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br tb? Fairmont Printline and PublU
W. J. WIEOEL. General Uan.
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- Publication Office, Manroa
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All departments reached Circulatl
through private branch Adverts
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use tor republic-alloc of ail news crt
otherwise credited iu this newspapc
col news published herein. Ail right
ot special dispatches herein are also
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Street. Chicago,
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new address.
Entered in the Fualunico al Fairmont,
; second uiass matter.
Subscribers on our carrier routef
i The We.it Virginian any evening she
TERN UNION.' stale the tact and
' residence *nd a messenger will deli
your door at ouce. There Is no chi
scriber tor this service. The West
to render to its subscribers tbe best
livery service possible and this is i
t jT1 IFTY years considered as time is a
I" f least one physician who participate
k ' ti rn of the West Virginia Medical
E city fifty years ago is still alive and well
""citizen of the town?Dr. j. H. Brownli
is measured by scientific achievement thi
longest half century in medical history,
s medicine has actually been revolutionized
at which West Virginia practitioners or<
association. Previous to that time there
clans and gr?at surgeons and a record c
profession might take great pride in, bi
j a profession that depended largely upon
results. In the fifty years that have ele
has become one of the exact sciences. N
that position, it is proceeding so rapidly
f disease that even the immediate prospect
* the potentialities arc a severe tax upon t
In the very same year that the West
Association was born Joseph Lister bega
results of his experiments in antisepsis.
; same time was busy with his investigatio
until a full decade later that he felt sure
boldly announced tire germ theory whi
the basis of all modern progress. Since
followed advance with such rapidity tha
who have made a special study of medi
I more than point out a few of the more
ments, or remember any except some of t
names of the brilliant investigators who
and Liebig in the research work and sho
the discoveries of the laboratory to the
of medicine.
As medicine became more scientific th(
'went changes too. Higher educational s
manded by the medical schools, higher i
?d by the code of ethics and the fine bod
with us today is the result. It would ol
impossible to improve upon the spirit of t
sacrifice which was characteristic of the
here to lay the foundation for the splenc
which Fairmont is now host. Nor has
edge and skill increased the communit
physicians. It has, however, increased tl
their fellow men, and in welcoming the
their semi-centennial meeting the people
ize that they are welcoming one of the i
of men this or any state contains. They
honored guests. May their stay here be a
as it is certain to be to us.
A S was the case with the first Libert
in Marion county will take subscri
ond issue, the campaign in behal:
yesterday at noon and will end at midnii
to^er 27. The banks make nothing o
matter of fact, the service they render c
but they bear the expense and the addil
Editorial Comment !
on Current Subjects
H 1 - . i
confu8eo by his training.
R.;. From the Pittsburgh Dispatch.
The political economist whose first,
ftecond and third line of trenches and
route of retreat Is that precious old
"law of supply anil demand." which
\vtll lust naturally take care of everyI
thing while we are busy with other afratrt,
la having some confused sesllona
with himself. He Is confronted
pr the moat stupendous production, |
r /
^ I I -
ittiiatt^ M,y-.lt * * <??b
patriotic pnde in n
HOME." would appreciate it
'amm -r" ' ' botldl Would do SO I
u2io?SUey. will have a tendenc
? * to that extent lighte
thrown upon the ba
Manager. A minimum of $:
a?er. _ bond issue. but it
tendei*,^ there will be at lea
8traej. *S. mbscription of at h
a goal, which woult
30U0ATM iug. every one must
on Qi|(SO people must save.
a? tie when millions
I HOOml ? j ?
.- *nd prudent ream
ED PRESS. from current incomt
IXt ? no! crtirnent taking in i
r and also the lo 1 0 stimulate this
a ot republication as attractive as poss
reserved. woman. It will dr
Ive, HOBKRT 11 annually and it is c<
iSS Madison of the Secretary o(
11 L. /.... e it
I win dc iree or an
additional income t
, tayes. But these a
nee ? y) ^ the people that the (
'ft * {(>c a success. Regardin
itn .mmJu ewe ? , . ? ,
states bonds are th
ZLfa mo And ?wy.'??e a i
>k .......... X6c save the price out o
sTT8. scribes for another
alrmont) sudl ? *?* were P
l 18o
ive old u w?u u ( <' I HE poor al
1 a moth eat
We?* Virginia, ea i much prac
stern a reality now
-1 dreds of years ago.
