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Town Talk
1f\ \ '\w if nutli
^ -ruT!H!15r-tl?<
TW\ (it . - WX
HATMOW IM -3 / ,
* tkamcwT,
cut oat the pjcrcie ci..... .cu. ernes.
men caretuiiy ioia aouea une i its
entire length. Then dotted Une 2, end
so on. Fold each section underneath
accurately- When completed turn
over snd you'U find a surprising result
Save the pictures
A Uft tiw JJWL ^ ^ a* F&l"
^,5^39 and wanner toSpM?"
uisht: Friday fair.
S AT* Weather Readings.
/ o F. P. Hall, Ob.
Temperature at
JB3 t> 8 a. m. today, 47. ,
" Yesterday's weaA.
ther. clear; temp\JJI
erature. maximum, |
??l ,...0y "6; minimum. 12;
' ? precipitation, none.
\Vater St.?Meeting ol Betsy Ross
club at home ol Mrs. T. D. Harden.
Odd Fellows hall?Seven Sisters
lodge; Knights of Malta.
Maccabee's hell?Fairmont nest of
K. of P. hall?Mountain City lodge.
Red Men's hall?Setting Sun tribe
Gaston ave.?Grace ihurch Ladles aid
at home of Mrs. August Byer.
Today's Legal Transfers?A J. Conley
to Otto Conley. a parcel of land In
the Monongahela Industrie, tompsn;
addition to Fairmont. 51 and other
considerations The following deeds
were filed at the County Clerk's office
yesterday; Albert S Kennedy to Bertha
A. Snyder, a prrcel of land in Pa v
Faw district. 51 and other valuable
f V P1..I 1 1-..
tuuaiuciaiiuiin, 1. nuuaiiy uau uus
hand to John Flubarty. a parcel of land
In the city of riannington. SI and other
Farming ton's Fa: r.vell?Tomorrow
night when the people of Farmington
bid farewell to the men of that town
who have been called to the National
army the Red Cross of Farmington
will present each one of them with a
comfort kit. The farewell ceremony
will be held In the school house.
Excursion Canceled?The Baltimore
and Ohio this morning annoumed that
because of the army demands upon the
railroads the customary excursions to
Niagara Falls would be called off this ;
year. The first of the series was sched '
.tied for tomorrow
Dr. Powell Transferred?Captain R
H. Powell of the L nited States Medi
cal corpa who was sent to Fort Ogle-j
thorpe. Ga., after ho reported for ser
vice has been transfrcred to Camp Lev ,
at Petersburg where the drafted men ;
ti'Cin this state will he trained. Cap-,
tain Powell i* a well known surgeon j
who was long located at Grafton but
moved here shortly before the declaration
of war.
After More Cars?T. L. Cordrav. the
manager of the Hall garage bat gone
to Detroit accompanied by a number
jf drivers and ho will drive home ten
new Maxwell car.*.
Lodge Will Parade?At tonights
meeting of Mountain City lodge of
KnightR of Pythias arrangements will
be made for the particpatlon of the
lodge In the parade which will precede
the presentation of the flag to!
the First regiment Sunday afternoon. |
Coal Land Deal?T. W. Arnett, pres
ldent of the Antler Coal Company has
announced that he has completed negotiations
foj- ISO acres of coal in Cla.
county. Two mines will be opened on
the tract. Both will he drift operation:. I
and It Is expected that they will pro-1
dues 1,000 tons per day.
Now Lieutenant Murphy?Dr John'
W. Murphy, a well know Gratfon den-1
tal surgeon and son of Mrs. Winfred (
Murphy of this city has been commis- '
atoned first lieutenant iu the army. I
He will be assigned to duty in the I
department of dental surgery.
Traction Parle Hospital?It has been
decided to keep the Inlantile paralysis
hospital at Traction %>ark open
(or the remainder o! the month and
Dr. Xoe, who is at present at his home
in New York state, will return here
next-week to wind up the work. Miss
Eleanor I. Hopkins ot Jenkins. Ky.. one
of the nursea is at present suffering
with an attack of quinsy.
Murray Inquest ? Hearing of evidence
in the coroner's investigation
iffof the fatal injury under the wheels
of an auto of little Pauline Murray
was reeumed'this afternoon at S p. m.
and it is expected that that phase of
the case win soon be closed.
Railroid Quarantine Modified ?
