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headliner8 tonight.
Musical Comedy.
?Uppodrome Schultz's Cabaret
Ev'f * Photoplaya.
y- ' Nelson Victor of the Plot
Male The False Friend
Princess MIsa Nobody
J-i-i RCE, there la nothing so terrible I
I at a woman's wrath?even when
? lt'a screen wrath.
Tiring Cummlngs, the well known
William Fox player, who la now appeering
In "Wrath of Love," In which
Virginia Pearson Is starred, has been
in many a film fight, but never has
been thra and battered as In the tussle
with Miss Pearson in that film.
Not that Miss Pearson was really
t;,\ angry; she could hardly keep rroin
laughing as she mussed up Mr. Cumznings
hair, made scars on his cheeks
and pulled his collar off.
Mr. Cummings insists he was never
so thoroughly mauled in his life. The
fact that the Btar who was doing it
wasn't angry did not detrac t from its
_? effectiveness.
Being naturally gallant, Cummings
didn't "return the compliment" with as
much zest as if his opponent had been
a man. Then, too, the star was his
wife, so far as the picture was con
jcerned, laboring under a lit of Jealousy.
But he did ward oil the attacks
as well as possible aud tear her gown
since the scenario called for it.
After it was all over, Mr. Cummings
i,' sat down to get his breath. He confided
to some other men in the cast that
when there is any scrapping to be
done hereafter he hopes it will be a
man. He would then feel at home and
more at liberty to return "tit for tat."
Good Ones at the Nelson.
(This is "Stingaree" day at the Nelson.
The title of the drama Is the
"Jackaroo" and features True Board
man in an excellent role which be
handles with bis usual vim and im
parts to the production a quality which
he alone is able to do.
A thrilling three reel drama bearing
the title "The Victor of the Plot," is
Interpreted by Bessie Eyton and a capable
cast. The Btory is of English
army life in India and has many t"nse
moments and a superb setting.
A Pokes and jabs comedy, "The
Rest Cure" is a Jaxon production that
Insures a period ot continuous laughs.
Burns and Stull are the featured com
S edians.
*8ehultz'a Cabaret" at Hipp Tonight.
All the principals in the production
of "Madam, Excuse Me," which was
repeated last night, scored even a
greater triumph than on the previous
night. A large matinee audience witnessed
the performance in the afternoon
which was again largely made up
of women and it Is evident from the
fact that the amusement loving public
Is fast realizing that the charI
acter and quality of Manager Burka's
bookings are devoid of the slightest
objectionable features Kuof's Pretty !
Babies are presenting a series 01
sparkling comedies well intersperseu
with catchy songs and pleasing novel
ties. Tonight a new bill will he presented.
Joe Fields will be seen in one
of his most delightful impersonations
and Lew Trumpetter Is cast in a pleasing
role that will add to the popularity
gained by him In the opening program.
The chorus will introduce a
pretty wardrobe and tuneful numbers,
while Miss Maitland, who is styled
the prettiest girl in vaudeville, and
Vera Leahy, the dainty soubrette will
appear in new specialties.
? yiaoys i-iuieue in Gripping Play.
"Miss Nobody," a five act drama featuring
Gladys Hulette is showing at
the Princess today. The story, which
? abounds in originality, grips the spectator's
lntercstest from the introduction
of the characters to the climax.
It shows thoughtful work on the part
of the author who has injected unusual
twists and complications that come
as complete surprises, heighten the
jsuspense and rivet the attentions all
the more securely. No attempt will
be made to detail these twists here as
full justice could not be done their
value to the plot, which revolves
around a young girl who, when a baby,
was left in the care of two partners
_ ^ in a pawnbroking establishment. She
I is receiving her education at a fashionable
school, and to stop the taunts of
her school mates, she demands from
her guardians Information as to ber
parentage. They invent the story that
she is the daughter of an carl. She
is Immediately taken up by society,
and gets into trouble innocently. Matters
are all cleared up when it is found
that she is the daughter of a nobleman
Miss Hulette displays her usual
charm and ability, which is praise indeed.
