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UT tae Kalrmunt PrlnUn* and Publla
w. iVIEOEL, General Mao.
A. RAV MAPtL. Advertising
C. V. RED1C, Circulation Mac
Publication Office, Monroe
I BELL 1106?1106 COM
All departments resetted Circular
through private Craned Advu...
eirhwnge. Edltorla
The Associated Press is exclusive
I UM lor republic-atlou o( all news en
otherwise credited lu tliiu newspupe
csl news published herein. All right
of special dispatches herein are also
S'oreign Advertising Uepresentat
1; WARD, Brunswick liidg., Isew lurk.
Street, Chicago.
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3Y CARRIER?(In Felri
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Piiit copy 'i.nuiE ca
BY CARRIER?(Outside of i
One MoiiUi <bc une wee
All subscriptions payable In advance.
.Wbsn'asking for cbang* la address i
new address.
Entered at tho Poaiurtiecat Fairmont
second glass matter.
Subscriber! on our carrier routei
The Weet Virginian any evening sin
TERN UNION.' stale the tact and
residence and a messenger will del
your door at once. There is no ch.
scriber tor this service. The West
to render to its subscribers the bes
livery service possible and this is ;
2 of American tobacco for the sole
1 States in I-ranee is beginning to a
It merits, and there is prospect that manj
hges that go across will have Fairmont n.
' on the post cards which are enclosed in
Practically the only way in which the
get tobacco they can smoke is through t!
friends at home. The French tobacco ii
who ar used to it. It is absolutely impo:
ican taste. But American tobacco, or e
Co, is out of the question in France for a
and even then it is scarce. Tobacco r<
portant item in the French financial sc
~ 1 from other countries is kept out of the cot
And that, as the French would put it,
fif the tobacco fund. The French has
_;r, .-i r . r i
?111 lUUdCCU lltt CXCCJH lor U11C CUrtl^C,
iTobacco company, which is working ii
^ number of American newspapers, amo:
'Virginian, has agreed to shoulder that
Contributed to this fund places 45 cents i
tobacco right into the hands of some An
seems to us, everything considered, and
bercd what a great hardship it would I
men to be cut off from the kind of toba
been accustomed to, that is a very fine ar
which merits popular support.
A SAVING of $60,000,000, or m<
to be wasted on a single nitrate p
credited to Representative Nicho
Ohio, whose study of the subject and ai
^resulted in abandonment of the project,
iwill get its nitrate fot munition or ferti
1 tat only a small fraction of the expense i
forced through Congress by the Democr
,\s everyone will remember, Congres:
passed a bill which carried an appropri;
000 for a plant to produce nitrates by
j electric process. It was understood tha
be erected at Mussel Shoals in Northci
many years there has been demand for
propriation for work at Mussel Shoals, 1
repeatedly turned down. The origin
$80,000,000 to promote navigation a
power. V/hen that failed there was a i
' propriation to erect a plant to manufactut
f was rejecteo :nd when we were on tl
promoters of c'ir -irojeel secured an app
000,000 f or i>-:ift for production of
I h'.nl
When th..i ldie.. ? : ?me was before
tentative Longwartb i He a most vigori
Idiscussing llu subicct at length and sh
gance i(nu f./tiv n tlie plan. He poin
| \ \Jnh/i States .-elted for its nitrates upot
je .V&peodinr, ujhj;. ?- <'**n, it would be
tSiir oatiourH xist.nce uurc the continue
i Have you bought hit I iberty bond?
I a ?
Bettor do It before you lose all your
money on tbe big bieebaU doings.
? *
I "First war baby in this city"?
I Jieadltns
p, Whereupon he rend the story and
E discovered that the bright beadwrlter
was much more to blame than the
lltlltttl- one dam." But his
IIIIImi proposed that the \
HOME." widely separated, so
' ever might happen, i
ililne Company, V.
