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: BRIT All
% 1
Military Atmosphere Quite
Noticeable at Medical
? *
Interesting Notes About Big
Gathering of Physi?ary
acta.:........ e-iv.LUL'a tojay'a
session of tiiu West Virginia
State Jledical Society at The Kairniont.
United States medical reserve
officers are here to try to secure physicians
for the service.
Up to noon today three p.iy.,.riuns
had been signed 11 ; I . iv-ir papers
were sworn to gru'ttii.uin he ore Justices
Conaway and Aiusgrove in the
tourt house. They are: Dr. W. H.
Whiteside, of liarrisotivillc. ltitchie
county; Dr. Dav'd g. Uaiy, ol .Mounds
I Vine, ami Dr. A. U. Ilinenari, <u ??:
Meuben, all of whom arc in attendant
at the aessions of the West Virginia
fctato Medical Society. The recruiting
ts being done under the auspices ot
Major J. E. Cannaday, of (Charleston;
Major Henry I). Jump, of Philadelphia;
Captain J. Roar. Hunter, of Huntington,
and First Lieutenant \V. ('. Slushcr, ol
Eiueilcld. It is expected that others
v 111 be secured before lite day closes.
At this morning's session of the
State Medic;-. Society Dr. C. W. Waddell,
of Fairmont, gave an oration on
Recent Advances In Our Knowledge
of Syphilis and Its Treatment." Dr.
Waddell said that salvarsan is a very
taluable remedy for the dlscare. Detplte
the common impression that one
(ii.se or any quantity of doses is a sure
inre,jjoboJly JHLQ.w?.-,iww much, treatment
is necessary to produce a cure,
"he said. Dr. Waddell thcu made mention
ot the new method of diagnosis by
| serum tests. During the general discussion
it developed that the salvarsan
o: so-called 606 treatment of German
origin can be dispensed with. Since
Ihc great European war it is impossible
to receive tlie German preparation and
the French mixture has been substituted
with equally good results. This
was regarded as a very able address.
The second paper of the morning was
given by Dr. J. D. Willis, of Roanoko,
Va.. on tho ubject. "Diagnosis and
Treatment of Cerebro spinal Syphilis."
Dr. S. D. Hut field, of lacger, discussed
the subject. "Nephristis, Variety. Classification
and Treatment." It has beer
regarded as one of the best papers
I react oetore the society tills year. Dr.
Hatfield gave a new classification for
(Ccntinuoil 011 page 10.)
Proceeds of Concert at the
Grand go to the Red
Interest of Fairmonters centers tonight
in the Red C.Huh concert at the
Grand with Grace t'ole. prima donna
soprano, as the artist of the evening.
Miss Cole has received considerable
recognition abroad, where she studied
tor a number of years, returning here
shortly after the outbreak of the war
in Europe.
Miss Cole will have as her piano accompanist
Carl Bernthaler, of Pittsburgh,
who is known here, having accompanied
Christine Miller at several
corcerts, a number of years ago. His
art 'stic accompaniment will add much
to ,he pleasure of the evening.
Siss Cole who is a descendent of
ridheer residents of Fairmont, is donating
her services to the Red Cross. The
concert will begin at 8:15 o'clock.
l; 1 City Hall Notes~
The tax books for personal property
ind real estate for the west side of the
city have been received at the city
hall and property owners of this section
can now pay their taxes.
The second consecutive blank pro
pram was experienced by the police
sourt authorities at the city hall this
corning. ,
A conference of the board of affairs
rag held this morning shortly before
loon relative to the supply of cement
H br the Coal Run bridge.
I The West Virginu
! Dr. Garfield Promises a Rul- ;
1 ing in Their Favor Very
West Virginians Took up the f
Cudgels for the Little
tbpecial Dispatch to West Virginian)
j WASHINGTON, U. C., Oct. 3.?Re- ;
lief tor uagun mines in West Virginia. 1
| as elsewhere, was promised by Fuel i j;
Administrator Garlield to a delegation
1 composed o? Senator Sutherland. Rep- i
| resentatives Cooper and Reed, and a
Messrs. Wells Goodyuoontz, B. Ran- J
dolph Bias and C. .\1 Gates, who were I
present as representatives of smaiJ r
j mine owners?wagon mines?of the r
state, especially in their section in and '
around the vicinity of Williamson, W. '(.
