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3* M_L_1L JT'" 11 1 I
Musical Comedy.
JUppodrome K< eping Moving
Nelson Conquest Program
pixie One Touch of Nature
princess boul o? a Magdalen?
y*. N't of the unusual features lu con
J neclion with William Fox's "Jack j
and tlie Beanstalk, is that toe |
, Ii..u hue opened op an eullrcly ne<v.
' SI.la .... ...... i,.? Iiiri.. I l.nn rt m.tn
iUt uiuuuu >.W.HI I
[ stores are uow biduing lor tbe rig ma
I to,tbo subject in various cities because
| they recognize Its special appeal to
I jwomeii auU children.
I A large Western department store i
I: made overtures and secured "Jack auu |
the beanstalk" lor one week. The mat.- \
agement ol the shop then engaged a big :
legitimate theatre and showed It exclusively
to the patrons of the store,
giving a ticket of admission with every
purchase of <1.00 or over.
The firm did an enormous business,
as the production was viewed by 30,000 |
| persons durtng the week.
The result is an entirely new opening '
for this particular play. "Jack and the
Beanstalk ' U one of William Fox's j
Standard Pictures, and was shown recently
at the Globe Theatre in .New
' Y^rk city.
, Change at the Hipp Today.
Continued success attends the efforts
of the Curmelo Company at iho
Hippodrome, which last night gave the
final performance of "The Wizard of j
Bom Bom" to packed nouses. The!
, same enthusiastic applause greeted
' Wo .ncl.1l,. n..n,Wn.n 1 .1. .....
M?B uybbinii; ZICIUZUDAD Bl>u iui.tv AD uu
doubt that Hippodrome patrons realize
the tact that this company is head
and shoulders abovo the majority ot
musical comedies. Today there will
be a charge ot program und a lively
skit called "Keep Moving" will be introduced.
in the cast DIUiau Washburn
essays the role ot a country school
?irl ith a great deal ot the "His Hop
kins" typo ot comedy sticking out ail
over. Carmelo goes back to "white
face" and will be seen us the village
school master. Del Dibson, the bo
long Letty" person will be a pertecl
scream as one ot the pupils. A big
number ot specialty acts are intc;
spersed, among which Marcelle, the
Julian Eltingo ot the bun Circuit, will
be a top liner.
Mot in tbe history ot the Hippodrome
theatre has an organization proved -o
uniformly good in all its departments
as haB the Carmelo Company, it wojid
be difficult ,o discern any let up 1.1
the work of the players. Every change
ot act is replete with novelties ana
pleasing surprises.- The performeis
know their lines and work togetheUke
the "big ones."
-Conquest Program at Nelson.
The fourth Conquest program, showing
at the Nelson today. Includes a list
of material that is interesting to ph Mo
play lovers of all ages. The collection
J, WUOIS15 U1 A ilC J 1 ?l 11 "IJilU J\ , iX UlTOtV
reel feature; "The Boy Who Crtaj
' Wolf," two reels in length; "Playing
in Florida," "Crystals la Forniatiori,"
"Joy Riders o? tho Sea," and "In Love s
Laboratory," five hundred icet each
"The Half-Back" is an adaptation ol
Ralph Henry Barbour's uook that has
been read by nearly every American
boy. It recounts tins career of Joe
March, a poor boy, during one of the
years he spent at a fashionable boarding
The two-reel picture, "The Boy Wno
Cried Wolf," based on a story written
1 by the late Richard Harding Davis,
deals with a ooy scout who Is over-ambltious
to catch spies in this country,
. and when ue finally does locate one
nobody will believe him because of nis
I previou-. mistakes.
"Playing in Florida" points out the
entertaining features of this state in
" f- most attractive manner. "Crystals
ir Formation" is an instructive ,ud
scientific exposition of the format.va
of crystals, "Joy Riders jl the Uceau
| shows the training of the shark-sucksr,
one of the most remarkable of tropical
-/ fiBh. to catch turtles, whereas "In
Love's Laboratory" is the humorous
i story of one Jimmy Burton, who spends
his time and flier people's money playing
with matches.
Mme. Petrova In Metro Feature.
; "The Soul ol a Magdaleue" with
Mme Petrov" at the head ol a strong
; cast, is the feature scheduled at the
t Princess for today and tomorrow, it
^ is a five-act Metro Wonderplay o'.
, great depth, and presents a story of the
i heroine who braves shame to slit aid
' another.
1 T
/ Baseball Atmosphere in Dixie Play.
