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I HIMDttttKfl
br the Fairmont Printing end PuM:
W. J. WIEQEL. Oeneral Man
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
C. V. RE01C, Circulation Ma
Publication Office, Monro*
ELL 110S?1101 CO
Kg. All department* reached Clroula
through private branch Advert
|?> exchange. Edltorl
The Associated Press Is exclusii
us* (or republication ot all news
to It or not otherwise credited In I
also the local news published berel
nuKtinntlnn r\f unwin I ilisnntrhph
Ik reserved.
rureign Advertising Represents
WARl), Brunswick Uicg.. New Vort
Btreet, Chicago.
" (subscription RA"
BV tPayaDla In adv;
OB? Iltr fa.uu : i nree A
Six Monies |3.uu une Mc
On* Year jr.OU I une Mo
Six Months gk.fiO j Une Wt
BY CARRIER?(Outside o?
One Month 76cOne We
- All subscriptions paj able in dvancv.
Wbsn asking for cnangp In audress
8' new addreaa
Entered el I tie PuBtufr>> :
i-: aecilinl ulasa matter.
I Subscribers on our carrier ruut
The West Virginian any evening s
TERN UNION." state the tact an
residence and a messenger will d<
your door at once. There is no c
scrlber tor this service. The W'es
to render to its subscribers the bt
livery service possible and this Is
I Old Stager and The Deacon of lib
So fust to sinl( a U-boat of course th
f~sMlLE ROSSI, in the name of thi
r, we salute you. Judging by th
was more Italian than French, bi
not count for much as an indication of
where the Hood of many races has n
stock and the ardent Saracen, the ma
man and the Latins of Spain and of Fr
contributions to the present day chara
your father died a soldier of Francct'o
entitle you to the aid of the student
sc'-eol and the sympathy of the entire c
Judging by the photograph you are
a bit vistful in expression. Perhaps \
moil enough trait in the children of Frai
cannot help ' ut wonder how many wc
iu?es will be the direct result of the
through which your generation is nov
not be one of the geniuses, but the g
above your' ears indicates that you w
your own if you get a fair chance.
There is the rub; what sort i a char
dreds of thousands of little boys and
to have when this war is <vcr and the i
the fathers laid down their lives beg
broken threads of its life? After all
dren who arc to be the real sufferers fro
one may be sure, will do what she can
pitifully little. Well, America is rich,
to do the rest. Mo, be of good courag
found friends will sec to it in *omc w.v
start in the world.
Ik V 1 division of the National army
Riley, Kansas. The young so
Aat division are to be congratulated,
under one of the most capable soldiei
and one whose patriotism and couraj
The administration, one may well b
J. luctant to give this command to Gem
spring he was taken away from the di
ters at Governor's Island, where he had
ipicuous service, and was given his clic
|- | Ruff stuff |
"But with the advance tip to Fred
S. Harr, the dies throwers are likely
Kv to get a warm reception here."?From
an article In the Astontsher regard
Ki' tug crap shooters headed this way.
* *
Surest thing you know.
Home Industry must be protected.
B Judging by the wsy tbey loaf on tbe
ktreets the local gamblers do not hare
enough business to occupy their time
K' Besides Jackson street Is the natur?\
hi stamping ground of dice sharks and
RA What with the terrible blow which the
| \ Reed amendment struck at the principal
Jackson street Industry the peoB
pie who bang out there are In no position
to send any of their money out
E o' town.
H ' ' '
Pretty cold for this bssehall game.
But then the lunatics who take In
ximm- Sffi
s HOME." ehote the Utter. W
member or traimig c
talSS?5>?ay. " dbemrered that this t
jurisdiction, the edn
H**' | thority over the can
; Manner and placing it in the
ager. obvious dap at Gen
ntandenL Thk. added to tl
Street. atorm of ditapprova
not withstand?and
N SOLI DATED not the most import
tlon Dept..... at Gen. Wood's ability
-.rig Dept.... 280 I
" Ro0"" " FREIGHT F
TefyDeSa8-to the VV/HENthe l
dispatches credited VV spring rehisi
:hls newspaper and their freight
n. All rights of re- jDg entertain a r
herein are also fa]l if the freight sit
commission thought
tive, KOliKKT Is. Judging by the fir
" 123 w" 14011 the transportation ci
were at this time la
rE6 cerned, although thi
ince only) the members of the
lontha ...... S1.S0 been more than real
lnU1 80c If the book keepii
mont) roads are in conditic
uUl ??c tion which would fc
^Tg loc to advance freight t
find a more opportui
ek Ue step.