Ya. Congressmen Slump of Virginia, j
i and Langley, of Kentucky, were also .
' i:i the party, their districts being intiv ,
1 ested in the business in hand.
The conference lasted for a couple x
I of hours, and every man pre: cut had
: i is say. It was shown that the pros-1 h
lint rulincs had shul (Ioa.i thousands ; !
of little mines throughout the count!}.!
who couldn't operate 011 a S- basis ;v
strictly, let alone being denied the priv- j j
ilege of adding haulage costs with a j i
reasonable profit included and handi-i*
capped by illiberal terms as to curs for [ |
shipment. In and near about Harrison j'
county, Congressman Reed told Mr. r
. Inrlleld that there were 51 of these lit- t
lb wagon mines running a few weeks v
ago. and probably half ot them had c
been forced to quit. In all the country,
h was brought out and so stated by Air. 1
Cartield that there were in the neigh- e
hoi hood of 15,000 mines of this class. I
. The case made out was a strong-one v
and resulted in the promise that such e
' rules would be made and announced 1
j suortly which will enable all these Utile
mines to do their bit, and the new <
i ule. Mr. Carlield said, applying to cars j
j id them would make the loading of a j
car within twenty-four hours of its de J
livery to them, imperative, lie prom- I
ir.ed the now regulations would meet c
the complaints presented ami would F
cover the case of the wagon mines
"reasonably" as to profits permit ted 1
and otherwise.
A similar promise was made with *
iclerence to mines with a minimum 1
vein, frequently interspersed with a
' stratum of dirt and slate, which costs c
more to operate than mines of larger 1
j veins and better grade coal.
One idea which ,it was evident, that ^
the fuel administrator had was that s
the shut down of wagon mines woulQ }
i'!i imn fl?r* mlnom wnrl/inf in ?li nr., ^
seek work at the big mines' and thus
production would not be seriously .
hurt. The argument that members of
she visiting delegation made against .
lhat was that men who worked wagon j
mines were not miners in the regular j
sense, but were men of the farm and a
other avocations, whoso homes were j
I nearby, and that they had no desire a
to follow the busiuess up in big mines e
under conditions which prevailed at s
those larger plants. It was argued c
that a very small number of them com- p
paratively could be forced to continue t
in the business with the shutdown of j
the wagon mines, and that the result p
would be almost a total loss in both ?
men and production, both of which, of p
course, were sorely needed. n
The delegation left with the feeling p
that the wagon or Bmall mine industry
is soon to have the discriminations
laid against it removed, and more lib- *
eral rules provided. This Mr. Garfield c
promised. With that come to pasB, and a
a revision of coal prices upward as
now forecasted, this new branch of
the great coal Industry will be saiely
protected from now on.
ITt 1 . Al *
mgnt school to *
Open Next Week J
The light school which will be con- i
ducted'at the high school will proba- i
bly open next week as plans for the t
opening are about oompleted at this <
time. Practical study of various sub- :
Jects such as typewriting, shorthand, t
business English, spelling, penman- (
ship, bookkeeping will be carried on 1
under the direction of J. C. Dance, of ;
the high school faculty. A small fee l
will be charged pupils of the school. ]
Many Inquiries have been received i
concerning the school and It Is be- i
lleved the enrollment will be large, i
The school Is open to anyone in the city ]
i who desires to become proficient In i
eny profession covered by the course 1
I of study. f j-y -si
...... ? ,
in Reaches the Real
- ' t '.i'.VH 'Jl.t-'/AM1',1 " ?.
(3,000 1010 OF
Destruction Ceremony Conducted
This Morning by
Comtty Officials. "*
sheriff Glover and Assistant
Prosecuting Attorney
Miller in Charge.
Pouring Day is on In Fairmont and
V. M. Glover, sheriff of Marlon couny,
and Charles Miller, assistant proscuting
attorney, are busy directing
he work. The sheriff and his depuies
were on the job carrying the
J.OOO worth of booze to the Jackson
treet sewer, near the opera house,
vhere the contents of the barrels and
>oUIes were emptied. A barrel was
daced near the sewer in which the
mpty bottles were placed.
