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But Oil Town Eleven Put
Up Very Creditable
Fairmont Normal made a most creditable
ahowing at South Side Park
yesterday afternoon when they won
tho opening football game of the
eason on local grounds by the score
of 12-0. The teams were well match ri
in vrAi^ht hut tho Vnrmnl lnfla nnf.
generated their opponents in every
quarter of the game.
Coach "Goose" Ward is this year
coaching the Fairview team and for
an Inexperienced bunch of men inada
Sri-- an exceptionally good showing with
hia team yesterday. When the team
went on the field yesterday afte'nam
to met the Normal they were yet to
have their first scrimmage of tho
Geotge Hill made both tou.ndowns
for Uie Normal, one by a line plunge
and the other by an end run for DO
yards Captain Hamilton who also
' played a brilliant game made an end
mn for about 60 yards for a toucndown
hut as the play was started after
the whistle for the end of tho second
qurjter was blown, the touchaown
did not count. The work of Broouo -er
for Fairview was very conspicuous
Th6 Uneup:
Fairview 0 P Fairmont 12
Glllehand LE Tennant
Eddy I-T Marshall
Cox LG Shrlver
Ice C Bennett
Cronin RG Hall
Straight RT Stevens
Toothman RE Welch
Weaver QB Hamilton
Shumaker LH Isenliart
Brookover FB Fleming
Water RH Hill
Substitutes: Fairvtrw. Fast for CroBin.
Score 1 2 3 4 To.
Fatrvlew 0 n II 0 Q
Xormal n 0 ? fi 12
; Periods: 10 minutes.
Touchdowns: Hill, Hamilton.
Referee: Dr. Carr.
Umpire: Miller.
Head linesman: Bell.
Evening Chat
There are a number ui eating clubs
In the city which ai e solving satisfactorily
the problem of where to go for
good food at a reasonable price. The
members which are limited each pay
a capable cook a stated sum apiece
each week. The grocery bill at the
end of every week is ten added and
the sum divided among the members.
Each member pays his share which
does not amount to as much as regular
boarding down town and a much better
table is set Ono or the members is
usually chosen to take charge ol the
ordering and paying ot bills for which
he or she receives board free ot charge
One of the most popular clubs in the
"city, and for which there is always a
waiting list, has this year undertaken
to put up fruit for the winter's con
uuifnuu. me mamuers meet certain
Bights and help prepare the truit and
get a lot of fun out of it besides. Already
numbers of glasses of Jelly, prep-i?~~
? "aimed goods have been
c "id months.
Them -for
good boa...
groceries has rlsc.i
take setting a table for pio... .us
club plan not only guarantees a certain
regular salary to the cook but also does
away with waste or bad management
and enables each member to pay just
what the board has been worth to nim.
?in fact all who have tried it say they
get far more out ol it than in any other
way of eating.
A number of loving mothers were
? much amused while visiting the young
girls at the pool yesterday. They had
ho idea the slim youngsters were so
adept in the water. It was a scream
from start to finiBh?the cold shower
started things going?a sudden backward
sit-down in the seven foet end
was nothing at all?a run antra jump
over head was decidedly fun. Floating,
swimming and diving with little
effort, which is the correct way to
swim, was the program. Several
stayed where the water 'was low but
most of the girls preferred the depths
and were perfectly at home there.
They were only allowed to stay In the
water one-balf hour so that long before
they were tired, the whistle blew
and all scrambled to cold shower again
and to the dressing rooms.
Cantaloupes served in the restau
rants of Fairmont this season as a
whole ran very fine. This is especially
true of those which were served several
weeks ago. Ono of the stunts that
the restaurant man pulls Is to cut the
bottom of the muskmellon off so that
it sets on the plate. The majority of
these cantaloupes are imported from
B California and they are a very luscious
fruit or vegetables as you choose to
class them. Quite a few sh!nmnnt? ...
rive here from Cincinnati, O.
Can you picture a soldier boy hustling
around the camp like a reporter
on a live, wide-awake daily newspaper!
