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?8^5? If- -
Vi i f - i . ?
George Hill Has Been Elect- ?
ed Manager of the Local J
Squad. F
four additional games have been
added to the Normal football schedule <
by Coach Bell who until Just recently ;
has been performing the duties of
manager as well as coach. At a re- J
cent meeting of the football squad '
George Hill was elected maanger and
Is now busy performing his duties. 1
-The next game scheduled thus far
on the Normal schedule is on Octo- 1
ber 27, when the local eleven Journ,
eys to Glenvllle to meet their ancient
football rival, Glenvllle Normal. No- 1
?Ua X'n.mnl cnma,l rroon to
fcvuuvi *. iuc i^uiuiai a^uau ftuco IU _
Salem where Salem college will be | [
the competitor for football honors. I I
The University Reserves are in Fair-1 I
mont on Nove-mber 9 A second
game is then played on local grounds
on November 16, with the Broaddus
College eleven the attraction.
Negotiations are being carried out
with several other teams and it is
probable that other dates will he added
to the above schedule from time J
to time. The Normal team in all
probabilities go to Wheeling on November
24 to play Lindsay Institute.
Another game will be arranged later
with Davis and Elkins.
Toothman Misses
the Home Grown Rock \
On Monday, W. E. Michael, one of t
the acting county superintendents of s
schools, received a letter from Homer f
C. Toothman. He states that certain
clothing has been issued to the boys r
at Camp Lee and that carpenters were t
getting ready to saw pipe holes in the p
barracks so that stoves could be plac- t
ed. The camp Is located just fourteen |
feet above Jaines river level. Rocks .i
are scarce in that section writes "San t
dy" and since he has been there he v
has not seen a rock that was bigger c
than his fist. In digging at the camp t
he states the only tiling encountered is t
sand and that there is no end to
that. At present he is attending the t
range finders school, having passed i
the examination. g
? p
Entertainment at \
-t-? in n i . 1 I1
Jtuvesvme scnooi t
Tn the Rlvesville school auditorium
on Thursday evening a musical entertainment
and lecture will be held.
The Harmony Quartet of 1'alrmont,
will sing comic songs. An orchestra
of ten pieces will furnish the music.
The doors will open at 7,15 o'clock
and the program will commence at
8 o'clock. The prdceeds of the benefit
will be for the Rlvesville public ,
schools. "
rormer Teacher e
Accepts a School t
Miss Viola Straley. of Repley. IV. c
Va., has accepted a position as teach- e
er of the Viola school in Wintield district.
She came to Fairmont on f;onda
yand will start work within a day q
or two. Miss Straley has a first grade n
certificate and formerly taught at s
Martin's Run school in Lincoln district,
Murray school in Wintield district
and in a school in Grant dis- ,
trict . . o
District Institute
at Fairview School fs
Forty-tbi*e teachers of Paw Pandistrict
-will meet in a district institute
at the Fairview high school on 5
Friday between 10 a. m. and 3:30 p. 1
pa. Every teacher of the district will 3
attend *and as a result there will be I
no sessions for the scholars that day. _
A luncheon will he served under the ~
auspices of the domestic science
"Rev. Frank M. Patterson, of KingWood,
will Bpeak at the Downs Presbytgrjan
church on neat Sunday. Rev.
MrTl Patterson Is a former pastor of I
the Downs church. He was scheduled
to speak at the dedication last Sunday
but being unable to fulfill the
engagement postponed his visit to
Downs until next Sunday.
I Cleaning or Dyeing
Footers Methods j
Carries with it a newness that
is pleasing and a finish that is
*. lasting.
Carpets, Portiers, Curtains,
'Blankets, Blinds. Comforts, Coven,
Gentlemen's, Ladles and
Children's wearing apparel of all
, kinds.
Have your fall and winter
needs done now.
Footer's Dye Works
(The World's best Cleaners and
r. gilkeson
Agent Fairmont and Vicinity
1 ' "
L : BOWLfl
Full Score of th
Collins, T * ? 0 1 0 0,
.elbold, r 2 0 1 1 0 0.