Word was received.by the B. & Ocrin
this city to the.'effect that the poijomyeHtis
quarentineVegulatlons which
. have been kept IpVEflct on that_joad
at this point flaye 'been modified to
' the extent that cHUdfen under sixteen
may. travel when they have health
'eerttocatei'ondWed'by the qltyhepjtl:
officer ' ZgZT
f* Woodmen Unvellinp?Metnb'en ~ of
White Oak Camp, Woodmen ot the
World, have made arrangements ho
unveil a monument to the memory ot
the late Sam W. Barnes in the cemete17
at Colfax next Sunday. The
oeTemoniei will take place at 2 o'clock
fcatfHaembcrs who go from JSj^VsL
take tfca 13:36 train. ier. L. >. ?
OkUker, of Shinniton vfl lMthe I
?rator- '^4^. |
Now Garbage Truck Hera^A^aacqsul _
truck is now rengrUo be wjK' the F
garbage ?ri-r btttii laqflnJ ibnjMi 1
raent of the cltr agjd It "i^ JaobBBly' '1
begin operating about Mondfc. Saot
[ tary Officer Dent Holden has ?e ertedik
| ale and route arranged aotj 3ar ftwj
; paat three daya has been mm &mZh
i road to the crematory In
! the Increased traffic.
Held for Federal Court?\f3a?^tijgl4B
vich, Walter Menolvlch and JlkxiBcWC
I blicb, the three men who weiy flrvoqtd \2
| ed Monday night as they cam*.*
i Pennsylvania with two qu&iia each o?! ? ,
| whwiskey In neat little bro?n ijMte- jjf
i board shoe boxes, were before butted H
States Commissioner Kirtjy yeeierdey'
and were held for the action, Ot (fee ?!
federal court at MaftlnabtHS-; 'The 0
three men are at present In' $
the county Jatl and will rsnaaan thern s
pending the action of the federal court
Had Three Quarts?Chectee Qugeo
was arrested by county ofrteers,ma he t3
dismounted from a Wheeling train at S
the B. & O. depot here yesterday with ft
three quarts of whiskey in his posses- ci
slon which he had brought all the way a:
from Chicago. He said hi3 home was
in Cassleton. North Dakota, and that
he had been called fcr military service I
When he reported lor examination he H
was given ten days' leave of absence II
and he decided to come here, where
he had formerly lived, to visit friends.
The bar tender of whom he purchased I
the whiskey told him he could bring it I
into the state. Justice :<tusgrove told ' I
him he "could'' also, but must jjgy for;
the privilege with $100 and sixty days |
of his freedom. r
Returned to Charleston?Mrs. Chas
' Ward and daughter in law, Mrs. Char ;
j Edwin Ward, who had been guests at
i the home of the Iatter's parents. Hon.
| and Mrs. A. B. Fleming, have returned
! to their homes in Charleston.
Slightly Improved?W. E. Watson.'^'
\ who has been ill fcr the past week at :'E
his home at Smithtown was taken'01
'much worse yesterday and for a time *
; was in a critical condition. He is "
! slightly improved today howeier. cl
Surrhine C'ub to Meet.?The Sunj
shir.e Club 0 the Degree of Honor, of -v'
i tlth N n I" \\* will mppt nn Fridxiv 1^*
I afternoon at 2 o'clock at the horn;
l of Mr- W A. Crowl at 907 Short ay-(L1
enue. A good attendance of the tneu.- :f:
; here is urged. .
; !t:
Fighters Arrested?Daisy Jackson
and Nannie West, both colored, ecot I v_
i into a dispute last night and before l*
lit ended Daisy cut Nannie with a P
'tor if all the rrpoits of the affair art a.'
jtrue At all events Nannie has a piet-!1'
| ty serious v.ound which was treated I
by Dr. Bulwar at t!i? request of the[_
I police. Mayor Bo wan will liear the|r''
pariien a' a special hearing tornoirevv a
evening. j ?!
iwIMS |
I I in
I it c i lrom pace 1 )
! rf
try. including the makers of the corn- d
try's most famous automobile engines Si
are now equipping their shops with ''
the tools and fixtures necessary for !r
producing thousands of these engi As . la
during lis first half of 191S.
The production o fthese engines is T
an enor ..ous job. as the work on each
is equa .llent ot the work of a firstclass
n ci liauic for a year.
Alrpi-.tie designers, assited by the
best British. French and Italian ex- B
perts. are now producing designs for ?
a standard American battleplane, em- ^
bodying all the beet foreign features.
As the basis for experiments, the Unit- m
ed Stctes has imported foreign fight- tt
ing machines, including German w
plam s brought down and reconstruct- ie
Several of the most famous French
anil liritish battle pilots, including Na- ?
varrc. Boyriven and Tabetau of the P'
French army, are giving the Unite-l 'c
States the benefit of their wide ex- P'
pt rience.