;NT3."' Id sP'le ?I 'I16 I1'
roads are barely abl
g,v. old a. well a* >r(. (Q b(. sujedec] t0
11 ? which the men in
.... kiiKinla, as tbcy mJy n0( be abl
Rain halted the
>APER CALL That was lhe way
N," of the Souime care
es falling to get may mark the en(1
hould call "WHS- year. The Flande
d give name and year when the fig:
silver u paper to occupied favorable
hargo to the sub- famous "retreat to
t Virginian plans
:st newspaper de- arc very bad
part ot the plan. add any retreat, nc
iinloac fhbtf nt'O oh
Ill V*?W **'V "
Field Marshal Halt
===========^ when opposed to i
5ER 13, 1917. displayed much gc
On the west front
the beginning of t
the present minute
War department
advisability of mal
or January becaus
there will be a lot
cantonments. Get
ness of war as ra
Important tasks bt
to us that this mat
one of the last con:
city me fondt t0 enter into the
clj bought a bond. aB possible our am
unltB with uniforr
>/ If men are to be
: people of Fairmont happens for any
c name your father calups.
ut perhaps names c!a
nationality in Cosica Yesterday a 17 y
lingled in the is! d jn t|,e penitentiary
tier of fact English- ,-iot in East St. Loi
ance and Italy made ciaUs of that badly
ctcr. At all events rather lack of leaf
-and that is enough hreak, has even be<
body of the Normal
ommunity. Vice Admiral vo
a bright lad, albeit carman empire, hai
vistfulness is a com- Come by way of At
ice these days. One maths of the recei
jrld compelling gen- flect. which has bet
spiritual repression an(j his predecesso
; going. You may war i,y piracy. K<
;ood sweep of head nn(, ,,r the most dai
ill be able to bold as jn time of peace
have been better f<
icc are you and hun- ^ decision on the s
girls like you going for just that purpo
ration to save which ol- ^re German side
[ins to pick up the e(j_ nad the Gerr
it may be the chil- maritime feature oi
m the war. France, different than it wi
i. But that may be been 0pen to the el
America will have campaign, which in
(e. Emile, your new ca| and necessary.
f that you get a fair j
rFIVHERE. Mexico protests
is command of the Into the American t
mobilized at Fort the louder protest
, . them to don Uncle
ldiers who compose lar
They will be trained The price of honi
rs of his generation, Rre setting better r
;e are equal to his Tbe South ,agt y
ton of about $600,(
elicve, was most re- profits are taxed.?
eral Wood. Last
tpartment headquarI
rendered such con- about real econoin;
lice between the iso- catechism.?Charle
| the ao called big aeries do not care
j what kind of a game they aee.
I * *
To be with the crowd ia their principal
But a lot of them would run their
legs off If you suggested that they
could get Into a bigger crowd by Join.
lng the army.
Have you negotiated for that Libflrtw
-?* ?
-- ?j ?wuu ;oii
Battling Bob LaFollette Is to get
his Inning before the Investigating
committee Tuesday. :
And tbls time he will have to talk
sense and light to the point.
Or go out on his neck.
Supreme court has ruled that Intoxication
is a good defense In court
In some esses.
That Isn't eo bad, now that the antl
booze laws are beginning to be enforced.
But It ought to have occurred to the
learned court that such a ruling might
fffE VihQttflA
loin or the newly-crated department
t Charleston, South Carolina^ He
hen it was decided to locate the larger
ampt in the Southern States and it was
would bring them within Gen. Wood's
linistration issued orders taking all auips
from the Department commanders
hands of the camp commandants?an
i. Wood.
le Charleston episode, brought about a
1 which even the administration could
Gen. Wood got a command. It is
ant command, to be sure, but such is
f that he will make it noteworthy.
nterstate Commerce Commission last
sd to permit the railroads to advance
u i_J: ...J .t ? ? i i L. - -11 I
laics 11 maicaica inai u worn i dc wiu- |
notion to open the question again this j
uation did not work out in the way the
it would.
lancial statements of the standard roads
ompanies are worse off now than they j
st year as far as the revenues are con- j
s increases in the gross revenue, which J
Interstate commission anticipated, have
lg and the practical management of the
in to be subjected to the rigid examinaillow
another application for permission
aiiffs the railroads probably will never
ne time than the present to take the first
therto undreamed of gross earnings the
le to make both ends rr.cct; and if they
further wage increases, such as the one
the passenger service are demanding,
le to do it at ail much longer.