(cMoIUn, S ...... 5 0 0 0 1 0;
I ColUm, 2 4 1 1 1 S 0
ackson, 1 4 1 1 1 0 0
'elsch, m 3 1 0 3 0 0
andil, 1 4 0 2 14 0 0 :
leaver, s 4 1 1 2 2 0
chalk, c 3 0 1 4 1 1
'aber, p 2 0 0 0 0 0 :
Total* 34 4 7 27 12 l'
Batted for Benton In fifth. fBati
Chicago 0
sew York 0
Two-base hit?Holke. Three-baa e
Left on basea?Chicago 7, New York 7
Jase on balls. Off Faber 2, off Benton
uns?Off Faber. hits 3. runs 2, In 9 In t
Innlgs; oft Perrltt, hit 3, runs 0, In 4 In t
tobertson. Struck out?By Faber 4, b
?Scbalk. Umpires?At plate, Klein; I
Evans; third base, Rlgler. Time, 2:11
3ut Turkovich Expects to be
Back for the Parkefsburg
It Is very probable that Turkovicb,
he valuable fullback for the Fairuont
High eleven who was injured
t Morguntown on Saturday mornlg
vill be back in the game by October
:7, the date set for the biggest footlall
exhibition on the high school
chedule?Parkersburg high school in
At present Coaches Moore and Carlenter
are using "Fuzzy" Knight rt
he fullback position and it is very
irobable that he will be started at
his position on Saturday when the i
ocal high school meets Shinnston. i
Uthough being somewhat'crippted In i
he backflcld by the loss of Turko- |
ricb, there is little doubt in the ]
oaches' and the players' minds but
niu omiinsujii win ne an easy vie- ]
According to the schedule prepared
iy the coaches of the various teams
n the league when they met at Mor;antotvn,
Fairmont was scheduled to
lay in Shinnston Wednesday of this |
eek. The game has been postponed,
t is likely, however, that it. will be
dayed the following Wednesday Ocoher
The advantage in the fall of not i
aving to listen to Ananiases telling
bout, their bass catches Is lost when
ou run into a couple of duck liuntrs.
Ohio State has practically the same
earn as'last year. Which is probably
erv soothing news to other members
f the Big Nine or Big Ten or whatver
it Is now.
H. T. I,.?We are stalled by your
uestion, "Which Is the most useful, ;
. pool shooter or the fellow who i
wings the towel at a boxing bout?"
Clara Kimball Young paid $50 each
or Benny Kauff's home runs, which '
ught to mean at least two new suits
or Benny.
The St. Louis Browns surprised everyone.
They didn't lose four j
?Safety Razor
Single Edge
Double Edge Blades ... AA
We return your blades OUC
sharpened right and PER
postage paid. DOz.
Will S. Richardson
Mall Order Druggist
127 Greene St. Marietta) O.
Fairmont I
4 . nn a i
By special Arrangement, the nutr
mal Lecture Course will be heh
Opera House Instead of the Kon
This will give more people a cha
best series of high Class entertaii
Wast Virginia.
All who have been nnable to sec
secure theq at the box office at t
House Tuesday evening, October i
night the first number of the L?
_U j|,? . Ill, I I I L...?
\e Final Game
Burn?, 1 * J ? ' J ?
Herxog, J * 0 * \ S 0
Kviff, m * ? 2 ? 2 i
Zimmerman, J .... 4 0 o l 2 1
Fletcher, h * 0 } 1 ? ?
Robertson, r 3 # J ? 1 1
Holke, 1 * 0 ? ?
Rerlden, e 3 1 0 7 10
Benton, p 1 0 ? ? 2 2
Wllholt 0 0 0 0 0 0
Perrltt p 1 0 * ? \ 0
raictjarty i o ? u o o
Totals 33 2 6 27 12 3
ted for Perritt In ninth.
0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1?4
0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0?2
hit?Herxog. Sacrifice hit?Faber.
. First base em errors?Chicago 2.
1, off Perritt 2. Hits and earned
lings; off Benton, hits 4, runs 0, in 6
lings. Hit by pitcher?By Faber,
y Benton 3, by Pertift 3. Passed ball
irst base, O'Laughlin; second base,
Normal School Lecture
Course Will be Opened
This Evening.
The Normal school lecture course
will be opened to the public this evening
at the Grand opera house when Dr.
Lincoln Wirt, F. R. G. S., a war correspondent
and publicist of national
prominence will deliver an address.
Dr. Wirt has chosen as his subject:
'In the Wake of the War." In his lecture
he tells of his adventures as a
war correspondent while on the battlefields
of Europe; and of the day the
Lusitania was sunk not far from a ship
in which he was sailing. He has seen
sngagements in which trenches, reioubts,
barb-wire entanglements, ma:hine
guns, shrapnel bombs, band
jrenades, mines, liquid fire, and asphyxiating
gases were used.
Dr. Wirt was in London when Zeppelin
raids were made upon the city,
fimong the lines of trenches that he
rtsited while abroad were those neari
i'pres, and tragic "Hill Sixty."
