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Fthe daily
[short story 1
The Little Jade Frog.
. (Copyright, 1817, by the McClure
0 Newspaper Syndicate.)
DIGGS had not noticed it at lira',
although he stood nearer to it
than anyone else in the room.
He was so Interested in renewing lilr.
acquaintance with Leonle Verney that
all Inanimate objects escaped ills kef.
He had only seen her once before?
Bat Haskell's studio, around Christmas
time. But she was a girl then. Sleurlpr.
rnr?ntlr><i? with n irrni'Pf ill iriirv.
ing body, she had the lines of '.he
Blessed Damosel; but Instead of I he
latter's languorous, dreamy face, l.eonle's
was vivid and alert with animation.
She loved to dress in dull
green, green like the deep tones iu
jade, with curiously wrought met.l
girdles set in uncut gems.
As a rule. Lilggs avoided instinctive
Hq the bizarre in life He had been
firouglit up in a suburb oi Boston, lie
came of good old uon-conlormist stock,
and he was absolutely immune to rbe
effects of Bohemia's far-east incense
or erotic love ideals. But Haskell nan
told him briefly of Miss Verney s ca
reer, and it bed interested Itini immensely.
"Her lather was a Chinese missionary
at llaugkow. He was killed doting
the Bo::er rising. I.eonie was disguised
as a Chinese child liy her Christian
nurse, and hidden away in an old
temple iu the interior until the trouble
was over, it was not until two
years ago that she came to America.
Her girlhood was passed iu the orient,
although uf lale years she nad
been wi'.b her own people's in the
American colony She's a mlgcty
queer little girl, but very interesting
Not at all your fluffy blond type, I Mag..,
so you're safe with her '
Dlggs believed that also. The sp.,i
lous lorma ot attraction bad always
roused him to a sori of nappy frenzy
while with teon'.e lie felt only a cu
rlous, Innate reslluiness and route t
tnent, as though the peacp of the ages
enfolded him
He was telling her now oi the new
Homan seats which he had just ^ent
out to his garden at Greenwish, when
suddenly he caught her looking oitn
him intently at something on the man
tel-piece. Glancing around, lie sav,
the little jade frog. It was about two
Inches and a half long, and quite as
wide, a puffy, arrogant frog, utt.--'.y
unnatural and grotesque; Its svos
were brilliant crystals and in its mo rttt
It held a small crystal bull. It stooo
on a pedestal ot three jade petlimea.s.
each smaller than the last, anil engraved
on the lour sides of each wer j
Chinese characters.
"What is it?" he asked, seeing that
the girl really looked pale.
"I don't know exactly." she answered
in a low voice. II is all too strange
and horrible. 1 wonder whom the ir- g
belongs to."
"I'll ask Haskell," he said.
Haskell shook his head doubtfully
when Diggs found hint.
"You've go', me. cid man. 1 sun let
these rooms when I got back from
France, and that '.ting was here, it s
Chinese, isn't it? There are some
wonderful embroideries in that pe.i-l
Inlaid cabinet in the corner. They p^ob
ably all belong to Dr. Yoy. the former
"What do you know about him?"
asked Diggs.
"Nothing, except that he has gone
"I wish 1 were able to get hack in o
the game," -aid Dick as we finished
reading the newspaper clippings about
Harry. Dick is getting very restless
at times, little hook, especially wnett
we hear from home, lie Is getting
better, however, veiy slowly aud i
hate to look ahead. Sometimes 1 wisa
we could live iu this beautiful California
it we were not so far fr 111
those we love.
Dtck wants more Itiau auvthine msc
in the world lo gel back to bis bus!
ness. Atter all little book, the one
lasting love ol a man's lite is bis wi.ra
I think i? Dick thought he was neve:
goin gback to the book business he
would not want to live. .
it is pathetic to see how he depends
upon me. When 1 leave him 1 believe
he watches the clock until i
come back. Just now his whole life
means "Margie,' and that word is
oftenest uu his lips.