?"ft There are poor a
iPER CALL time 0f grea, jndus
three jobs for even
UTS!-"*? of the Attoclaled C
give name and win,er yesterday, ai
Iver a paper to early as it is, the sli
irge to the aub- requests for food ai
Virginian plana comfortable.
o?1?Ben.an These are our p<
art or the plan. . . .\
them somehow with
:2H.ziJ the benefit of the F
? necessary by the gr
R 2, 1917. Benevolence in 1
~ even that kind must
and supplies. The
no unworthy person
That is most thorc
not be wasted or s|
sent to the Associat
According to Ch
Bond has flled a p
J the First regimen'
; because the War d
| cides upon a chan
| likely. Other stat
ICINE s" "ia* t'le ' "ar<'s
tary scheme and
brief space. At xhe trouble with
d in the organi/.a- jonp yme ^jg
association in this | ,hnn f?i
ate, however; this terrible sacrifice Ia
jch an unworthy cause. J*
????> si
10 are predicting peace by Christmas
other people who predicted peace by pl
ind by Christmas, 1915.?Charleston P]
rlale Thompson,, of Chicago, has an- ?
dacy for the United States Senate. P'
he will ever get.?Wheeling Intellies
is paying out $14,000,000 for en- ~
s soldiprs, while the slackers with reing
up the price for their own blowExponent.
iug of the kind happened or is about to
happen. Americans are fairly begged <
by Washington officials to eat less, *
wear less, use everything The white 1
potato production alone amounts, according
to government figures, to 462,000.000
bushels, a net gain of 100.000 bushels
over the average, equal to al- ?
most five bushels of potatoes for every
man, woman and child in the United (
States. The law of supply and demand 4
has not yet brought potato prices to r
the normal, while beans, with a crop (
increase ot 1,000 per cent., according c
to government statistics, and fruits 1
and vegetable!), with a gain in produc
tion of 100 per cent., command the
highest prices ever known.
. _ L I
and is an honored j adjust the situatio
icld. But when it I coming, he maintai
s fifty years is the | t}iey passed out of
The practice of j r<>giment was the
1 since the meeting ?f course it lied tin
ganized their stale j fmany came. The
were great physi- ; diera. They went
if service that any I and they probahij
it after all it was , pond's "protests"
empiricism for its I ment may make ci
,pscd since then it I put it cannot mak
lorcover, secure in j 01. tbe comfort of t
in the conquest of ,
is dazzling, while | C(ml gpipments '
he ordinary imag- j Ig about the last t
i So far as the mine!
Virginia Medical I ar? concerned ever;
n to announce the |
Pasteur at the j New yorit city,
ns. but it was not i wjU make th
of his ground and , atratgbt out Tamt
ch thereafter was | yU9i0nist and a So<
then advance has | (Q Tammany is sp
t i o one but those I ol appiied polities
cal history can do 1 ernment it is entit
important achieve- j
he more prominent j It la n?t at all pi
followed Pasteur I Amcrlean United S
wed how to apply | ye^ there is no den;
ordinary practice | tion iB attaining se
1 the mistake of thir
; profession under- j gram When in fact
tandards were de- | ?v,~ .u?i? a
deals were requir- ^1',*,"Either have tc
ly of men we nave or to expul
course have been
he service and self An offl(,|#I gtatl
men who gathered fj,irope issued at
lid organization to ]oggeg have been 6
the added knowl- pOWerfui. The pec
V standing of the are wllllng to 6acrl
leir ability to serve to present a gtron
m to this city for t|jng t? eontenipli
of Fairmont real- gnd su(iering {or
most useful bodies
are welcome and cnTTw
ts pleasant to them SHO
Those people wl
i remind us of those
Christmas, 1914, ?