Due to the energ
* " Longworth .assisted
Manager. 'he President of the
Agar. i operation with the t
lenient, i , an investigation, w
Street, water power plant st
time needs for nitr.
SOLI DATED 000,000 appropria
Ion Dept 2it/ been but an entering
>.ng Dept..... 260 mA . ?l i?, .l
I Roomt 11 " ?*'?? ?'??8 i"
__ _____ Wlt" ?n expendituri
fy?eSS-to the M0.000.000. to s
idited to it or not Pw?c^ss e'?Pe" "
r and also the lo War department hi
a ot republication ment will secure nil
raanred- great expense and v
ive, UOBffiRT a upon the safety of <
i23 W. Madison All the facts in tl
? , House of represenla
E8 R. Green, of low
nee only) "edi' for ,lhe succ
3utn? |L50 I shoals project,
itn 60c I
nont) j . Al
til .......... 60c J\/[ANY Americ
s" 16c iVl the American
NTS. a Wednesday
;airmont) eral Pershing had
v't'V storm three supposit
taught (hem by theii
rive old as well u ^0 say to the men t
~ "You must
Wc"- v'r*lnla. es ' tinctlv an Am
____J employed. Tl
portunity for I
with the weap
tPER CALL itles. Bayone
very valuable,
. falling to get mo<lern war'"
DUld call "WHS- j. .
give name and Here in this coun
Iver a paper to put upon marksmar
?? <*<* v.?. ...k ; r
w nuw primary purpose or
Virginian plan. fu) and accuratc s[
I newspaper de- . ..
?art ol tlie plan. not pay much at,tr
fantry over there fin
1"-' at aiming beyond hi
direction of the foi
ER 6, 1917. tactics of America!
of the pioneer days
method with the rifli
instruction stick in I
kpallingly wasteful C
General Pershing
of Wednesday that
who had chased C
opportunity to boml
musketry has reach!
can army on the ba
sation in Germany
the war began exc(
has an aversion for
VD. so the fleeing Germ
id for the purchase chance, hut the cha
liers of the United opportunity to jud
ittract the attention hrc in the hanas of
of the little pack- haphazard kind he
imes and addresses bomb as an off<
eac|1 in popularity. Bom
men in France can | ^arp shooter^
ia rnnrt?cw r\f llvmr
rrrr'r our idea ?c [be
sal right for those |ndlvidual like La
ssible to the Amer- [qt ^ pagt thrPC .
ven Lnglish tobac
ny except the rich, ^ jjew. Y0rk jraft
venues are an tm- , i?ln, tbe governme
heme and tobacco tQ mil[tary service
intry by prohib.t.ve men have been ca
j. ' were not for the th
is the laison d etre j [adg gummed up tb
e agreed to admit ; ute ,n (hc dgy tQ ,
and the American I
n conjunction with P|,tghurBh piipe
ng them Ihe West wh(ch have hepn ,
,Ev"y ^uar,er for coal in that to
,v?rth of American wbo payg tbe extra
nerican soldier. It ^hat 1b exactly wl
when it is lcmem- The s[tllaj|0n i8 no
re for most of the buypr who conniv
ceo that they have equaiIy ag guilty a:
rangcmcnl and one iQ Uw .g prob,eina
wanted to. howev
? . terms cost so muci
* JV"- time lost as to disc
ore, that was about
lant, can justly be From st. ciairsvi
las Longwoith, of coai mines along th
ggrcssivc fight have transportation for ;
The United States enusc of the car si
Ii7?r nurnntPt lint .<
.._w. ? xne coai operators i
ncident to the plan I ter 0ff if this view
a tic administration. I been taken quite g(
s at its last session
ition of $20,000,- Literal minded j
water power?the i0 astonish people a
t the plant was to 0f a shock to learn
11 Alabama. For the country. It Is
a government ap- ia pouring into the
>ut the project was jn order to stralghi
al effort was for the post office peop
ind develop water gan "John Smith, C
demand for an ap- letters that should
e fertilizers. That j a ten syllable name
le eve of war the | nomen of Jones, ar<
ropriation of $20.- now Is the dead le
nitrates for muni- the country who ca
have doubts that t
the House, Repre- act easy to underst
jus fight against it, ?
owing the extrava- A new revolt hai
ted out that if the conducted accordlr
0 one power plant, trouble la cloie to
a case of "bettina n* far from the cen
d existence of that ' to rich pickings as
But such Is life In these stirring
times?and some newspaper offices.