Good characterizations are contributed
by Cesare Gravina and A. G.
Andrews, and Sidney Mather is adequate
in an easy role. William Parke.
Jr., looks too young for bis part.
Gale Kane and Robert Warwick.
"The False Friend" at the Dixie today,
is a drama of love and perfidy
with a hero who is noble, but misunderstood.
The scenes, which by the
way, are exceedingly well directed
and photographed, begin with Columbia
university and end with a hunting
; . lodge in the mountains, with a gener
ons amount of burglaries, lovers' quarrels,
and murders in between. The
Y method of the false friend to discredit
the hero is at least ingenious for all
Us villainy. He forces a servant who
f is In power to drug his friend's coffee
and then "plants" a hypodermic needle
near hisiunconsclous body to give the
impression that he is a drug fiend.
Discredited by the evidence, the innocent
man sinks lower and lower until
he suddenly feels a desire to reform
and wins back his self respect by fell-!
ing timber. Meanwhile his sweetheart i
has married the false friend, but a
struggle in the dark and a bullet from
the treacherous servant disposes of
the superfluous husband and the hero
is left to his Just reward.
Robert Warwick plays the part of;
the misjudged hero with dignity and
f-. resignation. Gall Kane is charmingly
affective as the heroine in a series of
becoming costumes. The most effective
touch In the entire play is given
bf Pina Nesb.'t as the adventuress.
fmn yjong actress combines unusual
frUtiMiBI 'L"_I i
I1 vT>?* ^ _
fl K| B
. , -> r
Douglas Fairbanks, daredevil, is c
here shown making a flying leap of *
fourteen feet from the porch to his j
horse. To do it, he got a running i
start from inside the house. ?
Fairbanks is a student of the Kan- (
i tian form Of philosophy?the will to 1
screen magnetism with a peculiar type
! of beauty.
?Charlie Chaplin is booked at the
Dixie today as au added attraction.
?The $10,000 Beauty" Company \
has already been olfered two engage- ,
ments, but Manager Jacobs has not
yet decided to accept them. The com- (
pany is putting in six hours f- day re- '
hearsing a new skit and will likel> be 1
ready tor the roail next week. 1
?Vivian Martin, Paramount star, is j
going in tor a little of this character!
alion stun at which Cieorge Beban .
has been so successful. Miss Martin ,
is now hard at work on an liisn pro |
auction under the direction of Hubert ,
Thorn by. 'there will be no pigs in .
the parlor and no shillalah hanging (
above the mantle piece, But there will
be a g"od deal of brogue scattered j
arounu ihe studio before the picture ;
is completed. y
?Tom Formau who has done such 1
clever work in recent Paramount pic :
tures, took the examination for the (
rank of non-commissioned officer in i 1
the Coast Artillery Federal Reserve ii: j 1
which he enlisted some time ago. ami 11
passed with a rating ot U2 per cent '
i'ointan is already a private at the tirst '
class with special rating as a gunner,
lie seems to be hitting the bull's eye
with the same accuracy which marked j'
Ins hilling or the popular fancy as a r
screen player.
f [ I1
7^: *
i C&W ~ B0LGR4P
/ S>?
a nigni 01 iuuu mues, iiuiu too uauube
to Saloniki and return, twice over
tow German fronts is the war aviation
record set by Lieutenant ImoliauoB.
Russian airman. He made the o'JUmile
return trip from Saioniki to bis
base at Bolgrad, a vilage on the Russian
side o fthe Danube, in eight houis
He reports a firm morale among the
Russian contingents on the Macedor.
ian front.
Nature Needs Assist
In ?
A little help goes a long wayB. i
If you would keep your body in a s
healthy and robust condition, throb- t
bing with that splendid vitality that r
indicates freedom from all ailments,
first of all see that your blood is s
kept pure. Any slight impurity that f
creeps bito your blood will soon effect i
the well-being of your whole system, i
A few bottles of S. S. S. will give a
just the assistance that nature needs|c
Another of the Stingaree series
reels of thrilling comedy in which th<
play. You will like this picture.