British drive east ot' Ypres yesterday.
In which the great Entente campaign
le to an end last year, and this halt
o? the serious fighting for the present j
rs mud is a terrible thing. But last
liting censed tiie German forces still j
positions and thus made possible the.
victory" of last spring. Now the Ger- j
ly placed from a military standpoint, i
iw or later, is bound to become a rout1
le to display better generalship than
and that is not at all likely. Except
nferior forces the Germans have not
inius for master tactics in this war.
they have been outmaneuvered from
he battle of the Maine tight down to
experts are said to be discussing the
;lng another draft either in December
e it is beginning to be apparent that
t of unoccupied room in the various
ting men ready for the actual busipidly
as possible is one of the most
efore the country now, but it seems
tter of room at the training camps Is
dderations which should be permitted
question of drafting troops. So far
iy should bo made to consist of large
a training. That will be impossible
? ,1 I ? ? swl .UiklAln .rhnnnenr f born
reason to be room at the training
ear old boy was sentenced to 14 years
tor a murder during the recent race
lis, but up to date none of the politiinanagcd
town, whose leadership, or
iership, was responsible tor the out?n
n Capelle, minister of marine of the
i resigued. according to reports which
listerdail). This is one of the afterit
mutiny in the German high seas
;n kept In idleness while von Capelle
r, von Tirpitz, attempted to end the
>eping a fighting force in Idleness is ;
lgerous things in time of war as well
. it may turn out yet that it would
jr the German cause to have sought i
ea with the fleet which was built up
se, but which the master strategists J
of the war have persistently declin- .
nan fleet been destroyed the purely !
f the war would not have been much
is, and the Germans would not have
barge of cowardice in the submarine
that event would have seemed logi- (
against her citizens being drafted j
trmy. If they arc of the Villa variety
Is likely to come from premitting
Sam's uniform.?Connellsville Coursy
has advanced. Wonder If the bees
vages.?St. Albans Herald.
ear scored an "exceas profit" on cot- 1
100,000. Still neither cotton nor the j
Wheeling Intelligencer.
o-goodness fact that some of those
"save for the war" know as little 1
y as a brlndle pup knows about the
Bton Leader.
have a tendency to promote violation
of those very laws.
Courts when they begin to split hair I
can be as darned foolish as laymen.
Astonlsher says the poem "It Can
be Done" Is "said to be from the pen !
of a local boy."
That'll be news to Eddie Guest. <
Not knocking the town, of course,
but the poem on page 5 of tbls morning's
Astonlsher runs truer to "local
boy" poetic form.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of tills paper trill be
pleased to learn that there Is at least
one dreaded disease > that science has
been able to cure In all its stages and i
that Is catarrh. Catarrh being greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions '
requires constitutional treatment. Hall's 1
Catarrh Medicine Is taken Internally and I
acts thru tbs Blood on'the Mucous Sur- i
faces of the System thereby destroying ,
the foundation of the disease, giving the
patient strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature In doing Its I
work. The proprietors have so much
faith In the curative powers of Hall's '
Catarrh Medicine that they offer One '
Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls '
to cure. Bend for llsttof testimonials.
Address F. J. CHKNRT * CO.. Toledo,
Ohio. Sold by all Druggist, 75o- (
(by coi
1wl k oh', mi4?TR
gj>001)! Phone
I / 4y/i
t=^==?:==~=f=j ouh/ir u/6i
You Doxss-ini
{- , '^i
WASHING"!UN, 1). C., Oct. X! The I
pension amendment passed by Con- i
gress on October llth, automatically
increases the pensions of widows of :
soldiers, sailors and marines who
served during the Civil war, the war i
with Spain and the Filipino insurrection
to $25 a month and the increase
goes into effect November 4th.