Every day he tclis me how good 1
have been to him- "Dear. 1 know no
other womau could have lived wUil
me all these foolish years o? mine '
he said last night.
"But you must remember, Dick dear,
lor cue yea rat least it would probauly
have stretched almost any man's
patience to have lived with me. Vou
were always very kind otnie, Dick.
"I was kind when you let me ue
kind, Margie. While 1 am lying aeic
.almost as helpless as you were, i tealized
more thau ever before how terrible
it was for you."
"But, Dick, i think a woman standi
such things belter than a mau, al
though i will say this, dear, you are
a delightful invalid."
The old familiar rrnnWoH omiia
I came to Dick's lips. "A case of 'the
devil was sick and tlie devil a sain;
I would be,' is it, Margie?" be said.
"I don't want you to be too good,
Dick. 1 have neevr had any use for
I aaints. You can't do anything but
I worship them and of all emotions, that
I which engenders worship is the cold
B est."
"Well, dear, 1 don't think there is
I any danger of your doing any worship
I ping in my direction. By the way,
don't you tbink it is about time vc
I were hearing from Mollie? 1 have
I thought about her a lot lately. Be
I ing sick, a man has more time lot
I tohughts, you know. Why, when yuu
and Mary and Eliene had your babict
I I did not think much about them and
I I confess I telt that you took Sonn>':
I death before he really lived a lit?l(
too seiioualy. But 1 tan seen bob
NEW YORK?The collar makes the
coat this winter.
The most modest Is at least eight
inches wide after it has Ivon turned
I over ana cuosea snugly anout tne
i The triple collar has Just been inI
troduced. It is really a succession of
small capes and belongs to the clas!
sic redingote.
: back to China lor a short time. Very
decent chap, tor a Chink, a university
i fellow and specialist in therapeul cs.
i Why?"
"I'll tell you later," answered Diggs,
j lightly. "Find out all you can abiut
| him meantime."
He carried the information he It-id
| gleaned back to Leonie. She said lit1
tie, but asked him to call a taxi for
I her, as she was leaving early.
"1 can't explain tonight." she said,
| as they parted. "Come tomorrow at
11 and I'll tell you all 1 know."
| The morning mail broughl a b.ief
I letter from Haskell.
"Wire trom Dr. Yoy announces a:
i rival in Frisco Monday. He requests
| me to place the little jade frog in a
safety deposit vault without tell".},
| anyone. Thought I'd let you know.'
asking him to wait until a copy of .i'.e
; inscription cuuiu no secureu; men :ic
got in touch over the wire wtili a certain
civil engineer friend and colbgo
classmate who had spent some time
in China. Wallace was perfectly billing
to help him out, and though ir.
made him a little late for his appointment
with Leonie. he took the time
[S OF A WIFE"-" 1
just what It means to a woman to
j 'arooil and plat- almost a year tor the
| child she is carrying under her heart
| an dthen be lelt desloate, her beaut:I
tut houes all (lead and scatters*, 1
certainly hope Mollie will eou>e
through all right
l "So do I. Liiek, tor 1 think Mollis
| will make a line mother and her child
will have the best ot care, both matetI
ial aud spiritual. You know, dear, tnat
! the mere fact of a woman bearing a
! child does not bring her the great ,-.ia
ternal gilt,
i "You remember, Dick, that celebrated
case some years ago when a very
| rich young man married a show girl
| and afterward shot the man that the
! girl said had been her betrayer?"
"Yes, 1 remember, Margie."
. "I have always felt the mothers ot
I those two misguided young people
I were also tried at that time and found
j guilty." ,
"But, Margie, one of those mothers
j was counted among the most respect!
ed women in her citv. She ivhr mi ten
i for philanthropy and good works."
"Yet she taught her son anything
could be bought with money and a
name was respected even if its bearer
disobeyed all the laws of man."
