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~. "Washington, sept, it?when a
distinguished mission is expected in ;
i a European capital, especially where
'" the countries are or were monarchies,!
i the question of hom ing them i- simple.
^".Some executive in the department j
"fer foreign affair:, presses a button, ]
summons a functionary, yawns wearily
?nd says: "Which palaces are unoccti-!
^ plod?"
1 He gets tho list, picks one and says: i
"prepare this one for use by the |
mission next week."
And the thing is Hied -no worry,
no flurry a nice old pulacc, with traditions
and spooks and secret chambers,
all ready for occupancy.
V But it's different her We do not1
own pnh'.ces. V/o give our president a
nice white colonial hous in a modest
i park, compared t;? what our millionair\
08 own. And v;e say to our vice pn sident
and cabinet officers: "Go cha.-e
yourselves. -We pay you $12,000 a year
Find your own home and furnish it."
' So, when we went into this war and
j a flood of missions came to our shores,
\ the problem of trow to house thorn
j was a serious one. Hut it. v.-us solved.
; thanks-to the tact that Washington in
the past few years has become a favorite
dwelling place of the rich. Their
\ stono palaces are scattered all over
) the burg. And many palace owners
volunteered to turn them ov .r hou-i ,
ivmm smiuun mjJi)
, Accusations of Barbarous
I Treatment Not Lacbinir
( In Proof
Since the outbreak ot hostilities.in
Europe much has l)eeu printed relative
to acts of barbaric bate, especially (lur
ing the initial weeks of the struggle,
and it is authoritatively stated that
BUch acts did occur, despite denial.
, In one instance where a wounded
| soldier was discovered baked to death
in a huge oven the lives or several
bakers discovered on the premises
[) were taken in recompense. The hatred
which flamed so violently in nil
wars at first, diminished somewhat
with the progress of the strife.
' However, that the truth may b
known to all, this Important phase ot
the European con llict is treated with
the seriousness it deserves in Willis
J. Abbott's greatest work, "The Nui
tlons at War," which is being ottered
to readers of this newspaper who wish
/to learn the true situation 011 the con
' tinent.
A limited allotment of this invaluable
work was secured and is distribI
uted by The West Virginian at a big
aiscouni irum its rug w iui i?i ue as
explained in the Cash Discount Voucher
printed in these columns daily,
.which about covers the author's royal1
ty and chandling charges. It is a large
-book, handsome!,v bound, illustrated linearly
600 actual photographs, many
in color, with maps, charts, chronology
and 428 pages o? actual truth.
Although the lot secured was comparatively
large, it was limited, and
the heavy demand has reduced the
number materially. After the last
book is handed out, 110 more can he
obtained for less than the full price,
Miss Susan Thome of Fairmont,
spent a few days last week visiting her
uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Thome and also Miss Morgan of Fairmont
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Thorne a few days last week.
Hugh Trickett sold Ills buggy to
j James Newbraugh for tep dollars.
; Mrs. Fisher spent. Tuesday afternoon
with Miss Isa Clark.
Miss Florence Thome of Lowesville
is spending a few days with Mrs. Cora
Miss Belle Morgan was shopping at
Fairmont Tuesday.
Miss Laura Toothman of Vlropa was
visiting Mrs. Jessie Arnett a few days
last week.
MIsb Belle Morgan was calling on
her aunt Mrs. Hattie Kincald at Fairmont
Miss opal r isner nas returnea to iter
home at Rivesvllle after spending a
week with her grand father N. E. Fisher.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hood and famI
ily moved from Mt Hood in with Mrs.
Hood's father, Sylvester Arnett last
Mrs. Emily Page moved from Sylvester
Arnett's residence into Mr. Smith
Straight's house last week.
Miss Wy lncoff of Viropa was visiting
Mrs. Cora Arnett last week and
also was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Thorne at Lowesville.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hall and family
of Fairmont moved into Mrs. Hall's
mother's house at Osgood last week.
