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it i?
1 ; , Now's the
Get 8th to
Oct 13th
\ LL next week we w
** and Lace curtain M
Window Lace has earn
its practical durability i
If you want your vn
express your personalit;
Home Cratt Week. Bt
- 11
Lutherans Held a Social.
Under the auspices of the Christian i
Endeavor society a very pleasant social
was held in the Sunday school
room ol L.race Lutheran cnurcli.
Twenty-six persons were in attend-1.
ance and a very enjoyable evening \ |
was spent. ,
At the business meeting the efficiency
work was outlined and what
work had been done and that which '
will be done during the coming sea- '
son was discussed. The lirst meeting
of the society will be held on Sunday
evening at G:30 o'clock. *.ss Clara
Leaman will be the leader. She will
report the sessions of the State body,
which met at Martinsburg some
months ago.
At the social a number of games
were played and later refreshments
were served. This is the tirst of a
series of socials to be held during
the winter.
The following were in attendijrce:
Virginia Hawkins, Madge Reed,
Geneva Leonard, Virginia Reed, \V. ! '.
Shatferman, J. F. Shafferman, Ruth
Shafferman, FrankStondagen, Win. i
Standagen, Mrs. C. H. Bloom. Mr. G. 1
H. Bloom, Mr. Chas. Pilsen, Mrs. I'ilsen,
Arthur Le Sem Clara Leaman. i
Martha Byer, Eunice Byer, May Haw- I
kins, Mr. D. E. Long, K. R. Long, V. ,
H. Dunlup, Wm. Gantz, Nell Truog.
Geo. Truog, Amelia ARlridge and Margaret
< * * *
In Clarksburg. t
Colonel and Mrs. Melville S. Jar- t
vis arrived Friday morning from Syra- i
cuse. N. Y? to visit Mr. and Mrs. Albert (
W. Rapp. Later they will go to Indian- r
apolis where Colonel Jarvis will be in 1
charge o? the training school at Fort 1
Benjamin Harrison. I
1 I Colonel and Mrs. Jarvis were ac- I
( j companied to Clarksburg by Mrs. Atne- <
lia Vance Russell and little daughter, 1
1 who have been their guests during Au- I
; } gust and September, and have returned
io their home on Sixth street.?Clarksburg
* *
Baptist Reunion Successful. c
The congregation o? the First Bap- a
list church was entertained last night
at an Autumn have coming event u
which was a most successful affair and
attended by a large number of mem- C
btrs of the congregation. 5
A program was rendered composed
of music and brief addresses. Dr. C. O. .
Henry and Mrs. Jennie Englo both i
making talks. Mrs. A. J. Stone sang a
solo, a quartet composed of Mrs. N. E. h
Jamison. Miss Willa VanGtlder, M. C. ^
|v Lough and N. E. Jamison rendered sev- 8
; eral selections and Mre. George Hun- ]s
ter, one of the oldest members of the
congregation, sang a song without &
piano accompaniment. MiSB Ruth w
Eddy and Mahlon Henderson rendered
?^. c piano and violin duet. At the con- ol
Muslon of the program refreshments pi
^^ ^reBerred^JLRejTCrosi^ubswfi^R
jf'S Store 0]
Time,, Here1
ill devote to the show an
aterials in the Drapery Dei
ed distinction because of tl
n actual use.
'indows to be different froi
/ make your selections <
:ginning next Monday, Oct
Announcing For
Special Show ar
A New Floor Co
Lots ot j
Mr. Cunningham, a represer
ot Factory, wilj be here to ex
oor covering.
Ii is made of a thick, tough, solid felt,
y to walk upon 011 acount of itsresilen
It lies flat on the floor. I
Its edges will not curl. I
It needs no tacking. I
In durability and appearance it s the
ut Xeponsct is absolutely odorless and
I linoleum and gives better service. T1
;c(l in every room of the home because
2signs. Come in and se the display next
- ?
Hon booth took a number of membership
... .
For Miss Watson.