I Helen, have You Heard
| dN*i*rvtiN<j 0" TOM n.
'OR W<
to carry the frog down to Wallace's
office. After about an hour's study
the latter gave him the translation, it
"Whoso Beekelh vengeance on tl3
enemies shall ask thj crystal ball for
aid. Spirit of the sacred Hu Fwa, graciously
list to the curses upon the foreign
He carried the news to Leonie at
once. She leaned forward eagerly, hsr
hands tightly clasped.
' Oh, I was sure of it, last niest."
she saiil. "Mr. Diggs, you must help
ice. I know this doctor, lie was a
false friend of my father's. It was he
who bore witness against him, and betrayed
him into the bands of the Box
ers. He has had me watched ever
since I left China, but I never dreamed
that the Jade frog was in his posses
"Why, you're not superstitious, are
"I don't think so," she answered.
"It was given to me by my burse, who
found it in the old temple where i
was hidden. 1 used to play with it
when I was a little girl. Lao San :t
dead, 1 am sure. When 1 came aw.y,
1 left htsi in an old chest of my fatliI
er a private papers and books at
Mangkow, and now I lind it here on
a mantelpiece in New York. What at |
you think it all means?"
"Superstitutlon, mostly," laugncd ,
Diggs, "hut if you don't mind I rather j
think you need some one to look at-!
I ter you until we see what Dr. 11> \
is up to. I'll return the frog and iet
Haskell put it in the vault."
He took it out of his pocket and set
it on the table in front of them. Leome
leaned forward and looked at the little
crystal ball intently and she reached
for it, her hand was unsteady, and it
feel from her clasp to the floor with
a crash. She gave a sliap cry of alarm, I
and knelt down among the
Diggs was before her. The fall nnd
loosened a creccret spring in the dudestal.
inside it hallow there lay
a folded sheet of nice paper with a
hand-painted diagram on it ,and small
vertical lines of Chlnesemharacters.
I think the sacred Hu Fwa nas
| given up his secret," said Diggs
; "Let's call a taxi and run down to
I Wallace?"
"No, uo, i cau read ii myself," ox
| claimed Leonie, bending excitedly ovfer
i the paper After a moment she lifted
I her face. "Oh. this is too ennd tn ho
I true,'' she cried. "It tells liow the i
! treasures of the murdered Christians
| for hundreds of years past have been
| buried in the tombs under the temple,
i No wonder Dr. Voy wanted the buried j
treasure to further the plans ol thr
"But how did it come in his possession?"
asked Diggs quickly.
A faraway look came in her eyes.
! She smiled bitterly,
j "Lao San was the only one w ji
| knew of the chest. He probably niur|
dered her. Oh, if you only knew of
| the tragedies hidden in the gardens
in old China. 1 can never thank you
enough for helping me. if it hadn't j
been for you I would never have found
it out. Just think what it means to
me to be able to turn this treasuio
over, in my father's name, to the cause
that he died for."
Diggs felt the last remnant of his
New England caution swept a\>ay, as
' he looked at her radiant. upturncJ
i face.
i "Can you guess what this means to
me?" he asked, huskily. "God blues
i the little jade frog."
Dust as it shifts about the street in
its millions of particles does not have
very harmful appearance.
When you look into the nature of
this same dust, however, it takes on
a different aspect.
What is street dust? A little of everything
is one answer and an answer
pecially in regard to the dust found in
I largo cities.
In its particles will be found considi
erable dried sputum as well as the
i refuse from horses and othe domestic
Women are invited to visit the lab(
oratory of the Lydia K. Pinkham M?d|
icine Co. at Lynn. Mass., and see far
themselves with what accuracy, skill
and cleanliness this wonderful remedy
for women's ailments is prepared
Over 350,000 pounds of roots and herbs
are used annually in making this fa
j mous medicine. The great bins of
j herbs, the huge tanks filled with the
I medicine ready to be bottled, and the
bottling room where it is put up and
labelled for the market, cannot help
but impress them with the reliability
of this good, old-fasliloned root and
herb remedy, which for the past forty
years has been so successful in the
home treatment of female ills.
