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> :
Our boys?somewhere in rune mi
spend their "days oft" visiting tile i '
age-old and war worn villages near | j
the training camp. Here they are in j |
) a little town (name deleted by cen ! i
sor) giving the place the "once over" I \
I as many of them put it At the left h
Mrs. Elizabeth .McDonald, of McKiuney
street, and daughter. Mrs Ernest l
McCoy, went to Pittsburgh this morn1
lng where they will visit relatives tor
several weeks.
Mrs. Ward Goodwin and twin cliil- '
dren, Paul and Pauline, who had been Is
the guests of tho former's mother, Mrs I
James Wisman, will leave Sunday for!
their home at McMeclien. Mr. Good i
win will come her tomorrow and ac- t
company them home. j
Mrs. Clarence Statler will go to t
Grafton tomorrow to spend the week . i
end with relatives. t
Mrs. Mason Woo 1 has returned from I
Charles Town, W. /a., and Winchester.
Va., where she had been the guest ot
relatives. {
Mrs. Harry boost ti and daughter. .
Miss Dorothy Dob-am, of Wheeling are j
guests at the home ot the forme. .
mother, Mrs. Jennt" Knglc, mi Walnut i j
avenue. ' |
Miss Florence Langsteln. of Mr ,
Keesport. Pa.. is the guvs* of Miss I j
Dorotha Howard on Maple avenue
Miss Irma Henrv went to Wheeling j :
this morning to spend the week end. , j
Mr. and Mrs. At thin* lynch have |
returned from a week, visit with the j
former's mother. Mrs Muagie Lynch.
tut Laurel Point. Md
Mrs. Pinkney Arnctt has returned :1
from Mt. Clemens. Mich., whore sh*
had spent the lust st veral weeks. I lei
daughter, Mrs. W. t, Toothman. met '
hor < n Pltlahiirnli mwl i\n .? i... I I '
I home. 1p
Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Xuzum. of Chi
cago street, left la.-, night for Chicago I
to spend a week.
Mrs. Martha Davis left last night for I
) Washington, D. c\, to visit relatives.
She will also be the guest of Miss :
Madge Sample at i.r.urol. Md. ' 1
Mrs. Kay Carpenter and children
are spending a few days with Mr. and i .
Mrs. Harry Carpenier at Dola. W Vu.
Mrs. Dave Sapp of Pennsylvania !
, avenue, has returned front Pittsburgh <
where for several days she has been ?
I visiting relatives. i C
Miss Anna Smith, of Pennsylvania ?
avenue, has been . iting In r brother |<
who is located at Pittsburgh.
bX Mr. and Mrs. U W. Toothntan. ot 1 <
Pennsylvania avenue, were called to ?
Vlropa during the week because of the 5
serious illness of Mrs. Iiazel Vanfcov <
Rev. H. B. Moose, of Tunnclton. has J
H heon calling on Mr and Mrs. E. W. it
H Toothman, of Pennsylvania avenue!?
during the week. j I
I a HStTNSBcBl |
H |
Alicm. 1 ;j
The Bell Hop. \
Here is the bell hop doing the t
traveling bag dive. You've carried .<
them all the way from the depot and <
still feel pretty healthy, but as soon '<
as you get in the door he bounces <
on them, gets a strangle hold, and <
marches triumphantly, 25 feet up to j
the desk. He waits for the key, takes {
you up to your room, opens the door, i
turns on all the lights, opens the 5
r~ !
windows, starts the water going, and i
does everything else but take a cou- j
pie hours' sleep 1 or you. Then he t
waits at the door with an "is there J
anything else, sir?" and the "anything j
else" means you loosen up with a i
fattened fraction of a case note, f
Then that's the last you see of him 5
until you come In the hotel again. ;
Bell hops are a stingy lot. We've ;
never seen one yet that would give J
you a pass on his r*llroad. A few ij
years ago when you had a dime, you \
immediately thought of a bell hop, t
hut today the movies have beat him J
to It. Now If you give him a dime \
he waits for the rest of the change. I
Recalled the Circumstance.
She?Tom, do you remember the ?
night you asked papa for my hand? {
H how fortunate you were?
He?Perfectly; he asked me to f
H lend him $10 and 1 didn't have it.? I
Boston Transcript. i
a ?
