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1 ll in the
i |front row
Musical Comedy.
Hippodrome Belle Isle Beautl
Nelson....The Last ot the Troubado
Brand....The Man Without a Count
Princess..... The Jury ol Fa
m ?ART M'DONALD, of Quliic
|\/l Mass.. through the medium
IvA the Hearet-i'athe News w
privileged recently to have a Utile i
union with her brother, George, who
. now with Uncle Sam's forces in Frant
Miss McDonald was watching tl
screening of the Hearst-Patbe News
Klncalde's Theatre in Quincy, whi
suddenly she was amazed to see h
brother looking at her from the fro:
rank ot a regiment of American si
dlers shown at maneuvers in Franc
The silence of the theatre was broke
by a glad and involuntary cry as tl
girl shouted, "Why, there's my brothi
? ' George!"
Now that ao many homes have givt
men to the great new American arm
exhibitors have found ati especial I
\ tercet shown by I lie public lu tl
Heorst-Pathe News livery relative an
friends of the gold'ci* is anxious to st
them on the scree n and the mat
scenes showing the encampments :
this country, and those in France, ai
received with much interest and a
,V plause.
Appreciating this fact, tire editoi
of the weekly are specializing on wt
news and the force of cameramen ht
been increased so that every side i
Uncle Sam's participation in the co
Hlct may be fully and speedily covere
Anti-Pacifist Play at Grand.
"The Man Without a Country" co,
reyed a powerful message to those wn
witnessed its projection at the Uran
theatre yesterday. The film is iu si
acts and was produced by the Tanii
bouser studio. It is a stale rights ;ii
* ture iu the hands of '.lie Jewel Cuiuput:
who are pilotiug It about with the a
proval of the War 'jeparuneut. Thel
is a love story running through tl
piece which gives tloreuce l.a Had;
and H. E. Herbert an opportunity to i:
terpret the leading uramatic roles an
hold the suspense until the linal ac
John Alton is one 01 the staunchei
"Peace at Any Price" adherents iu tt
little circle hovering about Phinea
Blair who is an active peace prop
gandlst. Two orphan children?nlei
I and nephew?are given iu Uluir's ear
The girl grows to womanhood ana
wooed and won by Jonn Alton, much i
the delight of tne uncle, liut the se
ering of diplomatic relations with tli
Berlin government stirs the putiiotisi
of these younger people. The neplie
- enlists in the army and unites the di
pleasure of his uncie ami on the otlit
band is Increasingly admired by hi
sister for his patriotic act. To he
lover she gives the choice of renou'u
ing his convictions 01 taking hack Hi
ring. After repea'.t u failures to e
feet a conciliation relwcen tile lovci
the girl goeB to the scene of battle a
a Red Cross nurse. John Alton seek
his club, but his former friends hoi
aloof and he is thoroughly we
shunned. Finally a fellow club men
ber beseeches liyn to read "The .Ma
Without a Country." and from thu
point the audience is led through th
pages of Edward Everett Hale's classii
and they, like John rUlon, see the mei
tal anguish visited upon Lieutenai
Nolan who along about lsili said
"Damn the United States. 1 wish t
never hear of it again," and was pui
Ished for his treasonable utterances b
imply having his w'sb gratified in th
moBt courteous manner. For the ba
ance of his long life Nolan was kept
prisoner aboard ship without ever bi
Ing reminded of the fact in any otlie
way but that he was being deprive
of even the slightest information aboti
the United States, until in bis dyin
moments when it was shewn him tho
from the small handful of states be na
known, the country had expanded iroi
ocean to ocean. The photography i
good. Several night views of the ailic
In action while this country was lies
tating are decidedl" thrillitij; and iu
Isbes one ot the outstanding feature
of the excellent direction. The sent
ment is compelling and its message i
clear. It is being repeated toda^- an
will be shown for the last times at
and 8:45 tonight.
Nelson Has Variety Program.
The arrangement at the Nelson t
day contains two ci medics, but it lie'
IertheleBs offers an excellent variety t
screen attractions so that the lover t
the more serious will find plenty to ei
tertain while his mere frivolous neigl
bor accumulates laugh wrinkles. Tli
drama is an U. Henry, which Is proc
sufficient that it will be well-liked.
