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When Autumn
Turns the
jp Summer's
Green to Gold
When Jade Froit throwa hla illT?ry
?antla orer the landacape and
i??rei>" a alaty aftermath In hl?
pathway; when Aatuan topehea
Efe with tnaglc wand the ehadowy
areena o< aummertlmt and tranaforroa
them into glorloui gold and
? ,
crimson; when Nature herself Is
changing her garb?then la the
tfsag When apparel appre prints tor
the sataon that has waned mast
(Its way to that which Is fitting for
the new
1 "
hntumn suits and dresses, warm
coats, smart millinery and dress
accessories, most be provided. Attsntlon
must be given to warmer
Underwear, to heavier Footwear.
homes must be renovated and
up with furnishings In
keeping with the styles and the
We are yours to command for
any or all of these, now that we
have come to the threshold of Autumn
and Winter Is Just around the
corner. Folks, "Buy It In October"
; ?here:
I. r-..r*><r> i,n, rm
Fairmont Presbyterians Entertaining
Delegates to
State Bodies.
The following is ihe list of deleRates
registered for tho Presbyterian
aynod and synodfeal now in session
in Fairmont and the homes in which
they are being entertained:
Rev. A. M. Buchanan, Pittsburgh,
by Walter Corbin.
John W. McPhafl and wife, Grafton,
by Mrs. John Btrwn.
Edward Bates Turner, Clarksburg,
by Artjthony Bo wen.
ChaiUes Edward Bishop and wife,
Morgantown, by Mrs. Florence T.
Earle I,. Brooke and wife, Weston,
by Governor A. B. Fipming.
Edward A. Krapp and wife Morgantown,
at ^The Fairmont HoteJ.
Frank SI. Patterson, Kingwood, by
Mrs. Jamas Vandervort.
Clarence C. White, Jacksonburg, by
Mrs. C. C. Denham.
Frank B. Lewellyn. Morgantown. by
J. M. Hartfev.
Louis E. Black, Parkorsburg, by
Mrs. J. Walter Barnes.
Alexander Moccia, Clarksburg, by
i Mrs. N. R. C. Morrow.
Calvin C. Gould, Williamson, by
Mrs. Jennie Poole.
Albert Evans- and wife, Charleston,
by Governor A. B. Fleming.
Edward A. Cuiley, Parkersburg, by
Mrs. Edwin Robinson.
William T. M^Kee and wife. Sistersville,
by Mrs. R. E. Tripp.
Samuel E. Foote and wife, Willlamstawn,
by Mrs. Sim Bright.
Gill I. Wilson and wife, Wheeling,
by J. Walter Barnes.
William W. Sanders Charleston, by
P. S. Swearingen
Marvin L. Rankin. Ravenswnod.
l Ellsworth E. Moratn, Catawba.
E. M. Rittenhouscj, Cairo, by Mrs.
Jennie Poole.
Edward V. Black, Elisabeth, by J.
Hamilton Barnes.
G. D. L. Parsons, Ravenswood, by
Monta Faust.
David S. Bosgs. Charleston, by Mrs.
J, it Tuclcwiller, Baxter.
Thomas B. Sheldon, St. Mary's by
Mrs. Otto B. Relsch.
D. C. Mitchell, Wavorly, by Mrs.
John Kisner.
Stewart R. Sheriff, Jarrold's Valley,
at Y. M. C. A.
i Robert A. Watson, West Liberty, ;
k_ Tir.u?.
Hfe; ay (VBiiar \juiuiu.
I Cyrue G. Allen, Holiday's Cove.
William E. Allen, New Cumberland, (
k by Mrs. Arthur Brown.
James P. Leyenberger and wife, ,
Wheeling, fcy Mrs. W. J. Wlegel.
Henry E NIcblen, Parkersburg, by
lire. George Herllng.
Arthur E. Hubbard, Pnghtown, at
T. it C. A.
Helium M. Hoeack, Newell, by
Ida C. M. Ritchie.
yredwrtok Cramer. Chester by Mre.
P Teaiee Potter and Alfred Paull,
Wheeling, by Mrs. Q. M. Alexander.
Tbaille Grter Kjoonta, Wheeling, by
I H. V. Hetntuelman.
