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H Council and House of Delegates
to Held Sessions
Sessions Will last Until Noon.
I,, on Thursday?at the
The hotels oi the city are raj :dl;
iSv filling up with physicians trmn '.an - ;
OUB parts of the state v. ho bare touic
here to attend the annual > ag oi'
the assocailion which ....< o, .ai-ed \
?r- In this city fifty yen i.,.".
Many hotel rc: ."y.-.r .
.. weeks in advance and tlio. ? ia chary.
1*.. of the convention arrangements be-!
lleve that by touiorro.v the. > will 1
upwards of 150 or S00 pit; riciav.
As a prelude to the general asscutSSj?
biage a meeting or tne I'buucil and j
House of Delegates will be held tin
.< evening at the h'airniont. members o. !
! these bodies having arrived here dur-j
leg the day.
The council convenes on the mer.: - '
nine floor at eight o'clock and the!
? House ol Delegates will assemble rt
? -' 8:30 o'clock in the assembly room < >
the Fairmont, which hotel will he the
headquarters tor the convention.
The convention proper will start rh
v tomorrow at nine o'clock and will i>".
called to order by the president. J. i: J
...r Rad'er, ot' Huntington. Mayor An- |
~V tbo'ny Bowcu will deliver the address
I of welcome cn the part of tho city and ]
Pr.'C. 0. Henry will welcome the del-)
is -' (Frigates lor the Mr.rlon'Cottnty Medic:.I
* society.
W\. A feature of the Tuesday morning
ft! Session will be the address by Dr. H.
f""ri L. Atnoss, of New York, on poliomyei;
litis. Other physicians will discuss
this subject during this sesion, among
mk the number being A. S. Bosworth, of
Ulkins, and Wm. C. Ejzler. of tVheel?lng.
The sessions will conclude with the
ftji, Thursday morning session, at which
time officers will be elected and a
juace of meeting for 101S will be dejjgsi/
cided upon.
The local physicians have made!
elaborate plans for the entertainment ,
' of the physicians and their ladies and
the deather permitting, their stay ic
this city should be both profitable and
I ' entertaining.
Among prominent delegates alii^,
ready register)! are Dr. J. E. Rader.
president or the a^socaition; Dr. L. T.
Vinson. Huntington: Dr. John E. I
? Cannaday. chairman state council of
i;y . defense. Charleston. IV. Va.: Dr. T
K. Oalces. Martlnsburg; Dr. McClunc. '
. Rlchwood.
I mil's aim ,
Mrs. Dunham of East Run.
Thrown on Her
Driving a car on which th<* steering
kv Wheel failed to work properly proved
a very trying experience for a man
. named Dunham, who resides at East
|Vv' Run, near Farmington. for on SatP?;
urday night at 8:30 o'clock it ran
amuck on Tenth street and collided
K3&; with an iron pole. Hi= wife was
L. thrown out of the machine and landed
on the top of her head, striking the
I - roa J wan> tilnlonilv attrl n a rocnU
I A IUOU iCi.T ??!'-* oo " 'VOUII
a Jump about the sue of an egg was
raised on tbe top of her head.
Neither Dunham nor his two children
were Injured. The accident happened
on Tenth street at a point near
jj the Cooperative store. Mrs. Dunham
vl was picked up and carried Into the
kf; Tenth Street Pharmacy where the
/ Injury was dressed.
5 JiC One Bide of the car was slightly
damaged. It is said that Mr. Dunham
| had purchased his car only on TuesM
-. ' , . ff
PETROGRAD. Oct. 1.?Russian
troops have made another advance in
the Riga region, according to today's
W War office announcement. German
J . posts were pressed back south of the
J railway In the Spitals farm sector, the
Russians advancing between 800 and
3 1,000 yards.