Well that Is going on at Camp Lee,
H Petersburg, Va, where a newspaper Is
published daily with the news of the
HI day. This publication is known as
"The Bayonet" and some copies of the
sheet have reached Fairmonters, who
'a have boys at the camp.
By a recent arrangement the United
States government has permitted mail
p . from the soldier boys in France to come
across the Atlantic without charge to
H ,i- sender or recipient. Heretofore the
person who had received the letter was
obliged to pflpy up for the discrepancy
Jn postage, v
ALL :-: ]
All obstacle hurdle race. .Men must
jump ditches beyond which are located
high earthworks.
Although Sammic's day is pretty
well taken up In the 16 big army cantonments
by drills and other camp duties.
there is time left for athletic
sports and Sammie. wishing to get his
muscles hardened for strenuous days
to come, doesn't neglect them.
College men, trained by competent
coaches in track and field sports, we're
the early instructors at the camps although
volunteer coaches in ail majot
sports were added later.
Competition between the many units
in camp furnishes the impetus which
makes the men, many of whom have
never entered athletic competition,
train as hard as high school and college
men do before a big meet.
The track games include hurdling,
both trench hurudling for distance and
high hurdling, high jumping, running,
Luiniucu manny to me snorter uasnes,
weight events and throwing.
Baseball and football teams have
been organized in practically all the
Footfall promises to be the great
sport this fall with hundreds of teams
in competition. A movement has been
started to have the champion teams of
the IB camps meet in a big national
tournament to deciue the selective service
army championship.
The consummation of this project depends.
of course, upon plans of the
War department, which may send the
first army into entrainment camps be
fore the football season ends.
The following >s a list of the unclaimed
letters remaining in the Fairmont.
W. Va., postoffice for the period
ending October B, li'17:
Abbott, JIrs F C Mintor, Ethel
Aiiatus, Flora (2) Moody, Arthur
Ahuer, Edwin G 2 Moore, George
Alfred, A W Morgan. Jennie
Allen, Mrs OUie C Morgan, Mrs John
Aruett, Mrs Sarah W
B Morrie, Willie
Bagwell, Mrs Oota Morrow, Mary Xeill
(2) Mortaro, Mrs Laura
Barnes, Mable Musgrove, Bird
Beard, Mrs Lucy Myres, Mrs Jas K
Beatliugs, Clara Bay, Ella
Biagi, Domenic Nelson, Willans
Black, Mrs W 1 i'aiu, George
Bouene, Jno D 1'arcell, Lillie
i uuuiitji-, nuiuer paras, umuia L
I Boome. Bess Pinnell, Will
j Booth, Mrs E G Poke, Estellar
israuy, G P Pryer, Mrs Esther
lis, B B Sckoll, A T
Mrs lva Seerko, P J j
udge Skater, Mrs George
bio .igeto H
Calu?> Jbert Shoemaker. Mrs
Campben, a G Lasey
Carbo, Jollity BUuter, Steve
Carey, Catharine sickles, McKinley
Cento, Frank Sigley, Herbert
Cloustou, George simonton, William
Colbert, Mrs Arie H
Chrlse, Frank Sinclair^ A {ft
A Singleton, Axthie
C rumens, W S Slater, Lee
Crookshanks, Smith, Bessie
Chauncey Smith, James
Crookshanks, C E Smith, L C
Feaster, Mrs Cath- Spencer, Mr & Mrs
arine Steel, Norman
Hahn, W W Stout, Major
hartman, George Strawson, Mrs RosHerpeck,
George K alie
Hess, Frank Strouse, Miss L
Hite, R A (2) Sullivan, Dan
Holt, E C Summers, Jack
Honnole, Rev C H Susster, Rose M
Long, Catherine Taylor, Mrs D C
.Jenkins, Mrs L C Thompson, Mrs
Johnston, Mrs L O Rena
Kirkpatrick, Mrs Thrush, Will
Mary Tuttle, Helen
Lnssiter & Rag- Vinges, Eddie
land Watklns, Dick
Leggett, Sam Willson, L M
Leverquo, Blanche Wilson, Mrs GutM
McKitrick, John Wilson, R C
Marcus, 1 Wilson, Robert' W
Merrifield, Wallace Winkler, Mrs Thos
Martin, Mrs Rosie E
Mey, Wm Wiseman, Homer
Miller, Fred W
Miller, Mrs W S
In calling for any ot the above letters
please state that they were advertised
and give the date of the list
??- '
Hurdling a hedge at Ft. Sill, Kansa
popular In the cantonments.