Is called "The Last ol the Troubador*
and has the usual tj lleury slant thi
converts most commonplace episode
into remarkable events. The two con
edies are called "Those Terrible Tel
grams" and "Getting the Coin." A hi
added feature beins screened today
the "American War News."
Big Girl Show Next Week.
Mack's "Yankee Hoodie Girls" whtc
is the scheduled attraction lor ne:
week at the Hippodrome is heralded :
a show of unusual merit, and comes I
Manager Fisher with a positive gua
antee from the booking agency. Als
reports have been obtained from ma
agers in other cities where the she
has appeared and these are uniform
praising the high character of H
company's repertoire of plays and tl
ability of the performers.
"The Belle Isle Beauties" will cloi
their engagement at the Hipp tonlgt
p'.' giving two performances at 7:45 at
y K respectively.
ilrl's Experience" Monday,
new drama. "One Girl's Expei
which is one of the rare pla;
pending upon a season's run
ork City is proving by its ma
success to do one ot the real
ting dramas ot the past quart
jntury. it is full of act.lt
tout the four well staged act
pns rapidly .ollow one after a
nd the act endings are especli
ig and lively in dramatic valu
character is splendidly drav
fe by the author who gives the
nt opportunity for effect!'
?Ms jg the Jirst of a list
. i. J?
' ^
t| dramatic attraction* Manager Morgan
baa booked (or tb* winter aeaaon and
they will undoubtedly prove popular
wltb the theatre-going public. There
1 baa been nothing of this character proZ.
sented bere lu a long while and Manai
ger Morgan'a selections are both timeI
ly and meritorious
Princes* Repeating Today.
Yesterday's feature at the Princess
rB Is being given the second day's run tory
day. The large number of people who
te saw It yesterday were outspoken In
tbelr admiration of both the story and
Its Interpretation. "The Jury of Fate"
furnishes many thrills and Mabel
aa Taliaferro undertakes some difficult
feats. The cast and photography are
js of the usual Metro standard.
:e. 1
lib Edith Story In Dixls Drama.
in "A rice For Folly." with Edith Story
m and Antonio Moreno leading a good
er cast Is featured at the Dixie today,
tit A more or lesB familiar story Is told
A- in a different manner giving Miss Stoe
ry abundant opportunity. One of the
p many pretty scenes Is the interior of
ie a theatre where a corps de ballet Is
-r in progress.
J 11
y, | I "CLOSE-UPS" I
- 1
?A crowd of twenty-five colored
^ I school children went to see "The ilau
'4 | Without a Country" at the Grand yes10
; terday. They went there in a body ac
companied by their teacher and seemed
n to understand the message conveyed
n to them by the came i a.
list of Bluebird stars will be !
ra increased soon by the addition of Mat j
ir Murray who will appear in "The Prints
cess Virtue.' Her director is Robert
3t Leonard who created numerous beau
n- tiful Bluebirds in which Ella Hall was
d. the star, earlier in the series. Miss
Murray, famed as a dancer, was a star
in her own right when she was introduced
to the screen
?The Universal Nestor company.
1(1 under the direction of Roy Clements.
ix is filming a two-reel comedy at Univere.
sal City entitled 'Trial Engagement."
c. The principal role4 are played by Hddie
Lyons, Lee Moron and Donna Drew,
p. ?Director Jack hord is filming at
1(J Universal City a f've-reel western pic[e
ture featuring Harry Carey with Molly
Malone playing opposite. The story
a. was written by George 1 lively una is
^ entitled "Bucking Broadway." Many
t of the Universal < >wboys are support5^
ing Carey in this production. It is anie
other of the "Cheyenne" Harry stories
*c 04JL
" Dr. James Clinton is
ie *
Serving in England
ir I.etters received from Dr. James
18 Clinton, brother o' Dr. J. C. Broom|r
field, wht\ is in the U. S. medical sere
vice, stales that h .s located in a large ,
t- hospital I JO miles from London in
s which are 2,400 patients of some eight
.s or ten nationalities In the list of na- i
I tionalities mentioned lie says nothing j
d I about German and ; is concluded thai
11 there were 110 Germans there,
i- Dr. Clinton likes toe work and speaks
11 feelingly of the patience of the wound
d ed men. many of whom while suffer- j
e ing severely will smile when question-!
n. ed as to whether they are suffering by j
1 saying "oh just a little."
it Dr. Clinton was formerly an interne 1
in the Jefferson Medical college at Phil0
adelphia and recently entered the U.
i- S. Metrical Reserve corps and was sent ;
y abroad.
e m
a Married Lady Takes
r Up Teaching Work
'5 Today the county superintedents ofk
| fice announced that Mrs. Ora Mason
j had accepted n position as teacher of j
1 ! the i-'estus school in Lincoln district
n ' and has already hegun work. This fills
" | up the quota of Lincoln district. Mrs.