A gripping story of military life c
has plenty to recommend it in style
has not been neglected.
Best cure we know of for the hit
comedy. Novel situations and surpi
,1 . [i i nriftiiftlgiiL.ii rn
ie west virginian?f
:h if you eliminate f
!o. Very seldom does ho fall In anyhing
he sets out to accomplish. He
s more daring than any circus athete,
and through his stunts has injectid
a new element into motion pictures
omedy. Doug is the most democratic
if ail high paid stars.
His salary is ten thousand dollar
John B. Sydsnstrlcker, president ol
he Greenbrier County Shorthorn As
iociation recently sold his three year
>ld cattle and a twenty eight months
>ld steer topped his entire herd of 100
-attle. The steer was raised on the
UhLaughliti farm at .Maxwellon, this
ounty says the West Virginia News
rom a three year old heifer raised iu
, -V.WUWU uuuuij UJ tt UUIIOWUJ- Dull
frol grade shorthorn cow. His aire
>vas Sultan, the registered short horn
)ull on the McLaughlin farm at Max
velton. He was roan in color but was
without horns, showing his Gallowa:
At ten months of age he weighed
100 pounds, at Id niontns he weigUed
1000 pounds and at eighteen months,
vhen sold by the McLaughlin iarm his
vfeight was ilju. On August y, when
iold by Mr. Sydenatricker at US months
>ld, he weighed 1410 pounds. It pays
;o use registered sires. The mother
was raised near JJunmore, and was
sold by E. N. Moore to Lhesney Light
ler wnen a yearling. She was adark
jrown muley with no white.
This letter from the Braxton Demo
:rat explains itself. Editor Democrat:
?1 am going to sand you a little true
nake story. Mr. JticEiwee lias been
inving me in Wis Eord car and we
have neen working the upper end oi
Pocahontas county. Yesterday alterrioon,
four miles below Dunmore, on
Browns creek, as we were driving
ilong the road we noticed something a
little distance ahead. Of course, we
joth tried to see a snake. Any way,
Mr. MeElwee rushed on it with the
:ar and the two right wheels went ov?r
it as it lay on the hard road. By
the time we struck the snake 1 had
I a ucning is
I unnecessary!
a stops it quickly
It Is a positive fact that the
9 moment Resinol touches any
a itching skin, the itching usually
stopsandhealingbegins. Unless
the trouble is due to some serious
j internal condition, it quickly
? clears away all trace of eczema,
ringworm, pimples, .or similar
tormenting, unsightly eruption,
leaving theskinclearandhealthy.
Doctors prescribe Resinol widely.
?o when you try it, you areujinga remedy
of proven value. Sold by all druggists
Leening You Well
n keeping the blood absolutely free
if all impurities. This old remedy is
1 wonderful purifier and tonic, and
las no equal for keeping the blood
ich and pure. It builds up the apletite
and tones up the entire system.
S. S. S. is sold by druggists everyvhere.
It has been successfully used
or more than fifty years, and people
n practicauy every state testily to
ts great worth. Write for booklets
:nd free medical advice to Swift Speific
Co., Dept. E Atlanta. Ga,
SON Today
featuring True Boardman In two
a western dare devil spirit has full
if the English in Inda. A novel that
and text, and in which the filming
ies is this reel of Pokes and Jabbs
rises keep one guessing and laughelf,"
a Paramount drama with
and A Mutual Weekly.
EAR -jf
a week yet there Is no frill about
Fairbanks. He has hoboed all over
the world and has learned, he says,
that money doesc not make the man.
The movie industry is indebted to
him for raising picture comedy from
the ruck of "custard pies" to the dignity
of real acting.
my door open and was out of the car
and back to the spot pefore the car
was stopped. I found a very unpleas!
ant odor and some awful rattling. The
snake had left the road and was in
j the edge of the woods where I succeed
JtrjjTt o ^
I'' V3T n\\
; *y$w!
I k?z.\
. m A
\ i (
v ? /
\V f/|
't -J
<$> <o
I ? T
|1 j: N
i i > i !