( "One Touch of Nature,' at the Dixie,
j Is a most amusing and original adap
tation of a Peter B. Kyne story. Hie
"one touch of nature" which, It 1b alii
leged, ".uakes the whole world kin, is
a common interes. in our national
game of baseball. Even those to whom
I the Intricacies of the game are a closeu
I; book and who do net know enough to
' stand up at tbe seventh inning, cannot
wiaU to teel the suspense as tbe lnlleut
' ffr hero s late hangs in the balance.
The plot deals with the adventures ot
a young millionaire's son whose cruel
I parents refuse to allow him to marry
a plumber's iretty daughter and wno
cut him oil with the proverbial dollar.
He promptly persuades John J. Mc..
Graw to sign him up with the Giants
[ and on the critical day of the game
makes a home run in every sense of
* tbe word for his father is so delighted
1 with his prowess that he welcomes
blm and his bride with open arms.
The film ends with a delicious touch of
humor in which the aristocratic fathet
add the plumber father-in-law are united
In an enthusiastic game ot back
} yard baseball.
1). ' 1
k AW-Quick Clarence! You boasting dls
HueCser of Sunshine' Plant your pear:
H,(Ve perceive a 'peeve" threatening tip
B Ucket "salesman.'
K: ?The Connellsvllle, Pa., correspond
> Mt of "Vaudeville Times," Phlladel
' khk. writes io his paper: "The boy.
K the Oasmelo Company gave a swim I
I) phut petty last week and I waa an lar
,. ...
' * TI
"^ip7 VIENNA^
_ \
_ |
An allien Italian ana i.ngusu ueet
has been reported nearlng Pola, where\
the Austrian fleet 1b bottled up. The j
report may mean, as the map shows, j
a concerted effort by tbe land and ua ;
val forces of the allies to capture j
Trieste, most Important Austrian sea-!
port. Capture of Pola and Flume wou'd :
be tbe first steps.
vlted guest. They didn't tell me It
wsb a mile from the street car to am
beach, but It wsb worth the walk to
| see Eddie Coffey pose as "Septembci j
Morn," with only the woods and the
river as a back giound. Eddie only i
weighs 200 and is the cutest thing in i
a bathing suit you ever saw." Eddie I
Coffey is the "little fellow" who is re-1
sponsible for all the catchy musical j
selections we've been hearing at the
Hippodrome all this week.
?The Marguerite Clark Musical Com 1 j
edy Company which is scheduled for
next week at the Hippodrome carries
in its repertoire a one-act musical
mixture with a military coloring called
"Preparedness." It will probably he
the opening bill here. MIsb Clark is:
a dramatic soprano who won h"r
laurels on the chautauqua stage. The j
list of artists appearing on her rostei
presages another good show for H'pp jj
?Hoarst-Pathe News program is ' 1
scheduled at the Princess today.
KDUlin !
It Will Give America the
Mastery of the Air
| WASHINGTON", Sept. 7.?American
I aerial supremacy is assured.
The AU-American
aviation motor .
has Just completed
the full series of \
tests, including a |||| \ j
50-hour run, In faSr
which it far surpassed
even the ,
expectations ot its '-Jfe :
designers, and put jMkrgr/
to shame the car- /
j ping critics who 1 ^
scoffed at the idea jj8&
ot the United plfltii- V'States
such an engine in
less than a year. IMimmggSaaa I
By a succession MANLV. if
engineering and I
manufacturing miracles American on-1
glue experts, working night and day,
have perefcted In thrco months an
engine ot enormous power, exception..1
flovlhllH.. Wrt?,onl?nl,ln
ii iiv.Miji ntj aii'i icitiainuuio uiiuuir
"The greatest engine in the world,"
experts who know the best product
of the French, English, Italian and
German airplane factories call it.
And this judgment has been completely
established by tests far more
severe than those of any other nation,
conducted by the United States bureau
of standards.
One hundred and forty miles an
hour?two and a third miles a minute
?is the speed with which this eightcylinder
engine will drive American
battle-planes through the air. This
is equal almost to the best speed foreign
builders have attained with their
scout planes, in which everything Is
sacrificed for speed. The American
battleplanes, heavily armed and carrying
two men, will bo able to overtake
and destroy the fastest of the
German scouts.
About two pounds to the horsepower?330
horsepower from an engine
weighing 650 pounds?is the secret of
the marvelous speed this engine is
fa. KtWvJ 6C0Rc*i-A
(111T06T ChMt
\FROM ^doctor*
i f
EVEftY' OftY - '
I nc.Tteago.MO ****<,*, -n>? wjwt
> *
To t
I adding dignity a:
integrity are as d<
so sell its merchi
visitors are as we
purchase. Wher
such a store that
patronage, we pl<
Opening Da;
able to Impart to an airplane. Think
of it!