That the o'ffficers were at work on
lestroyie.g the booze was in evidence.]
or the many callers at the court i
louse smellcd old in miliar scents
vhich were wafted from the "booze
oom." This room, .which is located
n the cellar of the building, was a j
cry interesting looking place today, j
Unor.g tho contraband material were
i wine press, twTenty-ftv?> boxes of 1
urnmts. two barrels of wines, thou-1
lands of quart and pint bottles of
vhiskey, which were in package form. !
n boxes, in ruit cases and some mere- j
ly wrapped in newspapers. In fact,
very conceivable way of handling!
>ooze could be observed in today's
'account of slock." Among the big
die of confiscated goods were ton bit;
joxps of whiskey, which was caught
vhile being smuggled across the
ounty ii\. an automobllo.- / * "y
'The "supply'on hand was unusually
argo ioaay. uecnuse this was the first
louring day in three - months, and
hen, too, the arrests for bootlegging
irere greater in number during that
leriod and the goods taken was in
arger supply than usual.
In checking off the contraband tolay
the officers found that a few new
irands of "fire water" bad shown up
n this community. They were "Old
I'iger," "The Old Coon" and "Lynch- |
rurg Copper Distilled." All of the]
dd familiar brands, like "Old Ilrocklort,"
"Golden Wedding," "Tom
iloore." "Old Linden Club," "Sam
"hompson," and the last,, and probaily
the kind most sold in Point Maron,
Pa., the nearest stop in "wet"
erritory, "Old Fashion." Hundreds
,nd hundreds of bottles of this brand
ould easily be recognized by the faniliar
trade-mark?a star.
During the morning a number of
i.-.-. ons called at the room to view the
tock on hand and the suggestion was
nade by a number of them that per- '
laps the United States Government
nay be able to use some of the higher ,
;rade brands, which are steep in
irice at this time.
While many callers were at the
booze room," no sampling was alowed.
Not a few mouths watered as
hey took the last look at the large
rrav of "good stuff." as some termed
t. The same old discussion started 1
s to whether bootleggers had removd
the higher grade whiskey and subtituted
inferior stuff. This it is
lainied is done by the use of an elec
ric neenie. rsy inat means the botom
of the bottle is removed and after
nferior whiskey is put into the bottle
he bottom is glued in place in some
nan nor. An examination of the flasks
ndicated that a ridge on the bottom
f the bottle Is put there In manufac- '
Hundreds of people viewed the j
louring of the booze Into the sewer,
md to many it was a very solemn ocasion,
to some, almost as impressive
s a church dedication.
New Patients at
Miners Hospital
Five patients have been admitted to .
rairmont hospital during the past thir- ;
y-six hours, none of whom are thought
:o be in a serious condition. Those adnitted
are Pete Flora, of Wilsonburg,
vho haB a fractured leg sustained in ,
he mines at the place; C. F. Menear,
>f Gaston avenue, who was Injured
ibout the back and hips while at work
it ttie Jayenne power plant yesterday;
;ecll Morris, also of this city, who was
njured while at work near Rlvesville
-esterday when a telegraph pole fell
njurlng him ahoat the feet and ankleB;
dike Gatlich, of Morgantown, who is
suffering from injuries to his head
vhen he was burned by a blown out
ihot near Morgantown, and Austin
fteed, of Moatsville, who Is suffering
vith a badly bruised leg the injury
laving been sustained while at work
lear Moatsville yesterday.
People of Mat ion
i>,.? i '.si '
YOOR excecccNcr, th<
KAl-SCR, i Beueve.
. . I
"What would Everett True do to
Above is Condo's answer. The same q
the inventor ol' "Freckles." Watch tor t
ii cniiTi
Welfare Chief Will Make a T
Tour of the Country.
ili,. Marguerite Walker Jordan,
the popular young woman who has t0
been connected with the Employment w
Relationship Department of the Con- ju
solidation Coal Company for the past H
two years has resigned and will i#j ^
longer be in direct charge of this iin- 01
portant work for tile Consolidation
Coal Company. 11 or resignation was J
effective October 1.