K r The. West Vi
I -||M? .
f JUT M. JL A WA 1.X A
Braxton County Does Not
Seem the Same to Many
Tusca Jlorrls who relumed jester
eav from Sutton where he had been
with a party of local men on a fishing
trip, is the champion lishciniau, ac
cording to reports brought home by
the party. Mr. Morris succeeded in
handing a pike measuring II inches and
this is said to be the biggest fish i
caught in this section in many years. I
According to the story brought back
by the local men. this fish has been the
despair for years oi the natives ol
Braxton county, who have endeavored
by all the wiles of the fisherman to
land it. One man 89 years of age is
aid to have spent practically all his
time for many years in efforts to land
thin fish and was much chagrined when
he found another than himself had
been the successful angler The man
ssld in no soft language that the
strangers had come out there and
?_*iught "his fish."
The head of the trophy w?.s brought
l uck to this city by the gentlemen wlio
returned last evening, though the
greater part of its anatomy was conMimed
by the fishermen themselves.
1 he party which was composed or
Messrs. Morris. .1. O. W atson. Clement
Shaver and Dr. \V. H. Sands report a
fine trip.
UUifUil HI UHlfll LLC
These Men Are Now in the
National Army lor
It will not be necessary lor the local
draft board to forward additional men
to Camp Lee to make up tor any inefLcienta
among the thirty Fairmont
men in the first quota, as they have all
passed the physical examinations required
and are in active service. In
other words they have passed the last
possibility of being exempted and have
no more examinations of any kind to
worry over.
The report from the examination was
received by Captain Kemble White of
'he local board this morning. The Information
was sent out from Camp Lee
1-y Chief Mustering Officer Fitzhugh
The local board received credit for
the thirty men as well as credit for
Lieut. Homer Barnes, making in all.
mil -yuc Buiuiers inai nave Deen
marked up on the government's records
for Fairmont.
War Y. M. C. A. Staff
Gets Orders to Move
Word has been received at the Y. M.
C. A. that the local army Y. M. C. A.
staff under the direction of General
Secretary James W. Klght will leave
Fairmont on Thursday evening fot
Montgomery. Ala. The members ol
the stalT are: Jas. W. Kight, general
secretary: Rev. J. C. Broomfield. In
charge of the religious work; John
Reed, physical director; Mr. Faw at
the head of the educational work and
another general assistant from Ken
Because of certain movements ol
the troops there has been considerable
delay in getting the local staff to the
southern camp, but It now seems cer
tain that they will leave here on
Thursday evening, arriving at Mont
gomery, Ala., on Saturday.
rginian is The Qua
I Snou; Fell
In Randolph
Co. Sunday
CLARKSBIRG. Oct. 1.?Auto- |
mobile tourists returning here today
from Rich mountain, Randolph
county, report a fall of snow there
i whii h made, the ground white.
This is tno nrsi snow lan roporto<l
this season in West Vir- ;
! ginia.
I Foreigners From Wendall
Mines Are Sent to
j .
Mike Pasekla, Charles Vukeman and
: John Gramas, foreigners, who hail
from Wendall Mines, Taylor county,
entered a plea of guilty before Justice
Conaway on the charge of carrying i
liquor front one point to the other In J
the state late Saturday afternoon. They
were sentenced to pay a fine of ilUO
each and undergo imprisonment in tbo
Marion county jail two months.
J. H. Martin, an American, who was
(he chauffeur of the automobile conveying
the party, and George Rubicn,
one of the occupants of the machine.
I were dismissed on the motion of the
i prosecuting attorney's office.
Deputy Sheriff Hood caught the parI
ty by stringing his auto broadside
across the road. Twenty quarts of
I whiskey was confiscated. The men
j were returning from Point Marion. Pa.,
j 'O Wendall Mines, having been pass!
tug through Fairmont when they were
] defected. I.ater their arrest near Wat,
i on followed.
'mi WINE
Two East Siders Paid $11
Each for Getting Too
Much of It.
Charged with being drunk, disorder:* ,
and for mistreating their horses, G.
W. Smith and his son, Earl Smith, seriously
objected to the payment of a 511
fine imposed upon them at police court
tl.is morning. At first it appeared as
if they were not going to fork over the
money, but when it came time to go
tack to jail they came across with 522
ond were dismissed.
Smith and his son were arrested yesterday
afternoon upon the complaint
oi residents on Diamond street. They
were brought to the city Jail by Officer
Conner* and City Policeman Ward,
where they spent the night. When
questioned as to where they got their
intoxicants, they Baid they had been
I drinking gome elderberry wine, which
i they had made themselves.
| When assessed Jll each for the three
' offenses, they seemed very much sur1
prised and contended that they had
1 been mistreated.
