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.. ?, . 'j. g.
flf FINANCE, 01
As all the financial market! and
train exchanges of the country were
closed yesterday on account ot Columbus
day there was no change la the
. Greater Conservatism Has!
Tendency to Strengthen
the Situation
NEW YORK, Oct. 13?R. Q. Dan's
weekly review of trade for this week
Not only has the betterment which
recently developed In buBlnees been
sustained but It has become more decisive
and In some leading departments
results already exceed anticipations.
Nor does the gain alone appeap
In volume of transactions, for sellers'
views about prices have experienced
Sudden revision and In some quarters
where concessions were lately a feature
sharp recoveries are now wltnessed.
For the change in condltione the advancing
season provides an Important
reason, and for the more confident sen
tlinent which has made the Improvement
possible, the removal of some
uncertainties and official assurance
of large grain harvests afford adequate
The most potent and gratifying factor
In the situation as It has been
for some time, is the general spirit
of conservation which curbs speculative
tendencies In trade and Industry
ind operates to keep commitments
Within the limits of safety, and though
in some branches business Is not so
conspicuously active as a year ago,
it unmistakably rests on a more solid
basts. Yet with the extraordinary and
Unprecedented conditions arising from
the war, the future naturally remains
more or less clouded, and the difficulties
of holding production and distri
I button at a high rate necessitated by|
the extensive and expanding demands
from* our governmental and other
sources do not appreciably diminish
with the labor shortage and the con
ge3tion in transportation continuing.
But in spite ot the elements which
have combined to hinder its growth,
business has of late broadened steadily,
except in lines where doubts about
regulation of prices still exist, and
bank clearings this week exceed last
year's by 10.3 per cent at points outBide
New York, though in considering
rehe increase the question ot prices
should be disregarded.
Concentrated Drive Will Be
Made Week After
I The Boy Scouts ot Fairmont, some i
H5 In number, will next week distribute !
Hirculars advertising Liberty Loau I
Hionds with a view to securing sub-1
Hcrlptions tor the loau.
It Is urged .bat the people ot the
Hlty will give their r.ubscriptious as tar
He possible to the Hoy Scouts aud enHble
litem to secure the banner which
^ resident Wilson has ottered for the
Heat percentage ot bonds sold by a
^^Boy Scout organization. It Is askca
^nat people contemplating the purchase
H a bond will look over the list ot
Hoy Scouts and call him by phone ana
Hive him their subscription before he
^HtllB 011
H Headquarters have been established
Hi thb offices of Levi B. Harr, on Main
Htreet. Telephone No. 281. The Boy
Hcout organization for the sale of Libbonds
will be maintained until the
Hon dcampaigu is concluded, but the
Hcttve scout effort will be made on OcHber
22. 22, 24 aud 25.
Tbe following list contains tbe names
^^nsldences and telephone numbers ot
Hie local Boy Scouts:
H Arthur Michle. Columbia street.
I Hugh Glenn, Front street.
H Harry A. Scott, o25 Columbia street,
Hlephone number 146-M.
H Harold Jones, (U Front street, teleHione
number 935 M.
Howard Jones, 001 Front street, tele
Hione number 935A1
Hdarence Roes, Bast Barnes street.
HBrooks Morrison. 113 State street.
Mbndall Sharp, 331 Ilaymond street,
^^HFrang Bowman, 118 Jacob street.
Wayne Morgan, 606 Ohio avenue,
Hlephone number 887-R.
Haeness Bruce, 80s Vermont avenue.
Donavon Lough, 219 Florida avenue,
^^Hephone number 116S-W.
H Samuel Kelley, Indiana avenue.
HFrank Bwearlngen, 429 East Park
Henue. telephone number 1476-J.
HFrank Jamison, 1042 Morgantown
^^Henue, telephone number 1463-M.
HFrank Kelley, East Park avenue.
HKenneth Swearinger, 429 East Park
Henue, telephone number 147C-J.