County Court Acts
On a New Bridge
Members of the county court on
Monday afternoon inspected the road
work near Farmington. They also decided
as to the width of a bridge to
be placed across Dunkard Mill run,
about two miles below Farmington
The engineers failed to agree as to
the widt and the county court decided
that the bridge should be anrrower
than one of the engineers had calculated.
This is known as the Buffalo
turnpike and is a class A improve-'
_? :??? '
Food Commissioner'
Coming to Fairmont
County school authorities received
a telegram from Charles H. Hall, field
representative of the United States
food administration headquarters, stating
that he would visit Fairmont on
Wednesday morning. He will hold a
conference with the county farm ag
ent and farm home demonstration
i4i icfaiu iu iwa conservation
week. Mr. Hall contemplates remain
ing here only a hour and a half or
two hours.
120^ GAu<'
formal Lect
sbers of the Nor- gtven. On Tuei
1 at the Grand Lincoln Wirt xr
nal Auditorium.
nee to hear the Jqj thia aabjact
injenu glren In ha has bean in i
eeen the actual h
:uxa ticket! may The price of tb
he Grand Opera ii {3.50. Single
sixteenth, or the sale at the box
cture Course if performance.
.?iM ; n. ..! ...I ..-p..'. vf,
Dollar Will Purchase Admission
to All Five
Home Contests. J>
Season tickets (or the five games
that the Fairmont High school football
team -will play in Fairmont are
now on sale. The season ticket gives
admittance to the games with Buckhannon,
Morgantown, Clarksburg,
Shlnnston and Parkersburg. Admittance
to the five games and Athletic
Association dues (or the first semester
coats the students but fifty cents.
To outsider the season tickets are selling
at $1.00.
The ticket sale is on by the members
of the football team, members of the
Athletic. Association, and few special
students. The campaign to sell the
season tickets will begin at once and
will continue throughout the week
I until Saturday when the first game
| is played in this city with Shlnnston.
Beginning with Saturday's game the
High school team will play four
straight games at home, namely:
j Shlnnston. Parkersburg, Buckhannon
and Morgantown. The games are
I played in order In which they are
I named.
Various Classifications For
n: ? 17 a. a j
mjt tavern Aiuiouncen
l'ians are well uuuer way tor the annual
agricultural shew. which will be
held in the museum ot the Marlon
county court house in this city, on Sat- j
urday, November "4. Classifications j
were announced today.
Arrangements nave been made for J
the affair by 11. L. Smith, county farm ;
agent, and Miss Blanche E. Price, the ' ?
county home demonstration agent. | fiThe
classification of exhibits and i et
premiums are as follows:
Class I.?Best all-round showing ot ej
one-tenth acre plot of tomatoes, or ol fo
beans, or of peas and beets. Scored be
as follows: ca
1. Business showing 30 points
To include .management, w
yield and profit, each 10 ta
points. Hi
2. Quality of exhibit, 15 el
points; of other products. 11
15 points; total 30 points
3. Daily record book 20 points
4. Illustrated booklet 20 points
i Total 100 points _
To enter this contest, each girl must exhibit
two No. 3 tin cans and one quart
glass jar of tomatoes, or two No. 3 tin
cans and one quart glass jar of beans,
or two No. 2 tin cans and one pint glass
jar of peas, two No. 2 tin cans and one
quart glass jar of beets, and daily record
book, and illustrated booklet of sea
son's work.
Class 11.?Relishes and preserves
and pickles.
To enter this contest each girl must
exhibit six 12-oz. jars selected from
the following; chi'i sauce, chow-chow,
corn relish, sliced tomato pickle, tomato
mince meat, strawberry preserves.
raspberry preserves, tomato
preserves, plum marmalade and pear
Class III.?Best exhibit consisting of
or one of the season's dres- 8
sier styles, we can make for ?
you 5
We've made a study of the ?
best features and believe the ?
, business suit or utility over- ?
\ coat ?
j Y0U
3 will give you lasting satisfac- ?
Vr tlon in convenience, comfort, g
style and serviceability. ?
To prove to you that every g
order you give us, is a profit- ?
able and pleasant investment ?
is oup aim. 2
1. E. Haitian & Co. jj
Merchant Tailors
Over Crane'* Drug Star* g
ure Course
id ay evening at 8:00 P. M. Dr.
ill discuss the subject "In the
r." There it probably no person
ire thoroughly capable ol dlscussIrotn
every standpoint, because
ill the waring countries, and has
lorrors In every phase.
ie season ticket for nine numbers
admission 60 cents. Tickets on
: office on the evening of the
.< . .r. .... - . ."v., li vVt- M.
