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Musical Comedy.
I Hippodrome Keep Moving
Nelson Kong Gren Trail
Dixie My Official Wife
Princess The Soul of Magdalena
George v. hobart, author of
a number of successful plays
and dramatizations, has been
engaged by the Famous Players-Lasj
ky Corporation to write original photoplays
exclusively I or Paramount
and Artcraft stars. The acquisition
of Mr. Hobart by a motion picture
concern Is of especl.l significance as
It points the desire of photoplay pro
Bgut tb to ODiain tnc services 01 playwrights
of repute.
Though there have been adaptations
of plays of many of the most successful
writers of th" pre: - it and of the
! pas', not a great many playwrights
have written expressly for the screen;
the exceptions being George Middleton,
Beulah Marie DIx and Charles
Kenyon. The addition of Mr. Hobart
to this list is therefore an important
i cne.
By his creation of the fatuous
"Dlnicelspiei" stories which were afterward
translated to the vaudeville
stage, and the "John Henry" stories
d i -which -were lat?: staged and played
' " by the late Dan Daly, Mr. Hobart won
a reputation for cleverness which has
f been tubstantiat- ! by his more rereni
endeavors. He will he Yemembered
as the author of "experience," a modernized
version of the old morality
pl?r?. as the author of "Sally in Our
Alley," "The Candy Shop." "Moonlight
Mary" and "Our Mrs. McC "sney"
which he wrote In collaboration
v i Edna Ferber. This season's
"Follies" owes its clever libretto to
Mr. Hobart.
Big Program at the Nelson.
"The Long Green Trail" at the Nelson
today dramatically portrays a
son's struggle against his father's
plan for an ambitious marriage. For
financial reasons the father attempts
to force the marriage by having the
u l?l,lwn?r*/wl si-ltl. I 111) frill phoupll
{ D'..1 ? p..
for him. The ex-convict hired to
ecute the plan gets the wrong girl, a
maid. The son falls in love with .lie
maid and they are married. Cut it
turns out all right the whole affair
Is the plcturi'atlon of a newspaper
story a hobo Is reading. Keate a
Virginia Valli, Rodney La Rork and
1. C. Carroll.
Another o( O. Henry's famous Kast
bide comedy-dramas, with their depth
of feeling so tenderly penned, is the
basis for "The Coining Out Jhicg!.."
which is also showing today. It
brl.i.'s to the audienee two favorites
of these productions, Nellie Spent er
and Carleton King.
"The Trunk Mystery." a Sparkle
Comedy, furnishes the hulk of the
fun on the program.
Carmelo Company Closes Tonight.
"Keep Moving" furnished another
delight to the Hippodrome patrons
yrsteiday. It is the third and tinal
| bill nresented by Cr-nielo's Musical
Comedy Company, which has established
a reputation for productions of
uniform quality. All three were of a
u .:rcnt order and tb re is no trace
of similarity excepting that the cast
Is the same. The costuming, stage
sellings, music: I numbers and specialties
are all changed. The comedy
In the present hill is of a pleasing nature,
Miss Washburn coming in for
the greater share of applause In this
end. The biggest hit of the specialty
acts was made by Marcelle in the
-.uckelberry Finn" numt::r. The attendance
was only slightly below the
packed houres which have heen the
rule all week, but the fact is easily
. traceable to the downpour of rain
which begaa at about the hour when
people were getting ready to leave
home. There will he two presenta
Marguerite Clark t o. Next Week.
Next week's iction at the Hippodrome
promises to be good. The
f show played in Connellsville week
before last and one of the papers
. printed the following after a reprc,
scnta. ve had seen the show:
"For the first time in many years
Connellsville witnessed a musieal
comedy that was effervescing with
fun that depends solely upon situations
and jokes written in the manI
uscript, when jcstcrd-y at the Arcade
the Margaret Clark .Musical Comedy
Company presented "Preparedness."
The same comedy is now being played
ty the famous "Cherry Blossoms."
an a comedian Montagu Jacobs Ib as
eccentric as he is original, and he and
Sam Burns mako two difficult roles
stand out prominently. The company
Is more than clever, with a chorus of
sight girls that are pretty and active.
iMlly Farrell and Thelma Mattlson
) :?re just about the best buck and wing
dancing team ever In the Arcade and
their act is 'Pussy. The same may be
. said abr. ' the singing of Miss Clark
and Miss Farrison and the specialty
ot Miss Lawrence. The costuming c.f
the show is excellent."
y ^ Clara Young Picture at Dixie.