Hcarson Curry, 607 Ohio avenue, tele
Present three of these coupons c
Bit The West Virginian with 98c casl
Bvltb sewed stripes, guaranteed fast <
Btealizing the need ot ever; tamlly In
^Lg to display on patrlotlo holidays, '
^^^kiber ot our readers at ridiculously i
Bee 01 Bags has almost doubled In th
clip 8 ot the above coupons conseci
Be West Virginian office with 98 cen
Bda extne for mailing u not called fgj
phone number 1141.
Albert Klaner, Maryland avenue, telephone
number l^S-R.
Glenn Battleger, 604 Beat Park avenue,
telephone number 767.
Ralph Dumlre, 714 Eaat Park avenue. ]
Hatty Brown, 603 Vermont avenue, J
telephone number 98-R.
Frederick DaugUerty, <22 East Park
avenue, telephone number 26.
John Klensr, Maryland avenue, telephone
number 1166-R.
Lawrence Cumpeton, 817 Beat Park
Carol West. 609 Maryland avenue.
Jack Mallory. 619 Ohio avenue.
Owen McNeely, 630 Fourth atreet,
telephone number 205-J.
Sutton Sharp, 636 Gaaton avenue, ,
telephone number 624-R.
JoBeph Conley, Hallwood Farm, telephone
number 1335-W.
Emmor Saunders, 621 Gaston avenue.
Ernest Stewart, 1127 Lowel street.
Milton Harrison, 121 Jackson street,
telephone number 85-J.
John Anwyll, 500 Benonl avenue, telephone
number 657-M.
Paul Eaklns, 321Fairmont avenue. 1
Edward Hall, 801 Fourth street.
Ralph Watkins, 716 Locust avenue, 1
telephone number 691-R.
Wm. Riheldafter, No. 1 Rhea Terrace.
telephone number 772-J.
Alfred Neely. 306 Watson avenue,
telephone number aV-R.
Robert Conkle, 911 Hawthorne St.
David Harrison, 121 Jackson street,
telephone number 85-J.
Oliver Cunningham, 901 Glenn Ave.
Vannier Altman, 423 Locust avenue.
Eugene Watkins. 715 Locust avenue,
telephone number 691-R.
Harper Meredith. R. R. No. 3 Fairmont,
W. Va.
Dorsey Hughes, Norwood, telephone
number 902-J. _ <
Harold Harden, 705 Glenn avenue, '
telephone 812-R.
Rex Arnett, 501 Coleman avenue,
telephone 1366-J.
Guern Johnston, 823 Emerson street.
Carl Wizel, 510 Locust avenue.
Avacy Ash, 126 Field street.
Alexander Robb, 307 Walnut avenue,
telephone number 8C6-W.
Wilbur Hennen, 608 6tb street, telephone
number 117SJ. 1
Edward L. Jones, 522 Fairmont ave- '
nue, telephone number 1079.
Linn Hall, 510 oth street. I
Geo. P. Tucker, 607 Walnut avenue, t
Samuel D. Brady, iOOO Fairmont avenue,
telephone number 202. ,
Carroll Holbert, 307 Gaston avenue, |
telephone number 640-J. |,
riciiin i-ieming, L-i'iium ovenue, tole- i
phone number 1486-J. i
Joseph Haas, 320 Fairmont avenue, i
telephone number 1.1I4. ;
Ruddell Johnson, 512 Walnut avenue, i
telephone number l'J56-J. i
George Nay, 721 Virginia avenue, tel
ephone number 272-J
George Ilill. 503 l;uincy street, tele- ,
phone number Sa lt.
Joseph Thomas, Albert Court. i
Herschel Ice, Walnut avenue, tele- ,
phone number 61k-3.
Robt. Rosier, 730 Benonl avenue, ,
telephone number 1102-W.
Zell Brady. 1006 Fairmont avenue, 1
telephone number 202.