Three men can easily lift It ami
and yet it will drive two men In au
airplane weighing half a ton through
the air at twice the speed of the
"Twentieth Century Limited."
Fifty hours run under load?two
full days on end?was thfc final ordeal
to which the engine was submitted
to test its endurance to the limit
The oriignal schedule permitted minor
adjustments at the end of each
five hours; but in the actual test the
engine was running so smoothly at
the end of the first five-hour period
that it was not touched until 10
hours had elapsed. In ton hours a
fleet of American battle planes driven
by these motors could make the run
from London to Berlin and return,
pausing on their way to do full Justice
to the Krupp works in Essen.
The first of these wonderful engines
was built within 21 days after the
idea for its general plan of construction
was conceived. After the lines
were laid down on paper there was
never any doubt about its being a good
engine, for there was no feature in
it that had not been tried out in one
of the best foreign engines. The only
novelty lay In the way In which these
parts, urawn irorn mo worm s uesi
experience, were combined.
But there wero questions as to just
ho wgood it would be and how rapidly
the "bugs"?small detects and
constructional difficulties?could be
removed. Every new machjne is
bound to havo "bugs" and often it
takes longer to clear them out than
to perfect the basic designs. In the
preliminary tests nearly six weeks
ago, all kinds of "bugs" showed up.
There was trouble with valves, intakes,
oil pumps and a scoro of small
parts whose names mean nothing to
the layman. The engine wouldn't deliver
the power for which it was designed.
The critics?the know-it-alls
?said "I told you so. You were foolis
to attempt in two months what
the best designers of Europe have
been striving after for three weary
years. It can't b? done."
But Vincent and Hall, the two American
engineers foremost in the development
of the Ali-American motor,
-ST > ' miKj
- ?i"~ ' "
\ / At4~He.-c.AVe. \
A / i
\ i nt. n dvjii uc. ^ I
_}. '-.?' V
r~?T t>* H??eno?? - ^ ,%wisrtfi
<; UH vMNOft <^PV \ RAO A ?*t-t.?a
he Good Peopl
[ IKE wireless v
L-' sweeping infc
imultaneously to
portant e\
8^ spreading
TgbS- lages, tow
nflSffl mi
5 |1K
UEy Orchee
ItlSO'j FT extends
II, * invitation
fr4g?JP every one ol
- broadest pri
= have profit c
to find prof
nd progressiveness to busi
jpendent upon each other
andise that full and permar
lcome as buyers, where yo
e you will find all conver
we extend to you a welcori
jdge you all that human efi
ps?Monday and Tueseay,
never lost heart. Day and night foi
more than a month they and the
greatest gas engine experts in Amer
ica, called in consultation, worked ov
er each part?improving this part, re
adjusting that, finding the "hugs" and
chasing them out oC the engine.
They were never satisfied and are
not yet, for they still see chances for
improvement. But at last they reached
a stage when all agreed the time
for the real tests had come.
Then their faith was vindicated
From the first test to the long fiftyhour
run, the engine showed its class.
Every requirement was met; every
prediction was Justified. They had
proved the United States need not
waste years or months going to school
to foreign engine builders.
Now the engine has been sent to
Pike's Peak to be tested at flying al
tltudes?13,000 feet?where all the ag
gravating effects of extreme cold and
rarilied atmosphere can be studied
America has reason to be proud ol
this achievement. Such an engine is
worth a million soldiers. There will
be no greater victory in the war thai
This program carries features
The first number is "The Halt-Bai
a poor boy who won high recognith
ity. His prowess wins the big cha
ought to make a high school boy'i
Cried Wolf," a cracking good stoi
Davis who was a frequent contribut
please the Boy Scout. "Playing in
life In the land of sunshine where
round. "Joy Riders of the Octar
of Inhabitants of the ocean will b
showing strange "Chrystals in Fo
the title of a pretty little comedy.
Carlton King, and "The Trunk M
/FOR tUSOrthllA - Yoo"c^
( ttHOW WHAT IS \T < \
v \ msoMMiA? IT meARS I
.n.ieai (v cat iCk. fl t
TO OVOWCfl MS?tMtM^A"qk wl OOP-J VWOtn
? wrtxotfT o*t#Kr^^^ o<** ?* w??^
, 'f
* t
!SS Of
e of Fairmont
ibrations, radiatini
o greater and g
millions the new
'ent in the world's sle
over Clarksburg and
ns and cities the new
he New N
at Clar
Opens Monda\
Aral Music Style Sh
to the thousands of people
to visit us during our Op<
F you. You will find here
nciples of merchandising,
ome in other ways than in
it in doing things better tl
iness?profits in demonstr;
as life upon sunlight. Yoi
lent satisfaction follows ea<
u can come and come agai
liences to make your visit
ne as a visitor. Should yc
ficiency and honesty of pui
September 10 and 11,19
this (eat if American engineers ant
i mechanics?the battle of the work
, Canady, of Charleston, head of the mil
. ltary enlistment of physicianB in Uu
. Medical Corps of the United State!