Tlieso and other facts about the i
new law are contained in a letter l'rom
tho Pension Commissioner received i
by Congressman Powers today. The i
law does not include widows of sol ;
diers of the regular army and naval !
establishment? noi of the marines; i
nor does it take in 1812, Mexican and i
Indian war widows. i
Those widows who will benefit by 1
this law are not required to make any i
application to secure the increase, lie ;
ing on tho roll already they have es- i
tablishcd their rights to bo there, and 1
tho department has all the evidence
necessary. Tho increase will go to
them automatically, and tho department
also states promptly. The fact I
that many widows receive increases
under the Ashbrook law last year,
docs not afreet their rights under the .
new law. They will receive the fur- ]
tlicr increase after the 4th nf niwt ,
month?$25 a month. The now law j
Joes not repeal the Ashbrook law. i
Karl M. Case of Parkersburg has I
received an appointment as an Inspec- <:
tor of textiles and his boon ordered
to report at St. Louis for duty at j
once. Congressman Woodyard lias n
also been notified by tho Pension Bu- t
reau of the granting of a Pension of a
512 a month to Mrs. Melissa V. Bibbee f
if Hanna, tobether with accrued penalon
duo her husband. Franklin Bibbee,
at the time of his death.
The Post Office Department has is- *
sued notice that examinations wilt b3 ;
held November 14 to flit the posit! u.
of postmaster at tho following West
Virginia offices: Gary, salary S1S00;
Logan. $2400; Sheplierdstown, $1600;
and Vivian. $1000. Vacancies, due to
resignations, are announced to exist
at Meadville In Tyler county ap.l at j
Smithers in Fayette county. A ">tn- j
mission has been Issued to flu -sell n 1
Paynter at Kingston.
George W. McChord and Samuel
George, of Wellsburg. have been In
the city for Beveral days and filed
through Senator Sutherland their sp
plications with endorsements fo- commissions
in the aviation section of the
signal corps. Later, they wero notl
fled to appear Saturday morn.ng at
the War Department to take the ex- i
amlnatlon for tho service.
Congressman Stuatt F. Rood wasj
notified today by the Pension Com-;
mtssioner that Increases to $30 a
month had been gran'.sd two of hlsj
constituents, namely, Granville L.
Fortney of Wyatt, and Jacob L. Morgan
of Altizer.
The offices of all the members of
Congress from West Virginia except
the office of Representative Llttlepage
are open and running as usual. And
there is plenty of buslnes to keep
Try Them at Oar Bisk; If They Bo H<
Medioine Toa Ever Used We will 1
It is a revelation to millions of people,
TONE only costs 35 cents per box and thai
10 cents in case it fails to cure the meat Chrc
lick headache, liver troubles, neuralgia c
lorms of kidney ailments; that they will set
make them stronger; stop the drain on your
jf giving you the right measure of strength
It is because of its great work in just sui
strained to say to tbo whole wide world of m
TONE at our risk; if it fails go back and gi
Druggist has it?ask him today. Maaufaol
Cooperative Drug Company.
Sold by Crane's Drug Store, Holt Drug
In's Drug Stora.
- -
OS, KAY 1 use YOUR h-St
for a niNtrre 5
% |f Nq, Urs. Sponge,
|{ i shai.c HAVE. to
m1 pur TM6 crush&r.
rg p.l "TOO REGULAR '.
j put a ph0n6 in your
|v' *) otvn house!
Good day i
??????????*? ?~>
)N NEWS -:-1
hem going, notwithstanding the fact
that Congress is not in -cssi-m. ''ongrcsuian
Woodyard had planned to
tako his secretary bin- t> Spencer
with him, but later decided to keep
his oilice going here.
United States Senator Jiines 12.
Watson will accompany Repiesentative
Stuart K. Reed of Topjha, lxito ,
to attend the annual convention of
the association of sccielatc.s of state,
of which Mr. Heed is too originator
ind also president. Mi. Heed invited
Senator Watson to attend and deliver
a speech. The local cuinui .."a has
notified Mr. Heed that a i aud'torbini
capable ot seating 80-10 peopit had
aeon secured for the Watsoa meeting
>nd that it would bo illlej to capacity
as there was great interest to hear
lie Indiana orator and senator. Mr.
tccu as the retiring pre i-rent of tuc
association will preside over that
[i.caster meeting. Hu and . Sena fur
Watson will leave for Tipeka the
irst part of next week.
Charles Colemau of Clarksburg,
whoso father is head of one of the
argest glass manufacturers there, has
icon recommended by Congressman
teed for a captaincy in the motor
iranch oj the quartermasters corps;
ind also Edumutid llugill of Clarksiurg
for inspector of metals and mahinery.
Promise has been made to
dr. llecd to place tlio latter in cmdoyment
at once. Both Messrs. Colenan
and Huglll came to Washington
o look after these matters in person
nd withrthe help of the congressman
rom their district.