Robert Hutchinson, Morgantown avenue,
telepphone number 176. i
Parks Beebe, 1112 Gaston avenue.
Charles Conaway, 00 Benonl avenue, i
telephone number 1477-M. i
Ralph Hawkins, Jlorgantown. i
James Hutchinson, Morgantown ave- ,
nue, telephone number 176.
Joseph Fletcher. Gaston avenue. i
William Lehman, 312 Walnut avenue,
telephone number 260. I
Milford Smith, 500 Walnut avenue,
telephone number 1135-R. i
Harrison Conaway. 109 Virginia ave- i
nue, telephone number 271-J. i
James Browntteld, 732 Benonl ave- :
nue, telephone number 1102-J.
Mrs. Walter H. O'Day
To Be Buried Sunday
Funeral services over the body of 1
Mrs. Walter O'Day whose death occurred
Thursday night in Pittsburgh
will be held on Sunday afternoon at
Z o'clock from the residence of her ,
mother Mrs. Virginia Nuzum at Sll (
Fourth street. Rev. Clarence D. Slit- .
chell, pastor of the Central Christian
church will conduct the services and 1
interment will be made in Woodlawn
Cemetery. I
The body of Mrs. O'Day arrived
here last night from Pittsburgh accompanied
by Mr. O'Day and Mr. and
Mrs. W. I. Lydic, the latter two having
gone to Pittsburgh Thursday at niblnight.
It was taken to the home" of
her mother.
Nights Are Cold at
Camp Sheridan 1
Dr. J. C. Broomfleld, who is engaged
in Y. M. C. A. work at Camp Sheridan,
Montgomery, Ala., writes that that
section Is experiencing extremely cold ;
weather at this time and asks that he I
wants his winter clothing sent to him 1
at once. The nights are peculiarly
cold he states for this season and ell- i
mate. Dr. Broomfleld also says that he i
is pleased with the progress of the i
work and that they have a nice gentle- i
manly bunch of boys to work with.
xuo umor uiouiuors or ins rairmont 3
Y. M. C. A. ontingent are well. Dr. ,
Broomfield says that he walks a halt
mile to his breakfast each morning
and that he Is located one and one
half miles from a street car line Into
153 i;
onsecutlvely nnmbered at the office 1
1 and get a beautiful Flag 4x6 feet, 1
solors. 1
Fairmont and vicinity lor an American i
we have arranged to supply a limited
imall cost In eplte of the feet that the
e last few weeks. All you need do Is I
itlvely numbered and present them at I
ts In cash and the flag is touts. Ten '
toil OF CO
Bona Fide Contracts Not
Affected by the Presi'dent's
r\ . *t , a 11 l j _
uperators jnoi allowed to
Charge Sales Commissions.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 13.?Dr. H. A.
larflold's most recent statement rejardlng
the ruleB and regulations o?
he Coal Administration Is quite comprehensive.
It relates to trices, sale,
hipment, and distribution, and place
he Federal agencies involved in a
.rong position to handle the situation
nd determine whether all branches
.re meeting the conditions imposed,
no rules and regulations lollow:
1. Tha prices for coal fixed by the
President as modified by the orders of
ho Fuel Administrator, shall apply to
export and bunker coal.
3. Contracts relating to bituminous
:oal made before the President's proeamadOn
of(Augu3t 21, 1917, and conhcfb'-'ffclaring
to anthracite coal made
lore the President's proclamation of
\ugust 23, 1917, shall not be affected
ry these proclamations, provided the
:ontracts are bona fide In character
md enforceable at law, in the absence
>1 further express regulation.
o. If the claim is made that any
-lflc coal hds been acquired in ac'.trice
vi-lth a bona fide contract enforceable
at law, existing prior to the
hue of tho order of the President apable
thereto, the burden of proof
is upon the parties to the contract to
establish those facts.
4. Coal may be bought and sold at
prices lower than those prescribed by
.lie orders of the President.