8 1 Mason formerly taught In Grant dlsl'
r' George M. Curtis Is today taking an
IS emergency examination at the office
' of county superintendent's office to
'8 qualify as a teacher at the Hammond
{l school.
Another of the popular O. Henr
p I ular feature in the leading theaters i
. | with plenty of exciting action keep
it; NEWS V
i * ! A Weekly bristling with war (
it serves at the Yale boat house parad
>M ! ti'or oorlnnno ht? Tnrrt' o vr> nnta.1
A Pokes and Jahbs comedy thi
a subject that has most people won
A Sparkle comedy. The subjec
i lot ol funny things can happen.
? liniHiAV "EvPry Gir1'3 Dr<
iflUllUM I June Caprice Is f
W ' .1
le 7?ecK! I tuwe^X y
10 I -to SfOP- fLL \r/v
B6T I RAH OVCT | ( f *
',e sotee aooe ) J ****
? If
m B*OK*rf KnYLBV^Plll-S,
re -mew ?Tte-f
ox ifig IjWpgji irliitfi
!*' ' ' .-..II-. -I I
Boy* at Camp Shelby Grateful.
Julian L. Stealer, a local boy now at
Camp Shelby, Mis*., has written to tbe
Secretary of tbe Red Crose on behalf
of his comradea expressing gratitude
for the sweaters with which the chapter
presented them. His letter follows:
To the Secretary,
Fairmont Chapter,
American Red Croes Society, .
Fairmont, W. Va.:
There is an old eaylng. "It la
never too late to do good." And
this Is the way Old Company "I"
of Fairmont now Company 6. Tr
Bn 150th Inf., stationed at Camp
Shelby, teele about it in sending to
your chapter tliPir most sincere
thanks and appreciation for the
beautiful and most wonderfully
made sweaters presented to m a
few minutes before leaving Fairmont
for our training camp.
It 1b generally Known that money
can buy most everything but there
Is one thing money can not buy
and that Is our sweaters. The
boys value tbem more than anything
they have and when we arrive
home we expect to bring tbein
back with us to keep forever.
Nothing so belpful could have
been presented to us than these;
they are useful at all times. Although
the climate is hot in the j
day time it becon es cool at night
and the sweaters can be worn most
of the time.
Not only do we wish to thank
you ladies for this deed ol kindness
but we wish to thank you for
the badly needed tervice rendered
to us while at Camp Cornwell in
mending our worn out clothes.
Many shirts, trousers and blouses
were saved from the fire by the
timely aid of the young women of
the Y. M. C. A. At times you ladies
may think mat your work is
not appreciated by us but we always
nave you In our mind and
although we are s.ow in thanking
you we hope you see how we feel
toward the great work you arg doing
for us.
-Many of the boys are receiving
Fairmont papers from members
of your chapter which is a great
help. If the noys do not get letters
from home as often as they
think they should receive them
they get "homesick." But the paper
from home soon overcomes
that and we hop? It never stops
Very truly yours,
Co. 5 fr Bn 150th Inf.,
Camp Shelby, j
Hattiesburg, Miss, i
Children's Day Today,
Children's day at the Red Cross I
was inaugurated last Saturday and a j
large number of young people present-1
ed themselves for work. Mrs. Martha I
Davis who has charge kept the little
lingers busily occupied with knitting
wash cloths and preparing gauze fori
pillows. However the tendency was!
"to knit' and in the near future the
young people will be put to work on
The hours are front 1 until 5 and a ,
larger number of children are wanted
Parents can feel that their children
are being cared for. at the same time
being pleasantly and profitably occii ;
pied Miss Blake Watson will have'
charge of the department during Mrs j
Davis' absence from the city.
