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A Whooping
Get the Kaiser
Get the Kaiser and his brood,
Get the Junkers, get them good.
For every baby mutilated,
For every maiden violated,
For every homestead desolated,
Get a Prussian.
; Never let the world again
S& Know such deeds ore done by
jSf Fight or serve or give or feed
Do your bit for those who bleed,
Every soul can do some deed
To get the Kaiser.
They are the safest and soundest
investment in the world.
They pay 4 per cent Interest and
can be converted Into cash at
;" almost a moment's notice. The
worst slacker In the world is the
money slacker No mater what
salary or wages we draw today
our future salary depends upon
the outcome of this war. All ot
us can surely pay a dollar a week
on a Liberty Bond, now can't
} we?
i$3.00 Smith's
Axminster Rugs .?? *'
All wool pile face, fair weight,
rich, snappy, cheerful patterns, size
27x52 Inches, actual values,
k with coupon (V) only $2 27.?Third
H. Floor.
75c Boys' Blouse C7?
Waists, only w IC
Fait and Winter weight of (fanp.
' nel/heavy percales and best gingbpln
materials, all sizes, with coupon
(V) only 57c.?Main Floor.
P-*' aaasaaol^SSI
55c Shopping or Q7A
Market Baskets
Interwoven whole willow baskets,
reinforced heavy willow bottom,
braided top. strong handles,
good generous size with coupon (V)
32.00 Copper 01/17
Tea Kettles ^ I a1* I
Ntckle plated all copper tea kettles,
full 14 ounce copper, seamless
body, polished scratch brush finish
inside, with coupon (V) only 51.47
27c Combination |7a
Offer for Only ... .J'?
One generous size package of
i. Argo starch and 2 full size cakes of
sapolio with coupon (V) Wednesday
all for 17c. ?Basement.
' * fEvening
When 1 m all through with vacation
And back to the grind of a job,
I take up my life's occupation
But somehow my heart doesn't
With Joy to be earnestly toiling
And done with the frivol and fluff.
To tell you the truth. 1 am spoiling
For more of vacation-time stuff.
v I'm fond, in a way, of my labor.
I'm really a hard-working oaf,
j>'' But, Just to be frank with you, neighIt's
lots more delightful to loaf;
I'd rather hunt mallards than orders,
Though profits. I know, mnst bo
IT I'd much ra.her widen the borders
Of fun and amusement than trade.
I never was guilty of shirking,
I know It's my task to produce;
But while I'm quite willingly working
I'd greatly prefer to be loose;
For two weeks of blithe recreation
So fill me with vigor and cheer,
iohi i cuuiu go on ffim vacanon
For all of the rest of the year!
There are many people living In
Fairmont who have little knowledge
|H of some of the Industries going on
around them. Many people to whom
?. I have talked have been surprised to
learn that there was a powder mill
bollt or building near Fairmont, and
especially that there was a large
plant hnlldlng for the purpose of makI;
lng powder, nitro-glycerlne, dynamite
and other explosives.
B A few years back some enterprising
Individuals bought the MarredIth
Prickett farm near Hoult and opposite
South Rlvesvllle and started a boom
along the contemplated line of the
|K*".- Wabaan railroad. Tbey cleared up a
large fine park la the woods, called
It ?ast Fairmont Park, built a dancIng'pavlllon
laid off town lots, printed
plenty of advertising and held a lot
K tale. Hut the Wabash stopped build
1 WF.DN1
w w as -m mm
We will be"7 years young Friday a
Birthday that we hare carried the "0
This confidence in Spiring coupod si
demonstration of our alertness in sup
prevailing prices at the very time v
We'll have another big surprise foi
two for the news.
Clip this coupon ad out of this paper
50c Cotton ' Q7ft
Mops for VI?
IS ounce cotton mops, 13 inch
hard twisted cotton strands, cut
ends, tape top. broom length handle,
with coupon (V) Wednesday
<nly 37c.?Basement, i
39c Can of Crisco 77#*
For Only
Full pound size can of Crisco. its
goodness a familiar word in almost
every household in the land
with coupon (V) Wednesday,*a can
32.00 Kid fc-fl ?7
Gloves for iplaff
Women's line kid gloves in solid
coal black and coal black with
wnitc stitching, all sizes, with coupon
(V) only $1.47.?Main Floor.