I * * *
It beats the dickens how the circulation
of some newspapers does
But when they swear to it what are
you going to do?
Just when every one had agreed to
cut down on meat what looks like
competition in the meat business
springs up.
efforts were not merely negative. He!
government establish numerous plants, j
that there would be no danger, what
>f our being cut off from a nitrate sup-:
:tic presentation of the subject by Mr.
by others, the War department asked |
National Academy of Science in co-1
American Chemical society, to conduct \
Inch disclosed that the erection of a
ifficient to supply the government's warites
would cost many times the $20,ted.
The $20,000,000 would have j
wedge. The investigators recommende
lines advocated by Mr. Longworth. s
of less than $4,000,000 out of the 1
tart the work in small plants under a
y the General Chemical company. The j
ss adopted that plan and the govemrate
plants suited to its needs, without
vithout rendering production dependent
>ne dam.
be matter were reviewed recently l.i the I
tives, at which time Representative W.
a, accorded to Mr. Longworth chief
essful fight made against the Mussel
ans will be puzzled by r report from
training headquarters in France under
r's date line which says that after Genwatched
a body of American troops
itious enemy trenches after the manner i
r French instructors he felt called upon '
not forget that the rifle Is diserican
weapon. I want to see it
tere surely will be plenty of opits
use, and if you are unfamiliar
vu juu win lose mose opporiunts
and bombs are all right and
but rifle Are still has a place In
itry where great slrcss has always been
iship, we drop into the belief that the j
the long range military rifle is purposetooting,
but European drill masters do
ition to such tactics. Some of the in- j
s from the hip and without any pretense
tving the weapon pointed in the general
!. The Boers who fought with the '
1 Indians and shot like our plainsmen
did a whole lot to reform the British 1
e, but probably not enough to make the
the face of trench fighting and the aplerman
massed attack.
: is reported to have said in his address
he had heard of soldiers in this war
lermans 100 yards and more for an
o or bayonet them. If the neglect of
:d that stage the advent of the Amerittli
line is apt to create more of a senthan
anything that has happened since
:pt the tanks. The American soldier
shooting even an enemy in the back,
an will continue to have a pretty good
irging enemy is certain to be given an
Ige the difference between musketry
thoroughly well trained men and the
has been getting. One thing is certain, |
;nsive weapon for infantry will decline
ib throwers make such bully targets for
ultimate In futility is a discursive
Follette trying to justify liis record
years in a three hour speech.
boards are reported to be memorialnt
in fa'vor of suspending the liability
of married men until all the single
lied. That would sound good if it
ousands of slacker marriages. These
e whole draft scheme, and it is rather
:hink of changing.
rs are telling of the clever ways
nvented for evading the retail price
wn. And in every instance the man
price is a willing victim to the fraud,
rat we predicted would be the case,
w up to the government. Morally the
es at a transaction of this kind is
3 the seller. How it would work out
tical. The authorities could, if they
er, make coal obtained upon such
i in attorney's fees, court costs and
ourage the practice.
He conies a dispatch to the effect that
e Ohio river that have not used water
years have returned to that plan betiortage.