William N". Engle was host last night
! a bridge (tinner at The Fairmont hotel
honoring Miss Suo Kearsley Watson
who leaves soon tor New York en
loute to France to take up civilian relief
work. Covers were laid for twenty
guests. Following the dinner the
guests were entertained at bridge
. * * ?
Charleston Events.
An ideally charming affair was the
box party given at the Plaza last night
by Captain John Baker White in cour:csy
to the guests of Governor and Mrs.
lohn J. Cornwell, who are here attending
the state convention of the United
Daughters of the Confederacy. Those
avored were: Governor and Mrs.
lohn J. Cornwell, Mrs. William Kerr
ind Mrs. J. W. Hall, of Morgautown;
Mrs. William Trapnell, of Elkins; Miss I
lean Stump and Miss Arnold, of Hamp;hirp
count V Mioc Knllnr nrwl I
Judge and Mrs. W. N". Miller have
is their guest their daughter, Mrs.
2vcrett Dreunen ot Elkins.?Charleson
Philatheia Class Meets.
The Philatheia class of the First M.
i. church met yesterday evening at
lie home of Miss Josephine Hamilton
it Bell Kun. About nine o'clock dainty
efreshmcnts were served. Those presmt
were: Misses Ruth Banfield, Carle
Hawkins, Kathleen Shaver, Willa
;avis, Aileen Poling, Gladys Watkins,
Virginia Wetzel, Mildred Meredith,
tuth Feathers, Edna Harden and Joseihine
Hamilton. At the meeting the
.iass decided to have its next month- i
y meeting at the home of Miss Willa
Javis at Bell Run.
i -so**
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Horner and two
hildren, of Edgemont, were visiting
t Sara Smyth's last Sunday.
Fray Stevens was at Fairtn put Satirday
and Sunday.
Lizzie and Bessie Haun i hd Guy
larder were visiting Mr. a (:d Mrs.
leaden Koons at Monogab ]:.%t Sunav.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sic ,'ms and
Jr. and Mrs. Willie Turne | were at
llueville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gippy Linn who had
een visiting Mrs. Lorin's parents,
Ir. and Mrs. E. Garlow, nr t going to
tart for their home In F1 1 ida the
ist of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ti let were
tiling at Frank Stevens 01 ? day last
Mrs. Vance Hawkins and Iree sons
t Fairmont, have been v! lag their
irents, Mr. and Mrs. Fran, ^Stevens,
pens at 8:00
rom the display during
ober 8th.
Next Week
id Sale of
vering With
itative from the Nepon- _
i i i -i . i
.piain an aoout tnis new ^
thoroughly waterproofed and
cy. It has these advantages,
t is rot proof. in
ts ICO per cent waterproof. th
t i sodorlcss. wj
equivalent of the best linoleum. mi
I costs one third less than print- le
liis new Poor covering can be
there is a wide range of suitable nc
: week. tThird Floor) $1
I ^
Number of Interesting Ad- 'h
rlr<i??ips VVpro Delivered ii0;
Last Evening.
Au interesting meeting was held last ; bi
night at the Miller school when all
parents were invited to meet the new 'lI
teachers and principal, Mr. Beckner. ^
Ibere were four sepakers for the even- vj,
ing's program. Mr. Wilson expressed Gr
regret that many did not turn out and
told a story of a hoy in school who Sp
wrote the following composition on (
"Parents." "Parents is composed of
Mas and Pas and is what looks after (5J
you. Most hoys have them and some
girls. Pas always talks about what !nl
they are going to do but Mas does
tbeni." Mr. Wilson said it was the ni(
mothers who after a day full of many
duties found time for other things. He to!
He read a list of things one mother he
knew of had dorie between 8 and 9 in j.e
the morning. First, she had dressed
two children, mended 11 tear in Mary's ij.
dress and a hole in John's stocking. 'm't
Then she had straightened up the front yi]
room, swept the dining room and kitchen
and back porch, read the paper. ..
dressed the baby, washed the dishes ,*]e
end did a number of other tilings and
Eat down to rest a moment before the ar
clock struck 9. Ile
Mr. Wilson said that mothers were
the ones behind the gun just now. s|.