7?J uon Suits " *
Men's heavy spring needle union
suits, lightly fleeced, loch stitched
seams, sizes 31 to 4ti, with coupon
(V) only 97c a suit.?Main Floor.
84.00 Matting CQ 17
Rugs, go at 1
Don't confuse these latter gr;
rugs with the same grades that w<
sold at $2.9S as these are much better,
size 9x12 feet, with coupon
(V) $3.17. ? Third Floor.
$1.25 Seamless 557a
Sheets, each OIG
Constructed from fine quality oi
bleached muslin, size Slx90 inches,
seamless hemmed ends, with cou
pon (V) Wednesday, each 87c. ?
Main Floor.
29c Dresser 4 7 _
Scarfs, 2 for ^>0
Pretty embroidered dresser scarf
or shams that we sell readily at
29c each with coupon (V) Wednesday.
2 for 47c. ?Maiu Floor.
?2 Untrimmed (1 77
Velvet Hats . ... ' ?
Large, medium and small shape
velvet untrimmed shapes, copies of
much more expensive shapes, with
coupon (V) Wednesday, choice at
S 1.27.?Third Floor.
I ing and tile newly slacked river did
not turn out to be much of a factor
in transportation and the boom died
and the farm of about 150 acres fell
into the hands of Father Boutlou.
Last winter it was bought by the promotors
of tho Monongahela l'owder
Company and work begun in March.
While this plant is not large in
comparison with many la'rgo plants
.vet the buildings are scattered all
over the 150 acres and those .built or
building number nearly forty.
Not many can be seen from the
railroad but the main building and
warehouse is over 300 feet long, sandwiched
between a sidetrack and a
wagon roadway. In this building is
not only stored the materials for the
making of tho powder but they are
also ground and (Irmly pulverized pre
paratory to mixing.
Not many persons will ever Inspect
the buildings in which blasting, powder
is now being made as no one bul
employes actual needed there are allowed
about the buildings and they
must have no matches about and
wear rubber solid shoes without any
tacks or metal about them. In the
construction of buildings all nails
were well and deeply set and bolts
and bolt heads covered with wood
Much machtnery is of brass and wood,
and Iron Is not allowed to come In
contact with iron. Thousands ol
brass screws wore used in fastening
together bins, hoppers, elovators and
other things. This will show what
precautions are taken to prevent the
fatal spark. _
Electricity taken from the lines ol
| the M. V. T. Co. is the power used
but each building requiring powei
has a separate power or motor house
and fhe power is transmitted through
several bolts and wood pulleys, not
only to reduce speed of machinery
but prevent a possible spark from the
The making of power Is very aim
pie. Three Ingredients enter into it
rharuoal, shlphur and nitrate of soda
lust the common nitrate of soda you
buy as a fertilizer and put on yout
garden crops. These after being very
finely pulverized at the main ware
houso.es before stated aro hauled 41
_ _.ji'iiiiirpiiVi v 1 irriliTLilrtrfT:fa;kJikI*
Seven Years Old
Friday, and
Still Growing
M n A V
nd we are so enthused over our 7th
IIVE" spirit throughout this ad
ale Wednesday will be another
plying the public neds at less than
ou need these articles most,
r you folks Saturday. Watch page
$1.50 Aluminum Q7??
Berlin Kettles w I w
Four quart capacity. Aluminum
covers, black ebonied knobs, patent
riveted earS, tipping handles,
retlnned wire bail, with coupon (V)
3c Toilet Soap, 7?
2 Cakes for . "V
Oatmeal, violet and butermilk
toilet soap, pure and free lathering,
edlicately perfumed, with coupon
(V) Wednesday, 2 cakes for 7c?
10c Talcum "7Powder,
for "C
Celebrated Air Float Talcum Pow
tier, delicately perfumed, flesh or
snowy white, carefully borated.
with coupon (V), a can 7c.
. _ Outing Z"_.inel C7i?
Princess Slips wf U
Children's pure white outing
flannel Princess slips, nicely em
broidered, constructed from good
I wcif^iiL uunag, wun coupon ivj :?
mm ' i" jf..-. - ' . jr."1
25c Bleached 07*
HuckTowels,2for ..OfC
Snow white mercerized cotton
huck toweU with rich satinlzed
Egyptian designed borders, hemstitched
lVa inch ends, with coupon
(V) 2 for 37c.?Main Floor.