The country at large, and
hemselves, would be a whole lot bet
of the transportation problem had
?nerally months agp.
leonle who are forever doing things
re familiar to all, but it is something
that there are thousands of them in
a fact that there are. The mall that
new army camps every day proves It.
ten out the mall tangle at the camps
le sent out form addresses which beiompany
?etc. Now thousands of
be addressed to some individual with
v or who, maybe, rejoices in the cogs
going to John Smith, whose address
ttcr office. Vet there are people in
nnot understand why any one should
he public will find the new revenue
i started in Mexico. And It Is being
ig to Hoyle, too, for the seat of the
the American line. That is to say,
ter of Mexican authority and as close
a *( PI.U.MA .lionotnh
lie I U uwi/uvv,
* *
What, In this weather?
But then It doea not take much' to
make a baseball caldron boll.
Today Battling Bob apologizes, 1!
the achedule U carried out,
He'll never be the aame Bob after
* *
That's what happens to fellows who
(BY cor
si AVr, He's D9UN
OH, i Suppose he co
Have Firs or a number
Thinqs THE matter, U/IT
So, of courc.se, He
must/ BE DRUNK',!!
IP" *
i washingtc
1 gossip [
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Oct. 6? r
There are a lot of people who have the ] 1;
uoelusiou that tsar has put politics out] c
of business, but they are not politi-! 1:
cians. They belong to the other fifty-1 J
six varieties of American mankind, j s
Nothing has ever happened yet, not j d
even the world gone war crazy, that j s
has been able to erase lronj a politi- i 11
cian's tnind the lulling thoughts and j li
crafty schemes of politics. The war; 1
has merely put the dimmer on the con- 1;
versation. because it is now the most i'
important business of everybody and 1 tt
must be attended to first. The game 1 c
of polittcs goes on just the same, but j it
it is not so vocal anil boisterous us in ' p
normal times. It's war politics, and ] c
that means a mixture of the regular.t
brand with business, getting commis- y
sions aud contracts, locating canton- c
ments, and a million and one other a
things which go in this get-rich-qutck j n
ration of pulling, hauling and perspir-I c
tng patriots. In times like these there h
are untold and heretofore unheard of j
epportunities for men to acquire great it
riches and political honors at one and I p
the same time. j t
Rut this wpplf thorn was n flnrnnn nP ! ?
the politics of the sort that we ail know n
and, some of us, mcro or less love, | c
i-ecrctary of War Baker was heralded l<
as looking ahead' at that Democratic li
presidential nomination of 1920. He *
promptly, and as was to be expected, d
denied with self-effacing brevity that 'i
l.e had any "present or prospective in- r
Wrest in the subject." Josephtis Dan- J r
ieis would have done the same thing i
in a like circumstance, and likely will o
do it later on, when bis turn comes i
to bo written up as working toward the v
presidential goal. Likewise, William F
Glbbs McAdoo, the President's angular e
son-in-law. For their turn is bound t
to come. In inner circles where po- t
litical planning goes along quietly with P
the noiser planning for war. and where
the star chamber gossip of politics pro- P
ceeds unendingly, the putative prcsi- a
dentiai ambitions of these throe, anu '>
a number of others, are morselB of r
chatter masticated with enthusiasm, v
In these pattering parties, they refer b
to William Gibbs McAdoo as the
"Crown Prince." In the Cabinet array (1
of probabilities. Franklin K. Lane Is 1looked
upon as a bead taller than his tl
colleagues. II
More definite is the pitter-patter it
about old Champ Clark ? and here tl
among Washington Democrats, for the f<
most part, the Old is used with affec- a
tion?and what he is up to tor the fu- tl
ture?his own future. Speaker Slark
is going to be a candidate for the nom- li
ination it he is still here hale and hear v
ty when the time comes to get out and j
Go after it. There isn't the faintest H
sign that he will not be here ami fit for o
the frny when the bell taps, and Wash- C
Ington reads in him or from him in- n
numerable signs that the Speaker "
knows what he wants and that he is *
working to that end. What he wants, ii
need it be said, is what he practically c
had on 30 ballots at the Baltimore con- 1
ventlon, hut didn't get. Whoever are c
candidates, the consensus of opinion c
right now is that Champ Clark will cer t
talnly be one of them. 1
Of course, war conditions made fore- I
You Try Them at Our Risk?If They Do
edicise You Ever Died Your Dm
Why allow your body to endure ills, sui
towel. Hood and skin affections, gent
constipation, Sick headaches and many
orders? For it has been the very worst foi
en the power and medicinal value of BUR1
doctors and moat all the prominent medicim
nouneed incurable?but, if you have 35 ccn
of BUBXONE. We have seen it prove si
order* that we'have absolute faith in its j
You have nothing to loee. Your druggist
Satisfied?ask him. Made in Ravenswoot
Sold by Crana'a Drug Store, Holt Drn
l7 "
ULDM'T 111.,? ' '
asting mighty uncertain, and the best
aid, spiked down and clatnped plans
t politics are liable to be sapped and
dovu up like the Herman trenches at
larlines. Those who indulge tliemelves
In the pastime know it, but that
ocsn't prevent them continuing their
peculations, nor shrewd, ambitious
nen planning tor their future. It's a
ang-standing habit?and so it goes on.