4ICN. . J Mlll.
y loan any bank Mayor wnllam ]
phons for the tec- nounced his candi
f of which began That ia as (ar aa
sht Saturday, Oc- ,
-r ,l- a, , The United Stat
ut of this. As a tertaInment for lh(
costs them money, luctance are cough
tional work cheer- outs.?Clarksburg
which should mean a softening In
prices, but in practice gives phenomenal
growth In values and advances in
prices. If production is stupendous,
prices must be classed as stupefying.
Aside from wheat, the crops grown
this season are officially reported by
the government as the greatest ever
grown, sufficient to feed the entire
world; but the man intrenched behind
his sole protection of the law of supply
and demand is bewildered to find
prices steadily growing higher. If It
is obvious that the grandest crops ever
grown in America, enough to support
liberally the whole world, ought to Insure
abundance for Americans at fair
prices, it Is equally obvious that noth
? . ' '
ibution to the cause which they take a
raking. We feel, however, that they
.if those who intended to subscribe for
is early in the month as is possible. This
Ir to reduce the final hour rush and will ?
n the worry and the work that will be
1,000,000,000 has been set for the next
is hoped by the treasury officials that
st 10.000,000 subscribers and a total
:ast $5,000,000,000. To reach auch
1 set a new mark for government financcooperate.
And above everything else
An operation such as this is only possiof
people through systematic frugality
ngement of their personal affairs save
: and turn the proceeds over to the govretum
the government's promise to pay.
process the new bond issue was made
ible to the average man and the average
aw interest at 4 per cent payable semis
ertain to run ten years and, at the option
the Treasury, may run 25 years. It
taxes except estate or inheritance taxes,
axes, excess profit taxes and war profit
re forms of taxation that do not bother
government relies upon to make the loan
g the security little need be said. United
e safest investment in the world today.
ring that the movement in that direc- gi
rious proportions. These men made jl
iking that they were opposing a pro- g?(
they were in opposition to a principle
merlcan people stands for, and they ai
i subside and drift with the current
o A
ement on the military situation in at
Washington says that the German as
laggering, but that Germany is still ?'
iple bear the losses. As long as they
flee themselves Germany will be able
g defensive formation. It is a sad
Jiaiii r-iuicni.au citizen, wiiu is going lO
f his wages, steps into a bank and subone
of them he makes them safer?if
ways ye have with you." That is not
en platitude. It is from the fountain of
:tical wisdom, the Bible, and it is as
as it was when it was fir>t written, hunnd
unfortunate in Fairmont even in this
trial activity, when there are two and
> one at all able to work. The office
Charities in the city hall opened for the
id the reports of the opening note that,
ght lowering of the temperature brought
id clothing to make unfortunate people
ior. We must manage to take care of
out in any way reducing our efforts for _
led Cross and the other activities made pcat
calamity that happened to Europe.
7airmont is scientifically managed, but
be sustained by contributions of money ,
best that it can do is to take care that
is permitted to live off the community. 0
Highly done here. Your dollars will ci
pent upon unworthy people if they are
ed Charities. ['
o . u
arleston dispatches. Adjutant General g
rotest against the dismemberment of '<
t. If that does any good It will be u
epartnient for some other reason de- ^
ge of policy, which Is altogether lines
have had regiments torn to pieces
could be fitted into the general mill
* ia
Maryland lost even a solid brigade. "
the First was that Bond knew for a a]
state would not be permitted to have a
1 regiment, but instead of trying to li
n find prepare the men for what was w
ined the two organizations until after jl!
the eontrol of the state. The Second E,
pet of the I3ond administration, and w
! best ehanee when the reorganization lr
i men of the First are all good sol- [i
into the service to serve the country, jc
are not very much interested in c\
now. The dlsbandment of the regi- tc
msiderable difference to the officers, '''
e any great change in the prospects
he men in the ranks. w
lo Canada have been stopped. That S]
dt of velvet there was in the trade, w
% that are supplying the open market ci
fbody is now on the same level. !"
which is going to elect a mayor this s(
e selection from four candidates, a si
nanv man, a regular Republican, a
nalist. In other words the opposition
lit three ways. Well, it is an axiom
that every town gets the kind of gov- ri
led to. hi
o jj;
-ohable that any of the so called antl- j.|
itates Senators ever will be expelled, ?