Ira Smith spoke in defense of the
fathers who were not present. He a
said they all stayed home to take care
of the children. Ho spoke enthusias- a(
ticaliy of the good work done by the
teachers and deplores the fact thai jv/,
they got no higher salary. "Why," he
raid, "a man who trains a dog gets |,u
$100 a month. I pay some of my ditch
diggers $3 a day. When 1 taught school
in the country 1 got $37 a month. T
When the term was up they said 1 was
second to none and would raise my sal- |_
ary the next year to $30. I had a young
pig and I raised it up and sold it and
that helped some." pa
Mr. Alexander spoke of the unusual- g?
ly good army of teachers now in
charge and said that the very best had fri
been secured for the training of the pa
boys and girls. "More than ever be- A1
fore," he said, "these boys and girls 0'
must be trained efficiently to take the
place of those who have gone.' th
Mr. Beckner, the new principal, a B<
man who is making good, was introduced
by Mr. Wilson and gave a short j,.
enthusiastic talk much enjoyed. \
The eighth grade, the only grade ci
present, sang several songs under Miss
Powell's direction. One of the young Is
girls played a piano selection exceed- M
's the Store,
d sale of Lace Curtains ) '
partment. Quaker Craft "
ie beauty of design and
m your neighbors and to p
and You C
fo School Today and Son
Can Fit on His New
Fall Suit.
Boy^ clothing styles are hand>mer
than ever?at least ours are.
sems as If a great many new
ays had lately been discovered of
lttlng belts on coats, and makg
pleats and yokes, and all of
em are better and more attractive
inn any In the past. Prices run
i to $15 in 6 to IS year sizes.
(Men's Store, First Floor)
Women's Fine Shoes
There are many models In varlis
smart styles and desirable
athers. Many two tone effects
id small all black shoes. You
111 find our shoes are perfect fitng.
supremely comfortable, exceponal
In quality of workmanship
id material. There was never
such a complete assortment of
vies and sizes to choose from,
ow is the best time to be fitted,
lille size ranges are complete,
rices run $4 to $8.
(First Floor)
The Delineator, a dependable
magazine on women's fashions,
will be offered at a especiai
price during the next three week
at 95c for one year's subscrip
.Mrs. Benner, a New York representative.
will he here next
week to explain the merits r?
this magazine anil to take new
subscriptions anil renew old
subscriptions at the special price
113c a year
(First Floor)
oday is a Good Day to Fit
on Children's Shoes t
It is best to bring the children \
the good morning hours when ,
e department is not so busy. You
II then have plenty of time to
ike selections and have better at ,
ntion than during the busy after
>on and evening. Prices run from
.50 to $3.50.
(First Floor) ?
ithers and a few fathers spent a so- b
il half hour in the hall. They were
roduced personally to Mr. and Mrs. J
ckner. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were t
>1. ll. a tnciol ..mv.Tv.llta? Tho t
w teachers and also old ones spoke o
rdially to all and were very glad to
ve them respond to the invitation t
nt to them. It is always a great dls- 1
pointment to teachers when parents t
not turn out on such occasions,
lose present las* night spent a t en- 1
.able eveninll. r
Mrs. Frank Batson and daughter,
irnsville Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Deitrick have rerned
from Akron. Ohio, where they
:re visiting the latter's-daughter,
rs. Pearl Holden Conley. They also !
sited at Cleveland. Columbus, and 1
eenville before returning. j
Miss Margaret Palliam of Amboy, is (;
ending the winter with Mr. and Mrs. 5
S. McElroy and attending school.
Miss Mary Orndoff of Mannington, t
visiting Mrs. Carl Hamilton. I
Asa Tennsnt, of Rivesville, was a t
siness visitor here Thursday.
Mrs. Agneo Greiger was at Fair- .
int shopping Tuesday afternoon.
John II. Burns v-as a business visl- |
r at Fairmont Wednesday.