5. The effect of the President's or
lers on coal rolling when the order af[ecting
such coal was issued is to be
decided by first ascertaining whether
or not the title had passed from the
operator to the consignee at the time
the President s order became effective.
If the title had passed to the consignee
the price fixed by the President does
not apply.
Bars Extra Commissions.
6. Operators who maintain their own
sales department, whether in their own
namo or under a separate name, and
dispose of coal directly to the dealer or
consumer, shall .lot charge any jobber's
commission. A jobber must be
entirely Independent of the operator,
In fact as well as in name, in order to
be entitled to charge a jobber's com
7. Free coal shipped from the mihes
subsequent to the promulgation of the
President's order fixing the price for
such coal shall reach the dealer at not
more than the price fixed by the President's
order, plus cnly the prescribed
jobber's commission (If the coal has
been purchased through a jobber) and
transportation charges.
8. A jobber who had already contracted
to buy coal at the time of the
President's order fixing the price of
such coal, and who was at that time
already under contract to sell the same,
may fill his contract to sell at the price
named therein.
9. A Inhhar. who. nf tha Uma of tha
President's order iixlug the price o?
the coal in question at the mine, had
contracted to buy coal at or below the
President's price, and at that time had
no contract to sell such coal, Bhall not
sell the same at a price higher than the
purchase price, plus the proper jobber's
commission as determined by the
President's regulation of August 23,
10. A jobber who, at the time of the
President's order fixing the price of
coal in question was under contract to
deliver such coal at a price higher than
i price represented by the price fixed
"can eat almost
anything; says
mrs. u. howell
Tells How Nerv-Worth Overcame
Her Nervous
Marietta's Nerv-Worth druggist very
recently received the following thankful
letter from a greatly benefited customer:
Mr. Will S. Richardson:?1 have taksn
several bottleB of Nerv-Worth and
Find It very beneficial in relieving
nervous indigestion and Its kindred
ailments. Can eat almost anything
while taking it and cheerfully recommend
It to anyone suffering with this
Yours very truly,
418 Washington St., Marietta, 0.
Another Grateful Letter:
Mrs. Ora Bums, of 320 Greene street,
Marietta, was also moved the other
lay to tell of a similar happy NervWorth
experience, which she did In
the following letter:
Will S. Richardson:?I feel so much
setter since X took one bottle of NervWorth.
Lost appetite, but now I can't
get enough to eat. And I bad the headache,
but it has entirely left me.
Couldn't rest at night and would have
to get up, but now 1 can go to bed and
sleep good all night and 1 advise anybody
who has the headache and loss
Jf appetite to take Nerv-Worth.
Crane's drug store sella Nerv-Worth
In Fairmont. Your dollar back if this
Famous family tonic does not do for
rou what It did for these Marietta suf
in Me if 0.8.
! by the President or the Fuel Admlnlg'
trator (or such coal, plus a proper jobber's
commission as determined by the
President's regulation o( August 23.
1917, shall not fill eucb contract at a
price In excess ot the President's price,
plus the proper jobber's commission,
with coal purchased after the President's
order became effective and not
contracted (or prior thereto.
11. A jobber who, at the date of the
President's order (lxlng the price of
the coal In question, held a contract for
the purchase of coal without having already
sold such com. shall not sell such
coal at more than the price fixed by
tne President or ihe Fuel Admlnistra
tor for the sale of such coal after the
date of auch order, plus the Jobber's
commission as fixod by the President's
regulation of August 23 1917.
12. Every Jobber of coal or coke In
the United States shall tile with the
Federal Trade Commission. Washington,
D. C.. on or before October 25,1317,
a statement showing (1) his name; (2)
postoffice address; (3) date of the establishment
of his business; (4) names
of stockholders, njembers and partners
of the Jobbing concern; (5) financial
interests of stockholders, members and
partners of the Jobbing concern in any
mine producing coil. Any jobbing concern
which may ne established after
the issuance oi this regulation shall
Immediately upon its organization file
a similar statement with the Federal
Trade Commission.