"I have a cousin who does not need \
to care how bad business 1b."
H "He's very lucky, .What does be !
"He's a chiropodist,so he can al- 1
rays get a foothold."?Baltimore ,j
ire two Sammies seated by the way;ide
chatting with another American
soldier across the street. Far up
he road are other Sammies, evidently
beaded for the business district to
?et rid of a bit of loose change. The
villagers have not deserted their |
lomes, as might be supposed from a
To Entertain Hope Circle.
Mrs. Clifford ileiz will be hostess
his evening at her home on Chicago
itreet to the Hope Sewing Circle.
To Federation Convention.
Among Fairmont women who will
opresent the Women's club at the
hate Federation convention at Charles011
next week are .Mrs. George Duliolt,
Mrs. Jas. A. Fickingtr, Mrs. A. L. Lehnan
and Miss Jennie Fleming.
* ?
Missionary Societies.
Several of the missionary societies '
>i the various churches arc holding
iivir regular monthly meeting today.
I'he foreign societv of the M. P. Tom>ie
is meeting at ;1 o home of Mrs. \V.
Cobitn on Boyd: ton street and the
I'rcsbyteriaii Missionary society is
neeting at the home of Mrs. John Kis*
tor on Maryland avenue. The isa- '
inlla Thoburn society of the First M
church meets tonight at S o'clock at !
In* church.
* * *
W. C. T. 'J. Reception.
The members of tl?e Central society
>f the Woman's Christian Temperance i
Union will be entertained at a social .
lonignt at the hone* of Mrs. Jennie Eu- ;
jleon Walnut avenue. A program will ;
je rendered and refreshments will be
;erved. A silver offering will be tak- |
* * ? *
Ambrose I.. Sturm, of Akron, O., and
Miss Anna Radford of Kingmont. were !
united in marriage in tl:is city yester- ,
[lay evening at the home of the offi- '
Jting minister. Ilo?. t larence Mitchell, i
I liff^
! A Wonderf
! EfyouarePi
> The arrival of two samj
* the famous Smith & Barn
> go, enables us to offer you
'j ue in a player piano. The
1 our floor, and whether yoi
| to see them.
| Specifi
> One li a deep rich mahogai
2 high finish oak. Both are 88
The action la a standard playi
3 it is possible to make five
throughout is metal, and will
3 of rubber tubing in a piano of
I strings are an example of th(
manshlp throughout. For ea
or by the player, It does not h
We are making a special
pianos, and the terms ar
that the buyer wants. We
scarf and bench. Come in
instruments and let then
| goodness, ?& . <. t
] C. A. HO
119 Main St.
glance at the above phonograph. j
Their strong men are at the front;
the old and women are working, for I
this picture was snapped at 10:30 I
a. m. At the left, on the door stoop
ate two French women who evidently
left their morning sweeping to watiii
these soldiers front overseas."
, , a
o (the Central Christian church. Miss
Radford formerly resided on the East
side and is well kuown in the city. Mr.
Sturm formerly resided at Benton's
Ferry and Mannington. lie has boon
employed with the Goodyear llubbet 5
company in Akron fat some time where 1
he bus taken bis bride to reside.
* * * ?
Honored Clergymen.
Rev. 11. J. Yoak. ti ( new minister at
the Williams Memorial M. F. church,
and Rev. F. S. Pollitt, presiding elder
of the district and their families were
guests of hunt))' la.u evening at an at }
tractivcly appointed reception nt the
church at which mem bets of the congregation
wete hose s:-/ s. a program j
opened the event. Ji< lollowing taking
part: Mrs. K C. Rowand. Miss Paige.
Miss... Irene Uavs. Helen Stevenson.
Ndl IJougan. Minnie Kcinwald. Mrs.
llarvov Kopp and Aliss Halphsnyder.