\ PETROGRAD. Oct. 1.?The RueI
sian capital Is preparing seriously to
' resist air raids. A series of observation
posts within a radius of 200
' | miles has been established, airplanes
;are on duty and arrangements made
l I for darkening the city when the ap
proach of enemy airmen is announced j
by the blowing of sirens.
lity Newspaper of F
The West Virginian Will See
That It Is Placed Right
in His Hands.
One of the first things the American
BOldierM found when thrv
In France was that the French tobacco
would not do. Frantic appeals
were sent to friends and relatives on
this side to send on some smokes.
Some of those appeals have reached
Fairmont and some tobacco already
has been sent from this city to young
men in the Expeditionary force. But
although the amount sent in each case
was large, considering the distance,
it will be merely a drop in the bucket.
Before the craving for American tobacco
can be satisfied there will have
to he a supply large enough for all
the smokers in the army on the other
The government has recognized
this to the extent of getting the
French government to admit the tobacco
free of duty and a number of
newspapers .among them The West
Virginian, have arranged with the
American Tobacco company to take
charge of getting the tobacco into the
hands of the soldiers.
At first it was thought that it would
be possible for people acting through
the newspapers and the Tobacco company
to send tobacco direct to particular
soldiers, hut It has been found
that this cannot be done. The nearest
approach to the personal touch is
a postal card which is enclosed in
each of the puckages or tobacco upon
which the recipient will write an acknowledgement.
Under this plan
every one who buys a 25 cent package
of toliaceo in tint" will receive
through the mails one of these cards
indicating that the quarter's worth of
comfort has leached an American soldier
on the battle front, anil that it
has made hiin happy Such cards
ought to make most interesting mementos
of America's participation in
the war.
The plan operates in this way: If
you feel inclined to send smokes to
the soldiers give The West Virginian
twenty-five cents?you can give as
much more as you want to. but twenty-five
cents will be enough?and The
West Virginian will turn It over to
the Americsn Tobacco company which
will send one carton containing two
packages of cigarettes, three packages
of a popular granulated smoking
tobacco and one package of another
kind of smoking tobacco together
with a suitable amount or cigarette
papei>s and the return card to France,
where it wilt be placed in the hands
of a soldier by representatives of the
Tobacco company who are already in
France doing this work. The retail
value of the tobacco in the carton,
which by the way i? most attractively
put up, is 4 T. cents. The difference
between the price contributed and the
retail price together with the expense
of getting the tobacco to the place
where it will do the most good is the
American Tobacco company's patriotic
contribution to the cause. The
West Virginian's share in the enterprise
Is to stir up the public to the
need of tobacco for the Expeditionary
forces and to gather In the quarters.
Your share, Mr. Man. and Madam,
is to provide the quarters. Kick In
without delay. It is an easy and cheap
way of doing a whole lot of good.
Bring or send the money to the office.
Two Y??nr OIH Onlv Patipnf
at Traction Park Institution.
Nicholas Mittico, aged two years
and six months, is the only patient at
the Traction Park hospital. Lena
Fraze, of Mtddleton. and Mary Compalte,
of Monongah, were taken from
the hospital to their homes on Saturday.
Both were treated with serum,
and when taken home had entirely
recovered from any poliomyelitis effects.
Dr. Peter Noe, Jr.. has set no definite
date at which he will close the
hospital, but it Is probable that the
little child now confined there will
have recovered sufficiently to go
home by Friday or Saturday of this
Already a course of fumigation has
teen started, getting ready for the
v/? wiv nvcfiiut "?ic| iu LUC
All of the patients will be at the
hospital again tomorrow for the clinic
Dr. Noe 1b holding for the physicians
who will be In Fairmont to attend
the first session of the State Medical
A Wise Prayer. :
Glee os what Is good, whether we
pray for It or not: arid aver: from as
the evil, eren If we pray for i ?Prayer
of Socrates. I
airmont?All the Cot
- )
Grace Cole, prima donna soprano, i
vho will Bine at the Grand Onpra .