\ I "My Official Wife," at the Dixie today,
iB a story that has attracted a
good deal of attention, and is bound
to increase ita following with the
. course of time. It is true to the Russia
and its autocratic system before
th" great war. Eve 1 and anon, a scene
Is run showing the horrors of Siberia.
It gives the sense of contrast that
adds a pleasure to the scenes of luxury
In and about the court. There
arc many moments of suspense. Several
times it looks as If the pretty'
nihilist and the American would be !
cr.ught In the toils, but they eBcape.
A thriller comes with the entrance of
the Czar when all of the court does
?- obeisance. A fitting cllniax is the escape
of the young noble with the
nihilist. Quite dramatic is her exjiv
slon of hatred for him as one of
the aristocracy and his overcoming of
t "W her scruples t his renunciation of
^ ? wealth and rank.
Taken.by and large, the director
has produced an artistic masterwork
as well as a thrilling drama. He has
chosen wisely his r,-.st, fitted each to
his task and furnished exquisite settings
both Interior and exterior. The
m . v
k * ft
j H
photography Is up to the high standard
of the picAre. Clara KlmbaJ
Young la the featured star.
Favorites in Princess Fez-.tare.
A cast of favorites Interprets "The
Soul of a Magdalen," starring Mme.
Petrova, which is repeating at the
Princess today.
Playing apposite the star Is Mahion *
Hamilton, who has appeared with her 1
in practically ell of her recent pro- <
drctions, including "The Black.But- '
terfly," "Bridges Burned" and "The 1
Waiting Soul." \
Mrs. Mathllde Brundage is always '
a favorite figure in every cast in t
which she appears. She has played I
not only with Mme. Petrova. but with i
various other Metro stars, in grande 1
dame and mother parts. Violet Reed
ir - young actress who has done notable
work in several of the Popular
Plays and Players productions in c
widely varying roles. t
Wyadham Standing Is a member of 1
the celebrated theatrical family of t
that name. He appeared with the i
present star in "The Waiting Soul." t
Cene Burnell. who plays Alice Vail, l
has appeared in many famous pic- I
til res and ban plaj-ed in various a
Metro-Roimn comedies with Max Fig- 1
inan and Lolita Robertson. j
| "CLOSE-UPS" ] 3
?Ann Pennington is soon to begin j
work on a new Paramount picture at ,
the Famous Players studio. t
'ihe final scenes of "The World
for Sale," J. Stuart Blackton's first
Paramount feature, adapted from Sir
Gil' ert Parker's novel, have been I
completed. In the part of Ingolby, t
Conway Tearle Is said to surpass any f
work he has done previously on stage n
tr screen. c
? la the Pathe News at the Prln- i
cess today is Bhown the largest elec- [
tiic locomotive in the world. It was
built for the Pennsylvania railroad, ''
and arouses considerable local inter- '
est in view of the fact that the XIonongahela
Valley Traction Company v
< xpects to install in its service a locomotive
of similar type.
?Mary Pickford has played many j
roles in her eventtul young life, but j,
at the Opera House, Los Angeles, at ?
tl.e benefit given for the* French f
Emergency Hospital fund, she will be a
seen in something absolutely different t
namely, that of a prize fight refer- tl
ee. Miss Pickford has offered to r-i- a
eiee the terrific fistic encounter which X
|i- to he conducted by Charlie Chaplin l>
land Kric Campbell, his "heavy."
?Dave Heilman. who was manager
of the Hippodrome theatre during ..
last winter, is now piloting The Sher- j '
man-Kelly Players through Wisconsin j If
end the northwest.
1 g
''. hen Sol Burka roes to cauip. u
where he will be taught to do many ^
i rigs with his right arm that he has \
all his life been doing with his lett,
1; -'> Fisher will he installed at the
Hippodro: .a as house manager. Buri<
will superintend the bookings aud
general management of affairs from ),
afar. A local newspaper man has al-! t(
rr dy been added to the Hipp staff [
as publicity director.
.? !
Mildreil Reed has gone lo
Wheeling whare she is the guest of
Grady Damron who had been nere
on a visit to relatives left yesterday
for Indianapolis, Ind., en route to St.