She will leave Fairmont tomorrow ''l
evening at S:1!0 o'clock for Pittsburg. 'n
From Pittsburg she will go on an extonded
trip lasting about three m
months to various set lions of the
United States, making a special study
of the industrial social service work
done by large corporations. Directly
;rom Pittsburg she will co to Alabama A
where sho will visit the Bessemer
Steel Works, whose headquarters are
at Birmingham. Before returning
she will also visit in the west, visiting
especially the work done by the Colorado
Fuel and Iron Company and the m
3ary school system of Gary. lnd. John gj
Dl Rockefeller is especially intersted tj
in the Colorado Fuel nnd Iron Com- c;
pany and social work has been car- cj
ried to quite an advanced condition e(
there. bl
Miss Jordan has been at the head
of the Employment Relationship De- t0
partment for the Consolidation Coal jc
Company in 'West Virginia. Kentucky ^
and Pennsylvania for about two years. ^
During the past fifteen months she .j
has had her office in Fairmont and haB c(
accomplished some remarkable work. ^
Miss Jordan started to work for the n
Consolidation Coal Company in Kentucky
later coming to West Virginia ,
and being the pioneer of Employment ,,
Relationship work in this state.
Although leaving the employment _
of the Consolidation Coal Company, [
she will not be altogether disconnect
ed with the futuro development of
the Employment Relationship work
In this section. She will enter a
broader field of the same work about
January 1. ai
? H N
Three "Barleycorns". in Inch.
The Inch wm .^formerly1 subdivided F
Into throe "barleycorns." these dlvls- a
Ions beJberdrWtrhrfy the length of a i.
well-drtod'gnihi'nf'barley. t
County?The People
the Kniser?" the editor of Tho West V
uestion has been put to Cartoonist S;
.heir cartoons.
hat Disposition Was Made ,
Today Before Justice
On the motion of Prosecuting Atrney
W. It.Haggerty the charge of
inning down Paulino Murray, a girl,
ith an automobile from which in- '
ries she died, was dismissed against 1
ayward Holbert by Justice Conaway ,
is morning. The accident happened ,
1 September 11.
The prosecuting attorney thought '
lis procedure proper inasmuch as i
ie coroner's Jury had exonerated the |
rang man of the charge. The hearg
was set for 10 o'clock this morn- 1
ig and at this time Mr. Haggerty '
ade bis motion. :
Holbert had retained the services ,
I Attorney F. C. Haymond as his
iunsel. 1
lot Much Interest
In Suffrage Meeting
Not enough interest waB manifested
the call for a meeting of the suffrasts
of the city to be held at the coun-;
r court house, for the purpose of deding
whether or not the State Assoation
of Equal Suffrage should be ask1
to meet in this city, to make it fcasie
to perfect an organization or to exnd
the invitation to the convention
i make Fairmont its place of meeting
>r 1917. A request received from Mrs.
enna Lowe Yost, president of the
rest Virginia Equqal Suffrage assoclaon,
that this city might entertain the
mvention this year, caused a call to
a issued for a meeting and there was
d response to the call.
Mrs. Yost together with her son,
eland Yost, is spending the winter in
J, S, Medical Officer
is Killed in Action
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3.?Lieutenat
George P. Howe, of the Boston
[edical Officers Reserve Corps, was
illed in actio" Sept. 28, while on
uty with the British forces in
ranee, the adjutant general today
nnounced. His next of kin is Marin
E. Howe, 154 Beacon street. Boson.
Who Have Money
? ' ?
fsl FOR. VC*T ?0
ou vus.H r>tss
i (M
CL. >1
: 1 / Cf
irginian asked Cartoonist Condo.
atterfield and Grove and to Blosser,
And They Reach Them at a
Time When a Whiff
Counts Big.
The West Virginian's fund for the
purchase of American tobacco for the;
soldiers in France got a nice little
soost this morning and from now on it
nay be expected to grow quite lustily.
If you have not already started a few
luarters in this direction you had betier
kick in at once. The tobacco will
be placed right in the hands of a soliier
in the trenches and the post cards
which is enclosed in each kit will entble
him to write back and tell you
row much he appreciates it. In this
connection the following extract from
p. letter received this morning from the
American iuuuccu company is m considerable
"We are working night and day
at very heavy expense to do this
thing and are supplying the goods
at less than the Jobbers' prices,
because we believe it is a good
work; it's something we understand
best and in which we can,
therefore, be most efficient.