Mouse on Wednesday night for the j
American Red Cross society, is personally
known to many Fairmont people.
Miss Cole has studied extensively
abroad and had received recognition
in the old countries before the war
brought her again to America.
The reserved seat sale for the consliisiTiTi
? i
Local Association >Vill Hold
Meeting Tomorrow Evening.
It Is probable that the annual con
vention of the West Virginia Women's
Kqual Suffrage association will be held
in this city. A request has been re !
ceived by the local suffrage organiza I
tion from the state president, Mrs. j
l enna Lowe Yost, of Morgantown, that :
they invite tbe convention to meet i
here some time in October or Novem\er
of this year. I
To consider this proposition a meet- ]
ing of all those Interested in suffrage
will be held tomorrow evening at 7:30 j
o'clock in the rest room in the Marion |
county court house. All those interest-:
ed in the affair are invited to be pres- \
The reorganization ot the local asso- :
ciation will be made at this meeting. '
officers will be elected and other mat- j
ters of business transacted.
The state association has not held
r meeting since the last presidential
election but will from now on reorganize
forces and get down to work.
First of the Classes For the
Women Will be Held
The first gymnasium classes of the
winter season will meet in the Y. M.
C. A. gymnasium this afternoon. The
classes this afternoon and this evening
will be entirely for the members
of the Y. M. C. A. The gymnasium
will firafr hft ononed fnr tho mPmhnrc
of the women's branch tomorrow!
Members of the two associations
have been making inquiries at .the office
concerning the official opXiing of
the gymnasium for weeks past ami;
it is very probable that the first class-1
es will be well crowded.
The gymnasium has been put In tip j
top condition and everything is reedy ]
for the big schedule and some big winter
athletic exhibitions
nmunity's Importan
V /*; j'-. fa'
???? ' >wUV ., , V r _ Ja
' Cole
'* " v '
:<V"- ' * "
O ??. I
rert began at nine o'clock this morning /]
nt the A. G. Martin and Company book
ptore on Main street. A long line of
I riirrluiaorfl mora r\n Kan/I 41?
, . ? tiv.w W" lltVUfl BUCIl lUO
I clock etri)ck the hour. The sale of '
i tickets by young women of the organl|
aztion is continuing with prospects o^
j a splendid sale. ! >?, r>p r/
Board Held Sessions at The/
Fairmont This Morning
Thirty Five Try.
Thirty-four nurses today took the
slate examination for registered nurses '
at The Fairmont. The examinations j ,
were started this morning and came to ,
a close shortly after noon. <
Those who are taking the examine-,
tions are as follows:
Georgia Laughlin, Parkersburg;
Laura Baker, Fairmont: Amy C. McKee,
Mary D. Vance, Alvina M. Giffin,
Julia K. Johnson and Mary Offner, all
of Keyser; Blanche Bailey and Mary '
1.. White, both of Richfood; Agnes F.
tLubank, Huntington: Anna Harris,
Myrtle Harris, Katherine Zimmer.
Bertha E. Bradfeld. all of Charleston; j
Grace M. Dunning, Wheeling; Hattle |
Phillips, Myrtle Bennett, Viola Bergen- |
elint and Bertha Kirkpatrick, all of i
Elkins; Mary M. Bivens, Margaret j'
Emma McClcster, Mary F. NichelBon, i
Edna B. Knod grass, Virginia Baldock, i
Jans Berthsel; Mae Lewis, Ethel Gran- i'
lilni, all of Charleston, and Pearl Reed \
end Nana Gordon, both ot Welch; j
Elizabeth Hatfield, Williamson Ella W.,
Williams,- Bessie C. Winfrey, Evaline
V. Martin and Emma A. Millet, all of
One month will elapse before the
nurses will know whether they have
passed or not. The secretary of the
btate Board ot Examiners for the Reg- '
titration of Nurses will notify them by '
letter. >
The board is composed of John E. 1
Canneday, Charleston; J. if. Sites.
Martinsburg; E. S. Bippus, JVheeling; *
r.\ K. Kcssler, Huntington, apd E. H.