Louis. Mo., where ue has accepted a
position on the St. Louis Star.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Reed and Miss
Rcgina Cummings, the latter of Weston
have gone to Atlantic City to
spend several days
Mrs. Columbia Damron. of Pierpont
avenue, has gone to Wayne county to
visit relatives.
Mrs. Belle Haggerty has been the
guest for several days of her son Jus.
Haggerty and Mrs. Haggerty in Clarke
Mrs. M. A. JolIifTe has gone to Mt.
Lake Park. Md., where she will sp -nd
a week.
Miss Olive Wallace went to Elktns
today to resume her position as teach
er in the Elkins schools.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clayton who I
had oeen on a motoring trip to At-'
lantlc City and other eastern points I
have returned to their home in Mannington.
Mrs. John R. Cook and
daughter- Miss Virginia, were at the
Clayton home during their absence, i
Plates, $S guaranteed 10 years.
Crowns. $5 guaranteed 10 years
Our examinations an# estimates an
erate with the least possible pain, ui
methods known to dentistry. Open
Office on Main St., opposite
Planning Bazar.
At a called meeting of the Preaby
erlan Legion society held yesterday
it the home o? Mrs. H. G. Stoetser
>n First street, plans for the Christnas
bazar which will be held Dec. 6,
' and 8, were discussed. The bazar
will be held in the new church social
'ooms on Jackson and Jefferson
itreets. The members also discussed
Jans for serving lunch at two seslions
of the State Presbytery to be
teld here beginning Oct. 16.
Wedding Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva L. Talklnglon
elebrated their twelfth wedding anliversary
Sept. 6 at their home on
Lowell street. The house and taole
vere arranged In the national color;.
Those present were: Wesley Talkingon.
Mr. and MrB. Eber Talkingtoe,
dr. and Mrs. Reiper and daughter,
.oulse, Mrs. Harry Barthlowe, Mrs
ind Mrs. Price and son, Frederick, of
Vashington, D. C.. Mrs. John Fortncv,
Jrs. Arthur Stealey and daughter,
'arline, Mr. and Mrs. W. Kisna of
Vatson, Mrs. Cora Sherwood. Mr. a.n!
ifrs. Lawrence I'ople of Smithtowt..
Jr. and Mrs. Mont. Devault and son
taymond. After music and games
vere enjoyed Buppcr was served In
he dining room.
Entertaining at Tea.
Mrs. Frank Pryor and sister. Miss
Sstelle Hamilton are entertaining it a
ea this afternoon at the home of the
ortner on Benonl avenue. The ho trs
re from halt after three until live
Home from Motor Trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur GrafTius e.nd
aughter. Miss Irene and Miss Lucy
tlaney have returned from a mm
ng trip to Bedford Springs. Lock !l?en
and other points in Pennsylvania.
Guests in City.
H. D. Morgan and son Morrelle. of
-IcKeesport. Pa., are guests at the
iome of Mr. and Mrs. James Cookie
n this city. They are en route home
rom Grafton where on Thursday they
ttended the reunion of the Morgan
amily. Mr. and Mrs. Coogle anl
aughter. Miss Katharyn. Mrs. Kath
rvn Baker of Winfleld. an aunt
Irs. Coogle also attended the rej'c
Attended Reunion.
Among members of the Morgan far*
ly who attended the reunion of die
amily at Grafton on Thursday were
Irs. J. E. Morgan. Rev. Henry Mor
an. Mr. and J110. Cox, Mr. and Mrs
as. Coogle. Miss Katharyn Co;;glr?.
!r. and Mrs. David Rogers and the
ilsses Eola and Eva May.
? *
Home from Deer Park. Md.
Judge W. S. Haymond and s^n.
'rank C. Haymond and Jack Colbon*
avo returned from a motoring *np
1 Deer Park. Md . and Loch Lyan
leights. Md.
Returned to Cumberland. Md.
Rev. Ambrose Beavin. who was here
n Thursday for :lie Miichcll Fiemmc
A Place of Clean Ami
3 Shows Oaiiy Z
I Guranteed Attracti
I Big Cast Appearin
Marguerite Clark, dr
I eccentric.comedian, Sam
Thelma Mattson sketch i
I Dan Brinkley, vocalist an
Rose, Mildred Shipley, P
II Tonight?
s free. We op- Without teeth
ing the latest Without chew;
Without digest
all day Satur* Without nouris
: Court House. Over 5 and
? 1 - ?
wedding has returned to Cumberland,
Md. Rev. Mr. Bcavin was a gueat at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. James 0.