Clarksburgers to Meet.
The Daughters of the American Rev |
olution in Clarksburg have agreed to \
make fifty sweaters in the next few t
weeks to be sent to Clarksburg boys
at Camp Lee. They are working in J
conjunction with the Clarksburg chap i
tor of the Red Cross, which chapter j
has undertaken to furnish all Camp;
Lee bojts from thnt vicinity with \
sweaters some 400 in all. The Clarks I
burg D. A. R also agreed to spend one j
half day at the Red Cross headquar
ters preparing surgical dressings.
Barrackvllle Folks at Work.
News comes from Barrackvllle that
the chapter of the American Red Cross
recently organized is working enorget
icaiiy ior rne cause. a nuuse win ne |
rented to be used as Red Cross head- j
mmm?^,mamhbmmmm !
.SON Today
y stories that has been auch a popof
the United States. A strong plot
the interest at the top notch.
jpics. Training Camps. Naval Re!e
demonstrations in New York and
tt in dieates a lot of humor about
ried to death.
t can be Imagined as one in which
earn," a beautiful drama In which
KiHiOPOl t " _
4 n4 ?Y P>w*f1 $ / H6R6? oxamtF
HOT ?Jt* -# # I J (h ^ ?>"pss-#-*
->v^. jJj pmveN CHAR
The plan of the membership extension
division of the local chapter
of the American Red Cross
to get every civic, fraternal and
municipal organization In the city
and every citizen Interested and
enlisted In the suppou of the Red
Cross Is given In brief form for the
consideration of our readers and
to get the plan of membership extension
division before the public.
It Is the purpose to have a Red
Cross Enlistment Bureau In o?cb
organization. This bureau is to
be handled by an executive committee
consisting of a chairman, a secretary,
and five or six men and
women of business capacity to
plan and arrange the business phases
of the enrollment. Their work
is to enlist memhers nf the Red
Cross In their respective organizations.
Each committee Is to worg out
Its enlistments in the maimer that
is best adapted to its need3.
The secretary of each enlistment
bureau is to keep a list of the nem- .
bers enrolled and each wjjs to
give the list and money to th: lied
Cross secretary. Miss Ruth Kelly,
at the Red Cross headquarters in
the city building. Miss Kelley will
mail receipts to the members.
The various organizations will
have their membership list published
at the end of each month by
taking the list to the Red Cross
rooms. The date of putting on the
campaign will be announced later
quarters and It is said all Barrackvillo
is behind the movement. Miss
Anna Bing. a teacher in the Hi*h
school there, is chairman of the organization.
| To Construct Shelves.
The Manual Training Department
hoys of the Highs school have offered
their services in making additional
shelves for the storage room at Red
Cross headquarters. William Stanhagen,
supervisor of Manual training in
the schools visited headquarters on
Thursday and took measurements pre
punitory to beginning the work Additional
shelves will he a great convenience.
Wool Alt Gone.
The 100 pounds of wool which was
received at headquarters just one week
ago yesterday was distributed among
ager workers Tuesday of this week.
However, the bill of lading of 105 additional
pound* has bi-en received
within the next week. Notice of its
? ?c
A Place of Clean Amuseme
WHE1N the present
recting the destinie
a lirm resolve that not!
the footlights that mig
most straight-laced fem
suit the audiences at th
ternoon and evening a
presence of a large perc
Yankee D<
is the refined sort that will be p
well as the men.
Matinee at 3, 15c. Night i
Last Time
A lavish production of Edwar
Ism. A warning to slackers. A
<6-1-1 A*
I tic ivicii
A Coi
A story that appeals to every
Wonderfully griping ^n its pictun
had for his country and its Bag;
duty as she goes to France, spurnii
to fight for the Red, White and Bit
story that is caried throughout in
makes the story appeal.
Prices: First Floor, 25c Ch:
No Seats Reserved.
W' i sieve* wcmceoV
around WEgfc e?fo?6?W
X.J ;t.
-?'W '
arrival wlU be published in the local
Interest In Work Grow*.
Interest In the Red Cross work
grows continually. Several organizations
have recently Joined the ranks.
The Young Ladies Aid Society o( the
M. P. Temple through Mrs. D. L. L.
Yost have signlfled their intention to
sew at headquarters the third Monday
In each month.