:~ 1 see A
- - -vgr<YOC'!3V> ?
qr^-B -I
\ M?(-P THC TI
_)' %TH^T wosoc
L-t /"S TO M?5
/'- ^
Evening Chat
Speaking of potatoes, a woman the j
iher day went out to dig some late
lies for dinner. She found a number j
I email ones not fit for anything but j
te hogs. She brought them into the i
ouse and placed them In a basket by '
te stove. I.ater she came into the
itchen and to her horror saw small j
riggliug snakes coming from her po- i i
itoes. The supposed potatoes were ! ]
lack snake eggs. She says she will ,
ever again touch small potatoes. I
Wool goods in the city is very high
i price and they say will be scarce ;
,ter. Dresses of wool are not made ,
cry full. In Paris a woman is only
[lowed five yards of wool goods for ;
dress. Should we be restricted to i
ve yards for a whole dre3s 1 imagine
e could turn out as good looking one
3 the French women. Necessity beig
the mother of Invention, many
aod ideas would come to us as we ,
orked. Wool will, however, he much i
ore appreciated this year as are all ;
lings we cannot get enough ot. Even i
tods supposed to be all wool will be I
mnd to contain some cotton, How- i
, er an addition ot cotton will not ma i
irlally effect the looks or the wearing ]
ualities ot a dress. It will effect the 1
tcketbook though, for we pay for it I
i the same proportion as though it
ere entirely wool.
Sunday morning on Main street a ;
nail boy was at his wit's end. He
as trying to sell papers and had no
lange. which was proving quite a calnity.
Three customers waited, paper
i hand while he scurried "here and
lere in search of pennies. Mo one
>cmed to have any. One gentleman
iggested that the boy take 110 cents
nnge for a quarter as they only way
it. The boy could not he persuaded
i lose the pcnuy.
Again he excused himself and hured
here and there, asking everyone
e met for change. No change could
B found. Not a soul about had penles?-the
children had dropped them
1 into the Sunday school box. There
as nothing for tile customer to do but
ve back the paper or pay extra for
Some felt sorry for the little felw
and gave him the extra pennies?
iveral returned the paper and weftt
sewhere for one. The child stood
table to decide what was the thing to
t Many were forced to purchase of
iter boys though the lad's disappoint1
face made it hard for them to do so.
t lar as eve could see the boy still
octi about uncertainly, now and then
iking passer-bv for pennies. Won?r
what kind of a business man was
the making.
Think This Over. |i
When a nation is compelled to face j t
long, bloody war, the outcome of j <
hich is uncertain, a great depression [ I
felt, and the inclination is to regard j <
ten a state as a most dire calamity.' |
o many it will seem that the suffer- j f
g and privation, loss of life, blow to r
us.ness concerns, deadly standstill ot t
rogress it every direction save that s
regress which centers in the perfect- i
ig of war munitions and machinery, i
II serve to cause an almost unsur- t
ountabla condition from which com-;r
lete recovery Is most doubtful. ! 5
It will bs said of onr own country's j;
foil Try Th#m at Onr Risk?If They Do
Medicine Ton Brer Used Your Dm
Why allow your body to endure ills, sui
towel, blood and skin affections, gene
onstlpatlon, sick headaches and many
tders? For it has been the very worst foi
11 the power and medicinal value of BUR1
loetors and most, all the prominent medicini
lounced incurable?but, if you have 35 con
>! BURTONE. We have seen it prove su
irders that we have absolute faith in its p
fou havo nothing to lose. Your druggirt
atisfied?ask him. Made in Ravcnawooc
Bold by Crane'* Drug Store, Holt Drui
Drug stora.