W. M. Ralphsnyder was a business
caller at Fairmont one day last week.
Dr. Ephriam Doolittle of near Forksburg
was employed a few days last
week doing some dentist work for
Mrs. Mary Morgan.
Top, left, horn; cf La.-.: Anueison w
right, the Fcimont house, stopping pla<
^ home which housed Joffre and Vivani.
pantry, wine cellar, servants and all i
; for Uncle Sam's guc3ts.
Marshal joiire and party were lions1
ed In the residence of Henry White.
It was natural they should be as White
had onco been ambassador to France.
Half our and his party were housed
in the homo of Breokonhridtrn I.ontr
third assistant secretary of state. The
r "
WW. .<[:.t; ruN, D. <\, Sept. It ,
The appointment of a District Attorney i ;
for the Southern district of West v ir
ginia is still held up and the individual j
, ' ho is holding it up is Congressman 1
j Adam it. Lttlepagc. | i
All the Democratic party's powers i
: that be, or was, in West Virginia en-j
J dorscd George I. Ncal, ot ilunting'OM, i ;
to rthe appointment many weeks ago i i
I?all of the powers that lie save ?.nu j .
! ovcept one power, the same being Mr.
I hittlcpagc. As many weeks ago lie
j endorsed A. M. Belcher, of Charleston,! I
tor the appointment many weeks ug<*! j
situation with reference to that ap- j
| pointment as it lias been dcadloe. ou |
; since last July.
| There aren't any signs here that :lic I
j deadlock will be broken within next!
! week at any rate. Neither the Presi- j
I dent nor Attorney General Gregory is j
i in the city, and neither is expected j ;
back for a week. It was rumored tnct J
ex-Senator Chilton, Mr. Ncal and otiiers
would be here this week for a conference
011 l he appointment, but at tins
hour they hadn't shown up. Mr. hit-!
Llonairp. hns iilKt arrivr?/1 from flmtUnu. i
ton whoie, it he is the object ot th-'ir |
reportod coming here, he eoulil have,
beeu conferred with with less trouble j
ami expense.
' Mr. Litilepage's position in the matI
tor is that lie either should have tile j
i privilege of saying how the federal j
patronage shall be bestowed in the
southern part of the State, or else no
ono should be appointed to a federal
office ill that region who is not sacs
factory to him. Mr. Xeal is not satisfactory
to Mr. I.lttlcpagc, and that is
the obstacle which has stood in the
way of the appointment of Neal. With
all the endorsements ho lias, including
that of Messrs. Watson and Chilton,
his appointments would doubtless
have been made weeks ago but for the
| objection to it raised by Congressman
I Littlepage.
j The letter's attitude as explained to
the appointive powers here is that it
| would be most humiliating to him to
i have a man appointed to office over
I his vigorous objection, which is tuo
j case in the present instance; doubly '
' so, in view of Iris steadfast support ot
| the Administration in everything, and
| in view of tho fact that he is the only
| candidate on the national ticket of his
| party who was able ot win in tho
great expanse of West Virginia territory
lying south cf the Little Kana
The party tight has embarrassed the
highups of the Administration who
must take a hand in settling it, if the
contestants cannot get together and :
agree. They do not want to alieuite
eitner Congressman Littlepago on one I
side, or National Committeeman AVal- !
son and ex-Senator Chilton on the o'h- \
er. to say nothing of Mr. Ncal whose j
claim for reward for valuable party I
services performed is not denied.
Out of this deadlock are sticking up
several lightning rods hoisted by several
other men, or their friends for
When the Skin Seer
i With It<
There's jost one thing to do. ;
If your skin seems ablaze with the '
fiery burning and itching of Eczema,
real and lasting relief can only ;
come from treatment that goes below i
the surface?that reaches down to :
the very source of the trouble. So
called skin-diseases come from a dis- <
ordered condition of the blood, and :
the proper treatment is through the i
blood. 1
Search far and near, and you can- I
->--1 ' ? ii:
- *9
""Vi an
>3: Tt
A irrrr- Tt
rwiiituT-" ^
k . v ro
iici-c me Belgian mission slopped; $j!