Miss Anna Mayhnll ot Parkersburg,
s a guest of her sister, Mrs. Charles
Irooks Smith on Columbia Hoad.
z\h! That's the Spot
Sloan's Liniment goes right to it.
Havo you a rheumatic ache or a
dull throbbing neuralgic pain? You
can find a quick and effective relief
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cue withplaator* or ointments. If you once
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i/?f frHNIPBRfl
>t Bo Ton If ore Good Than All the
lefund Twice the Betail Prioe.
who hear for the Bret time, thet BUR.
all druggists are authorised to refund
mlc forme of constipation, Indigestion,
if tho stomach ana the most common
ik out the weak spots in your body and
vitality and make every organ capable
, vigor, energy and health.
:h cases as yours that we have been coniffering
humanity, Come and buy BURet
double the amount you paid. Your
:ured in Ravanswood, W. Va., by The
; Co., Mountain City Drug Store, Mar....
3,1917. .
What People Say
And Some Side Remarks
Coal Administrator Garfield thiol
that a coil (amine can only follow <
Increased demand Ha says:
"Coal production In this country
this year will exceed that of
last year by ten per cent. The
embargo against rending coal Into
Canada has beon lifted and arrangements
made by which It Is to
bs supplied on a pro-rata basis,
substantially as though It were a
state of the union."
That's fine. It Is to be hoped th
American people will soon start a
ceptlng Canadian quarters at the
face value.
Everything Is blamed on "the wa.
excepting the decreased attendance i
the Normal. I'rof. Joseph Rosier e
plains the decrease in attendam
"The secondarv courses *r? ho.
tng gradually dropped and that accounts
tor tbo decreased attendance.
There Is larger attendance
In the higher grades than In former
years. The graduating class
of this year witl be larger than
| that of last year "
i Governor Cornwall seems to be s
i admirer of Roosevelt for he says 1
j a "war boost" going the rounds of tl
) weeklies In plate:
We started with a 'shoe-string.'
Hypnotized with chautauqua eloquence
and pacifist pratings we
Ignored or denounced the advice
[ of Colonel Roosevelt and other
men who saw with equal vision
I the necessity of preparedness for
j ?
One of the biggest orchard deals I
the recent history of Betheley count
was consummated at Martltisburg tl
other day when Congresman Geort
M. Bower, his son Stephen Bower
Attorney Wilbur H. Thomas and E. I
Heusliaw purchased the big fruit fan
of Harrison & Lord, located near T
bier's Station. The price is said I
approximate $50,000. The tract
known as the Federal Hill orchard.
This orchard embraces 242 acres i
land, and Is planted in 28,000 app
trees of the best varieties. The tret
are now Beven years old. The orchar
is located Immediately south of Job
W. Stewart's big Protumna orchari
at Tabler'g staotion. The prlpe pal
for the tract Is in the neighbornoo
of $207 per acre?or nearly $2 ft
each tree in the orchard.
G. W. Hedrlck who Uvea net
Brown's factory. East Roncevrte, brt
to this office this week a bean po
measuring 33 Inches in length, saj
the West Virginia News. The vit
from which this pod was taken w:
j 23 feet long and bore 152 pounds. Se
oral of the beans were 37 inches I
I length. We could not learn the nan:
of the variety of legumes but some ca
them the flower bean. They can
from New Jersey.
Bellepolnt Is again to the front. Sh
not only produces a big tomato, "mi
phys" and Fletch Tiucher's, but eno
mous pumpkins says the Hinton Ind
pendent-World, a pumpkin that weigt
70 pounds. It Is on exhibition in 1
I,. Briers grocery store window and
a real curiosity in "pump-kingdom
Don't fail to see it.
A 16 year old dog, a favorite (
Cree Krwin, who is now located t
Ponca City, Oklahoma, was shlppc
to him from Watson last week. Brea
and meat and a pan of water were a
so included.