Stephen Mason, of R. F. D. No. 2, was I
re Wednesday.
Mrs. Emma Snyder and daughter, or
mnington, were visiting the form's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Gump
Miss Emma Wolfe, of Fairmont, wu
guest at the National House Wedsday.
The many friends of Rev. H, D. Hall
e congratulating him on his return
re for another year.
Mrs. Claude Jarvls was at Fairmont
opping Wednesday.
Wesley Haught, of Miracle run, was
business visitor l'.cro Thursday.
Mrs. G. L. Miller is visiting relatives
Parker's Landing, Pa.
Mrs. Joe Keefover wan shopping at \
annington Thursday. t
Mrs.Hosa Eakin fell and seriously j
rt herself Thursday. ?
> E
Dr. anil Mrs. H. G. Stoetzer spent ,
rts ot Thursday and Friday at Mor- s
ntown Tisiting Mrs. John J. Brown.
Mrs. G. M. Alexander has returned 1
am Philadelphia where accompanied 1
mied her daughter. Miss Virginia c
lexander who has entered school at t
i-erbrook. 1
Mrs. Walter Bucy, of Elkins. was
e guest this week of Miss Minnie :
;lle Poling. :
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward F. Holbert '
ive returned home from a trip to 1
ew York, Philadelphia and Atlantic 1
Mrs. R. A. Lough, of Morgantowe, '
the guest ot her parents, Mr. and '
rs. Eli Musgrave.
Store Closes at
Saturdays at 10.00
'.am Get Your
Suits and Dr
Moire I
Dame Fashion seerr
Autumn with her hap]
marvelous how good
dresses at moderate pi
For Girls and Y
When Betty Wales?college ,
Business, her interests just nat
college girls. Hence arose the '
specializing in smart dresses fo
Once you see any of the char
onflotionc In C!/?U A<%1 ? / % r- ~ ~ ?
Vi v-cvciv/lio 111 OV-IIUU1 UI Cfcset), ttllt
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something called STYLE is stai
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Women's Smar
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will also find many with pleats?
(Second Floi
'uslness visitor in the city today. at
Mrs. John Mutgrave and daughter,
diss Sarah, of Grafton, are guests at sp
he home of the former's sister, Mrs. fa
tlva Hall and Miss Adelaide 'Pinnell
in Maryland avenue. ev
Miss Plirona Musgrave a student at Sv
he State Norma! school went to her Mi
tome in Grafton yesterday to spend th
he week-end.
Mrs. Cecil Lewis, of Kingwood, is da
lere the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Co- an
a Wheeler, on Pierpont avenue. dr
Miss Ida Donaldson, who has been so
he guest of relatives at Morgantotvn,
tas come here to spend the winter
vith her sister. Mrs. J. C. Broontfleld. jj
Miss Nellie Morley, who has been
11 for some time past. Is now Improv- ?
Miss Martha Swisher, of rairmont.
ras been spending the past several
lays at her grandfather's, Mr. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Baker and daugher,
Rachel and Clara Sommers, of
Fairmont, were at David Satterfield's
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Layman were ^
Wonder what upset your stomach?
rhich portion of the food did the dam-j
ige?do you? Well, do ^ 'her. Ift
'our stomach is in a ^ if sick, j
;assy and upset, and you just|
ite has fermented and turned sour;'
lead dizzy and aches; belch gases'andj
tcids and eructate undigested food; 1
treath foul, tongue coated?just take!
t little Pape's Diapepsln to heln neu~l
rallze acidity and in five minutes you
yonder what became of the indigestion
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Millions of men and women today
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A little Diapepsiq occasionilly
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If your stomach doesn't take care of i
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zelp, remember the quickest, surest,
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arge case, at drag stores. It's truly
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iddity and sets things straight, so
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5:00 1 HAl
New Cloth*
esses Are Beio
Eagerly Than I
is to have pleased all
py choice of styles,
these new fashions
outhful Women
graduate?went into the Dn
urally graviated to dresses 1
"Betty Wales Dressmakinj
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ming, stunning Betty Wa
moon dressses or social frocl
ales label in a dress is eagei
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(Second Floo
t Tailored
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ve assortment here at
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suits in the most
fur, bands of plush or
rrtant features. You
anH rmvnl Kolf irtaoc
ar) ?