Watson at Fort Hill.
" Blngamon
Home Coming.
The annual reunion of the BlngamoJ'
Home Coming association will be held
on Sunday at Martins church. The
event Is one which is always laregiy
attended. A basket dinner will be a
feature of the days events.
9 ^ ~ TJ
Peters-Wise. " V
Announcement is made of the marriage
of Miss Kitty Wise of Elkins,
to Adam C. Peters formerly of Millvale,
Fa., now of this city which
event was solemnized on June 21st in
Parkersburg, W. Va., at the home at
the officiating minister, Rev. King.
Mr. and Mrs. Peters will take up their
residence at 325 Madison Lane. Mr.
t-eiers is empioyeu wnn A. II. Huns
aker In this city ajid Mrs. Peters has
resided tor the last year at the
home of E. B. Moore on Locust avenue '
and Oakroad.
Party for Louis Bloom.
A surprise party was given to Louis :
Bloom of Middleton hill by his many !
triends Tuesday evening of this week
in honor of his 60th birthday. Mr i
Bloom received many nice and useful j
presents. Refreshments were served :
and a delightful evening was spent i
Many selections of music were render i
ed by Miss Edith Bradley and Mils
Ruth Shaffcrman. Solo's were suig
by Miss Maud Bloom and Clarence
j Bloom.
Those who attended were Mr. arc
Mrs. Joshua Manlev, Doile Everson, j
l.oyd Rinehart, Miss Jennie Mauley,
Mr. and Mrs ( has. Davis. Mr. and Mrs
.1 O. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. S:u:ler.
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo. Chicago
' Loyd Bennett. Mrs. Post, Lawrence
i Satterfteld. Mrs. Chas. Whiteman.
Chas. Haun. Clarence Bloom. Mr. and
Mrs. Shafferman. Miss Ruth Shaffer
man. Mrs. Anthony. Miss West. Miss
Genevieve Curry. Dr. J. R. Alklre, Dr.
[ Barr. Byron Ross.
CLARKSBl'RG, W. Va? Seqt. 8?1
The ; trict 'regulations put into effect'
here by the health authorities seems (
j to have checked the spread of infantile
paralysis. No children under 15 years
of age ar- n-rniitied on the street, nor
| are they allowed to gather iuto groups
? play, according to the orders j
t'oli- "., .>n make the rounds to see that !
the children obey the rules. Dp till '
i Thursday 1:: cases had been rcporeo ,
in Harrison County, with one death.
I CHARLESTON. W. Va . Sept. 7 ?
Governor Cornwel! today announced
| the appointment of Prof. \V. M. Foulk !
of Huntington as State historian and
architect to surcce Prof. H S. Green.:
whose term wil expire September 1J. ,
rroressor Foulk formerly was supei
intcndent of schools of Huntington for
many years, anrl before that had been
superintendent of schools of Piedmont
Professor Koulk's appointment will
not he effective until October.
jsement for the Whole Family.
Ices: Matinee: at 3. 15c.
pht at 7:45 and 9:00, 15c and 25c.
rite Clark's
ion Effervescing with Fun
g in High Class Comedies.
*amatic soprano; Montague Jacobs,
Burns, comedian; Billy Farrell and
irtists and Buck and Wing dancers;
d. dancer; Beulah Allen, Roberta
auline Mathers, Mary Lawrence.
? j
Uncle Sam demands
that vou have good
teeth. WHY?
there cannot be chewing,
ing there cannot be digestiofi.
ion there cannot be nourishment,
ihment there cannot be health and
ICc Store., Bell Phone 921J
The Hartley ,
Is Now G
An Unusual and Vali
Put New Floor Co1
Home at L
This sale of rugs could not have been tin
search of new floor coverings were brou
prices on these things.
Seldom has there been such enthusiast
brought forth. Seldom has there bee
That they are discontinued patterns is i
quality are here for all to see.
Roomsize Rugs, 9x12 feet, Body Brusss
Jtugs, $22.50, $32.75, $36.75, and *$39.00.