The biggest sale of pears In th
Eastern Panhandle was recently coi
1 Public Eve
3 For the purpose of giving pere
3 earning occupations an opportunl
Board of Education of the Fain
1 Evening school facilities where!
continue their school work. Coi
structors In shorthand, typewrlti
lng, business arithmetic, buslne
stable gardening, sewing and coe
which there is reasonable demaa
Twice each week (beginning I
school will be in session in tbe
% The tuition will be one dollar
3 forested may consult
a G. H. Colebank, Principa
Telephone 383
I" 11 - ? ? m ess
iYour Bei
Your best Interests should bi
First, yon desire safety for yc
Second, yon need a banking t
ance can be secured when neodi
Tbe Peoples National Bank o
8 It places Its senrlces and (acll
8 Give us an opportunity to sen
On the Corner I
The Pharoah's Run R<
improvement. All traffi
gantown detour via Baxi
summated, when Theodore F. Imbscb, .
or Marttnsburg, purchased the entire
crop of KleBer pearl from the Beckwith
estate, near Harper's Kerry. The
crop is estimated St 6.000 barrels nl
" unusually good fruit. Mr. Inibach re
>n sold the ppnrs to New York dealers
who will try to ship them to Europe
Louis LoBaron of Tulsa. Okla.. was
In the city from Saturday until Monday,
visiting his brother. A C. l.ol!a
rou, of Cherry street, says the St
Mary's Oracle, lie Is a drillltiK contractor.
and has been engaged In that
business for the la*t fifteen years in
r&rious places in the southwest. Ht
at has the honor of hating drilled the
.0- largest oil well the world has ever
lr seen, the great well for ati English
rompanv In the Tantpico field in M<-x.
Ico. which yielded the prodigious
r" amount of SO.OOO barrels a day.
x_ A large number of the ministers ol
;e the state have responded to the re
quest of .t. K. Marsh, secretary of the
state executive food conservation committee,
to preach special sermons on
Sunday morning. October 21, in launch
ing the state conservation campaign
In which it is proposed to secure 200,000
pledges to save in the interest of
tbo war programme Some of tha
ministers have even stated that they
will use the text as suggested by Mr.
Marsh, John ?:12 "Gather up tha
' fragments that remain, that nothing ba
e l0Bt "
? ?
At Baltimore.
_ ! Mr. and Mrs. Elza Morris are at
j Baltimore where Mr. Morris Is being
! treated at Johns Hopkins hospital (or
an alTllctlon on one o( his feet.
Dale Doollttle Dead.
| Halo Doollttle. foutcen year old agn
in or Luther Doollttle ot Clarkspurg,
y died Thursday morning at the home
le ot his parents of diabetes. The jroung
;e man had many relatives on the East
s, side a number of whom will aattend
2. thn funeral services which will be
m neld tcday.
to At. Rev. Brown's.
'R Miss ' ummlngs of Tuniielton who
has la (it a patient at Cook hospital
j" for a time has beon removed from the
10 bosp.tal to the homo of her son Rev.
John Lrown In Newton street.
D Personals.
tj- Mrs. Bert Bolma of Morgantown la
"J visiting her Bister Mrs. Luther Steele
"! In Haymond street.
)r Mr. and Mrs. Huaell Malone and
children of Llttlo Falls are spending
the week end with Mr. and Mra. Frank
II Tichnell In Market street.
,l Mrs. James Arnett who haa beon
the guest of her aunt Mrs. J. D. 8ums
titers accompanied her father Josopu
16 Jones of Little Falls to Weston today.
IS Clarence Fisher spent Thursday out
'' near White Day hunting squirrels.
1,1 Mr. and Mrs. Arch Corhiu who have J
l? been visiting relntlvoa hero lor sover- .
" al days return tomorrow to their
le homo at Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Andrew Hawkins of Barrackville
is spending a few days with her
i? sister Mrs. Andrew Vundergrltt 111
lr Market street.
r' Mra. Mary McAllister and daughter
e" Corena havo been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Campbell Uaskins on Ice's Kuu
for a couple of days.
Joseph JollifTe who haa been her*
among relatives for scverul months
started on the return trip to bia horns
in California.
" Mrs. J. H. Coles of I.enore, W. Va ,
, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry Wife
7 son in Reeves street,
d ^
1 Children Cry'
:ning School i
one engaged during the day In wage- ?
ty to further their education the g
aont Independent district will provide 8
iy such persons, at minimum cost may [
trees will bo offered by competent In- 8
ng, penmanship, bookkeeping, spell- '
as English, mechanical drawing, veg- v
iking, and such other courses for
nd. tt
fonday next) from 7:15 to 9:IS the 1
Fairmont High School Building,
per mouth of four weeks. Those la- i
tl or Otis G. Wilson, Supt. j
Telephone 696 \
si I?* 1
?t interests
a considered In opening a banking
mr funds. i
:onnectlon where adrlce and assist
sd. i
Iters yon both.
titles at your command.
e yon. i
Year the Poatofflce.
, $200,000.00. f
3ad is closed for permanent
c for ArneUsville and Morter.

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