11. T Jonc: ^presenting the congregation.
addressed 'lie assemblage wel-;
coming llev Yonk i.nd his family and ;
expressing satisfaction at the return ot
Kev. Pollitt to the distrit. Both Rev. j
Voak and Rev. Pol **' responded to the '
address. A socia1 hour followed at
which refreshment" were served. ,
&& O U P f.$
* Spasmodic croup is
usually relieved with
cnc application of? j -^j,
*'^J ? i-itl? > ;ily-Ou?r>.l inVrv.- Home ' v ' ' VjA- '
X'C^^^O"C'*:'C>C'Oooo'o.oo.c>.o:o;ox>3^o/:o I
v, t
^ I
9L j
ii ' |
:ul Bargain I
anoHungry j
pie player pianos made by p
es piano makers of Chica- |
something of unusual val- g
re are only two of them on g
u buy or not, we want you 9
cations I
iy case, the other a beautiful, g
-note players, brass trlmmid.
er action, as near noiseless as
point motor, and the tubing
last a lifetime. No replacing 8
this character. Copper wound
> high construction and workse
of playing either by hand
ave a superior. ?> j
. price on these two sample |
e anything within reason g
give free 18 rolls of music, |
and hear the tone of these ?
i demonstrate their own ?
Frank M. Sharpe, Mgr. |
_________________ pric
a nu "or
AO JFLU worn
New CI
That the Woman V
Fashion Should S<
and Sui
Our buyer, Miss Jenni<
New York, carefully sele<
view of presenting not or
styles, but to offer such a
crown the Autumn sho\
complete than at any otl
unusually attractive gathe
you whether from a poin
of value presented. No\
Mew Dresses for
and Yooog W
You will always find something
teresting here because we are cor
new frocks to take the places of tl
so fast.
A great new shipment has just a
cs as most every woman has need i
New Drecces of Jersey Cloth?Very smart!
this material give the maximum of comfort p.)
wear They conic in rich shades of brown, t
and burgundy. Trices $18 to $25.
New Dresses cf Serge?Such dresses as ar
dressed women in the largest cities. They cor
shades, beautifully embroidered in metallic
bead embroidery and sontache braiding. Bust
are represented. A splendid assortment at $15
to $50.
New Afternoon Dresses of satin. Georgette.
| in the very newest models of the season, $15
(Scond Floor)
The Question c
Mew Snail
can be settled ai once. Here are s
arrived and they are aglow with
est thoughts of fashion land.
Suits of silvertone, velour, plain
broadcloth, gabardine and serge
tumn colors, featuring the new 1
effects, hight waist line effects and
many with fur trimming.
I Prices are $18 to $100 with a ee
between $18 and $40.
UQC? thing
Ns"r^' depen
have i
$2 a y
Home Craft Week
The Idea of <ltv<iMng,oue week each sea
son to oonslriontiR^ttifi'- feeiaSjiiug^dthhe
home started two year* ago. It spread like
wtldflre. Today homwn alters from the
Pines of Maine to the Palms of Florida -wltt
consider the problem, of making home more
attractive during this week of-'October 8-13.
\V e are co-operating In this great national
movement. Our store windowB show the
latest materials and our drapery department
displays a splendid range of decorative fabrics
at prices to interest every ono,
.; V* *
Every kind of blanket worth having Is
here. Every blanket shown here Is
worth every penny of the price marked
on It. Some are marked at less
than they are worth according to to- ijtp
day's market. These are plain statements
of facts. You will find us ready *
to back them up. Wool blankets, 33.7S
to $16.00.
(Third Floor Annex/
ie Delineator at Special F
till splendid style magazine Is Issued monthly ?nd
a the beet Idese on authentic fashions.
rs. Benner a special New York representative wilt
week to take new subscriptions or renowals nt the
e, 85c a year. (First 1
en Who Are C
lothes This Wi
we This to Sa^
(/ho Prides Herself on (
;e the New Coats, Dre
ts Just Received
s Montgomery, spent last w
:ting the newest creations, wi
lly the last word in Fall and ^
diversity of style and value tf
ving. Today the stocks are
her time of the season. Ai
iring will be of intense intei
t of good fashion or from a
v's the time.
W omen New Ej?a S
Blouses for large
omen I to sizo 53 have jut
The style? nro v
f different and in- and tho prices are
istantly getting in crat0- (Second Kl
meo urn ofn c?/slliv>nr
1V/UV, ??W UI L ___________
rived?such dress?or
right now. <
y fashioned. Dresses of We have gOll
nd durability for general r ... Jl...
aupe, beige, Copenhagen ^ 116W StOC
in which a per
e worn by the smartest Hartley StOl'e
ue in the newest autumn i,..,
effects, wool, silk and licit,,
le and side-drape effects ^ox ''"urs 'n tauPt
i to ?55; others from ?10 set'
Muffs, Capes and
?115.00 a piece,
crepe meteor and velvet Muffs and Ncckpii
10 $1S a piece.
iff Youir T?P1
^ Never has th
uits that have just played such a ]
the prettiest, new- growing.