The ladles o( the Maccabees will
sew on the second Thursday atabt ot
each month at the rooms.
Last Wednesday a class from the
First M. P. Sunday school taught by
Mrs. Meredith spent the afternoon at
The attendance was good at the
Thursday night session this week,
caps and aprons for the work room
were turned out splendidly by the
capable hands of the workers.
Mrs. Woodley Does Her Bit.
Mrs. O. I. Woddley, formerly of this
city, now of Huntington, has spent the
summer in the east where she has
taken a course in the preparation of
surgical dressings. Mrs. Woodley is
rhairman of the Marshall College Red
Cross unit and has begun instructions
l ?,? u r? ?v.i~l- -v.
(iiuiife mo lilies IUI *> uicii nuu pieyaf
ed herself.
Over 1000 Member*.
Did you know that the membership
of the local chapter has gone over the
1000 mark? Well It has according to
the Information given out this week.
More than 100 members have been
received thiB month and the month
is only half gone.
The following is the list of members
received since the last list was published:
Erma Henry, Mrs. C. E. Wedding,
Bertha Henry, Janie Talkington.
Mrs. A. O. Evans, Mr. Walter R. Barnes,
Beatrice Lyons Mrs. H. F. Woodv
Mrs. C. E. Mumford, Mrs. C. A. Wieif,
Mrs. E. F. Vangilder, Edith Patton, A.
Hood, Mary Virginia Watson, Mrs. J
Clarence Hall, Mrs. F. S. Pollilt, Virginia
Hungerford, Ruth Pellett, R L
Pile, Mrs. Belle S. Payne, Hrs. R. X,
Pile, Mary A. Prickett, Mrs. W. D.
Straight, Mrs. A. Friedman, Mrs H. T.
Jones. Mrs. E. Deitz, Mrs. Wui. L
Walker, Harriett Chappelle, Mrs. 1>.
D. R. Lawson, Airs. C. E. Jenkins,
Lillian Zundell, Mrs. C. E. Meredith,
Mrs. W. E. Zundell, Mary Greer, Ernest
McCoy, Virginia Causey, Mary
Elizabeth Burrett, Minnie Smith. Mrs.
I. O. Smith, It. A. Johnson. Mrs. R. A.
Fairview Members.
From Fairview the following list
of members: Mrs. Hal Cummins, Mrs.
Wm. F. Knode, Dr. G. W. Moore, Mrs.
Agnes Greiger, Mrs. J. E. Sutton, Mrs.
Mazelle Barts, Mrs. J. C. Yost, Mrs.
D. M. McChesney, Mrs. Ira C. Yost,
Mrs. J. C. Hamilton, Miss Alice Martin
Miss Gertrude Gaugban, Miss Laeta
zelle Snyder. Miss Laura Rector, Dr. J
ie Theatre
:nt for the Whole Family.
management began diis
of this theatre it made
ling should be put over
ht give offense to the
inine patron. As a rele
Hippodrome both afre
embellished by the
entage of women.
>odle Girls
leasing to our women friends as
it 7:45 and 9, 15c and 25<j,
i Tonight!
J Everett Hale's classic of patriotmessage
to patriots.
i Without
noble passion in the heart of man.
i recital of the love a young man
the intense devotjon of Barbara to
tig the love of the man who refused
le; most touching In the pretty love
an exalted, dignified manner that
lldren 10c Balcony 15c.
Shows at 1:30, 3:15, 7 and 8:45
..... .J
Xtf OMLV Wietc, I CAT
I loo rS spteR ourh to
drwsbo A9 ft WdOMtT
aww* ANO^WB WAY/
l% YOURS -*Z '""
i -' ;
i : "
I?. r " '
M. Moras, I. ?. Johnson, the Utter or
Knitted Garments Returned.
The following persona have returned
knitted garments to headquarters this
week. . r
Bweaters?Mrs. W. T. Hartman, Naomi
Heffner, Lucy Sipe (II Mrs Anna
Vockrodt, Mrs. W. J. Wiegel (2).
Grace Cole, Mrs. Ernest McCoy. Mrs.
Serine Regan. Mrs. J. A. FUckinger
Wristlets?Mrs. Anna Vockrodt.
Mrs. J. D. Cox.