THAT IN A Purat-IC P("^C?
IIJpl j^a,
-H& VW/\T> AK'O
IS TH<? SHOW | j?J p
rntrance im . tlic war with Germany, |
tuat 110 wo-' Eiive one in defense of
actual enemy invsiion will bring re-1 1
suits that will counter balance such ! R
sacrifice as stattd. Many will dwell : [1
on the wonderful prosperity and na- j
lior.nl well being which was our porlien
before tconulng involved In the
struggle, and m tho darker days which \
ay come before tne final curtain on
Ihis bloody world drama, these citltens
will not cease to harp upon past
ontcntment and security. Why not
for a moment forget the little circle ot
private satisfaction and stand off far
i-nough, and up high enough to take a
genuine broad peep at the national ol
iwing during the past few years. ol
America has had a longer career aB
i republic than any other country re orded
by history, nut could we slate. al
ivith certainty, as things were going,
> not her hundred years would still have la
ound us a republic? The people of ai
Ills nation were in a state of geat un- C
est?unity of aim in the populace was in
1 tiling of the past. Selfish interests It
mil personal ambition had strangled 01
iny consideration for national advance- vl
nent. The situation between labor tl
>ml capital was growing more and m
noro acute and government lnvestlga- ei
011 and arbitration was becoming a 01
tally affair. Prolonged delivery into hi
he conduct and management of cor- 01
r.nrntinnK Hnd rnninnnloa nrntlnnofl ??-? qt
-tsuit except further exasperation on he
he part of the people. C
The feeling of national unity was so In
icarly dead that only actual entry 'It
nto warfare could awaken it, and even tr
,et it is still blinking and rubbing its al
?yes. So selfish and hardened were In
rreat business lntereBts that on the In
rory edge of our engagement, when a
tjnbe could have seen that war was "
.pon us. the government had to give to 'h
England orders for desperately needed 01
immunition because of extortionate "
rices asked by her very own pro- s(
lucers. Would you consider this a r'
condition of national security? Also, ^
zhlle prices climbed Incessantly and I5'
money poured in a flood into the hands
f big business, were these same men
intisfied and happy In their prosper- 18
ity? Not at all ? they were lying e<
iwake nights, scheming new ways to n
hrottle competition, news ways to w
squeeze the public, and how to safely
vriggie througth law loopholes clever- '
y constructed by subsidised pollti- :c
tans. Our cities were being constant- JJ
y jarred by exposures of absolutely s.
otten city administration?each exosure
being a trifle more "smelly" s*
ban the last. Is a constant exploita- ?'
ion of the common people a safe way
f conduct a republic, I as you?
Then there was another side. The ?
south of our country was in a most t ^
egrettable trend. Where this fault ' H
ay is hard to state, but indications of ?
eat decadence were not lacking. Moth- c
ng so unerringly points this out as the
r.ad craze for all sorts of outrageous |
lances which swept the entire nation. ?
t speaks well for the real stamina ol t
,ur young people that they emerged ' [
rom this flood of nastlness and sug- r
tcstion as cleanly as they did. But it [
oust have left Its mark, at that. The i
* omen became absorbed in cards. The '
dgnificant thing about this was that !
t was the brainy, educated club wo- ;
Ken and college women who were bit- [
en most severely by the fad for bridge, i
The women with time and talents for j
;reater and better things spent hours i
ind hours and days and nights over the j
Not Do Ton More Good Than AU the c
ggiit Will Befund Ton 70 Oentt
:h as stomach tronMe, female troubles,
rnl weakness, bUlouBneas, Indigestion,
of the more simple forms of kidney disms
of these ailmeota that has fully pror- j
"ONE. You may hare tried many good i
M?your ailment may have been proIs
left?make one mors effort?get a box [
ccessful in so many eases of chronic din- s
ower to restore you to normal health.
will refund double t he retail price if dis1,
W. Va.. by The Cooperative Drug Co.
[ Co., Mountain City Drug Store, Mar- 2
, 1917.
rids* Utli. Clean dtneing and card
musement in moderation axe sot to
e condemned, but tiieaa obsessions
rere rotten spots which plainly ex
iblted fatal tendencies. U.