Requires Sworn Statements.
13. Whenever called upon to do so
by the Fuel Administrator, all persons,
firms, and corporations dealing in and
selling coal to consumers at retail,
shall return to the Fuel Administrator
at Washington, D. C., or otherwise as
directed, a sworn statement of facts
showing his, her or its retail margin,
between the dates of January 1, 1915,
and December 31, 1915, both inclusive;
and to furnish such other information
as may be required; such returns to
be made on a blank form to be furnished
by the Fuel Administrator,
whe nso required.
14. Where coal has been confiscat!
cd by a railroad for its own use, it may
he sold to the railroad by the owner,
thereof, at the price at which it was*
consigned when confiscated, but at no
higher price; provided, however, that
if the price at which it was consigned
is above the price fixed by orders ol
the President and ot the Fuel Administrator
it shall be billed at the price so
fixed, unless it is consigned in compliance
with a bona tide contract enforceable
at law, which was in existence
when the price of such coal was fixed.
15. Coal delivered direct to the consumer
from the mine, by wagon or
truck (whether from wagon mines or
other mines), shall be sold'at not more
than the prices fixed by the President
and the Fuel Administrator, plus the
actual cost of hauling.
16. Coal bought by a railroad for Its |
u it it udci us iuci i-' I'm it wagon mine
hauling to such railroad, shall be sold.
at not liiora than the prices fixed by j
the President and the Puel Administra-!
tor, plus the actual cost 01' hauling.
17. No charge for hauling may be
made by an operator of a wagon mine,
or paid by the purchaser of the coal, on
coal shipped by rail, except where such
shipment is made in box cars, in which
case an additional charge not to exceed
75 cents per ton may be made. In
all other cases the price of wagon mine
coal on board cars shull not exceed the
price prescribed by the President and
the Fuel Administrator for coal at the
18. Until further action of the Fuel
Administrator, smithing coal, when
used for smithing purposes only, may
bo sold at the market prices prevailing .
at the time of the sale.
1!>. Until further action of the Fuel:
Administrator, channel coal may be 1
sold at the market prices prevailing at j
the time of the sale.
20. An assignment of a contract for j
I.mdlen! Ask your DrueglAt for i
<-'hl.c!?cs-terB IMnoiona Brand/VV\
l'l!!?in lied and (?old metallic^//
fc* boxes, scaled with Blue Ribbon. \/
Tohe tin other, liut of your *
I'/ fjC Wriiffiflftt. Askfort'iri.rire8.TEIl?
I nf 1HAMOND KUAMl PILLS, fot 8ft
Vv* J3 yeits known as Best. Safest, Always Reliable
( ) For Lil
" J Sons, brothers, husbands ai
' thelr lives for the cause wl
those who subscribe to the
j That cause met. with a wld
In the First Loan. It has i
, and dearer. To the lives r
, unstinted support of those
dom they go to defend.
iThis Company therefore pi
disposal of purchasers of tl
the conviction that the Se
y mands with a new and gi
p answer, an answer from evi
I an answer worthy of and i
f\ by millions of the people t<
We shall be glad to atten
"U subscription, without ch
(Jh <7LHTAHn?f%lU?
'.j ^wovr.p|^
meat la made after the President^ order
applicable to the price ot the coal
coTered by the contract ahaU be treated
aa a eale ot coal and be (object to
all "the orders and regulations of the
President of the United States and the
Fuel Administrator relating thereto.
21. These orders, rulings and regulations
supersede all ordera and regulations
ot general application previously
issued, excepting:
(1.) The order of the President dated
August 21.1917, fixing prices of bituminous
coal modified by sundry orders
of the Fuel Administrator and all such
orders affecting snch modifications.