Hearthsize Rugs, 27 by 27 up to 36 by 7
Brussels, Tapestry and French Wilton!
We Are N
Exclusive j
in Fairmon
* & Drq/s s
You know the fdmous Betty Wall
called the "college type," because the}
the most critical class in America?th
/-* *--1
Only one dealer in a city may carr
Wales line. We are pleased to annour
are that one dealer for this territory, f
ty Wales Dresses in every way measun
high standard of excellence.
The dress are splendidly made of quality mate
one the utmost value tor every dollar expended. Thi
tative in style yet simple and refined. They stayer
than do most dresses.
Besides all this. Betty Wales Dresses stand
youthful charm that appeals to women past her flri
New Betty Wales models appear from time to
one a wide range of choice for practically every oci
There are smart Serge Dresses, each indivldu;
live, designed for school, .shopping or business wea
noon of semi-formal occasions are lovely dreses
fascinating Social Frocks for evening are the 1
(Brides and bridesmaids' apparel may be ordered frot
Let us show you these delightful worthwhile d
earliest convenience.
The Boy?Your Boy?and
His Fall Clothes
| It is m hard for a boy to (at
along without good clothes as it W i
is for a man, and that is hard iSas
nnnunK Tk?? I? -t- J
?uuu6?. iuoic ia as rnubii lieeu
tor quality in one as there is In
the other. Fine quality is the fl|
mark ot every Hartley boy'a
The Fall assortments are all
ready, and the choice Is as tine 39 Wg
as it is plentiful ' in Norfolk fcf P)
suits at $5 to $15, for 16 to J.8 Rf
year old boys. m
(Men's Store, First Floor) ^>3 Oi
New Silk Fashions
Plaid silks are fashionable and scarce.
But we have a very fine collection.
In the desired colorings nnd wide widths.
Fashionable silks come slowly to some
stores. The first supplies are usually scarce.
Most people know, however, that whatever
is new is usually first at Hartlevs.
See these silks in our window. - ,
V - (First Floor)
Sale of Rugs [
1 * /H\
- /f^TI /W II llWSS
lable Opportunity to
wrings Into Your 8
ow Prices
' IB
lelier. It came just when people In
ght face to face with the new high
ic buying of rugs as this sale has
n vjiifh o firm lnt i-nrr
??... UUW0 *VW * v-*?,0 ituuvcu.
10 handicap, for their beauty and fine
els, Axniinister and Wilton, Velvet
2 inch size, Velvet Axminister, Body
\ugs 59c, 95c, $1.35, $1.65, $2.75 up to
(Third Floor).
Agency [ \
t tor the \ % 1
OS .-1
es Di-esses, Millinery I
r appeal to ?. I
ie college ofthe latest mode
Y the Betty The styles featured this seairp
thyr ivo sou are entirely different from
iV r, . the season just passed. For on* I
Or the Bet- thing, they are exceedingly. I
I up to our wearable.
Military Influence Is indicated
rials that give In small as well as large hats. If
ey are authori- Some crowns are draped, the
in vogue long- clept brims and the thick brims H ' < '*
are exceedingly smart,
for a definite II
>t youth. Chinese, Egyptian and Rasa- II
time affording Ian ornaments vie with ribbona If
:asion. and short wings. I
al and dlstinc- H
r. For after- But you must see the hata to If
of Bilk, while really appreciate their beauty. Lj jB
ovliest of all. f|
n photographs. Prices as usual are quite mod- \JI|
resses at your erate. _j- ,/wl I
(Second Floor)
^' - It
Join the Army of 11 m
Knitters 1
DoYour Bit for Your Country ^ 11
Every American woman who loves her com* I
try Is asking herself what she can do to help in I
a successful termination of the war in which tha I
United States is engaged. ^ _ la&w ;:.'i R M
Every patriotic woman ~ I M
mulflcrs wrestleta, helmet* ?Jl
navy and army for the EBk- .-.
TT \7.-, O '
nave 1 uu oeen Lne i?ew
Steam Cooker
For canning vegetables and fruita It has no
equal. It will prepare 16 quart jars for preserving ,'
at one time it will also steam cook anytlng you
wish for Immediate use for the table. The con- 0
venient part of this new cooker is that you need
only place It over your ranee or burner to do the 'jSS
work. Come in-and see it.

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