Can It be that great America was
reading near the edge of the same
hasm or moral disintegration and na- I
ional degeneration which has always 1
receded the destruction and downtali t
t those nations which history tells us s
sst their national and Individual;
deals and trod merrily tha primrose
ath?as far as It went! : \
Be that aa it mar, we needed a little v
oberlng up of some kind. We haTe it.
!hsse boys who are marching out from
ur villages and cities with picture d
how and cigarette atmosphere clingng
to them, are going to have a thoo
ugh readjustment of vision. They t
rill be real men when they return! '
Ve can count op our next generation, I
tow, all right although It might have
ecn a question to some of us before
'bese boys will be reliant, disci- '
lined, dependable cltliens. They will I
ome back in better physical condition
han they left?those who escape
rounds and illness, for the nation is j C
rylng to take care of its fighting men. 11
'hey will return in a state of absolute j'
nlty and democracy. The rich man's j '
on cannot fight side by side with the |'
oor man's eon in those French !
renches without a mutual liking and !
espect awakened by hardships en-11
ured together and the single cause |
or which they fight. The fathers ofj
hese boys will be drawn together ; ?
sore closely than any other conditions i
ould guarantee.
Absolute necessity for quick action v
ill make state and national politics *
inally go away back and sit down in
manner that will cause a beatlfc
mile on the faces of the common peo-1
le. Our women and girls, who have j
ten clutching at straws for amuse- j'
tent and employment will have a <
liance to develop every latent reource.
This war will present us with
nobler, broader, wanner womanhood,
truer, grander generation of moth- F
rs. War is a calamity that Is true, It
leans sorrow and suffering, and It
leans?chastening! Could it really be I F
rue that we needed It, and that God I
eally does always stand at the helm? j
iot sou ih
'igorous Denial is Issued of
An Idle Story Widely *
Harvey D. Gibson, general manager , T
! the American Red Cross has sent 1
Jt to the Division managers the foliwing
telegram which Is self explan:ory:
"Story is being inilustriouslv ni
.ted to the effect that sweaters, socks
id other articles knitted for the Red
rosg are being sold either to public
shops or direct to the soldiers. Very
nportant that you issue notice at
ice to each chapter denying this as
gorously as you know how. No at- "|
cles whatever, knitted or otherwise I
ade by Red Cross workers and turn1
in to any Red Cross chapter, branch
auxiliary, or to any supply waremse,
are sold either to the soldiers1
in shops. If any wilful case of thisj
>rt should come to the attention of]
sadquarters the charter of the Red I j,
ross chapter or subsidiary sanction- p
ig It would be Immediately with-| B(
rawn with full publicity. Should it| w
anspire that an actual Instance of the! ,.
jove character occurred wherein an t(
idividual sold articles after their hav- (8
ig been turned in to the Red Cross, Cl
tch action would be clearly in viola- R(
on of the fundamental law covering ..
le Red Cross, and we would take vig- ?
ous steps to prosecute the offender. v
is also true that any case of per- n
ms other than those acquiring the
ght prior to January nineteen hunred
and five using the name or em- p
iem of the Red Cross to assist In the p
lie of merchandise, is a violation of p
le provisions of the Federal criminal jr
,w, and the offender should be report- j,
i to the United StateB district attor- 8|
ey for prosecuelon. There is no p
ay to prevent people from making the tl
ime type of articles as are produced
1 Red Cross workers and Belling them T
ir their own advantage thus subject- fj
ig the Red Cross to unjust criticism. ?
hould they use the name or emblem
! the Red Cross In connection with
ich sales, however, they will be vig- a
niudv M
a r? ntncnv 1
Ill UlUtJV/tll ?M
General Manager. ^
Set Teeth $8.00, Guai
Gold Crowns
guaranteed 19
years $6.90.