(2.) The order of the President dated
AuguBt 23, 1917. defining jobbers
and fixing the prices of Pennsylvania
anthracite coal, the sams being modified
so far as It relates to the price of
fiflthM/iHa na* !> * v. - ?><!? ?* * v _
... uvuv (/ca tvai uj uio Vluoi Ui U1B
Fuel Administrator dated October 1, :
(3.) Order ot Fuel Administrator. !
dated October 1, 1917, relative to the
shipment, distribution and apportion- .
meat of coal reshlpped by water at :
Lake Erie ports; and
(4.) Order ol the Fuel Administrator,
dated October 1. 1917, relating to
the maximum gross margins of retail
coal dealers.
(Signed) H A. GARFIELD,
United States f uel Administrator. .
Addressed Womans Club,
Mrs. George DeBolt was in Wheel- i
ing yesterday where she made an address
before the Womans Club on
Current Events. America's part In '
the war was the theme of the address
which was heard by a large audience. ,
Miss Norma Neiman who had spent !
the past year in this city returned to
her home at Pt. Marlon, Pa., today. ;
We are in earnest when we ask you
to give Orrine a trial. You have noth- 1
Ing to risk and everything to gain, for
your money will be returned if after a I
trial you fail to get results from Or- ]
rine. This offer civcB the wives and
mothers ot those who drink to excess
an opportunity to try the Orrine treat
ment. It is a very simpl treatment, can
be given in the home secretly, without
publicity or loss of time from business. ]
Orrine is prepared in two forms: No.
1, secret treatment; Orrine No. 2, the
voluntary treatment. Costs only jl.OU
a box. Ask us for booklet. Crane's :
drug store.
, ; : I;
FOR SALE ? Salt, rising and yeast
home made bread. Also pies and {
cakes. Apply 402 Quincy street.
FOR SALE?Horse, harness and wagon.
$40 it sold immediately. C. E. i
Mason. Dakota road near Meredith
Springs. 10-9-5t-2946
FOR SALE?6-room house with bath .
Big lot. Apply 325 Jefferson street
4-20-tt No 2230
FOR SALE?Store. For particulars
call Straight's store. At Grays
Flats. W. Va. 10S-tf.2933.
I'VE A NEW LINE of soap, extracts, ;
toilet goods, perfumes, etc., for
agents. 100 per cent, profit Sample
free. Write quick. Lacassian Co.,
Dept. 62 St. Louis, Mo. 10-13-lt-2966
CORSET1ERE?Representing Spirel- '
la Corset, 808 Gaston Ave.
P1TV TflVCO !:
Villi I HALO |
? A discount ot 214 per cent will g
i he allowed on City taxes lor 8
i, prompt payment Do not wait g
? until the last minute. Pay ?
3 now and avoid the rush ol the g
? last few days. It will save you g
g time and money. 8
g J. C. ROBINSON, City Treasurer |
>erty If J
A.CE f
:e now preparing to give " J
ilch enlists the dollars of
Liberty Loan.
e and emph&tlo response f I I
now become even clearer
iow pledged Is owing the I " J
whose security and free- ' '
laces Its services at the (ft ^
le new Liberty Bonds, in I I
COnd Llhfirtv Aa. ' I- I
eater urgency a ringing y )
Bryone capable of saving,
mightier than that given , .
) the FlrBt Loan. I |
d to the dealls of your I '
arge or commission. ' J ;
g) |
WANTED?Men. Steady work. Hel- ]
mlck Ponndry Machine Co.
8-24-tf-2744 ,
W ASTED?Pick and shovel laborers. I
Apply on work at RlvesTille, W. Va. !
Paw Paw district road work. Eldge 1
Bros. Contractors. I0-8T2t-2935 J
WANTED?Laborers at the Mononga- hela
Valley Traction company Hutch- 1
Inaon power plant Wages S5c per
bour. Apply on Job The Nicola Build- J
ing Co. 10-9-5t-2940 J
WANTED?Neat appearing boy 16 to ,
18 years ot age. Apply at once The ,
Leader Shop, 219-221 Madison street [
10-ll-tl-2954 .
