many open
medicine in many cases is al
If you want special advice vr,
eine Co. (confidential) Lynn, hi
?cad and answered by a woiuui
.4 -in 1 |
, tvas performed by Rot. Dr. J. C.
broomfield, took placo at tha M. P.!
Honoring Brides-elect.
A charming color arrangement ot I
pink, lavender-and blue formed the' j
decoration ot the tea table at the bridge i j
tea given by Miss Margaret Dietrich
complimenting Miss Ray Pefley ana :
Miss Sarah Skillern, Thursday alter
noon, two brides-elect. The two honor j
guests received dainty prizes and Miss j
Agnes Davidson won the prize for the
highest score. There were 28 guests
In honor of her guest, Miss Wallace
ot Visalla, Cal., Miss Katrina Johnson
gave an attractive bridge tea Mon
day afternoon. The table was decorated
with asters artistically arranges
and Miss Sarah Skillern and Miss Ray
Pefley poured.?Boise, Idaho, Statesman.
A Shower.
Mrs. Clarence Statler, a recent bride,
was the honor guest last evening at a
shower at the home of Miss tllia
Straight on Chicago street at wh.ci!
a number of young ladies, members oi
a club to which Hie honor guest is a,so
a member, were hostesses. Mrs. Sia
itr was presented with an aluminum
percolater. The guests included Mrs.
Statler. the Misses Winifred Murp!i;\
Lucy Wisman, Mary and Stella Tibbs.
Mary and Pearl Ilood.
Spcka From Experience.
Theodore, who had hut just passed'
his third birthday, had long since |
learned the power of tears to gain Ills!
point. One day big brother Herbert j
was coaxing his fnther for n gun, but;
his fnther was obstinnte. Thereupon,
Theodore ran to Herbert's side ami'
whispered the following advice: "ICl
Hubbut; U1 hard; den oo'll det it."
d Gecsc in Flight.
It 1 j * e:n noticed that when flocks
of wild ducks nnd peese have to po i
long distances, they form n triangle to,
cleave the nir more enslly, and the1
most rournpoous bird takes position at
the fr - rd nnple. As this Is a very
fnti- *!" st. other birds In tarn take
the r of the exhausted lender.
River Three i/iiics bread.
The River Orinoco, in South America.
is over three iriHcs broad for near* j
' Iv half its course, while during floods,
the width, even at places far from the
[sea. is often 100 miles.
r !
le in Many Cases
an the Surgeon's
i to Lydia E. Pink;
>e?tli?But Medicine Cured.
Iowa.?"My husband says I would
r grave today had it not been for
im's Vegetable Compound. I suf- 1
,ous female trouble and the doctors ;
live one year without an operation,
eeted to the operation and had me
nkham's Vegetable Compound. I
i to get better and am now well
ny own housework. I can recomrhnkham's
Vegetable Compound to
wonderful health restorer."?Mrs.
isom,703 Lyon St., Des Moines,Iowa,
ation Avoided.
ears I was so sick and weak from Q
up stairs I had to go very slowly j II
sit down at tho top to rest. The i II
lave an operation, and my friends ! II
into our new house. My daughter ' 11
n's Vegetable Compound as she had H
id so, my weakness disappeared, I i |]
r new home, do all kinds of garden (U
lickens and ducks. I cannot say j
lam's Vegetable Compound." ?Mrs, ;
0, Richmond, Ind.
,ny serious cases that only a
ye. We freely acknowledge
and many others like them,
itions are recommended when ,
1 that is needed,
rite to Lydia E. Pinklinm Mcdiass.
Your letter will be opened, j
z and held in strict confidence. |
? 1
NG, SEPTEMBER 7, 1917.
"T i
The Hartley
Id (l
An Unusual and Va
Put New Floor C<
Home at !
This sale of rugs could not have been t
search of new floor coverings were br
prices on these things.
Seldom has there been such enthusia
brought forth. Seldom has there bi
That they are discontinued patterns i
quality are here for all to see.