William Pattorson's Sunday
Misses Mary and Ruble Fry are
ending tills week at their grandtiter's,
William Morley.
Those at Mr. D. C.'Baker's Friday
euing last were Mrs. Rebecca
visher, Misses Mary Hall, Vlrgib
orley, Madie Morley and Miss Mar
a Swisher, of Fairmont.
Mr. and Mrs. George Nuzum and
ughters, Miss Ocie and Hallle, Mr.
d Mrs. Harry Nuzum and three cliilen
were calling at the former's
n, Mr. Asa Nuzum Sunday.
Mrs. T. N. Swisher and Miss Mara
Swisher were calling at Charley
orley's Friday evening of last
Burdette Hawkins was calling on
nrencfi RnUoi* Snnrlflw uftm-nnnn
""V111VUU. I
Mr. and Mrs. Burlene Travis and ]
by u:
Pompeian HA
"Dandruff has made your c
hair straggly, thin looking and r
lifeless. Your coat collar is al- -
ways covered with ugly scales, s
Stop your Dandruff now. You
can. Just look at my hair. *
The Dandruff is entirely gone
and almost overnight Pompeian c
HAIR Massage made my hair at- ?
The success of Pompeian HAIR- e
Massage is in its name?"Massage."
It is a treatment, not B
merely a tonic. The massaging
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the roots of the hair to new life, c
This massaging also opens the s(
pores of the scalp to the wonderfully
stimulating liquids in Pom- tj
peian HAIR Massage. Dandruff
goes. Your hair will become and 3(
stay healthy, vigorous, attractive. fr
All that is needed is a little
massaging once or twice a week, tb
One application shows results. Ci
Your rcaip wiU immediately feel I C:
' * - %
======================a . - i
ss at Once
,g Bought '
i womankind this
And it is perfectly
are in suits and
Women's J
Coats 1
Rack after rack filled with
the season's choicest styles.
Soft, velvety bolevias and
two-toned velours are foremost.
Large collars and belts
adorn most of them. Prices
(Second Floor)
, in B '
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Reeves were calling
at the home of Mr. Matpk Vincent's fi
Sunday evening.
Misses Urlma Hawkins, Edna Swish- . 'rU
cr and Opal Hawkins were calling on
Dorthy and Mamie Baker last Sunday. H
Lola Baker Is stayin gat Mrs. Jel- I
pie Halls a few days this week. . ^ .
Department Meeting Monday.,
The rst department meeting of th?
Home Economics department of the bS
Woman's club will be held on Monday
afternoon at 3 o'clock at the club fl
apartments in the Masonic Temple, :a|
Plans are outlined for the year's ?
work. A general discussion and
demnnptriitinn -m-tit -P. ?
aram. .Mrs. w A. Weidebusclx an4 !
Mrs. J. Clarence Hall will be th?
, ?-j-|? '
our Dandruff | |
*"5 'I
IR Massage/' .?
lean and invigorated. In one "*
aonth your Dandruff will be gone.
Pompeian HAIR Massage is
lear amber liquid. Not oily. Not
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"Greatest treatment for Dand< J
off in the world," says J. A. Y., /
Ikicago, 111., "and I speak from i 1
xpenence. My hair before I
tarted using it had gone beyond
ae ordinary stages of Dandruff
nd was covered with scales which ??
mbarrassed me greatly. I have k
itroduced Pompeian HAIR Masage
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Pr-rricallv ei?CB? USSC ?
ne bottle shows actual results. ' '
ret a 25c, 50c or $1 bottlt at the
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Have your barber every now and
ten apply a careful Pompeian lAIR
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Made by the reliable maker* of -S
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ream and Pompeian NIGHT

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