WANTED?Immediately, good reliable i
boy 16 or 1" years old. Apply Court- i
oey's store. l0-ll-2t-2956 <
OPERATE non-comrulsslon real e? !
tate business. Capital and experi- .
ence unnecessary. Write Non-Corn- '
mission Agency, Lima, Ohio.
10-12-6t-295S <
_____ t ;
WANTED ? Saleslady, one with ex- j
perlence in shoes preterred. Good E
steady position. Apply with reference t
The Leader Shop, 219-221 Madison St (
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BUSINESS demands women and men ~
tor high grade positions. Are you
prepared? Send now lor "Bulletin 6" j
giving complete details of necessary t
training. Pace & Pace. Hudson Ter- ?
tninal. New York. 19-13-lt-296i> ,
WANTED?-Girl for general house 1
work. Apply 584 J Bell phone.
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. . R00r,IS?F URNISHf:D ~ .
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1107 Alexander Place.
FOR KENT?Furnished room, second '
tloor 224 Washlntgon street. Gen- 1
tiemen only. 10-9-6t-2942 1
FOR KENT ? Furnished rooms, 14 '
Rhea Terrace. Phone 792-R.
10-10-3t-2948 Cj
FOR RENT?Furnished room, second 1
floor, 224 Washington St. Gentle- t
man only. 10-10-4t-2947 e
FOR RENT?3 or 4 very desirable 8
furnished rooms for light house- 4
keeping. Phone 2S7-M. lO-ll-tf-2955. 8
FOR RENT?Furnished front room to J
gentleman, $2.50 per week. 208 High J
3t. Call evenings. 10-13-3t-2967 '
FOR RENT?House on Grant street, i
Seven rooms and bath. Phone ^
566-W. Apply 232 Grant St. i
FOR RENT ? Desirable seven room
house on Maryland Ave. Possession a
Nov. 17. C. S. Riggs. Watson Bldg. t
10-12-tX-2960 a
FOR RENT ? House of four rooms. I
Call Bell phone 596.R. 10-13-3t-2962 r
WANTED?5000 old feather beds. J
Highest cash prices paid. Mail or- :
ders promtply attended to. Write
Pullman Feather Company, P. O. Box (
2771. West Virginian. 8-31-tf-2771
WANTED ? Desirable furnished '
rooms for light housekeeping, cen- (
trally located. References. Call
phone 543. 10-ll-3t-295t {
WANTED?Old false teeth. Don't matter
If broken 1 pay $2.00 to
$15.00 per set. Send by parcel post
and receive check by return mail, s
L. Mazer, 2007 S. Fifth Street, Phila- t
delphia. Pa. 10-12-St.2Q59 f
buy. Large user wants mine about
ready to ship. State on what railroad
and whether siding is in tipple
.na,hf A <3.1?<-? - -- -- ----
.cau.r. numcaa UJieraior, HOt ?l Ma- "
deira, Morgantown. 10-12-2t-2957
Your Interests and
| Your Country's j
: Are Inseperable? i
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The Fairmont
Trust Company
? 11
S VV fires, whatsove:
8 whatsoever developeth
g fires or fire breeding ^
g any worth of manhoo
g you, think of these thi:
$ F. E. NU
Masonic TemplePAttAMAA#^U>
I A^| A|| A|| A U J,| 1 A n A(
PINE LEVEL OHIO grain and dairy
farm, nice buildings, all farm tools
md s teams with feed tor one year
to in free with this farm. Will talia
15,000 down; balance can stand as
ong as desired. Write Franklin
Parker, 847 N. Pearl St.. Columbus
TOR SALE?My tarm of 115 acre?