'he amazing thing about it is that one
ears little in the talk of the posslbilty?indeed,
the probability?of this
nusual war producing unusual politial
results. Wars have made presidents
aany a time before, and war may reeat
its president-making history. The
ountry knows little of a t'ershing, but
l may know a Pershing very well a
oar hence. His name may be brown
r ones or ohnson, and he may be just
v. in< onspicuous cog in the great war
i.vcMne just now, but whoever heard
t ackson and Grant when the war
rum began tJo roll?
There is another way to look at the
aflueucc of this war upon our future
residential statesmanship and that is
a view it in the light of the past. The
urvivors of the Union army when they
tarched home lo victorious tunes proceded
to make Presidents, lip till
toosevelt's ti.-:?t 13ml he was a warero
President?Crover Cleveland was
he only President r.-'-o war net a soiier
of the Civ 1 war oftor Lincoln,
lie Grand Army of tie P.tpun'.o made
'resident for forty ysais Some of the
olilicians Pi Washington u"> recoil,
ag that, and forme an a titer mighty
rguniuztion of soldier t atarade.' issa
ng forth from this greatest of ad
iars; another Grated Army <T the HelUblic,
but more mighty in numbers,
mpowcretl by its life in the trenches
0 wield a prodigious influence over
he government in peace times?over
arties in presidential campaigns,
it may be asked if the presidential
olitics wa'.ah flows 011 here quietly ut
tl times, but flows persistently and
rresisllbly all the same, is all of the
ikniocratic brand, it is not, but in
iew of the Democratic ascendency
ere, it is mostly so The class of Idaublleaus
to be found here do not inulge
extravagantly, for they generally
ind tip kgniti't t. fact which causes
Item to stare in open-mouthed wonder.
: is a tiisagrenble fact to this partlcuir
class or th; 0. o. P. For whet
hey ree -tark t' end of them in a vocisrating
gentleman with eyeglasses
etl ia-pe, glean ing teeth. It sends
rem to bed with chills.
Yes it is a fact that when the Repubcan
end oi it is gossiped shout, there
ill invariably he found at least o.lu
>> killer In the group of snug and rc
i d gentlemen mat love the memciv
! (iood Old Bdi Toft because he wa,
MOD to them, t Ld so ea.y about It,
no will say something to this efTect:
Well, where's yoir man you can wl'i
rith?name hint"'" The ctneis sta-e
j dazed amazmmt. the!' jiluJs stop
logged, they tan think of Toe ma.-,
urn the pestn-rous j. V. adds witb
ruei satisfaction. "Of course, yo'l
an't. You hava.i' got hint in the pa:y?
he hasn't developed 'f jou have,
'ou fellows wLi have to take T. R.?
he biggest men in the U. 6. A and a
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ggiit Will Hefund Ton 70 Cents
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iral weakness,biliousness, Indigestion,
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W. Va., by The Cooperative Drug Cs.