Extraordinary steps are being taken
tn deep the designs from falling in'o
ttie nar.ds of Uerman agents, and lit H
tie information regarding even the promess
of the work is available; but it ?
. ; s been so highly satisfactory as to ~
. -tire a standard American battlep.me
equal to any.
Work is also I olng pushed on highly
important auxiliary devices. There
:s. for example, a new aerial torpedo
which greatly surpasses In accuracy
nd destructive power the German
bombs which have without such bavee
in England.
WANTED?First class blacksmith at j
Norway Coal Co. H. R. Connor, j
Supt. 9-13-3t-2S3S |
t un Kfc.NT?Rooms tor ngnt nowe
keeping. 1019 Center street. Locust II
Are. 9-13-3t-2837 ^
i ' ^5
?uR\osrry I'
v. "
w -itw
mH LIRE Tins
P?n Off Darea
dkril Stunt To Get -4v-"
r S2,m I
f (By Associated Press)
Of. LOUIS. Sept. IS.?After cutting
I./wires leading from Sullivan, 60
Mis southeast of here four automo
lie bandits early today, locked the
w> tows marshals and a telegraph
perakor In a box car, rode through
le town firing guns to make the cltlau
stay In doors, blew the safe of
e Peoples' bank, robbed the postoffce
and escaped.
News of the raid was telephoned to
ib St. Louis police from towns near
ullivan. It was announced that
om the People's bank the bandits seared
{2.400 and from the St. Louis
nd San Frisco Railroad station {40.
ost Him Two Dollars and
He May Get That
Will Hamilton, an employe ol the
!. V. T. company, was given a hearig
before the Mayor this afternoon
1 a charge of passing a street car
hile it was stopped at a crossing,
amilton is himself a conductor on a
sr .and he also owns an automobile
i which he travels when off duty.
A lew days ago he was driving up
ain street In his auto and he observI
a city car slowing down tor the
iff?r30n street crossing. He at once
locked his car, lie says, but the city
ir pulled out without stopping and
e started forward a train. At that
me a man cn the curb ahead started
ross the street, and while 1'amilton
as watching him the Last l'ark "ar
rew up along side the auto and stoned.
An officer saw the occurrence
id arrested Hamilton for passing
le car.
The Mayor imposed a fine of two
pilars, with a promise of a remitrice
it further investigation revealed
ny extenuating circumstances. Th&
licer who made the arrest was not
recent and there were no eye witto
Paul Yost, who drives for M. L.
utchinson, was arrested last night
>r speeding up Main street. He was
idered to appear at police court th s
/jrning, but did not show ur.
Thomas Farmer ,a negro, was ar sted
last night on a charge of
runkenness. This morning he was
iven a hearing and found guilty. A
to of rive dollars was imposed, but
? ho was unable to pay it he was sent
?jail to work it out with a few days'
ibor on the reads.
Vheeling Convention
Survivor Dies
(By Associated Press)
GRAFTON", Sept. 13?William T.
rown among the oldest residents '
lis city died here this morning age I
!. He teas the last survivor of th
imous Wheeling convention that n et
i 1861 to take steps toward the to:lation
of West Virginia and was
10 youngest delegate in that body. *M
as a staunch Republican and unci
t. He was a bridge builder through
it war and while in charge of ?
.: A ?~ kniUl.a
I IUg*J UUUUU1K Ul-n Ull LUC D. i:iu
. railroad near Bridgeport, was ta*en
risoner in the famous Jones raid en j
ir six months was conficnd in Libb>
65 of the best in Northeastern Ohio.'
orace Miller, Geneva, Ohio.
9-13-6t-2S35 I
Select Your Fill Sui
We are now showing our line
foreign and domestic. Come in i
there mar be a shortage of the mo
All our work done in our owr
order work.
FK and Workma
Over Crane's
71 ( WWY i
,, r-< *
t T^pP:
** " ??. l/?V SocD.ta
I..*, u: --t^M , j.,_.
'Little Victim of Auto Accident
Wili Rest At Mt.
Funeral service.? over the body cf
Pauline G. Murray the little girl who
was killed on Tuesday when struck
by an automobile v ere held this morn
log from the heme of her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Melrin Murray on Spruce
I The servicer were attended by a
I lareg number relatives and friends I
anil there were many beautitul flo?al
At th conclusion of the services th"
body was taken to Mt. Pisgah cemetery
for interment under the direction
of Undertaker Jenkins.