Leeter B. Lewllyn and wife,
Wkeeltaft by 7. C. Ewan.
i William J. Holmee and wife Wellebarf,
by Mre. A. B. Robb and H. J.
1 Hartley.
John H- Cowan. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Clande Porter Terry, Wheeling, by
Mrs. C. C. Roby.
Achilla Cramonest, Follanebee, at
K r. m. c. a.
Harold G. Gaunt, MoundsTllla, by
B Mrs. M. B. H. Hough.
Homer George McMillan, Holiday's
B': Core br M. M. Neely.
K Edgar P. Carson, Warwood, WheelIt
' lag, by W. T. Black.
John Connell, New Martlnsrllle, by
B W. T. Black.
Frederick F. Williams, Dallas, by
B ' ha Misses Bright
James M. Fisher Cameron by Mrs.
I P. M. Hoge.
Thomas Parker Spencer, by Mre.
Dtto B. Relsch.
John Shaw. Follansbee, by tha
r . A * >-hl .
V, / " ' '* " "
Misses Bright.
J. E. Hnghes MoundrrtB* by XT*.
X. B. H. Hough.
P. O. Brand, Down*, at T. X. 0.
J. A. Oldland and J. C. Mayer, Terra
Alta, by M. B. Co bun.
Mis* Lenhart, Parkersbarg, by Ur?.
K. Rook.
W. 6. Pvaons Chester, by Mr*
Delia Shlnn.
Mr*. Dr. Lewie, Oheeter, by Mr*.
Prank Lloyd.
L. J. McMillan, Mannlgton, by Mr*.
George Herllng.
Mr*. A. L. Prlchard, Mannlngton, by
Mrs. E. C. Jones.
D. M. Bhockley, Holllday'* Core, by
M. M. Neely.
Mrs. William Jones and Mrs. Ella
Baldwin, Cameron, by Mr*. P. M.
1 rn?n
A. 0. Gould, Weston, by Mr*. E.
Mr*. Shew, Wee ton, by Mr*. E. C.
Mrs. McNary and Mrs. Ro*s, Weston,
by Mrs. E. T. Kslley.
Mrs. J. M. M. Downs, Bnckb&nnon,
by Mr*. Walter Barnes.
Mrs. P. G. Gould, by Mr*. O. G
J. D. Robinson, Wheeling, by Mrs.
R. W. Potter.
Mrs. Voltle and Mrs Murrln, Wheeling,
by Mrs. E. L. Williams.
B. C. Lewis, Wllliamstown, Mrs. E.
Mrs. Gould, Wllliamstown, by Mrs.
Rlcbard Gilkeson.
Mrs. J C. Ely, Oakland, Md., by
Mrs H. G. Stoetzer.
H. G. Gibson, Pittsburg, by Mrs. H.
G. Stoetzer.
J. M. Walter, Wheeling, by Mrs. M.
N. Barns.
I. S. Hester Waverly, by Jlra. John
E. H. Cubbon, Jacksonburg, by C.
C. Denham.
T. Krank Burk, Morgantown, 1/ J
M. Hartley.
Mrs. P. P. Emory, Morgantown, by
Mrs. H. G. Stoetzer.
Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. J. H. Dawson,
Mrs. Janet Wilson. Mrs. Krank I'lerce
Clarksburg, by Mrs. Anthony Ilowen
Mrs. John W. Stewart, Clarksburg,
by Mrs. M. A. Eletchcr.
Mrs. L. 11. Kinchuloc, Wheeling by
Mrs John Gordon Smyth.
Mrs. Julia C'onley, 1'arkcrsburg, by
Mrs. J. Frank Ritchie.
Mrs: Harry Wilson, Parkersburg by
Mrs. C. B. Fleming.
Jennie Carothers, Holllday's Cove,
by Mrs. Frank Ritchie.
Him.:. tt_in.i??- n
t'lmilj Ldl'HtK'lB, IlUlllUtt? ? l.UVt!,
by Mrs. H. G. Stoetzer.
Harry Carrlay,
C. C. Viewig, Jr.. Wheeling, by Mrs.
R. W. Polter.
Mrs. Morvyn Willianistown, by Mrs.
Richard Gilkeson.
Mrs. Swcaringeu, Mies Lottie McGregor,
Mrs. Maris Kollison, Clarksburg.