7 Ves.TUEN cjoy HOME I'M S
-J The wofksT LoottitJG $ apcsiu
6I6HT6 I Evef? SAW- Jg
_ I 'up IUCT r'Ai.crt ILL Jit
? i
Du8t in rooms Is often quite as forbidding,
containing specks of dried,
dead Bkin. particles of clothing, mold
spores, bits of furniture and decayed
Often all the evils of street dust are
added to the mixture found indoors.
It there is sickness in the house of a
contagious or Infectious nature, the
germs of the disease also will be found
i n ttia rlnel nn,l nix tinlnSn n?nnt ...
in iuc uuoi out* ? * uuiciTB (jicat, care
Is taken.
In an investigation of street dust one
investigator recently put out culture
plates in various parts of New York
city. These plates, each 3V4 inches
in diameter, were exposed for a period
of five minutes.
In Central Park, near the street, 439
colonies of germs were collected. In
a large dry goods store near Union
square only 139 groups of germs were
found, while on a street which was
being swept a total of 5810 was found.
While these germs in tho air are
not necessarily harmful, yet accumulations
of them on fruits or food are apt
to produce disastrous results.
Attending F. H. S.
A number of local students attend i
the Fairmont high schcol each year.
Among those who attended the first
clay of school yesterday wero Raymond
f-'alvali, Mathew Turkovich, Shelait
Baker. Mary Turkovich, Tony Dec.crio
and Pnuline Davis. Two of these, Raymond
Salvati and Mathew Turkovitch
will graduate this year. Catharine
Gaskins nd Virgini Robinson graduated
in the A. Brooks Fleming class of
Grading for Read.
Most of the grading tor the new
road that is being constructed out
Camden avenue has been completed.
The Camden avenue road that is being
built will connect Worthington
with Fairmont.
School Starts Monday.
Announcement has been made that
tne Thoburn high school will open on
Monday, September 24 Last year tho
school had a total enrollment of 52,
which number will be greatly increased
when school opens next Monday.
School will start In the usual rooms
over the Martin Grocery store and
will continue there until the newbuilding
is constructed.
J. R. Lake was among the Monongah
business transactors in Fairmont this
Mrs. Tony Chirmo was in Fairmont
yesterday evening as a social caller.
Morris Silverman was in Fairmont
yesterday afternoon attending to bus
Denztl Shaver was among the Monongah
business callers in Fairmont
yesterday evening.
Duff Morris was a social caller out
of town yesterday evening.
Ernest Riggins was among the local
people in Fairmont yesterday.
Ora Spragg was in Fairmont yesterday
evening as a social caller.
Miss Kate Price returned to her
work this morning after a vacation of
about two weeks. She is employed
by the Universal Products Company
of Fairmont.
Have yon
tour food will continue to disagree
with you, and cause dis:
rass until you strengthen your
digestive organs, and tone and
sweeten the stomach. You can
cio this quickly and surely by
oromptly talcing a few deses of
Their natural action relieves
the stomach of undigested food,
stimulates the flow of gastric
i juice, renews the activity of
j the liver and bowels, and
strengthens the digestive system.
Take them with confidence,
for 60 years' experience
prove that Beecham's Pills
Are good for
i the Stomach
ILaraett Sale of Any Medicine in the World.
Sold every where, in bozo, 10c.. 25c.
O oLAO "iOO A IE A 6IG i
3 MAM MR. l?USWELu ) ( ,V J
>E SOU HAVE A BkS ,J < / J
NOuK HANOi - !i (/
Room. MR Duff IS i W* / <
in there K L I
A ^ T"PV n
/f (i " V !
P \Jl
A! "
"Most Royal Thing to Labor."