High Schools At Fairview
end Rivesviiie To Open
On Monday
The high schools at Fairview and
Rivesviiie v.iil begin tile years' work
Monday morning A large enrollment
is expected at each plate. The Board
of Education is making many improvements
for the accomodation of
j these high schools. They have em|
ployed the best instructors that could
j be found and are fitting up newrooms
that will make the work much
more pleasant than formerly.
School tickets will b-> furnished pupils
who live more iban two miles
away and have to ride on the trolly
car. Pupils frcm Grant Town and
| above will attend the Fairview school,
and th? rest of them will attend at1 j
| Rivesviiie. and tickets wil be turn- .
! ished accordingly. I he tickets niache
obtained of W .E. Tomblyn, Dia-<(
trict Supervisor, at the oftice of the
Board of Lducaiiun a' Kairvlew.
The Rivesvilie high school will open!,
at 'J:00 o'clock Mo,-.day morning, and',
the Fairvlerv school al It;la; 60 thatj,
pupils may tal.e the next car afterj,
S:un o'clock at their respective cari,
stops. The
elementary schools of the district
will all open Septembrr 24. and!,
it is hoped that there will be a i'Ulll.
attendance on the hrst day. This !e|,
the day for classifying and organiii.ii; 'j
the school, for determining the books h
needed: and for many other prelimi-1
nary arrangements with which all pn-!'
pils should become familiar at the lie
I ginning of the term.
| School will be taught in all the {
i buildings of the district this year, ex :
cept 1'anther Lick and Upper Laurel j
I Run schools, w here there are not;
! enough pupils to justify the employ-!
. ment of teaches. The pupils who us-'
ually attend the Panther Lick school |
I will attend at Grant Town, and those!
; belonging at Upper Laurel school will!
! attend at Lower Laurel Run school, j
Arrangements have been made for!
new books at Mct'oy's Drug store a:!
Pai view, and at the Musgrave store
at Rivesvilie. The old school may be ]
ev- hanced at not le^r than half-urlce '
at either place.
In ccr.ia iance with the requiromerfs
of the Fttblic t-al .1 Council, tha
Hoard of Edac. " v.t It. s purchased as
many modern It i.-g systems as the
money at thrir command would af
ford. These heaters will, if property !
cared for. afford ventilation as well as '
heat, which should add materially to
the comfort of the rooms, and to the
health of the children.
WANTED?Roomers. 701 Locust avenue,
close Normal, phone 909-R.
tings Early This Year
ot fall and winter woolens, both
tnd make your selection early as
re desirable patterns,
t shop. No long distance or mall
nship guaranteed.
3 Drug Store. > .
kBEwrVou *)
Scuoot, y
. BEBOS- S%Jm\
*flv ft MS BY. */.*?
*!%, " ' ?_
. l-w ,-n.y.i.^^,^
Red Cross Will Maintain^
Hospital Sopply Service
In France.
The establishment of a Ho . al
Supply Sen-Ice under the Red trorr
Commission in Franco of which Wain.
Grayson M. P. Murphy Is the heed was
announced by the War Council of the j
American Red Cress today. An appro [
priatlon of $500,000 has been voted |
by the War Council to establish thi:
service and provide its first stock of
supplies. ! j
Several warehouses are now brinn :
established by the Red Crosa Cotnmir f
slon throughout France as a part cf! I
the new hospital supply service. Her
drugs, medicines and surgical Instruments
will be available for all hospitals
in the department in which tne
warehouse Is located Orders cvn ta
filled promptly without even awaiting
approval from Paris. ?
As director of the new Hospital Sup- H
ply Service, the War Council is semi 5*
ing to France, Stanley Field of Chica- i
go, a eon of the late Marshal Field. '
Assisting Mr. Field and In charge of j
the various warehouses, will he burl- r
ness or professional men volunteer
lng their services for the period o.
the war Five of these have alread'
been selected and are now on their ,
way to report to Major Murphy. These s
men are: !
John Woodward of the Curtis Pub- ft
lishing Company, New York City; Tod ||
Lewis, a broker of Minneapolis, Minn u!
Kennard Windsor, a member of the ?
Stock Exchange of Boston, Mass ; J ?