Scarfs?Mrs. Walter Barger, Miss Col
burn. Miss Gasklll (2) Emma Layman
Margaret Marshall, Miss Crlgler, Helen
Netll, Mrs. Florence Stone Wad
dell, Mrs. J. H. Beckman.
One ouflt consisting of sweater, hel
met and wristlets, Mrs. A. J. Stone.
Come to Work.
Don't fall to come to work at head
quarters?keep the machines busy,
and the tables surrounde I, tor every
man who leaves, we must h ive a work
cr at headquarters. I.ct the l"airmont
women at leaBt make enough supplies
to take care of their own.
Wheeling Ships Ch atmaa Boxea
i uree unristma* boxes have been
shipped by the Wheeling chapter of
Fairmont Woman
KAR-NAK. Tells I
A very convinc
"I have had indigestion vcrj
treated with the best pbysiiin
help. My appetite was poor
from indigestion also. I >.v<
helped me wonderfully My ir
my heart does not flutter at al
and I can sleep fine.
"1U% Dlurac
Kar-Nak is a modern tonic
ARE YOU nervous, weak, 1
pressed, constipated, sleepless
1 HAVE YOU headaches, po
bad liver, pains in your back'
If you have any of these s;
note the elegant results that
good for children as well as ol
Kar-Nak is sold on a positiv
results or your dollar will be
home today, and run no risk i
return it and get your money
tried before, try Kar-Nak toe
City Drug Co., opposite Cou
Co., Merchant street.
Monday, Oc
Every Father, Mother, Si
Brother Should Se
with REAI
Not a Play I
On Monday at this th
an opportunity of witnesi
trayal of the inside secrets
Slave Traffic.
A Great Moral Lesso
round the world for the :
You Will See t
Seats at Mart
J > -!J-*'? PEDESTRIAN WfTH A ^.r^2^Sr*?v,Tfl.6
,?rvou can WALK tiiSBl
-tut street IN BV|M
the Red Croat to New York general V
headquarter*. From that point they 1
will be shipped to an American poii
I to the soldiers of the Stars and Stripes I
in France." Each box contained 1W * I
package. each package contained can- I
djr. two cakes of chocolate, a game I
and tobacco.
Misa Watson Again at Work.
Misa Blake tVatson who has been ac . I
tively Identified with Rod Cross work Vfl
here has returned from an extended
visit In Washington, D. C., and Fred
crick and has taken up the work again
with increased enthusiasm. Misa Wat- I
on visited Camp Lee at Petersburg |
during her absence end the vastness ^J
of the camp deeply impressed her
with the size of the work before th? I
lied t'ross She also visitod head
quarters of the lied Cross in Wasbr
forget tu voluntarily make
your renewals. Miss Kelly, the sec- I
ret try. has a record, of court e, of all H
memberships expiring. but hopes to j
obtain renewals withtut expending j
postage. She Is anxious to get the j
renewals made and will In a short 1
time send notices to those not respending
Finds Health In I
What One Bottle of I
lid For Her I
ing statement: |g3
r bad for a number of years,
ns. and received little or uo
and my heart would flutter
' (aken Kar-Nak and it has |
digestion has horn relieved;
1, now; have a good appetite
Irs.) WM. M'GHAVV.
>nd St., Fairmont, W. Va." I
for old and young.
un-down, half sick, tired, de- I
moody 7
or appetite, poor circulation, 1
nuptoms, take Ivar-Nak and I
you will obtain. Kar-Nak is I
d folks. 9
e guarantee to produce good ,W
lianded back. Take a bottle V
f it fails to relieve your case,
. No matter what you have H
lay. Get it at the Mountain H
rt House, or the Hall Drug I
rheatre 1
tober 15th I
ilRL'S I
on, Daughter, Sister and I
e This Great Play
RE?But One Great Plav I
'or Children I
eater the public will have
sing that marvelous por
and methods of the White I
n that will be heralded I
protection of our young I I
-he Answer in
c, 75c, $1.00.
in's Book Store.
. /l CAfh 00 AUTtHtUoN
I Btrr 6W A? AT HlH . j
jyf AUO KE Acm LIKE KM /
LE*efrr__ ^
/wiiew! -m?T w?^X
(, ? VEW escftpe!^

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