. v
1 ' ;
e\ '
r. r>
* I1
'\ r
<\ p
n P
<\ "
N <
<\ ?
? ?
- :*
> r
* ' ' l
j felAbV
A~-s ^
ed In finishing It with a dob. It wma
48 Inches In length and very heavy.
with 13 rattlers and one button. I
*111 show you the musical part of it
In a few days. W. -R. PIERSON. Jr.
A. A. Fellows, 1515 Washington St..
will leave In a few days for South
America In accordance with his annual
fall custom. He will travel through
the wildest parts of the country In
a wagon In which he will carry goods
to sell or trade to the natives. He
will go from Charleston to Orlando.
Fla., and from that city to Tampa,
from which place he will sail to Havana.
Cuba. He will cover Cuba In bis
wagon and when his route through the
island Is completed be will go to
Kingston, Jamaica. He will then sail
to Central America where he will
plunge Into the forests, traveling inland
and toward the south. "In this
part of the world," says Mr. Fellows,
"the natives make a living by trapping
and raising bananas. Upon my arrival
in Brazill find a beautiful level and
fertile country of perpetual summer,
where one may see thousands of cattle
and sheep grazing in the meadows
Brazil has a still greater area than
the United States, a fact not generally
known. 1 nthe larger towns one finds
beautiful building of the old Spanish
type with balconies hanging over the
narrow streets.
There are no sidewalks to the narrow,
muddy streets, which are lined
with curio stores, where darkeyed
Spanish girls salute you as you enter.
In the rural districts the children wear
only a girdle fastened about the waist.
Traveling along the roads of Central
America, one may see monkeys, parrots,
huge snakes, birds of beautiful
plumage and wonderful insects. Alligators
lie upon the bknks of the small
and swampy streams and sun themselves
on the hot Bands."
Fellows will carry with him, as upon
his former trips through this wild and
only partly settled country, a ham
Of the New
hursday, S<
levealing a Weal
Coats, Gowns,
and Mi
An Assemblag
From the Fo
Centers of t
You Are Most (
"Style Without
322 MA1I
."T.-1. -11 i itnin^ ff'V.W i'ii>M"ii iliWi
mock which ha swings between two
bamboo treat, well up from the ground
to that he will not be molested from
snakes and wild anlmala. In addition
to this he carries a small cooking outtit
with him and clothes adapted to
wear In that country beyond the
He says he finds ready sales for his
wares among the natives and that they
treat him kindly. He expects to remain
In South America until May.
John M. Williams, of Organ Cave,
presented the West Virginia N>?.,
A Place of Clean An-user
IN our effort to correc
the character and <
furnished at uiis theati
fined feminine patrons
ment, we are putting tl
the women themselves.
Tonight at 7:45 ai
Pretty Babies present
A Show of Dash and Spark
Prices, Matinees at 3,
Coming Soon ? THE
Fall Modes
^ptember 21
1th of New Suits,
Dresses, Furs
;e of Fashions
remost Style
he Country
Cordially Invited
1 UA IV, < J A
i published it Roneeverts with ft turnip
th*t welched four end one-halt pounds.
It measured 20 Inches one way and
20 1-2 Inches the other. Mr. Williams
says he has a dozen or more almost
as large. It proved to be of go>J V
flavor and one-half of It made a mess. !
This vegetable was grown on Mr. WitHams'
place on top of Organ Cave.
Eddie Murphy may prove the pinch ' f
hitting wonder o fthe scries. Ed lie
has won more gamps by his pinch
hits this year than any other Amert- ,
. can league bench warmer.
ie Theatre
nent for the Whole Family. *|
it an erroneous idea that
juality of entertainment
e does not appeal to re- ,
i of progressive amusetie
matter squarely up to
id 9:00 Arthur Roofs '
t ;
; Cabaret"
le?Refined Mualcal Comedy.
15c; Night 15c and 25c.
1Q) jsrsST
? * ! /.
" *
* "
<v ?
, ,
? " '
"N r
, .
? .
" : !
r, *

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