Sheldon Tilney of New York and Rus-:fo
sell Armstrong also of New Y'orit lea
As an operating force for these |
warehouses Major Murphy has asked'>c
the Red Cross to recruit in the lolled }>n
States a force of five hundred men!A!
over military age. Men of experience liein
the building of warehouses and the jht
handling of stores are preferred let
r' |*l
(Continued from page 1.) J2
is still an army of motley garb. fTnilorms
haven't been issued yet and the ri1
men are still wearing the assortment ca
of clothing in which they caine to1'"
ramp. I
But the routine of cantp days. he ,l'<
ginning with reveille at 5:45 a. in., .s
developing in them a wholesome re- j m
spcct for discipline. They're learning
to obey orders, and to obey them with ?'
map and vim. I rii
On the camp's dally schedule I fnd 1
the hours from 7:30 a. m. to 11:20 by
a. m.. and from 1 p. nt. to j p. m . set
apart for drill. That means long ar
periods of marching on weary feet; wt
long periods of back-racking bending, nc
backward and forward, backward and
Is Noi
If you
^ToT)A^ " '
Momie ACTbe. FT
rebus- J^^-IV
g? COTfc ' > WM. t t r
As always?our low under
help you ,~olve the problem
for school at a minimum of
ed with large stocks of de
ing apparel that will meet
boy cr girl.
i.vl.53, $3.50 and up to $10.0
$1.25, $1.50 and up to $2.51
A special line oi boy's sch(
good_goii style.' dark patte
For girls' neat s
^ and suitings, siz
^ ^ ** plaids and che<
$1.25, SI.50. $1.98,
V. c carry a full line of b
and girls' all solid leal
L'riginc'cors an;: t.s::ozrs oi
rward. But all that is very neces-jt
ry and very imporian'. |i
And there are plentiful hours ior.'
creation. L'esk3 :n the green build-11
P3 of the Young Men's Christian |J
tsociation are crowded in these perds
with toldiers writing letters j
ime. Boxing glotes and baseballs
t strenuous use. Long tiles form
uore th? V". M. C. A. desks, where
ioks and magazines from the city
;rc: yare distributed to thJ soldiers.
Jus: r. !itfl? while ago 1 cumo frnm
le of the Y. "J. C. A. auditoriums, ,
her a crowd of soldiers was reelng
moving picture show. |,
may watcnea in approval a travel
m. The; laughed at an up-to-the-11
inut? ccr.iedy. Then can " a tropi-1 <
1 weekly, ard what followed pave! i
e a real thrill. ' |
"h nimies Pall from an American j
>ri for France." said the heading.
We saw a file of men In khaki j
arch by to board a transport. (
Cheer-., yells and handclapping i
ad- Ibr inside of thatauditorium j
ng. ' I
Then, on the screen, the flag went i
And every fan jumped to his feet
id stood ' - attention. The art- |
ardness. rhe varied dress of this i
iw army was forgotten. '
1 far-ied I could see in the not very i
v on Di
j, ?
want to be
sed order y
ter Tailo
Madison St
9 A vri A ^
aners and Dye
vwees / ~~ "
\~~^y, V RA.N6 BEFORE<
(^sot T^S'.
________ "
"^" ? Awjwe?s -^5,.. S
,; - .'. .'. . : *,
* it '"- .' !*- . ' *-A wiv '> * v'-'^V
A Av
-selling prices are ready io (I
i of outfitting the children I
' cost. We are fully preparw M
pendable and wear*resut?51
t the requirements of any I
t $1.98, $2.98, $3.50, $4.50, *
0. All good values. M
at 29c. 48c. 69c. 85c. 98c. S
^ T ?
>ol caps, made in ng 1
rns ^lOC fl
chool dresses of ginghams fl
:es 6 to 14 years, in pretty
$2.35 Up to $4.00. ll
f Low in rairmont.
ilstant future, this new "army H
iverage Americans," Itself trim a.'^|
veil disciplined, marching towa^B
"ranee, rc-dy to do all and more ft I
America hopes of it.
Suffrage Resoktiofifl
Reported To Sei$fl
(By Associated Press) II
WASHINGTON, Sept. 18?Th* ifl
>an B Anthony resolution tor n?uS
wide women suffrage by oonitltuUo-M
uncndmcnt was favorably reported
lay by the Senate suffrage eomminH
mi will take a place on the eateqrfH
lor a Tote at the eeeafpn Jjeglnnlef |
Whether the suffrage Peeolnrtotd
rommand the nec(headyVrp *tatrd;T^B
in the senate and later In the tioiS
is a question. The rreafleot hwfl
'ar refused to put tbe Influence ex M
administration behind' K although' H
luested to adopt ltaa a war zneaiigM
Suffrage supports, however,
letting It out of the oommftPte wiflH
favorable report at fonseaifl ete$ A
welcome an opportunity to 'gat A.fH
ard vote on It In the open. H
snlav I
well I
our '
3W. I
ring Co J
reet I
fe CO. I
; 1
__ *** *</
/*- |y > t4< ?^(i -"
;.' . -u^ .- * J V ?<?&? rfS

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