i army from West Virginia, announce'!
today that the state has contribute!
about 150 medical officers, the quota
[ being 242. He also announced thai
former Governor H. D. Hatfield, aow
. a major in the Medical Officers' tee
I serve Corps, will make a second toui
| of the state soon to make additional
efforts to secure the enlistment of oth
er physicians and surgeons. His for
i mer trip through the northern and
. eastern sections of the state was verj
I !
lr jt-.rlerfnl how a landladv can
i I serve so'many thlifrs you don't cara
t for.-^pfcj. _ gjffa
LSON Today
i of Interest to every age and taste,
. k, a stirring story of the success of
in of his athletic and intellectual abilmpionship
game in a contest that
s heart leap with Joy. "The Boy who
ry from the pen of Richard Harding
or to the Saturday Evening Post, will
Florida," is a' delightful picture of
bathing Is enjoyable all the year
i,J. 'a picturizat-ion of almost unheard
e very Interesting as will the views
rmation." "In Love's Laboratory" Is
Green Trail," a Black Cat feature
alii, "The Coming Out of Maggie"
denry series with Nell Spence and
ystery," a sparklecomedy.
i matter V
\ CANT sleep- am' TW*S I "
V MEWClNE. makes ,
and Surroundi
g with the velocity
[reater diameters,
s of the interesting
sepless progress, so tti
far beyond, carrying
s that
y, September 10th
ows Souvenir?
within the sweep of our sen
;ning Season. A splendid
a store standing for the h
You will find a store whos
coin of the realm?A store t
han they have been done
iting that worth-while succi
a will find a store with a he
:h transaction. You will fir
n without feeling the slighl
: one to be pleasantly remei
>u favor us with your conf
pose can do to merit your pe
rs (Inc.)
(Imrttncl- CVsk**'
?? Ul>l/I t
' > i. atltutee for F^lour.
Ajgj&g /flour ^iitiStltu(?jr^ested by
' h.it.V< P: at?s^3ji{e?u 'M.elJemHtry
b?5SSsk*^ uaafol for bread when
roliSjauIth)' at leant three times ns
mu(?^fie6t_>floiir. The substitutes lnclutK^floijrJi
of chestnuts, bananas, soy
i befjrw, ffcwWte, peas, oorn, barley, oats
i - ?)rpf,a of 12 parts of boiled
prt^.v'te 6 of wheat flour proved
, j ?atlS.V-Ary.WtHlh ' ?;*>*?. *
"If It's at the Hippodrome It
i mu't be good.
"A place of clean amusement for
the whole family."
Complete Change Of
Rill T/wlor
Keep Moving
Replete With Catchy
Songs and big Specialties.
Matinee at 3, 15c?Night at
7:45 & 9, 15c and 25c.
Coming next week?Marguerite
Clark's Musical Comedy
- "? o 7 I 'y-~
'/am' say eeoree'i\ f so
( ALMOST FoRfeoT M ' I T
, \ CALL ME EVERY I ' \ .
\V* HOUR VJlLL YOU? / \_
AU. YOU X/-*
* -??S\Ot* Pu.Aii . ^-.OTV^ I- "0
y *
> u
11,^ IM
me I
'jigs 1
of thought,
g and lin:tis
wireless is
to farm?, vii- >
tore 1
/ice arm a hearty
welcome await3
ighest ideals and
e purpose it is to 9
hat is ambitioned
before?profit in
ess and absolute
artdeep desire to
id a store where
test obligation to
nbered. It is to
idence and your
irmanant support.
WHEELING, W. Va., Sept. 7.?Four
persons were indicted for murder "ojr
the Ohio county grand jury, which reported
after three days' investigation.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Woods were in- *
dieted jointly on the charge of murdering
Mike Maloney in their home last
Sunday night. H. C. Mclntyre and
Elmer Sill were indicted jointly on the
charge of murdering Arthur J. Jones.
New Fall Styles J
of Sterling Just 1
Received 1
Pitcher $50 to $135.00
Candlestick $15 to $70
Vegetable Dishes
Platters, Sandwich
Trays and Fancy Bowls ; 1
fcoe nn a- ?t?-sn/\
IU <piuu.
All of the above
bought before the Aug
ust 15th advance , will
be sold at the old prices.
The fJALLMARft Store J
MeoictMe l. J
... xmmti&mM

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