esq l> W*' j^pmdeiful
rail Genc Alicrn. K
I Qg
Who is this important looking folia'.' I ^ ^
Is he the owner of the hotel? Oh my |
no! He wouldn't own the place. He'd i
be mad to know you took him so low |
as to be the owner. He's the room j
clerk. A very chesty pigeon. He's;
about as courteous and polite as a box
office man, only worse. The way he j
holds his head up and regards ordin- \
ary mortals you think you ought to
crawl up and give him your life in- m
surance policy made out to him for h
humbling himself to tolwate you and 11
being so kind as to give you a place n:
You Need An
You need it for the sc
the entertainment of yoi
as well as for convenient
business matters. There
you should have a macl
pai'ticular why you shou
A Maxwell J
which we would be pleasi
Hall Garage
General Distributor
Meredith Street, op]
PESSofe^ T be
-VAB.S ! jjm
lUSlCtv J tCMzh ^ w
is. Raceg of this nature are very
sleep even if it is on the chimney, i
'o can't figure out who gets the I
oms because he telis everybody the i
me thing "All rooms taken." You
ant a room for a night and he alays
tries to palm off a week's wagi
suite on you with a half dozen
iths and more beds than a school dor
itory. Our greatest wish Is to get
old of the room clerk some day, |
ade him for a mule then shoot the
)cial pleasures of life?
ir family and friends,
ce and expedience in
are many reasons why
line, and a number in
Id select
Motor Car
ed to explain to you.
: Company
and local dealer
posite Post Office
m wj ijm w ci
T2U>Tlc_ r ,A8&1
?ssA6feT5* r * c?L
y?U Cy7
- - - -
3NG x
Sample, Hess and Meredith
All Here at the
[ Same Time. i
? r ; -
* i I
Marlon county Is entertaining three '
men formerly prominent in West Virginia
newspaper circles this week.
Two of them have edited papers at
Fairmont, two have been foremen of
newspaper plants at Fairmont ami all
three have had newspapers at Mannington.
Henry c. Sample is given
credit for running the best weekly paper
that Marion county has ever had
in The Free Press which has since ;
become The Farmers Free Press and
is now owned hv the company whlcn
gets out The West Virginian J.
Bruce Hess was president of the West
Virginia editorial association for four i
years, secretary of the organization!
for two years preceding his elevation
to the presidency, and foreman of
the Free Press plant when that paper
was moved from Mannington to Fairmont
shortly alter it started. E. E.
Meredith edited the first daily paper
in Fairmont which started shortly be- i
fore the Spanish American war and
was called the "Expositor." l.ater he
edited the Mannington Advocate and
The Morgantown Post which has since '
become the Post-Chronfcle.
Henry 0. Sample is paying his first
visit to Fairmont and Manningiou in
three years. He is now residing at 1
Laurel, Mil. He is engaged in the real
estate 6'usiness. He has not lost his !
love for newspaperdom although his
health got had a few years ago. which '
led to his disposing of The Pre? Press
and locating in Maryland where he 1
bought a 37 acre farm, almost in Laurel
which has a population of 3.000 ;
Mi. Sample finds jolly entertainrfent .
with two other retired printers in the I'
town?he calls them "tramp printers" '
It is told that a standing jest of the i
trio is for one to approach ths other 1
with a request for two bits, which is ;
supposed to be the cream of printer,
comedy of years gone by. Mr. Sample
has the newspaper instinct and;
conducted a splendid weekly, which
West Virginia editors will long remember.