Tr"~ 11
We Realy
Expect You
To be present at our Birthday
Party Friday afternoon between
the hours of 2 to 6. It's going
to be a real "Cake Eating Bee."
We want every school child,
every man and young man, woman
and miss to come and get a
generous slice of the greatest
cake ever baked In West Virginia.
Not a selling scheme, but a
sociable get together meeting
wheu friend meets friend and all
"cat. drink and be merry." We
want you to come even though
)uu live iu 1 it.s away uuu iiave
to borrow your neighbors horse
and buggy or ride on the running
board ot a crowded Ford.
tho nill to the mix. house where tin
are dumped in a large revolving woi
drum or "barrel" about 12 feet lot
and thoroughly mixed. This dan
inixturo is then taken to the Pre
house and under hydraulic pressu
of about six thousand pounds to tl
square Inch it comes forth as squa
cakes about a half inch thick ai
two feet square. It Is now taken
the "corning" mill where these ha
I sheets are ground through bron
foil*, screened and then taken to the j
"glaze" Here the final touches are
pnt on It. The grain powder It put
In large revolving barrels, like the
mis barrel, along with graphite powder
and revolved until dry and glased,
each separate grain, with a coat
of graphite. Dry hot air Is forced Into
the barrels to dry It. It Is now
run through a revolving screen and
separated Into the various sizes designated
as F. FF A'FFF. Now It. Is
finally put Into kegs and stored In
the magazine till ready for shipment.
The various buildings Such as "The
Mis," "The Press," corning Mill,
Olaze and Magazine are separated
500 feet each, in a curve, like a crescent,
and connected by a tram-road.
Trees are allowed to grow between
them In profusion as further protection
at present only blasting powders
such as used In mines are made but
later.they contemplate making many
various explosives.
Fairmont Circle, No. C16, Protected
Home Circle, Is making arrangements
to initiate a class of fifteen candi- I
dates at next Monday nights meeting. '
Visitors are expected from the circle
at Mannington. Refreshments will be
A masquerado ball wll^ be held at
the Armory on Tuesday evening, October
.'10, and arrangements have been
completed for the event. Skinner's
orchestra will furnish the music. Five
hundred invitations have been issued j
for the event. The cominitte of ar-1
rangements Is composed of Mrs. i
George Green, chairman, Mrs. Harry
Barthlow, Mrs. John lleyman. Mr.
and Mrs. D. E. Miller, Lawrence Lewis,
Dorsey Ford, Harvey Gantz, Frank
Sullivan and Clarence .Rowland.
It is expected that members of the
circles at Mannington and Parkersburg
will attend the ball. There \N.ll
bo suitable decorations for the occasion.
Harvey Gantsz will he the floor
, manager. Four prizes will be awarded,
two for the two best costumed
gentlemen and two for the two best,
costumed ladies. The Judges will be
selected at a later date. The ball will
be held between 8:30 and 12 o'clock
th dancers unmasking at, 11 o'clock.
| Among the visitors who attended
: last night's meeting were J. C. W
Bush, of Parkersburg, State "Deputy,
who delivered an address on the
"War Fund." Recently the Protected
Home Circle laid an assessment of
fifty cents on each member to create
a fund to pay for the members killed
in the European war. R. M. Varner.
of Mannington, district deputy for
this district, was also in attendance.
Miss Sue K, Watson
Has Sailed for France
Miss Sue Kearney Watson, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Watson of this
city, sailed for an Atlantic port on
Sunday for "Somewhere in France"
where she will work with the French
civilian relief committee. Miss Watsou
has been working with the committee
in this couniVy almost since the
outbreak of the war and recently was !
commissioned to continue the work :
abroad. She was accompanied by a 1
friend. Miss Marge! r Moore, and the i
two young women, realizing the neen I
of transportation facilities in their |
work took with thein a motor truck. I
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Stomach Trouble
Cured By
re No person who has a deranged
lle stomach can enjoy or expect anything
rs but suffering and misery that will
eventually lead to more serious dist0
ease or even death. * The disorders
r(1 of this vital organ are many and vaze
ried. hut all lead to tho weakening of
the general health through its failure
^ to perform tho all-important function
of nourishing the body. Starvation is
the result; the entire system is weakened
and the victim becomes an easyprey
to disease in many froms.