"You know what this work
means to the man at the front
whose nerves are tense; who is
waiting, waiting, waiting, and who
must do something or go to pieces.
To a man under these conditions,
a few puffs at a cigarette will mean
more than a whole box of cigars
at home would mean.
"We are packing and shipping
these kits in a way to ensure their
arriving in good Bhape; this requires
a knowledge gained by ac,
tual experience and the most thorough
study of conditions.
Contributions np to noon today are ;
as follows:
Previously reported 15 Kits ,
J. E. Weekley 1 Kit
Miss Naomi Heffner 1 Kit
Winnefred J. Murphy 1 Kit
C. V. Redlc 1 Kit
Mian ivptte M Merrifieid 3 Kits I
W. J. Wiegcl 4 Kits
Shannon Allen 4 Kits
J. F. Freeman 2 Kits
Herbert R. Striet 2 Kits
Mrs. H. J. Hartley 4 Kits
Miss E.H.Stone 1 Kit
to Spend and Whosi
S. I
? fH
Tom of Explosives Dropped
55 Miles Behind the
London Crowd Delighted
With News of Reprieals.
LONDON, Oct 3.?A crowd of poO?
people In the Boutl/western district of
London appealed to Premier Lloyd , '
George, says the Dally Mail, for reprisals
against Germany for tha air
raids on London. Tbe Premier shouted
to the crowd: "
"We will give 1'. all back to them
and will give It soon. We shall !
bomb Germany with compound lh-terest."
The crowd cheered the promise of
il>e Premier wildly. The premier had
jual completed a tour of the area damaged
in the raid with Viscount French,
cr-mraander of home defenses.
. : j
TARIS, Oct. 3.?Continuing their ro- !
prisals for attacks of German alrmeh
on French cities French aviators last
n-'glit dropped bombs on the Germgh
town of Baden, the War office announces.
The statement follows: ; /.*
"In reprisal for the bombardment of
Bar-le-duc two of our aviators dropped
several bombB on the town of-Baiden on
' he night of October 1-2, sud daring-Stow????ej
day of October 2 our aviators bombard- ' ?{
ei) the railroad etatlpn at Prlbourg, fto- ,
torice at Volkelges and Hostenbach
end railway stations at Brle'ulles, Lom- j
huvort,' Metz-Woippy, Arnaville, Me- n
zieres Les-Metz, Tbionville and Sarre- if
bcurg. In the course of these various
expeditions projectiles to the amount
Ol 15.40(1 nnnrwla uioro rlnrvrvnorl "
The town of Baden In the Grand
Duchy of the same name is one of tfie /Vy jj
r.cst famous and beautiful watering
I laces of Europe best known for its
medicinal baths. It is a town of some
ib.000, about 55 miles from French
"We shall bomb .Germany with com(.und
interest. Premier Lloyd George ,yS
is quoted in the London press as do- 3vS
claring to a I.ondon crowd in promising
it that Great Britain would soon launch ?
reprisals for many German air raids on
London. The French reprisals, already *;;-S
under way, were continued last nlghb :
French airmen dropped bombs on the
own of Baden, some 55 miles beyond
the French frontier. More than seven
tons of bombs were also dropped on '/'[ is
various military objectives in German'
held territory.
Along the French front the artillery
duels were vigorous at many point*.
The activity was especially marked
north of Verdun where the French are
apparently preparing an attack to recover
a few trench elements which the
Crown Prince's troops retained when
their main attacking force was thrown J
hack north of Hill 344. v jlPfB
A German attempt to attack cast ef J
nhoims was broken up by French arConsolidation
Million in Bonds
BALTIMORE, Md.. Oct. 3. ? Presl- :|ffl
dent Jere Wheelwright, of the Coilsoll- .
cation Coal company, West Virginia's .
largest mining corporation, yesterday
announced that the company had subscribed
to $1,000,000 In Liberty bondl.
Notice /-J
The Public Library wil be closed. : '.'isi
all day Thursday.
Business Lunch 11:30 to 3 P. M. 40c /
Supper 5:30 to 3:00 P. M. j
( j ^ w/ .1 i
Laoorers wanted
in Select and Shipping Dept. Apply
2 Lead is Followed \

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