J. C. Garvin, Kim Grovo, by M. N.
J. B. Potter, Sistersville, by Mrs.
J. C. Welton.
J. 51. Walker, Wellsburg, by Mrs
J. C. Welton.
Mr. and 5Irs. J. I). Price. Charleston,
by Governor A. B. Fleming.
Mrs. Bertha Caldwell and Mrs. G.
D. Maxwell, Wheeling, by 5Irs. W. J.
Charles Cooke, Wheeling, by Mrs
C. C. Robb.
John T. Cooper, Parkersburg, by
Mrs. J. M. Tabb
Elizabeth Brand. Morgantcwn, by
Mrs. Frank Amos.
Dr. Charles DcDonald, Asiitabuln,
O , by Mrs. H. G. Stoetzer.
Dr. R. E. Spear. New York.
Dr. J. Ernest McAfee, New York.
Dr. J. C. R. Ewing, India.
Dr. Charles Scanlon, Pittsburgh.
Prof. James E. Allen, Elkins.
Dr. S. Hall Young, Alaska.
Mrs.'Glldersleeve, New York.
Russell O. Floyd returned yesterday
from a business visit in Baltimore,
Harvey Lemley was the guest of
relatives In Fairmont yesterday.
| Face Wrinkled?
Complexion Sallow?
j Then Why Not Treat Your Skin
| A? Beautiful Freneh Woman Do?
Paris:?Science has discovered that
fadded, mottled, aged-looking completions
can be virtually renewed and
made surprisingly beautiful by means
o fthe following recipe: Merely wash
your face with clear, warm water and
rub in a teaspoonful of Crema TokoIon
Roseated; wipe the faca and apply
Poudre Petalias?a very fine complexion
powder prepared especially
for shiny noEes and bad complexions.
If your face is badly wrinkled, get
a box of Japanese Ice Pencils to use
in connection with the roseated
cream and you should get quick action
on even the deepest wrinkles.
Thus do famous French actresses preserve
the rare beauty of their complexions,
and If you were to pay hundreds
of dollars for special treatment
you probably would not bo anything
like as well oft as by using simple
ind Inexpensive recipe. The articles
mentioned above are supplied in this
city by The South Side Pharmacy.
Dprijjht'or Ijvvart?<J
l;i8lWori35# I
-"two for
ll mannington!
New Member* Initiated.
At a meeting ot the local lodge of
Pythian Sister* Monday evening In
K. ot P. hall eight new member* were
Initiated Into the order. After the
ceremonies seasonable refreshments
were served.
New Oil Wells In.
Two new oil wells were drilled In
in me aamngion neia yesterday.
The Carnegie Gas Company has a
thirty barrel well In the Gordon sand
on the L. W. Phillips larm while the
same company has drilled In a fifty
or sixty barrel producer on Indian
creek the second being an old gas
well which was drilled deeper.
Teaching Violin.
Miss Pearl Morgan of this city Is
teaching the violin In the Fairmont
Normal. She holds a session each
Hotel Arrivals.
The following are registered at the
Hbtel Bartlett: Wm. Balltett, H. G.
Maach, E. F. Connors, R. A. Greer.
H. D. O'Connor, G. W. McCulloch, Sol
Goldston, Pittsburgh; Mrs. C. S. Benner,
Lowell, Mass.; B. G. Wright, A.
L. Taylor and E. H. Rouse, Clarksburg;
Olive Shields, Chicago. 111.; Alice
Livingston Kent. Chicago, 111.;
D. A. Simmons, Ronald A. Tapp,
Wheeling; Wm. Polakeneth, Rochester,
N. Y.; R. F. Neptune, Cameron;
E. W. Grotz, Hundred; R. F. Cona
way, Farmington; G. W. Emlirav,
Morgantown; J. W. Bradshaw, Morgantown.
Mrs. Jesse Haube and children returned
last evening fro ma visit with
relatives in Tarentum, Pa.
Thomas Quirk returned yesterday
to Cameron where is is employed in
the oil fields.
F. R. Leach, of Parkersburg, manager
of the telegraph department of
the Eureka Pipe Line Company, arrived
here last night on business.
Calvin Ice. of Farmington. spent]
yesterday here.
Fred H. Millan, of Blue Creek, Ka-i
nawha county Is here the guest of
of his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Millan.