Here are hai
i velour, duvetyne, fashion in the 1
in the newest au- ' every day now
basque and bustle *? 1??^ after yt
new belt ideas and
They are coats fi
nerous assortment luxuriously warm.
/C, i r] v gray squirrel with
(Ser.nrm Floor) tasnnn
Busy! Busy
s is the week that is nationally given ov
inviting to your boys and girls. This is
lent has made extensive preparations fo
e you'll find Curtains and Drapery mat
and brighten up your home wonderfully
e effect of all the other furnishings, pr<
called harmony.
i selection of Curtains and other hanging
ds upon the curtains for they are backg:
nade a very careful study of the proper
ard; Quaker Craft Curtains, $1.50 to .$6
] Home Craft Specials
31 .?o a pair ior acniD ana i^uaKer t-ace curtains,
hemstitched and with lace edges,
white and cream.
{2.45 a pair Quaker Lace Curtains made ot the
highest grade ot marquisette, one and
two-Inch silk hemstitching, beautifully
embroidered medallion In corner and
good for any room in the home.
$4.25 a pair for Quaker Curtains with fine filet
lace drawn work and edging, cream and
43c a yard, choice of a large and varied assortment
of curtain materials; madr&s,
marquisette and voile.
22c a yard for a good collection of cretonnes
u in new autumn colorings, and every pattern
you are likely to want. . . ...
W&to.-.s-- : . .(Th'rd Floor) .
New Victor Records
tre SSiftgpIayed today in the yictrola R
,(Fourth Floor). . ..
ppp' 11?wm4
oe nere w I
special fm j 1
'loor> ?
aoing to Have^
oter We j I
ICSL IU * \ jj'
. point : \ \ j
^ v rfVv
bssos and l&S?
women up \ > sS^T
?t come in. jjjT
ory smart ? M ^
very mod- Kf/
e to some extra pains in the selection
k of furs, because furs are something. j
son is very apt to be deceived. The |
stands behind every purchase made
poiret blue and Georgette sets, $45 to $140.00 a
Stoles of Hudson seal, mole and kolinsky, $12 to 1
tees of kit coney, raccoon and river mink at $5 to
(Second Floor)
aaits For Women
>1? to $125
ere been an Autumn in which topcoats
prominent role and the fashion keeps C 1
ndsorne coats of New York authentic
/ei'V newest shades and materials and
new ones coming in. Now's the time
mr Winter Coat. (Second Floor)
For Coats
pr the c oldest Winter days, because they are so
Far coats of Hudson seal, natural river mink and
skunk trimming, 10 to 48 inch lengths, $87.50 to !
(Second Flow) , -t
'! Busy! ,
er to planning how to make your home
Home Craft Week. Our drapery der
this splendid occasion.
erials that will not only dress the win- I ^
, but will heighten the charm and dec- I
aducine that one. much thoueht-after I
is is an art. The success of any room
rounds for all other furnishings. We'
selections. Quaker Craft Laces 25c to
.00 a pair.
Home Craft Week ||
"It Is a woman and only a woman, who j
can turn a bouse into a home"?and this la
home-maker's week.
"To Adam Paradise was home?to the i
rood amonr his descendants home is ParaAnd
this week is devoted to the considers- otfegj
(ion o[ this country's greatest institution' , J
?The American Home.
Do you know that every one who passea
your home Judges you by the way your win- . ^
dows are draped? Bare windows Buggest . "s
a poor housekeeper; ill-draped windows the
lack of good taste.
. Fashionable Footwear II
Buckskin, calfskin and kldskln shoes |L 1*
y in pearl gray, dark gray, Java brown, IT ' \
. tan, ivory tan and black?not to men- II f
V; 1 tlon the large assortment ot two-tone II,
00m color effects in medium and high boot II
styles with high and low heel*. Prices II
t? . l*36cr IttiS
Ua (First Floon) / || . S

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