Alexander the Great, reflecting on
his friends degenerating into slotli and
luxury, told them that It was a most
slavish thing to luxuriate and a most
royal thing to labor.?Isaac Barrow.
Klondike in Every Back Yard.
What n supply of nnilli-millionalres
we would have if people could find
gold as easily ns they Had fault.?The
Christian Herald.
Grafton, West Vs.?"I was very siol
with kidne;
I JgSa?65?Bk trouble and atom
?' SB ac'1 troub'e afte
| aC fgi typhoid fever
f S7 _ Could not eat any
S" thine without i
/&SK1 y? /ftsgy.. would hurt me
soarce'y ?bl
'fyfk/iM J ' to walk for abou
fifteen months ant
iWw-'fW/i'/Y](V/v///^was very w eak ant
111' vaxbIiJi'II*' ^nervous. Afte
'li IjSm/fir t taking one bottt
fiK ' ?f Doctor Pierce';
Vy Golden Medica
Discovery I began to feel better, ant
liter taking six bottles I can now ea
inything I want and feel just fine
i Am doing all my housework which
I jrobably never would have been abl
o do had it not been for Dr. Pierce'
I nedicine."?Mrs Enoch Satterfield
i '.12 St. John St., Grafton, West Va.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
tovery is a tonic and builder that bring
lew activity to the liver, stomach am
lowels in a short time, thus causinj
tallowness, Indigestion and constipa
ion to disappear,
j Good blood means good health; goot
j lealth means strong men ahd womer
\ tall of vigor and ambition, with mind
| ilerf. and muscles ever willing. An;
! nedicine dealer will supply you wit
1 dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discover;
j n either liquid or tablet form. Sen
o Dr. Tierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalc
j ST. Y., for free book.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medics
idviser?a great doctor book?of 100
)agcs, cloth bound?answers many Im
Jortant questions. Copy will be sen
ior 3 dimes (or stamps) to pay wrap
?lng and mailing charges.
Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regu
ate and invigorate stomach, liver an
| bowels. Sugar-coated and easy to tak
; |? candy.
I[ ???????????) M/-)<
Vou SAH "TheS walked / 0o<
frcm THE. OE.A ^
1 1 11 i in ii
four presence is respecl
requested at our
Fall Openin
Style SHom
'hursday, September Tv
Nineteen hundred sevente<
Two until five o'clock
Ttri. t:: ? .L. !" y miw
Do You Aiwa
^ ?
* j P. S.?This is yo
t I
8 ' ~
i! cjy
i v&Ty disco
'! V o u c
i Ewtlf '-ii?
11 IM*
7 i ipm^Eii!BMSS3wSB3BHBSSS^!3
y Ifc '&M d4?Se^SSfi-vffffM-dlral
vi B r
of this newspaper and secure the $3. voli
I MAIL ORDERS?Same terms as above. Be i
3 n 8 rents extra within 150 miles: He. 150 to 300
0 Bf amt. to includo for 4 lbs. Address this newxpaj
w a. . -r..? ...ah"! I I... . - ?
- ---
meTTI 1
^ I I
tys Insist on 1
lSK 1
mcrs CO. 1
' Jl
ur protection. |j
iii i ^1
'The* West Virginian " jf
Fairmont, W. Va.
Thij hook rovers the entire history of tht
war up to the official announcement of
America'? entry into the great conflict.
Contains almost 600 illustrations from
photographs, maps and charts. CO magnificent
full-pane color plate*. Site 8x
10V4 inches, 428 pages, beautifully bound
in a rich blue art vellum.
But readers of this newspaper can clip and
as $1.50 towards the payment of Uus$0?
making a cash outlay of only $1.60.
As the cost of printing, paper and binding
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to secure an additionalaupply of books?
We reserve the right to discontinue this
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I with $1.50 IN CASH at the office
ime at once.
ure to enclose the Discount voucher and ' ,
mi.; (or greater distances ask poetaaatar

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