The family of Charles Hurd of Baltimore.
Mdr., have Joined Mr. Hurd]
here and will make this city their j
Guy Cunnigham of Glover Gap, was
a business visitor here Tuesday.
JJ.i re.. Unsman rxt U.?l. 1 *- I
"nil,' iiciiimii, ui jjuuuicu w un ill
the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Patterson anil
Mrs. Zuna Blacksbere have returned
from an auto trip to Chicago. 111.
Mrs. George Brown and children
have returned to their hon;? in Metz
after a visit here.
0. K. Murray returned yesterday j
j The I
I Give
^ t ^
beauty c
I at $120i
I And
I -the n
4 ease of 1
power I
cords in
are not <
YOU cs
I' "
J The H
- * .---wy r < . . M
from a trip to Pittsburgh, Pa.
Fred Walters, of Norfolk, Varies
Joined Mrs. Walters here for a visit
with relatives.
E. H.' Clover was a visitor In Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Booth of Ford
City, Pa., are here for a visit with
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Lincoln Fluharty In Main sVeeL
M. F. Efaw was a buslne/s visitor
In Littleton yesterday.
Mrs. Ivy Sharps and daughter left
yesterday for Dubois Pa., where they
will Join Mr. Sharps who hag been
employed there for some time.
The Misses Beryl Kauffinan and
Marie Craker have returned from ,
Fairmont where they attended a meeting
of the Pythian Sisters.
W. R. Sellers, of Glover Gap, was
a husine^ visitor here yesterday.
Sir. and Mrs. Warner Wright and
Sir. and Sirs. Howard Atha returned
to their homes In Beltsville. Sid., after
visiting with relatives here.
Sirs. John Bremer returned yesterday
to her home in Wheling after
a visit with SIlss Emma Bartlett.
Sir. and Sirs. Andrew Jackson, of
Slonongah, spent the week-end with
Sir. and Sire. Jacob Hornbeck of
Slannlngton avenue.
S. S. SIcBrido and family who have
been guests of Sir. and Sirs. J. S.
Pitner in Beatty avenue returned yesterday
to their home In Carnegie,
Sirs. Addison of Slonongah was a
rocent visitor with friends here.
Archibald Patterson who has been
Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
That is the Joyful cry of thousands
since Dr. Edward3 produced Olive Tablets,
the substitute for calomel.
Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for
17 years and calomel's oid-time enemy,
discovered the formula for Olive Tablets
while treating patients for chronic constipation
and torpid livers.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, but a healing, soothing
vegetable laxative.
No griping is the "keynote" of these
little sugar-coated, olive-colored tablets.
They cause the bowels and liver to act
normally. They never force them to
unnatural action.
If you have a "dark brown mouth" now
and then ? a bad breath ? a dull, tired
feeling?sick headache?torpid liver and
are constipated, you'll find quick, sure and
only pleasant results from one or two lit- j
tie Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets at bedtime.
Thousands take one or two every night
liltst1 trt kf?pn riohf Tru thnm 1fl/? nnrl .
23c per box, All druggists,
mn?nnwn?m?ii?in iippu
'lew 1918 Mas
i you all the room-:
?all the convenienc
>btainable in any car
m ?
yet the operating ec
lechanical reliability
landling and the woi
that have producec
us road and econoi
every section of the
only maintained?bu
in SEE the VALUE
IAXWELL at $745,
Touring Ccnr $743
dbAtr $745: Coop* $1095; BmrBn* $1091
Sedan $1093, AO prices f. a, k, Detroit
'iv* T - -
[all Garage Con
the guest of relatives here has ra?am. (
ed to his home In Terra Alta. t
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harkness and
Children who have lived In C'fcrks- 1
burg (or the past few yearn, are 1
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. N". Way '
for a short time prior to going to their !
new home in Wichita, Kansas.
Benjamin Wells and C. C. Sellers,
of Glover Gap, were visitors here (
yesterday. ? J
Mrs. Lorlng Tonkin and children &
of Clarksburg are guests of Mrs. A. j J
C. Perry In Monroe street
Will Smith left yesterday for a vis- 1
It with friend* In Sandiiskv. Ohtn 11
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Atkinson have
A. Dollar Preparation That
Seems to Have Accomplished
Its Mission.