nine room house,, cellar, water al
loor, 4 miles from railroad. >i mile*
rom mgn scnooi, cnurcb and small
own. This (arm has 40 acres of sec
)nd bottom land, barn 32x32, slat*
oof and basement, stable, cattle,
tarn 20x30, slate roof, calf shed lSx
10, wagon shed. 20x30, coal and oil
tnsold, plows, harrow, hay forks, ...?
nower, rake, corn plow and two milk
:ows, all for 3942.50. Possession any (
time; easy terms. Call or address
2. M. Dungan. Freeport, Ohio.
"OR SALE ? 60 acre faro, good Sritory
house, with cellar; barn and
>ther buildings; farming tools; two
lead horses. 6 head cattle, 6 hogs, 50
-htckens. cream separator, piano,
nough rough feed to winter stock;
,^a miles to town with good graded
ichool, churches, cream station, river
tand road. Price for all, 33,000 from . I
iwner. Mrs. Rhode Hutaon, ReedsvlUe, I
Ohio. Rt. No. 1. 10-13-4t-296X
t GRAND larm come elte, finest 45acre
farm lor milk dairying. Cleveand
electrics stop here. Large reellence,
outbuildings, fine site. Land 9
ind location, (lowing fountains, con enient
to Wooster University. 316.000. , ( 1
Mrs. Keziah Stauffer, Creston, Ohio.
Pursuant to the authority vested In '1
he undersigned trustee, I will, on Battrday,
October 20,1917, at 2:00 o'clock ' I
i. m., at the East tront door of the
,'ourt House of Marlon county, West ' ,jl
Virginia, sell "All that certain parcel
if real estate situate In Fairmont,
Marlon county. West Virginia, and
mown on the plat of the town of Paleine
as Lot No. 145, being that part Of
aid lot fronting 50 feet on Adams
treet, in said town, adjointr* the proprty
of the said town of Palatine (now
l portion of the city of Fairmont)
mown as the Mayor's Office ana
.ockup for said town, and extending
tack aloug the line of said town prop
iiv go mei 10 me rear or said lot No.
45, the full width ot said lot a* It ^9
low is, and conveyed to Mary Emma
Cnight by Joshua D. Musgrave by deed
lated the 11th day of June, 1914. Deed
look No. 198, page 32." K fl
Terms of Sale. S
One-third of the purchase price (or
is much more as the purchaser desire*
o pay) cash In hand on day of sale,
.nd the balance thereof In two equal I
ayments on a credit ot six and twelve I.
conths from date of sale, the purchaser
o execute his two several promissory
lotes therefor, with security to be ap roved
by the undersigned, and a* I
nrther security a vendor's Hen will . -*
e retained In the deed for said prop rty.
Authority is given to sell said property
at public or private sale, and prl- j i
ate bids will be received therefor unit
October 20th.
E. C. FRAME, Trusts*. rf jB
To whom it may concern. All peton
s having accounts against or owing " { '
he estate of Freeman Kelley, deceas- ( 9
ed, are hereby notified to settle with
he undersigned.
E. W. KELLEY, Executor.
129 Reeves Ave. I |1?
Advt. 10-13-20-27-11-3
1 r--i l ?
? ? vnwjoimigi vtxrug |
1 Optometrist and '9
26 years practical > I
experience. Glasses furnished la
one hour. With I
A. B. Scott & Company. :; Wk
i Representing Nubone Corsets, g
| Bell 48V J 820 Monroe St 1
DR. A. B. SMITH, \
Glasses ot all Kinds correctly,
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed. ?
Hall Block oyer Martin's Drug
Phone 801 R. fl
Successor to Walker A Kelley i M
sire, Accmeni ana surety Bond*
Fleming Bldg., Over Hall Hardware
, - H
iketh for safety from
rer preventeth fires, i J ;. fl
i care in handling 5
naterials; if there be 5
d or womanhod in t - | H
ngs?Fire Facts.
3HOLS il I
tANCB. j I'M
Fairmont, W.Va.

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