. mini iiiinnirmw
j IK |gl I
ns6> * t
^ Feady to
Copyright 1P11
Shoes, Smat
Man Wish
Men of fashion want shoes mi
English lasts, with long, grace
shanks and low, broad heels.
Men who consider comfort first i
wider toes.
We have all kinds In black ami I
horsehide, and all are sound and f
Prices $7 to $10.00.
(First Floor)
Store Opens
8 A. M,
Store Closes
5 5P. M,
v equart jars of csnned fruit and veg- j I
ables other than tomatoes. j
To enter this contest each girl must j I
;hibit six quart jars selected from the 1 J
Mowing: peaches, raspberries, black-1 j
:rries, pears, corn, beans, peas, beets,
Lrrots and pumpkin i j
(Note.?All cirU pntnrinf rontpstt* t
Ul.be required to use standard con-!
iners. The club member winning'
rst premium under Class I will not be
igible to first premium under Class 1
or Class 111.) j
Class IV.?Needle work. j
1. Tea towel and bolder.
2. Nightgown?kimono style.
3. Canning cap tind apron.
* '
% French Pe
jAmerican Trc
I "Bull
fijg This photograph of Prig=
vateT. H.Grant of First
M Illinois Infantry shows
j|| how the Army earri't
^ the "Makings"?the
B familiar tag hanging
jS from breast pocket.
\ I ^ G
- I TC
1 1.. 77>e"M>kmgs
yn Guaranteed
j| VtW Srut&ri&a^o c
* r? * .
r a Rousing V
<v Men's
The middle
^ week scores o:
\ their new Fall
A They realize
are at their be
1 A satisfactory, a:
1 \\ this duty any
A' I postpone the <
B I day because it
H I The N<
I Overcoat;
J Probably it is tin
lb] I/ ever it is there is i
W* JJ season are smarter
if have ever been.
^f They are such as
HP df men and to older n
That means every t
5^ thoroughly waked u
Men's Suits and (
Fall Fashic
Are Unus
as a 'AIs Is especially
to know. When a i
,~c something with ind
la^O Soft hats in man'
ide on modified Derby hats in coi
ful toes, wide
vant shoes with "It's Time
says the under'
ood? coming early.
underwear nov
(Men's St^
'??? ??i abl
The Mauley Hotel Barber Shop ha
Company Building, across the street ti
class workmen are ready to render yc
We are glad to meet all our old frien
J^am Ta
| (Special Cable to Chicaj
/? 1 FRANCE, June 28.-['
I first contingent of the /
i\' / ditlonary forces has d'
M 1 France
1 I Symbol of Ident
I One common symbol f
1 V our army and navy h
1 I as distinctive by the
V 's 1 little black an
that hangs by a plec
j~l from the left hand b
Yservice shirt or the r
\ This identifies the
i of a sack of a well 1
f and has been lnb
/ equipment.
"of a Nation
ITeek In "1 I
Outfitting I
week in October is the
t men set aside to bqy
and Winter clothing,
that now the stocks
>st and selections most ,
nd they will not put off
more than they would
loloKvotlAM r\-P ? k; ?<.!
-v.iv.vi unuii ui a until- I
rained. . . I
ew Suits and 1
5 are Splendid
0 military tendency but wbat10
denying that the styles this
and more spirited than they
will appeal especially to young
ohn w ho are very much alive,
nan, because wo are all pretty
p these days
Overcoats, J15 to {35.09^
>ns in Men's Hats
ually Becoming
true of soft hats, and It Is good
nan buys a soft hat he wants
y shapes and colors are >3 to '
rect styles $3 no to $5.00t
to Put 'Em On"
ivear man for Winter's
Full supplies of men's
t ready.
ore, First Floor.)
Big, Rich, Silk
Neckties at 65c
iome of the best we have seen
a long time at tbis price,
rge four in hands in rashionle
new Kail desiguv
s moved to the Fairmont Trust
'ois Hartley's store. Three first>u
a liarber service that pleases,
rls and to welcome new ones.
- ? >
Their J
gs! |
30NS. ^
50 Tribune.) B |g||
Delayed.]?The I ills
imerican expe- 9 lEa? u
isembarked in B flgf m
.ification. m BkM 1
>t service in both msgf /
as been accepted Bgplf a
French peasants, K?|| * ; M
d white paper tag\ Jg, Jtf 1
? of yellow string 1Igs f
reast pocket of the I f^%jj t
iavy jacket. / jH9 f
bearer as possessor I I
cnown tobacco braod fes ff
irpreted as uniform J

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