:e for the Japanese; below, the White x
Prince of T'dine and the rest of the, Q
Italian mission enjoyed the hospitality I v
of Joseph Leiter, and the Russians iX
that of Hennen Jennings. The Belgian J O
mission went to the home of Larz An- j 9
derson, formerly American minister to j a
Belgium. 0
The Japanese mission under Vis 8
count Ishil, is comfortably housed in rt
the mansion of Perry Belmont. j ^
-A * \ M 4 T T XwX I \l
tiiuin, in the hope that it will becpir.ejb
absolutely necessary to discard jith'h
N'cal and Belcher and hit on a com- ?
promise. These arc reported to be I), 9
P. French, of Bluellcld; J. F. Bouche'le, ?
of Charleston; and Lon Kelly, of Sf.t 0
ton who is an assistant district at [ 8
torney in the district where a vacancy o
has existed ever since the expiration ' 9
of W. G. Barnhart's commission in j ?
August. ?
ITealjiThintsI i
?/ 1 ,1 0
Thousands of lives are needlessly | ?
sacrificed to cancer. Many of thosi a
Afflicted, could be saved. It is largely j k
a question of getting early medical jO
and surgical attention. Any sore that i A
refuses to heal should be seen by a IX
physician. ! 9
Lives now needlessly sacrificed could a
bo saved if the patient would go ' ' x
tho surgeon promptly as does the per-1 8
son attacked by appendicitis. ih
It is clear, however, that a different 9
attitude toward cancer prevails and is A
tho cause of many deaths. The almost ] jJ
superstitious dread of the disease and IN
unwillingness to admit its existence or j
to seek medical advice in time arc {
well known and difficult obstacles to , |
progress in its control. j
Proof of this fatal neglect is found {
in the experience of a prominent stir- >
geon who recently studied his case |
records in order to obtain denite in- {
formation as to the delay in the aver- J
ago case. j j
Of #55 recent patients, 2,5 were men >
and HO were women. Further study 1 j
of these 65 cases showed that after the {
first discovery of suspicious symp- $
toms the men had waited an average l{
of 12.2 months before consulting the 8
doctor and the women had waited, on ??
the average, 11.9 months or practically Q
a year's delay in all cases. 8
Winter of Konigsberg the pioneer |?
in the education of the public in re |8
gard to cancer, examined thn records {
of 1062 operable cases and showed: {
that ST per cent of them could and j
should have applied for treatment J
much earlier, when they would have j
had a far higher chance of recovery |
than was actually the case.
Warts or moles which are rubbed {
and irritated by clothing or from any | {
other cause frequently develop into |
cancer. Men frequently get cancer of !
the hp or mouth through chronic lrri- ! >
tatlon caused by overuse of a pipe. {
For Infants and Children j; J
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Slgna\ure of Cwz
1 ;
ns Ablaze ;
:hing and Burning
not find a blood remedy that ap- \
proaches S. S. S. for real efficiency,
ft has been on the market for fifty |
years, during which time it has been
giving uniform satisfaction for all 6
manner of blood disorders. If you {
want prompt and lasting relief, you i J
can_ rely upon S. S. S. For expert
advice as to the treatment of your
own individual case, write tia-day to ' [
Chief Medical Adviser, Swift Specific ] S
Co., Dept. C Atlanta, Ga> ^
Evening Chat
William Jennings Bryan received
90.98 as his share of a "Bryan Day'
'air at a chatauqua at Merom. Ind.
lere were 12,000 people present,
lis Is Brayan's biggest receipts lor
Chatauqua engagement and he hss
ver received so much for a Bpeech
t on one Drevioua occasion when he
is given $1,000.