Thomas. Bliiefleld. the secretary. t
T T . C
Trying Hard to
Round Up Robbers:
City officers are putting special stress
on their efforts to round up the
robbers that have been frequenting
Fairmont business places during the j
past two weeks. The latest and larg- .
est roDbery yet reported occurred on
Friday evening when the Huffman .
Jewelry store on Madison street was
entered and jewelry amounting to
$700 taken. Among the other articles
that wcer taken were two very!
valuable automatic revolvers.
The robbers made their entrance to
the store by crawling through the
trarsome o"?r the frontdoor. No ar-1
rests have yet been made. |
t People Are Its Ret
i nunnii nrnmr
LunuuiHturLt j
TTiousand Shells Hurfed In* ;|j
to Air For Every Bomb
Fifth Raid in a Week Took
Toll of a Few
(By Associated Press!
LONDON, Oct. 1.?Nine pMt
one were killed and ferty.tw#
injured in lait night'e air rald?
it is announced officially.
The official statement annau#ces
the bringing down of one Ho*,
tile machine off Dover.
LONDONt Oct. 1.?British naml air .
patrols destroyed two enemy machine#
uid brought down another, atys an of- J
licialmrinouncement. A Gotha also wan
brought down and la believed to ham
c,<.-eu damaged. All British machine#
arc safe. .
The air raid of Sunday ntgh( Urn
filth, within seven days, has, as tar as
available delaiis show, accomplished
Ufrlhing important for the enemy. Thn j
' laim that the new "air barrage" acta
as a powerful deterrent to the raidejre *51
seems to have been justified further ja
(lie lAtP&t ntt?r-U Ar? immorv?? nnwsK??
of guns of various calibres were In notion.
Indeed It was they and not the i
Invaders who were putting up t)i? '
There na> an intense and tar reed:ng
searching ot the-aisles hv alt lue "
dlrertiona, the Clashes of bursting mli- tL 1
alles showing brightly in the heavena j
notwithstanding the extreme briliianey
r>[ a full moon. Even.more Impressive
was the terrific din of the guns. j
The enormous and prolonged volume J
uf gun fire certainly was aldrming to
the civilians not accustomed1 to Tt.
& me of the high velocity weapons em- 1
ployed, detonated with a dealen.ug ~ jH
i -ash, indistinguishable by civlUane
:rom the roar ot bursting bombs. So J
great was the demand of defensive ?
shell fire that an estimate.of 1,040.
hells discharged for every bpm)>
iropped does not seem extravagant.
Almost nothing is yet Icnown'con* , - J
.-ernlng damage and casualties caused
IV the raiders. It Is said sevehat ?
bombs were dropped In Essex and Kent
Without causing casualties. -One Invader
was driven from London by the j
guns of the fleet. Southwest of.tho
capital another was seen over the ?
rhomas estuary. It was hemmed in ,
by shell fire and wriggled for hall eg J
hour trying Cor an exit from what
teemed u triangle of burstins sheila.
It finally escaped seaward. ^ :
A hair dozen bombs were dropped oa
? suburban district without causing >9
casualties or other damage. One bomb
narrowly missed striking a hospital. * |
The newspapers while commending *
ibe vigor of the defenses still call tor 1
other measures and advocates repri* .9
als on German towns. They Insist oa
this point with greater vehemence. ^ The
TimeB contends that it would be
absurd to support that'the problem of 1
successful defense had been solved. It ',
points out that tbe intense gunfire la
t>nly? partial deterrent and warns that
oir warfare is capable of Infinite ez- . .^jjH
pension and that new method! will
have to be found to combat it. The
Times advocates a great air fleet 'eg-3!
pable of carrying tbe war lnte Gee..
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1.?Petition*
com New York organizations asking he
expuiaion from the Senate of Senitors
LaFollette, of Wisconsin. Groar . /-IRM
ta. of North Dakota, and Stone, ef /
dlssourl, were presented In the 8ep> V.
te today by Senator W'adsworth. of
sew York, and rerered without action
o tho Senate privileges and electleg jf JM
The Public Library will be j j
Monday and Tueaday '
The place la to lie papered. ^ *
? > i ,
Laborers Wanted
lr. Select and Shipping Dept. Apply j 1

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