"If I had experienced a great ner
vous shock I certainly would try
Drcco as the remedy to put mo back
on my feet." said a well known drug
gist in conversation at a leading hotel
yesterday. "The reason that I select
Dreco Is that so many reliable
people of my thorough acquaintance
are making a similar statement, and
giving It to tho newspapers to print
over their signature.
At some time, or anothor in every
man's or woman's life comes a shock
to their nervous system. It may he
the demise of a dear friend, or tb<
departure of a loved one for one of
the many cantonements or it may
simply be a condition which one gots
into through neglect of tho functions
of bowels, stomach or liver, result
ing in kidney and other ailments.
Dreco is an herbal remedy put up
in Detroit. Mich., where the automobiles
comes from, and is especially
compounded to aid and assist the
funcetions of such organs t: cause
nervous troubles. It is a Nature
Kemcdy, for it helps nature to restore
the depleted energies and
makes peoplo feel well and strong
again. We would advlso all who really
need help along these lines to
visit Crane's drug store and talk to
the clerk. 11c knows better thlln nnv
one else how many people Droco is
really pulling up and out of the slough
of Despond and allowing to perform
their daily average Vacations, and
can tell you just what other people
think and say about the new herbal
remedy. The slogan of Dreco is.
What is a dollar compared to Good
rwall H
an the ||
es and ^ \
selling I v
onomy ? |
V?the | |
aderful 4 {
1 such | !f
11 1
ny re- \
i world ^
it aug- | i
I f
in the
. 1
ipany jj|
Phone 485 j?pgg|jl
too* to Ohio, being called tkera by
he death ot a relative.
Mrs. Lon W. Rice and children lett
eeterday for a visit with her parnts.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sheffler,
a East Liverpool. Ohio. While there,
ho will bid good bye tp her brother,
f * J
Suits Offi
One thing that lends particular ii
!n the Courtney Suit Section is the
are positively not duplicated.
These are chiefly in higher pri<
$45. $49.50, $57, $65 and $73.
Many aro beautifully fur trimtuc
line materials and workmanship.
starting at $1S.50, $21.75 up to $$
Now Showing
An Extensive Selection ol
Smartest Hats
This is a season of the greatek
| possible style?differences, broai
brimmed hats are as fashionable a;
nar." iw ones.
High crowns are smart, but havi
strong rivals in the low or Hat el
There is no hard and fast rule ai
It what is or is not fashionable
So One .Can Pic
$5.00, $7.51), $8.75, $11
Plates 5S.00, guaranteed 10
years. Examinations free.
Office Over 5 and 10 Cent Store, Mai
The New H
Don't fail to see this
Pittsburgh Automol
Square Garden, Oct.
dl4 A
A true little brother
and 6-66.
This new light six mi
unbeatable. The best
of the popular priced
Continental engine. Delco
TlmUin bearings, redd era ri
it 70a can't come to the sho
gardlng terirtory aa It la rapi
Yost Ai
5706 Penn Ave.,
PHONE 804!
V--- *
who will mD Man with his reitftient
tor France.
Mrs. H. J. Btarxman sod children *
and Mrs. Ira Davis bars returned
Miss Ella Tooth roan has returned
from a visit at her homo In Cameron,
recent visitor with friends here.
*NI?R*r? Mild*
Bilk Stocking
f 9
sring the
:tion of ;
jtcrebt to tlio pleasure of choosing
very choice range ot model* IBM
ted models?suits maTked at $40,
.1 and are superlative examples of ^
re scores of smart styles In suit*
'* I [
tase Oneself at
inn si 9nnsirnn
WHY not have those had ; ;
teeth that are marring ; |
your appearance or causing you I
pain or stomach trouble fixed. i !
The long established prices ot
the Union Dentists protects you '
against war rriceg. We give ;
you a $10 gold crown for $5.00 ;!
and other prices in proportion. 'j
Teeth extracted 25c. -t j;
n St. Bell Phone 9214. !; J
loon 6-63 ^
i "sensation" at the
)ile Show, Motor
13 to 20, inclusive.
95 I j
to the "Moon" 6-45
ikes the MOON line
dealers' proposition
field. Get busy, '?
Ignition. Splcer Joint*,
w, write, wire or phone TV
dly being assigned.
uto Co.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

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