1917. "
darned bit man ,n tha world, whoopee: I [p
or mere la no pluas for rot lor another
ljw iuug /cars t
Then the part/ breaks up most enLupplly
for most of 'item, and one
gcity-old codger who Is .* has-beci
but doesn't know It In the president- I?
making game. Is heard to mumble
about Col. Joy Killer: "A damned dls- l
agreeable fellow ? damned disagree- W<
able.' I llsl
In abort, T. R. a Is the face of the Old ! thi
Man of the Mountain that looms up \ Ce
teethinglv when the Republican par- j nia
ty's future Is up for debate. That is I Vlt
tho reason why they don't look at the hai
Mountain so often. It's not the Image ed
th?y want to see upon Its granite slope. ?n<
. wa
In the office of Congressman Stuart m'l
Fell* Reed there is a portrait gallery do
of the seventeen governors of West dul
Virginia from Pierpont to Cornwell. era
The pictures surround the state flag, 1
and above is the great seal of the Com- *'r
monwealth. 'f*
The pictorial array of native stalesmen
is much admired by visitors and "V*
by Mr. Heed, who arranged It. Ho l0"
icoks at it often and no doubt thinks ??'
upon it much. _i "ls
Stuart Felix Reed Is under suspl- cor
clon of having an ambition to see his 'I!1'
picture In that ga'lery. But no for
nial indictment has been returned Wa
against him that he is secretly plottit g I of
to run for governor in lD'.O. me
That cannot be said of Charles J.
Schuck, of Wheeling, vrho has been n0
mder suspicion for months of v.'antlnp wa
'o cumi to the House of Representa- ]]t.
lives from the First district. He h'.a Pr
pleaded guilty t.i the charge, so relia- t0
hie report which reaoty.s here says j (
West Virginia II p Chileans hero were j c)z,
glad to hear of It Mr. Schuck is a 22 i Cal
karat Republican, a speaker of con-! on
vincing force and tine nonce, able to i of
get the crowds with him and to inject Set
pep and go into any campaign no mat- ent
ter how listle?s it may teve been lie- reg
t(.re lie. arrived, lie slumped the slate Boi
last year umler the ausnices of the cal
Republican state committee, missing T
speaking in but few of the counties, on
His campaign was of the hummer va- of
riety and he was In demand by local Ge
committees on speakers everywhere, brii
When Uncle Sam went to war, Schuck &' >
did great work In the Wheeling district, T1"
arousing the people with his patriotic 1 linJ
speeches and splendid appeals to their < IO '
loyalty. There is an opinion among a j
number of Republicans in the First !
district, and it Is one which Is growing i ?
that Schuck looks like the man toj i
carry the. First district and put it back ' I I
in the Republican column where, hy i II
right of Hr Republican majorities of i
the past, it belongs. n
. 1
What People Say
And Some Side Remarks
A newspaper printed by American
soldiers now in France is called Soixante
Trois. which means sixty-three, 1
the number of the Red Cross section coa
which publishes it. It is minieo- tie
graphed and contains this Item In re- nee
gard to aerial warfare written by one one
of the boys: \
"The nirplanes are most bother- doc
some at nights. Have'you ever all\
been in Jersey and seen the mos- |)re
quitoes? Well, that's the way thr
they are here, only worse. They tea
drop their bombs everywhere. j.-jS
in the soup. In your tobacco. On cor
your beds and even in your boots an,
when vo utahe them off at night jjlt
The boys in the trenches are safe |,a\
compared with us. They don't ^
have to drive along road? with ^
shells bursting every inch. Many jjle
is the time I've lit a cigarette and wa,
held the match for the wind of j
a passing shell to put out." t]e
Officers or men at Camp Mills whose .
nervous systems would easily be dis- .
rupted bv warfare are to be weeded *'
out and "it Is likely that the same
ruurpe will dh luuuwcu bl uu Lamps. - .