Stomach trouble manifests itself by
unmistakable symptoms that should
be immediately heeded. Its presence
is indicated by lassitude, uncomfortable
sensations in the region of the
stomach, an excess formation of gas,
lack of appetite, bad taste and foul
breath. Sleeplessness and nervousness
generally accompany stomach
trouble. The organ which nature intended
should furnish self-sustaining
nourishment for the body becomes a
generator of poisons, which are taken
up by the blood, resulting in disagreeable
blotches, pimples, boils and
more serious diseases of the blood
and skin.
Nature has provided her own remedies
for the correction of disorders of
the stomach and they are combined
in a most efficient form by Dreca
When taken according to directions,
and aided by careful attention to habits
and diet, all indications of a disnnlarnrl
afnmftrh Will finP.fvMlv disan.
pear ,the stomach Is aided In its work
ot digesting food, the body is properly
nourished. Dreco has demonstrated
its worth in thousands of cases
ot stomdch trouble, the proof of its
efficiency is shown by the thousands
ot grateful men and women who hare
been relieved and restored to sound
health through this powerful remedy.
Cranes' Drag Store
Fairmont W. Va. Agency
sme, OCTOBER 16,1917: .
Consistent Ttlue giving, eont* ktl w a V""
tesy and a sincere desire to be Wi.Vl
efficiently serve?these things %UlMM
have earned rout support and \ % T*
patronage that hare enabled ua m
to record almost unvarying me- ^ffflTillliji
Stylish Ready-to-Wear
here?Pnniilnr X
- ?X *
While our store carries the most excksi
goods to suit all classes in the community,
popularity and progress of our store. We
Every class is represented here, from the
We work as earnestly to please one as I
trust you think so.
Without any ex
finest and most st;
center and from rr
women's fashions.
Suits of Serge Po]
Suits of Broadclotl
Suits of Suede Velc
Distinctive Models in Wc
Fashionable Coats
We invite you to come and inspect this;
of stylish coats, each of which represents
workmanship, not only by the best tailori
ish, but by the fit as well. Fashionable ms
colorings, some are fur trimmed, others ar
silk lined throughout, others are half lined
heavy satin.
Prices Si2,75 ud to $!
1? - "1' ~ ~ "*
New I
l|l [j y f urday. Stun
l\ Eru \l I I models. Sof
\\\ pjIV II dresses are fi
4 \ W 4 mac^e ciu
'i-ynttfPti' Stylish Dr(
V?-MA \ Pretty Sat:
vjt-J if" " -V ^ Handsome
Education - Efficie
A Public Eve
Courses will be offered in short!!;
bookkeeping, spelling, Business i
chanieal drawing, sewing, cookinj
Sessions High School Building, t'
M. Tuition one dollar per month.
School opens Monday, October li
GEO. H. COLE BANK, ^Principal
Telephone 3833
' ' 1 11 - ... -
tm i I ,? ' TiJI- J. L? -
EN y&AR,*/ |
W? thank you and wish to aa-?
rvJ RL; ' lure you that we will continue to
BlIUU/J eaert ouraelVM to the utBOIt to
I j win more fully and deaerre the M
|mhJUM unstinted patronage yoti are (if- V
lug us now and always hove hi M
That Leads Everyw- J
Vith All Classes 1
trn limAc r\-f !* -.I-?
is unco yi w" vjiaiiuiov, it ciisu carnet
This fact accounts the Wonderful
are proud of our friends and patrons
frugal artisan to the foremost in thii
;he other, and believe we succeed. We
t's Smart Suits in
;est Fashions
aggerations these suits represent the
glish suits. They come direct from the
lanufacturers who are authorities on
plin and Gabardine at $18.50 to $29.50.
i, Velour, Silertone, etc., $33.75 to $44.75
>ur, Chiffon Broadcloth etc. $48.50 to $75
)resses Distinctive in
irle and Character
styles arrived last week Friday and Satning
styles in serge and rich new satin
t clinging crepe de chine. These new
om a noted maker whose originality has
ite a name in Fifth avenue, New York.
esses, all colors, $11.75 up to $32.50
in Dresses, all colors $21.50 up to $35.00.
Charmeuse and Crepe Dresses 25 to $45
mcy - Promotion
ming School 41
md, typewriting, penmanship,
Arithmetic, Business English, Ma
i_ _ t i a ;
vegeiauie garuenuij^
ivice each week?7:15 to 9:15 P, I
1 '.vJI
5,7:15 RE W
lelephong 696. \
* ft

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