J. Bruce Hess started The Manning- J
ton Enterprise in 1895 and sold the
plant some years later to the late
Howard N. Ogdon, a brother of Her
schel Ogden, the Wheeling newspaper j
magnate. Mr. Hess later took over |
the plant again and it Is now used by j
The Mannington Telegram, only daily |
Fair lyist Pric
g?t, West 1
1 "ft
I 1
| ^^'jiiiuiiiiiiimmiiiiiMwiiiiniifwmiuijn
jaw-'ttita Merest J) automob
.vWrt swcur./f ] ? t.
a. (& The triumph of
f Gf
\\ Have had their las
in the nation-wide
Yi Against the roug:
U-y have demonstrate
"America's Testei
ft AToJttra alio of the
4Y OME-VJ I --.sir"-'-'
\HEAfcS - ^V?r*PT^
mi SWPENDEfcS? /*&?, Wj n
^ ..^-. . - J
r?, ,,u
pap?r In West Virginia, owned anil >
operated by a woman. Marlon Shaw .
leases the plant from Mr. Hess at |
present but la doing so well that she!
will likely bay the plant In the near:
future. The woman editor is not a j
native of West Virginia, coming here
Trom Tidloute, Pa. Mr. Hess has been
located at Cowen W. Va. for five years
past, operating a lumber business and
store for the Smoot Lumber company
E. E. Meredith has made his headquarters
at Chicago for years past ;
Out is now in West Virginia for a cou
pie of months at least.
Normal Team Had
Idle Day Today |
The football game between the Fair | ?
tnont Normal and Broaddus college1
which was to take place at Philllppi
this afternoon has been canceled by
the Broaddus team. The Fairmont \
Normal is idle today, most of the j
members of the team going to Morgantown
to witness the Fairmont-lligh
Morgantown High game and the Carlisle
Indian-W. V. U. football games.
Dunbar School
Have Football Team
The Dunbar high school for the'
young colored people of Fairmont will j
ho represented this year with a foot- j
hall team. There are a number of!
candidates out and under the capablej
Instruction,of Coach Lawrence Chamberlain
a strong team is assured.
Their opening game of the season
will be played at f'arkershurg on Oc-1
lober 19, when they meet the Sumner |
High school of that city. In past
years the Dunbar school has been represented
by baseball teams hut this
Is the first time that they have atterap
ted foothall. Shower baths, lockers
and other means of convenience are
being provided at the school building
Tor the players. ,
Select Your Fall Suitin
<ii? iiuw snowing our una ol
foreign and domestic. Come in and
there may be a shortage o? the more d
All our work done in our own sh
order work.
Fit and Workmansl
Over Crane's IJ
Virginia Furnisht
Nation's Bromine
jptwAMMWMMMMV iwnu/ii
WHEN this country
wants bromine, it goes
to your state for it, because
practically all the bromine
in the United States comes from
West Virginia.
le world needs rubber and particu
lie tucb, it goes iu vjuuui'iuu, uct
i means rubber to all the world
orld's work and play.
Goodrich rubber is Goodrich tire
ting strength and all-around meril
; testing of Goodrich Test Car F1
hest roads of state and nation, th<
ed the perfection of Goodrich's
)KEN CURE body for fabric ti
3 Tires" mean service assured by t
famous Silocrtoum Cord Tlrts \y ^
- .-yr~r/-/ '
f in the Long R
" !T'V TD Veep
<^??"3 TeoUSER^
T"" " ??'
Safety Razor
Double~Edge Blades ... AA.
We return your blades Ovv
sharpened right and PER
portngo paid. DOZ. I
Will S. Richardson
Mall Order Druggist
127 Greene St. Marietta, 0.
Foster's Methods 11
11 a newness that I
Is pleasing ami a tints>a that la I
Carpets, Porliars, Curtains,
Blankets, Blinds. Comforts. Cot* I
era. Gentlemen's, Ladies and I
Children's wearing aprarel of all I I
Have jour fall and wlnte^H
needs done now.
Footer's Dye Works I
(The World's best Cleaners and |
Agent Fairmont and Vicinity
gs Early This Year I
tail and winter woolens, both
make jour selection earlj' as
esirahle patterns,
op. No long distance or mall
lip guaranteed. H
'rug Store. H
^ AiXtVur D?Ur tor Thtm
on_ri_n_ri_ . ^ ^ i_n^<_j^B
?< s

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