Roomsize Rugs. 9x12 feet, Body Brus
"tugs, $22.50, $.32.75. $36.75, and S39.0C
Hearthsize Rugs. 27 by 27 up to 36 by
Brussels, Tapestry and French Wilto
ig0Mr- We Are
fjf Exclusive
in Fairmc
You know the famous Betty W
called the "college type," because tithe
most critical class in AmericaGirl.
Only one dealer in a city may ca
Wales line. We are pleased to anno
are that one dealer for this territory
ty Wales Dresses in every way measi
hierh standard of exeellpnoe.
The dress are splendidly made of quality re
one the utmost value for every dollar expended,
tative in style yet simple and refined. They 6t
er than do most dresses.
Besides all this. Betty Wales Dresses sti
youthful charm that appeals to women past her
New Betty Wales models appear from time
one a wide range of choice for practically every
There are smart Serge Dresses, each indiv
tive. designed for school, shopping or business \
noon of semi-formal occasions are lovely dresei
fascinating Social Frocks for evening are tt
Brides and bridesmaids' apparel may be ordered 1
Let us show you these delightful worthwhil
I earliest convenience.
The Boy?Your Boy?and
His Fall Clothes
t It ie as hard for a boy to get [9%
along without good clothes as it /t 3
is for a man, and that Is hard ^gjF
enough. There is as much need
tor quality in one as there is in B|n3
the other. Fine quality is the mt
mark of every Hartley boy's SjSgj
The Fall assortments are .all ((jjiH
ready, and the choice is as fine
as it is plentiful in Norfolk
suits at $5 to $15, lor 16 to IS
year old boys 1
(Men's Store, First Floor) ^3 ^
New Silk Fashions
Flald silks are fashionable and scarce.
But we have a very fine collection.
In the desired colorings and wide widths.
. Fashionable silks come slowly to some
stoves. The first supplies are usually scarce.
Most people know, however, that whatever
Is new Is usually first at Hartleys.
See these silks In our window. >
fFirst Floor!
. 1^.,^ :
" ,?S 1
''all Shoes * f ^
S' %^!)'
Sale of Rugs I
On ^ I I
[liable Opportunity to I
jverings Into Your |
Low Prices |
imelier. It came just when people in
ought face to face with the new high
stic buying of rugs as this sale has
sen such a fine lot of rugs reduced,
s no handicap, for their beauty and fine
ssels, Axminister and Wilton, Velvet
72 inch size, Velvet Axminister, Body
nRugs 59c, 95c, $1.35, $1.65, $2.75 up to
ales Dresses, Miffing 1
iey appeal to yM
the college ofthe latest mode
rry the Betty The styles featured this seannr>p
tVtnf wo Etm are cntfrely different from a5aB
UI1V.C tllctt tie thp spasnn inet n>uoi< P/i, m. -SI
, for the Bet- thing, they are exceedingly
jre up to our woarabl0'
Military Influence Is Indicated
aterials that give 'n small as well as large hats.
They are authori- Some crowns are draped, the
ay in vogue long- clept brim8 and the thick brims
are' exceedingly smart.
and for a definite
first youth. Chinese. Egyptian and Ruseto
time affording Ian ornaments vie with ribbons
occasion. and short wings.
Idual and distlncrear.
For after- B?t you must see the hats te ' i
of silk, while really appreciate their beauty,
is lovliest of all.
trom photographs. Prices as usual are quite mode
dresses at your erate. > V ''-"IS
(Second Floor) (
1 - I
Join the Army of 1
DoYour Bit for Your Country/
Every American woman who loves her eonStry
is asking herself what she can do to help in ;
a successful termination of the war in which the
United States is engaged.
I Fvonf TVQ r( nt(o n-nmnn
can engage In a service of \
mufflers wrestleta, helmets
yarn comes In *Ie convenient Bear
Brand Shetland Yarn. ifit
Have You Seen the New
Steam Cooker
For canning vegetables and traits It has M
equal. It will prepare 16 quart Jars for preserving i
at one time it will also steam cook anytlng 70a
wish for Immediate use for the table. The convenlent
part of this new cooker is that you need
only place it over your range or burner to do the
work. Come in and see it. f
? ' F-WT I
it i

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