A "high officer" is quoted as saying: 1
"Such men must he eliminated up
because of the effect it has on wlt
their comrades. Shell shock ?
should not be confused wtih nervous
breakdown but men sus- J
ceptlble to disorganization of
their nervous system are the
more liable to shell shock."
Earl Anthony, who says he is
a minister, Is one of the "conscientious
objectors" at Camp
Grant at Rockford, III. He says:
"I talked it over with God and
God told me not to do it. I would
not double cross God."
Children Cry
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homo cacrMlv nnr! without lriRc nf tlmo
from work.
You have nothing to risk and everything
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your money will ba refunded.
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Your Best 1
Your beet Interests should ba con
i account.
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i ance can be secured when needed.
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On the Corner Near '
======dJ H
'AIRMOXT. Oct. 8?| Editor The
st Virginian]?In an editorial publied
In your paper on Tuesday ot
? week, you attacked Adjutant ?,
nernl Bond for the effort he was
kinr to nrnvnnt th.
_ r...vU( luu a iiob ntav
ginta regiment from being dls- _ ,
ided. In this editorial you ridleulhis
efforts and said that the See1
West Vlrglnln Regiment had fl- "l
y* been "the pet of the Head Adnlstration."
Feeling crrtrin ns I
that this Is untrue. I feel It my
ty to reply to this attack on Gan
I Bond. ?
nstead of being unfriendly to the
st West virRlnia regiment. Gen
I Bond has done nil In hit power
> past two years to keep the re (tint
from being disbanded. Had he
owed tho advice frotn tho War dotmcnt
the Klrst would have been
banded several years ago; but he
isldered the wishes of the otflccrs
1 men.cl' the First and did not
band the regiment. Instead he
de every elTort to persuade the
ir department to allow the State I
West Virginia credit for two rogi- "
nts. As long as General llond bad
authority tho First regiment was
, disbanded, but as soon as he had
voice in the matter, tho regiment
s scattered to the Four Winds of
aven. That shows, l think, whelh- }|
General Bond was friendly or not
the Flrsl West Virginia regimenf.
leneral Bond has nlso been crltled
by the West Virginian for not
ling tho First regiment lor servico m
the Mexican border. The Colonel II
the Second West Virginia was the I
tlor Colonel and his 1 /imont was
itled to the preference flnlv one
inicut could be culled and General I
ill simply followed mllltr.ry law In
ling the Senior regiment. ! I
'he writer hue been for some time
the stuff of the Adjutant Ceneral ,
this State and can testify that
neral Bond has worked liard to
ng the National Guard of West Vlrla
up to a high state of elflelency.
t-refore I think It uncalled for and
ust for a newspaper of this Stata i
criticize hltn unfairly. JJ
Yours verv truly, !
aook at. tho tongue, mother! 11
ted, it is a sure sign that your litone's
stomach, liver and bowels
<1 a gentle, thorough cleansing at
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nth bad; has stomach ache, soru
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s," and in a few hours all the foul,
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re a well, playful child again.
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e this harmless "fruit laxative."
y love its delicious taste, and it alYB
makes them feel splendid,
isk your druggist for a 50-cent bot- J
oi i aniornm oymp ul rigf.
Icli lias dlrectioDR for babies, clilln
of all ages and for grown-ups
inly on the bottle. Beware of counfeits
eold here. To be sura that
i get the genuine, ask to see that
s made by the "California KIg SyrCompany."
Refuse any other kind
h contempt.
Watches look
well and keep
A *W
good rime j
The f|ALLMAR^ Store
interests 1
s i
aldered In opening a banking 2
nda. . ft
ctlon where advice and astlri- ?
you bath,
at your command.
tht Pottortiea. |
00,000.00. 1

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