Filling 50c and
Teeth Cleaned
Teeth Extracted
Office Over B and 10 Cent ??ore, Main
Your Best
Tour belt lotereits ihould b? cc
First, you desire safety for your 1
Second, you need a banking conn
ance can be secured *hen needed.
The Teoplei National Bank oITers
it places its services and facllitiet
Give us an opportunity to serve yc
On the Corner Near
Ruff Stuff II
Lamp in the Astonlsher that the
loard of Affairs Is considering a bullring
ordinance "looking to the provenIon
of encroachments on the city
treets." 1
Must think The West Virginian will
.'ant to use some ol their old stroeU /
then it remodels its new home.
What Is the use of passing such ordnances?
There Is plenty of law now to keep
he streets clear, but it is only en?
orccd against the poor devils who t
,ave no pull.
. . .
And It will be the same way with '
he new laws as long as the nresenk
;BUg Infects the city hall.
At that they had better not be too'
!uick with the passage of the new
aw or it will embarrass their good
rlend Deveny who promises to keep
donroe street blocked for the coming
vlnter just as he did last winter.
But look who he is. What right* bar*
he public when he wants the street!?!
. . .
There is always something crooked
bout fish stories.
One paper says Tnsca Morris'* pike
ens 41 inches long and the other saya
t weighed 41 pounds.
0 0 0
Now who can you bclievef
* *
But Tuncn has the head to prove
lint it was some fish.
Have a letter from Camp Shelby.
Do not know who wrote it. bnt th*
uy Is no friend of Goat Rldgely.
Bet he is trying to shine up Goat'*
One of Goat's girls, that Ifc
Well, maybe Goat ia just a buck prist
e. and not entitled to drive * truck
,ut if they ever get to handing out
ommissions for gall Goat'U be a gears!
or something.
People aro beginning to make don* I
Ions to the museum.
* j
Hope some one will take the trouble
-> file a muster roll of the Home guard.
Posterity certainly ought to be five*
n opportunity to know who the p*
riots are at this critical time.
"Really doc?" put upset stomach! i
t order?"really does" overcome In-,'
Igcstion. dyspepslu, gRS, heartburn
nd sourness due to acid fermentation
i five minutes?tlint?just that mak?
ape's Illapepsin the lnrgest sllllni
:umach antacid and regulator In th<
orld. If what you cat ferments ani
trns sour, you belch gas and eruc .
ite undigested food or water; hea<
dizzy and aches; breath foul; tongui
anted; your lnsldes filled with Indl
estlble wnste. remember the momen
t'ape's Dlapepsln" comes In contac
ilth the stomach all Such distress
anishes. It's truly a?tonlshlnt*~allost
marvelous, and the joy 11 Its
A large fifty-cent case of Pape'l
lapepsln Is worth Its weight In gold ?
> men and women who can't git
teir stomachs regulated. It Selbng*
i your home?should always ha kept'
uuut *11 vaDD Ul a niCKi Huur, upsetl _
tomach during the day or at night. '
:'s tho quickest, surest antacid tor
te stomach in the world. I
lumstead's Worm Syrup
A seta and aura Remedy for Worms.
lood the teat for 60 years. XT I6TU
ajtliS. To ehlldran It U u angel of
Ittla baa kill ad 1M worms. All drag,
ata and dealers, or by mall-lEs Mi
It. C. A. VOOKKTE8,1C. D? Phil*., P?.
"anteed 10 Years.
If you want better
denlstry At A
reasonable price i
consult the Un- !
^lon Dentist..
Our method,
are the late.t,
T therefore, ere
PMnj Just a little bet- | '
IIUf ter and operA- \
tiona less palaful.
t. Bell Phone ?2ig.
Interests \
maldered in opening a hanking 2
ection where advice and asalaV | . i;
rfOOjOOlliOOi s

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