A wealthy lady out In California
rchased Chatauqua tickets for all
her servants this summer. W'liea
Iating her experience a friend asked
r?"What is a Chatauqua." "I rely
can't say" she replied, "but 1
ink it is some kind of a Methodist
Guy Brothers Minstrels are on the
ad again this season. The company
managed by A. P. Borway. In the
ster appear the names of George K.
ly and Charles Guy. Guy Brothers
jre a favorite minstrel attraction in
lirmont in the days of the old rink,
vo of the original Guy Brothers were
arter members of the Fairmont
Ige of Elks.
Fairmont is not the only town that
s been switched "off the map." as
r as legitimate theatrical attractions
. A1 G. Field iB said to be unable to
t into theaters in Texas this seasou
At the very beginn
of Fairmont ever had. 1
profits but we are willing
sale thereby serving us in
This is a plain advt
store where you get the bi
The feature of our <
Don't delay, buy nc
And remember if y
^ I^
Waist Value s up tc
Every imaginable mate
as silk, voiles, crepe de ch
gette satin in pretty stj
broidered with silk and st
large collars embroidered
Opening Prices frt
^ $2.4S
Special Value p^i
Shaker Knit |D|
$7.90 3251
because of vaudeville and pictures 1:
crowding out touring companies so it t
is announced that he will make Texar t
cities under canvas. 1
Fair business throughout the country
is phenomenal in spite of cool or- T
enlngs in the Middle West, rauiy n
weather at some points and the war
bugaboo. The country people are tak
ing their amusement as usual In sptte c
of the fact that the United States is
In the war, and to date there has been *
no reason for fair men to complain
as to attendance. The biggest fair.} '
are just starting off, but there is no
sign of their being hurt by the preparations
to send soldiers to France
The railroads are so crowded with
movements relating to military mat- ^
ters and what Is styled "necessities' ^
j that the fair attractions are having a j
| hard time to reach their destinations.
i'luiciucuis uau iu uu uiaus uy irciSQi i J
this week, exhibits moving from town1 ;
in box cars.
Elks Practice Charity. , -j
President Wilson has not received j (
a delegation of visitors since the war ;
was declared against Germnay, save |
one. He received a delegation from "
tho Elks. These men called to assure [ I
him of the hearty co-operation of the
entire order and to announce to him
the contribution of a million dol<ars
> from the Elks for the establishment
I of base hospitals behind the firing L
j comforts which will aid and alleviate S
the suffering of the wounded. Some?osacoo9Gosscoeooceo9cocgo9oi
ing of the season we will launc
Ve want to start the new fall s
to do so knowing that a great
that they will talk about us to
irtising idea, but it is also an ei
iggest and best bargains,
iasy payment plan will be in ef fi
>w while assortments are large,
ou don't want to pay cash your
Suit Values up to
$45.00 Sj
Complete selections of F
the newest styles of the (
season, new cloths, new pp
colors, suits of velours, wj
borella cloth, broadcloth p]{
in taupe, burgandy, green, }aj
blue and black. Lined with mj
satin peaude cyne and Another
materials. Skirts ]m
are shirred in the black asj
and a small belt. pu
Q Oin
Dresses, Values i
Style critics say that this
Ireses worn than ever before,
i doubt the prettiest we have e1
The most popular is serge t
vays, with braid, satin and self
n pretty combinations are also
le chine ,taffeta, and georgetteSpecial
opening price to introi
,$7.90 Millin
:rial such A real departmei
ine, geor- for dress, street v
des, em- hats for children in
eel beads, of styles in various
or plain, ors.
>m Opening Pr
i up $3.9?
Girl's Coats Value:
up to $14.90
The justly famous "Sc
ban" Coats for the little gi
pretty styles for the little mi:
made of plush, broadclo
mixtures, all lined, some qui
ed lined.
Opening Prices from
$6.90 up
With the present adv
present greater value this
to the fact that we placed
son nearly a year ago, we
standard of quality.
Suits of the newest s
ets, double breasted effec
tive models for the man \
the extra trimmings.
All colors, all sizes?<
Aadison Street
Inea In Franc# and (or the necessary
hnea the Elks writs charity In letters
hat are broad and large and bright?
>mple (Texas) Telegram.
These rhymes were submitted to the
'ood Administration by Dora H. Stocknan,
of Lansing. Mich.
'an a day. can a day.
Everybody can;
toys, girls and women.
Sometimes a man,
eas, beans and berries.
A can for each day,
Will save all the waste,
For our C. S. A.
I ITT I C UAin A?n v/aii " ? n
? ?>. mniwt vnn TVU VM0I.
'here was a little man
,nd he wooed a little maid,
And ho said, "Little maid, can you
can. can, can?
have little more to say
han can you, yea or navT
For it you can't you cannot get a
man, man, man."
'he little maid replied,
Some people say she cried.
For she wanted, oh so very much, n,
man. man, man.
I don't know sir, but I'll try.
t you'll come back by and bye.
For such a man as you, sir, I can i
can, can, can."
Ittle Miss Muffitt
at on a tuffet.
Eating her curds and whey;
h one of the biggest sales of
eason with a rush and to do
many people of Fairmont w
their friends.
:onomy idea, and in these tii
^ct as usual even though a
, styles the best that high pr
credit is good.
Decial Prices to p
tush the Season
Coats o f broadcloth, j
ish, velour, trimmed
th fur, others plain,
lin flare coats smart v
ge collars, in the new
litary effect. I
prices considerably |
ver than ther stores ff
k for coats of similar .[
ality. 1/
512.90 up y
jp to 340.00
season will see more
The styles are without
/er seen for many a day.
rimmed in various smart
1 materials. Satin dresses
very popular, also crepe
duce these pretty dresses
> up
ery Skirts
it in itself, hats Large
rear and sport; ous coml
a great variety and men
i up-to-date col- shirred t
ors and s
ice from O
5 up 5
s Boys' Suits Val
up to $10.9(
>r- Cassimeres, v/orstc
rl, pretty mixtures and
ss, colors, brown, gray,
th plaids, etc., made in th
It- est style; belted models
Opening Prices frc
$4.90 up
'anced price of woolens the;,
> season than ever before.
1 our orders for the present
are able to maintain our u
tyle, belted effects, slash p
? i-T. r\
is lor uie young man. ^onse
vho is young but does not \
Opening Prices from
>.5Q up
Opposite Kenyon
Who sat down beside her,
"This la better than meat any day.*
Slice of bread, slice of bread
Saved every day.
Will help feed our Allies .
And for our U. S. A.
Uncle Sam would oat np fat;
And Columbia would eat no lean; *
So they wasted not a bit.
For they licked the platter clean
* ? \
W. E.?"Please toll mo what Hn
for hyperacidity!"
Have a careful analysis of your atom- f,
ach contents made. Treatment depend!
on the conditions revealed.
Towboat Bums In J
Little Kanawna
PARKERSBURG. Sept. 14.?The tow *1:
boat C. S. Penrcv. formerly the W. R.
JIarkle, burned here yesterday In
the Little Kanawha where she wai
being loaded with ties. She was owned
by tho Little Kanawha Tie and Log
company and operated from this port
to Pittsburgh. She was valued at
535.000 and is almost a complete loss.
Fire started in tho coal bunk and
was caused it is believed by a steam
pipe. She was insured for about f20r YiS
000. All members of tho crew who
were on tho boat escaped.
new Fall clothing the city o
so we must sacrifice our 8
rill take advantage of this 8
nes it is best to buy at the ?
ice designers can produce, |
Values to $10.50 J
assortment of silk in variolation
of colors, poplins J .
's wear serge, new models,
oelts, slash pockets, all colli
peninp Prices from . v
>4.98 up |
|| ( Silk Taffeta j
Hotel $3.98 I I

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